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tv   NBC Bay Area News at 430  NBC  August 16, 2010 3:30am-4:00am PST

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. left with nothing. pakistani americans in the bay area asking for help after floods have left more than a third of their home country under water. >> no more overdraft fees as of today unless you take action. we'll show you why. good morning, everyone. i'm scott mcgrew in for brent cannon. >> i'm kris sanchez in for laura garcia-cannon. it is 4:30 now. >> craig herrera is in for rob. i wonder where they all are. >> i don't know. we'll have our own party here. good morning to you both.
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happy monday. a little more sunshine today it has been cooler than average, a lot of people have been talking about the weather being cooler than average. sunshine is nice. waking up to 50s, fog out there today. temperatures this time of year about 70 degrees in san francisco, today i'm going 64. 84 in san jose, i'm going 77. it will be a nice afternoon. you can see the numbers are still below average. some people going back to school, today as well. by noon, 70s, by 5:00 p.m., a couple of 80s. i'll have more on the seven-day in a bit. we'll warm up today, and after that we cool down. back to you. >> thank you very much. we will get you started with a first look at traffic with mike inouye. >> in for mike inouye is me. looking at a minor accident northbound 85 at de anza boulevard.
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a reminder, a lot of elementary schools getting back into session as well, watch for the school zones, school bus stops and pedestrians. a lot of them may be shorter than your hood. we will watch the morning watch. back to you. the numbers are staggering. the humanitarian crisis huge. one-third of pakistan under water right now because of massive flooding. some 1500 people have died, 20 million people are homeless. as monte francis reports, thousands here are worried about what's happened in their homeland. >> reporter: there are an estimated 28,000 pakistani americans who live here in the bay area, many of them have family members in pakistan dealing firsthand with this crisis. after surveying the flood damage in pakistan, and witnessing the devastation up close, u.n. secretary-general ban ki-moon said he has never seen anything like it.
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>> i'm asking the world community to speed up their assistance to pakistani people. >> reporter: on top of the 1500 deaths and the estimated 20 million people who have become homeless since the floods began two weeks ago, now there are concerns about the spread of diseases from unclean drinking water such as kol rachlt the president of the pakistan association of san francisco told us he has friends and family members in pakistan who lost their homes. they have no roof, no water, they cannot recognize where their house was standing. >> reporter: in milpitas a group of young muslims gathered to pray and raise money for flood relief. several local mosques including one in richmond and three in san francisco are also collecting money and supplies to help flood victims. he said the images of the devastation are difficult to look at. >> i almost stopped myself from crying many time when i saw those pick chores and heard the
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n pictures and heard the news. >> reporter: the largest help is coming from the u.s. military, in part because pakistan is a key ally against al qaeda. some political allies say those efforts could improve the u.s. image for pakistanis. so far only about $2,000 locally has been collected. if you would like to help out, you can contact the pakistani association of san francisco or the american red cross. in san francisco, monte francis. gay marriage is set to take center stage again this week. one of the most interesting players in the debate has been
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governor schwarzenegger. >> arnold schwarzenegger won the office of governor in 2003 and a few months later thrown directly into the gay marriage debate. though he always supported gay rights and civil unions, his opinion on gay marriage has clearly changed over the years. here's what he had to say about san francisco issuing gay marriage licenses in 2004. >> san francisco license for marriage of same sex, maybe another thing is a city that hands out licenses for assault weapons or selling drugs. >> reporter: then in 2005 he told chris matthews on "hardball" i don't believe in gay marriage. by 2008, when i interviewed him on the day the state supreme court stick down the ban on gay marriage, he said he supported the decision but clearly didn't want to elaborate on it. >> i have no problem with it.
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>> are you for or against gay marriage? >> i have no problem with it. >> reporter: a few months later, the voters passed proposition 8, banning same-sex marriage in california. the california governor did not support prop 8, but it was not until judge vaughn walker's decision this month legalizing gay marriage that schwarzenegger said judge walker's decision affirms the full legal protections and safe guards that i believe everyone deserves. at the same time it provides an opportunity for all californians of considering our history of leading the way to the future and our growing reputation of treating all people and relationships with equal respect and dignity. >> that was diane dwyer reporting. this landmark case which could end up in the supreme court is called perry versus schwarzenegger. though the governor was named as a defender, he refused to argue in favor of prop 8.
