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tv   NBC11 News The Bay Area at 5  NBC  August 18, 2010 4:00pm-4:30pm PST

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closest eye on. when her daughter starts school a year from now in san francisco, she'll be among the students who are fully immunized. but there are schools around san francisco where the students are not so up to date on their vaccinations or parents are concerned about much-debated links to autism and at disorders decide not to vaccinate their children at all. the department of public health said with the growth in cases of whooping cough, they can no longer afford to take chances. parents in public and private schools are being informed about a new policy that could end upkeeping kids who don't have whooping cough vaccinations out of school for three weeks or longer. >> that's a tough one. i don't like to see a child at home. what do the working parents do? >> in schools or what classrooms with low immunization rate if a child comes down with whooping cough, the students who are not immunized will be sent home for 21 days and it will be considered on a case-by-case
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basis. 123450 we're not in the business of having kids stay home and not wed educated. >> reporter: she acknowledges that some parents might feel their children are being punished because they made the decision to opt out of immunization. >> compared to the family this gets their kids immunized and ends up with a sick child because you chose not to get immunize. >> reporter: these kids could go through that and if another case of whooping cough pops up, those same kids will have to go home all over again for another 21 days. we spoke to parents that expressed concern that those kids quantity keep up with their schoolwork and maybe it could affect the curriculum for the entire last. live in san francisco, tracy grant, bay area news. it sounds like legitimate concerns. there have been already more than 3,000 confirmed or
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suspected cases of whooping cough in california this year. that is a seven-fold increase in the number of cases over a year ago. eight deaths have been reported and all of them involving infants. at this rate it's likely that california will have the most case of whooping cough it has seen in more than 50 years. boomerang bust. thrill seekers riding a roller coaster in valet to had a fight inning few minutes. the boomerang roller coster got stuck on the tracks and while passengers were not exactly upside down they were not level. 26 passengers were on there and they were stuck for about ten minutes. eventually all of them were able to climb off, luckily, no one hurt. the ride has been shut down. why it stalled, they haven't figured that out yet. the catholic church sex abuse scandal is back in the news tonight with seven new victims coming forward today saying that they were molested by a former priest of the oakland diocese. one of the alleged victim?
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the priest-'s own stepdaughter, cheryl is live with more. >> reporter: two of the alleged victims and their attorneys chose to come here to the cathedral near lake merit to file this lawsuit. they say this lawsuit is about awareness and prevention. >> it was steven keysly who in the 1970s while a priest, in various parishes, raped and molested countless children. >> reporter: that's what attorney jeff anderson is alleging today, one of two attorneys representing six women and one man who claim they were molested by former priest, steven keys keys the bishop and chose to keep it secret. >> and today we are here to
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demand transparency. >> anderson used his picture to make a point. one of the alleged victims in this case is teresa rosen. she said shes she was molested from age 11 to 40. she also says she's his stepdaughter. >> our purpose here is to make it stop. it could have been stopped in '68. it could have been stopped in '73, '76, '78 and on and on. but it wasn't. >> reporter: these allegations are not new for keysly. in 1977, he pled no contest on charges he molested two minors. he was convicted in 2005 for molesting a minor and served six years for that crime. a spokesperson for the oakland diocese says they don't want to comment on this lawsuit until they see it. >> he was arrested in 1978. and before he appeared in court, the bishop called him into his office and removed him from previously duties.
