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tv   NBC11 News Bay Area  NBC  August 15, 2010 6:00am-7:00am PST

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good morning, i'm vicki nguyen. next on the "bay area sunday." an off road race turns deadly as on out of control truck lands in a crowd of spectators. the rules for your atm card are about to change. what you need to know to protect your bottom line. and the cycle begins again. changes in traffic and a new schedule for parents and students. school starts tomorrow. time now, 7:00. and you are looking live at hp pavilion in san jose. and down in the south bay, if you're going to be there, san jose jazz fest is going on
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today. good morning, thanks so much for joining us. kris sanchez is off, i'm vicki nguyen here with meteorologist craig herrera. good morning. >> good morning. >> finally starting to warm up. i was outside yesterday enjoying the sun. >> feels good after the fog we've had in the morning hours. it's so cool. you saw that live shot in san jose and the beast east bay, as well. 55 in san francisco, 55 in livermore. a lot of morning fog, mist and drizzle. as we go through the afternoon, most of that stays hugging the coast, but we will get more sunshine. inland and highs into the 70s and 80s. you talked about it being cool this time of year, certainly the case, 5 to 10 degrees in many situations, especially across the warmer inland valleys. not even into the 90s. here's your daily planner, a couple 80s by this afternoon. i'll have more, vicki, on the seven-day forecast in just abit. we'll warm up for a day, but next week, back to cooler
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conditions. >> well, bank overcradraft feesy no longer wallop your wallet. starting tomorrow, banks will automatically opt everyone out of their overdraft protection program. the move comes in response to that $40 cup of coffee experience. that is, when you buy a cup of joe or something small with your atm card but forget your bank funds are low, the bank automatically covers it and then hits you later with that $35 feel. you'll be opted out of that program, starting tomorrow. unless you tell your bank you want it. you can do that in person orion online. supporters of johannes mehserle are expected to hold a rally today in dublin. this was scene last month as tensions escalated in this walnut creek. emotions were high as supporters for oscar grant were at a protest. he was found guilty of involuntary manslaughter when he shot and killed a man on a b.a.r.t. platform.
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supporters are looking to gather signatures and support for johanacy mehserle, expected to be sentenced in november. now, she was accused of having sex with two boys starting with when they were 13 years old. the 42-year-old mother of three will face a judge tomorrow. police arrested christine hubs earlier this month. she was busted after the mother of one of the alleged victims said she found a nude photo of hubs on her son's cell phone. hubs faces 67 felony counts of sexual assault. she is being held on $4.3 million bail. get ready for a change in traffic patterns. tomorrow is the first day of school for a lot of students here in the bay area. classes for students in the san jose unified school district kickoff tomorrow. the same goes for san francisco unified. students have a couple more weeks of vacation in the oakland unified district. classes start august 30th in oakland. teaches at trace elementary have been especially busy
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getting ready for class. on july 5th, someone set a fire that destroyed more than a dozen classrooms, as well as the school's library. but the district promised to have everything ready to open on time, and looks like they'll be meeting that goal. the past few days teachers have been getting everything ready and the community has pitched in to help the school open on time. this morning, san francisco police are searching for a gunman who shot three men overnight. police say the suspect fired on the victims just before midnight at 17th and mission streets. one man was shot in the chest and has life threatening injuries. the two other men were shot in the leg. the suspect ran down 17th street. police say they believe the shooting was gang-related. and this morning, a renewed call for san francisco to improve safety for thousands of people who ride their bikes on masonic. the outcry comes in response to a hit and run crash that killed a 21-year-old man. the twisted frame of a bicycle marks the spot where witnesses
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say they saw a mercedes hit a bicyclist near turk street. it happened about 10:40 friday night. the driver of the car kept going, but police later found him and arrested him, just two blocks away. some cyclists say while masonic does not have bike lanes, cycling anywhere in the city has its dangers. >> i wouldn't say this is anymore dangerous than any other intersection in the city. it's just biking in the city is a little bit crazy, because there are so many cars, so many people, so many cyclistcyclists hard to watch out for cyclists. >> the mta is looking to put bike lace on masonic. police records show there have been 50 accidents along the masonic corridor during the last five years. a 38-year-old man is in custody. his name has not been released, but we can tell you he faces charges of vehicular manslaughter. we just told you that story, and apparently that man has been arrested. let's move on now. this morning, fire investigators are looking into what caused a fire that destroyed a post
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office in sonoma county. witnesses called 911 shortly before 5:30 last night to report smoke coming from the roof of hillsburg post office. within an hour, dozens of firefighters were on the scene, but the flames had already gutted the building. investigators say the fire started in the attic. in san francisco, two firefighters are recovering from injuries after battling a three-alarm fire in the city's mission district. the fire started about 6:00 last night in a multi-unit home on rondell place. a small alleyway near valencia and 16th. flames spread to a building next door. it took crews about an hour to put out the fire. firefighters evacuated some 20 people from the two buildings. the cause of the fire is under investigation. well, first the toll on the golden gate bridge went up to $6 then free carpooling went up to 6 bucks. now you may have to pay to walk across the bridge.
