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tv   NBC11 News The Bay Area at 11  NBC  August 10, 2010 10:00pm-10:35pm PST

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>> we're looking to see whether or not there were any pilot reports, distress signals, a locator. >> reporter: stevens was o'keefe's longtime mentor on capitol hill where the senator was chairman of the powerful appropriations committee. his career in the senate came to an end when he lost a re-election bid after being convicted on corruption charges. in a twist of fate, stephens survived a plane crash in 1978 that killed five people including his first wife. and now more than 30 years later, another crash would take his life along with the lives of four others. leeann greg, nbc news. well, if you're just joining us, we've been on early tonight because of the giants game. good evening again. i'm lisa kim. z >> and i'm tom sinkovitz. a top story, a symbol of faith is also a point of controversy tonight. a muslim community wants to build a minorette six stories
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tall. vicky, fasting for ramadan begins tomorrow. >> reporter: it does, tom. and tonight muslims are ushering in their holy month, finishing up prayers here at the muslim community association. this represents one of the largest muslim groups in the country. now, construction is already under way on an addition to the building. and the members also want to add now this 64-foot tower. at least that is what the mca would like. a planning commission will consider the plan tomorrow night. the tower would be symbolic, members say, unlike traditional ones. members say this would not used to call muslims to prayer but as a landmark for the mosque. a letter has been filed citing concerns about the plan and about other modifications to the building. scott said the previously approved lobby expansion makes the entire building an architecture curiosity to say the least.
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the addition of a tower onto a one-story building would, quote, set an unusual precedent. but muslims disagree. >> the message to american people and american muslims that america does allow the freedom to build any religion or any ethnic group to have their architecture in history. >> you should be able to practice whatever you want. as long as you're not hurting anyone else. >> reporter: now, the meeting is tomorrow night at 7:00. both mca members as well as mr. scott say they plan to be there to discuss their concerns. reporting live tonight in santa cla clara, vicky nguyen. women on alert in the east bay after a man attacks three women in their own home in six weeks. we started investigating three similar attacks at the park regency apartment complex in an unincorporated area of walnut creek. that's on oak road not far from
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680. investigators say the most recent attack happened this morning. these are the latest sketches put together of the suspect. the women described him as an african-american male, 6'2", 200 pounds. the most recent attack happened this morning, as we said, the man entered a woman's apartment while she was sleeping. she was able to get away and he ran off. it's not clear how the suspect got into the apartment in the first place. prosecutors say they do not have the evidence to charge an 18-year-old in the sunday night murder of a german tourist near union square. san francisco police released phillip stewart along with two other adults and two juveniles as they continue their investigation. the tourist was shot during an exchange of gunfire between two groups after a party. police are asking that anyone with information call the san francisco police department or text tip-411. san jose police report they're searching for two men who robbed a security guard outside an east side safeway store.
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it happened two weeks ago. one suspect held up the security guard outside while the other stole beer inside the store and then they both ran away. no one was injured in the robbery. energy drink on the rocks? a new push tonight to get controversial alcoholic energy drinks banned. lawmakers say the booze in caffeine is a dangerous combination. there is growing concern the manufacturers are marketing those popular drinks to kids. our jean elie is live tonight with a look at the drinks in question. jean. >> reporter: lisa, most stores carry these alcoholic energy drinks. this one is called green apple juice. and the parents we talk to say it looks like a kid's drink, and that has lawmakers concerned. think your kids are enjoying the latest fruit drink? take a closer look. juice and spark are more than meets the eye. they are energy drinks with as much as 12% alcohol. much to the surprise of parents from around the world at
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fisherman's wharf. >> oh, no. >> it's ridiculous. look at the design. so colorful. >> reporter: a group of u.s. senators including senator dianne feinstein are concerned the drinks are being marketed to kids. they asked the food and drug administration to decide if they are safe and possibly illegal. in a letter urging action, the senators say a study proved they are dangerous. the study found that younger drinkers are twice as likely to be the victim of sexual assault, ride with a drunk driver and be hurt or injured as a result of their drinking enough to seek medical attention. liquor store operators near nightclubs say they can barely keep up with demand. clarence johnson says he's seen his 14-year-old son drink juice and had no idea it contained alcohol. >> i thought it was like one of those fruit drinks they have. i never knew it was -- >> reporter: nearly every parent we talked to said the labeling fooled them. johnson says these drinks need
