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tv   NBC11 News The Bay Area at 11  NBC  August 8, 2010 10:00pm-10:30pm PST

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right now at 11:00, san francisco police are at the scene of a shooting near union square. a live report seconds away. the woman at the center of the hp sexual harassment probe is revealed and we'll see what she has to say about the ceo losing his job. a look at the latest probe of pedestrians and bicyclists. you might be surprised at the most common mistakes. good evening. a shooting outside a nightclub, right near union square. monty frances is there for us. >> reporter: police are on the
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scene and the road has been blocked off. we just received an update. shots rang out near mason street and post at 9:15. we have confirmed three people were shot and injured. we do not know the extent of the injuries but all take on the hospital. it occurred outside the ruby sky nightclub. it is not clear whether the violence emanated from the club. one witness said he heard five or six shots and saw a large group of people running up the street on post street. we are at mason street, one block from gary's, one block from union square. a lot of tourists curious about what is happening. traffic is a bit of a mess. mason street blocked off between post and geary and said when the entertainment commission is to revoke the licenses of
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nightclubs with problems with violence and we do not know if it has anything to do with the ruby sky nightclub. no arrests by police. to wrap up, we have three people shot and injured at mason and powell at 9:15 tonight. we don't know the genders of the victims. a police spokesman is here and we will pass any new information to you. monty frances, nbc bay area news. >> thanks. the woman at the scandal that cost one of the ceo's his job has been revealed. jodie fisher released her connection with the controversy. it. >> reporter: she said she met mark hurd in 2007 when she interviewed for a contractor job and despite her accusations
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against a married man, she didn't expect him to leave the company. the womans who accusations led to ceo mark hurd's downfall said she never intended for him to lose his job. >> jodie. >> pleasure to meet you. >> great to meet you. >> reporter: jodie fisher, an actress who appeared in the reality show "age of love" said she was saddened when the stepped down. lawyers contacted hp in june alleging sexual harassment by hurd. they found the former ceo falsified expenses to hide numerous private dinners with fisher. fisher has declined to describe the harassment but in a statement through her attorney, gloria allred, she reiterated she and the former ceo did not have an affair or intimate relationship. shy sa she said i have resolved my
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problems and do not wish to comment further and wish mark hurd and the family the best. she was reportedly paid up to $5,000 for each event she was hired to put together for the silicon valley company. part of her job was to greet people and make introductions among executives. fisher is a single mom focused on raising her young son. in addition to appearing in small films and commercials, allred said she has worked in sales for a fortune 500 company and served as vice president of a resident real estate. hurd is credit id with turning hp around, doubling its value after his five years as ceo. it will be interesting to see what happens tomorrow with hp stock. kimberly, nbc. there's been talk of the hp curse, one departure after
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another as they were forced to adjust to new leaders. hurd was seen as stability after forcing out his predecessor, carly fiorina. hurd became chairman of the board after patricia dunn left following and investigation into board room leaks to the media. now the tech giant again finds itself in the same spot, looking for a new chief executive and chairman hoping to reassure investors their next pick will break that curse. an issuing on a busy bay area freeway appears to be the result of road rage. the shooting happened just before 9:00 last night on interstate 680 and mckee road. according to chp, the driver of a white chevrolet trailblazer opened fire on a silver dodge durango hitting the vehicle four times. a passenger riding in the back seat was shot once in the back. the man said to be in his mid-20s was rushed to the hospital where authorities say he was expected to t survive.
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the incident started on city streets and moved to the freeway. >> from what i was to tell, they stopped at a stoplight, one person had his music really loud. they were looking at each other. i want to say some words were mouthed to each other. i don't know if the windows were down. they were screaming at each other. that made somebody angry and escalated there. police are still looking for the gunman described as an hispanic man in his 20s with a black goatee and moustache, ing awe s hood sweatshirt aom w passenger's seat of the ve vehicle. two teenagers facinr ke btht after they broke intonual wt wa rspocees t rnd officers responded t trippeded 30tas l m 9:30 last night.t.soyb sc two boysns hool wit school withlahghsh fantsli r a soon as they sawhe af r after a the neighborhood, police arrested a 17-year-old and 15-year-old boy, both from concorde.