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we have video of how close spectators were at a racetrack in california where eight people were killed. fans were just a few feet from the track as the race known as the california 200 went on. just 12 minutes into the race, a driver of a modified ford ranger came barrelling over a jump and slams into the crowd. >> came up and caught air and flew sideways. i seen people scrambling. as soon as it hit, it rolled on top and people flew. it went all kinds of directions. people were scattering. >> the driver was not hurt in the crash but could have been injured in the aftermath. witnesses say he ended up running from the crash scene. people started throwing rocks at him. he posted the message on his facebook account offering prayers for the victims. the california highway patrol says it will not charge him. president obama visited the gulf coast over the weekend trying to promote tourism but the controversy over a proposed mosque in new york city at
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ground zero overshadowed that trip. on friday, the president voiced his support of religious and cultural center which is supposed to be built near ground zero. on saturday he said he went endorsing the building of the mosque but was commenting on the freedom of religion. >> i am offended by it. more than a little angry that they have seen how upset people have become and they still persist in proposing the building of this mosque. >> we the people, the average citizen starts restricting someone's ability to worship where they want to worship, what does that say about our country as a whole? >> polls show that two-thirds of americans oppose the mosque's location. the san francisco coroner's office has given us more information about a bicyclist killed in a hit and run. now, the victim was a 21-year-old tourist from germany. the driver left the scene friday
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night near masonic and turk, but officers found him a few blocks away. the 38-year-old man was arrested and booked on vehicular manslaughter charges. by horrible coincidence, another german tourist was killed in san francisco last week as well. last sunday, a 50-year-old woman from germany was shot and killed when she was hit by a stray bullet. >> that is a terrible coincidence. 4:39 now. time to check the commute with mike inouye. good morning. >> good morning. we will take you to the san mateo bridge, where the flow of traffic and the view here very clear. you can see the lhigh rise and the peninsula side there. smooth flow with the lights coming off the 880 interchange there. where they are doing a lot of work is between industrial and hesperian, but 880 itself, light volume of traffic heading over that. that volume can get through the construction zone without problems. northbound, taillights past the
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coliseum. more folks will be hitting the road and as schools get back in session this weeks we will see more folks getting back to work as well. >> i love hearing that. let's say it all morning, shall we? i'll go home, nobody will be home. school back in session! >> that means nap time is back in session for us. >> remember to pick up the kids after school. >> darn it. gro >> good morning to you. those kids will have to bundle up as they head outside this morning. southnd of the bay, cloud cover, 50s. as we go through the afternoon, we have more sunshine today than yesterday. we have a lot of fog close to the bayside communities, by 9:00 a.m. pushing back. look at the coast, haven't seen clearing here in a couple of days. we get a bit of sunshine from 12:00 to 3:00. by the time we get into 8:00 p.m. that fog is rolling in and
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we cool off more. 64 for the high today in san francisco. 84 in morgan hill. the north end of the bay, back to the upper 70s. a couple of mid 80s for places like livermore. seven-day forecast, today is the warmest day, not by a lot. but we cool off going through the rest of the week. >> thanks, craig. it is 4:41 now. say good-bye to overdraft fees. in rules go into effect today. the online danger targeting your kids. we will take you inside a social network that could be feeding a deadly addiction. and as scott likes to say, it's back to school time. how is this emy effecting the back to school rush? >> we'll be back in just a moment.
