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tv   NBC11 News The Bay Area at 6  NBC  August 9, 2010 5:00pm-6:00pm PST

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pass information. but so far -- >> no reports of damage but people did report feeling it. >> there is shock and outrage and now arrests after a german tourist celebrating her anniversary died in a cross fire in downtown san francisco. it is one of two shootings near union square last night. nightclub violence is an emerging concern in san francisco where authorities might do well to look for a potential solution to the south. nbc bay area's damian trujillo stopped the violence with one big change. first about the woman killed and some women are in custody tonight. cheryl? >> reporter: five people are being detained as we speak. but the german woman shot and killed was here in san francisco celebrating two things, one, a new job, the other, an anniversary. >> wrong place, wrong time.
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>> reporter: that's the reaction from a representative from the german consulate in san francisco. caught in the crossfire walking hand in hand with her husband in the 400 block in the theater district near union square. >> when this happened, she was in the shooting line and hit by the shoot. and he was at her side. but not in that line. >> reporter: the elementary school principal was hit by stray bullets during a gun battle between two groups attending a party for teenagers. it was located in the building near the popular ruby sky club which happened to be closed last night. two other people were shot suffering nonlife threatening injury. five people are in custody. >> they are in custody and doing interviews right now. we're looking at video footage and trying to identify other people we believe were involved. and things are moving ahead. >> reporter: the city is moving ahead with its struggle to keep
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the streets safe during nightclub hours. two people were shot near the club 1015 early this morning. they will recover from their injuries but there have been others. lat month a man was shot and killed in mission bay. the mayor just signed new legislation to try and stop it. >> we have worked to try to strengthen entertainment commission and create perimeters for the entertainment commission where they can be more aggressive to suspend licenses of club owners. >> reporter: we are told that the german couple have two children. the husband, i'm told, is returning to his home country tomorrow. reporting live in san francisco, i'm cheryl hurd, nbc bay area news. thank you, cheryl, club owners in san jose say their night life is safe and secure
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thanks to the power given by the police chief. he can shut down a club for 30 days if it is posing a safety concern. damian tru jill lo is live. >> reporter: even if the owner says giving the chief all of this power is a good idea, even though he's been shut down for most of this year. in fact, a lot of club owners in san jose say san francisco should adopt a similar ordinance. ♪ >> reporter: this is the spot in the south bay, draws hundreds of partiers every weekend. but fights like this one and underage guests gave the police chief all of the ammunition he needed to shut it down. >> if this continues to neglect their neighbors and routinely
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have violence at the nightclubs, is that the city needs to step in. >> reporter: the owner of wet didn't want to talk on camera but told me even though he feels the city unfairly has him under the microscope, he thinks giving the chief power to pull an entertainment high sense for 30 days is good. >> gave everybody the rules to follow and we follow them. the only people that don't like the ordinance were the people not following rules to begin with. >> reporter: david powell owns two establishments a couple blocks from the wet, he helped draw up the ordinance. powell thinks san francisco should do the same. >> 100%. i don't understand why they would push back. as long as there is due process. >> reporter: bars and clubs can appeal the enforcement in san jose. most big cities in the country have a similar rules, except san francisco. >> if we have one bad apple, it ruins the whole the whole
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entertainment zone. it's bad for the industry. >> reporter: the city says wet has been quiet since it reopened late last month with new business, management and security plans, but the chief is watching. >> reporter: a coalition of clubs in san jose meets routinely with the city and police department to make sure everybody is on the same page. the owner of the wet club here in san jose says he should stay open permanently because of the changes he has made. we're live in downtown san jose, i'm damian trujillo, nbc bay area news. oakland police agreed to make concessions to avoid more layoffs. the police officers association said that members agreed to pay 9% of their pensions by the year 2013 and agreed to work longer before they retire. this means city council can put a $360 parcel tax on november's pal lot, which could mean the
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rehiring of 80 officers laid off. if not, more than 120 officers could be laid off in january. gay couples who successfully challenged proposition 8 are questioning whether it has the right to appeal. the issue comes up as judge walker decides whether or not to allow same-sex marriages while a prop 8 case is on appeal. >> a big selloff for one silicon valley firm. plenty of hp investors sold their shares. the palo alto tech giant's future became a lot less certain, looking for a replacements at the top, hp's stock price dropped close to 8% today. a woman at the center of hurd's resignation stepped forward, jody fisher says she is
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saddened by the scandal and despite filing a sexual harassment against hurd, she did not want the situation to end with him losing his job. highway patrol in the sacramento area are planning to do a serious crackdown on drivers who are caught texting or holding a cell phone when they drive. they are dedicating tomorrow to zero tolerance behind the wheel. anyone caught without a hands-free device will be cited. a minimum fine of $20 for first offense, you add in the court costs and the first offense ticket could cost as much as $138. also against the law serving alcohol to minors, the state legislature is considering a bill that is receiving
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bipartisan port. eye-opening details are surfacing in the case of livermore mother charged with having sex with two teenage boys. according to documents obtained by nbc bay area, the suspect's first alleged victim was her own teenage daughter's boyfriend. jody hernandez was in court when the mother of three was arraigned on the long list of charges. >> reporter: tom, according to these court documents, the alleged abuse began in december of 2008, when hubbs woke up the sleeping boyfriend of her own 14-year-old daughter and began sexually assaulting him. now, prosecutors say within a year, she had a second young victim performing allegedly performing dozens of sexual acts on the teenagers all while maintaining an image of a model while and mother.