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a 42-year-old woman from livermore is in jail tonight facing allegations she had sex with two boys starting when they were just 13 years old. the mother of three is supposed to make her first court appearance tomorrow. christina hubbs is scheduled for a court appearance after the mother of a victim found a nude photo. she faces 76 accounts of felony assault and held on $4.3 million bail. a former firefighter is facing charges he ran a gambling operation out of a firehouse in san francisco. 52-year-old took bets on sporting events while a battalion chief. he and others were formally charged friday. the operation came to light in 2007 when a whistle-blower told authorities a firefighter owed
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him a $3,000 gambling bet. five men were arraigned friday but the battalion chief is accused of being the ringleader. drilling for the fourth bore of the caldecott tunnel is set to begin in a matter of hours. it comes with a $420 million price tag, even though it's not expected to save traditional commuters any time. because right now, two tunnels are open headed west to the city and switches in the afternoon. none of this will change. it will simply ease traffic congestion for the reverse commute. that said, the reverse commute can have a major backup and most people in the area say they can't wait for the relief. they will have to wait a little bit more. sket you'lled to scheduled to be done in three years. coming up, we'll show you a dramatic scene.
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this specific intersection caused concern in the community and biking community. and why drivers never see them coming. you would never believe we're in summertime but the numbers will change. still following breaking news out of san francisco, three people shot outside a nightclub, not farromni uon square. right .
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now, we have part two of the bay area's most dangerous intersections. we looked at danger zones for cars. we looked at where pedestrians
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and bicyclists are most at risk. >> reporter: this is what san francisco considers its most dangerous intersection for pedestrians and bicyclists. >> this particular intersection causes concern with the biking community. >> reporter: this is a market where cars whiz by, sometimes ignoring the warning signs. >> there have been complaints about illegal right turns onto the freeway. >> reporter: in fact, so many drivers were making the illegal right, they put in this safety island a couple years ago. still, the city says its latest figure shows there were nine injury collisions in 2008, all involving cars versus pedestrians or bicyclists. >> most, if not all of those collisions on the top 10 list do not involve cars on cars but, rather, cars on pedestrians and bicyclists. you might be surprised at the reaction of those bicyclists.
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>> i think sometimes it's definitely the cyclists or pedestrian's fault. >> reporter: even san francisco's own pedalling poet, as he calls himself, agrees. >> i see many cyclists, since i'm on my two wheels, taking vang of certain opportunities which can be harmful to themselves and their fellow citizens. >> there's a lot of pedestrians and cyclists that don't obey the traffic light and i think that's why it may be dangerous. >> reporter: whatever the reason, engineers were out recently looking at the possibility of installing a surveillance camera. in oakland, watch out for oakland and telegraph. >> it's one of the most dangerous intersections. >> reporter: kathy with the group, walk oakland and bike oakland. she said it needs bike lanes to keep cars off the bikers especially since the mccar station is nearby.
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>> the fourth highest in the b.a.r.t. system and the most popular b.a.r.t. station people walk to. >> reporter: she says her group is working with the city time prove 40th and telegraph. in san jose, this bicyclist has to look over his shoulder as a driver illegally merges into the bike lane approaching 1st street. the traffic columnist saw the danger himself as police try to keep drivers off the bike lane. >> there was a cop there, having a talk with her. >> reporter: the city's traffic department says part of the problem might be the timing of the light and priority given to light rail trains on 1st street. they force traffic to block the intersection and cars end up in the bike lane to get by. >> one of the complaints i guess is over traffic signals. the city of san jose is going through a big resynchronization program. the problem is they need to be retimed every few years. >> reporter: the best advice by
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mr. road show? show the road. nbc bay area news. the oakland numbe numbers -- excuse me show fruit hill and fruitville have the highest numbers for pedestrians and bicyclists. but 40th and telegraph is close behind and that where is the city is proactively making changes. there is more evidence tonight those ansel adams glass negatives bought at a yard sale aren't really from him after all. just after announcing a lucky find, an oakland woman stepped forward to say pictures taken by her uncle earle looked an awful lot like those negatives. some of the foremost ansel adams experts in the world just nished their investigation. they found three of earle brooks' photographs almost identical to the negatives, even to the patterns of dust on the
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images. his family is on the record of saying that images is not his. perhaps they were. san francisco is poised to become a lot more bike friendly. n new bicycle lanes could come tomorrow after a four year plan to make the street safer for cyclists. san franciscan now move forward on 35 bicycle projects, which would almost double the number of bike lane miles in the city to 80 miles of bike lanes in san francisco. now, we have a check-in on the weather. what do you have for us? more cold, more rain? >> at least for the three days ahead of us, it will be almost exactly like it was all weekend, chilly in the morning, drizzle out there, plenty of dampness and clouds. continued clouds in the morning as well as evening hours, hopefully, a mid-afternoon
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burnoff, as it has been. in the warmer areas, still only to 70s versus 80s or so. good news, there are some summertime temp, hopefully this weekend. 54, san francisco, san mateo, san jose, a cool 60 degrees, normally a couple degrees warmer, not much difference from yesterday, a degree or two here and there except san jose and gilroy are 4 degrees cooler than the other night. the numbers are staying in the chillier area from the breeze. nothing too bad or crazy wind. plenty of cloud cover on the coast and east along the nevada border. look at these numbers around where you live. we're in the 70s, where we should be in the 80s. we're below average temperatures five month is in a row. we're 11 degrees below where we should have been today, san jose, we're 5 degrees below where we should have been at 83.