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time is 4:44. welcome back. a live look at the hp pavilion in san jose. most people join a social networking site to chat with friends, but more and more young women are logging on and dropping into a dangerous world of dieting. lawy laura garcia-cannon has a look. >> reporter: 20-year-old allison dutton, just like any other college student, spends hours on the computer. a place where images of stick-thin models and celebrities are everywhere. >> you could be going on a website not related to body image, and it's everywhere. >> reporter: the internet has become host to a group of people with eating disorders, they find
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each other online, share diet secrets and pledge to support each other on a dangerous quest. >> i found a group of girls going through the exact same thing and you feed off of each other. >> reporter: dutton struggled with an eating disorder when she was at skyline high school at oakland. she said finding other people in the same situation made it easier for the anorexia to progress. >> i knew girls that were like let's get skinny together. >> reporter: when that kind of mentality goes viral, the implications are huge. >> people have access to a lot of information. >> reporter: this eating disorder specialist sees a lot of patients going these websites to validate their illness. >> they go to one of these sites, they get into a community where people are saying this is good that you do this. it's okay to have a life choice. they're so sick there is no choice when you have anorexia. >> reporter: dutton knows what
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that is like. she said the anorexia controlled her life. she lied to her family and isolated herself from her friends. >> i was manipulative about it. >> reporter: and she said it's up to parents to be aware that these sites exist. >> unfortunately girls as young as six are going on these sites. >> you don't eat and you just -- if you are in one of those communities, you just stop eating and you keep going and going and going. >> reporter: but the sites continue to attract new people every day. laura garcia-cannon, nbc bay area news. smiles on parents all over the bay area this morning. students in the san jose and san francisco school districts are headed back to class. families doing a little last-minute shopping at the great mall in milpitas over the weekend. according to a study by the national retail federation, most of the back to school budget is spent on clothing. parents were looking for bargains and sales and some
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students were hoping to get double duty out of new outfits. saw it a little while ago. i really liked it. then i had to get my mom's opinion. it can also work as a shirt, kind of, with jeans, which is why i thought it was a good way to spend my money. >> she asked me for a couple things today, i said you take one, i'll take the other. it's a give and take. >> the average american family expected to spend about $600 total on clothing, shoes and electronics this fall, that's up about 10% from last year. a livermore mother accused of having sex with two 13-year-old boys is due in court today. 42-year-old christine hobbs faces 62 felony counts of sexual assault. she is expected to enter a plea in front of a judge. police say the mother of three has been having sex with two boy force well over a year, starting when those boys were 13. hobbs was arrested after the mother of one of those alleged victims found a nude photo of
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her on her son's cell phone. caltrain riders should be prepared for serious cuts in service and fare hikes to make up for the budget shortfall. this week caltrain will hold community meetings to get public comment over new proposals, which include ending all weekend trains, cutting early morning and late-morning evening trains, ending service south of san jose, increasing fares by 25 cents each way and increasing the cost of monthly passes and parking fees. the meetings will be at the caltrain stations themselves in san francisco, san jose, san carlos and gilroy on thursday. it is 4:48. china is making a move up the world economic ladder, but futures are sliding down. courtney reagan is live at cnbc headquarters with the market preview. happy back to school day. >> thank you. thank you.
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wall street could start the trading week with more red arrows. it looks like futures are lower. that's coming off a week where we saw the dow fall 3%, the nasdaq 5%, as more data shows signs of the recovery slowing. asia and europe are both down today it will be a lighter week for economic data, though we do get reports on housing, inflation, manufacturing and earnings from retailers like home depot and walmart. the dow was off 16 points on friday, so we will start trading at 10,303. the nasdaq also down 16 points. after three decades of blockbuster growth, china has passed japan as the world's second largest economy, trailing only the united states. experts say unseating japan and moving past germany, france and the uk underscores china's clout. china could also surpass the u.s. as the year as 2030. our economy is valued at $14
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trillion, china is at 1.3 trillion dollars. hog supplies are down creating a shortage of pork bellies which is what bacon is made out of. prices shot up about 50% since june. americans eat more than 1.7 billion pounds a year of pork. back to you. >> the great bacon crisis of 2010. >> it's not a joke, scott. >> it's not. bank overdraft fees may not hit your wallet unexpected because of new federal regulations. starting today, banks will automatically opt everyone out of their overdraft protection programs unless you tell them otherwise. that move comes in response to that so-called $40 cup of coffee experience when you buy something small with your atm card, only later to find out you had to pay a $35 overdraft fee along with it. more new rules take effect next sunday. the most you can be charged for a late payment will drop to $25
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instead of the current $39. credit card companies will be banned from charging you inactivity fees for not using your card, and they can't just raise your interest rates randomly. they have to tell you why in writing. pixar broke a box office recor record. >> can you tell me where i am? >> "toy story 3" is now the highest grossing animated film of all time. the movie has grossed about $920 million after almost two months in theaters. it is disney's fourth best grossing film after the two "pirates of the caribbean" movies and tim burton's "alice in wonderland." as you likely know, pixar is based in emeryville. >> people here are trying to keep cool in the midst of a heat wave. record-breaking temperatures reported throughout washington state yesterday. many people went to the many local lakes to keep cool as officials opened cooling shelters.
