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tv   Late Night With Jimmy Fallon  NBC  August 12, 2010 11:35pm-12:35am PST

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[ cheers and applause ]
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[ cheers and applause ] >> announcer: from studio 6b in rockefeller center, the national broadcasting company presents -- and featuring the legendary roots crew. and here he is -- jimmy fallon! [ cheers and applause ] captions paid for by nbc-universal television -- captions by vitac --
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♪ [ cheers and applause ] ♪ [ cheers and applause ] >> jimmy: welcome, everybody. welcome to "late night with jimmy fallon." [ cheers and applause ] thank you, so much. let's get right to the news here, everybody. let's get right to the news. man, everybody is still talking about the jetblue flight attendant guy. [ light laughter ] he flipped out and he grabbed a couple of beers and then jumped out on the emergency chute. love that guy. well, jetblue announced that passengers who were on that flight are getting a $100 voucher for inconvenience over the outburst. i don't get that at all. here's $100 bucks. sorry you had to see the greatest thing ever! [ laughter ] sorry about that. that will never happen again. that was awesome. i'm out, dude! [ cheers and applause ] i'm outta here! and this is big, united and continental airlines officially announced their merger this week. and their new motto will be, "let's fly together." meanwhile, jetblue announced its new motto, "jetblue, at least you know the slides work." [ laughter ] [ scattered applause ]
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you never know if those things really work. [ applause ] this is pretty crazy. denny's has a new sandwich called the fried cheese melt. it comes with deep fried mozzarella sticks inside a grilled cheese. [ audience ohs ] it is so good, it will have all your friends saying, "clear!" [ laughter ] you with us, larry? [ laughter ] here's some tech news. facebook is said to be working on a check-in feature that will let your friends know your location. hey. happy 47th birthday to rapper sir mix-a-lot! [ cheers and applause ] so good. i still haven't gotten him a present.
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anyone know what he likes? >> big butts! big butts! [ laughter ] >> jimmy: hard guy to get a present for. check this out. a blind cat from san francisco was just found 3,000 miles away from home here in new york. yeah. either there's a cute story or some awesome jazz folklore. it's like, hey, man, you hear about that blind cat from frisco? [ laughter ] made it all the way to the big apple, no scratch, grooving the whole way. dig? [ laughter and applause ] so silly. so silly. hey, you guys. in just two weeks, i'm going to be hosting the emmy awards. [ cheers and applause ] thank you. and you know what that means. i'm not nominated. [ laughter ] all right! [ boos ]
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[ laughter ] ♪ [ rhythmic clapping ] ♪ [ cheers and applause ] [ rhythmic clapping ] ♪ i'm exhausted. i'm exhausted. [ laughter ] this isn't good. a road crew in north carolina had to repaint a school zone sign after accidentally switching the "c" and "h" in school. it was a pretty mind-blowing day for the pot-heads at that school. they were like, "dude, am i seeing this right? sh-cool zone?" [ laughter ] [ scattered applause ]
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i can't believe we're in the cool zone. [ laughter ] this is amazing. what are you guys doing? shut up! [ laughter ] hey, listen to this, you guys. a baby in ohio was born on monday at 11:12. which means her birthday is 8/9/10, 11:12. and that's probably the same reaction she'll get when she tells people that. [ laughter ] do you care? who cares? and finally, a 10-year-old girl who wowed the judges on this week's "america's got talent" is being called the next susan boyle. [ laughter ] kids can be so cruel, can't they? [ laughter ] >> jimmy: ladies and gentlemen, we have a great show. give it up for the roots! [ cheers and applause ] ♪
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>> jimmy: oh, i'm so excited about tonight's show. we have the best of every single world right now. we have from the huge new action movie, "the expendables," great actor, the one and only, mickey rourke is here! [ cheers and applause ] folks, that is enough. no, there's more. one of the best sketch comedy groups ever, the kids in the hall are joining us! [ cheers and applause ] and if you love music, we've got great music from the walkmen, everybody! [ cheers and applause ] this is a show. this is the show to watch. thank you for tuning into our program. all right, guys. it's thursday. which means it's time to "remix the clips." ♪ [ cheers and applause ] >> jimmy: this is where we take stuff that we found on the internet and tv stuff that we find funny, weird or interesting and we have our very own questlove remix it. live. now, our first clip is about the guy everyone is talking about,