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42-year-old christine hubbs who until last week appeared to have it all, sobbed in court as a judge formally charged her with 67 counts of sexual assaults on two teenage boys. according to documents, hubbs began a sexual relationship with her own daughter's 14-year-old boyfriend in 2008 and continued assaulting him for more than a year. allegedly taking him to motels and buying him expensive gifts. >> i was given a significant amount of material this morning by the district attorney. and i'm going to review that very carefully before i order any comment on the case at all. >> reporter: charging documents reveal the second victim, a 14-year-old boy had sex with hubbs 14 times and received money and expensive gifts from the mother of three. >> is there anything you can say? >> reporter: hubbs husband left
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court without comment, clearly shake be that their picture perfect life had been turned upsidedown. they live in a million dollar home with their three children and until last week appeared to be on top of the world. >> give the family some privacy and some respect so they don't have to suffer. that's my major concern right now. >> it is amazing it took this long for people to figure out. >> reporter: his girlfriend's daughter told her about the alleged relationship a year ago but he wasn't sure whether to believe it. he thinks prosecutors should throw the book at the mother turned alleged molester. >> i'm sure the boy is going to be thinking about that for the rest of his -- until he gets older. >> reporter: hubbs is also charged with four misdemeanor counts for allegedly contributing to the delinquency of minors. she allegedly took four teenage boys in her car and allowed them to shoot a pellet gun from her car back in june of this year.
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now, she will be back in court a week from today to enter pleas on all of charges. she is being held behind bars on bail that is $4.3 million. joedy hernandez, nbc bay area news. coming up, experience counts but getting a job is tough for people who are laid off toward the end of their career. the latest information on the bay area housing market. what's up and what's down. the new technology that could help you buy or sell. a real life donkey kong, this san francisco gorilla playing with a nintendo. 77 in san jose, low 80s in the east bay. also details on the 3.9 coming up in just minutehqrea coming up in just minutes. s.
