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tv   NBC Bay Area News at 430  NBC  August 9, 2010 3:30am-4:00am PST

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breaking news this morning two shootings near a san francisco nightclub. one woman is dead. we investigate what the city is doing to keep you and your friends safe when you go out. the woman at the center of the hp sexual harassment probe reveals her identity. we'll show you what she has to say about the ceo is about to lose his job. >> good morning, i'm brent cannon. >> i'm laura garcia-cannon. we will get to that breaking new story in a moment. first meteorologist rob mayeda has a look at the forecast. >> the marine layer is way up,
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close to 3,000 feet. it is all the way inland to the altamont pass. a strong sea breeze doing a number to our summer-like temperatures. today temperatures in the mid 70s san jose. mid 60s oakland. this mild pattern will not be going anywhere. we will see slight warming approaching the upcoming weekend. >> mike is off this morning, but we have an early look at your construction out there for most folks. >> construction is pretty much all you have going on right now. starting up and down the peninsula, northbound 101 san mateo between third avenue and peninsula. southbound between popular avenue and third avenue, also construction going on there. out to the east bay, eastbound construction before the carquinez bridge, the skyway off-ramp is closed. the skyway on-ramp is also
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closed until 8:00 p.m. the south bay in a couple minutes. good morning to you guys. breaking news out of san francisco. police are investigating a second shooting outside of a nightclub in san francisco this happened near the 1015 club on fulsome before 2:00 in the morning. two women are now recovering after that. this follows a deadly shooting about a mile away. about 9:00 on sunday night three people were shot at the ruby nightclub. three people were rushed to the hospital with gunshot wounds and one woman died. a man and another woman have nonlife threatening injuries. police are looking for the suspects. the woman who accused one of the highest profile ceos of sexual harassment said she didn't intend for him to lose his job. jodie fisher said she was surprised and saddened mark hurd
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stepped down friday. she said despite her accusations, she didn't intend for him to lose his job at hewlett-packard. fisher reiterated that she and the former ceo did not have a sexual relationship. she also says "i have resolved my claim with mark privately without litigation and i do not intend to comment on it further. i wish mark, his family and hp the best." fisher claims she knew hurd through her jobs at hp's marketing department where she reportedly earned up to $5,000 per event. she was hired to organize hp functions, then greet and introduce executives. mark hurd's departure is bringing up talk of the hp curse. the company has been forced to adjust to new leaders. hurd was seen as many as a figure of stability bringing the company back to life at the
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boards for aed out carly fiorina. hurd became chairman of the board after patricia dunn left. now the tech giant again finds itself in the same spot looking for a new chief executive and chairman hoping to reassure investors their next pick will break that sglurscurse. a shooting on a busy bay area freeway this weekend appears to be a case of road rage that happened on 680 in san jose. according to the chp, the driver of a white chevy trailblazer opened fire on a silver dodge durango hitting the suv four times. a passenger riding in the back seat was shot once in the back. the man is said to be in his mid 20s and was rushed to the hospital where he is expected to survive. police say it started on city streets and then moved to the freeway. >> from what i was told, they stopped at a stop light. one person had his music really
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loud. they were looking at each other. i want to say some words were mouthed to each other. i don't know if the windows were down. they were screaming at each other. that made somebody angry and escalated there. >> police are still looking for the gunman described as an hispanic man in his 20s with a black goatee and mustache wearing a black-hooded sweat shirt. a hispanic woman was seen in the passenger's seat of the gunman's vehicle. two teenagers are facing charges after they broke into a walnut creek high school. officers responded to a tripped alarm around 9:30 last night. they say the two boys inside the school with flashlights ran as soon as they saw the officers. after a chase through the neighborhood, police arrested a 17-year-old and 15-year-old boy, both from concorde. a 42-year-old woman from livermore faces allegation she had sex with two boys starting when they were 13 years old. the mother of three is supposed to make her first court appearance today. police kay christine hubbs was