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joanne sanders says using the bridge is a privilege, and walkers, joggers and bikers should help fund a suicide barrier on the span. the suggestion came the same day the bridge district accepted $5 million from the metropolitan transportation commission for the planned suicide prevention net. about two dozen people jump from the golden gate bridge every year. before you crack open any eggs this morning, check the label on the carton. a major egg recall is under way because of sal necessarily la concerns. the eggs were sold in california and several other states including lucerne, albertson's ralph, farm fresh, and shore land. they're stamped with the letter p followed by a number between 136 and 225. the company, wright county eggs in iowa, distributed the eggs. for more on the recall, visit egg and there is much more ahead on the bay area sunday. a terrifying scene as an
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off-road truck loses control, and heads straight for the crowd at a race in southern california. what happened to the driver who killed eight people? and the president takes his daughter for a dip in florida, encouraging visitors to head to the gulf coast. details ahead on the long-term recovery that region faces.
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eight people are dead after a truck crashed into the crowd at a popular offroad race in the southern california desert. it happened last night at the california 200 in san bernadino county. tens of thousands of people attended the event where do you know buggies take on jumps and other obstacles. in this race, spectators were as close as ten feet to the track without any barriers to the trucks. witnesses describe the moment when the truck flew off the track as terrifying. >> we heard everybody start
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screaming. and the truck just starts flipping, and we looked over and everybody just scrambles away. people come running down from the rocks up there, and, you know, they start flipping the truck over, there's people lying there knocked out. and, you know, people were scrambling everywhere. >> the driver ran from the scene after people in the crowd began throwing rocks at him. at least 12 people were injured in that crash. authorities may have arrested the wrong man in a deadly shooting outside a restaurant in buffalo, new york. 25-year-old keith johnson is accused of killing four people early saturday. but the county district attorney tells the "buffalo news" he will ask the court to drop the charges tomorrow morning. he told the newspaper he's making the move after reviewing video and photos from the scene, noting the evidence showed certain discrepancies of people and clothing. now, the president will spend a few more hours on the beach in the florida panhandle today, hoping to spend a strong message about the recovery in the gulf. but there are now signs a
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permanent solution at the spill site may take longer. jay gray has more from lafitte, louisiana. >> the first family, and president, spending his weekend as pitch man for the region, still dealing with the effects of the oil spill. >> the governor and the mayors and others invited us down to enjoy the beach and the water. to let our fellow americans know that they should come on down here. >> it is a message that echos here in south louisiana, where fishing waters have reopened, but commercial fishermen, shrimpers and charter captains are still struggling to convince many that their catch is clean. with no customers, charter captain james wilson is fishing for himself these days. >> we went out and caught about 20 reds and kept five, just for dinner. >> he says conditions on the water right now are just about perfect. >> our water is nice and pretty and clean. the beaches at grand isle is beautiful. the fish are healthy. and they're practically jumping in the boat, because there snow
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no fishing pressure right now. >> pressure is still a concern at the leak site. admiral thad allen has issued an order requiring more pressure testing determining if the bottom kill could risk the rig, and pushing more oil into the gulf. which means drilling on the primary relief well likely won't resume for a few more days. jay gray, nbc news, lafitte, louisiana. right now, troop withdrawal deadlines are a key subject for forces in afghanistan. this morning, general david petraeus sits down exclusively with david gregory on "meet the press" in his first interview since taking command in afghanistan, the general says the president is very clear on the deadline. well, you can catch the rest of that exclusive interview coming up on "meet the press." still ahead on "the bay area sunday," what's black and white and running all over? zebras on the loose. we'll explain in just a bit.
