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tv   NBC11 News The Bay Area at 11  NBC  August 18, 2010 10:00pm-10:35pm PST

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right now at 11:00, the fast-track flood that sends people to a phone sex line for help. tonight a bay area ag recall is expanded. first -- >> we're going home -- >> the 1st and the 38th infantry is the last unit to be in iraq, the last combat unit in iraq. >> a bay area soldier puts a
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face on the war in iraq. he talks exclusively to nbc bay area new as that last battalion rolls out. good evening, i'm jessica aguirre. >> i'm tom sinkovitz. 7 1/2 years after the first usair strike, the last u.s. combat troops are out of iraq with a bay area soldier at the head of the convoy. just hours ago, 4,000 soldiers from the 4th striker brigade drove out of rack in their armored vehicles. they are now in kuwait. so is richard engel, the only american reporter embedded with them as the troops pulled out. >> reporter: a short while ago he watched the last american combat troops crossed through this gate leaving iraq and entering here in kuwait. they were from the 4-2 striker brigade based at ft. lewis in washington state. they call themselves the raiders, and now they have a special place in the history of the iraq war. >> we're going home! >> reporter: they were the last
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440 american combat troops to leave iraq and enter kuwait. >> it feels great to know that we were -- that this battalion, the 1st and the 38th infantry is the last unit to be in iraq, the last combat unit in iraq. >> reporter: the next stop for them is to go to an american military base here in kuwait and then begin their journey home. richard engel, nbc news at the iraq/kuwait border. that soldier you just saw, steven die wewitt, is from the area. his parents saw their son on tv tonight as his convoy rolled into kuwait. our vicky nguyen spoke to them. what an emotional and what a significant moment for them. >> and very nice of them to share with us in their home, pat and jim dewitt say their son looked energetic and upbeat. maybe a little on the thin side. but they say hearing him speak tonight reassured them their son is coming home, proud of the mission he accomplished.
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between juggling phone calls -- >> hey, mom. >> yes, i know. >> reporter: the dewitts watched their son on "nbc nightly news," joining him half a world away in a moment of history. a war that lit up tvs seven years ago in a live broadcast from dewitt's convoy. >> yes, we were the last combat unit in iraq. we were the ones that finished that combat mission, and we did it -- we did a really good job. >> this is the most of what he thinks of everything. >> reporter: he answered the call of duty. >> he at 16 on september 11th said, i'm going to have to go. you know, and he did. when various family members would say, why can't you talk him out of it, why should i? you know? he knows this is what he has to do. and you want nothing more than your child to feel like they have a duty to the world.
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>> i was 17 when i watched, you know, 3rd i.d. cross from kuwait into iraq. >> reporter: now seeing their son healthy, if a bit thin, the dewitts know he'll be home at least a year. but as all troop families know, the worry of war is not far off. >> i do get concerned, you know, he's coming back, and the afghanistan situation is kind of this big elephant kind of in the room. you know, the potential is there that in a year or two he may end up over there. >> a war that has defined this generation of military men and women. and today, it's over. >> reporter: after seeing him tonight, lieutenant dewitt's family knows he'll be out of reach for days as they prepare to welcome him home, they continue to think of the 50,000 troops who will remain in iraq and the thousands more still fighting in afghanistan. hoping for the day they all come home.
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and it has been a big year for lieutenant dewitt in his first tour of duty. his family said he earned a bronze star. he's expected to return to ft. you lewis next month. and the family says the san jose high grad will be back here in the bay area by october. vicky nguyen. >> his parents no doubt we proud. as vicky mentioned, 50,000 troops will be staying in iraq but in a noncombat mission. sadly, though, during the more than seven years at war there, more than 4,000 u.s. service members were killed in "operation iraqi freedom." and some 32,000 others wounded. new tonight, the asian community in the east bay is taking a stand against violence. they're trying to help a woman whose husband was killed for the $17 in his pocket. the virginia man was in oakland to interview for a job a month ago tonight. he never returned home. tonight his widow flew across the country to talk about her husband and the father of their three children.
