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tv   NBC11 News The Bay Area at 5AM  NBC  August 6, 2010 4:00am-5:00am PST

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august 6th. meteorologist r rob is checking out the forecast. the forecast looks the same for this weekend. a lot of low clouds and drizzle around the peninsula and coast. some clearing for the afternoon. highs today, if you want to call them highs, 75. san jose, 80. 60 in san francisco. 66 today with mostly sunny skies in oakland. could gay marriages begin as early as this weekend? a federal judge struck down proposition 8 as unconstitutional but issued a stay on his ruling. today he could decide to lift that stay on extend it. groups in favor of the state's gay marriage ban are formally appealing that ruling. the case is before the ninth circuit court of appeals in san francisco. and we are learning that proposition 8 appeal will probably not be heard until early next year, according to a briefing schedule posted by the federal appeals court in san francisco. the schedule does not set a date but gives a late december deadline for a final written brief to be filed. here's how the appeal process
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works. a three-judge panel will hear verbal arguments in the case, then issue a written decision. the judges on the panel will come from a 27-judge pool and they're randomly selected by computer. federal judge vaughn walker will decide if gay couples can get married while that appeals process takes place. if he rules they can, san francisco's city leaders are expecting about 100 same-sex couples to marry per day. city assessor recorder phil ting is wrapping up his staff and is calling for volunteers because he needs help keeping pace with the process. his office is ready to put in long hours starting this weekend. >> should the stay be lifted on friday, that city hall will be open until 8:00 p.m., and all weekend from 9 dlok 5:00 both saturday and sunday. if you want to volunteer, you can. they're asking for help. just call 311 and ask for the
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city assessor's office. if a decision is made, as he mentioned perhaps today on the gay marriage stay, we will bring it to you live on air and online. you can sign up for breaking news alerts by going to same-sex marriages are constitutional in mexico city this morning. the mexican supreme court made that ruling yesterday. federal prosecutors argued that same-sex marriage violated the charter guarantee to protect the family. hundreds of same-sex couples have married in mexico city since march. now justices have to decide if the ruling will effect areas outside the capital. a federal jobs report comes out in less than a half hour. we have been watching that. it will tell us how many jobs were created or taken away last month. tracie potts looks at what this will tell us about the health of the economy. >> reporter: even among democrats, president obama is feeling the heat. >> i wish i could stand here and tell you that there's a way to bring back all the jobs that were lost overnight.
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>> reporter: economists called yesterday's weekly job claims disappointing. 19,000 new americans drawing unemployment, more than expected. today's monthly report is expected to be better. 90,000 new jobs, an improvement, but not nearly enough. >> employers are kind of left in limbo because they don't know what taxes are going to be next year. so it's no surprise they're not hiring. >> they're nervous just like consumers are, and they're uncertain about the economy. >> reporter: some experts call it a vicious cycle, no work, no skills, no job. >> a lot of young people don't have the skills to be competitive right now, but because they're unemployed, they're not developing those skills. >> reporter: employers are making slow gains. retail sales are up almost 3%. congress is trying to get $26 billion out to states. the white house claims it will save 300,000 government jobs. a final vote is expected next week.
