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tv   NBC11 News The Bay Area at 6AM  NBC  August 6, 2010 5:00am-6:00am PST

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multimillion dollar transbay terminal and what it means for drivers. and the killing that captivated headlines across the country is now a documentary. we will talk to the filmmaker. good morning. straight up 6:00. it looks like a very cool weekend on tap across the bay area. thanks for joining us this morning. i'm brent cannon. >> i'm laura garcia-cannon. we all made it to friday. want to get to rob who has a look at the cool forecast. >> that's right. cloudy skies this morning. we made it to friday. still waiting for august to come back to the bay area. clouds and drizzle this morning. you will find drizzle around the peninsula and coast as we head to the afternoon. temperatures today, 75 degrees. 80 fairfield. 60 in san francisco. 66 in oakland. back to you. >> thank you very much. gay marriages could begin as early as this weekend. a federal judge struck down
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proposition 8 as unconstitutional but issued a stay on his ruling. today he could decide to lift that stay on extend it. groups in favor of the state's gay marriage ban are formally appealing that ruling. the case is before the ninth circuit court of appeals in san francisco. and we are learning that proposition 8 appeal will probably not be heard until early next year, according to a briefing schedule posted by the federal appeals court in san francisco. the schedule does not set a date but gives a late december deadline for a final written brief to be filed. that suggests that the appeal hearing won't even start until next year. >> city leaders in san francisco are preparing to perform hundreds of same-sex marriages. assessor recorder phil ting says if the stay is lifted, as many as 100 same-sex couples could marry each day. city hall will stay open until 8:00 tonight and then again on the weekend from 9:00 to 5:00 saturday and sunday for weddings.
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ting is wrapping up his staff as well and asking for volunteers to help as well. by this time tomorrow, one of the bay area's biggest travel hubs will be in a different location. mike has a preview of the temporary transbay terminal after construction starts on a brand new center. good morning. >> reporter: good morning. the crew also take control of the transbay terminal tonight. they will hand over the keys and then the demolition will begin. just after midnight, all transit, as a result, will be redirected to a "temporary location." here's a look at the transbay terminal and the new location just about a block and a half away. temporary, put it in quotes, it's a loose term. it's home for the next seven years until the original project is completed. we are joined now by courtney lodado from the transbay project and the soon to be construction
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site. good morning. >> good morning. thank you for having me. >> we talked about the soon to be construction site. a lot going on here. what's the biggest change aside from the demolition that will be going on? what's the biggest change commuters need to be aware of? let's start with transit riders. >> of course. beginning tonight at midnight we'll close the transit terminal down and all bus operations will move to the temporary terminal a block and a half away at main and howard streets. so the one thing that transit riders need to know is to plan ahead go to our website at to find their new bus stops. we will have ambassadors at the transbay terminal and the temporary terminal site over the weekend to instruct folks where their new bus stops are. >> so will you have those ambassadors in place. i know you had people handing out flyers to tell them about the change. we are looking at the construction of the temporary site and now what will soon be the end project in 2017.