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continuing with our breaking news tonight. here's the latest on the 3.9 quake that struck near watsonville just before 6:00 this evening. no damage that we are aware of. david oppenheimer with the united states geological survey, what can you tell us about this quake? >> probably on the san andreas fault, fairly shallow but not unusual. this is a pretty active section of the san andreas fault. it was located a couple miles from arome as, california, the magnitude will probably not change. felt probably from san jose down to salinas, i'm sure there were sensitive individuals that felt it further north than that. >>e nowould t expect damage at 3.9, is that the case? >> maybe if you're right above
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the earthquake, things would have been knocked off shelves but no structural damage. >> when we hear it's on the san andreas fault and hear an earthquake of this magnitude, we like to think maybe a little pressure has been released thereby mitigating the chances of a larger earthquake. what's the status there? >> sad to say small earth quakes -- they certainly relieve pressure but don't change the status for the bigger earth quakes. this is what we call the creeping section of the san andreas fault, doesn't have large earthquakes, we would not expect this to be a foreshock to a big earthquake. >> david oppenheimer, we appreciate your time. a 3.9 quake shortly about 6:00 this evening. no damage and certainly no injuries to tell you about. new real estate numbers are out and housing prices are taking a dive for some but there is some growth. christie smith shows us the
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bottom line. >> reporter: first, the good news, bay area home values nudged up 4.1%. this oakland home listed at $652,000. the realtor isn't sure it would have fetched that a year ago. >> things are up, they are making offers and home values are increasing in some counties. >> reporter: looking at numbers from a new report by, he says low interest rates are helping and the new bay area median home price is now $497,000. now, the not so good. >> there's still a number of factors going on. i wouldn't say we're totally out of woods. >> santa clara county had the biggest gain at 7.2 % over last year. napa county continues to swamp down. foreclosures are down from the peak but they are still high. if you're in the market to
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buy -- >> if this allows you to look at all real estate on the fly. >> reporter: a new app allows data from zillow to be loaded onto the ipad and other tools. >> we're seeing a flatter, more even market. things are better than two or three years ago, that's the overall message. >> reporter: christie smith, nbc bay area news. >> bay area home values inched up, the national median fell 3.2% over last year. tomorrow marks a full year since ha sanny campbell disappeared off an oakland street. he was last seen sitting in a parked car sitting outside a shoe store. citizens for the lost society, that's a group of supporters who have organized searches and vigils and fundraisers since the little boy's disappearance will meet to discuss new leads.
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threw weeks after he disappeared, they arrested his foster father and mother but the district attorney did not file charges and the couple was released for insufficient evidence. if you're driving on highway 80 this week, expect delays. every night until friday california department of transportation crews will repaf the roads from dixon to davis. closed from 7:00 in the evening until 5:00 next morning. construction should be done by the end of the year. for updated information, visit pave >> there is a new viral video on the internet tonight out of the san francisco zoo. you could call it reality donkey kong. one of the gorillas was caught on video playing with a nintendo. the boy dropped the ds in the gorilla exhibit.
6:19 pm
mom is playing with it and wisely keeping it away from her baby. then she actually turned it in to zoo keepers who train the animals to turn in foreign objects they find. how do they do that? we asked robert jenkins of the san francisco zoo. >> basically the same way you train your kids to pick up their rooms. well, lots of positive reinforcement is what it amounts to. once they get it, they actually probably keep the exhibits cleaner than sometimes the keepers do. the gorillas are intelligent. they are just one or two steps from us so to speak. this is something that she had never experienced before so it is going to attract her attention and she'll get focused on it. since it appears that the device was working at the time it fell in there, there would have been something going on on the screen. as a consequence, she would have seen that and been drawn into it. it's also interesting to note at
6:20 pm
one point hasani also got interested in it and wanted to partake and see what was going on of the it's my understanding the kid dropped it accidentally. these are things we all really need to work hard when we're at the zoo to prevent. this puts unnatural objects into their environment and potentially could create a fight between the animals over what the object is. sometimes they put the objects in their mouths because they do all of those things, they smell it, taste it. they could accidentally swallow it and end up requiring surgery. it's best to keep that stuff out. >> here is why momma gorilla did not give the nintendo ds to her baby. she knew if that baby had that for one half hour, the baby would be addicted like everyone us. >> like our baby. >> that's exactly right. that's an amazing story. >> if it were an ipod touch,
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forget about it. wouldn't be returned. jeff has the latest gadget and the technology to show us what's coming. >> that's right, tom, we're pinpointing the earthquake. we did want to put the locater on this at 3.9 earthquake happening at 5:51 in the past half hour. seven miles to the east of watsonville putting this primarily just to the south of gilroy, at least for the epicenter of where it occurred. this clearly puts it in the zone for the san andreas fault, a fairly shallow earthquake, no reports of injuries or damages at this point. we do want to encourage you, if you have damage or want to talk about maybe what you felt, you can go to we can share it on the air. back here at home, we did have a widespread of temperatures, in the north bay about 73. 61 in san francisco, you travel
6:22 pm
there for work today, a lot of fog throughout the morning. and for the south bay, 77 to 88. and the east bay, another day with warm air trapped in throughout livermore pleasant ton and also for dublin. outside right now, we do have fog in san francisco and current temperature of 63 degrees. the satellite loop is still quite unusual for this time of the year. we are typically cloud free out here across a lot of the west this time of year. but we still have some weak disturbances rolling through the west and that's helping to keep the fog so robust, which this pattern hasn't been able to break in the past four weeks and that is going to continue, the fog and milder air. 49 in santa rosa. mid-50s in east bay. by the noon hour, those in the south bay will be hitting temperatures in the low to
6:23 pm
mid-70s for another afternoon with conditions slightly below average. as far as 11:00 a.m. tomorrow inland, we'll look at conditions in the upper 60s to near 70 and mostly sunny skies. it is true, we're going to tell you when we may have 90-degree temperatures back here in the bay area. stick around. >> we'll believe it when we see it. well, ahead we'll show you the incredible machine that will make a faster commute for thousands of east bay drivers. two major companies who think the future of women involves paying more. a pulromro an a group who's members were murdered by the taliban. [ female announcer ] jobs leaving.
