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tv   NBC11 News The Bay Area at 5AM  NBC  August 11, 2010 4:00am-5:00am PST

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a few minutes. laura? >> thank you very much, rob. we have an important safety alert for you this morning. the search is on for a serial rapist in the east bay. police believe he attacked a third woman. nbc bay area's christie smith is live in contra costra county this morning with more on what you need to look out for to try to get this guy off the street. good morning. >> reporter: good morning to you. a lieutenant from the contra costra county sheriff's department is out here talking about common sense things that women can do. because this guy apparently keeps going to this complex behind me, but day don't know if he will move or not or if it is, indeed, the same person. they can tell us that there have been three sexual assaults or at least attempted sexual assaults within the last few weeks. this is happening at the park regency apartments here on oak road in unincorporated walnut creek. now, the latest incident happened at 8:30 in the morning just yesterday. a 25-year-old woman was woke up to find a man with his hand over
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her mouth. she was threatened, but she was able to struggle and get away. in that case, the front door, we know, was locked. it's possible this is tied to two other incidents here. a rape on july 6th. a woman woke up to find a man in her bedroom. in that case, we're told that the door was unlocked. also, on june 30th, a man knocked on the door asking for water. when a woman opened the door, he covered her mouth but she was able to scream and get away. we talked to a lieutenant with the sheriff's department on what women should know and here's what he had to say. >> it just comes down to common sense and being aware of your surroundings, whether you're coming and going from a parking structure or a garage, your residence, just look around at people. if you recognize somebody or if you don't recognize them, if they look suspicious. if they look suspicious, call the police. dial 911, let us come out, let us talk to these people and find out if they belong or not. >> reporter: now, the sketches were released from the earlier attacks. the man is described as a black
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male, 6'2", 200 pounds. it's the third attack since june 30th. he had facial hair, dark jeans, and a dark hoodie on. reporting live near walnut creek, christie smith, nbc bay area news. >> good warning for folks. thank you very much. and police urge you to call them if you see anything suspicious or anyone. grab a pencil and write down this number for the walnut creek police department. 925-943-5844. new information on a story that made headlines last month. the man charged after a weekend shoot-out with police on an oakland freeway is now expected to enter a plea in court today. 45-year-old byron williams was arrested last month after a gun battle with 12 officers on interstate 580. police say he had several guns and ammo and planned to attack the aclu and a nonprofit group because of their left-leaning political views. williams faces four counts of attempted murder of a peace officer, as well as enhancements for firearms, body armor, and gang activity.
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the teenager san francisco police arrested for the death of a german tourist is free this morning. prosecutors say they don't have the evidence to charge the 18-year-old. police arrested philip stewart after the shooting sunday night near union square. the tourist died after she was caught in the middle of two groups shooting at each other. police are asking anyone with information to call the san francisco police department or text "tip 411." the santa clara skyline could be changing soon. the city planning commission will consider plans for a six-story high minarhett tonight. members of the muslim community say the minarhett is a symbol of islam. expansion is already under way for an addition to the center and the next step is to add the 64-foot tower. the tower would be symbolic. it would not be used to call muslims to prayer. but not everybody is happy about it. some people say it's going to make the building an architectural curiosity, although muslims disagree. >> an open message to american
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people and american muslims that america does allow the freedom to build -- for any religion or ethnic group to have their architecture or history. >> whatever religion you have, you should be able to effect it however you want. as long as you're not hurting anyone else. >> santa clara has one of the largest muslim groups in america. a bay area salad maker is pulling its products off the shelves because of a potential health risk. salinas-based fresh express is voluntarily recalling at least 3,000 cases of ready-to-eat salads. the veggie lover's salad is a particular concern because of a bacteria that could make people sick. pregnant women and people with weak immune systems are the most at risk. you can check the product code at the upper right-hand corner of the bag. if it reads i208 and has a use-by date of august 10th, just throw it out. so far, there are no reports of illness. fresh express says the recall is precautionary. former nummi workers can take advantage of a job fair
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today. it starts at 9:30 this morning and runs until 4:00. sponsors say there will be professionals to critique resumes and they recommend bringing 25 to 30 resumes. the job fair is at the alameda county fairgrounds. cool phones are coming out, i guess, tomorrow, so if you need a new one, you might want to check it out. scott's got the latest. it's not even gadget friday. >> no, it's phone wednesday. the blackberry torch, the droid 2 both come out tomorrow. the new blackberry available only on the at&t network. the droid 2 on verizon. it joins this, the droid x. blackberry still the best-selling phone in the world. the droid line of phones powered by google's operating system have been making big inroads as well. all this smartphone data traveling back and forth makes cisco smile. san jose's largest company with 65,000 employees worldwide reports its profits after the closing bell today. what we're going to be watching