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with all this going on, i hear it's going to be a $1.6 billion project as far as the first phase going what will this accomplish as an end result? >> we are looking forward to opening the new transit center in 2017. it will be a multi model transit hub, the first high speed rail station to break down in the united states and serve 11 transportation agencies. we hope to make it more convenient for everyone. this will not just be a bus terminal, it will bring all transit agencies in one spot and allow an easy interchange? >> yes, it will bring everyone together. >> that's great news for the future, but that construction impacts the streets. will there be guidance as well for them as well as traffic cops? >> will be traffic cops down on the site. all the buses have been going through different testing out at
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the alameda airspace before this everyone has been trained. there will be more buses circulating on the city streets around the perimeter of the temporary terminal site, but we did expand essex street and built a bus lane. >> very good. as with any construction project, we expect just some general confusion over the first few days. thank you very much for being out withere so early. more information on the project coming up. also a look at the impact on the neighborhood nearby. back to you. >> here's some interesting transbay tidbits for you. the terminal was built way back in 1939, linking san francisco to the east bay for the first time. it was paid for by bay bridge tolls which at the time were 50 cents a car that would be more than 7 bucks today. at the end of world war ii, 26
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million passengers rode through every year. how much is muni worth? that's what the mta accountants wanted to find out in their capital access inventory report. the chronicle says if muni were to build the entire system now it would cost about $11 billion. most of the system is in good working order and the agency has $1 billion in deferred investment. that means muni would still need to invest about $455 million each year to keep the system in good shape. most of that money would go to rail repairs. the tragic story of the death of chauncey bailey plays out on television tonight. nbc bay area's christie smith is live in berkeley with how you can catch what's called "a day late in oakland." good morning. >> good morning to you. zachary stauffer made this documentary when he was a uc berkeley student. this was part of his masters thesis, "a day late in oakland." it walks us through what happened in this horrible murder
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of journalist chauncey bailey. good morning. can you tell us -- people in the bay area have followed this story. what is your specific story about? what will they learn? >> my story is about two people, chauncey bailey and yusuf bey senior and their visions for the black community in oakland. one is a reporter who wanted to cover the black community, one wanted to develop businesses and opportunities apparently. basically we follow those two paths, start at that place and follow them until they intersecting. >> your black muslim bakery is in many ways a hard organization to get into, to get information from. how did you go about trying to get interviews and what turned out of it? >> you know, i called people that i could, phone numbers that i could find. i spoke with chauncey bailey's alleged source, celine bey on the phone a handful of times. tried to get him on camera, which never quite worked out. found the address for yusuf's
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bey oldest son in simi valley, chatted with him a while but he wouldn't agree to appear on camera. and, you know, you sort of go with who you have. i found a couple of guys sympathetic to the bakery and yusuf sr., and they represent the bakery side in the film. >> you spoke with chauncey bailey's co-workers and some of his family? >> yeah. a couple of reporters that worked with him at the tribune, his brother and sister and his ex-wife. i have an interview with his ex-wife in detroit. they worked -- he worked there in the '80s and they were still close at the time he died. >> when can people see it. >> tonight at 8:30, kqed. >> that's the latest from here, christie smith, nbc bay area news. an interesting look at a tragic killing. thank you. protester also rally in the east bay today against nuclear reps on the 65th anniversary of
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hiroshima. the peace and justice center will gather outside the lawrence livermore national laboratory. activists say people are still suffering from the effects of the atomic bomb. they say it's time to remove nuclear weapons from the military. the lab was built in the 1950s and deals with national security and nuclear technology issues. for the first time, the united states is participating in japan's annual memorial of the atomic bombing of hiroshima. u.s. representatives joined 73 nations in the ceremony that focussed on the hope of creating a nuclear-free world. more than 140,000 people were killed by the bombing or died months later. it was the world's first atomic bomb attack. the u.s. dropped atomic bombs on hiroshima and nagasaki to speed up japan's surrender, causing an end to world war ii and avoiding mass casualties had the united states had to invade the japanese mainland. >> work on the final fix for the blown out well is continuing
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today. the government says the end won't come until the well is plugged from the bottom. crews will pump mud and cement into a relief well. now bp insists it won't use the wells to produce oil from the sealed up reservoir again but wouldn't comment on some day drilling a new well into the source or selling its rights. meantime americans are not opening their wallets to help oil spill victims. for instance, catholic charities usa took in more than $160 million after katrina, but the group only received about $37,000 to help out of work fishermen and oil workers. experts who study charitable giving say donations are down because of the economy and bp. many americans think the oil giant is to blame so they don't feel responsible to help and give. it's 6:10 thousannow. want to check the forecast with rob. another cool one.