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a budget disaster. california on the brink. jerry brown's plan? you run for office and the assumption is, oh, i know what to do. you don't. i didn't have a plan for california. [ female announcer ] with our state in crisis, we need a governor with a plan. you need a real plan, something i'll acknowledge i did not have. [ female announcer ] jerry brown. no plan then. no plan now.
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meg whitman. a plan for jobs. log on. learn more. for years san francisco wants to become the most bike friendly place in the country. that goal might be getting closer now that a court has lifted a four-year-old injunction against new bike plans. gavin new some took off his robe
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today and san francisco is getting ready to layout 35 miles of new bike lanes on key streets in the city. the idea is to make the streets safer for everyone. >> to being the most bike friendly city in the country and the one with the real green city. >> a recent survey says 50% of san franciscowould ride bikes if city streets had more bike lanes. >> the latest disputes are over and transit back to normal. the bus agency must honor its old contract while it negotiates the new one. officials say when ac transit imposed a new kfrt, workers respondwide a sickout, 150 drivers failed to show up for work every day. a spokesperson says since the ruling few worker are calling in sick and buses are running on time. relief is on the way for the worst commuter bottlenecks,
6:27 pm
contractors began drilling through the hill to create a fourth bore for caldecott opportunity traffic. they'll handle the brunt of drilling after other machinery breaks through the first few feet of earth. this will create a 3400 foot long tunnel. will add two westbound lanes to ease the congestion. when finished in 2013, the new tonl will allow for four lanes of traffic in each direction. coming up tonight, a modern makeover for an east bay landmark that was the hottest place for a cool dip in the 1920s. the 14th amendment controversy, democrats and republicans speaking out on the idea to stop giving citizenship to anybody born in the u.s. getting hired 101, the new job-seekingegtr syat for older workers forced out of their jobs in the recession. jo
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the economic recession has been hard on a lot of people. one group is having the toughest time getting back to where they are. scott budman is here with their story. >> we put a premium on youth and that has experienced workers struggling to get back to work. now a start-up wants to help. >> well, these are pictures of different news that made news today and we're going to try to get back to the story about experienced workers who have a hard time getting jobs these days finding a start-up that wants to give them a helping hand. >> well, thank you, scott, we'll try to fix those technical
6:31 pm
difficulties. a silicon valley power house is hiring, adobe systems will hire as many as 1,000 new workers over the next several years. it chose utah because of the tech savvy workers and low coast of doing business. >> a couple of tech powerhouses have their own ideas, google and verizon say internet service providers should be able to require more money for faster services. they say the provider should not be able to slow or block traffic in order to prioritize. in the process of dialing up an ipo since being spun off from ebay, skype is back to being independent. the company hopes to raise $100 million by going public. >> before he was so rudely
6:32 pm
interrupted by our technical issues, scott budman was telling us how older workers have trouble finding work. >> how the silicon valley puts a premium on youth, a tougher struggle to get back to work. here's a start-up who wants to help. >> reporter: when we caught up with john francis, he was at his coffee shop reading the paper which includes a headline about google facing an age discrimination lawsuit with the economy still slow, imagine mag yoe says his prospectses have gotten slimmer. >> it's still somewhat stagnant. >> reporter: in youth-obsessed silicon valley it's tougher to get a job if you're a little seasoned. >> i've been with various job search groups and they have certainly hinted about dyeing my
6:33 pm
hair, my mustache hair so i look younger. >> reporter: another strategy might be to go on the web, where our experience counts offers counseling and advice and networking tips for those who might be a bit intimidated by the youth movement. they say they can help recycle your career. >> there are times in your life, you have to look in the mirror, this is who i've been. what do i have to be to extend my career and continue being productive? >> reporter: studies have shown while younger workers are typically preferred, older workers can be more valuable to have around the office. >> you need the juices and energy of young people but need the maturity of seasoned professionals that understand that this is not a sprint, this is a marathon. if a company is going to take it to the next level. >> reporter: no matter how fast your company is moving,
6:34 pm
