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tv   NBC11 News The Bay Area at 6  NBC  August 14, 2010 5:00pm-5:30pm PST

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monty? >> reporter: diana, 38-year-old man is in custody and faces charges of vehicular manslaughter. he was taken into custody about two blocks from here, after witnesses called in a description of the car. those witnesses told police that they saw a 1989 mercedes hit the cyclist as both the bike and car were traveling south. the driver apparently kept going, but was later arrested near where the car was parked. the cyclist did not survive his injuries. he has only been identified as a 21-year-old man. we talked to a group of cyclists here who say they often feel unsafe riding their bikes in the city. >> this isn't any more dangerous than any other in the city. biking in the city is just so crazy, because there's so many cars, so many cyclists. >> reporter: masonic is a busy
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north-to-south thoroughfare here in the city. a couple of blocks up the street is listed as a dangerous intersection for bicyclists on the coalition's website. the city began creating more than two dozen lanes of new bike lanes in an effort to improve safety for cyclists here in the city. live in san francisco, monty francis, nbc bay area news. supporters of normer b.a.r.t. officer johannes mehserle are expected to hold a rally tomorrow in dublin. this was the scene last month as tensions escalated at a similar rally in walnut creek. emotions were high as supporters of oscar grant showed up last night for a counterprotest. mehserle was found guilty of involuntary manslaughter when he shot and kit grant on a b.a.r.t. platform on new year's day. the rally is set to start at noon at dublin city hall. and supporters of oscar grant
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gathered today as a day of community service. the mural is made out of ribbon said to represent prayers for oscar grant and his family. it didn't matter if the participants lived in oakland, it's all about making oakland better for everyone. >> it's an opportunity for the community to come together, and a healing space. we're also trying to connect the dots as far as now that you've participated in this project, where are you going to go back out in the community and do. in southern california, center barbara boxer joined a group trying to rally people to vote in the midterm elections. she was joined by los angeles mayor antonia via ri goesa. the goal was to reach out to latinos, to make sure they are engaged in the political pro selsz. but she also used the occasion to speak out against her republican opponent in a race to
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defend her senate seat. >> i need you to stay with me as the negative commercials and negative talk escalates. can i count on you to talk to everybody, your families, your friends, first-time voters. >> yesterday boxer and talked about the unemployment rate. an east bay wildlife rescue center that has helped thousands of animals is about to close its doors as other rescue centers are already overcrowded. kimberly is in oakland with the details. >> reporter: hello, diane. this one is operated out of a home in the oakland hills. but it is certified by the state board -- state department, that is, of fish and game and is zoned as a home business. but it's also a rental property and that's where things get kind of sticky. lylea travis of the rescue
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center says they've been evicted and asked to leave by mid-september. the landlord is taking this property off the market, off the rental market. travis says they're devastated. they had planned on being here for years to come. the center right now has 65 animals and takes in about 600 wild animals a year that have been injured or orphaned. and most of these animals are ones that local city shelters will not take in. if they're forced to shut down, many of the animals would have to be euthanized. travis is just hoping it will not come to that. >> we don't have a choice. we can't not do this work. it's too important. so we have to -- if we have to rebuild, we have to rebuild. but i want it to be permanent this time. for everybody's sake. >> reporter: the race is on to find a new home, especially this time of the year is one of the busiest for this rescue center. a lot of young wildlife comes in abandoned and in need of care. travis has already started
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receiving some donations she is putting toward a piece of property she has her eye on. but so far, the center has only received a third of what they would need to move on top of all of this, the wildlife center's rent has gone up $1,000 since may when they got the eviction notice. travis does have a hearing a day before they're set to be evicted. she said she's just looking for more time to come up with a viable solution. live in oakland, kimberly terry, nbc news. oakland schools received a bit of a makeover today, thanks to volunteers. community members came together to pull weeds, revamp playgrounds and generally clean up several schools. groups started out at manzanita elementary. the project was a collaboration between the school districts and mccarthy building company which has a program called tools for schools. partying like it's 1945. next at 6:00, we'll take you to
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a world war ii recreation going on right here in the bay area. being marked with kisses. bay area technology launched into space today. how it will help the military and might even improve your cell phone service, too. she may be tiny, but this woman is attempting to do what many men twice her size have failed to do. coming up, a record-breakis tod.
