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tv   NBC11 News The Bay Area at 6AM  NBC  August 19, 2010 5:00am-6:00am PST

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this is the biggest purchase by leave iraq. >> and an egg recall expands. intel since 1999. see how you can avoid the bad that will buy mcafee, the ones. security software company. we talked about what a huge premium this is for mcafee shares. mcafee shares are up $17 a share this morning. time is 6:00. so i mentioned earlier, if you it is thursday, august 19th. owned mcafee, you are buying thanks so much for waking up with us. lunch and you're in the money good morning to you. i'm kris sanchez in for laura today. symantec is up about 84 cents a garcia-cannon. share. >> i'm garvin thomas in for symantec is a competitor of brent cannon. we want to get to the forecast, mcafee. ria taormina will take care of dow down 28. nasdaq down 5. that for us. >> today will be a beautiful the "wall street journal" ran an article this morning quoting day. a little bit warmer today. mark hurd, former ceo of hp, the weekend will be cooling off. again denying an intimate right now it's cool, about 54 relationship with a woman who is degrees in san francisco. not his wife. 59 in san jose. a little bit of a difference cnbc says the search for a new from this time yesterday. ceo is actively under way. now to mike with more on the this is the second time hp had to replace its ceo quickly. traffic. >> good morning, ria. garvin, you and i were talking carly fiorina was let go, and about school safety a while back. we have been talking about it shortly thereafter they got over the course of the morning. you know what? themselves involved in a spying let me tell you what's going on scandal where there were here.
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we have police out there working congressional hearings, charges, hard to make sure kids are safe from the drivers speeding around, but one of the biggest they h factors when kids get to school it has been a long string of bad it's the parents in the area. news for hp. when we talk about being a rush >> and mark hurd was supposed to in the morning and fast-driving be the boy scout -- cars, we know fast-driving cars >> he drove the price up and kids are not a good enormously. there were lawsuits over firing combination on the roadways. we went out to trace elementary him. hp reports its numbers after the in front of the school and we found a running theme with close of the markets today. a big egg recall gets even comments. >> we can manage. bigger. a live report ist enme back. >> can't they slow down the slightest bit. >> lots of drivers driving very fast. >> that last guy? was miguel. he has been a crossing guard there for 19 years now. this is his 19th year. a dedicated man. he has all that experience under the belt. he is one of the 191 crossing guards that are dispatched throughout the area, currently under the command of lieutenant monahan. they have been screened, train and supervised by the san jose
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police department and from what we saw, an indispensable resource. speed is one issue. that's getting across the road safely. there was another big problem around that road, the parking. we will look at that coming up. >> mike, thank you very much. new this morning, san francisco police are looking for a killer, someone shot and killed a man in the tenderloin around 12:30 at jones and ellis streets. police say a man between 30 and 40 years old died from several gunshot wounds. they found a semi-automatic gun about a block from the shooting scene. now, get this, they found it inside a mailbox. the last u.s. major combat brigade has left iraq seven and a half years after operation iraqi freedom started. the striker patrol rolled into kuwait ahead ofs in iraq will
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remain. richard engle made the crossing with the four striker brigade and lieutenant steven dewitt. >> to say we were the last combat union in iraq. we were the ones that finished that combat mission and we did it -- we did a really good job. >> dewitt is from san jose. his family watched him on "nbc nightly news." she said her son felt the call of duty the day of the september 11th attacks. >> he, at 16, at september 11th he said i'm going to have to go. and he did. when various family members would say why can't you talk him out of it? why should i? he knows this is what he has to do you want nothing more than your child to feel like they have a duty to the world. that incredible inedible >> the dewitts knows their son will be home for at least a egg. year, but some members of his the nationwide recall of eggs is getting a lot bigger this brigade are expected to head morning. bob redell has tips on keeping