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more than half that money would pay for medicaid, one of the biggest drains on state budgets. tracie potts, nbc news, washington. one of president obama's closest economic advisers, christine romer s calling it quits. she will be taking the job teaching at uc berkeley. she will leave her job as head of the council of economic advisers at the end of the month. she plans to return to her job as an economics professor. president obama said she has wanted to return to berkeley for a long time now. her son is also about to start high school this fall. for the first time, the united states is participating in japan's annual memorial of the atomic bombing of hiroshima. u.s. representatives joined 73 nations in the ceremony that focussed on the hope of creating a nuclear-free world. more than 140,000 people were killed by the bombing or died months afterwards in the world's first atomic bomb attack. the u.s. dropped atomic bombs on
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hiroshima and nagasaki to speed up japan's surrender and avoid mass casualties in invasion of the japanese mainland. this morning a group of protesters in the east bay will rally against nuclear weapons. the peace and justice center will gather outside the lawrence livermore national laboratory. activists say people are still suffering from the effects of the atomic bomb. they say it's time to remove nuclear weapons from the military. the lab was built in the 1950s and deals with national security and nuclear technology issues. two suspected courthouse firebombers are behind bars this morning. thousands of criminal files were destroyed when somebody threw a molotov cocktail through the window at the records womb at the swallow county courthouse in june. 40-year-old octavio walton and 31-year-old benjamin stickal are charged. there is no sprinkler system in the courthouse so that fire spread quickly. it also damaged offices. hempcon 2010 kicks off in
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san jose today. the three-day event features everything a person needs to know about medical marijuana. organizers expect about 15,000 people will visit to see the exits by medical marijuana dispensers, collectives and educational institutions. what they won't see is a self-medication tent or any san jose police officers. the officers declined to provide security for the event, so organizers hired private security. the group that runs the convention center says it takes a different approach to controversial conventions. >> in terms of us making a judgment, if you will, based on sort of the nature of an event, we try desperately not do that. >> this is the second hemp con. how much is muni worth? that's what the mta accountants wanted to find out in their capital access inventory report. the chronicle says if muni were to build the entire system right
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now it would cost about $11 billion. most of the system is in good working order and the agency has $1 billion in deferred investment. that means muni would still need to invest about $455 million each year to keep the system in good shape. most of that money would go to rail repairs. if it seems like there's more road work in san francisco than normal, it's not your imagination. construction crews ripping up the streets say drivers are not the least bit happy about it. >> i've gotten lots of finger gestures. >> federal stimulus money provided cash for the department of public works so there are a lot of construction projects under way now. the dpw has 42 million to spend on upgrades to the city's aging infrastructure this year. that's more than twice the amount available a few years ago. >> we can help continue to minimize these impacts, let us know what we can do better and how we can improve. >> the san francisco public utilities commission is also hard at work in the city with a
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budget of $90 million to finish up dozens of water and sewer projects before the rainy season sets in. coming up on 5:08. we want to check the friday morning commute with mike. we have a new accident. >> up to the north bay, a minor injury accident, thank goodness it is only minor injuries, the latest update is that it is involving a motorcycle. sounds like that driver of the motorcycle, just minor injuries. complaints of pain, but otherwise should be able to clear the scene and walk around. that's good news for northbound 101. the commute direction is southbound that is moving smoothly. 8 minutes from highway 87 down towards 580, where the on ramp to 580 is blocked for another half hour, maybe 45 minutes. that has been a big project for years. further south, a look at golden gate bridge, folks on 101, a clear view of the bridge itself. a bit of sheen on the road, not
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a big deal now we are on drizzle watch, we are watching for drizzle and its effect on you so far. >> where is the heat? where are the dog days of summer? >> i think the south or someplace, not here. >> dallas. >> fresno valley, bakersfield, you can always find some 90s. not around the bay area. 57 in san jose. overcast skies, oakland also 57 degrees. mike showed you the golden gate bridge. notice the fog not really sitting on the bridge deck, halfway up the towers this morning where we do have drizzle coming down at times. good air quality today. that's a clear sign we have a strong sea breeze. the other clear sign is the fact that temperatures are not warming up a whole lot. some 80s well inland, probably around 2:00 this afternoon. by 6:00, 7:00 this evening, for your evening plans, jacket weather around the bay area. this cool august continues straight on through the weekend. then a bit warmer next week.
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even those temperatures looking mild. back to you. >> i guess if you want to heat go to texas. the texans have a new way to stay cool in the hot weather. the pool wasn't cool enough so they had to dump 2,000 pounds of ice into the water in dallas to the excitement and high-pitched screams of many. temperatures in dallas have been in the triple digits. as rob mentioned, warm there for the past several days. the it will be more of the same today. >> i think they need a couple more people in the pool there. cement now covers the oil leak in the gulf this morning but it's not over yet. we'll show you what's happening. jerry rice becomes hall of famer jerry rice this weekend. you will hear what the 49er legend says are his greatest accomplishments. and san francisco's transbay terminal closes tonight. you will find everything you need to know to get around coming up. a live look outside in the south bay.
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temperatures, used to it being warm? not this time of year. full forecast coming up with rob and a look at the morning commute. co, and i'll give you a free quote. quote and compare in about 8 minutes. now, that's progressive. call or click today.