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and you're looking live at a picture of oakland there. a little gray skies, but it's going to burn off and shape up to be a nice day. time now, 7:16. and i'm here with craig herrera -- meteorologist -- i just say that as your last name. >> why not, we'll hyphenate t. >> it's going to get warmer. >> exactly. later this afternoon, you've got 80s in the forecast. no 90s, but still dealing with sunshine in the afternoon, getting that fog burned off and we're good. a few more live shots we were talking about. north end of the bay, san rafael, plenty of cloud cover here, highs in the north end, only in the mid 70s. so while you typically get in the lower 80s this time of year, you are running cooler, as is the rest of the bay area. next shot as we head off over to oakland, you can see all that haze we were just talking about. and then even close to most of the inland valleys, we still have a lot of the fog and cloud
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cover across the south end. there is live san jose as we're looking out -- what we would be able to see is the fremont hills in the distance, just can't see it with the cloud cover at this time. we are sitting at 59 degrees in san jose. 55, san francisco and 58 through livermore. the fog is about 2,000 feet deep. that's pretty good. we've got a good, solid sea breeze blowing a lot of that inland. 2500 feet, a lot of the coast. the hills are at 2,000 to 2,000 feet. so a lot of that fog is clearing some of the ranges, shooting through the gaps, and we've got it with us for most of the morning. it's going to take some time to burn off. the cooler conditions will stay with us, and we'll warm up tomorrow, but that's it. of if you're expecting somebody to fly in today at sfo, typical delays, about 51 minutes for the arriving flights. some of them due to the low ceilings. typically this time of year, san francisco sits right around 70 degrees. we can barely reach 60. forecasting 6 for today.
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oakland, mid 70s, going in the 60s. look at san jose, mid 80s for this time of year. 70s in the north enltd end of the day. forecasting 750s for the north end of the day so you can see how much cooler it is. one system moving over northern california right now, another one on its heels. that's cooling us off beginning on tuesday. but in the meantime, while this is here, that's giving us a strong push of all that fog, and keeping us rather cool. it's taken a while to burn off because of that. it's just continuing to blow a lot of that fog right into the bay area. so expect by 1 1:00, 12:00, start to see a little bit of clearing. but look at the highs, still below average. 60s and 70s, not a whole lot of 80s on the map. and well, we're not really going to warm up a whole lot next week. tomorrow is going to be the warmest day. so as those kids go back to school tomorrow, you get sunshine during the afternoon. i always get a little anxious this time of year, vicki. i think it's because my days of going back to school. i always remember coming this time of year, oh, it's time to go back to school, so every time
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this time i get a little nervous. i don't know why. still kind of strange. >> having flack backs? >> yeah, time to shake it off. i loved school, but i don't know what it was. >> you can stay home from class tomorrow, all right? >> okay. >> it's going to be nice in the east bay. festivals in freemont. in the 70s, though, so bring a sweater. >> exactly, yeah. especially in the morning hours. you're going to like this story. night on the town for two zebras in this sacramento county, the owner of an animal farm says he was loading the zebras into a trailer last night when we were spooked by dogs and took off. before long, they wandered into traffic and caused a minor car accident, but neither animal was seriously hurt. the driver has a really good story to tell, though. you'll never guess what happened, honey. i ran into a zebra on the way home. people roped the animals off before they could cause anymore mischief. both animals are back home this morning, and recovering from the fender-bender. still ahead on "bay area sunday," some people whistle while they work, but this man
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works harder. we'll show you why fans call this guy crazy legs. i'm laura behnke, coming up in sports. it may have been the most exciting game of the season yesterday at china basin for the giants. we'll take you there. plus, the a's, trevor cahill matching a pretty elite record. but swawa it enough to beat the twins? we'll have the answer in sports. [ male announcer ] when meg whitman arrived at ebay,
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they had 30 people and an idea. meg's job was to make it happen. it took leadership. focus. and the ability to bring people together.
