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tv   NBC Bay Area News at 430  NBC  August 6, 2010 3:30am-4:00am PST

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we are now hours away from a controversial deadline on gay marriage. we'll show you what you can expect and some of the unexpected twists that have all eyes on san francisco's city hall this morning. >> renters beware. a new scam means you're out thousands. the one thing you need to know before you put that deposit money down. good friday morning to you. i'm laura garcia-cannon. >> i'm brent cannon. is it friday already? >> it's friday. >> is it august 6th already? >> that's hard to believe. >> we want to check in with rob. nice, cool forecast on tap. >> it is friday. not sure about august, though. low clouds into san francisco, got the san francisco alarm
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clock going there. that's the tops of the buildings downtown. misty skies this morning. 50s across the board. lunch time today, 60s to 70s inland. the numbers looking like yesterday. 75 san jose. near 60 in san francisco. yes, your weekend, we will stay at these mild temperatures and trend a bit warmer, maybe by wednesday and thursday of next week. back to you. >> no rush. no rush. >> all the way up to 78. all right. good morning to you. >> good morning, laura. good morning brent. >> we have some of those 78s this time sometimes on the roadway. 65 is the stated speed limb. eastbound 80, maybe a bit slowing. no real commute right now, but an accident reported at bailey road, another one reported at railroad. have a feeling it's the same accident reported twice, slightly different locations. westbound commute direction, no slowing there. even on a friday, we see the first slowing showing up there
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out of antioch. gay marriages may begin as early as this weekend. and at least one bay area city is gearing up already. you can see information and chatter on the facebook page of san francisco's assessor phil teen. city hall is getting ready to issue gay marriage licenses, and the city wants the community to help. jean ellei has the story. >> reporter: phil ting is beginning to issue marriage licenses to same-sex couples. a federal judge ruled prop 8 is unconstitutional but issued a temporary stay. he may decide friday to lift the stay or extend it. king is planning for a possible of window of opportunity where same sex couples can legally say i do. >> perhaps the stay is lifted temporarily by the judge, they may appeal to the court of appeals and on monday say, stop.
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>> reporter: if the stay is lifted, he expects to marry 100 couples a day. city hall is expected to look like it did in 2008, crowded. he is ramping up his staff and calling on volunteers to keep the marriages moving. >> should the stay be lifted on friday, city hall will be open until 8:00 p.m., open all weekend from 9:00 to 5:00, both saturday and sunday. we are prepared. >> reporter: in his ruling, judge vaughn walker said every day that the marriage ban is in effect, the constitutional rights of those are being violate violated. >> it can survive in the darkness, it can survive unchallenged, it can't survive in the market place of ideas. >> his challenge may end marriage discrimination. the assessor says the best way to volunteer if you're
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interested is to call 311 ask for the assessor's office. officials at city hall say they are ready to go. all they need is the judge's decision. the formal appeal of the ruling that overturned proposition 8 is before the federal appeals court in san francisco. the ninth circuit court of appeals is the largest federal appeals court in the nation with 27 active judges. but a panel of three of those judges will decide on the proposition 8 appeal. a computer will randomly produce three names. if a decision is made on the gay marriage stay today, we'll bring it to you on air and online. you can sign up for breaking new ace letters on more victims of a rental scam are coming forward and fair financial loss is a lesson for all renters. rachel smith, the woman you see here, conned as many as 26 people out of $5,000 of rental
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deposit in san francisco. investigators met with victims thursday night to gather more information and bring them up to date on the case. smith was falsely renting an apartment that she didn't even own, she then got victims to sign a lease and hand over deposit checks when she had no authority to let people move in. the citizens say they learned a lesson to check public records and make sure the people renting a proper owns it. a big reward could be yours if you help bring down the people who beheaded goats in the south bay. the organization in defense of animals is offering a $2,500 reward for anyone who can help police nab the people who decapitated three goats. a jogger made the gruesome discovery last saturday. chicken feathers were also discovered near the bodies. animal control officers are investigating the case and whether it could be linked to
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senteria. the step grandfather of a concord toddler mauled to death by three pit bulls says he is not guilty of felony child abuse and owning a mischievous animal. steven haisi was also charged with alleging he put the boy in a harmful situation that resulted in his death. thursday prosecutors revealed before jacob brisby was killed, the pit bulls had ripped the head off of a 100-pound dog, killed a parret. two firebombers are behind bars this morning. thousands of criminal files were destroyed when somebody threw a molotov cocktail through the window of the records room at the swallow county courthouse in june. 40 yield octavio walton and