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>> that's a new song. social security turned 75 today. dozens came out to celebrate the milestone in san francisco. and to voice their support for the program. some lawmakers in washington have suggested either cutting social security benefits or raising the retirement age as a way to fix the deficit. those at today's event had a message for those leaders, hands-off. one in eight californians on social security. they say without the assistance 40% of elderly californians would be living in poverty. v-day day from world war ii 2, re-enacting the famous photo at the end of the war. it was on this day in 1945 that the photographer captured the image during a spontaneous celebration in times square. lots of kissing going on. here in san jose, there was also a parade at the history museum
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and a photo journalist was there. >> if you were at the 24 liberator, i had only been married three months. before my name came up. the missions were tough. i've seen good friends of mine die. i had a good crew. men that cared, you know. you know, at revele, the flag would go up and tears would come down our eyes, you know. everybody put on a uniform to fight for his country. a country like this, especially,
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will be happy, will be glad they're doing their part. and i'm proud to call myself an american, to have fought for my country. i can never forget that. so we did a little looking back. here's a look forward. next at 6:00, the bay area technology launch this weekend, u.s. troops overseas and more. the cooler conditions we've been dealing with will continue as we go through the day tomorrow. look at all the fog going right through the golden ver san fran. live over san francisco rht now. your seven-day forecast is coming right up.
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this morning, a new lockheed martin satellite made right here in the bay area took off into space. it's on its way to replace lockheed's 15-year-old satellite. it should make cell phone, tv and gps reception better, and should help military communication as well. nbc bay area's business and tech reporter, scott budman, explains. >> reporter: the way our soldiers communicate is about to get a lot better. thanks to a satellite made in silicon valley. >> it will support our troops worldwide. >> reporter: cell phone calls will be protected against detection and interception while sending messages five times faster than previous satellites.
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>> so what that means to us is, our friends and family who are in harm's way, our war fighters who are near battle grounds, will be able to communicate without the threat of being jammed or intercepted by the enemy. >> reporter: the new satellite called advanced ehf is made here by lockheed martin. it replaces lockheed's millstar satellite after nearly 15 years of service. service dedicated to the military that also made our cell phone, tv and gps reception better along the way. it's technology so efficient, it can do the job of five of the previous satellites. but there are more on the way. part of the long-term relationship between the employees of lockheed martin and the american military. >> the time, the energy that so many people put into each of these satellites and then know the benefit it's providing for the war fighter, is unspeakable.
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i just can't tell you in words how grateful we are. >> reporter: scott budman, nbc bay area news. according to lockheed, there are two advanced ehf satellites ready to send out into space. we've got craig herrera here. if you're wondering where you've been, you were in germany. >> in germany. >> let's check out the video. >> this is a group that performs and raises money for people with life-threatening illnesses. and we went to germany to perform for the gay games opening ceremonies. the closing ceremonies in cologne, germany. it was the first time cheerleading was allowed and -- gold. >> nice. congratulations. >> and while we were there we were raising money for aids help cologne and gay games scholarship, raised over 10,000 euro that stayed there. where are you? >> i'm in the back throwing a couple of the guys up in the back. >> we believe you that you were
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really there. >> so that's where i was, diane. i missed you all. >> thank you so much. we had a great time. live right now, over san francisco, all the fog is, yeah, it's there. it is coming back. it will be about 2,200 feet deeper as we go through, say, tomorrow morning. so tonight, through tomorrow morning, get ready for more of that cooler air coming on in. and it's going to be another chilly day. temperatures have been well below average. continue to be below average tomorrow and going into next week. sunshine over the east side of the bay. there is some wind coming through parts of the delta and tri-valley area. as we go into parts of the south into the bay, a lot of us have been dealing with cooler conditions here as well. it's one of those weekends where we'll get some sunshine during the afternoon. but it's going to take some time to get that sunshine going. we've got that live oakland -- you can see the clouds that are just overhead. you're ready to gom on through as we go through tonight, we'll actually see more of those coming on through. we'll actually be dealing with
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70s and 80s. we've been waiting for the 80s to come through. but they're just not happening. so it's been one of those, just tricky summers for us. we've been waiting for all of that. it's just not going to happen. as we look out over oakland, if we were to see some of the other camera shots, we've got more of the fog blowing on in. i'll show you the temperatures going through this hour. a couple of 60s left over. 72 right now in livermore. we drop five degrees from where we were last hour because of all the coming through. temperatures good one to four degrees cooler than average. than we were this time yesterday. average highs this time of year, 69. san francisco, barely made it to the mid-60s today. san jose about 84. for the day tomorrow, forecasting 60s and 70s. you can see the numbers are still well below average for this time of year. we're not going to have any 90s in the forecast. we'll warm up a little bit through sunday and monday. but even then, we're still
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cooler than average. tonight we'll have mist, drizzle going through the golden gate. tomorrow morning, if you have a ride in the morning hours, you're going to need some layers. afternoon, highs in the upper 70s to near 80s. that's about it. we suld be closer to the upper 80s in sosmt warmer spots. 80 livermore. only mid-70s for the north end of the bay. sunset 8:03 tonight. 8:02 tomorrow night. no 90s. mostly 80s monday and tuesday. next week, cool weather continues to blow on through. next friday, saturday and sunday we are back to the mid-70s in the warmest spots. >> what happened to the warm-up we were supposed to have? >> it's gone. >> congratulations. >> thanks so much. coming up next, next we'll look at a convention where the e s al real o to find if anyone is really out there. [ male announcer ] when meg whitman arrived at ebay,
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they had 30 people and an idea. meg's job was to make it happen. it took leadership. focus. and the ability to bring people together. meg whitman delivered. named one of america's best ceo's by harvard business review, she grew ebay 15,000 strong and made small business dreams come true. now meg has a plan to create jobs. fix sacramento. and deliver results. meg whitman. for a new california.