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to be out of the reach of kids. >> now knowing that they have that much alcohol, they should be behind the counter. >> reporter: lawmakers say if they find adding alcohol is not safe, then the drink should be banned. the fda has been looking at the safety, but senator feinstein says the agency has had enough time and she is anxious for answers. live in san francisco, jean elie, bay area news. >> jean, thank you. your salad might be unhealthy. a major salad maker is pulling its products off the shelves because of a potential health risk tonight. salinas-based fresh express is voluntarily recalling at least 3,000 cases of ready-to-eat salads. the veggie lover's salad as it's called is of particular concern because of a book teacteria thad make people sick. you can check the product code at the upper right-hand corner of the big. if it rides i208 and has a use
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by date of august 10th, throw it out. so far no reports of illness. fresh express says the recall is precautionary. keeping sex offenders in check. now, anyone in california can now know when a sex offender takes off. a new website lets anyone who signs up for e-mail alerts to be notified when they disappear or discard gps ankle brislets. it comes from a governor's order to publicize runaway sex offenders. state corrections department estimates 20% to 60% of parolees flee in a typical month. a month after the involuntary manslaughter conviction of former b.a.r.t. officer mehserle, another plea deal was reached with a protester charged in the oakland ruling that followed. 33-year-old terry williams was accused of stealing five gold teeth from j.c. jewelry on broadway. police say they saw williams enter the store and then run away. williams agreed to plead guilty to one count of burglary and a probation violation. williams told police he feels
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stupid for stealing the teeth. former muni workers, tomorrow could be your day. a job fair just for you. that event caters to displaced workers. sponsors say there will be professionals to critique resumes and workshops to promote job opportunities. they recommend bringing 25 to 30 resumes and make sure to bring sunblock because it's located at the fairgrounds. it starts at 9:30 in the morning and ends at 4:00 in the afternoon. seems like something here has resonated with the people. >> out of jail and still not bashful. the flight attendant that made he d headlines for the way quit his job has something to say tonight. every meal i have heartburn. >> pizza, beer, spicy foods. they all trigger heartburn. but that burn you feel may not be what you think. coming up, when heartburn isn't heartburn. and the one thing doctors say make this deadly disease very different. and the popular bay area
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bank that may owe you some money. find out if you're on that list. good evening. anywhere from 50s to 80s today across the bay area. still below average in san jose with 78. coming up, details on justeminu aw .day rest just mites away.
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relief tonight for millions of wells fargo bank customers hit with overdraft fees. that's because a federal judge ordered that bank to pay more than $200 billion to compensate those customers. it all stems from a bank practice where checks for the highest amount were posted first. the judge ruled that process was designed to generate more fees from overdraft charges. but wells fargo says it put the checks first because they're usually more important for payments like mortgages or car payments. they plan to appeal that ruling. it's something parents dread and their kids, too. that's head lice. and now there's growing concern that some children are developing a resistance to a few of the common over-the-counter treatments. as pei-sze chang shows us, head lice are peskier than ever.
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>> reporter: sophie and bennett were scratching their heads for at least a month before their parents knew there was a problem. >> one morning went to wake sophie up and stroking her hair and found a bug. >> reporter: head lice. these little crawlers have lodged themselves into 7-year-old bennett's hair, and it quickly spread to the rest of his family. >> itchy. it was -- it felt weird. >> reporter: even weirder was the fact that over-the-counter remedies they used did not work. >> after we put it in her hair, when they came, she still had live lice in her hair. >> reporter: dr. gabrielle von simpson who treated them said these parasites have developed a resistance to over-the-counter medication. and may not disappear with just one application. >> what i also recommend and most people recommend as well is manual mechanical removal of the active lice. >> reporter: it's a tedious and unpleasant task. the doctor says it's the best
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way to get rid of lice. olive oil and a fine-tooth comb is what finally gave them some relief. >> it was kind of gross because we had to put all that stuff in my hair. when they got it all out, it was much better. >> reporter: you must also wash all your linens and towels as well as hats and hairbrushes. items that can't be washed can be stored in a plastic bag for who weeks. >> it's not a public health hazard. it is not life threatening. it does not cause infections. it does not communicate disease. and you're going to get through it. >> reporter: and after they got through it, sophie and bennett now follow a new set of rules. now on to something more pleasant. tonight, san jose international airport allows man's best friend strict security and on board. a pack of service dogs and training were brought in.