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nbc bay area's george kitiyama is in oakland with the story. george. >> reporter: tom, we talked with wendy kang. she's touched by all the support she's received from chinese-americans. she said she doesn't feel alone anymore. wendy kang flew 3,000 miles to the city where her husband was robbed and then killed. it was the most difficult trip. one with tears and sadness. >> i lost my beloved husband. my children lost their father, and a mother lost her dear son. >> reporter: her husband was here in the bay area july 18th preparing for a job interview the next day at google. police say he was walking to his car in downtown oakland after visiting a friend when two people approached him with a gun and demanded money. officers say kang handed over $17. but for whatever reason, 24-year-old george huggins shot kang three times, killing him. >> the pain and impact to my
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family is beyond words. in our most difficult time, we got support, prayers and loving care from so many of you. >> reporter: more than a dozen community leaders paid their respects to wendy kang, offers donations and condolences. >> although we live 3,000 miles apart, you are part of our community here. and we certainly want to recognize that and ves our deepest condolences. >> kang said her husband's death has brought unbearable pain and suffering to her and her three sons. but she says the support and encourage she's received from the community in the bay area give her strength. >> because of this, i will be brave to face the future with my family. knowing that we are not alone with many of you standing beside us.
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>> reporter: she says raising her three sons by herself will be a quite a challenge. knowing she has support from her friends will make it a lot easier. live from chinatown, nbc bay area news. he's wearing a tool belt and wearing a hard hat, but it's not a lunch break. you're watching exclusive surveillance video of the hard hat bandit. instead of tools in his belt he's carrying a gun to pull off holdups. police say he's struck five times so far, always yelling that orange hat and work boots. >> it's crazy. you know. >> now, the hard hit bandit may have slipped up and taken off his disguise a little too soon. police are revealing new video that may reveal his identity. hundreds of people are sick. and tonight the tainted egg recall is much more vast than first thought.
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now 32 million dozen egg cartens are on the do-not-eat list. >> olympic gold, it is going to be large and it will bring this problem forcefully to the att d attend. they are linked to salmonella. they are sold under 13 brand names. between june and august, 266 people have gotten sick in california. the symptoms usually last three to four days. i can't believe the house. so an advanced episode may last for months. >> how can you protect yourself? washing the eggs won't help. the only way to get rid of the bacteria is to being could the eggs thoroughly. that means better yet, return them for a full refund. a popular six flags roller coaster out of commission
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tonight after thrill seekers got a little more thrilled than they bargained for. the boomerang loop are roller coaster stopped mid right suspending 26 riders in the air. everyone got off safely. luckily the people could have been left dangling upside. it's still under investigation. up next, fast track fiasco. why your toll tag could land you in the hot seat the next time your phone bill comes in the mail. you work 24/7. you can shower with it. you can do everything with it. >> technology and no needles, no pain and this hearing aid can do something no one else can. >> and this is what happens when dinner meets dessert.
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move over, kfc. you just might want this on your plate tomorrow. good evening. after a lot of sunshine through the bay area today, the fog is back. and so are mid-50s from the north bay down to the peninsula. as for tomorrow, the south bay, 10:00 a.m., just 67 degrees. details on a cooling weekend coming up.
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a fast track covering a dirty little secret. instead of customer service, callers are getting an earful of naughty talk. nbc bay area's jean elie is at the bay bridge with the fast track phone fiasco. what a surprise. >> reporter: jessica, thousands of drivers have the fast track transponders. there's a number on here that's supposed to connect you to customer service. the number on some of the older transponders is connecting drivers to a very different kind of survey. drivers who use fast track cruise through the toll plaza, paying their toll electronically. drivers say they like the convenience. >> i like fast track. it's good in case i don't have cash to pay the toll.