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freit . welcome back. a live look outside this morning. 880, a fair amount of folks heading out. usually we talk about friday light, but things are looking
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busy on the roads but moving smoothly. we will check in with mike and check your commute coming up. now we will take you for a special report, you're right about 880. friday light for the most part, but in a few hours we will focus on a smaller portion of our commute, buses. they will make their last-ever trips from the current transbay terminal in san francisco at midnight. the current building will be sealed up, prepared for demolition so we are joined live by robert beck of the transbay joint powers authority. good morning. you guys are in charge of the construction out there, right? >> good morning, yes, we are. we will be closing the existing terminal tonight and preparing it for demolition to make way for the new transbay transit center. >> this is a huge project. roughly how much will this project cost us all? >> the construction of the transit center, the first phase of the program is $1.6 billion. >> billion, right? we are talking about a huge
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project. a project of this magnitude. why is this $6 billion project necessary? >> it's 1.6 billion. >> i thought i misheard that. >> we are constructing a new facility here which will ultimately be the san francisco terminal for california high speed rail and caltrain in the heart of downtown san francisco. >> not only for buses but for all transit coming through the bay area that will be to handle that. that's seven years down the road, the completion date? >> yes, it is. >> it's a long, temporary fix, but a couple phases are going on as well. a phase one and a phase two for the temporary terminal. can you talk about that at all and the changes that may happen in the fall? >> yes, the temporary terminal we constructed for bus services during the construction of the new facility is located a block away at howard and beal streets, but the ramps that currently
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access the terminal cut across that temporary site. so the first operation is tearing down those ramps, building out the last corner of the temporary terminal, that will run between now and october. by november we'll have the full temporary terminal open and ready for bus operations as it will be through the next five years -- seven years. >> so it will up the access, we will have changes even at the temporary terminal. of course we are talking about it being temporary. is that going to be big enough to handle the volume of traffic that goes through there as far as commuters are concerned? >> yeah. we have sized it to meet bus operations for ac transit, they are the largest operator there, as well as other operators that will be operating around the facility on city streets. and greyhound, which is also located at the temporary terminal. >> robert, thank you very much for the work. thanks for joining us. we'll have more on that project and maybe talk a bit about more aspects of the effect on the local folks as well.
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thank you for joining us. back to you. well work for the final fix on the blown out well could start today. cement is covering the top of the well and the government says that is a start. >> is not the end but will assure us there is no chance of oil leaking into the environment. >> reporter: the government says the end won't come until the well is plugged from the bottom. crew also pump mud and cement into a relief well. bp insists they won't use wells to ever produce oil from the sealed-up reservoir again but would not comment on the possibility of some day drilling a new well into the source or selling its rights. americans are not opening up their wallets to help oil spill victims, in comparison so other past tragedies. for instance, catholic charities usa took in more than $160 million after katrina, but the
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group is telling reporters they only received $37,000 to help out of work fishermen and oil industry workers. experts who study charitable giving put the blame in downturn in donations on bp. they say americans are pointing the blame at the company and accident felt the responsibility to help. the a's and giant also get back on the field tonight. the giants played the second game of their series in atlanta at about 4:30 this afternoon. last night hunter torres continued his hitting knocking in a run with this double. nice shot back to the wall there. but it wasn't enough because the braves went on to take it last night 3-2. the giants are now two games out of first place. >> 49ers ace jerry rice gets inducted into the hall of fame tomorrow. rice told us the biggest challenges he saw on and off the field. >> the most rewarding thing
5:19 am
about a father, watching your kids grow, looking forward to your kids making their mark in this world. teaching them to be, you know, disciplined.. mark in this world. teaching them to be, you know, disciplined. teaching them to be you know, disciplined, and always give 100%. i am like any other dad. i am like any other parent. i am there for support. with my kids, they know they can come to me, talk to me about any subject, i am there for them. >> though, you know, if he's going to chase his kids, he's really fast. raj headed to canton, ohio for saturday's induction ceremony. he will talk to rice, joe montana, ronnie lott and eddie dibartolo jr.. >> mike now has an update on your friday morning commute. >> we were talking about the transbay terminal and the demolition and construction project. some construction in the south
5:20 am
bay that we see almost every day. it's been going on for months down here. between oakland road and hellyer is where we saw the activity this morning. a little slowdown southbound 101 around hellyer, but that's clearing up. all that construction should be clearing from the northbound side in the next few minutes. the southbound side may stick around for the next hour. no major delays throughout the south bay. looking at friday light for the most part. the speeds i picked out north of mountain view, moffett field there. we have 77, reminder, folks, even though the roadways are cleared, obey the speed limits. 65 the stated speed limb. the dumbarton, nice, easy flow to the san may san mateo. you can see the high rises right now, the fog not as thick as it
5:21 am
was previous parts of this week. the volume here okay. and here very light. at the toll plaza, no delays coming through the east bay or approaching. coming through the east shore freeway, 18 minutes off the carquinez bridge. we are on drizzle watch, so rob has the forecast coming up in a moment and letting you know about your weekend ahead as well. lately did not keep people away from enjoying music in the park. a look at that next. [ male announcer ] presenting the cadillac "summer's best" sales event. a fantastic opportunity to get 0% apr financing on every new 2010 cadillac model. like the cts sport sedan. the most acclaimed vehicle in its class and a "car and driver" 10 best, three years in a row. or the all new cadillac srx luxury crossover.