experience does count. one myth about older workers, they cost more when it comes to health care. according to a study, older workers may use more health care but have fewer dependent soz they don't cost employers more. the federal reserve meets tomorrow and many analysts on wall street expect new measures to boost the slowing economy. as a result, stocks gained on all marktsz, one notable down stock was hp after the resignation of mark hurd. the dow picked up 45 points and nasdaq rose 17 points. the investigation into the murders of ten medical aid workers in afghanistan continues tonight. officials do know this. six of the victims were americans. steve handlesman has the latest. >> reporter: the grief is still intense. four days after the murders of the dental clinic volunteers the bodies of the two afghans who died were returned to kabul,
6:35 pm
where the international assistance mission vowed not to quit. >> as long as we are welcome here, we will continue to stay and serve the people of afghanistan. >> reporter: they had a permit and seasoned leaders, tom little of new york in afghanistan since the late 1970s. dan terry, since 1980. since '94, cheryl beckett translated for women patients. lap was a devote mennonite. >> trying to be a little bit of christ in the world. >> reporter: the taliban claims they attached them for preaching christianity. >> tom never mentioned religion in any of the time working with global dental relief. anyone that knows him, he would not be trying to convert people. >> reporter: the organization denies -- >> will not be invited back to village fz we were using aid as a cover for preaching.
6:36 pm
>> reporter: secretary of state clinton blasted the taliban. >> with these murders, the taliban have shown us another example of the length to which they will go to advance their twisted ideology. >> reporter: she says muslims around the world reject the murders. these were popular people, most afghans are shocked. steve handlesman, nbc news, washington. a 14th amendment controversy over the idea of giving citizenship to anyone born in the u.s. the past becomes the present at this pool, which was the swanky place for a dip in the roaring '20s. i'm jeff ran nearry, san jose with 77 and plenty of east bay locations in the 80s as well. 78 i 78livermore. eav'l litaildesn o a warming forecast coming up.
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go to to see how a bay area man used td iphone and twitter and four square to pop the question.
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patricia neal has died from lung cancer. she passed away in massachusetts. during her 84 years, the star went from bod way to hollywood. she won a tony award for leading actress in another part of the forest. neal is best known for her role alongside paul newman in the 1964 movie, hudd, for which he won an oscar for lead actress. more republican lawmakers are speaking out against the 14th amendment, saying it needs to be changed in order to curb immigration. the 14th amendment guarantees citizenship to all people born in the united states. some politicians say that undocumented immigrants abuse
6:40 pm
the amendment in order to keep themselves and families in the country tru, while others say it's a right. >> it's laughable to think any of the lawmakers are going to do anything about the 14th amendment, when they don't have the courage now to secure the border to stop drug traffickers and criminals and regular run of the mill illegal alien from streaming in by the millions. >> groups that support immigrant rights say it is another way for lawmakers for making fair and practice dal reforms to the system. nbc's jay gray reports on how close engineers are to stopping the oil for good. >> reporter: crews are moving forward today with the intri cat process of drilling the primary relief well. >> they'll drill 30 or 40 feet and put a sensing wire down and complete the process. >> reporter: where engineers are right now is less than 100 feet
6:41 pm
from the point where they will intersecreta intersect with the fracture rig. teams are well aware the height of the hurricane season is weeks away. >> there's a sense of urgency to complete the cleanup as far as we can. our focus now has to be in the areas that are impacted ashore. >> reporter: the bol om kill would happen as early as next week, a victory over the oil that leaked for over three months. today, president obama celebrated a very different gulf coast victory. >> congratulations to the 2009 super bowl champions, the new orleans saints. >> reporter: with the saints at the white house, the focus shifted briefly from football to recovery along the coast. >> what is clear is that the battle to stop the oil from flowing into the gulf is just about over, with the ongoing reopening of gulf fisheries,
6:42 pm
we're excite that's fishermen can go back to work and americans can safely enjoy gulf s s seafood once again. >> reporter: hoping to score points, saints' players looked to hand off fresh gulf shrimp. a pitch that many fear they'll have to make for years to come. jay gray, nbc news. well, the saints players active today, so were the 49ers. >> shut down a little bit early today. they wanted to keep going but the coach had other ideas. trying to keep things fresh, also center eric heitmann will be out for a while. a niners rookie with bay area family ties trying to catch on with the team. his story is coming up. good evening, we have found the heat tonight.