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meg whitman delivered. named one of america's best ceo's by harvard business review, she grew ebay 15,000 strong and made small business dreams come true. now meg has a plan to create jobs. fix sacramento. and deliver results. meg whitman. for a new california. the giants get right back to work today, after one of the most exciting games of the season. fingers crossed for another w. laura behnke has the highlights in your morning sports. >> good morning, everyone. well, you know what they say. to be the best, you have to beat the best. and up until now, the giants just haven't been able to do it. after dropping the series opener friday night, giants have managed just one win against the first place padres in nine games this season. that isn't going to cut it in a pennant race. so yesterday afternoon at china basin, garner turned things
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around. the rookie allowed two runs in seven innings. but the giants couldn't get on the board until the 7th. matt makes this mistake, and pablo bounces into the cove. eighth of the year for the panda. 2-1 padres. runners on second and third and burrell, the grounder to second. that's all it takes. mike scores. we have a tie ball game. and we head to extras. bottom 1 1, two on for aribe, a base hit. this game is over. giants win 3-2, their third walkoff win of the week. and last night, against the twins, the a's, trevor cahill up to all-star title. matched a record with his 20th straight start going at least five innings and allowing six hits or fewer. nolan ryan, the only other one to do it. bottom one, cahill gets jason kubel swinging, one of five ks on the night. no score. bottom eight, 1-0 twins.
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facing joe mauer, the reining mvp, acting like it. singles off the left field wall. and that scores darren span. brian duensing, the complete game shutout as the twins win 2-0. single tear put on hold for the weekend, because the 49ers are finally playing a game. san francisco opens exhibition play against the defending afc champion out in indi. kickoff set for 10:00 a.m. and we now glen costy would not be suiting up, but now we know why. the former niner opened up yesterday on his decision to retire after one season, saying football is no longer his dream and he never should have entered the draft in the first place. coffee says he found christ while in college, and has been told to walk away from the game. he plans to go back to school to earn his master's. and out of which is willing straits, tiger woods and many others had to finish friday's round and then play 18 more.
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wasn't bothering woods. on 17, his tee shot, a great one. he would go on to birdie the whole move and in two under. birdied the last two to finish at three under par. everybody, though, chasing a new leader. nick watt knee on the 11th. this putt is for birdie. finished at 13 under. tiger ten back in today's final round. and out to buck shaw stadium last night, the earthquakes hosting kansas city. joe cannon in the net for the first time in six games. 36 minutes, scoreless. a pass takes care of the scoreless thing. san jose holds on to win 1-nil. and that's your morning look at sports. have a great day. win or lose, there is one guy at at&t park who spends the entire day making sure fans have a good time. we are introduced to a senior in the stand whose legs make him a fan favorite. >> the giants' game is crowded
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with thousands of excited fans and nonstop action on the field. but some people just stand out. the kettle corn man is hard to miss. >> thank you very much. enjoy the rest of the game, have an awesome weekend. >> mr. friendly, 69-year-old howard lowe, moves fast. when he slows down to make a sale, the fans want more than corn for their six bucks. >> there is no music playing. i don't dance without music. sorry. >> that's right, he said dance. around the park, his name is crazy legs. follow him around long enough, and you'll see why. the ladies try and entice him, even the men can't resist his moves. >> i've been doing this for a long time. the funny thing, i wasn't allowed to dance when i was growing up. >> lowe says he is making up for lost time whenever the music plays. >> it's good exercise, it's -- it's fun. i have fun, the fans have fun. it's a good release. >> when crazy legs gets hes game
7:27 am
on, fans go wild. lowe admits, he's a bit of a sports celebrity. >> at every ballpark, i've worked at, they have me on diamonds -- i've been told i've been on espn. i've been told i've been inside baseball. i haven't watched it, but i've been told that. i'm all over youtube. >> it's not easy lugging kettle corn up and down the stairs. the fancy feet work adds to the challenge. but lowe says he'll keep grooving as long as he can. >> i can't do it anymore, because i fall down. >> nbc bay area news. crazy legs, crazy shoulders, got it all going on. players on the kansas city chiefs are using the bathroom to improve their reflexes. yeah. and you thought the nutcracker was weird. the coach makes a receiver sit inside a pore at that potty with the door closed. it helps to improve reaction time, of course. now, it's odd, but if it works, we might just see more porta