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>> it is. a cool start to the morning now. san jose, 57. san francisco, misty skies across golden gate bridge. 55 now. air quality just fine today. heading up to lake to hoe, look at the thundershowers moving into the weekend. hour-by-hour temperatures, mostly 60s and 70s around the bay. morgan hill could see temperatures close to 80 degrees. mild weekend through the weekend and into next week, but maybe the fog and drizzle slowing the commute in spots. >> so far we have not heard of incidents related to that right now eastbound 80, a disabled vehicle reported. should be out of lanes in just the next few minutes. sounds like chp has the well in hand. westbound commute moving smoothly, just 18 minutes down to the bay bridge toll plaza. where we saw backups a few minutes ago, folks lining up in the cash lanes, but now all lanes are open. so far friday light throughout
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the east bay. back to you guys. >> not bad. thanks. it is now 6:11. taxes can really add up when you're on vacation. the results of a new study that may have you surprised where you will pay the most. this is bob redell, you want to keep up with this young lady? you better have quick feet. i'm talking about really quick feet. the world champion footbag championships. can you believe there is such an event? we'll take you to it live coming up. and skimming the skinny, a major clothing companyses up to aggressive air brushing.
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ben and his family live on this block. ben's a re/max agent, and he's a big part of this community. re/max agents know their markets, and they care enough to get to know you, too. nobody sells more real estate than re/max. visit today. . it turns out hacky sacks are not just for kids, but now it's part of a sport called foot
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sack. and bob is with a champion showing off her foot sack skills. we hear you cam prepared? >> it is actually called footbag sports. the hacky sac is what we used to play with as kids in high school. this is not what they use anymore. the footbags are custom made, something the competitors themselves make. in high school, i remember standing around in a circle with a bunch of guys kicking the sack around. this is tina, and she is here in oakland to defend her world championship as a footbager. what will you guys be looking for during her two-minute routine? >> tina will have a two-minute routine with movements, dexterity, changes with the footbag. she will be judged by her choreography, dexterity and
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execution. >> how many tricks will do you in that routine? >> about 150 tricks. >> the one thing that strikes me is how exhausted you are in that short amount of time. >> it's exhausting. >> people might be surprised this is truly a sport. >> it's really a sport. i'm jumping all the time. really hard. >> where do you feel it most? your feet? your tummy? >> everywhere. >> i'll let you get back at it. i saw her doing something where she puts her foot around the world move. use every part of your body except your hands, is that correct? ideally you try not to catch it with your hands, there's a few tricks on the body, but ideally it's a foot game and as you can see tina, it's a workout on her whole body. >> absolutely. >> this is the health and fitness part. >> go to, you can get the information on the
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competition tonight at 6:30 for the women's championship. that's at the oakland convention center in downtown. tina, good luck to you. how do you say good luck in switzerland? >> good luck. >> that's what i thought it was. >> what's amazing, it's all choreographed what she does. it's not just reaction. >> the way chris described it, it's figure skating without the skates and ice. >> the two look identical, i was going to say. >> that's what i was going to say, too. outside of that -- >> i'm lucky to hit it twice in a row. a bay area first this weekend. san mateo getting ready to host a film festival sponsored by the national association of fat acceptance. it will feature three films about people happy about their size and enjoying life. it's part of the group's annual conference which is an attempt to empower people who have
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endured jokes, bullying and job discrimination because of their side. >> how much is too much? ann taylor company is under fire for airbrushing its clothing, whittling down models and adding curves where there were no curves before. look at the photos, before and after. ann taylor apologized on its twitter account but then this, when you check out that chiffon-trimmed tank on the left, obvious ly it switches to the one on the right. ann taylor says they fixed the glitch but it leaves people wondering if the company changed its ways. the new hot place these days is called location bay services, it's about finding consumers wherever they are in order to try to sell more stuff. this week on "press here" the ceo of shop kick will talk about how his company works. you can watch "press here" after
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"meet the press" 9:00 sunday morning. need a pep in your pedal this morning? today volunteers of the san francisco bicycle coalition are offering free coffee and snacks to bicyclists during the morning commute. you can feel up with food instead of gas at the intersection of valencia and 17th streets between 8:00 a.m. and 10:00 a.m. today is gas-free friday event, the last of the summer. >> one way to get around town, another way the traditional traffic and commute. want to check in with mike. a couple of new accidents. >> taking you to the first incident, this is out of the east bay -- actually into the east bay, eastbound 508 from the san rafael side, in richmond, 23rd street on-ramp effected by an accident here. that was going to be the big issue, then we heard about another issue, potentially an accident on the incline for the bay bridge. smooth drive approaching the toll plaza, i say potentially because chp has yet to confirm
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that. they turned the bridge camera you can see the slow drive up the incline. it looks like there may be congestion here as you get halfway up the incline. that's where it is reported. you do see some low clouds hovering around, oakland, the flowing continues to increase as you head north past the coliseum. no big deals now, but a reminder that the a's are playing texas tonight, so you will see traffic there as well. 680, easy flow, low clouds above those hills as well. rob has a look at the forecast in a moment. >> it was this big, no fish tail here. look at this thing, wow. this beast almost took out a photographer. we'll tell you about this fish story coming up. ♪ >> that is train on the plaza
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this morning. you can catch more of their concert on "today" coming up at 7:00.