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welcome back. now just about 5:24 this friday morning. san jose, 57 degrees, cloudy skies again around the santa clara valley. 57 in oakland. seeing a bit of drizzle at times. not so much in oakland but in san francisco you're finding it. the golden gate bridge, low clouds out there midway up the towers, 55 degrees, southwest wind at 8 miles per hour. gusty ocean air conditioning rushing inland this morning into fairfield. it pushed the low clouds to the altamont pass this morning. deep marine layer and strong sea breeze. good air quality again, still waiting for our first spare the air day this summer. a cool weather pattern around the bay area. warmest places, out by fairfield, maybe livermore, 80 degrees. otherwise 60s and 70s today. not much change for the weekend. the coast will see low clouds,
5:25 am
misty skies, temperatures well below average. 75 today in san jose. 78 livermore. morgan hill, probably the warm spot at 82. 72 around petaluma. this mild weather pattern we've been stuck in will continue through the weekend and probably last at least through the middle part of next week. slight warm-up by next wednesday. >> despite being cool, hundreds of music lovers gathered in downtown san jose for music in the park. a michael jackson tribute band brought together fans and continued to play long after the music stopped last night. even with the unseasonably cool temperatures couldn't freeze out the music lovers. >> once we start moving with all the people, you get warmed up. the chilly weather is not doing anything to us at this point. >> it is beautiful out tonight. we were dancing, moving around.
5:26 am
i was with my mother, it was great. >> music in the park returns august 12th with reggae artist michael ray. we have an exciting announcement for you. all next week watch nbc bay area morning news to win the ultimate sonoma county wine weekend. we will show you a secret word of the day. when you see the word go to our website, search sonoma, and follow the instructions. >> two grand prize winners will experience the food and wine lover's adventure and stay for a three-day bay area retreat among the vines. the more words you enter, the more chances you have to win. >> it's always an annual big event. now you can be a part of it. >> time is 5:26. using your debit card can cost you more than using your credit card, but that could change. >> lawyers could set a new trial date for barry bonds today. details coming up. anxcsive interview with
5:27 am
the director s is coming up nex.
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same-sex marriages could resume across the state. by the end of the day we'll find out what has to happen first. >> a uc berkeley master's thesis becomes a documentary on the murder of chauncey bailey. we'll tell you where you can see it this weekend. >> she is dressed warmly out
5:30 am
there. it's cool. good morning. cool friday morning to you. i'm laura garcia-cannon. >> i'm brent cannon. 5:30 on friday. the forecast coming up, first a check with mike and looking at an update on the motorcycle accident. >> that's right. looking at the north bay, san rafael, an earlier accident on 101, minor injuries to the right. we always worry about that first and foremost when we hear about an accident involving a motorcycle. it's also off our roadway. that's in the northbound direction. southbound side, no issues coming to highway 37, easy drive there. continuing down the limit towards the bridge. we talked about how christy was dressed warmly out there. >> she was dressed up warmly, you may need the jacket and the windshield wipers due to the misty skies. another cool afternoon. 75 san jose. 60 san francisco. 66 in oakland. coming up, we'll let you know if this will last through the
5:31 am
weekend in your seven-day forecast. new this morning a documentary on the murder of reporter chauncey bailey is ready for release. christie smith is live in berkeley this morning. she has a look at that new documentary called "a day late" in oakland. she has a look at what we can expect. >> reporter: good morning to you. this was and still is a huge story in the bay area, the broad daylight killing of journalist chauncey bailey in oakland. zachary stouffer was a masters student at uc berkeley at the time and made a 30-minute documentary about this. can you talk about what it's about? this is a story with a lot of legs and it goes in a lot of directions. >> this was a film i started after the murder of chauncey, a local story, one that i wanted to do. so i picked up on this one. it's not so much about the investigation of who committed the crime. the cops had their time.