7:28 am
potties at program just my guess. coming up on "the bay area sunday", a crucial deadline that effects what's in your wallet. what you need to know, just ahead. and a bay area movie studio is going to infinity and beyond at the box office. could you contribute to the new record? stay with us. [ indistinct conversations ]
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[ indistinct conversations ] now that's more like it. [ ding! ] good morning. time now, 7:30. you're looking live at the golden gate bridge, and a reminder, the southbound connector ramp from the bridge to the boulevard will be closed until 11:00 a.m. today. the closure allows the offramp to be shifted north. expect some delays this morning, and if you can, try to avoid that area. good morning, and thank you so much for joining me, i'm vicki nguyen. let's take you over to craig herrera for your morning forecast. craig? >> vicki, good morning. great shot of the golden gate. you can see the cloud cover and the fog just over the mountain
7:31 am
and a lot of the hills, but still a cool day, so we're waking up to 50s. the fog is about 2,000 feet deep, and we will continue to see that for most of this morning. again, if you're expecting somebody to fly into sfo, we have delays of 51 minutes for some arriving flights due to the low ceiling. of this afternoon, as we go through your daily planner, a couple 70s by noon. temperatures still below average, but we will manage sunshine and a couple of low to mid 80s. more on your seven-day forecast in a bit. vicki, a warm up for one day, but cool off again next week. back to you. >> well, craig, it is deadline day for anyone who uses an atm card. your bank now has to follow new rules. and today you have to decide if you want to run out of money in your account and you want the bank to cover that for you, or if not. now, that could be embarrassing for you at the store to be declined, but wouldn't get hit with those 30 or $35 overdraft fees. you can make that choice online or do it in person at your
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branch. if you do nothing, the bank will automatically opt you out of the overdraft protection. that means if you overdraw your account, you will be declined. let's take it over to cnbc's sue herrera for a look at your wall street week and the week ahead. >> we'll see what some big companies are expecting for consumer and business spending in the months ahead. and in the quarter that just ended. companies reporting earnings this week include home depoe, and hewlett-packard. the market for newly constructed homes has struggled since the first time home buyer tax credits. this week, we'll get the pulse of new home construction with july housing starts and permits for future building. new rules go into effect this week. no overdraft fees unless customers opt in for coverage. the new rules allow banks to decline a debit card transaction or atm withdrawals if there is not enough money to cover it. we'll see what factories and plants are paying for materials,
7:33 am
and whether inflation is under control. and what should be done about fannie mae and freddie mac? those government-run mortgage giants are on the front burner at a treasury department conference on the future of housing finance. and as bernie madoff sits in prison after pleading guilty to running the largest ponzi scheme ever, a trial begins this week for his one-tim director of operations. charges of conspiracy, securities fraud, false tax returns and much, much more. i'm sue herrera. get all your business news on cnbc. and don't forget, you can also get your business and tech report before the markets open weekdays on nbc bay area starting at 4:30 in the morning. there was a time when everyone wanted to work for nasa because, well, they were going to the moon. but lately, nasa has had to compete with tech giants right down the street like google, and since google and other companies offer perks like ping-pong and free lunch, nasa has had to change its hiring policies in order to compete. on this morning's press here,
7:34 am
our scoot mcgrew talks to pete warden about the changing job market. >> to be sure, some of them are going to leave. i've lost probably 30 or 40 people to companies like google in the last few years. it's interesting, though. a lot of them work over there for a while so they can buy their house and get their porsche and then they come back and work for me again. >> you can catch the rest of that interview on today's press here after "meet the press." emeryville's picks are celebrating the success of "toy story 3," now the highest grossing animated film of all-time. the third movie in the trill gee has raked in $920 million after almost two months in theatres. it is disney's fourth-grossing film after two pirates of the caribbean movies and "alice in wonderland". runway models had quite a trek on a pedestrian streak in copenhagen, transformed into a long runway measuring one mile.