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arrested thursday after the mother of one of the alleged victims said she found a nude photo of hubbs on her son's cell phone. hubbs faces 67 felony accounts of felony assault and held on $4.3 million bail. a former firefighter is facing charges he ran a gambling operation out of a firehouse in san francisco. police say 52-year-old sell i have tell la junior took bets on sporting events while a battalion chief. he and others were formally charged friday. the operation came to light in 2007 when a whistle-blower told authorities a firefighter owed him a $30,000 gambling debt. five men were arraigned friday but selvitella is the alleged ring leader. drilling for the fourth bore of the caldecott tunnel is set to begin in a matter of hours. it is expected to cost $420
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million, but when it's finished in three years it may not improve the commute for most bay area drivers. >> i'm amazed at how much they have done. >> reporter: carl has lived on the orinda side of the caldecott for 20 years. is he retired now and has made a hobby of monitoring the progress of the tunnel's fourth bore, costing taxpayers $420 million, half of which is coming from federal stimulus funds. >> will only help the morning commute. >> reporter: that's because right now traffic flows through two bores of the caldecott tunnel into the city for the morning commute. then the direction of traffic switches in one bore, so there are four lanes of traffic flowing out of the city for the evening commute. once the project is finished there will simply be four lanes of traffic going in both directions at all times. many drivers say off peak traffic going into the city has
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been backing up more than usual and that the work is necessary. >> trying to get into the city on a friday or saturday night coming from the east bay, we have to stay in the traffic. it will help. >> reporter: in addition to easing congestion, caltrans says the additional lanes will also reduce pollution from idling cars. they put up a sound wall to shield nearby homes from noise once the drilling starts. a huge piece of equipment called a road header is already in place. it is a rare glimpse of the 130-ton machine that will spend the next three years out of view, tunnelling through rock. monty frances, nbc bay area news. caltrans says the project should create more than 5,000 construction jobs and drilling is scheduled to start at 10:00 this morning. the project could be complete by late 2013. time to check the morning commute. felipe is in for mike. how is it going? >> we are still talking about
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traffic as you can see out there. there is construction in the south bay as well. highway 101 between 87 and i-80 a couple of blocked lanes. getting ready to open up by 5:00 a.m. taking you out to an accident earlier, eastbound -- this is westbound 580, just east of 14th avenue, there was an accident, hit-and-run accident still being cleared up. a bit of slowing making your way through there. back to you guys. >> thank you very much. >> also checking out your monday morning forecast, getting you set for the work week, rob. the forecast looks like we had last week. the coolest summer in decades. it's really not showing signs of backing off as we get the work week started. 60 in san jose. overcast skies well inland this morning. oakland, 59. 57 san francisco. the marine layer is almost 3,000
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feet thick this morning. no doubt we are getting mist and drizzle along the coast as the ocean air conditioning gives us good air quality again today. that is the fringe benefit to the strong sea breeze that will keep the temperatures down. the air quality just fine. a slight chance of an afternoon thundershower around areas south of lake tahoe. look at the temperatures again today. keeping an eye on the orange and red inland. can't see any 80s coming into the bay area. today, we will call for 60s and 70s bay area wide. 50s and 60s on the coast. look at the seven-day forecast through friday. not much change, morning clouds, cool temperatures, and warming just a bit as we head towards the weekend. a cool obviously, it continues. it's 4:40 right now mothers working full-time jobs might be hurting their children. seat results of new research. and a high-flying adventure gone wrong. a daring cliff rescue.
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aboutd an electric car is to hit the market. what you will see on the road in the coming months.