5:32 am
this is more of a story of two gu guys. we had chauncey bailey, a reporter who wanted to cover the bay yarea, and it follows those two paths until they intersecting. >> are there people in this that we have to the heard from before? those that followed the story? >> i have an interview with chauncey bailey's ex-wife, robin harden. chauncey worked there for a while. talked with her, talked with family membered who popped up in an occasional newspaper article. this is the only place you will see chauncey's wife who knew him very well. >> it has been screened before. can you tell about the reaction to it and where people can see it this weekend? >> the film premiered at the 2008 mill valley festival and played at other festivals across the country. tonight it's on kqed-tv at 8:30.
5:33 am
>> all right. great. thank you very much. it will gb to watcwill be good here's what happened in the case, in case you're not familiar. chauncey bailey was gunned down august 2, 2007 on a downtown oakland street. the next day police raided your black muslim bakery and arrested four men including 18-year-old or 19-year-old broussard. in april of 2009, he agreed to a plea deal but say yusuf bey ordered the killing. broussard signed the plea deal last may, bey and his two associates are awaiting trial. >> we should know when another high-profile case will start by the end of the day. both sides of the barry bonds case met last month to schedule a date but the schedules did not
5:34 am
match. if they cannot agree on something, bonds' perjury case could be pushed back to march of next year. he pleaded not guilty to lying to a grand jury in 2003 when he denied knowingly taking performance-enhancing drugs. >> the jobs report just came out. it tells us how many jobs went away or were created last month. we are looking at the details, sorting through the exact figures and trying to determine what that will mean for you. so far the early look is that the report does not look good. we lost more than 100,000 jobs, right now stock futures are dropping because of that. tracie potts will take an in-depth look from washington. credit or debit? we hear it all the time. did you know the debit option can cost you more. may not be the case for long. state senator jenny orr of long
5:35 am
beach introduced a bill that would make it illegal for merchants to charge debit ward fees. it was approved by the senate last month and the full assembly is considering the bill. fees usually range between 45 cents and a dollar. many universities are trading textbook force high-tech this year. stanford will give each incoming medical student an ipad as part of a pilot program. the objective is to taylor the curriculum and cut costs for students. an ipad starts at about 499 bucks, however a single textbook could cost 200. so you add it all up, they might save money by having the ipad. a rocket ship will be officially unveiled on the embarcadero today. nbc bay area got an early look at the sculpture in oakland. sculptor alan rory is behind the silver vessel going up at pier 14. the official unveiling happens just after 3:00 this afternoon.