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for is how many machines businesses are buying. cisco tends not to make very sexy products. it's the truth. let's face it. but they make the products that corporations buy, and it gives us a better idea as to what's going on in the economy. when we see cisco selling a lot, we know something positive is happening. >> let's hope we get some good positive stuff. thanks a lot, scott. anybody in california can can now know when a sex offender tries to disappear. a new state website lets anybody who signs up for e-mail alerts to be notified when parolees fall off the grid or they discard their gps ankle bracelets that track their movement. it comes from a governor's order to publicize runaway sex offenders. the state corrections department estimates that 20 to 60 parolees flee in a typical month. bad weather is slowing relief work in the gulf of mexico. crews working on a relief well to permanently plug the oil spill with cement will be stuck in their boats until the storms
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pass. coast guard officials say the suspension will delay the project now for two or three days. a frustrated flight attendant has become an internet sensation, a hero to other flight attendants, and a quasi freedom fighter for the little guy. former jetblue flight crew member steven slater posted bond and literally ran off, kind of like he did on monday. slater says he lost his cool after he was hit in the head by a passenger's luggage and then the passenger lashed out at him. that's when he took over the p.a. system, cursed the passenger, and then grabbed a few beers, his suitcase, and pulled the emergency chute and slid down. slater seems to have no regrets. >> it seems like something here has resonated with a few people. >> slater faces charges of criminal mischief, trespassing, and reckless endangerment. if convicted, he could face seven years in prison. real work gets started on the new transbay terminal this morning. the new terminal will serve 11 transportation services, including the high-speed rail
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system planned for california. the speaker of the house, nancy pelosi, will be at this morning's ceremony in san francisco as well as the governor. ac transit labor dispute heads back to court this morning. a judge will reconsider a ruling that forced the the bus agency to negotiate a new contract with union leaders. the hearing is at 9:00 at the alameda county superior court in oakland. ac transit leaders say that the current union contract is too expensive. it's 5:08 right now. felipes camelia is in for microthis morning. he's got a look at our morning commute. >> a new construction project going on under way today in mil valley, highway 1. construction between tamalpais junction. let's take a look at the bay bridge, upper deck, things are looking good. normal construction going on elsewhere around the bay area. speeds in the 50s going across your bay bridge. that's it for traffic. back to you guys. >> thanks a lot. we'll check back with you later. >> want to check with rob right now taking a peak at our
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forecast, a little bit warmer these days. >> finally. the seven-day forecast looking a bit more like august as we head towards the weekend. right now, though, 50s across the board across the bay area and low clouds pretty far inland. san jose waking up to overcast skies. 57 degrees. 57 in oakland with a west wind at 13 and obviously west winds around san francisco. pumping in the low clouds and some misty skies around the bay area, notice the clouds off across the sierra. this trough hung up across the west coast, which is keeping the winds on shore. moving from the cool pacific ocean over the bay area, which will limit our daytime warming today. we're looking at highs mostly in the 60s and 70s inland, even though around lunchtime, it will be low 70s out toward the tri-valley. these numbers still pretty mild. it's the weekend when things are going to start to warm up. we should see low 90s in the warmest places getting started on saturday. a new push is under way to try to ban controversial alcohol energy drinks. lawmakers say alcohol and caffeine make a dangerous combination. drinks like juice and spark have
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as much as 12% alcohol. a group of senators, including senator dianne feinstein are concerned that the drinks are being marketed to kids. they ask the food and drug administration to decide if they're safe. now, the senators say a study says that the drinks are dangerous. parents like clarence johnson say he has seen his 14-year-old drink the drink juice, but he had no idea that it had alcohol in it. >> the light drink. i thought it was like one of those fruit drinks they have. i never knew it was -- you, we're going to talk. >> nearly every parent we talked to said that the labeling did fool them. lawmakers say if the fda finds that adding alcohol to the caffeine is not safe, then the drinks should be banned. >> i think the key is that joose usually isn't spelled with two os. police are hooking for vandal who is did this. we'll find out the charges the
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people behind this graffiti could face. the south bay police department a crime-fighting tool. see what these cameras can do, coming up next. come on in, and i'll give you a free quote. quote and compare in about 8 minutes. now, that's progressive. call or click today.
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[ horns honking ] ♪ [ male announcer ] come into an at&t store and experience tv like you've never seen before. ♪ for a limited time, get u-verse tv for only $29 a month for 6 months with dvr included. good morning to you. taking a live look outside this time at the beautiful bay bridge. folks making their way across the span nicely this morning.