7:35 am
organizers say that sets the world record for the longest cat walk ever. the runway started at the square of city hall and went to a nearby square and then back again. the 200 models in the fashion show not only had to deal with the distance, but also had to brave the rain. all that in heels, no less. still ahead on "the bay area sunday," well, the fight to save an east bay animal shelter that gives animals a second chance.
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all parents know there's a lot that goes into a baby's well-being. but should trips to the chiropractor be added to that list? as nbc bay area's kris sanchez explains, it's one way to help the little ones adjust. but is it safe? >> you want to kiss your baby? >> baby violet came into the world just three weeks ago, and even though she is too little to talk, much less walk, she is
7:38 am
feeling some stress. >> she is having trouble getting a good latch. it was causing pain for me and it was hard for her to get going. >> so on the advice of a lactation consultant, mom kate started taking violet for chiropractic work. >> there we go. beautiful, violet. >> its a gentler motion than the adult chiropractic treatment, designed for small bones and spines, to feel out the baby's natural rhythms and adjust accordingly. >> it's really, really, really liked. it would be if you were trying to hold a quarter against somebody, you would almost be letting that quarter drop. >> after the first session, kate says that violet started nursing better, sleeping better, and gaining weight. >> it's been a night and day difference in how things are going with us. the first week was really, really hard, and after we started coming here for treatments for it, it just got so much easier. >> it may seem unconventional, but chiropractic for kids is a rising trend. 3% of american kids had some
7:39 am
form of chiropractic work done in 2007, making it the second most commonality active treatment for kids. and it's done for a number of reasons. maybe violet's 22-month-old sister vienna gets adjusted for bumps and tunnel bells that come along with learning to walk. >> hi. yeah. good job. >> chiropractors say treatments can also help with ear infections, bed-wetting, constipation, and colic. but some pediatricians are skeptical. >> i know it's frustrating for parents who have colicky babies, and unfortunately, a lot of times it's something the baby needs to outgrow. >> this doctor at children's hospital encourages parents to stick to more traditional pediatric care. >> because infants' bones are very flexible and bendable, and because they're going through tremendous, tremendous amounts of growth and change, i would be pretty hesitant to have an infant undergo serious manipulations. i think that it could probably
7:40 am
cause more harm than good. >> but chiropractorses say early treatment even the day a child is born can help avoid problems down the road. >> we want them to start out as balanced as possible, so they can be strong and healthy. >> and that might have everyone sleeping just a little better at night. kris sanchez, nbc bay area news. >> a new study finds parents feel their children's heart ache, even if the kids are full grown. if one of their adult children were suffering for any reason, it affected their mental health. having just one problematic child had a negative effect on a parent's well-being, even if the rest of the children were highly successful. parents are more affected by their children's failures than their successes. an east bay animal shelter that's been caring for injured and/or favred wildlife for nearly a decade could soon be losing its home. the center, which takes in 600
7:41 am
animals a year, operates out of a house in the oakland hills. it's zoned as a home business and licensed by the state department of fish and wildlife. the director, lila travis, says they were hoping to stay there for decades. but the house is being taken off the rent for market and they need to be out by september 22nd. >> it's going to be really hard to relocate, aside from all of the animals, we have all of the cages, equipment, and a store of lumber that we have developed over the years so that we can build more cages. >> travis has a hearing with the oakland rent board the day before the shelter's eviction date. she is hoping to get some more time to find another property to house the shelter. still ahead on "the bay area sunday." on wednesday, same-sex couples will be able to get married in california. or will they? our political analyst, larry gerston, weighs in on what's next in the battle over prop 8. that's just ahead. stay with us.