6:43 pm
it's on the south bay. a live look atanha'll ve we'll have details when 90s may return coming up.
6:44 pm
>> this saturday, a piece of east bay's history will spring back to life. the 1926 plunge closed nearly ten years ago, as nbc bay area shows us, the beloved swimming pool is diving into action. >> reporter: back in the early
6:45 pm
1900s, before tv and internet, people used to swim and would pack swimming palaces. while many of those early municipal pools didn't survive the changing world, one did. >> everyone swam here. everyone learned how to swim. >> reporter: when he was just a boy growing up in point richmond, david vincent whied away the hours at the plunge. >> the school bus would take us to the plunge. and you learned to swim. >> reporter: the plunge opened in 1926. >> at a time when it odd, there was a culture of going to the water. but it was it was a great place to have family swim, so the whole family would be done. >> reporter: the city condemned the building in 2001, through community outcry and fund raising, the plunge is coming back to life. >> this is another mow sayic tile artist. >> reporter: todd jersey oversaw the renovation called the richmond municipal. >> we rebuilt this historic roof
6:46 pm
monitor, which was the top of the roof, the part that pops up. >> reporter: tiles line the showers and massive mural by john worely covers a far wall. >> municipal pools were a huge thing, that's why the balconies were here. they would have water performances. >> reporter: as workers poured in, the plunge was a place where all races could come together. >> it was a place where everyone understood that this was a place of peace and harmony. and people got along. >> reporter: the city will hold a grand reopening celebration this saturday. vincent expects just like on the original opening date, everyone will want to be the first in the pool and last out. joe ro sat to jr., nbc bay area news. >> that's incredible. >> bring back the old pools and old theaters. life will be better. >> and the old swimsuits. >> that would be cool.
6:47 pm
>> how about the old summertime temperatures? want them back. >> maybe by next weekend. we may get 90s in here. we want to update you on the 3.9 earthquake, i checked the latest and the great news as of now, there are no injuries or reports of any damage. at this point no aftershocks from this earthquake that occurred at 5:51. seven miles to the east of watsonville. once again, right on the san andreas fault line. a very shallow quake as we hear from the sis sis monthly gift. there is an earthquake every single day when you look at it perfect a world perspective, now is a better time than any to make sure you have the earthquake kit ready. below average temperatures in san francisco to 73 in fremont. we did have heat in livermore
6:48 pm
with 83 degrees. blow your norms by five degrees, we're all over the place still because we haven't been able to break the fog pattern in the past four weeks. oakland 64. winds at 15 miles per hour. now, otherwise, temperatures right now, we're still holding on to mid and upper 70s and those pockets of heat in the east bay with 78 and 77 in concord. and then the fog already rolling into the coastal regions from 56 in san francisco to 59 in san mateo. fog stays with us once again throughout tonight and we won't break the trend in the next five days. get used to the fog and low clouds continuing to remain with us. as we head throughout tuesday, a few areas of isolated 80s inland. here's how expansive the fog is. 2,000 to 2500 feet. high pressure offshore so far out here that we are going to be under really zero influence from
6:49 pm
it. it typically warms us up this time of year. we're going to see mild conditions for tuesday and wednesday with a few 80s possible in the south bay and also in the east bay. upper 40s to near 50 degrees. slightly below average but not really cold by any means. we'll save those for the wintertime. as we look at the south bay, 82 in evergreen, 79 in san jose. more heat towards livermore with 892 expected on tuesday. a mix of 60s and 70s and from oakland, 68 to 79 degrees out the other side of the caldecott tunnel. and 79 in san ramon. morning time on the weather channel on cable, we talked about 90s, the trend mid to upper 80s so we may see some 90s, a few of them by then. >> we'll look forwards to that. zbls what's up in sports?