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new this morning, the cos f costoftravel has a lot to do with the taxes that you pay. a new report shows which cities are the cheapest and which are the most expensive to visit. tracie potts live in washington, d.c. with a look at how the bay area stacks up. >> reporter: the bay area is not so bad. not the highest, not the lowest, sandwiched in the middle. the numbers are from the national business travelers association. they looked at 50 top cities to see what kind of taxes you will pay per day when you travel in that city. the national average just over $29. san francisco actually a little bit less than that, $26. and that's right in the middle of the highest and the lowest. portland, $21 a day.
6:24 am
chicago almost $41 a day in tack taxes. the hotel taxes, like with most cities, are most expensive. then car rental, restaurant tacks, othtack taxes. this would have an impact on local chambers of commerce, convention bureaus when they try to get people to travel to that city. if they can make the case, hey, we have lower taxes here, that brings business in. >> do you have a sense if that effects somebody? if somebody wants to go to a certain city, will they go, yeah, but they have high taxes? do you think this kind of report impacts travel? >> it probably won't impact the individual traveler, brent. if you have a meeting in san francisco, you can't go to portland, obviously because it's cheaper. but what it could impact is the business of planning events, event planning. when you're trying to figure out will we hold our group's convention here or there.
6:25 am
looking at large expenses of food, large hotel expenses, those taxes can make a huge difference. >> i can see how that would come into the planning. thanks, an interesting thing to look at today. >> we are also giving you a chance to skip out on some of those taxes and take a break here. all next week watch nbc bay area morning news to win the ultimate sonoma county wine weekend. we will show you a secret word of the day. when you see the word go to our website, search sonoma, and follow the instructions. >> two grand prize winners will experience the food and wine lover romantic sonoma inn and spa for a three-day visit and retreat among the vines. >> i wonder if we are exempt.
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>> i think we are. >> a wine country weekend would be nice, hearing a lot of whining around the bay area because the weather has been so chilly outside, unless you like mild temperatures. then the weekend forecast will be fine. 57 in san jose and oakland. cloudy skies, a healthy sea breeze. good air quality today. if you are heading up to lake tahoe, look out for a chance of isolated thundershowers. 75 today in san jose. only 60 in san francisco. the inland spots, again today, having a tough time getting close to 80. and if you like today, you will like the forecast probably through at least monday or tuesday. middle part of next week a slight warm-up. this mild summer pattern locked in for the weekend. back to you. thanks. 49er great jerry rice gets inducted into the pro football hall of fame tomorrow. he sat down with nbc bay area and said his biggest challenges and rewards came off the field.