5:36 am
in a few hours, bus also make their last-ever trips to and from the old transbay terminal in san francisco. at midnight the building will be sealed up and prepared for demolition. starting tomorrow buses will move to a temporary outdoor terminal about two blocks away between main and beal streets. the terminal is being knocked down for a new transit center scheduled to open in seven years. the top of the blown out well in the gulf is sealed with cement but the government will not consider the leak stopped until it is also sealed from the bottom. kristen dahlgren is live from venice, louisiana. the noegs concern now is about the lasting impact all of this oil will have on the businesses in the gulf. >> absolutely. there are some things that mud and cement really can't fix, this is going to be a long road back for people here, even as they work towards the ultimate solution of sealing up that well
5:37 am
and there is a huge perception for many people that the fish out of the gulf is not safe. and that is something people here are worried about. they say it will take a long time before people come back to eating oysters, eating fish. noaa insists as it reopens the fishing area that the fish that is coming out of the gulf and getting on to america's dinner tables is safe. some say it is the safest product in the world as far as food goes right now because of the rigorous testing. that is they take the fish to the laboratories, they test it, they smell it to make sure it doesn't smell like oil and there are people that are specially trained to do this and they can tell if there's traits of what they call hydrocarbons or oil in the fish. noaa insisting the products coming out of the gulf are safe. but this has already had a huge economic impact on this area and that is going to continue even as they work on this relief well. we could see them drilling that
5:38 am
later on today. admiral allen says that once this well is sealed from the bottom they will finally declare victory over it. brent? >> thanks, kristen. all right. we will see some changes when it comes to the caldecott tunnel starting on monday. >> that's right. we talked about them moving equipment in the area, building up sound walls. now they will get involved with that big old space-age style bore that's going on monday. highway 24 heading through that area, it will get wider, that project will get under way. they will hopefully get that in place by 2013. out to the maps showing you what it's like now. the caldecott tunnel moving smoothly, 68 on the right there, that's a larger number. close to the speed limit. we'll follow and let you know if there are any issues with the construction. lighter volume of traffic in the
5:39 am
east bay. in oakland, traffic moving smoothly past the coliseum. some folks may be trying to get in early so they can get out early, also a little mist or drizzle. that is causing some twinkle as well. >> certainly cooler out there. >> a lot cooler. >> we are stuck in this pattern. speed limits 55, 65, that's pretty much the forecast. >> hand in hand. >> exactly. 57 in san jose, below the speed limit. 57 in oakland. as mike pointed out, we have mist out there. san francisco, 55 degrees, the sea breeze, good news for the air quality today. as we look at the weather headlines, another misty start to the morning. warmest places, the next few days maybe near 80. this augtober pattern continues this weekend. you will be fine with a long-sleeve shirt today, out to the tri valley maybe a t-shirt.
5:40 am
look at those temperatures. seven-day forecast trending a bit warmer, middle part of next week. for august, those are amazing temperatures, this mild pattern doesn't look like it will give up any time soon. >> thanks. time is 5:40. the first lady taking heat for a vacation in spain. we'll show you why some people are angry. >> miss school? lose your driver's license. find out which cities are looking for a way to punish truant students. and the federal jobs report. we'll a live in live report next. ♪
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[ male announcer ] come into an at&t store and experience tv like you've never seen before. ♪ for a limited time, get u-verse tv for only $29 a month for 6 months with dvr included. experts say the world's largest economy is slowing. tracie potts has a look at how the latest news will impact your bottom line. many people think it doesn't make sense. >> reporter: it is a tough situation, it is a slow
5:43 am
recovery. brand new numbers off the press for you. here is the situation around the country. the unemployment rate based on last month's employers remains the same, 9.5%. that is nationally. private companies, as you said, are creating jobs. 71,000 jobs last month, but because so many census jobs went away, 143,000 of them, the net effect is that we lost 131,000 jobs last month. this is significant. they also do revisions of prior months, in june they revised the number of jobs created downward by 34,000 fewer private jobs than originally thought. that's significant because it's the private sector jobs that are going to drive this recovery. apparently there were not quite as many created in june as they thought. this news today, just as of a few minutes ago from the bureau of labor statistics, comes out
5:44 am
on the heels of bad news yesterday on jobless claims, how many people are filing for unemployment every week. 19,000 more this past week than the week before. that was disappointing. it was unexpected. more than expected. so the bottom line here, lots of numbers. what does it all mean? this is a very, very slow and for many people painful recovery. >> yeah, i believe the food stamp handout program has hit an all-time record high as well. you are seeing it reflected. thank you very much. students could lose their driver's licenses if they don't keep up with school. the clark county school board in las vegas is pushing for a law to let school officials decide if teens can have a driver's license or work permit. the board wants to find a way to cut truancy and low graduation rates. we want to make one of the requirements for a driver's license be attached to a student's attendance. >> nevada has the lowest high