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into afghanistan eventually. your family safe. as we said, richard engle good morning. crossed the border with the >> reporter: good morning to you. if you are going to your troops. we will talk with him live at 6:30. >> you might want to think twice about serving up eggs for breakfast this morning. favorite diner, you want to ask the nationwide recall is now the chef there like people have been asking paul hillsted at expanding drastically. bob redell is live in san jose mini gourmet. the questions have been coming with what you need to look for up and what are they. >> they are asking where the in your cup board and on the eggs come from that they eat. >> reporter: and what do you tell them? >> i tell them they don't come from iowa, they come locally and menu at your favorite diner. >> you want to make sure your they're safe to eat. eggs are safe and not on this >> reporter: has business changed? recall list. we are here at mini gourmet, >> pretty normal. this morning is a little slow. sometimes that's normal. paul hillsted, the chef here, >> reporter: happy cooking back there. you go through about 200 eggs on the eggs only from a farm in ira, as you heard paul mention an average thursday. what is newsworthy. what are customers concerned within the past 24 hours that about? >> people are concerned about farm expanded their recall from where they are coming from. 19 million egg cartons to almost i assure them they are safe to 32 million, this because there are more and more records of people getting sick. rei eat. >> reporter: what are they asking? >> if they come from iowa. specifically in four states, california one of them.
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>> reporter: what do you tell since june alone there have been them? over 260 people in this state >> we do not. >> reporter: where do you get your eggs? that have reported getting sick. >> from san francisco, and we and the officials who are have been told they do not come investigating this believe it is from iowa. >> reporter: this outbreak linked to salmonella, that has been contaminated on these eggs. centers around wright county egg if you are wondering, hey, i have eggs at home, is it of gault, iowa. possible my eggs are related to last week they were recalling 19 this? the eggs produced at this farm million egg cartons, but in the have been packaged and branded past 24 hours that recall has under 13 names, including a few been expanded to almost 32 you might recognize, like million egg cartons. lucerne and albertson and hundreds of people have become ralph's. go to if you want sick, over 250 in the golden to get the rest of the names on state alone since june. the fda, cdc and state health departments are investigating. they are looking at restaurants that list. there's 13 names, that's just in california, colorado, few of them. minnesota and north carolina. reporting live, bob redell, nbc the eggs have been packaged and shipped out under 13 different names including lucerne, bay area news. >> 6:54. albertson and ralph's. >> time to get a check of traffic now. mike had an update on an odd salmonella is a bacteria that causes food poisoning. incident in the santa cruz if you think you have some of those eggs, yes, you can kill mountain? >> highway 17, a driver pulled that bacteria by thoroughly cooking the eggs, but those over, they were beating their health experts are recommending dog.
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chp arrived on the scene, didn't just get rid of them. see anything. folks want an update on the dog if you have any questions and the driver, i don't have one whether your eggs are under except they're not there. those 13 names go to our website that's better news. and look at the full list there we will follow and let you know at if we hear anything. westbound 580 slowing past reporting live here, deemed a greenville, especially where safe restaurant in san jose, bob metal debris is reported in lane redell, nbc bay area news. one. you are respected to that fast >> it's good they're doing their lane, you have the other two work and checking them. lanes past the area. thanks. 22-minute drive and increasing developing news this morning as far as your travel time out for a silicon valley giant. of the altamont pass. we will look at 680 south from scott mcgrew is tracking the developments from the newsroom. that interchange, a smooth drive through sunol, but the >> good morning. northbound side at the top of it is the biggest purchase by intel in more than ten years. your screen there may be a intel will buy mcafee for more disabled vehicle there. than $7 billion or $48 per share bay bridge toll plaza no issues. golden gate bridge, smooth in cold hard cash. that's a 62% premium. drive. we have low crolouds hovering if you own shares in mcafee, you are buying lunch for everybody around the northbound side, but today. why does intel want a software no delays. i showed the golden gate bridge, ria, because i know it's one of company? intel says security is the big your favorites. >> it is one of my favorite question in computing going pictures. a couple clouds out there, but forward.