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steven slater. this is the guy that got cursed out by a passenger, couldn't take it anymore, grabbed two brews, jumped, and that's how he quit his job. it's pretty awesome. everyone has been trying to get an interview with him, and "the new york times" finally just ambushed him in an elevator, and asked him, when it occurred to him to use the emergency ramp. take a look. >> asked him if he had planned to use the chute. >> i've thought about it for 20 years. we've thought about it, but you never think you're going to do it. [ light laughter ] >> jimmy: you never think you're gonna do it. next clip is a commercial for a local car dealership in south carolina. this guy has got a really interesting slogan. check this out. >> but i want free oil and filter for three years, but i want a lifetime warranty, but i want free tires for life. hi, zack justice here with harrelson toyota. come on in, and we'll satisfy all your buts. that's harrelson toyota, south carolina's number one but satisfier. [ cheers and applause ]
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>> jimmy: number one is the number one but satisfier. there you go. this next clip is an internet classic. it's a television reporter asks this kid about his face painting. i'm not sure what he was thinking. but, here's the kid. check it out. >> back here live at the waterfront village with my friend, the zombie, jonathan, you're looking good. jonathan, just got an awesome face paint job. what do you think? >> i like turtles. [ laughter ] >> all right, you're a great zombie. good times here at the waterfront village. [ cheers and applause ] >> jimmy: i like turtles. [ laughter ] okay. well, right back to you, john. [ laughter ] so good. and this last one is from the new show "bachelor pad." you watch that show? [ scattered cheers ] former contestants of "the
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bachelor" and "the bachelorette" all live in the same house. it's pretty debaucherous. well, this week, michelle got thrown off the show and we're not quite sure why, but this might be a hint. take a look. >> michelle, probably got one of the hottest bodies in the house. but here's the deal. if you hook up with her, you probably got to worry about her chopping your thing off in the middle of the night. [ laughter ] >> jimmy: is that what we have to worry about? okay, yeah. anyway, those are the clips we have today. questlove, let's see what you can do, buddy. [ record scratching ] [ cheers and applause ] ♪ do it you never think you're gonna do it you never think you're ♪ ♪ gonna do it you never think you're gonna do it you never think you're ♪ ♪ gonna do it you never think you're gonna do do ♪ ♪ do do do do it ♪ ♪ you never think you're gonna turtles you never think you're gonna buts ♪ ♪ you never think you're gonna do it turtles buts turtles turtles ♪ ♪ buts you never think you're gonna do it you never think you're ♪ ♪ gonna chopping your turtles buts chopping your turtles buts chopping your turtles buts ♪ ♪ chopping your chopping your
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chopping your thing off in the ♪ ♪ middle of the night chopping your turtles buts you never think you're gonna ♪ ♪ chopping your turtles buts you never think you're gonna chopping your turtles buts ♪ ♪ you never think you're gonna do it you never think you're gonna do it ♪ ♪ you never think you're gonna do it you never think you're gonna do it ♪ ♪ buts that's harrelson toyota, south carolina's number one but satisfier. [ cheers and applause ] >> jimmy: questlove everybody. we'll be right back with more "late night." come on back! ♪ [ cheers and applause ] ♪ the wrightnows [ doorbell rings ] buy some peanut brittle and help raise money -- peanut brittle! wanna watch a movie? now!? now. now? yeah, now. right here, right now? right now! really? let's do this. really? get in here! okay. [ male announcer ] netflix now delivers unlimited movies 2 ways -- instantly to your tv, plus dvds by mail. [ laughter ]
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♪ [ cheers and applause ] >> jimmy: welcome back, everybody. it's time to check in with what's happening in our very own late-night reality series, "7th floor west." life is very much like a reality show for us on the 7th floor, and right now we've got quite a scandal going on. we need to elect a fire warden. one of those dudes who help to evacuate the office during fire drills. and my old head writer, miles and i both want the job, and only one of us can have it. to top it all off, miles works in the costume department, and he keeps dressing me in bad clothes on purpose just to make me look stupid.