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instead, our high is 78. our night time temps are pretty cool as well. taking a head tomorrow and the next day, a little bit cooler, the coasts will barely make it to 60. there is hope in sight thursday to friday. >> we'll have to wait a little bit longer than summer. calling for an end to discrimination but maybe not that which comes to mind. good evening, everybody. i'm roger from the pro football hall of fame. we will show you what you didn't see on the definition coverage. we're going behind the scene with jerry unplugged, the hall of fame vip after party last night d orho wduleay s s early this morning on sports sunday.
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we are continuing to follow breaking news out of san francisco, where three people have been shot a block from union square tonight. gunfire rang out near the intersection of may an post streets, right outside the ruby sky nightclub people waiting to get in.
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people were rushed to the hospital, three, with gunshot wounds. we don't know their condition but do know she san francisco medical coroner arrived at the shooting. we'll bring you more information as soon as we get it. we have dramatic video out of san diego, the clifside rescue of a paraglider, who plunged toward earth after colliding with another paraglider mid-air. the two were student paragliders who tangled up high above the ground. one arrived safely but this 38-year-old man was clinging to ede cliff until helpiv rkma re remarkably recovering from injuries to his shoulder and chest and knees. that's it. we'll be right back. [ child ] run! [ man ] first it was the mailbox. then my squirrel. and now, this. so i used my points to make a donation to get the park down the street built.
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when it finally opened, i also used my points for... car repair. [ male announcer ] use your citi thankyou points for almost anything, even local charities. what's your story? citi can help you write it.
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dozens of people marched in san francisco today to draw attention to a common prejudice many people never think about. ageism. 73-year-old barbara brooker organized the age march, and said she's fed up with being too old to follow her dreams. >> i got tired of people calling me sweetie and telling me to go onto a cruise to alaska. there's so much ageism, i can't stand it. everything can happen to me at any age. look at me, i'm performing at a club and i had a dream because of ageism. >> good for i. brooker says it's not just older people the target of ageism. that's why it was open to all age groups to draw attention to discrimination at any age of life. events are plans in los angeles, washington d.c. and new york. we have sports sunday coming
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up next. niners fans, rejoice, we will take you behind the scenes of the hall of fame, as raj says, we'll show you jerry rice unplugged. giants push for the pennant and took a minor hit in atlanta but one player makes a bold predictions. that's sports sunday next. have a good week.
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last week, nbc agreed about the development along san francisco bay. viewers are split. some see cash that property tax and fees will eliminate the city deficit and restore many services we're currently using. environmentalists fear disaster, over 800 miles of football space
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will be paved over. the ocean level rise will inundate it. it continues the dangerous policy that salt pond should be paved instead of restored. labor supports the view to say if it's good for the environment and community and good option for jobs and housing we seriously need. join thete. logon to nbc
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hello, everybody. welcome to sports sunday, where football is back. consider it official, go ahead, spread the word. i'm laura behnke in for raj mathai. he's not off relaxing, he's with jerry rice and in canton. we have a lot on tap for you. what a night it was at the pro football hall of fame as jerry rice took his rightful place among the game's best. we have the whole thing covered. plus giants are stumbling home after a rough road trip but despite that, one player in particular is still feeling pretty darned good about his team's chance is in the pennant race. no matter how bad tiger woods life has been off the links, he always had golf but even that failed the superstar. the hall of fame was no doubt the induction ceremony of the best


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