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lights are on, waiting for the sun to come up. temperatures are up. the full forecast, coming up. south bay police have a new tool to help catch car thieves and gather evidence in other crimes, but some people are concerned about the invasion of privacy and big brother watching them. los gatos police now using a high-tech cop camera that serves as kind of a second set of eyes in the patrol car. they can read license plates of other cars within about 30 feet. >> comes up, it will probably pass that plate. this alarm will go off. and it will override anything on my computer screen. >> and it's already happened several times. officers driving by a car that they had no idea was stolen. the technology recognizes the plate number and alerts them. there are about 198,000 stolen vehicles in the police registry and cities all across california report that this kind of device is in action and it's already paying big dividends. richmond police are looking for the vandals that tagged a high school with hate graffiti.
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police say the messages spray painted on the grounds of de anza high school over the weekend are disturbing. school officials say the gra a graffiti will be erased soon and they're not taking it lightly. >> we want all students to feel welcome, we want all citizens to feel like they're a part of this community and we cannot sit around and countenance this kind of activity. >> police say they have no leads. if those taggers are caught, they could face charges of felony vandalism with a hate crime enhancement. new information on a story we first broke yesterday morning. we're getting a first look at the plane crash in alaska that killed five people, including a u.s. former senator. these pictures were taken by alaskan state troopers. four people did survive that crash. you can kind of see it's a wide angle shot here. officials say that there is bad weather in that area, so it's making it tough for crews to get into the crash site. there you see a better glimpse of where it is in the forest there in alaska. politics can be bloody and theatrical, so it stands to
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reason that a former ceo of a world wrestling entertainment would do well. linda mcmahon is now a republican candidate for one of the connecticut senate seats. she won yesterday's primary. now, in this video, i'm pausing here, because it's supposed to be, she hugs the guy on stage right there, yeah, that's a wrestler known as hhh, she's mcmahon's son-in-law. a group called, mothers opposing mcmahon posted controversial videos involving mcmahon on e youtube. and some wrestling fans aren't happy either. they say the wwe is too squeaky clean during her campaign. the federal reserve still concerned about an economic recovery, so interest rates are staying at record lows, which is good news for home buyers, but not so good news for home sellers. across the nation this summer, one in four sellers dropped their price, making this the
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further straight month with price reductions. cities in the southwest seem to be leading the way. the feds downgraded its outlook on the economy and took measures to drive the interest rates on mortgages and corporate borrowing even lower. >> the feds see the recovery slowing, therefore they're trying to lower mortgage rates and long-term interest rates generally so homeowners and businesses can borrow money. >> interest rates are going to stay low. if you're buying a house, now's the time to do it. >> the move keeps interests low, but it's largely kind of a symbolic thing. a lot of experts say that it's unlikely to really help the economy much, but if you can qualify, it's tough to get loans. >> oh, it is. but that's what got us in trouble. but, man, you're talking about interests, 4.5%. it really cuts your payments. >> meanwhile, the fed is finally agreeing with me.
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>> they should have called you in the first place. >> they should have called me in the first place. i've been pessimistic and accused of being pessimistic about the recovery. but what you just saw, a look at that data, the fed is coming to the exact same conclusion. let's break down what they're thinking. the federal open markets committee said the economy is not growing the way it claimed in the past. this leaves the fed in a pickle if it wants to help spark the economy. it can't lower limits on interest rates the banks charge each other, because they're fundamentally at zero. what the fed does have, though, is lots of money. and it can use that money to buy government debt. the government gets the cash, and what do governments do when they have cash? they spend it. that puts more cash into the economy. and that means two things for you. one, mortgage rates are related to government debt. so as brent pointed out, already low mortgage rates could go lower. second, more cash in the economy means inflation. and the fed wants prices to go
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up. it wants you to pay more, because what they're really afraid of is deflation, a point where prices fall so much, factories have to lay off workers, stores close, and then brent and laura, the economy gets much worse. inflation just not an issue. we've seen the cpi, the consumer price index. you are paying less these days for almost everything. that frightens washington. >> right, exactly. and people are buying less. >> yes, they are. >> saving more. >> thanks a lot, scott. talk a little sports now. the giants taking on the cubs tonight. barry zito will be on the mound. last night, it was tim lincecum and his troubles continue. the cubs scored six runs off him in just four innings of work. this one is gone. the giants made a late rally, however, it was not enough. and so the cubs go on to win, final score in that one was 8-6. meanwhile, the as wrap up their series with the mariners today. game starts at 1:00 this afternoon. last night, oakland could not