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[ light laughter ] and as you can see, i get a lot of respect for my co-workers. [ laughter ] let's see what kind of drama is unfolding this week. pull up a bean bag chair and join us for "7th floor west." ♪ >> previously on "7th floor west. things between me and miles have gone from bad to worse. and he was getting his revenge by stirring up drama. miles sabotaged a writers meeting? now it was time for the office to make an important decision. >> 7th floor west has to appoint a fire warden who's gonna be in charge in case of an emergency. >> jimmy: and only one of us could come out on top. >> it can only be one of you. >> jimmy: but would it be me? or would it be me or him? on "7th floor west." ♪ ♪
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♪ >> jimmy: hey, higg-bones. >> steve: oh. miles put you in those pants? >> jimmy: yeah. >> steve: oh. >> jimmy: you're right about that, guy, man. >> steve: bitch. >> jimmy: he's really gunning for this fire warden election, too. i'm so bummed right now. >> steve: no, don't be. because as we speak, i'm am working on the most kick-ass campaign poster you have ever seen. >> jimmy: are you serious? >> steve: yes. >> jimmy: dude, i knew i could count on you. you are the best. >> steve: trust me, you are gonna love these posters. >> jimmy: can i see them? >> yeah, they're right here, check 'em out. boom. [ laughter ] >> jimmy: dude, you misspelled my name. you spelled my name wrong. >> steve: where? no i didn't. >> jimmy: yeah. >> steve: j-i-m-m-y. >> jimmy: no, no, fallon. two ls. this says jimmy falon. fa -- falon.
12:53 am
>> steve: are you sure? >> jimmy: falon. jimmy fa-lon. [ laughter ] >> steve: are you -- are you sure? >> jimmy: jimmy falon for fire warden, yeah. dude, how many did you make? >> steve: a lot. look, nobody's going to notice. ♪ ♪ [ whistle blowing ] >> no, no, no. no, no, no. [ whistle blows ] >> go! all right, all right. [ whistle blows ] stop!
12:54 am
drop! roll! [ whistle blows ] roll! [ laughter ] >> jimmy: you're -- you're running for fire warden too, huh? [ whistle blows ] >> no. [ laughter ] >> jimmy: you're just really into fire safety? >> yeah, man, i am. you know your emergency exits? >> jimmy: no, actually. >> you don't know your emergency exits? >> jimmy: i just came out. i know one exit. >> it's your show. >> jimmy: i just walked in from that way. [ whistle blows ] >> stop, drop, roll! [ whistle blows ] stop! >> jimmy: i thought you meant -- >> stop! drop! >> greetings, everyone. oh, looks like everybody's is on fire. well, i bet you'll be very excited about some fresh-squeezed lemonade! [ scattered applause ] just one of the things that you
12:55 am
can come to expect from me, if i am elected your fire warden. [ cheers ] so enjoy. enjoy. >> that is some refreshing lemonade. >> oh, my gosh, thank you guys. really just -- suck it down, guys. >> jimmy: can i talk to you, in the hallway? >> i don't know. can you? help yourself to seconds, guys. there's plenty more. >> jimmy: do you mind telling me what the hell you're doing? >> fresh lemonade, jimmy? >> jimmy: no thanks, man. [ laughter ] it's pretty good, actually. is that fresh mint? >> it is. i picked it out of my herb garden this morning. >> jimmy: it works so good with the -- >> a little sprig there. >> jimmy: oh, cut the bull crap, miles. you're bribing people to win this election, and you know it. >> you know what they say, james, all's fair in fire and safety. >> jimmy: no one said that. >> i just did.