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benjamin stickal are now charged. there was no sprinkler system in the courthouse so that fire quickly spread. this morning there's a shake-up in the obama administration. christina romer, one of president obama's closest economic advisers is calling it quits and taking a job teaching at uc berkeley. romer will leave her job as head of the council of economic advisors at the end of the month. she plans to return to her job as an economics professor. president obama said romer has long wanted to return to berkeley. uc berkeley grad who is held prisoner in iran said she is being denied medical care after finding a lump in her breast. sarah short complained she is not getting treatment for the lump or other medical issues. nora shroud is now asking the united nations to interveal. the three have been detained for
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more than a year. they were hiking in northern iraq when they were taken into custody saying they crossed illegally into iran. if you are traveling 101, the road is smoother but they are doing that construction at night. >> the repaving project, talking about the benefit, that's the end benefit with smoother roads, but overnight a rougher commute. right now some slowing on the southbound side approaching hellier. both directions showing slowdowns because of some restricted lane flow. actually between the two i continuco cons, you have the construction zone going on for at least the next 45 minutes if not hour coming in the northbound direction. the south hill looks pretty good. expecting friday light for the roadways. >> friday cool, too. if you like a nice, cool weekend, it looks like you will be happy this weekend. >> not just for the weekend,
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perhaps all the way through the next seven days. this morning, jacket weather once again. 50s outside, some mist. not so much in san jose, but around oakland, san francisco, a bit of a drizzle storm under way now in the peninsula. 55 degrees and the west wind at 10 miles per hour. today, misty skies around the bay area, breezy along the coast and bay. look at our highs, 50s and 60s on the coast. close to 80 inland. places like fairfield, morgan hill and livermore. breakfast time in the 50s. lunch time, should see low 70s inland. just like yesterday, very mild temperatures for this time of year. the weekend will continue to have the morning clouds, not much change in the pattern. maybe the middle part of next week, we might go out on a limb and call for upper 80s. >> there goes rob and his crazy talk again. >> time is 4:39. herb appeal. the south bay is gearing up for the first of its kind pot convention. we will go inside and find out
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what's legal and what's not. >> free ipads for all. a bay area school is trading textbooks for technology. >> a live look from the south bay, one of those pla s will not be that hot today. a check of the full forecast coming up. irisk for sudden cardiac death.
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i was 23 years old, i wasn't overweight. i never dreamed this would happen to me. when the doctor told me i had three blocked arteries, i felt like i was punched in the gut.
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i found out that one in three women die from heart disease. how did i not know that? good friday morning to you. welcome back. 4:42. a live look outside. looks like folks are getting a jump on their weekend. we'll check the commute there and have the full forecast coming up.
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if it seems like there's a lot more road work going on in san francisco than normal, it's not your imagination. construction crews are ripping up the streets and a lot of drivers are not happy about it. >> i've gotten a lot of finger gestures. >> federal stimulus money is providing cash for the department of public works, so there are a lot of construction projects under way right now. $42 million will be spent on upgrades to the city's aging infrastructure this year, more than twice the amount available a few years ago. >> we can help to minimize the impacts, let us know what we can do better, how we can improve. >> the san francisco public utility commission is hard at work. it has a budget of $90 million to finish dozens of water and sewer projects before the rainy season begins can. the san jose convention center will be lighting up in a
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few hours with a convention on canny bus. the first ever in the south bay starts today and it's called hemp con. 15,000 people will walk-through the doors over the next three days. what exactly will they see? and what can't they do? >> a couple of years ago the director of this event was asked to run a similar convention, and you know what he said? >> i said you're crazy. >> reporter: now attitudes are change as the industry is growing. this is his second hempcon with two more booked in different cities. still there are hurdles. quan asked the city if he could set up a self-medication tent in the hall. they said no now smoke willing have to take place 25 feet from the building.