6:27 am
>> the most rewarding thing about being a father is to watch your kids grow and look forward to, you know, your kids making their mark in this world. you know, teaching them to be disciplined and always give 100%. so i'm just like any other dad. i'm just like any other parent. i am there for support. with my kids, they know they can come to me, talk to me about any subject, i am there for them. raj is headed to canton, ohio for saturday's induction ceremony. he will talk to rice, joe montana, ronnie lott and eddie dibartolo jr. some journalists call it a chance of a lifetime, others too close for comfort. a marlin goes berserk. the photographer happened to be on the boat and jumped into action. he said the 550-pound marlin was
6:28 am
careening through the air in every direction, throwing up water with its tail and leaving car-sized holes when it came crashing down. towards the end of the fight, the marlin charged the boat, slammed into it and then sped off. no catchinthat big fish. we'll be right back.
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live from wall street, the opening bell is ringing. the latest jobs report is out as well. we'll see what those numbers mean and how it could impact trading today. >> it was chilling murder three years ago this month. oakland journalist chauncey bailey was shot and killed on his way to work. a new documentary about it airs tonight. cri i'm christie smith and i'll be talk talking with the producer of the documentary live.
6:31 am
good morning. thanks for joining us. i'm laura garcia-cannon. >> i'm brent cannon. we want to check in with rob, he has a look at the forecast. who are you? >> i don't know who i am anymore. don't call me late for dinner. >> i won't. >> we'll look at your forecast, i think i'm still rob, we are seeing clouds and drizzle in some spots. 50s for your breakfast time temperatures. heading through the afternoon, another mild day. 75 in san jose. 66 oakland. 60 in san francisco. a look ahead to the weekend forecast just minutes away. >> thanks. argument als will start in few hours on whether a judge should allow gay marriages to begin as early as this weekend. judge vaughn walker struck down prop 8 as unkoconstitutional bu also issued a stay. he could decide today to lift that stay or extend it.
6:32 am
groups in favor of a ban on gay marriage are appealing. the case will go before the ninth circuit court of appeals in san francisco. >> assessor phil ting has put up a status on his facebook saying we are getting ready to marry people in sf in case you want to volunteer. check out his facebook page for more information. because if the judge lifts the stay, city hall will be open tonight until 8:00 and then all day saturday and sunday this weekend from 9:00 to 5:00. a new documentary on the murder of reporter chauncey bailey is ready for release. christie smith is live in berkeley this morning with a look at what's called "a day late in oakland." good morning. >> good morning. zachary stauffer was a uc berkeley student when chauncey bailey was shot and killed three years ago. he heard about it he was working in washington, d.c. at the time and thought this would make a good master's thesis. fast forward, we have a
6:33 am
30-minute documentary that will be airing tonight. it's not really a who done it but a tale of two people. >> it's a story about chauncey bailey, an oakland reporter, and yusuf bey, an oakland business man who each had their own visions for the black community. we follow them from their inspirations, why they were doing what they were doing until those two paths intersecting three years ago. >> who will we hear from. >> some of chauncey's colleagues at the oakland tribune, some of his family members, his former wife who i interviewed in detroit where chauncey worked in the 1980s. a couple of gentlemen who were familiar with chauncey and yusuf bey and appreciated what the bakery was apparently trying to do in oakland. >> that airs tonight on pbs. christie smith, nbc bay area news. >> thank. this morning, a man charged in connection with a shooting that injured a 3-year-old girl
6:34 am
in vallejo will be sentenced. the 3-year-old was sound asleep when police say 23-year-old antonio michael and a 19-year-old accomplice fired several rounds into her house. she was hit in the stomach and underwent emergency surgery. initially doctors thought she would never work again but she is doing well. we should know by the end of the day when another high-profile case will start. both sides in the barry bonds case met with a judge last month trying to set a date but couldn't get things scheduled. if they cannot agree on something, bonds' perjury case could be pushed back to march of next year. he pleaded not guilty to lying to a grand jury in 2003 when he denied knowingly taking performance-enhancing drugs. for the first time, the united states is participating in japan's annual memorial of
6:35 am