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we've seen several hardware that will be clearing as the day companies, ibm, hp buy service moves on. mid 50s now. companies in the past few years. 54 in san francisco. the labor department says 57 in san jose. by noon, things will be warming first-time jobless claims jumped to 500,000 people last week. up. 61 san francisco. by 4:00, things will be warmer. economists were expecting the number to get smaller, not close to the highs of the day. close to 80, hopefully, at 4:00. bigger. that bad news wiped out any good we look at our seven-day feelings. futures moving sharply to the forecast. it's a good one today. the best day out of the next negative. it's been a long string of bad four or five. days. cooler over the weekend into the even on the days in which the 70s. dow does close to the positive so get outside and enjoy. like yesterday, it is about 9 >> now to a piece of video that will have you turning to your points higher. co-workers later today and saying did you see that? plans to change the waterfront along the embarcadero listen to those screams. could be put on ohold. the bull, who knew? the bull jumped the fence around a suit claims the planning the ring, leaped clear of the department study is being done without the proper environmental wall. takes just another leap into the review. crowd. people scattered, but some just neighbors worry that the were not fast enough to get development could create taller away. buildings and mar their views of you can see the bull hit a group the bay. the project could place as many of them. a 10-year-old boy was seriously injured. another fan gored in the back.
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the bull was eventually roped by as 170 high-end condominiums on the current side of a tennis club and parking lot. security and spectators. there are also proposals for a scary scene. you see that. hotel. who knew that was -- a bull time is 6:07. time for a check of the commute could do that. with mike. no major problems so far. >> karma is a bull. how about now? thanks for joining us. >> so far no major incidents to the "today" show is coming up next. advantage topical solution treats dogs... report from chp. none blocking the freeways. ( barking ) i want to tell you about this, but destroys fleas. northbound king street is jammed ntagsoouver ri nafo an r e,vavaagnt from 280 over towards the ba the flea specialist for gentle, but effective, flea control. ballpa ballpark. bob talked up about people trying to get ready for auditions for "american idol." that's what's happening today. don't get off king street because that is jammed through the area. other roadways looking clear. you can see the speeds on the freeways getting into san francisco. the bay bridge, 60, should be 50, but an indicator of how
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smooth that is driving now. the golden gate bridge, about 50 miles per hour. not a heavy volume of traffic, just little slower. a nice drive, but jammed up around at&t park. that will probably continue throughout the day because of the crowd there's. crowds there. >> a lot of folks will want to sing their best, and that's hard to do when it's cold outside. >> that's true. 54 in san francisco. 59 in san jose. things will be warming up today. it will be the nicest day of the texting...blogging... all this technology, weekend and probably through next week. but you're still banking like pilgrims! at 8:00, not much warmer than it's time for new school banking, bubbie. now. sun coming up at 6:29. interest plus savings at by lunch time, we will have why earn bupkis, when your savings can earn three times the national average!! warmed up 10 or 12 degrees. three times the national average!!! close to 80 in san jose tonight. new school banking at capital one bank. with interest plus savings, go to!!!!! driving home, things will be pretty warm, pretty close to the what's in your wallet? somebody help me down. highs of the day. today will be the warmest of the
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week. more coming up in a bit. see you then. >> thank you. time is 6:09. the bay area will welcome hundreds of new citizens today. >> plus what is stinking up san jose's airport? we'll show you coming up. >> caltrain leaving it up to its riders. do they want to pay more to ride or have fewer routes? sadly those are the only two choice. christine dunn from caltrain is here to tell us more. >> looking live at 880 streaming through oakland. traffic moving nicely. mo mike inouye is watching for trouble spots.
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looking live out at the skyline of san jose.