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if you're looking for a little mix of sci-fi with science fact, santa clara might be the place for you this weekend. search for extraterrestrial intelligence is meeting this weekend. there's a little bit of sci-fi thrown in, too. >> after all, you know, science fiction is about ideas. that's a great thing. but we're fundamentally about the hard research. where's the data. you think this might be true? we think we might be able to go to the stars that way, think they may have come here? let's look at the data. >> all right. we can do it that way. if you're going, it continues tomorrow in santa clara. check this out, a san francisco woman beats a record for the most weight lifted in an hour, ever. she lifted nearly 105,000 pounds in an hour this afternoon.
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beating the previous record of 90,000 pounds set by a british man. this isn't just a woman's record, this is a record. as you can see, she's not exactly a mass of muscle. she weighs just 97 pounds and stands just 5 feet tall. i bet she is all muscle, though. what's her secret? she credits her strength on her diet of sulfur-rich foods such as cabbage, onions and garlic. there was an official on hand to confirm that record. that looks miserable. >> just looks terrible. her back is going to be killing her, no matter how much you squat, that's not a good thing, i don't think. >> what's going on, laura? >> another game, another hero for san francisco. who would it be today as the giants try to take down the division leaders. plus the raiders' first-round draft pick not on the field this afternoon in napa. he's found a calling higher
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chase what matters. if july was the month of victory for the giants as they claimed back into the pennant race, so far august is the month of walkoffs. san francisco has two final wins out at china basin. madison trying to help them out from the start against the padres today. he allowed two runs in seven innings. the only problem, the giants held in check by matt latos. the solo home run. the grounder to second is all it's going to take. that scores mike. two on for juan. this is a base hit.
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buster posey chucking around to second. this game is over. the giants win 3-2. their third walkoff win this week alone. tonight in minneapolis, trevor cahill on the hill for the a's. the all-star hadn't allowed an earned run in his last three starts. would he make it a fourth? he was on his way until the third. the fly ball to left. not exciting. but it is deep enough. 1-0 twins. this game just ended. minnesota gets the win 2-0. the raiders were back on the field in napa, but they were missing their first-round draft pick. his teammates have been tweeting well wishes to the linebacker and his family. according to the chronicle, he has a sick relative. no word how long he will be gone quite yet. today coffey stated why he was retiring. he said football is no longer his dream. coffey said he found christ
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while in college and feels he has been told to walk away from the game. the former first-round pick said he never should have entered the draft in the first place and now plans to go back to school to earn a masters. with or without coffey, the niners' season will go on, so will the one from the game console. is it worth all the fuss? >> reporter: now a 22-year vet, fast approaching a lifetime 100 million units sold mark. this season's madden nfl 11 from ea sports is as action-packed as ever. what's new with this year's madden? game calling and game time. the goal is to give you more time on the field and less than the playbook. the new game flow system the plays are called in from the sideline by the head coach. similar to when madden makes suggestions. these advancements with flame flow take about 30 minutes on
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average. which gives you more time to spend with gus johnson. new to the madden broadcast pooth, play-by-play, and new moves that require less button push as the ball carriers are taken in all new directions. online team play gives players control of specific units on offense and defense so you can drill down with the b line or become a secondary special. the level of realism is why fans pick up this game year to year. the same impact that fantasy football had on fanatics is same to the interest level that madden created. fans can spend even more time in the heart of the action. from the game console, lawrence scott. >> is the pga championship in san francisco or wisconsin? it's been hard to tell the last two days, thanks to heavy fog. today, though, the skies cleared. good thing. because tiger woods and many others had to finish off round two before jumping right into
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round three of the season's final major. tiger on the 17. this is his tee shot. very nice beginning to the hole. he would go on to birdie. birdied his last two holes actually so he finished 3 under. the birdie here on 11, 12 under. finished at 13 under. has a three-shot lead heading into tomorrow's final. tiger, ten shots back, so likely he will not be making a run. but you never know. >> with tiger? >> you never know. coming up .. google lets you search, on the go, for whatever you see .. we hit the party circuit .. to see which tech startups are having the most fun .. video games get sma&l, social, and super-rich .. and how scientists are using mirrors .. to create in brand new ways .. from the tech


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