5:45 am
school graduation rate in the country at 47.3%. time is 5:44. this is nbc bay area news. >> we are going to get to traffic and weather coming up in a few minutes. first a story that rocked the city of oakland will be told on television tonight. reporter chauncey bailey was murdered three years ago and now a documentary will debut about his death. christie smith is live in berkeley this morning with a look at "a day late" in oakland. good morning. >> reporter: zachary stouffer was a uc berkeley masters student in journalism when chauncey bailey was killed. he was doing a stint in washington, d.c. when the news broke and decided this would make a good master's thesis and ended up with a 30-minute documentary. good morning. can you walk us through what this is about? this is a huge story. >> this is a half-hour documentary, not so much on who committed the crime. at the time the police had the
5:46 am
man that they were interested in. but i wanted to get at some thing that's newspapers and daily press weren't getting at. so i have a film that is basically about two men, chauncey bailey and yusuf bey and their visions for the black community of oakland and what they wanted to do for that community. >> you have some rare access this was interesting. you got into the bakery before it was basically dismantled. >> i was shooting the exterior of the building. there was an old mural of yusuf bey, bakery products, the fancy sign on the outside. i was filming that a couple months after the murder. the new owner of the building walked out, saw me, and a month later invited me inside as they were dismantling mixers, ovens, the upstairs apartment area. that's how we begin and end the film. >> you saw what in there? this was interesting. >> up on the wall, in one of the apartment rooms, upstairs was an
5:47 am
article that chauncey had written on the bakery. a big spread in the oakland tribune. i think, if i'm recalling correctly from the mid '90s about the school, the organization and the wonderful things th things they were doing for the community. >> kind of ironic. that airs tonight on pbs. christie smith, nbc bay area news. >> it will be an interesting look inside. thank you. gay marriages could begin as early as later on today or this weekend all across the state. same-sex couples are waiting for the green light from federal judge vaughn walker, he struck down prop 8 as unconstitutional but also issued a stay on marriages. he could decide today to lift that stay or extend it. groups in favor of a ban on gay marriage are appealing. the case will go before the ninth circuit court of appeals in san francisco. the appeal hearings probably won't start until next year, according to a briefing schedule just posted by the federal appeals court in san francisco.
5:48 am
it don't set a date but gives a late december deadline for a final written brief to be filed that suggests the hearing won't start until next year. here is how the appeals process works. a three-judge panel will hear verbal arguments in the case, then issue a written decision. the judges on the panel will come from a 27-judge pool and they're randomly selected by computer. if judge walker lifts his stay, a san francisco city leader expects as many as 100 same-sex couples to get married every day. the city assessor and recorder, phil ting, is wrapping up his staff and is calling for volunteers because he needs help keeping pace with the process. his office will stay open until 8:00 tonight, and then 9:00 to 5:00 both friday and saturday. if you want to volunteer, call 311. if the decision is made on t gay marriage stay today, we will bring it to you live on air and online. you can always sign up for breaking news alerts at all right.
5:49 am
switching gears, pods may have gone by the wayside, but hacky sacs are still all the rage in the east bay, though these days it's known as a foot bag. bob redell is live in oakland where it's byob, bring your own bag, bob. >> you're correct. good morning to you. for the world footbag championships taking place at the oakland convention center, all eyes will be on this young lady here tonight as she defends her women's freestyle championship title. you are look at tina aberly of switzerland. she must do this for two minutes tonight. what will they be looking for? >> they will look for teen ma to execute a choreographed routine that is filled with all kinds of tricks and dexterity. >> that was an around the world, by the way.
5:50 am
her foot went around the bag. she can do it double. if you are looking for a -- if you are looking for a triple lutz in figure skating, that's the equivalent in footbagging. this is all going to music? >> to music. all choreographed. her music is set so her moves and such go to the music. >> juggling, that is impressive. let's see her do it while standing on -- never mind. nice, tina. the one thing about -- is it called footbagging? what we play is a footbag sport what tina is demonstrating is our freestyle routine. >> but they can only go on for a couple of minutes. you get so exhausted. we will go on for two more and be done. over the back of her neck. >> wow. >> yes. >> this has gone a long way from when i was in high school. we used to stand in a circle, bunch of guys, kick the ball around, or the bag, try to get it ten times in the air.