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a lot coming up, include traffic and weather. >> today caltrain will ask riders how they would solve a 2$2.3 million deficit. they are holding a series of meetings to get rider feedback. those meetings happent s francisco caltrain station, caltrain headquarters in san carlos, at the gilroy caltrain station, three meetings will be held at various times tonight. we will find out more about this from christine dunn joining us. $2.3 million, how do you make it up? >> we are looking at a combination of service cuts and fare increases. we may increase the fare by 25 cents -- >> i'll stop you for a second. it sounds like perhaps we don't have your microphone on. $2.3 billion doesn't sound like a lot of money considering the giant holes that other transit agencies are in, but for you it
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is serious and could mean drastic change fors is serious and could mean drastic change for for your use correct. >> we are looking at a lot of options, one is to eliminate service to gilroy, eliminate service only the weekends, eliminating some service on trains during the midday. >> a lot of folks use caltrain to commute to and from work or sool. so school. some folks use it to head to giants games, for example. are those routes on the chopping block as well? >> if we look at eliminating weekend service, that includes service to the giants games. we have about 200,000 people who use caltrain to go to special events last year. that's quite a few people. >> so, i guess my question is, you know, folks who use you to get around -- use caltrain to get around on a daily basis, they would know about these
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meetings. are you urging folks who are occasional users to show up as well? >> we want comments from all of our riders, that includes our occasional riders. >> the things on the table, 25 cent fare hike, getting some of those off-peak routes. >> that's right right. >> okay. and how many users do you have using caltrain from gilroy up north? >> that's about 700 people who use the stations on the gilroy expension. >> so, quite a few people. you expecting good turnout? have you done this before? >> we have done these meetings before. ysh yes, we are expecting a good turnout. caltrain riders have strong opinions and we're looking forward to hearing that. >> even if folks don't use caltrain, if folks don't have the option to use caltrain that could mean congestion down the road. thank you so much, christine
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dunn for joining us today. i know it will be a long day for with you those meetings tonight. >> thank you. now from a sticky financial situation to a stinky one. specifically an unpleasant odor at san jose airport's renovated terminal a. passengers don't smell it in the lobby, but in the offices the sewer-like stench is so persistent and so bad sometimes workers have to leave the building. airlines are said to be threatening to withhold thousands of dollars in monthly rent until the problem is fixed. but fixing the problem is easier said than done. the city has run cameras through the plumbing lines to fix minor leaks but things still stink back there. let's look at the roads as you drive your kids to school today. it is possible that the lines you see are temporary markers and may not be road safe. here's why. there is a nationwide shortage of road paint. so once a road is repaved it looks like this, nice, smooth,
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dark and black. then painted with temporary stripes that cost the city thousands of dollars in product and labor and they just have to be redone when the road paint becomes available. perhaps even worse is the fact that many question whether these lin lines keep their neighborhoods safe enough. >> i wonder if and when something is going to happen. >> this happens to be an intersection where people will tend to kind of slide on through. >> california stop? >> california stop. hollywood stop. yeah. >> engineers say the paint backup could last for another year. they say if you have any worries or concerns about the temporary markings where you live, you should call the department of transportation. facebook adding the ultra hot check-in product to its list of features, but not everyone is thrilled with the idea. >> the idea is popular, four square was popular, continues to be popular. you tell your friends where you are through a smartphone.