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get it going against pitcher felix hernandez. he struck out 13 inning ainnings and the mariners won that one. and benches clear in cincinnati before the red's first pitch. card's catcher yardier marina let him know. but the two managers started exchanging words. in the end, they both got tossed and the cardinals eventually won the game. that was in the first inning before they even got started. >> lacks like a hockey game. a guy in houston won't be confused with clint eastwood when it comes to manliness anytime soon. he and his girlfriend were hanging out at monday's astros game. look at this, a foul ball comes their way, he jumps out of the way and the ball hits his date in the arm. if that's not bad enough, listen to his excuse. >> i go, baby --
5:21 am
>> you just left her. she's got the seam marks on her elbow to prove it and you were nowhere to be found. >> the ball was coming and i was going to catch it, but then it was in the lights and i lost track of it. >> she said, save me! but you know, she did put her little head on his shoulder afterwards. >> i think it's funny they scrambled a reporter to the scene. man! >> right there. no love lost, i guess. felipe, you'd made that catch, huh? >> i would have took it on the chin or something. >> he didn't even give her the ball. he held on -- at least give her the ball. i was looking at that last night, because i have family in houston, and i was thinking, please don't be one of my cousins or something. let's talk traffic. southbound 101, there's some construction going on there between 880 and bernal road scheduled until 6:00 a.m., northbound. that's where you can see a little bit of slowing, significant slowing, i should say, heading up northbound the
5:22 am
heldier off-ramp is closed. pothole repair between tamalpais junction and merewood road. take you outside, this is a shot provided by our photographer, rob hughes. he's at whipple road, not in oakland, whipple road 880 northbound where the headlights are headed. things are looking good out there, smooth, as well as in the bay bridge. as we take a look across that this morning, nothing to report as far as any slowing or any accidents going on. a really relatively uneventful commute this morning for now. we'll talk a little bit later. for now, back to you guys. >> now that you've said that, it's going to be busy. how would you like to sleep at the zoo? find out where kids are getting a chance to spend a night with the animals. [ male announcer ] presenting the cadillac "summer's best" sales event.
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welcome back. 5:25 this morning. san jose, 57 degrees, southeast wind at 7 with some overcast skies this morning. 59 right now in oakland. a southwest wind at 10. a view of 880 there, and some low clouds getting in the way of our view, looking out to the bay bridge in san francisco. 58 degrees to start off your morning. southwest wind at 9 miles per hour. good healthy sea breeze pumping in low clouds inland, all the way into solano county. look at the winds from fairfield southwest at 25. those winds, good news for air quality. no problems there. good all around the bay area
5:26 am
today. and an interesting view on the satellite radar view. you can see a system here crossing over the sierra. the radar is showing some activity, except below that, it's just too dry to come down in any snow or rain. but what it's doing is reinforcing the dip in the jet stream across the west coast. this is the reason why we just have not been able to warm up around the bay area. that will be the case again today. summer drizzle along the coast and peninsula inland, 60s and 70s, but high pressure should start to build back in our direction beginning friday and saturday. so inland spots out towards the tri-valley getting into the 90s and we should finally see some mid-80s around san jose, just in time for the weekend. today, mid- to upper 70s around san jose. warmest places maybe near 80 degrees, but mainly 60s and 70s around the bay area. as we head through the weekend, we'll see the warm-up in our seven-day forecast as our inland spots, especially out toward livermore and south around morgan hill make a run at the 90s this weekend. laura? >> thanks a lot, rob. well, a zoo has a new way to attract more visitors. it has sleepovers. children are introduced to a
5:27 am
number of animals by zookeepers from frogs to snakes to secent needs to scorpions. they're taught about nocturnal animals and get to see some during their active phase. you have to go all the way to slovenia, though. >> slovenia? >> yeah. >> that's a long way. time now, 5:52. one bay area city looks into bullet control. and we'll take a look at that highly controversial new law coming up. and the ac transit labor diute acesore a judge. we'll explain what's going on and how it could impact your commute.
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three women attacked in the same apartment complex. see what police think the attacker looks like and find out how you can protect yourself and your family, coming up. and a judge will revisit the transit disagreement that has many passengers wondering if they'll get to work on time. i'm kris sanchez. that story's coming up. good morning. thanks for joining us. i'm laura garcia-cannon. >> and i'm brent cannon. it is 5:30 this morning. rob has a look at the forecast and a little bit warmer. we've been talking about that warm-up coming and it's about here. >> just about here. we're halfway through the weekend. the weekend is when we're really going to start to see temperatures climbing through the bay area. this morning, drizzle again for your morning commute. for the coast, lunchtime temperatures, low 70s inland, only upper 70s around san jose and los gatos. 61, san francisco.