the atomic bombing of hiroshima. u.s. representatives joined 73 nations in the ceremony that focussed on the hope of creating a nuclear-free world. more than 140,000 people were killed by the bombing or died months later. it was the world's first atomic bomb attack. the u.s. dropped atomic bombs on hiroshima and nagasaki to speed up japan's surrender, causing an end to world war ii and avoiding mass casualties had the united states had to invade the japanese mainland. the top of the blown out well in the gulf is now sealed with cement however the government says it is not the time fix. kristen dahlgren is live from venice, louisiana. people living along the gulf this is certainly good news, but they're still skeptical, too. >> reporter: yeah, brent. they're not necessarily skeptical that this fix really will work or that the next phase, the bottom kill will work. it's more they're skeptical about what happens next what
6:36 am
will happen if bp starts to pull out. the company is committed to being here, the government is committed to being here through the cleanup, but the people here are not sure they will be alone. they already suffered so much and they're worried about the future. today bp announced that doug subtle has been the face of bp's response in the gulf. is he going back to houston to resume his duties of coo. one change already in the company less than 24 hours after they cemented the top of the well. people here are asking the question what happens all that oil that's sealed back down there? will they use the relief well? bp says, no, but had no comment on whether they would drill another well or sell the rights to that area. brent? >> thank you very much. the students in san
6:37 am
francisco probably shouldn't count on getting a few extra days off from school this year. congress is rushing to pass bill that would prevent hundreds of thousands of teacher layoffs. san francisco unified school district decided to shorten its school year by four days to cut a $113 million deficit. the school district is not sure what they would use the money for but pencilling in those four extra days to the schedule could be likely. children may no longer trade lunches at the school. a new bill creates standards for all foods served in schools to give healthier options. it it increases the number of low-income kids to get free or reduced cost meals. time is 6:37. we want to check the friday morning commuted with mike. >> for the most part, the freeways are look at friday light. that's great news. tomorrow and of course monday we
6:38 am
will have issues at the transbay terminal. we will talk about that coming up. and we talked about it over the course of the morning, about a block and a half away, that's the location of the temporary move. keep that in mind if you do head there. an accident on the upper deck has cleared from the incline, now just general slowing from the oakland side. not enough yet to turn the metering lights on. seeing more cars coming through area, that's a nice, steady flow. typical for a friday. look at that, the cloud cover hovering over the oakland hills. it may be an issue in many spots coming over the peaks of the east bay and the peninsula hills. looking at an issue through livermore. westbound showing additional slowing, 15 to 16-minute drive out of the altamont pass. a blip here with livermore dipping down below 50. eastbound, folks heading out
6:39 am
towards reno, hot august night, the annual car show over there, perhaps misnomers since it's cool august. we will continue to the south bay, traffic flowing nicely, traditional slowing between 680 and 880. also highway 87, slowing there. this evening, outdoor concert at shorelin shoreline. >> something is getting laughs in our newsroom back there. >> yeah. they appreciate mike -- >> you have to follow that up. it's all yours. >> let's show you what we have going on for temperatures in san jose. 57 degrees. misty skies in san francisco. you can't really see a whole lot now. southwest wind at 7. misty skies for the morning. mild temperatures, 50s and 60s. we could get temperatures near 80 inland. that's not very warm for this time of year.
6:40 am
fairfield, near 80. 75 san jose. 60 around san francisco. 66 in oakland. heading to the north bay, low 70s as we kick off the weekend with mild temperatures and your seven-day, not much change. all the way through the middle part of next week, we keep this mild summer pattern locked in. >> a real rocket ship will be officially unveiled along san francisco's embarcadero today. nbc bay area news got an early look at that sculpture. we showed thank you when it was still in the workshop in oakland. sculptor alan rory is behind the silver vessel going up at pier 14. the official unveiling happens just after 3:00 this afternoon. they say it is an actual, could fly, rocket ship. >> very cool. it is 6:40 now. far from boring, we will show you the road work about to ease one bay area's frustrating commute. >> and one of the most unusual sporting events coming here to
6:41 am
the east bay. we are hanging out with the world champion footbager. is that what you call him? we have him coming up in a live report. good morning, i'm tracie potts in washington. new jobless numbers, are things getting better or worsech crhan much change a all? i'll have the answer next. [ female announcer ] jobs leaving.