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that's why i like it. >> reporter: thousands of bay area drivers use it. sometimes there are glitches in the system. >> billing issues usually. >> reporter: alex says sorting out problems can be a challenge. >> i tried using the phone and didn't really work out. it takes forever. they make you hold forever. so i just went online. >> reporter: drivers with older transponders are discovering another issue when they call the number on their device looking for help. the toll-free number is not what you would expect. >> call this number? are you serious? is this a joke? >> it's like a live naughty girl hotline. >> reporter: the number puts drivers on the fast track to sex talk. >> that's ycrazy. kind of funny. >> reporter: the ladies won't sort out a billing issue. in fact, they could create another problem. >> especially if it was on speakerphone in my office or something. all of a sudden i'm calling a live chat line. >> reporter: it's a glitch
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that's driving drivers crazy. >> tonight the transportation commission says it is aware of this glitch and it's looking into it. while it does that, it is suggesting that you call 511 and ask for fast track customer service. >> hopefully the right person will answer. thank you, jean. so what is that smell at san jose international airport's renovated terminal a? passengers don't smell it in the lobby, but behind the ticket counter, the sewerlike smell is so bad workers sometimes have to leave the building. they're threatening to withhold hundreds of thousands of dollars of monthly rent until the problem is fixed. easier said than done. the city has run cameras through plumbing lines and fixed minor leaks but still stinks. studies show that one in time americans suffers from hearing loss. but only 20% of them wear a hearing aid. why? patients say it can be
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inconvenient and embarrassing. our garvin thomas reports. >> reporter: rob burn is swimmer, a run ner but marathon after marathon, byrne never heard people cheering when he crossed the finish line. >> you hear race instructions, announcement as the beginning of the race. >> reporter: he couldn't hear anything at all. >> there we go. >> reporter: audiologists fitted him. >> we think of hearing aids that our grandparents had and they're not bad at all anymore. >> this is it. it's small, lightweight and flexible. a doctor inserts it deep in
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theal and it stays there four months. >> you wear it 24/7. >> reporter: each device is specifically programmed for the patient who can control the volume using the button. now you can hear, feel the wind in his hair. >> it's amazing. >> reporter: garvin thomas, bay area news. >> a new stud yo shows that lir eck is safe. jeff is back from being in the santa rosa farmers' market. >> look at these. >> they look like wine grapes. >> yes. very nice. >> they're beautiful.
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they look fake. >> look at this. a close-up shot. you don't want my hands in it. all right. let's go ahead and take a look at temperatures and how warm it has been so far this year. we've been talking about this milder and cooler than ever in san jose, also in the top five coolest. we did get in on heat this year, but it was way back on june the 12th or june the 17th. that's the. san jose did have 74. san francisco at 75. several hours of sunny skies. oakland did have temperatures near average. but that was just 70. it's not extremely hot. the fog is back with 66 in santa rosa. 58 in livermore and 60 in han jose, patchy low clouds inland with a lot of mid-level.
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into the weekend, as for tomorrow, we start with the fog in our low cloud cover spots. then 10:00 a.m. and 11:00 a.m., the fog pushes back towards the coastline. several more hours tomorrow. until wfriday and saturday, thi pattern will be taking a huge dip. the jet stream which pushes in cooler air across the country will be pushing well to the south. a fall pattern for us. and that's going to help keep the mild air across the bay area and also enhance that marine layer. so saturday and sunday, it looks like we'll have widespread 70s.
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this weekend. low 50s here for the east bay. temperatures in the upper 60s. as for everyone else, only 48 in napa. plen don't let it fool you because by this weekend temperatures will be dropping again. all of you having 80s for tomorrow, you'll be going down to the mid and upper 70s. certainly nsanta rosa getting i on upper 70s to low 80s. santa rosa street markets. that happens this week and the one after from 5:30 to 9:00. lots of fun stuff. we'll get in on some mid-80s.
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no 90s in the seven-day. now michael jackson the video game. [ male announcer ] when meg whitman arrived at ebay,
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a hairstylist who beverly hills a-listers has been arrested, accused of ripping off celebrities through credit card fraud. investigators say the salon owner would enter credit card information by hand instead of swiping the cards as retailers commonly do.