5:31 am
61 in oakland. coming up, we'll talk about a chance of showers, meteor showers, that is. we'll have a look at that and where you can see it all coming up in the forecast in just a few minutes. >> thanks, rob. new information that could impact your commute from the east bay. today a judge may order ac transit and its union workers to continue to play nice. nbc bay area's kris sanchez live now with what we can expect today. kris? >> reporter: good morning to you, brent. things have gotten a little bit hairy for commuters who use ac transit as that disagreement between the union and the transit agency continues. a judge is going to revisit some of the agreements that have been made and possibly change up some things as well. when the two sides said, we just cannot reach an agreement about a month ago, a judge ordered the two sides to engage in binding arbitration, and that judge could reconsider that today. when the transit agency and the unions failed to reach that agreement, the transit agency imposed their best idea for a contract, which they say saves about $300,000 every week. the problem is that the union
5:32 am
workers say those savings come at their expense. so a judge ordered them to turn to a third party for an agreement. at the same time, the sides were to engage in binding arbitration. ac transit was to revert to the original expired contract. that's something that will cost the agency more, but which has stopped those drivers from calling in sick, as we saw in the last couple of weeks, and delaying commutes of hundreds of thousands of passengers. coming up at 9:00 this morning, the judge will reconsider ac transit's request to that agreement. if you're thinking, i don't take ac transit to this doesn't affect me, well, if those commuters get fed up with the problems of mass transit and this agreement that's still in the air, they could take to the roadways and we could see more congestion down the road. reporting live, kris sanchez, nbc bay area news. >> thank you very much, kris. ground will be broken on the new transbay terminal this morning. the new terminal will serve 11 transportation services, including high-speed rail system that's planned for california. speaker of the house, nancy pelosi, will be at this morning's ceremony in san
5:33 am
francisco as well as the governor. we'll have more on what the changes will mean for people who go to work in the city for work and play coming up in just 15 minutes. the man charged after a weekend shoot-out with police on an oakland freeway is expected to enter a plea in court today. 35-year-old byron williams was arrested last month after a gun battle with 12 officers on interstate 580. police say he was planning an attack on the aclu and another nonprofit group because their left-leaning political views. he faces four counts of attempted murder on peace officer as well as enhancements for firearms, body armor, and gang activities. the contra costra county sheriff's department thinks that the same man could be behind three attacks at a walnut creek apartment complex. the latest attack happened about 9:00 yesterday morning at the same apartment complex where a man raped a woman in july and another woman escaped and scared off her attacker back in june. the complex is off of oak road
5:34 am
not far from interstate 680. investigators say yesterday the suspect got into a woman's apartment while she was asleep. they say that he threatened her, but she sprayed him with pepper spray, so that's when he left. now, her door was locked, so it's not clear exactly how he got in. there are some pictures. they have new sketches out of the suspect. he is described as a black man, 6'2" tall, 200 pounds, and this is the third attack at that complex since june 30th. the teenager san francisco police arrested for the death of a german tourist is free this morning. prosecutors say they just don't have the evidence to charge 18-year-old philip stooewart. police arrested stewart after the shooting sunday night. the tourist visiting san francisco celebrating her 25th anniversary died after she was caught in the middle of two groups shooting at each other. police are asking anyone with information to call the san francisco police department or text "tip 411." a controversial new way to enforce gun control may be coming to san francisco.
5:35 am
a supervisor wants to make it easier to trace bullets bought and sold in the city. the "chronicle" says mikalah pier is working with the city's attorney's office to create legislation that would more closely monitor handgun ammunition. it would require vendors to keep a log of who's buying what. it would also block ammo from being sold online. opponents say it effectively violates the second amendment right to bear arms. san francisco labor unions are filing a lawsuit against a ballot measure that would cut pension and health care benefits. proposition "b" calls for city employees to pay more towards retirement and health care for their dependents. according to the "chronicle," the city's largest labor unions filed a lawsuit saying it is unconstitutional and has unintended consequences, like endangering $23 million in federal funding next year. oakland city council woman jean kwan is officially throwing her hat into the race for mayor.
5:36 am
kwan is running against former state senator don perata and about a dozen other candidates. current mayor, ron dellum, says he's not going to seek re-election. more new movies on netflix, a way for your family to save a buck. >> netflix made a clever move this week. they're tying up rights to send more movies over the internet to your home. the streaming watch it now version of netflix has become very, very popular, though many of the movies it offers on demand are older and second rate. so netflix just signed a deal to run lots of big movies, like "iron man 2." they already have a deal with starz. it's kind of like subletting movie. great for netflix. meanwhile, problems continue for mountain view's google. the company's computers were seized in korea, germany complaining again over privacy
5:37 am
worries, stemming from google's street view service, where you can see pictures of people and buildings. google recently admitted its street view cars gather people's personal data when mapping wi-fi hot spots. so the company is also quashing its latest talk that it plans to use drones to aid in street maps. drones similar to the uavs used by the military and border patrol agents, though much smaller. google says one of its executives did buy a drone, although it was like this big. >> i think you've got to -- >> that would be cool. google has google bikes and google snowmobiles to do mapping, so it's not that insane to think they might use aerial drones. but apparently this is a misunderstanding, google says, and they're not going to be using uavs. >> interesting. bad weather is certainly slowing the relief work in the gulf of mexico. crews are working on that relief well to permanently plug that oil spill we've been all talking about for months now with cement.