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forecasters say the record breaking high temperatures will continue today there any way. >> ours are almost record-breaking low temperatures. >> yeah. >> it's a strange summer. >> you think about july. july in most of the area cities, for san francisco, for example, the coolest since 1971. that was just july. august, well, we're pretty far behind with the average highs again. right now waking up to 50s. cloud cover and fog is coming our direction. pacific northwest getting the break. we had lots of rain over the winter and now we're getting cooler conditions. a lot of people seem to like it. those who want the heat are not happy. we won't have a lot of heat today. one spin in the atmosphere came through yesterday, gave us a deep fog bank, gave us showers and thunderstorms for the sierra. if you are headed to lake tahoe or reno, you're fine. the showers and thunderstorms moved on. since we are between these two
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cooler systems, we have a little bump here that will give us a warmer day. one warm day. when i say warm, we won't see 90s, which we can typically see, just not happening. what we will get is mid 80s with the arm air in place. that next cool system comes in tomorrow evening. the fog we do have will clear out earlier today, even along the coast. at the beaches, if you're headed there, you have 60s. average highs this time of year, about 70 in san francisco. 84 in san jose. 82 in santa rosa. much cooler than that, about ten degrees cooler in most cases in the warmer spots. we are noticing the difference. people living in san francisco are saying i just want sunshine. you have a bit more of it today. air quality good around the bay area, which we would expect with this cool breeze moving on through. the daily planner by 8:00 a.m., 50s, still mist and drizzle by the coast. by 5:00 p.m., mid 80s. that's about it.
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sunset, 8:01. store ca upper 70s for the north end of the bay today. notice the fog off the coast for a few hours for a bit of sunshine from mid 60s. seven-day forecast, cooling off with that cooler system coming in tuesday, wednesday, thursday, friday. kris and scott, back up to the upper 70s in the warmest spots. >> i enjoy that. i think it's spectacular. >> i'm with you. >> you can always tell where everybody lives depending on how they complain about the weather. >> mike, clear in the south bay now? >> yeah. we had the earlier accident, we talked about 85 around de anza boulevard, that's completely cleared from the roadway. a minor issue there as far as the traffic flow. still 101 between highway 85 and up towards 680, that interchange there, may some construction going on. earlier slowing around the 680/280 interchange, that cleared up a few minutes ago we
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have slowing southbound 680 coming off of mission boulevard, from scott creek down to c calaver calaveras, construction until 7:00 a.m. approaching this area, coming through sunol, 680 looking nice. a live look here shows you the southbound cars going around the golf course, heading over the hill to the earlier map we saw, heading up from san jose through fremont and sunol. a nice, easy light drive now. volume might increase starting first in the east bay because folks are back from summer vacation. bay bridge, no problems here. we will follow both of those hot spots, in antioch, that's where we usually see heavy slowing. no issues heading back and forth between the city and the east bay. kris, back to you. childhood obesity rates have fallen over the past decade for some kids but not all kids.
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researchers at uc san francisco reviewed medical records from 8 million middle schoolers. they found obesity rates peaked in 2005. the prevalence of obesity continued to climb for african-americans and american indian girls. researchers suggest interventions targeted towards girls might be beneficial. >> what do you get when you cross a male lion and a female tiger. a female tiger gave birth to three cubs yesterday, two survived. the father is an african lion named simba. the cubs are being hand fed because the mother didn't try to nurse them. the zookeeper said the lion and tiger lived together for three years, and this is their first pregnancy. if you do the opposite, you cross a female lie onandon and
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tiger, you get a tiglion. i'm not making that up. just ahead, why these zra ended up running loose in a neighborhood.
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i was told that i was at risk for sudden cardiac death. i was 23 years old, i wasn't overweight. i never dreamed this would happen to me. when the doctor told me i had three blocked arteries, i felt like i was punched in the gut. i found out that one in three women die from heart disease. how did i not know that? it is back to school day across the bay area. we have a live report coming up. controversy over the mosque in lower manhattan is at a new high this morning. find out why.


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