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from that day forward he never served as a priest again. >> he lives with his wife and the alleged victims say they are seeking monetary damages and compensation for counseling. reporting live in oakland, bay area news. the furloughs of state workers in california will begin again. now that the california supreme court has agreed to review a lower-court ruling that banned a new round of mandatory off-days. state workers will be forced to take three unpaid days off per month. the governor spokesperson says the furloughs will begin this coming friday. it's estimated that the days off will stave state $150 million a month and the furloughs will be in effect until the court makes a ruling or until lawmakers approve the overdue budget. and speaking of that budget, the state controller is warning that he will have to issue ious again, beginning next month and they estimate that in two to
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four weeks they'll have to start paying the bills with warrants. this will be the second year in a row california had to resort to ious and it comes with repercussions. he says it makes california's credit rating worse and puts a big tax burden on residents and he says he has no choice but to issue them. >> we will run out of cash in late october. obviously, i don't want the state to be insolvent or schools shutting down and taxpayers not to get their tax refunds back. but if the governor and legislature doesn't act i'll have to face this. >> the democrats propose tax increases to help close the deficit and republicans, including the governor, say they will not consider higher tax. up in smoke. marin county deputies and state and federal authorities to destroy marijuana growing sites. several pot growing operations were found in the foothills and the sheriff's office said the
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operations led to saefrl dangerous conversations where officers and people in public parks have run into armed criminals connected to the drug sites. they are hoping the eratification will also help to improve the quality of the water. a nightclub won't close after getting an eviction notice. jelly's on pier 50, last month a richmond man was shot and killed outside the club and a few days later they said their lease expired august 18th and because of violence and noise violations, that deadline, come and gone and a lawyer says they radio fighting the eviction on several grounds and the police are calling for them to shut down. the coast guard left a search on the bay after coming across debris and a life jacket in the san francisco bay. a coast guard crew spotted the debris field shortly before 7:00 this morning as they were towing a disabled boat to shore. after about three hours
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searching for the source of the degree and finding nothing, the search was called off. a major milestone in iraq. seven years and five months after the u.s. invasion, the last american combat brigade has left the country. the withdrawal is two weeks ahead of the president's august 31st deadline for ending all combat operations by the u.s. but the u.s. presence there is far from over. 50,000 troops will remain through the end of next year to help train the iraqi forces. those soldiers will carry weapons and they will accompany iraqi troops on military missions if they were requested to do so. more than 4,000 u.s. troops have been killed in a war that cost more than $748 billion to fight. and we'll have more on the milestone on the "nightly news" immediately following this broadcast. now, not what the administration wanted to hear. bad news from an associated press. approval for his handling of the my on the downswing but mr. obama defends his record to
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voters in a backyard in ohio, insisting he save jobs and invest in the future. talked about how 2% of all electric car batteries are made in the u.s. and the president says, that's about to change. >> by 2015, in five years, we're going to have 40% of that market because of the investments that we made. >> the new ap poll shows that 41% of people approve of what the president is doing with the my. that's down more than three points. well, still ahead at 5:00, do you know where your friends are? coming up, the change to facebook that's already causing controversy. and new options for travelers in one of the most widely-used airlines. that new option, of course, will cost you. and important new study involving cancer patients acting like tend is near, may actually delay the end. and driving while under the influence of your pet?
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what more and more drivers are doing that may be putting others at risk. and good afternoon. i'm your chief meteorologist jeff ranieri. the county often known for its grapes, coming up, sonoma county, the festival that's been happening for over 20 years and where you can get more than just fresh prododuce.e. ca, plplus your mild summe reomfo cupstg in. [ male announcer ] when meg whitman arrived at ebay, they had 30 people and an idea. meg's job was to make it happen. it took leadership. focus. and the ability to bring people together. meg whitman delivered. named one of america's best ceo's by harvard business review, she grew ebay 15,000 strong and made small business dreams come true.
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now meg has a plan to create jobs. fix sacramento. and deliver results. meg whitman. for a new california. what this droid does will change how you do web connections. this creates a mobile 3g hotspot, powerful enough to fuel multiple devices at will.