12:56 am
>> jimmy: yeah, but before that, no one ever said that. that's not a thing people say. >> well, it is now, okay? i just called it. it's mine. >> jimmy: all right, look, whatever. cut the bull crap. no one is going to buy your little song and dance, miles. >> i think they will. >> jimmy: i guess we'll have to wait and see. >> i guess we will, won't we? just have to wait and see. ♪ >> can i have everyone's attention, please? guys, if people -- people? could i have everyone's attention please -- ♪ so i need everyone to go to the conference room. it's time for you guys to make a decision about the fire warden, okay? you have to -- guys. i know it's a big decision, but i need an answer. ♪
12:57 am
gentlemen, it's time. ♪ ]s [ heapcd seanplau >> jimmy: so much drama, you guys. stick around, everybody, we'll be right back with mickey rourke! [ cheers and applause ] ♪ hi, ready to order?
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♪ [ cheers and applause ] >> jimmy: welcome back, everybody! our first guest this evening is a legend, both on and off the screen. he's one of the stars of "the expendables," which opens everywhere tomorrow. ladies and gentlemen, please welcome mickey rourke! [ cheers and applause ] ♪
1:01 am
♪ [ cheers and applause ] >> jimmy: that's what i'm talking about! so happy. thank you so much for being here. >> oh. i had the day off. >> jimmy: i appreciate you being here. yeah, we were talking backstage. my first guest was -- on the show, when i started, was robert deniro. >> right. >> jimmy: i got the arms made small for you. [ bleep ] [ laughter ] we had a little kid magician coming out, so we had those arms. it's slippery. [ laughter ] but we were talking about deniro was my first guest. >> right. >> jimmy: on the show, and just so everyone knows, he's the nicest guy. couldn't be a nicer guy, but he doesn't enjoy talking that much. >> no, we did a movie together a long time ago. and he was -- you've got to really be -- i think it was the
1:02 am
one movie i really learned my lines the night before, because, you know, i was like -- it was robert de niro, and i really wanted to, like be as good as i could be, you know. so it's -- he's pretty nerve-racking. he's very focused, very -- very serious. real professional, you know. i remember, i was standing outside, we were in the french quarter, and there were a lot of pretty girls walking by and i had an ice cream cone and i was sitting there licking the ice cream cone, looking at the girls walk by and the producer walked down and he goes, "what the -- are you doing?" and i said, "i'm just hanging out." and he goes, "well, what kind of professional are you?" deniro is upstairs, rehearsing his lines, he knows all his lines, you're outside eating a [ bleep ] ice cream cone." i know my lines. >> jimmy: you're like, "i'm mickey rourke, that's what i do. i'm one of the coolest guys out there." >> yeah. you know. >> jimmy: i mean, dude, you are. i mean, to go through some of your movies, "the pope of greenwich village," "nine and a half weeks," -- [ cheers and applause ]
1:03 am
"bar fly," "diner" is in my top three. a lot of guys have "diner" as their all-time favorite movie. it's a guy movie. >> yeah, it was a guy movie. >> jimmy: it is a guy movie, right? it's like every guy likes -- >> except for ellen barkin. >> jimmy: yeah, exactly, right? which was one of her first things. >> she was great. we were in a really crappy hotel, it was like -- it was one of my first big jobs, and i thought -- we pulled up, they pull in front of a -- we were in baltimore, downtown. they pulled up in front of a holiday inn. they were carrying a dead body out. >> jimmy: your room is ready, mr. rourke. >> yeah, right. [ laughter ] no, i had to wait. i had to wait. >> jimmy: yeah, to get the smell out, yeah. that's real low budge -- barry levinson? >> barry levinson, steve guttenberg -- >> jimmy: paul reiser was amazing. >> kevin bacon, paul reiser. >> jimmy: kevin bacon. there was so many good lines and it was a famous scene. but i mean, you with the popcorn. >> the popcorn. >> jimmy: yeah. >> yeah, had to go for it. >> jimmy: yeah. people who haven't seen it, there is a thing where he makes a bet with his friend that this girl -- carol heathrow is the name of the girl. >> carol heathrow, yeah. >> jimmy: that would touch a part of mickey rouke.