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facebook calls its new service called places. the announcement was announced wednesday afternoon. now, the aclu, which has always been a critic of facebook, immediately voiced its concern over privacy issues. facebook did build a privacy feature into the new service. you have to opt in. but the company has a long string of privacy stumbles. facebook's press conferences were live blogged and podcast and tweeted much the way that apple's big announcements are. it is sort of the new way of covering technology where the event itself becomes as important as the thing being announced. bloggers start covering each other as news. >> don't you think reporters should be covering afghanistan and real subjects? >> there's a lot of people here. >> this is like check-in. 9,000 reporters for check-in. right? >> something like that. >> do you think that's right? >> i think that's right. >> of course we're big losers because we're here. these facebook people are nervous we're here. it's like the invasion of the reporters. >> keeps them on their toes. >> 9,000 is a bit of an
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exaggeration. it was a lot. it's hard to tell how many reporters are in afghanistan covering the war. embedded, probably in the 350 range. we may not have our priorities straight. >> and facebook adding this feature that someone else has pioneered, they have done this before. they take what somebody else does, bring it into the fold and do it maybe better. >> microsoft used to do that. they were accused of not inventing anything, but incorporating things. >> i'm glad to hear the opt out is automatically built in. >> thank you very much. it is a big day for some 1300 people who will become u.s. citizens this morning. they will take the oath of allegiance in oakland at 10:00 a.m. the ceremony will include talks about local fifth grade essay contest winners who wrote on the
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subject why i'm glad a nation is a group of immigrants. staff from the alameda county registrar's office will be at the a's game tonight passing out pamphlets and answering questions about a new type of voting that will debut in berkeley, oakland and san leandro in november. the registrar's office wants to make sure people know how to vote properly using the new rank choice ballot. they will be outside the coliseum from 4:30 to 7:30 today. >> there is an a's game tonight that could cause some congestion. >> i'm sure that's why the folks are there to talk about the voting, as well. peak traffic time. 7:05 game. past the coliseum, there it is. a beautiful flow of traffic here. let me show you the live shot. that's what you want to see is the volume of traffic going through the area. holding steady for the last 20 minutes. northbound with these taillights around high street, heading up to downtown. no delays now north or
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southbound. southbound showing that slowing around the 92 interchange as folks head over the san mateo bridge. going across the bay bridge, we are seeing a steady increase in the volume of traffic, but no major back-up yet over the last -- first portion of this week, we have seen the metering lights turn on at 6:28, 6:29. expect the same today. we are watching as things adjust all over the bay as schools get back in session. b.a.r.t. is one option for you, that system reporting 48 trains, no delays now throughout the system. that's great news. b.a.r.t. is an option for a lot of folks but not for folks coming through livermore. we have 17 minutes from the altamont pass, a steady 50 or so coming out to the area of livermore and down to the south bay where you have a circus and concert in downtown tonight. hp pavilion. low clouds hanging around, but
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l ria will let you know if that will effect the forecast. thousands of people are lining up in san francisco this morning once again. we'll show youup.hy cinup.
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here's a live look at golden gate bridge. good morning, i'm ria taormina. about 54 degrees outside now. it will be a beautiful day ahead. clouds will be lifting and burning off. we will have a cool start to the morning. it's going to be warming as the day goes on. we will be hitting some 80s in the east bay. the weekend, unfortunately, will be cooler than we should be because that's how it's been for a while. it will continue. 54 in san francisco. 59 in san jose right now. as the morning goes on, things will be warming, not quickly. sun coming up in a couple of minutes at 6:29. by lunch time things will get
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much warmer, about 10 to 12 degrees or so. the skies will be bright. it's going to be plenty of sunshine outside. reaching the mid 80s. today is the best day of the next few if you can get out, today is the day to do it. 83 today. 81 for tomorrow. 60s along the coast. look at the weekend, i'm sorry to say, back in the 70s. >> don't be sorry. >> sorry to say the giants keep losing ground in the wild card race. though sit he they sit two games behind the philadelphia phillies. the phillies win 8-2. the giants play the phillies again today at 4:00 p.m. you can see tomorrow's game on nbc bay area, our coverage starts at 5:00 a.m. the a's welcomed the best team in baseball to the coliseum
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tonight, their game against the rays starts at 7:00 p.m. the a's are coming off a win against toronto. coco crisp had two home runs. a's win 5-4. >> the next "american idol" could be standing outside at&t mark as we speak freezing their tails off. people started lining up overnight for today's auditions. this is video from tuesday when we watched folks lining up to get wrist bands for today's auditions. they won't be allowed inside the ballpark until 8:00 this morning. >> we know who one of the new "american idol" judges will be. members of aerosmith say their lead singer steven tyler is joining the mix. fox network is not commenting on it yet, but there's still one more judge's slot that needs to be filled. >> i thought jlo was going to fill the last spot? >> i don't know. that's the rumor i heard. 6:27 is the time.