5:51 am
>> we have highly inclined athletes now. >> absolutely. >> ie not you, bob. >> what? what? >> nothing. >> i'm a model of hand/eye coordination. >> all right. >> one of the things that footbag sports builds is your overall health and fitness. >> i believe it. you don't have to convince me. preaching to the choir. we'll be hanging out in a bit. >> it's like the lord of the dance sport. does need music there. pretty impressive. thanks. a 7-year-old oregon girl finds herself wrapped in red tape and bureaucracy. julie murphy was at an arts festival last weekend selling lemonade for 50 cents a cup. didn't last long. health inspectors moved in and shut her down. shut the stand down for not having a license to operate. >> we did not have a vending license. apparently it costs $120.
5:52 am
i didn't know about that. so, $120 to sell 50 cent cups of lemonade. absurd. >> a county official has apologized. the county is also looking into changing the rules so that it only applies to professional food service operators. the first lady's vacation is stirring up controversy. michelle obama and her daughter sasha are visiting spain. fox news says spain is a bad choice because the state department issued a travel warning to americans telling them racial prejudices in spain should -- could lead to the arrest of african-americans. mrs. obama also being criticized for how much she spent on the trip. one daily news reporter says it is not right for the first lady to take such a ritzy trip when the rest of the country is struggling to make ends meet. >> we want to check the friday commute. mike has the latest.
5:53 am
>> the bay toll plaza, traffic there is moving nicely. we will some weirdness over the last five minutes. there was a back-up in some hov lanes. a live shot had someone stopped in the hov lane for a few minutes. it looks like that person has moved. if we can get that love shot up there, an issue getting that on camera. we have folks in the cash lanes also backing up. moving on to the maps and some other slow spots for the east bay. westbound 580 out of the altamont pass, seeing a slowdown, which we don't usually see at this time. not this early on a friday. we are now seeing that 14-minute drive, slow approaching the area of downtown livermore. heading towards the dublin interchange, all right so far. we'll follow that. some more east bay times, nice drive this morning, but this evening the benicia bridge may get more crowded. folks head that way over towards sacramento and tahoe.
5:54 am
checking out sunol grade, some folks will travel through this area this morning and evening. low clouds touching the top of the hills. so far you can still see the roadway. back to you guys. >> thanks. it's very cool these days. we will not change much for the weekend. staying this way for a while. >> we will change and put on a jacket. >> jacket weather in august, unusual around the bay area. we continue to see low clouds around the bay area this morning, san jose to oakland, san francisco, not just the low clouds but the drizzle and mist, it may get the windshield wipers going. sea breeze cranked up. southwest winds at 24 in fairfield. that's good news for air quality if you have exercise plans, both morning and an air quality is tine. temperatures comfortable outside, but you won't find 90s. inland temperatures close to 80 around fairfield and morgan hill. that's about it. 60s and 70s a strong sea breeze will be with us as we head into the weekend. mild temperatures to the
5:55 am
beginning of next week. morgan hill, 890 degrees. san jose, upper 70s to near 80. 60s today with low clouds and mist. 66 oakland, 77 san ramon. fairfield, 80 degrees. north bay, 73. heading up further north, lake county, lake port warming up to 87 degrees. seven-day forecast looks mild, trending just a bit warmer by wednesday of next week. a colony of bats has driven a family out of their home. they moved into the attic and started spreading into the rest of the house. they say they have even been hiding in the family's clothes. other families have similar problems in the area and there's nothing anybody can do about it because bats are protected in denmark. man, don't want them in your loathes. this morning l.a. business owners are cleaning up after a
5:56 am
water main break. the street looked more like a river last night. fire crews and city workers worked late into the evening using tarps, brooms to keep the water from soaking businesses. the city closed the road and sent emergency crews into the area to shut off the water to make sure everyone was safe. we have an exciting announcement for you. we have a contest to win a sonoma county wine stay. >> time is 5:57. from sumo wrestling in israel to
5:57 am
chubby scuba divers, ahead the issue taking center stage in the bay area today. it's no park place but it could cost a pretty penny. how much the city's busiest transit agency is worth. and work gets moving on the transbay terminal, we have ways to avoid the commuting quchaos.
5:58 am
5:59 am
a critical day ahead for thousands of same-sex couples in california. and a big change in store for commuters. a preview of the big


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