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sponsors say it's a 60-month program where participants care for the dogs and teach them simple commands. >> you have an application and then a phone interview and a sight inspection to make sure you have a fenced-in yard. and if all that goes well, they can call you and say they have a puppy for you. i'll pick her up in santa rosa. >> the program is organized by canine companions for independence in santa rosa. heartburn. is it something you ate or something far more serious? you might be surprised to know that heartburn is one of the most common symptoms of esophageal cancer. 16,000 people are diagnosed with that cancer every year, and in nearly all cases the cancer is fatal. our kris sanchez tells us about the key to survival. >> reporter: pizza, beer, spicy food, thomas loves it all, but his stomach didn't agree. >> every meal i had heartburn.
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>> reporter: acid reflux is a symptom that affects 60 million americans, and like most people, he treated it with rolaids and other over-the-counter medicine. what he didn't realize is he was masking the progression of a deadly disease, esophageal cancer, which 90% of the time is linked to a condition caused by acid reflux. >> we're going to see another resurgence of the epidemic because patients will be treating themselves without really being attended by physicians. >> reporter: this doctor says the key to stopping the epidemic is to catch it early while it is still in the precancerous stage. the doctor found his condition early, a diagnosis that ultimately saved his life. >> they're very few people who actually can survive esophageal cancer. and those are the ones where it's picked up and diagnosed very early. >> reporter: getting rid of the precancerous cells is fairly easy. this one is inserted
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endoscopically through the mouth, a small balloon inflated inside the esophagus and radio frequency waves are used. >> i've had many patients whosoa precancer stage that i treated them with this device. and they're now cured. >> reporter: the doctor hopes to create awareness about the importance of catching the cancer early. under secretary ellen tauscher, a former congresswoman from the east bay, was recently diagnosed with esophageal cancer. and tom lanso died from the disease two years ago. the doctor hopes it requires lawmakers to require mandatory screenings. >> we should be screening patients with acid reflux. that's how we're going to pick up the early cases and intervene early before the cancer has formed. >> reporter: he's relieved that the precancerous cells are gone and that now he can go back to enjoying the little things. >> i love pizza and beer. >> reporter: kris sanchez, nbc
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bay area news. >> if you suffer from chronic heartburn, experts say you should get it checked out, obviously. and taking drugs like prilosec, rolaids and tums may make you feel better, but it isn't stopping the acid from damaging your esophagus. time to check out the weather. a little warm-up ahead? >> yeah. kind of a lot here in our seven-day forecast. the key is, though, getting the pattern to switch in that seven-day period. it's been really stubborn the past six weeks. in fact, so stubborn we can't even get the fog mixed out of here for a couple of days. usually even in the summertime, we get at least a small break from the fog. today we also did have a few returns up into northern california near redding, red bluff and chico just to kind of add to the summer craziness we've had. pretty, you know, unlikely to get rainfall this time of year. we did stay dry. otherwise note these temperatures. we should not have 60s in san rafael this time of year. we had 66. 72 in santa rosa.
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61 also, cool for san francisco this time of year. we did have some heat pockets over here in the east bay with livermore at 83. and down here in the south bay, 89 and los gatos. san jose at 78. currently temperatures have dropped off everywhere and very uniform at the coastline. a sign that the fog is consistent from the north bay to santa cruz with 53 in santa clara. already 55 in gilroy. if you're traveling over the golden gate bridge or the bay bridge for that matter tomorrow morning, expect drizzle at times. you're going to need those windshield wipers on. also maybe allow a little extra time in your commute. and as we head throughout wednesday, still a few warm pockets in the south bay and east bay. that's where you need to go if you want to find the heat in our forecast because the fog, which you can see right here offshore, up at about 2500 feet, it is not going anywhere in the forecast over the next two to three days.
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now, we showed you the little bit of rainfall there on the radar earlier. that's all coming from this weak disturbance in the northwest. so that's going to kind of sit and rotate in the northwest. that will help to contribute to keeping our temperatures once again mild for tomorrow. but here is the key. what we're going to be watching in the forecast, we head throughout friday, saturday and sunday is a region of high pressure in the southwest. that's going to eventually build in over california and help to bring these temperatures up in that seven-day forecast potentially 90s. but meantime here for wednesday and thursday, the fog, the on-shore, the cooling winds are back for mainly 70s and only a few isolated 80s in our inland spots. and for thursday, the pattern will start to shift once again as we moderate that area of high pressure in the southwest. as for tomorrow morning, 49 in santa rosa. 51 in fairfield. 54 in san jose. 54 in los gatos. slightly below where we should be for this time of year. otherwise for tomorrow, the heat. that warm pocket right down here into the south bay. 82 in evergreen.