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furlough fridays come back tomorrow. we'll tell you why. and there's something in the air. san jose's new airport terminal smells and employees are none too happy about it. >> and the last combat troops are out of iraq. we'll have a live report from nitt.ep
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u.s. combat troops are out of iraq. we'll have a live report from kuwait on this historic occasion. and something stinks at san jose international airport. good morning. thanks for joining us. i'm kris sanchez in for laura garcia-cannon. >> i'm garvin thomas in for brent. the top stories in a moment. first a check of traffic and weather. >> we are seeing a lighter volume of traffic overall. a lot of schools getting in
6:31 am
session this week. a lot of folks i heard from said thursday is the day they're taking off. a lighter volume through livermore. westbound 580 holding at 17 minutes drive from the altamont pass over to the dublin interchange. that's better than we've seen all week. the bay bridge toll plaza, a light volume of traffic there. no metering lights registering yet. all the previous three days this week, it's been turned on by now. we have the low clouds hovering around. ria, this is a bit higher than i've seen in the past few days. >> there are clouds out there, but they're high. today we will be a couple degrees warmer than yesterday. 54 in san francisco. 59 in san jose. a couple degrees cooler than yesterday in most spots. more coming up. back to you guys. for the first time in more than seven years, all u.s. combat troops are out of iraq. nbc's richard engle rolled across the border into iraq
6:32 am
with -- out of iraq with the final major brigade to move out. he is live with us this morning from kuwait, of course we're halfway around the world so we do have a bit of a delay. thank you very much for joining us this morning. >> is my pleasure. you have been there almost from the very beginning what was it like as you rolled out of iraq and into kuwait with those troops this morning? >> i'm now in kuwait. we went with the 4-2 striker brigade based in ft. lewis, washington. these were the last combat troops, the last troops assigned specifically to a combat mission in iraq. there were 440 of them traveling in 68 of these armored big strikers like you see behind me. it was a mission that was code named "the last patrol" and that's very much what it felt like. they were driving down the main road of iraq on their way to kuwait.
6:33 am
they were driving about 45 miles per hour. spaced apart. and then very early in the -- before dawn hours, they crossed into kuwait. there were a few soldiers standing and saluting them. it feels like we reached a turning point. 50,000 american troops will remain in iraq to train the army and train the police but not on a specific combat mission. >> now, richard, this is the main highway. that means this is the main highway where a lot of u.s. servicemen have lost their lives. ieds, sniper fire. you have been on some of those missions along with them. how is this mood different as they were leaving and did they think that it was mission accomplished? >> it was a -- the phrase
6:34 am
mission accomplice ekoccomplish so politically charged that people in uniform don't use it. yesterday there was not a single shot fired. there were no ieds, the strikers were loaded. they had their protective equipment on to prevent ieds, but it wasn't necessary. there were no threats at owl or incidents. what a difference to when american combat troops first entered this country going the opposite direction from kuwait to baghdad in full battle mode. now driving down the main highway, weaving in and out of iraqi traffic, no shots fired. >> no shots fired. were there folks along the way seeing you off on your way? iraqis? >> not -- it wasn't a parade, so people didn't line the streets. most of iraq, particularly along this highway, is desert.
6:35 am
so, there weren't that many people. it's a road used primarily by truckers doing long hauls, bringing equipment and supplies from kuwait up to the main cities of iraq. when there were overpasses or bridges, we did see iraqi forces, some of them there were waving good-bye. some of them there were helping to coordinate security along the route. but there weren't throngs of people standing by the side of the road. >> you're going back to afghanistan now after this, right? >> well, i don't exactly know. i never really do. i will be here for -- covering the departure of these troops, and then probably make back to new york. then i will get my deployment orders, and i think they will likely say afghanistan on them. >> all right. thank you very much, richard engle. thanks for not only bringing us just the story from there but how our troops are feeling as we watch them from home.