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putting you at the center of your own world wide web. introducing the new droid x. the next generation of does. the second crackdown on drivers illegally using their cell phones while behind if wheel. police agencies across the bay area issued more than 900 citations during a one-day crackdown. the national safety council estimates 30% of all crashes involve drivers talking or
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texting on their cell phones. if the cell phone isn't enough it appears pets while driving holding fido is more of a distraction. 30% of dog owners have been distracted by their pet while driving. more than half admitted to petting their dogs while driving while one in five allow their dogs to sit on their lapse. only 17% of those secure have aed say they use any type of restraint system for their dog in the car. people across the country and across the state are struggling to pay for the number-one basic necessity, that being food. college students are no exception. our reporter shows you how some students are making ends meet. >> reporter: she's a junior at sacramento state and like so many others she considers herself a starving college student. >> no one wants to go hungry or not have anything to eat because you're trying to pay rent or other things. >> reporter: brown is one of 1500 college students in
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sacramento county who gets food stamps to buy food every month. >> it's a fear other not having food but i'm so happy that i don't have to wowry about that much. >> just two years ago, about 700 students received food stamps. >> they've got nowhere else to turn. we're see morgue and more folks like that. >> reporter: now that sacramento county department of human assistance is struggling to keep up with the flood of applications coming in. >> and for college students how are eligible for the program it's increased by 113% in the last two years. >> they say it's no secret they have many hungry students on campus. >> we have students come in who say they'll talk you about something else and at the end of the conversation, they'll a you don't have a piece of fruit or anything i can eat? >> reporter: counselors want to make sure students know they offer the food stamp application on campus. >> our philosophy is the less stress they had are in their financial they can concentrate on college.
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>> brown hopes to graduate and one day fill her fridge on her own. >> i don't plan to be on food stamps forever. this is a short-term thing to help me to get to where i need to go right now. >> anyone can apply for food stamps as long as certain requirements are met. you can fill out an application online or go to any social security office. a new study shows patients who get quality of life cancer care early on often can live longer. researchers in boston looked at two groups with terminal lung cancer. half received standard care. the other half also received palliative care which focuses on helping the gravely ill make the most of their time left. in the end those patients lived an average of three months longer. doctors say the study corrects the misconception that palliative care means treatment has failed and it's time to give up. there's one nonproit in organization in the east bay that's not giving up when it comes to raising money for underserved women testify the
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friends of faith walk takes place this saturday at lake merit. former reporter, fay, started the organization in 1997 when she was diagnosed with cancer. she passed away in 2003. that organization that bears her name continues, even in these tough economic times but it hadn't been easy. >> we've been trying for several months and we haven't gotten the responses that we thought we should got or that we've got none the past and i think that's the downturn the economy and people are doing other things with their disposable income such as paying medical expenses. >> the walk is this saturday and it's not too late to enter. i remember when fay was alive. >> yes, indeed, those of us that worked with her were fortunate indeed. jeff ranieri on the road, once again. this time all the way up in
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santa rosa at the farmer's market. >> jeff, i need some bananas. knows are on the list, what about grapes, jessica? >> i'll take that. >> i'm missing somebody to feed them to me i'll be on the lookout. we're here at the santa rosa street market. it started about 15 minutes ago. hot chilly peppers, eggplant, squash and tomatoes but there's more than just food out here at this street market happening for over 20 years. this is the executive director were tracy pew. streets are closed down and 15 minutes ago this was mity and now people are flooding in. >> the market goes until 8:30 and probably by 7:00 the streets are pretty packed and it's hard to walk through. >> and there's food but there's also a lot more happening, right? >> there is. entertainment, chef demos, clowns that do face painting and balloons. there's also processed foods so
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there's desert and you name it pretty much. >> something for everyone. i asked her about the weather having an impact and you say the numbers have been down but people still should come out, right? >> definitely. we have all the vendors. produce has been off because of the weather but still, everything is going on so we'd love foi your to come out. >> thank you, tracy. and let me tell you what, the produce is very reasonable and it looks absolutely delicious like these grapes i've been holding. your weather maps, we've seen the fog push back away from the coastline getting compressed by this region of high pressure and here's a few santa rosa facts. this summer, one of the top five coolest summers ever in history as temperatures have been averaging in the 60s to low to mid 70s. the warmest day this year was in the mid 90s. typically, we could have temperatures in the triple
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digits here and it just hadn't happened. as we head throughout thursday we see slight warming in the forecast and we're keeping an eye on a cool system that shouldn't be here this time of year. it's passing throughout the northwest and that will help to keep mild air in the forecast and also, the fog at the coastline. thursday we're expecting temperatures to be down. as we head throughout the inland spots for friday and saturday's forecast. as we head throughout the morning temperatures in the low to mid 50s. and then as we head throughout 2:00 p.m. tomorrow we're looking at mid-to-upper 70s for the south bay and also for the east bay. we'll have a few warm pockets in those typical spots but below average in the north bay and also for the peninsula. the santa rosa market, two weeks left. it's more than just a farmer's market. looking at next wednesday, temperatures will be in the 60s. at 7:00 p.m., yes, we can forecast out that far -- once again, it is free and every wednesday, at least for the next two weeks here.