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in one case they say that the woman named perez charged actress liv tyler over $214,000. other clients include jennifer aniston, anne hathaway and cher. perez faces two counts of fraud and carries a maximum sentence of 25 years in prison. also wanted to moonwalk like the king of pop? now you can be just as "b"bad" m.j. himself. michael jackson the sperps game. it will feature jackson hits such as "bad," "beat it," and "billie jean." it's for playstation3 and wii. it will be the first to use connect and move. from xbox 360 and playstation3. but will you really be able to dance like him? >> i don't know. if i could, i would go there. >> i'll get you a red leather jacket. >> perfect. >> he has one. >> from 30 years ago.
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the giants. this is bad news, people. bad news. a bay area product haunting the giants tonight. a lot more to that story. also, favre is back and the other 40-year-old quarterback. two of them making big decisions today. favre and garcia. jaguar platinum coverage is not just a warranty. it's a belief in everything we do. it's a 5 year, 50,000 mile promise. with complimentary scheduled maintenance no-cost replacement of wear and tear items and 24/7 roadside assistance. because when you create the most beautiful, fast cars on earth, you create an ownership experience to match.
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go ahead evening. this is turning into to be a disaster. a couple weeks ago the giants were the darlings of baseball, dominating, smiling and thinking playoffs. tonight, though, fading fast. to philly. the strength of the giants. is now their weakness. starting pitching, matt cain,
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tim lincecum and the other three have failed to win a game in their last 14 starts. bottom four, jimmy rollins, the alameda product, with a three-run homer. the phillies had a 5-1 lead. a little sunshine? top of the sixth, pat burrell does it again. for the second straight night. a home run in the city where he became a star. but it is ugly. phillies win this thing 8-2. the giants hope to avoid the sweep. this is how it all shakes down as of tonight. national league west. this is the big playoff race, right? they trail the first place padres by six games. in the wild card race, they trail the phillies by two games. tomorrow, jonathan sanchez against cole hamels. much better news for the athletics who all of a sudden are showing signs of life. a nice belly right there. sunshine at the coliseum. a's and blue jays. top nine. remember fred lewis? he torches the a's. a two-run single off blevins.
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the bull pen blew the lead. 4-4. bottom nine, all good. cliff pennington is your hero. the rbi single. here comes steve. the a's win the game and the series. 5-4 is your final. tomorrow the best team in baseball is coming to the oakland coliseum. those would be the tampa bay rays. much of the buzz at 49ers headquarters today was all about brett favre. favre will face the 49ers this sunday at candlestick. national tv right here on nbc bay area. the niners specific alex smith hoping to look better than he did against the colts last weekend. smith saying today he remains confident. what else would he say? i'm unconfident. i really stunk in indy. mao about the two newcomers, brian westbrook and frank core, it's their first practice together. gore is the starter, westbrook is the backup. as for favre, his first practice
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today with the vikings. the 40-year-old quarterback decided one more season. and this time he means it. >> if you can do this, you can do this. i said, i've done that. there's nothing left pore me to prove. i'm here to have fun and help these guys win. i really enjoy this group of guys like you wouldn't believe. and i think that the feeling is mutual. >> the warriors, stephon curry sprained his left ankle while practicing with team usa, but it's believed to be mild. expected to play on saturday against lithuania. and i believe that's where jeff garcia is going. >> oh. >> the other 40-year-old quarterback signing a free agent deal with the lithuanian nighthawks. or is it the omaha nighthawks? >> not so bad. >> we love jeff. he's such a good guy. he wants to play one more year. this is the ufl, a new expansion team. the bay area product was with the raiders last year before being cut at training camp. >> when you love football, you love football.
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and to his credit. he loves the game. he wants to play one more year or as long as his bones allow. >> good thing they don't cut sportscasters. >> they will soon. feast your eyes when dinner meets det, g
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sounds like a late-night munchy disaster, but it's go ahead. joining forces thanks to a san francisco chef. alford decided to try mixing the chicken with that. she came up with red very well rhe velvet chicken. >> it's sweet with coating, it's petition with a cupcake sweet coating. >> the chicken is marinated in red velvet batter, then topped with cupcake crumbs and then dunked in a deep frier. >> fried? >> i'll try to anytime any place. et>> ry's lto i towmot ht nrrby e-bye.


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