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is it a constitutional right, or the union between a man and a woman? the debate over marriage in california has been raging for years, and the definition of marriage. this week, another step into history when it comes to same-sex marriage. we're joined by nbc bay area political analyst, larry gerston. good morning, larry. we have emergency appeals right now under way in the ninth circuit court of appeals, but judge walker certainly set the stage for same-sex marriages to resume this wednesday. we've talked to people, obviously, on both sides of the issue, very passionate. they make a clear argument for their cases. but the decision now in the hands of the court. >> yeah. and in the next few days, of course, will be very telling for all of the interested parties. no question about it. look. it gets to the very definition of marriage and, of course, that's important. but we have to go beyond that. because in some ways, vicki, this is just the tip of the icebe iceberg.
7:45 am
important, but just the tip of the iceberg. on one level, on themes such as fairness, morality, equality, on another level, an even deeper level lies the relationship between the definition of marriage and the united states' constitution and all of its guarantees, limitations and everything else. >> what clouds some of this, i would say, is there no is specific reference to gay marriage anywhere in the constitution. >> yep. >> so the justices have to interpret this document. >> yep. and that's where it gets murky. muddy. whatever you want to say. look, proposition 8 opponents claim their right to marry is based on the 14th amendment. there are a whole series of guarantees in that equal protection under the laws clause that apply to all kinds of civil rights issues. we've heard about this for more than 100 years. the proposition 8 proponents counter that marriage is not explicitly mentioned in the constitution, and they're right, by the way. it is not explicitly mentioned. so the state has the right to make its own marriage rules,
7:46 am
which would give reason to let the proposition stand. in the end, it gets to the very point you mentioned a few minutes ago. a court, whether it's now the u.s. court of appeals or, in fact, more likely, the u.s. supreme court, will have to settle on one argument or the other. and decide accordingly. it is a pivotal moment on this issue, no question about it. >> but they're not operating in the dark. we have some historical press dentsz here in terms of how the court has ruled in previous decisions and that is the courts have sided with the veote of th people. >> that's right. it gets very sticky, because there is no consistent theme, except that they have gone with the way the courts -- the states have gone before. so here are the kind of hints, for example, that play into what you just said. you look at something like the state of massachusetts, which is a gay rights court -- a gay rights state, and the supreme court said we're not going to mess with what you have done in massachusetts. then you've got more than two dozen other states that have defined marriage as an act between a man and a woman, and the court has said, you know what, we're not going to mess
7:47 am
with what you have said. so if you use that kind of logic, you would seem to think that proposition 8 would be left intact. but -- and here's the but. if the court is ready to brink with the past, then the gay rights plaintiffs could prevail. so the question is, is this case compelling enough, have the arguments that have been made so different and unique and firmly entrenched in its own constitutional basis that this court is ready to move in a new direction? and you know what, it's a cliff hanger. we're not likely to know the answer to this question. for probably three or four years. >> wow, three or four years. but it will be a sweeping decision, not just here in california, but obviously -- >> it could be. if the court finally says that the 14th amendment does extend the gay rights, you're right. it would then blanket the entire country. but if they say, you know what, we're not going to mess with this anymore differently than we have messed with anything else related to state by state, things will stay the way they
7:48 am
have been. >> we have a minute left. let's talk about november elections. california candidates. no gray area here. you are either for gay marriage or against it, right? >> you're right. this thing ripples over into all kinds of other issues, not to mention the november elections. so if you look at the governor's race, democrat jerry brown has supported gay marriage, republican meg witman opposes is it. and if you look at the senate raise, the differences are just a start. barbara boxer, the incumbent democratic senator supports gay marriage. carley fiorina opposes it. so no, this is not the only issue in the race. but for many people who are passionate about this issue, you better believe it could make a difference in the way they vote november. and, of course, that would send a message in terms of what people may or may not do in washington in the months and years to come. it's a big one. it's what we call a wedge issue that will affect not only the temperament of the judiciary and the supreme court, but also the voters in november. >> great, larry, thank you so much.