1:04 am
[ talking over each other ] [ laughter ] >> jimmy: and you were like, "would you like some popcorn?" >> yeah. >> jimmy: and you just tried -- you were just waiting for her to get more and more popcorn. >> yeah, i bumped into her. i actually bumped into that girl about 12 years later on the street corner. >> jimmy: did you really? >> yeah, yeah. >> jimmy: interesting, i mean that's hollywood. [ laughter ] what do you say? what do you say? yeah. >> there wasn't -- yeah. >> jimmy: not much to talk about. >> it was nice. "hello, how are you?" >> jimmy: exactly. "is this your husband? well, nice to meet you." >> yeah, she had a couple kids with her. >> jimmy: now, this movie -- speaking of popcorn movies. this is a big summer blockbuster popcorn movie. sylvester stallone wrote and directed this movie. >> he did. >> jay: uh, there are more explosions in this movie than i have ever seen in any movie in my life. >> i saw the movie. we had a premier in los angeles last week. i actually -- usually, i don't see the movies for quite some time until after i do them, you know. and i went and saw this one because i'm in it in a little bit, and it was entertaining.
1:05 am
i mean, he had jet li and jason statham. >> jimmy: jason statham, by the way, is a rock star. >> he's great. >> jimmy: he is fantastic in this movie. it's so many people. who else? there's like, dolph lundgren. >> dolph lundgren. >> jimmy: what? >> and steve austin. >> jimmy: stone cold steve austin. >> terry crews. >> jimmy: terry crews is hilarious. >> who else? >> jimmy: that ufc guy, yeah. that fighter, um -- >> randy couture. >> jimmy: randy couture. >> randy couture, yeah. >> jimmy: randy couture. we already said him. >> randy couture, he's -- >> jimmy: schwarzenegger makes a cameo. >> bruce willis. >> jimmy: we can say that. bruce willis. even just the cardboard cutouts -- 'cause i went to the movie theater, right, and i saw your poster, the cardboard cutout, people we were posing with that. [ laughter ] they're like "look at this thing. this is unbelievable." >> in the poster, those weren't my legs, though. >> jimmy: what are you talking about? whose legs are they? >> i don't know. but i said, "i would never wear boots like that." [ laughter ] >> jimmy: so now we know how mickey rourke wears his boots. but it was like -- it must have been -- >> stallone is great to work with, because he's got a -- i don't know how he -- he writes
1:06 am
very quick. and then he called me up and he said, "would you do a couple days on it for me?" he did me a favor years ago when i couldn't get a job and he put me in a movie when things were kind of hard. so, i figured, yeah, i could, you know, give you a couple days for what you did for me. so, i showed up there -- we had worked out the lines and the dialogue. we wrote the scene together. he wrote it, and i improvised a little bit with some stuff. and then i get there and he says, "i've just got to have you say a little bit more." so, he gives me a monologue about this long. and i said, "that wasn't in the deal sly." [ laughter ] >> jimmy: give you cue-cards. yeah, what are we gonna do. >> and so, i don't know who -- i'm not gonna say who he was talking to, but all i remember is my first day on the set, i get there, there's all these guys. jet li's over there with an entourage of about 9 guys, and steve austin, jason, and everybody's there. and the first thing i hear is -- i see stallone marching around going --
1:07 am
[ as stallone ] "just say the [ bleep ] line." [ laughter ] and meanwhile -- >> jimmy: and you're like, "he's talking about me?" >> no, the guy he's saying it to. >> jimmy: oh, okay. that's who the director -- >> the guy he's saying it to could squash him like a bug. >> jimmy: oh, my god. >> i don't know what stallone had for breakfast today. >> jimmy: yeah, it's going to be a tough one if he goes for it. >> he's not gonna make it to lunch. [ light laughter ] >> jimmy: there's a lot of -- >> but it was great. >> jimmy: -- adrenaline in that thing. >> jason is there. jason's one of my closest friends. >> jimmy: he's a rock star. >> he's great, you know. >> jimmy: i feel like people -- >> he dresses worse than you, but, you know. [ laughter ] maybe you guys have the same wardrobe. >> jimmy: what are you talking about? this is nice. i don't normally wear my boots like this. >> no, i make fun of jason because he always wear beige. >> jimmy: does he really? >> yeah. >> jimmy: we would get along great. >> yeah. well, we had that in the dialogue where i would say, "look at you, you don't know how to dress, you got your beige this, beige that." >> jimmy: i went extra beige. it's summer. i went for a summer thing. you don't care. >> no, i don't know. >> jimmy: you don't care at all. [ laughter ] >> but stallone's at the