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a budget disaster. california on the brink. jerry brown's plan? you run for office and the assumption is, oh, i know what to do. you don't. i didn't have a plan for california. [ female announcer ] with our state in crisis, we need a governor with a plan. you need a real plan, something i'll acknowledge i did not have. [ female announcer ] jerry brown. no plan then. no plan now. meg whitman. a plan for jobs. log on. learn more.
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good morning. a live look outside from the south bay this morning. a hazy start to the skies. much cooler temperatures we have
6:44 am
been feeling. rob has a look at the forecast coming up. 6:43 now. >> we do have developing financial news coming in. more reaction from the newest job numbers that came out. the unemployment rate continues to climb, which is not good news. but nbc bay area news tracie potts leads our coverage from washington, d.c. taking a look at how this could impact the bottom line. some people think this could be a jobless recovery. >> a lot of people are saying that. the economy itself is slowly growing, but when people don't have jobs, that also has a ripple effect. it certainly effects the way people view this recovery. new numbers from the government about an hour ago. let me run through them. the jobless rate in the xoucoun, 9.5%. but we lost some jobs. there were 71,000 private jobs that were created, not nearly as
6:45 am
many as we need, but it's moving in the right direction. the problem is we lost a lot of temporary census jobs, so the net effect is 131,000 jobs lost in the month of july. then a key revision to the june numbers that has an impact now. 34,000 private jobs that they thought were created were not so that's fewer jobs yet still. bottom line, this is a very slow recovery. congress is trying to do something about it. there's a bill sitting here on capitol hill, $26 billion to go out to states to save what the white house says are 300,000 jobs. those are government jobs what will jump start the economy is when private companies hire. they are doing it but not on a large enough scale to make a difference. thanks. commuters are in for a big change starting tomorrow. the transbay terminal will move to a new location for the next seven years.
6:46 am
>> mike inouye has a look at what this will mean for drivers and riders. >> reporter: the new location for seven years "temporary" for thousands of people who use that terminal every day. even though it's a short move away, a few blocks, that change like any change will cause a bit of confusion as moves of this type typically do. let's look at the new location between howard and fulsome on main street. a busy area, that's why they put the hub there. this morning we chatted with courtney lodado she said signs will be posted at both terminal sites, light poles and crews will be on hand to help you get where you need to go. we will have ambassadors at the transbay terminal and the temporary terminal site over the weekend to instruct folks where their new bus stops are.
6:47 am
>> hours, bus al buses will makr last trip from the old station. the new transit center is scheduled to open in seven years. a senior manager on the project said the existing facility is just outdated and there was no way to retrofit it for the new rail service. >> since we are bringing in both caltran commuter rail, california high speed rail, we needed to take down the existing facility to make way for the new transit center. >> the new terminal project will create 2,600 new homes in the surrounding area. 35% of those new homes will be affordable housing. the project will add restaurants, shops, public parks, one of those is above the facility itself and sidewalks also will be added to the neighborhood. a lot of changes happening over the next seven years. a lot of history in the old transit building, but we are making way for change. >> spectacular once we get
6:48 am
there. in the meantime, highway 24 is on track to get wider. starting monday, caltrans crew also start carving out the fourth bore of the caldecott tunnel. seems like we talked about this for so long. the project will add two freeway lanes to ease one of the bay area's biggest bottlenecks. a 130-ton, 50-foot long exka excavator will do some of that digging. a controversial proposal for a high rail project is the most likely solution. the rail authority has not ruled out running trains on elevated platforms through san mateo county. opponents say it will increase noise pollution. they are also considering an open trench tunnel through the county. the hacky sac is back, but
6:49 am
it's a bonafied competitive sport now called footbaging. rbob redell is live in oakland with a few champion footbagers. >> tonight's event will culminate with these two guys here sh here, they are both former champions. nice job there. let's watch david do some of think stuff. tonight you guys get two minutes. it's something you choreographed in advance to music. what is the object in that two minutes? >> not to drop, and we try to choose the best music for the two minutes, and do our best. the tricks are like, around the world, where you put the foot
6:50 am
around the ball and over the back. >> yeah. it's real hard these days. people do a lot of different moves like around the head. they spin a lot, do a lot of things with their feet. three or four moves in their routines. >> i'll let do you it we'll talk to david while hahn does that. >> you lose your breath. >> it's definitely a workout. >> is there a problem finding the perception out there that that is a sport and not just leisurely. >> yeah, hahn has an easier time of it, but there the united states, we're trying to show that these tricks exist. it's not just kicking. and it's not too tough, just pick up a bag and give it a go. >> i think it's easy.