7:49 am
insight, as usual. and we'll be watching this issue very closely this week. and a live look outside at the golden gate bridge. the outside concert happening there in san francisco this morning. coming up on nbc "bay area sunday," craig herrera will have your details photographed. forecast. wrap [ son ] i'm a good son. dependable. i call my mom every week.
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time now, 7:51. thanks for coming back. you're looking live at oakland there, starting to see a little bit of sun peeking through the haze. but it should get better. east bay has a festival of india going on today in fremont. we have the sf outside lands and then san jose jazz festival. so a musical weekend. >> musical weekend and you need layers for the early part and lose them by the afternoon. sunshine coming through, as you were talking about, and most of that will give us 70s and 80s. look at san francisco, though, a cool day in the city. only 62 for a high. the giants are there today at 1:05. we'll get some sunshine at that point by china basin, but if you're close to the sunset
7:52 am
district, you're still going to be contending with fog. right now, right over sonole, cloud cover, to start the morning. so getting ready for your bike ride? your morning run? yeah, layers. you've got it. temperatures right now in the 50s. we've got fog at 2,000 feet deep, and we're starting to get close to the 60s for the south end of the bay and parts of the east side. overall, chilly. it will take time to warm up. with the fog in place, mist and drizzle, especially sky land boulevard close to the golden gate. watch as what happens as we go through the afternoon. the fog hugs the coast, and stays in the 60s and 70s. near 80 east land inland valleys, so while we do have sunshine, temperatures running cooler than average for this time of year. the giants taking on the padres, 1:05. clearing, breezy, low to mid 60s
7:53 am
in the china basin, but the sunset district, closer to the upper 50s. rather cool at a day along the coast. 62 in san francisco, the place where we read the official high there, and downtown. 84, livermore. 77 in sonoma and 76 in san jose. morgan hill, 83. sunset, 8:0 2. and tomorrow morning, more fog, but it will clear earlier. seven-day forecast. it clears early early tomorrow, so we warm a couple degrees. manage mid 80s. tuesday, wednesday and thursday, the wind starts to pick up, and we do start to cool down yet again. so next weekend, expect some more of the cooler conditions. holly -- look at holly. she has a birthday cake on her kennel on her cage there. and she turned 4 on august 12th. dough lore res, thanks for sending that in. happy birthday, holly. a sweet doggy. and then this, jamie sent a picture of her angel who is named kitty, who is not a
7:54 am
morning cat. what about the afternoon? and then finally, bella and gracie. isn't that so sweet? mike and rose of bethel island have these two great dogs and took that with the rocket ship in the background. i love that. sweet dogs. >> i would love to be able to get my dogs to sit still like that. all right, craig. thank you so much. appreciate it. and special edition of "meet the press." here is david gregory in washington with a preview. >> coming up, a special edition of "meet the press" from afghanistan. my exclusive conversation with the new commander of u.s. and coalition forces, general david petraeus. speaking out for the first time since assuming his command. he'll speck about the enemy, the future of the war and the u.s. commitment here. only on "meet the press." >> thanks so much for making us a part of your morning. our next newscast is tonight at 5:00. giants on at 1:00, and "meet the press with david gregory" is next.
7:55 am
enjoy your sunday. >> take care.
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