6:50 pm
>> hot enough for 49ers grinds. one practice after another, the coaches demand energy and try to keep things fresh. mike singletary saw her players dragging today and offered to end the session early. the players protested but he said overruled. we're coming back fresh in the afternoon. >> i don't want us to come out and just kind of drag through it. that tempo and everything else, that's not who we are. and so i didn't want it to -- to do that. >> top picks are usually assured a spot on the team. the sixth pick is pretty much on the bubble. but the 9ers see something special in this guy. >> reporter: becoming more than another face in the crowd is critical. >> something happens when he crosses the line. i don't recognize my son too much any more. >> reporter: few recognize
6:51 pm
athletic talent better than kenny williams, stanford, on the field in 1982 facing cal during the play. he sees his son kyle trying to show what it takes as a receiver with the 49ers. >> i'm a quicker guy and i can make plays as long as i'm on the field. we'll see what happens. i'm confident that i'm going to put myself in that position to make a lot of plays in the field. we'll see what happens. >> reporter: kyle was the sixth round pick out of arizona state where he also played baseball. even though his family found huge success in sports, they never put it first. >> i come from an athletic family, but i've always been more concerned about my kids and developing their intel lekt and being good people more than good athletes. >> reporter: for this family with bay area roots, kyle's selection by the niners has altered the rooting interest. >> i rooted for the 49ers. i absolutely did root for the
6:52 pm
49ers. however, i'm a raider. >> my brother was the biggest 49ers fan and a lot of my family was. me and my dad followed the raiders more but i'm definitely a 49ers fan now. >> kyle's optimism suspect wide-eyed. he's been around long enough to know the drill. >> i've got to go out and make plays or i'll be gone. i'm riding the wave and happy that he's experiencing his dream. >> coach singletary was talking about ideally he would like to see williams returning punts this weekend. we were there in dan sing with the stars at afterparties, arguably the greatest football player ever and huge part of our sports sundays today. raj mathai was in canton ohio and caught up with him last night. >> reporter: let's look at the jacket. >> i had it fitted.
6:53 pm
this is official now. when you get this color jacket, you know that you're in the hole and you're in the very elite group of guys. i've got goose bumps just standing there in front of those guys because they played the game the right way. they made football what it was today and i'm honored to be part of that group. >> the giants host the cubs tonight. former a's coach fired it's as the seattle mariners. a holiday of sorts, madden nfl, learn how this season you can play a full game in madden in half the time, check out the video on our website, go to the home page of and click on watch this for madden 11, simplified. >> you do that in half the time as well. >> popcorn after you score a touchdown?
6:54 pm
you can. >> gathering for a special tribute to jerry garcia. we'll tell you about it next. n.
6:55 pm
6:56 pm
tonight at 11:00, american dreams on hold. owning a home is out of question for a lot of people. also -- >> kids nowadays are bigger and
6:57 pm
faster and stronger, it's scary. some of the hits or cracks, it's like oh, my gosh. >> they cannot help sideline serious injury on the football field. the warning signs to watch out for. it's all tonight at 11:00. at at&t park, giants fans will be part of the largest ka zoo ensemble, paying tribute to jerry garcia on the 15th anniversary of his death. in a special seventh inning stretch, grateful dead member mickey hart will present ka zoo tooting fans in playing -- take me out to the ball game in an attempt to set a record. they'll have 7,000 people there. we know that. >> that's for sure. >> thanks for watching. we'll see you back here tonight at 11:00.
6:58 pm
last week, nbc bay area agreed with redwood city to continue environmental reviews of a big development along san francisco bay. viewers are split. some seek cash that property tax and fees will eliminate the city deficit and services they were using. environmentalist fear disaster, over 800 football fields of space will have damaging pollutants, the obvious rise in ocean fill with inundate land
6:59 pm
fills. but labor supports the review to assess if it's good for the environment and community and a good fptnioor the jobs and housing we seriously need. join the debate, lnto nbc


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