5:38 am
but now they're going to be stuck in their boats until the storms pass. the suspension will delay the project by two to three days. time now is 5:37. we want to check in with rob coming up in just minute. but first, felipe, he's got a look at the morning commute. >> let me situate myself. >> good morning, guys. let's take you directly out right now to oakland, northbound 880, where you see the brake lights. everything is going along perfectly. nothing to report this morning other than smooth traffic if you're heading out that way this morning, 880 northbound, southbound is where you see the headlights. a nice commute. let's take you to san jose and that commute there. this is where 280 and guadalupe parkway meet. it's a nice uneventful freely obstructed commute this morning. >> nice and clear. let's hope it stays that way. >> and it's going to be pretty nice in terms of the weather. >> temperatures warming up as we head towards the weekend. right now the main story is the low clouds and some mist around the coast. in san francisco right now, you see 58 degrees.
5:39 am
we'll be staying in the 50s through breakfast time. lunchtime temperatures, running a little bit cool again. we'll see those numbers mostly in the 60s and 70s inland. and right around 4:00, warmest temperatures today, near upper 70s for los gatos. 76, san jose. i'll show you tonight's temperatures. 50s. we'll have to watch out for these low clouds spilling back to the bay and coast. this is one of the best light shows of the year we get with meteor showers, the perseids meteor shower. you may see a dozen or couple dozen meteors an hour, but the problem will be the low clouds, especially for the coast and the inner bay. as we head towards the weekend, those temperatures start to climb up, but let's hope the low clouds back off. it peaks tomorrow night. between tonight and thursday night, best viewing for the perseids meter your showers. >> if the clouds cooperate. your next chance to win a weekend getaway to wine country coming up. we've got the secret words coming up in five minutes.
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5:42 right now. there's a dirty little secret that many spouses keep from each other and it's not what you might suspect. a new survey finds 80% of american couples spend money and they don't tell each other. nbc bay area's kristen dahlgren joins us live from washington, d.c., with what people are doing with that money. good morning. >> reporter: hey, good morning, laura. i'm glad you and brent have such an honest relationship, or this could be a little awkward. >> hey, we have financial powwows. >> plus, there's no money to spend, so there's no secrets to have. >> there you go! well, a lot of americans have them, though. a recent survey shows 80% of people the spend money and don't
5:43 am
tell their spouse about it. 25% have a credit card that they haven't told their spouse about. and 15% of people have a whole bank account that their spouse knows nothing about. now, when asked why they do it, 43% of people said they're worried about money causing an argument, but 22% said they're worried about money causing divorce or separation. so that's why they do it. and if you're wondering what they are spending this secret stash on, the number one thing is clothing and accessories, two is food and dining, three, beauty and personal care items, four, gifts, and number five, people are not telling their spouse what they are spending on alcohol, guys. and oh, by the way, split evenly between men and women, so no blaming the spending deception. i think it was 48% men, 52% women answering the survey. so pretty evenly split. >> yeah. just don't look for shoes in the trunk of the car. thanks, kristen. >> laura's trick is to buy
5:44 am
something for herself, but have a little bag for me. and that way you feel like you get a present, so who cares. >> i was thinking of you. u.s. marshals are focusing on montana and southwest canada in the search for an escaped convict from arizona. authorities say john mccluskey's accomplice, casslyn welch, was spotted at a restaurant in montana. yesterday, tracy province appeared in court a day after he was caught in the small town of meeteetse. astronauts are in their second spacewalk in five days and they hope to have better luck with an urgent repair job. the international space station has been operating with only half its cooling capability after a critical pump broke a week and a half ago. this morning, astronauts are trying to remove it. the last time they tinkered with it, it spilled toxic ammonia coolant. >> here's today's wine country secret words. write them down.