6:36 am
and we kn thanks, richard. something doesn't smell right at the san jose international airport. some workers are complain being a disgusting smell that reportedly linger force hours inside the newly renovated terminal a. kimberly tere is live at san jose international airport. kimberly, do you smell anything this morning? >> reporter: i don't smell anything. that's probably because the smell is pose supposedly confi the offices and not the terminal area where passengers are allowed. aparentally, according to one airline manager, it's similar to being inside an outhouse. a spokesman said it has been extremely difficult to track down the order. they say they are doing everything they can, every day working with contractors to fix this problem. he said if it was an easy fix, it would have been done a long
6:37 am
time ago. they suspect it is done in the plumbing or some part of construction that wasn't done properly in the newly renovated terminal a. they have new utilities tied in with old utilities so this is a complex puzzle. they have done physical inspections, sent cameras down, smoke tests looking for leaks. the biggest obstacle is the odor comes and go randomly. so airport officials think they fixed the problem, odor returns in a few days. this has been a problem for the last several months, and some airline officials are so fed up they are said to be threatening to withhold rent until the problem gets cleared up. the airport spokesperson says he has not heard from any of the airlines about this. again, as i mentioned, so far the smell is confined to the office areas of the terminate. according to airport officials. so far no complaints from any of the passengers. live in san jose, kimberly tere,
6:38 am
nbc bay area news. >> thank you very much. and the markets are open, but with the news of a big takeover, scott mcgrew has a check of both. >> the markets will be exciting today. it's been a long string of losses generally as we watch -- man, look at all those action heroes on wall street. all kinds of things going on today. marvel, the chipmaker, will report profits. hewlett-packard reports profits as well. you have intel buying mac afcaf. intel will buy mcafee for more than $7 billion. about $48 a share. a 60% increase from where mcafee closed yesterday. if you are a mcafee shareholder, you are in the money this morning. intel buying mcafee for more
6:39 am
than $7.5 billion. all of this has to go through mcafee shareholders, but i doubt they will leave that money on the table. >> furlough fridays are back. the california supreme court says it will review a lower court's ruling that banned a new round of mandatory days off. starting tomorrow state workers will be forced to take three unpaid days off per month. it means it will save the state $150 million per month. the furloughs will be in effect until the court issues a ruling or until lawmakers approve a budget. time is now 6:39. time to check the traffic. mike this is the second time this week, we had an incident on highway 17. >> i'm getting more details now, but initial reports, it will cause slowing because reports of a big rig partially blocking the slowing this is 17 over the
6:40 am
summit. the big rig is off the roadway, partially in the slow lane and it sounds like the driver got out with his dog and is with his dog on the side of the road. if that's what you see, that will be a big distraction for folks. we will let folks know what's going on. no slowing now. that volume continues to build heading through that portion of the south bay. northbound 101, slowing coming up from tully past the airport. holding steady, speeds in the 50s. averaging around 50, 51 through the area. two events downtown, the circus and, of course, the concerts in town as well. we have an accident northbound 880, auto mall parkway. a look at sunol, 680 coming through this area. low clouds are there but not causing an issue. slowing starting in the southbound direction, but east bay pretty smooth. >> thank you very much. and now let's check in with ria taormina who has our temperatures right now. they look just about the same all around.