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he will be hiring private security, and with that in mind we asked team san jose, those who run the convention center, why they said yes to a controversial convention. >> in terms of us making a judgment, if you will, based on sort of the nature of an event, we try desperately not do that. >> reporter: garvin thomas, nbc bay area news. when you think of franchises, you might think of mcdonald's, home depot, starbuck's, you wouldn't think of a chain of pot stores. the first hydroponic franchise was approved to sell everything a grower needs to cultivate pot. weedgrow is the largest one-stop shop for marijuana growers. having sold the rights to 60 stores across the united states, there would be a weed grow near you.
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>> the california supreme court today gave the go-ahead to a former google manager to sue for discrimination. the decision rejects a lower court decision that there wasn't enough evidence. the employee, 54 at the time of the firing said he wasn't a good cultural fit. berkeley students will now have ipads instead of textbooks for school this year. 91 first-year students as part of a pilot program. the idea is to cut costs for students, the ipad starts at $499, a single textbook could cost $200. we expect a big jobless report coming up in about 45 minutes. courtney reagan is live at cnbc headquarters with a market preview. good morning. futures are slightly higher now ahead of the jobs report, but
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investors are unnerved by a jump in weekly jobless claims, our second data point of the week, that came yesterday. asian markets were mixed overnight. europe slightly positive, but it it is all about jobs again today because today is the big data point, the third of the week. the microsoftly employment report. it's due out at about 8:30 eastern time. the government laid off more temporary census workers last month, but the key is the private sector hiring. analysts are expecting about 100,000 jobs were created. it's not enough to bring down the unemployment rate, because it is seen rising to 9.6%. it remains to be seen. we could be surprised when the figures comes out at 8:30 a.m. time. the dow fell five points. trading starts at 10,684 today. the nasdaq lost ten to 2293. wheat prices are soaring, up
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75% due to drought in russia. the u.s. has a huge surplus to pick up the slack. supermarkets say they are not seeing a big increase in flour prices, which makes up 10% of the coast of bread. general motors plans to ramp up ad spending this year to pre-bankruptcy levels. the automaker will also increase its budget for big events such as the oscars and super bowl, where it's been noticeably absent in recent years. back to you. vfrnl have a great weekend. >> credit or debit, did you know that debit option costs you more? that may not be the case for long. a state senator of long beach signed a bill that would make it illegal to charge debit card fees, the full assembly is considering the bill. transaction fees range between 45 cents and a dollar. after losing their jobs, some people willing to do whatever it takes to try to pay the bills. medical research centers say they are seeing an increase in
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people willing to become human guinea pigs. as vicki vargas shows us, it's a way to make ends meet and get free health care at the same time. >> reporter: charlotte has been cut, drugged and pushed to the limit, all in the name of science. today she will have her lungs and muscles tested in a clinical trial to help nasa figure out a way to increase bone density in astronauts. >> i think i get 300. it's not the money. obviously it's nice, especially for me because i go to school so much, long hours at a time every day. it's nice to make money somehow. >> reporter: the uc irvine student said she initially became a human guinea pig to learn more about a medical condition in her family. she was recruited in her nursing class and is now on her second medical trial. >> the issue of how you balance the cost of the research and cost of compensation is always problematic. >> reporter: dr. dan cooper said he has seen an increase in the
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number of patients walking through the doors at the clinical trial research center. while some are motivated by money, he says others come looking for a free answer to a health problem. >> we have to be really careful that we explain to individuals who participate in clinical trials that this is research. we don't know the answer yet that is why we are doing the study. >> reporter: officials say the patient payments can come from drug companies, the government and groups like the american heart association. the prices are set by the institutional review board, an independent group of doctors and researchers. she says she has another agenda, she wants to be a part of medical history. >> i feel like i am one of the few that aids in studies that will do something different in the world. that will change a lot of different aspects of medicine, sports and working out it is important to me. >> vicki vargas for nbc bay area news. payments for medical trials come from drug companies, the government or the american heart association.