1:08 am
closest. stallone bought him a suit, a real suit, and he kind of liked it. jason's got a new girlfriend. so i think she loved the suit, so now -- i heard he ordered 12. >> jimmy: so all he wears are beige suits? >> yeah. >> jimmy: that's fantastic. that is brilliant. i remember -- i think this movie, and i might be wrong, but guys, if you see this movie, every two seconds, there is a cheering that you should be doing. >> i thought you were going to say every two seconds, somebody gets killed. >> jimmy: yeah, i would say that too, yeah. [ laughter ] heads get blown off, blades come out. people are like, ah, ah! i was like so jacked. >> just when it's getting a little bit like this, terry crews comes out with the biggest gun you've seen. >> jimmy: at one point, i go, "there is nothing left to blow up." >> no. >> jimmy: it was like -- it is fantastic, and the lines -- he knows how to write these. >> the lines, he tailored it for everybody. tailored jason's for a dry sense of -- a beige sense of humor. [ laughter ] [ cheers and applause ]
1:09 am
>> you know, he did jet li's stuff where jet li did his thing. >> jimmy: a lot of small jokes. >> yeah, small jokes. then -- randy couture has the, you know, the badge of honor, the cauliflowered ear. >> jimmy: yeah. >> so he even incorporated that into it, and that was kind of -- i thought that was kind of cool. and then scene where he says to arnold -- and he's talking with bruce willis and he goes, "what's wrong with him?" and he goes, "he wants to be president." >> jimmy: it's so good. [ laughter ] it is so good. that is an applause-worthy line. it was like -- [ impersonates stallone ] "he wants to be president." [ laughter ] coming from schwarzenegger it was like -- [ as schwarzenegger ] "i don't know --" like the whole thing is like -- you can do impressions of everybody in this movie. it's so good. >> well, his best one is -- [ as stallone ] "just say the [ bleep ] line." [ laughter ] >> jimmy: good, i want to see that. i want to see if it will be on the dvd. we have a clip from the great movie, "the expendables." here's mickey rourke. >> okay. >> well, i've got three pieces
1:10 am
of work. two a walk in the park. and one to hell and back. >> i need some time alone. >> hey, cheer up. >> well, okay, i'll tell you what. i feel a little lucky tonight. i'm feeling very accurate. >> another time. >> come on. take him on. >> bring it, baby. >> don't encourage him. >> he never beat you in your life. >> come on, let's see what you got. >> oh. >> come on, christmas, no disgrace in losing. >> jimmy: yeah, exactly. come on. [ cheers and applause ] >> what color was he wearing? >> jimmy: beige. >> beige. >> jimmy: our thanks to the one and only mickey rourke, everybody! [ cheers and applause ] thank you so much. come back whenever, please. we'll be right back with the kids in the hall! [ cheers and applause ] ♪ depression is a serious medical condition.
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got it! [cell phone rings] excuse me. got it. the new chase realcash debit card. this isn't over. chase what matters. ♪ [ cheers and applause ] >> jimmy: for over 25 years, our next guests have been producing some of the most original and outrageous sketch comedy around. they're back together in an all-new eight-part miniseries on ifc, "kids in the hall: death comes to town," which premiers friday, august 20th. you got to check this out. let's take a quick look at some classic bits from their original series.
1:16 am
>> hey, everybody. don't panic. i mean, i'm only crushing your head! [ laughter ] >> and now i would like to bring on one who could be the spawn of satan himself -- manservant hecubus. [ laughter ] good evening, hecubus. are you ready? >> i am ready to serve you, master. and satan. [ laughter ] >> i approached him to question him. he struck me as disoriented and confused. i asked him to produce i.d. he would not do so, and he became abusive towards the badge. so i placed him under arrest. >> and that's when you locked your keys in the car? [ laughter ] >> ready. >> strike one! >> bad attitude! >> he's got my pen!