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tomorrow marks the one-year disappearance of a fremont boy. hasani campbell was reported missing by his foster parents last year and was never found a few weeks later the parents did arrest the foster parents on s
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suspicion of murder but released them because of lack of evidence. police say they are treating this as a homicide case. more evidence that the ansel adams negatives are not really those of adams at all. some of the foremost ansel adams experts in the world found three of earl brooks photographs to be almost identical to the negatives, even down to the pattern of dust on the images. members of the adams family are also on record saying the negatives are not his. san francisco is poised to become more bike friendly. new bicycle lanes could be set up as early as today after a court ruling on friday. that ended a four-year legal battle. the decision lifts a 2006 court ban that delayed city bike plans. san francisco can now move
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forward on 35 projects, which would almost double the number of bike lane miles in the city up to 80 now. new research looks into a body being able to regenerate its own cells, possibly paving the way for growing new limbs or organs. stanford researchers say they can get muscle cells in mice to start dividing and growing again. the hope is that the cells will be able to repair damaged tissues. human bes don't have this ability naturally because out of contr control cell growth would increase the risk for cancer. antidepressants should not be prescribed for children with autism. researchers found there are no benefits associated with antidepressants in children and they could even suffer adverse reactions to the drugs. wall street will be looking at two big bay area companies when trading opens this morning. courtney reagan is live at cnbc headquarters with a preview for us. good morning. >> happy monday to you, too. i'm sure you heard about the
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scandal in hp, and shares are indicating an open about a dollar higher, this after the scandal broke on friday. friday the stock dropped about 10%. we'll have to wait and see what happens. if we'll see the same thing today. as far as the rest of the market is concerned, futures are higher. stocks suffered losses on friday in the wake of that disappointing jobs report showing more total jobs lost for the month of june. asian markets were a little lower overnight and europe is positive. the big focus this week is on the fed which meets tomorrow. there is speculation the central bank will cut its forecast of the u.s. economy signalling it could take steps to boost the economy but not doing anything this week. the dow lost 21 points on friday. the nasdaq was off, but just 4 to 2288. the apple executive in charge of the iphone has also quit after several stumbles with the iphone 4.
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mark papermaster was only with the company for about four months and had a falling out with steve jobs and was not a part of the decisionmaking for a while. lots of news going on out west this week. >> we keep you busy, don't we. >> that's right. >> we'll check with you throughout the news sgloost a new study challenges prior research suggesting full-time working mothers are harping their child's development. researchers at columbia university found infants raised by mothers with full-time jobs did score slightly lower on cognitive tests, but these children had other advantages. working mothers had higher income and were more likely to seek high quality child care and found to be more responsive to their children than stay-at-home moms. dozens of people marched in san francisco to draw attention to aids discrimination. 73-year-old barbara booker organized the march. she is a local writer and actress and activist and said she is fed up being told she is too old to follow many of her dreams. >> i got tired of people calling
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me sweetie and to go on a cruise to alaska. everything can happen at any age. look at me. i'm performing at the san francisco commonwealth club, my one-woman show. and i had a dream because of ageism. >> the cruise to alaska isn't that bad of an idea. booker said it is not just older people who are also the target of ageism, that's why the march is open to all groups. the goal was to draw attention to unfair discrimination at any stage of life. similar events are also planned in los angeles, washington, d.c. and new york. dramatic video to show you this morning of a cliffside rescue of a paraglider who plunged after colliding with another paraglider midair. the two were student paragliders who somehow got tangled up high
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above the ground. one of the beginners landed safely, but this 39-year-old man was left clinging to the cliff until help arrived. he was airlifted to the hospital and is recovering from injuries to his shoulder, chest and knee. fully electric cars are not on the showroom yet, but there is more competition. >> reporter: we are still months away from the most serious effort ever at getting americans plugged in and behind the wheel of an electric car. the chevy volt and the nissan leaf will be available for sale to the general public by december. both range about 100 miles or so on a full charge and both have sticker prices that some consider hefty. the volt, $41,000 because it has a back-up engine. the leaf does not, but will cost nearly $33,000. >> there are going to be plenty of people who will not consider these vehicles when they see the