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it ranges from a couple of hundred dollars to thousands of dollars in some cases. a silicon start-up from a garage wants to build a car in your garage. the three-wheel is a mix between a car and a motorcycle. it's very fast and unusual. >> driving down 101, people are like, taking out their camera phones, snapping pictures. >> the company was started after he was laid off. now his vision is taking off, thanks to jay leno who gave the prong a test run on his website. it starts at $25,000. summer camps are under way in the nfl, besides workouts and competition to make the cut, rookies face extra pressure. check out former cal lineman,
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mike tepper. look at the hair cut. they shave you how ever they want. he has two profiles. two different looks. my goodness. welcome to camp. >> no way. >> man. >> that looked good. >> initiation. >> i was going tease mike. i didn't know you played in the nfl. he's coming up next. >> maybe that makes the helmet come on easier. >> maybe. >> that's an interesting look. you don't want to cut your hair that short given how cold it is. you probably want the extra hair. 58 in san jose. misty skies in a few spots. oakland one location seeing a bit of drizzle at times. 57 degrees. downtown san francisco, it's out there, but right now seeing the beacon at the top of the downtown buildings. 55 degrees. strong sea breeze. fairfield is the indicator when we look at the morning forecast.
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a good, strong sea breeze blasting into solano county, it will be a cool afternoon as the marine layer surges inland. the air quality today just fine. another breezy day. one change to the forecast, if you're heading up to the sierra, look out for the chance of thundershowers beginning this afternoon into the weekend, mainly around the afternoon hours around lake tahoe. afternoon temperatures again, warmest places like morgan hill, fairfield, close to 80. that's about it. as you notice, we will stay in the mild pattern through the weekend with temperatures mostly in the 60s and 70s. maybe some 80s out towards south lake tahoe, the threat will be thundershowers. hopefully we won't see lightning-sparked fires. a quick check of the forecast, in search of summer, you can find it around fresno, bakersfield. close to 90 around yosemite. sacramento, 88. 80 for south lake tahoe. ukiah, close to 90. low 80s for horgan hill.
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mid 70s san jose. 50s and 60s with some drizzle, mike and i have been calling this the drizzle storm this morning. it may slow your commute. 56 in oakland, into the north bay highs in the 70s. so the weekend looks mild. most of next week still mild. you can see those temperatures trying to get into the 80s makes thursday of next week. >> pretty cool. >> and now here is your nfl star mike -- >> didn't look so bad. >> it's free. >> we'll take free. i think laura did some hair cutting for her sister some time. a good story about that as well. eastbound 80 at bailey road. we had an accident here. it still might be partially blocking the fast lane. keep that in mind. a couple of chp crews are on scene. no injuries reported no harm to the noncommute direction of highway 4. it's a noncommute in both directions now.
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westbound 580, nice, smooth drive out of livermore. altamont pass, eastbound, a blip past the construction zone. they cleared up at hacienda. this afternoon, things will get crowded as folks head over towards the sierra. if you are heading over there, hot august nights in reno. a lot of traffic going over there. especially sunday night coming back. a lot of cool cars on trailers to see. sunol grade flowing very smoothly now, trying to see the roadway there. there you go. a couple of cars. the southbound side looking nice to fremont. bay bridge, no back-up here. a few cars waiting at the cash lanes temporarily, but the only disturbance is not all those lanes is open. back to you. grammy award winning singer, producer, activist and hip-hop star wycleaf jean wants another title -- president of haiti. jean is haiti's best-known
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celebrity and has been raising money and awareness since the earthquake rocked that island in january. >> when i look back at my career, i have sung songs all my life, i watched singers sing songs about certain changes we want. now to actually implicate the changes, okay, you know what? we'll turn them into a reality, it would take a lot. >> the haitian presidential election takes place november 28th. the winner will have to decide how to spend billions of international aid earmarked for reconstruction. hundreds of same sex "i dos" could be said across california by this weekend. we'll show how you can help coming up.
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when will same-sex marriages resume? we could find out later today. >> new information on the health of the world's largest economy comes out within an hour. early indications show things do not look good. >> and this live look at the san mateo bridge, where transbay traffic is moving smoothly here. good morning. thanks for joining us. i'm laura garcia-cannon. >> i'm brent cannon. coming up on 5:00, friday,


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