1:17 am
♪ my pen! my pen! my pen! [ laughter ] hey, you've got my pen! my pen! you've got my pen! ♪ [ cheers and applause ] >> jimmy: please welcome the kids in the hall, dave foley, kevin mcdonald, bruce mcculloch, mark mckinney and scott thompson. what's up, brothers? ♪ [ cheers and applause ] >> jimmy: how cool. >> wow! >> jimmy: good to see you, buddy. >> we made it! [ cheers and applause ]
1:18 am
>> jimmy: you mean just from there out to the stools? >> yeah. it's a high stool. i'm a little man. >> although we are not in our assigned seats. >> jimmy: that's all right. >> we don't care what the man says. we sit where we want to sit! >> yeah! >> screw ups. >> screwing it up for 25 years. >> we're on "the view." [ laughter ] >> jimmy: so, joy -- >> yes? what? >> jimmy: i should ask you guys, so everyone knows, how did you guys all come together? whose idea was it to become the kids in the hall 25 years ago? >> very quickly, dave and i met doing the mirror exercises at second city workshop. they were in calgary doing an improv group. >> whoo-hoo! >> bing, bing, bing. >> scott, what were you doing? >> i was being a very unsuccessful actor. >> yes. >> jimmy: you were the outsider. >> yeah. >> you were gaying it up in theater. >> yes, i was. [ laughter ] >> jimmy: you were gaying it up, yeah. >> that's the term for it. >> yes, it was. >> jimmy: and this is in canada, yes? >> in canada, called gaying, and in america they call it acting. [ cheers and applause ]
1:19 am
>> no, actually, it was a contest that pepsi had. >> jimmy: it was not. >> and we had to write cans -- >> that were funnier than coke. >> kevin and i are still opposed to scott joining. >> yes, we're still against it. >> there will be a talk, a meeting in had the dressing room afterward. >> it depends on tonight, jimmy. >> jimmy: well, good luck. good luck. so far you're doing great. a lot of people know you guys are known for doing a lot of stuff in drag. >> yes. >> jimmy: who likes it the most? who dislikes it the most? and who is the prettiest? >> historically, i was the prettiest. [ laughter ] i mean, that's one thing we agreed on. >> looked like a young isabella rossellini. >> one time -- >> and mark -- he just made out with isabella rossellini. >> jimmy: very good. >> it's a true story. >> jimmy: is it? >> yeah. >> actually, under my clothes i'm wearing panties and a scrunchie. behind me. behind me. >> jimmy: oh, my god, amazing. well, you look great. >> thank you. >> jimmy: now, was anyone opposed to doing it? like, "nah, i don't want to do this." >> oh, no. [ laughter ] >> no, we all loved it.
1:20 am
>> everybody was like, "yeah, i'll do it." >> and one by one, we -- oh, i know who did it. mark did it first. scott did it second. i did it third. and i forget forth and fifth. >> actually, lorne was opposed to it. but then when we saw lorne in drag, we said, "we're gonna do it." >> yeah. >> jimmy: yeah, lorne would never do it, yeah. lorne michaels, by the way, made you guys, kind of -- >> he did. >> jimmy: right? >> yeah. >> he discovered us. >> he gave us the television program, yeah. >> he was the geppetto, and we were the pinocchios. [ light laughter ] >> jimmy: now, i should ask, when geppetto arranged you pinocchios together, did you start in canada? >> yes. >> we did, yes. toronto. we all met, and we did a club show in toronto. >> jimmy: i mean, was the show on a kind of not -- >> the show went on here at the same time it went on in canada. >> jimmy: it did? hbo was -- >> in fact, we originally had hbo signed on before we had the cbc in canada. >> jimmy: really? >> it's a boring story. >> it is a true boring story. [ laughter ] >> jimmy: no, i like this. i like knowing this. and did you think you were going to catch on as big as you did in america? >> no. actually, lorne brought us here for six months, to new york, to toughen us, which meant we were just going to be an obscurity and get sad and listen to everything he said, so -- [ laughter ] >> jimmy: but, i mean, i remember everyone saying --
1:21 am