5:45 am
they are russian river valley. go to our website, nbc bay, search "sonoma" and we have new words every day, the more words you enter, the better your chances to win. it's a prize package worth about $2,000. it's really nice. you get a stay at the sonoma mission inn and a few other things. enter them in, maybe you can win. time is 5:54. you're watching nbc bay area news. >> we'll check in with traffic and weather in a few minutes. first, we want to bring you new information this morning on a big safety alert. deputies are searching for a serial rapist in unincorporated walnut creek. nbc bay area's christie smith is live with more on the warning this morning. >> lieutenant from the contra costra county sheriff's department is out here this morning, offering a common sense warning to keep your doors and windows locked. also, to keep your eyes open. there have been three assaults or attempted assaults here at the same apartment complex, the
5:46 am
park regency. these have been happening since june 30th. now, the latest, just yesterday morning, a woman woke up to find a man with his hand over her mouth. he threatened her, told her not to scream. she fortunately had a can of pepper spray within reach and emptied it right in his face, the man ran away. in that case, the door was locked and they don't know how he got on. on july 6th, a woman was raped by a man who entered her unlocked apartment. also on june 30th, a man tried to enter another apartment by asking a woman for daughter and then put his hand over her mouth, but that woman was able to scream and alerted her boyfriend. the man ran off. deputies think this is very possible this is linked. here's when they're saying this morning. >> it makes sense to lock your doors, secure your windows at night, even during the day. just because it's dalg hours doesn't mean an attack can't occur then. so secure your residence and don't open your door to someone you don't know. ask who it is, lack through the peephole if you have one, look through your window. you're under no obligation to
5:47 am
open your door to anybody if you don't want them to come in. so use common sense. >> reporter: now, these sketches are from earlier attacks. this man is described as a black male, 6'2", 200 pounds. apparently he was wearing dark-colored hoodie. also wanted to mention real quickly, i spoke with a security guard here who's just on the other side of that gate and he said this is actually his first morning on the job and he was hired just because of what's going on here. he says, in fact, there are two of them on the morning and night shift, one watches the gate, the other roams the complex, just to try to keep everyone safe. reporting live in unincorporated walnut creek, christie smith, nbc bay area news. >> let's hope they catch this person. whooping cough is on the rise across the state and this morning you can protect your family for free. the solano county public health department will offer whooping cough vaccination clinics starting at 10:00 this morning. they're going to be at the family health service locations in vallejo and fairfield. more than 900 cases of whooping cough have been reported in california so far this year.
5:48 am
a groundbreaking this morning for a new transit facility that will change the commute for hundreds of thousands of people who work and play in san francisco. nbc bay area's kris sanchez is live in san francisco with what's happening today. good morning, chris. >> good morning to you, laura. the stage is all set. all the little chairs are out for that groundbreaking ceremony that's coming up at 10:00 this morning. a ceremony that will transform what was a dark and grimy, gloomy and dreary transit house into something that is almost completely the opposite. take a look at the computer animation that will show us what is going to look like eventually. it's a $1.6 billion facility that will include terminals and an underground bus station, but also waiting areas and places to shop. in the surrounding areas, there will also be housing and office space and also a park. it will also feature the first high-speed rail station in the entire nation. now, it's not going to be done until august of 2017, if all goes according to plan, so you know that old say, it gets worse
5:49 am
before it gets better. demolition will be ongoing, so commuters will have to arrive and depart from a temporary station about a block away. but not too shabby considering not too long ago it was an empty city lot. a lot of heavy hitters are expected in town today. we know that senator barbaraboxer is going to be here along with speaker dianne feinstein, the governor, and of course san francisco mayor, gavin newsom will be here as well. laura, in case you're looking for a little trivia to impress your friends around the office today, eventually there will be a building here that will be the highest in all of the city. >> changes the skyline then, too. >> reporter: that's right. >> thanks a lot, kris. millions of wells fargo bank customers who had to pay overdraft fees may get some of their money back. a federal judge ordered the bank to pay more than $200 million to compensate those customers. it all stems from a bank practice where checks from the highest amount were posted first. the judge ruled that that
5:50 am
process was designed to generate more than fees from overdraft charges. wells fargo says it put the largest checks first because they are usually for important bills, like mortgages or car payments, and the bank does plan to appeal that ruling. you know, check the fine print, though. i noticed on our wells fargo statement, they said something about changing overdraft fees, unless you take action. >> well, and that due date is coming very soon, in fact, i think it's sunday, august 15th. generally speaking, it may vary by bank. but it's the deadline for your bank whether you want your atm machine to decline your card if you don't have enough. right now your bank may cover the purchase but then fine you on the overdraft. under new rules, current account holders have until the start of next week to decide if they want that to continue or they want the transaction to be declined. now, that sounds embarrassing, being declined, but the alternative is what financial advisers call the $40 cup of
5:51 am
coffee. let's say you have $2 in your account, and let's face it, that happens to the best of us, you buy a $3 cup of coffee on your atm card. the transaction goes through, because the bank covers the cost, but then fines you $35 for the overdraft and you get yourself roughly a $40 cup of coffee. now, if they had just not let the transaction go, being declined at the starbucks counter, it would be embarrassing, but you could away away and save a lot of money. >> cheaper. >> interesting. definitely something to check in. >> got to make a decision, otherwise the bank will opt you out. ex-hewlett-packard ceo, mark hern, we've been talking about him a lot, may now look into a career in private equity. the 53-year-old was forced to resign last week because of allegations of sexual harassment. he probably won't settle far smaller company and turn to private companies, distressed
5:52 am
businesses in need of restructuring. the jetblue flight attendant who was arrested after he quit his job and slit down the plane's emergency chute getting his five minutes of fame. a facebook page dedicated to steven slater picked up tens of thousands of fans since it launched yesterday. people are calling him a hero and say he did what a lot of people want to do. his story is setting records for the website of our sister station in new york. >> we shared from our site about 5,600 times, which means people are sent it, posted it on their facebook wall. >> jetblue is not calling slater a hero, though. it released a statement saying that he could have hurt or killed somebody by deploying that emergency chute without a warning. but a lot of people are talking about that. i guess, you know, he said that he was tired of the abuse and customers being rude and he just -- >> i wonder if he has to pay for -- >> the charges, maybe seven years in prison. >> 35,000 plus fans though. you know who's got a lot of fans?