6:51 am
hahn, i was hoping would try something more complicated. i'm kidding. whoa. good luck to you guys. go to if you want to find out more about the championships tonight. you guys can keep going. >> tonight at 6:30, oakland convention center. >> i thought we would see more reporter participation there. >> i thought bob was going to get involved. >> i didn't want to upstage, okay? let's keep it fair here. >> one of his many talents. it's good you're modest. ultimate fighting gets ready for its bay area debut. where you could catch the action today. here's a live look at the golden gate bridge. about half of it now. ftorr y cou et for your weekend plans? a look at the forecast coming up.
6:52 am
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6:54 am
welcome back. just before 6:54. let's show you what's going on in san jose. cloudy skies, 57 degrees. in san francisco, 55, southwest wind at 7. look at our forecast today. more drizzle, misty skies. lunch time, clearing inland. temperatures today, again, 60s and 70s for most of the bay area. the weekend looks like more of the same into next week. back to you. developing and deadly news now at 6:54. look at the video we just got in, it shows this volcano in indonesia spewing lava. you can hear the radio reports there, the television reports. the eruption is responsible for injuring dozens of people and at least four people are missing from neighboring villages. huge plumes of smoke there.
6:55 am
gay marriages could begin as early as this weekend. a federal judge struck down proposition 8 as unconstitutional, but issued a stay on his ruling, which means gay marriages couldn't start right away, but today he could lift the stay or extend it. groups are formally appealing that ruling, but right now the case is before the ninth circuit court of appeals in san francisco. the appeal will probably not start until next year sometime. a briefing schedule was posted by the federal appeals court in san francisco. it does not set a date but gives a late december deadline for a final written brief to be filed. that suggests the hearing won't start until next year. here is how the appeals process works. a three-judge panel will hear verbal arguments in the case, then issue a written decision. the judges on the panel will come from a 27-judge pool and they're randomly selected by computer.
6:56 am
the three days of everything a person needs to know about marijuana kicks off today. it is called hempcon 2010. about 15,000 people will visit the convention center in san jose to visit the exhibits. what they won't see is a self-medication tent or any san jose police officers. officers declined to provide security, organizers had to hire their own private security. this is the organizer's second hempcon. he has at least two more booked for different cities. the ufc makes it's debut tomorrow at the oracle arena. it is sold out but fans can watch the pay-per-view. if you are not familiar with ufc, the sport combines boxing with several martial arts, tomorrow's event features anderson snyder silva, considered the best fighter in the world. an exciting announcement for
6:57 am
you. all next week watch nbc bay morning news for a chance to win the ultimate sonoma county wine weekend. we will show you a secret word each day during our newscast. when you see the word go to our website, search sonoma, and follow the instructions. >> two grand prize winners will experience the food and wine lover romantic sonoma inn and spa for a three-day visit and the more words you enter, the more chances you have to win. >> so good luck to everybody. we'll see how it goes next week. >> we have an announcement? oh. oh. that's all you had. >> not yet. >> thanks for joining us the "today" show is coming up next. >> ...berber carpet. it was a whole bowl of stew. nooo. why? i could have saved this one. i could have saved this one. ♪ call 1-800-steemer
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