>> what? you know -- "i squish your head," you know. >> that was my character! [ cheers and applause ] >> jimmy: oh, my gosh. mark mckinney's character. do you all get super competitive and end up -- ever get in battles and fights and hate each other? write books? is anybody gonna write books? >> oh, no, we have fights, but then we like each other after. we're a dysfunctional family. >> jimmy: yeah. and you've never really split up, yeah? >> uh -- >> well -- >> well, we did split up. >> jimmy: you did? >> oh, yeah, we split up. >> jimmy: you did? >> yeah. >> jimmy: it was a split-up. >> we split up after the incredible -- what do they call non-success? failure of "brain candy." >> jimmy: oh, my -- "brain candy" was a fantastic movie! >> thank you. >> oh, stop it. >> financial failure. >> listen. we've all quit at one time or another, but none of us ever filled out the paperwork. right? so we're all still here. >> we only got as far as saying harrumph. [ laughter ] >> jimmy: that's awesome. all right. well, more kids in the hall when we come back. we're gonna talk about this ifc thing. [ cheers and applause ] ♪ [ male announcer ] the just right taste of bud light
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♪ [ cheers and applause ] >> jimmy: we're back with the one and only, the kids in the hall. they have a brand-new miniseries, "death comes to town." it's on ifc next friday at 10:00. it's an eight-part miniseries. if you like comedy, if you enjoy something funny, get into this. start watching on friday. what -- how did this begin? how did this come about? >> i guess the last tour we were doing was in '08, as we like to call it. and we had -- >> or just '8. >> or just '8.
1:27 am
>> jimmy: you call it '8? it's okay. >> the tour in '8. we did a tour in '8. [ laughter ] >> 8. >> and we had been writing original material for the tour. and we just -- i had, actually, the idea of the image of death getting off a greyhound bus at the beginning of a show, and who was gonna die. and it's a murder mystery. and i said, "let's do it." or, "do you guys like this?" and everybody said "yes," and then we did it. >> no one hated it. >> jimmy: no one hated it, yeah. absolutely. >> no one hated it. >> no one hated it. >> which is a standing ovation for the kids in the hall, nobody hated it. >> jimmy: if nobody hated it, yeah. but someone gets murdered, and you guys play all the characters in the town. >> pretty much. >> jimmy: it's a small town in canada. >> pretty much. >> pretty much. were you guys lobbying for all of the parts? 'cause i know there were different -- some parts are bigger than others. did you guys -- >> well, i know at one point, i did try to get to be death. but mostly just because mark was fussing. >> jimmy: right. >> and so -- it was a quick -- he doesn't remember, but he kept going, "i don't know how i'm going to play death." and i kept going, "i can do it. i can do it. i'll play death." and that was the only time i lobbied for anything. >> jimmy: and so you ended up playing death? >> no, mark did. [ laughter ]
1:28 am
>> lobbied and lost. >> nobody paid any attention to me. >> of all the guys in the troupe, i'm the most deathy. >> jimmy: but it's super duper funny. we have a clip, actually, from the show, from the miniseries. check it out. >> you know, the hard part about solving a crime is that it literally could have been anyone. >> yeah, not just some blood-gargling sicko who had a bad childhood and is still holding a grudge, but anybody. i mean, the way i see it, could have been you. >> well, the way i see it, could have been you! [ together ] >> both: where were you on the night of the murder? >> ah! >> stop! police! [ gunshots ] >> i twisted my ankle! [ laughter ] [ cheers and applause ] >> jimmy: i love it. you take out your gun, and you run. that's so good. well, i cannot wait to see this. "death comes to town" premiers friday, august 20th, 10:00 p.m. on ifc. the kids in the hall, everybody! [ cheers and applause ]
1:29 am
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♪ [ cheers and applause ] >> jimmy: our next guests are a great rock and roll band. tonight, they're previewing their upcoming album, "lisbon," due out september 14th. with the song "angela surf city." please welcome the walkmen! [ cheers and applause ] ♪ ♪ angela holds a grudge over nothing angela what's the difference ♪ ♪ today's a day like any other ♪ ♪ ♪ still the flags snap
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