5:53 am
felipe escamilla. oh, the ladies love you. >> i wouldn't go there. that story, though, it's good for a laugh. hopefully everybody's getting a good kick out of that, which is just like that comment's good for a laugh, laura. let's take a look at traffic. nothing really going on. nothing major. i'll give you a look at the times and speeds this morning up and down the peninsula. upper 50s and 60s all the way around, if you head from northbound 101 and 280 and southbound 101 looking good. the bay bridge toll plaza, starting to pick up as folks heading into san francisco. this is what they're looking at if you're on the bridge right now. good as you make your way through. let's give you a look to the next shot, your golden gate camera from san francisco to the north bay this morning. smooth as you make your way in. sun is starting to peak out as we give you another shot in san jose. this is where 280 and guadalupe parkway meet. it's a nice, smooth commute. no real accidents. most of the construction is getting ready to open up here at 6:00 a.m. so you've got a nice free commute for now.
5:54 am
that's it for traffic. back to you. >> sounds good. thanks we're also keeping tabs on your forecast with rob. we've been talking about what a cool summer it is, but it's kind of getting sort of back to normal now. >> as we get towards the weekend, you'll see those temperatures start to climb on up, but today, more low clouds in san jose. overcast skies, 59 degrees. and oakland, a southwest wind at 10. into san francisco, low clouds, even some mist again. out towards the golden gate bridge, not so much the bay bridge, but 58 degrees, southwest wind at 9 miles per hour. and yes, the ocean air-conditioning blasting into fairfield right now. southwest winds at 25. that is great news for air quality, but not so good if you want to see 90-degree temperatures. the culprit are these waves of troughs that have been hung up on the west coast. these have been keeping the ocean air-conditioning going, marine layer, pretty thick. keeping the cool air inland. for the weekend, we'll see high pressure strengthening, squishing down that layer of cool air for the inner bay.
5:55 am
we'll see 60s around san francisco and then 80s and 90s inland as you approach the weekend. today, around the bay area, 70s more san jose. mid-60s, oakland. 62 around san francisco, but we're really looking at upper 50s along the coast. low 70s around petaluma. and look at sacramento today only 85 degrees. as we head towards the weekend, though, that's where the temperatures climb 80 to low 90s inland as our temperatures finally see some elevation. laura? >> thanks a lot. well, u2 frontman bono was back on stage in germany last night. ♪ the lead singer quickly showing 55,000 fans that he's recovered from the back problem that forced him to quit from touring. he played hits like "new year's day" as well as "beautiful day." this is bono's second concert since he was sidelined by a slipped disk in april. that injury forced the band to cancel a concert, you may
5:56 am
remember. you may have the tickets, in oakland. but that's now been rescheduled for june 7th of next year. a remarkable prehistoric find is slowly taking shape in central california in a college lab. it was found in the sierra foothills of fresno county. check it out here. millions of years ago, that area was part of the ocean. a researcher at call state stanislaus is now piecing together bits of bonus that are fossil-sized in a 400-pound block of shale. researchers say they found a giant aquatic lizard. when it was alive, it might have grown to be about 60 feet long and was perhaps the largest predator of all time. >> pretty interesting. 21 passengers got to go through airport security at san jose international airport, pretty much unchecked. a pack of 21 service dogs were in train, brought into the airport to become familiar with the new terminal. sponsors say it's actually a 16-month program where participants care for the dogs and then they teach them simple commands. >> you have an application and
5:57 am
then you have a phone-in review and a site inspection to make sure you have a fenced in yard, and if all that goes well, they can call you and say they have a puppy for you. and come pick her up in santa rosa. >> pretty neat. the program's organized by canine companions for independents in santa rosa. makes a big difference for people. and i'm assure they get attached too. in 15 minutes, we'll talk with felipe cousteau about the biggest threats tour oceans these days. the south bay skyline could change and not everyone is on board with the plan. we'll show you why some people oppose a muslim holy symbol. with high-speed internet from at&t, you can connect to the internet at blazing fast speeds. wow, look at that! so you can go online and check out the news, or you can just catch up with old friends -- hey buddy. you can download videos and --
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