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5:00 to 9:30. here's your seven-day forecast, temperatures in the upper 70s and low 80s as we head throughout the duration of this. we may see a little bit of warming here as we head throughout tuesday and wednesday. coming up in our 6:00 p.m. show, we have the executive chef from kendall jackson and you'll talk to us about the tomato event. >> this is our 14th one. we have about 16 bay area chefs and a lot of the guys from top chef competing. you can taste over 200 varieties of the heirloom tomatoes. >> from grapes to may tos we have it all out here. we'll have more on that event coming up. it really is a great thing coming up. >> jeff, the zucchinis behind you look fantastic. i'm going to blackberry you in a few minutes.
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>> we'll see you at 6:00. still ahead at 5:00, it looks like something from a james bond movie. and the change on facebkoo leading pr se omivacy concerns. people! look at you! texting...blogging... all this technology, but you're still banking like pilgrims! it's time for new school banking, bubbie. interest plus savings at why earn bupkis, when your savings can earn three times the national average!! three times the national average!!!
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the 500 million people that make of facebook'smenship may be able to post their sta puts but their location. facebook is holding a press conference at its headquarters in palo alto and it's rumored the company is going to announce a new location base service. it allows you to tell your friends exactly where you are which happens when you logon to a website with your mobile phone. the downside, given facebook's continue very shall and criticized handling of users private information, users may be leery of having their locations posted. airline passengers may have a new problem to deal with.
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american is charging an extra photo sit in the first two rows of coach and to be among the first passengers to board the plane. this, of course, are among the first to exit. the fee can be between $19 and $39 depending on the length of the flight and the seats only be bought at the airport kiosk within 24 hours of the flight. what's next? on wall stre stocks rose as investors found positive news from a retail report. the dow finished up nearly 10 points and the nasdaq rose. target helped to reverse early losses after second-quarter earnings rose more than 14%. we'll be back with the wildly offensive vessel that was turns heads on the bay today. [ male announcer ] when meg whitman arrived at ebay,
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they had 30 people and an idea. meg's job was to make it happen. it took leadership. focus. and the ability to bring people together. meg whitman delivered. named one of america's best ceo's by harvard business review, she grew ebay 15,000 strong and made small business dreams come true. now meg has a plan to create jobs. fix sacramento. and deliver results. meg whitman. for a new california.
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one of the most expensive yachts on the sea pulled into the san francisco bay measuring 390 feet long and looks like a submarine, maybe not. it's owned by a russian billionaire who has just traveled up the california coast from san diego. this billionaire is all of 39 years old. the yacht cost more than $300 million and it has three pools, 26,000 square feet of living space, luxuries such as bath knobs that cost $40,000 a piece. it cost more than $500,000 just to fill which the gas but guess what? his yacht is still smaller than larry ellison's. >> we need to get an invite. >> my yacht is bigger than your yut, dude. >> and say it in russian.
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>> and it goes faster, that's right. "the nightly news" is coming up next. >> we'll see you at 6:00.
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