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81 in los gatos. if you've got the day off, maybe head to downtown los gatos. otherwise in the peninsula, anywhere from 66 to 74 in redwood city. conditions in oakland in the upper 60s. san ramon to 78. and for the north bay, 83. 74 in sonoma if you're headed to wine country. more anytime on the weather channel on cable. we mentioned those potential 90s. and here it is. by sunday, monday and tuesday, upper 80s. widespread inland which will mean a few 90s coming on back. didn't think we'd see that in a while. >> no. we've been complaining about the chil. >> something for everyone. >> i'd much rather have a cooldown, i must admit. thank you. well, a new study says that child care now costs parents more than college tuition. in fact, the cost of child care for the youngest children increased twice as fast as family income. in half of all the states, it far outpaced the rate of
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inflation. recommendations by the dhs says parents spend no more than 10% on their income but in 36 states, the cost of child care exceeds 10% of the median income for married couples. and for single parents, the cost exceeds the median income in every state. the research was done by the national association of child care resource referral agencies. next, bad boyfriend moves 101. this one happened at the baseball game.n and this one we and this one we cannot
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well, that frustrated flight attendant has become a squaquas freedom fighter. steven slater posted bail tonight and then ran off much like he did on monday. slater says he lost his cool. you think? when a passenger's luggage hit him in the head. he took over the plane's pa system and cursed that passenger out. next he grabbed a few beers. his suitcase, pulled the emergency chute and slid down. tonight, slater seems to have no regrets. >> it seems like something here has resonated with a few people. >> yeah, well not so supportive, local police slater faces charges of criminal mischief, trespassi trespassing, reckless endangerment. if convicted, he could face seven years in prison. he'll have a lot of the visitors
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apparently. >> and serving it in edible food. >> exactly right. a taste of his own medicine. >> yeah. time for sports. lawrence. >> you know, giants fans expect tim lincecum to be amazing. he hits a rough patch, hard to watch. we had the game on this. bc bay area tonight. a little bit of a surprise. no matter what the theme at chin that basin, it was nothing ma igeen rsdl lthth t managers in the middle of this orss. ts is next. sp
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when you've got an all-star pitcher, a bad night can seem like a disaster. you just don't want to string too of these together. with giants hosting the cubs,
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tim lincecum, a night to foregoat. fukudome will hit water with this solo home run. they don't count the other team's splash hits. it's an ominous start to things here with the giants down three. top four, castro runs lincecum off. four innings pitched. six earned runs. there was some late-game drama. but they don't get tim off the hook as the giants fall short, 8-6. >> i mean, it's a number of things. you know, just getting in your own head. i don't know. i really don't know how to explain it. >> exasperated. the big debut last night for the oakland slugger of the future. a dud. tonight the a's in seattle for game two of their series with the mariners. and things not much better for chris carter, he strikes out twice here. 0 for 6 to start his career in the majors. his teammates didn't fare much
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better against felix hernandez who struck out 13. bringing home ichiro with a single. the a's fall for the second straight night. this one 2-0. this series very heated because it's two teams fighting for supremacy. and strong words between the cardinals and reds leads to benches clearing. pushing, shoving. other examples of behavior before st. louis eventually wins the game, 8-4. taking a moment to look at the calendar. the warriors have a new look, ownership and schedule. the regular season starts at home and key games include wednesday, october 27th. the season opener in oakland versus the rockets. friday, december the 12th. the heat arrive. lebron james, defi-wade, chris h and company. they host the trail blazers. and the l.a. lakers arrive for their first appearance in the bay area. the new dead low la
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the new meadowlands, hosting soccer. a friendly between the u.s. and brazil. for team usa, cannot contain the brazilians in a 2-0 loss. who says chivalry is dead? well, if you left it to this guy in houston, it would be pretty close to flat-lined. guys, take a date to a baseball. the sidesteppers sweeping the nation next.
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welcome back. dating history volume 43 which takes us to houston where last nights an evening on the town leads to a bruise for sara as they date, bo, jumps out of the way of this fly ball. first off, an astros game is like taking a woman to eat at the mall. it's not a hot night out, b if you insist, protect your lady. >> what happened? she's got the seam marks on her elbow to prove it, and you were nowhere to be found. >> the ball was coming. i was going to catch it but then it was in the lights and i lost track of it. >> excuses, excuseses.
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try the ballet next time. >> that's an error he won't soon forget. >> how could you leave me? >> it will bring them closer together. >> yeah, right. >> thank goodness it wasn't some screamer. at least he's got that going. >> she wants a proposal at the next game to make up for it. >> she wants a diamond. >> maybe she has a beau other than bo. >> okay, we could go on all night. thanks for choosing nbc bay area news tonight. we'll catch you back here tomorrow. >> good night, everyone.


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