6:41 am
>> it doesn't change very much in these early morning hours. still in the mid 50s, low 50s. 54 in san francisco. by 8:00 in the morning, things are not warping up much. by lunch time, things will warm up. about 10 to 12 degrees. 61 in san francisco. 73 in san jose. and hopefully getting close to 80 as the day goes on in san jose. if you are thinking about taking a trip, 82 in l. a. 103 in vegas. monterey, a bit cooler, mid 60s or so. and sacramento, 89 degrees. that will be among the warm spots. south lake tahoe, 77. a look at the seven-day forecast. today is the nicest day of the next couple. the weekend will be cooling off into the 70s. get outside and enjoy. >> all right. thank you very much. time is now 6:41. a bull runs wild in the stands. we have video you will want to see. and new developments in the
6:42 am
gulf. see why crews are look at other ways to kill the leaking well. and first, keeping our kids safe at school hatezoolic a look wthat police are doing next.
6:43 am
6:44 am
the school bells are ringing all across the bay area. that means you need to be a bit more careful on the road, especially in the school zones. mike inouye is the only reporter
6:45 am
getting out on the streets to find out how drivers are driving past the schools. >> parents are driving, but they're the ones bringing the kids to school, we are all in a rush in the morning. the problem is not just speed, though that plays a big factor. sometimes you can't spe sometimes it's speed, but also the kids crossing the streets in front of the zone. here is a car parked in a passenger loading zone. there that is an abandoned car in that zone, so what that does that do? clogs everything. officially an abandoned vehicle not illegally parked this is a loading zone, meaning no one should be leaving their car unattended. those spots are tempting because they are usually empty and usually right in front of the school, so they're the sweet spots. the crossing guard working here. this is miguel who we talked
6:46 am
about. a loading zone happens near the crosswalk. that would cause an issue for lower visibility as well. that's an issue for the area. we did hear from lieutenant monahan who tells us about the need to keep things clear through the area. >> abandon their car here, so what does that do? that has the trickle down effect. nobody else can drop off here because this guy has his car parked here. now these people are looking for other places to drop their kids off. they can't because these things will get clogged. that's why it's so important that everybody just tries to follow the engineering of what we already have established here between the department of transportation and the way they engineered it. the way we coordinated with the school district and then us out here trying to keep this flowing. you can see we narrowed this road. >> there you see the fan, is that is blocking this part of the roadway. we saw an earlier jeep pulled over partially to the side of the road. what lieutenant monahan is talking about, if you don't
6:47 am
fellow the engineering, use the loading zone, park illegally, don't even pull over all the way, that causes a ripple effect causing an unsafe crossing for the kids in the area. they have operation safe passage in place. they will increase awareness at trace elementary, and kids are required to cross the street between classes. i was really just surprised. i didn't expect that amount of impact, that much focus within a 15-minute span at the school. it was compressed over there. >> and folks are busy. we get distracted. just because you drop off your kids doesn't mean you should not pretend you have kids in the car. >> kids of everyone are the importance here. >> thank you very much. we will turn to developing news this time out of the gulf of mexico. bp and the u.s. coast guard are putting the relief well drilling on hold. kristen dahlgren is leading our continuing coverage of the disaster. any time we hear bp has a new plan, we all get a little
6:48 am
nervous. >> yeah, garvin. on day 122, really no surprise. admiral allen, the incident commander this morning, saying that it may now be september before they do that bottom kill. what he said is they flushed out what they have their now. they will be doing this pressure testing throughout today. the plan next is to remove the original drill bit that's been stuck down in that well. and then they plan to replace the blow-out preventer with a new one. the concern is that that static kill, they may have overdone it, getting cement into an area that could now block the bottom kill a bit. that would increase pressure and send it to some areas that are sort of weak links in the system that is there now. they hope the new blowout preventer would prevent that. yesterday allen said in his news conference that they are concerned and continue to be concerned about the vital signs of this well. perhaps a bit of unfortunate
6:49 am
phrasing there, but clearly there are still some concerns, so they're moving forward in a different direction than immediately doing that bottom kill again. they will be replacing the blow-out preventer and then the plan is to do the bottom kill after that. perhaps now maybe a little ways away. >> thank you very much. the world's largest chip company, intel, is spending a whole lot of cash. >> a whole lot of cash. more than $7 billion.
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