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msrp. they will say it doesn't make financial sense. >> reporter: the expected popularity of the plug-ins is why both manufacturers have started a price war of sorts. after nissan offered an eight-year 100,000 mile warranty. gm followed suit. nissan has a lease option with payments of $350 a month. so does gm. both should attract customers. >> that's going to be low enough to compete with, again, many other vehicles on the marketplace that don't offer this kind of alternative energy technology. >> reporter: both cars are sharing another incentive, federal tax credits of $7,500 per car. chris clacken, nbc news. >> a lot of people will be looking into those. >> it is 4:50 now. looking at the forecast as well. certainly cooler lately. >> we had the strong sea breeze again over the past weekend. this morning it has pumped in quite a few low clouds. a southeast wind of 9 around san
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jose with mostly cloudy skies to start. 59 in oakland. west wind at 7. once the skies start to lighten up as the sunrises around 6:20 this morning, you will see a lot of low clouds. 57 degrees, maybe some mist on the wichbd shield. t windshield. the giants back in town taking on the cubs. allergy report unchanged. moderate change for tree pollen. if you have allergies, maybe not so good this week. but the air quality, in terms of ground level ozone is just fine. green all over the green for exercising outdoors morning and noon. late in the weekend we had big-time thundershowers in the sierras. most of that is moving off to the east, south of lake tahoe might see another thundershower today. the bay area still has a strong case of ocean air conditioning. the trough hung up along the west coast pumping in the marine
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layer which, this morning, is up to 3,000 feet. seeing relatively mild temperatures around the bay area, even through mid week now we will see 60s and 70s for highs, maybe low 80s inland at best. to the south we are seeing cooler temperatures, even in the central valley. low 90s around fresno and bakers field. up to lake tahoe, mid 70s. sacramento, 83. quite cool for this time of year. bay area temperatures, it's warm. upper 70s around morgan hill. 76 san jose. the bay area micro climates which can be a 40 degree swing in temperatures this time of year, almost everybody has the same numbers this time of year. 60s and 70s bay area wide. warmest places solano county, temperatures in the upper 70s. next weekend, i know it's monday, we like to talk about the weekend forecast, maybe warming up.
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>> maybe we should enjoy where we are while we're here. >> we want to check in with felipe in for mike looking at the commute. >> good morning, brent. we have to talk about a lot of construction. northbound 101 between 3rd avenue and peninsula avenue. the peninsula avenue is closed right now between 3rd and popular. southbound between popular and 3rd that is also closed until 6:00 a.m. this morning. looking out to the east bay, cummings skyway, an earlier accident has been cleared up, construction still ongoing there. the off-ramp is close until 7:00. the on-ramp is closed until 8:00 a.m. looking at the south bay, construction there as well in between 101 and 87 and i-80 a couple blocked lanes due to construction. that's getting ready to open back up.
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at bernal in silicon valley there, some construction there. things on the upper bay bridge deck looking good. that's a look at traffic. back to you. >> check back with you later. many teens spend their summer vacations being lazy, but a few are spending their summer learning how to be stars, both in front and behind the cameras. stacy stouffer visits the camp. >> all right, guys, you remember how we did this last week, right? the camera is set. quiet on the set. >> reporter: the camera operators, audio technicians and directors, filming a music video for the rap duo m.o.s. they are teenagers. >> i like it. >> reporter: instead of spending their summer watching music videos at home, 15 kids are
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learning how to make it. part of a free summer camp giving the teens opportunities they otherwise wouldn't have. >> want to teach them the technology, get them out there and empower themselves. >> i don't come from a good home. >> reporter: 19-year-old anthony garcia wants to be a rapper and entrepreneur. he said the south side media club taught him his dream continue come true without hard work. >> all right. it's good to good. you're a pro at this. >> reporter: the instructor grew up in the new york music scene and is teaching the kids everything from how to set up a tripod, light up a set and be comfortable in front of a lens. >> i thought the kids would be tired, i don't want to get up. they come at 10:00 in the morning, they're here. they know how to set up everything themselves. >> my name is gabrielle
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gonzalez. >> reporter: the kids are also filming their own documentary about the history of the neighborhood. the first job was to interview the city's mayor. freshman lewis renoso came into the club wanting to be a cop. now he dreams of going to college to learn photography. >> look at them, you see it, they are just sticking to it i feel proud. perfect. perfect. perfect. >> that's a great program. exposing these kids to something they choose a different career. >> in a way, it is scary, too, how good they are at it. they pick it up so fast. shoot well, write well, edit well. they do great. >> good for them. looking for a getaway with a rustic twist? see where you can get the comforts of an upscale hotel in an unlikely farm setting.
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a woman is shot to death in san francisco. we'll have a live report on two shootings coming up. hp is looking for a new ceo. we'll look at the scandal that led to him stepping down. the construction you will need to know about as you make your way out for your morning commute. we'll tell you about that in a couple minutes. good monday morning. thanks for joining us, i'm laura garcia-cannon. >> i'm brent cannon. it's monday morning, august 8th. we want to


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