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tv   NBC11 News The Bay Area at 5AM  NBC  August 20, 2010 4:00am-5:00am PST

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causes a lot of damage before police get him into cuffs. we'll show you the scene. a live look at the san mateo bring. things are smooth crossing the bay. we are hoping for friday light but i'll be watching for anything else. good friday morning. thank you very much for joining us. i'm kris sanchez. >> i'm garvin thomas. brent and laura are off today. ria taormina is in for rob today. good morning. >> it is cooler outside. low clouds pretty much everywhere. it's a bit chilly. drizzle along the coast. things will be cooler today, but similar to yesterday a bit of a cooldown tomorrow, then things will turn around. more coming up in the forecast. see you then. >> thank you very much. hijack hoax. this morning the fbi is tracking the call that set off a terror scare on a jet at san francisco
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international airport. bob redell is live at sfo. this allegedly and oddly started with an angry phone call to a hotel clerk. >> reporter: a hotel clerk at a hotel located across the bay from sfo. good morning to you, garvin. those investigating this hoax want to know why the call was made to that particular hotel. the call came in to the front desk of the hampton inn and suites at alameda after 9:00 yesterday morning. no caller i.d. not coming from inside the hotel. the clerk picked up the phone, on the other end of the line a man who appeared to be very upset and threatening. >> the gentleman was very hard to understand. not well-spoken. broken words. yelling, screaming, almost a rant. >> reporter: that call lasted less than a minute but in that short amount of time the clerk was able to decipher certain
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phrases and words like american airlines, flight 24 and hijack. he called police who in turn notified the fbi. within a matter of minutes, that flight, american airlines flight 24 which was about to take off from sfo to jfk was sent to a remote part of the tarmac at sfo where passengers sat for at least two hours. authorities boarded the plane and did take a man and woman off in handcuffs seen in that photo taken by another passenger. that couple was questioned and eventually let go. the rest of the passengers were taken off, six at a time, questioned, let go and allowed to rebook trips to new york city. as of late last night, some of those passengers were reportedly still stuck here at sfo. the fbi has not been able to identify. so far they're not telling white house made the call but they are saying this was a hoax. as far as security changes here at sfo as a result of this hijacking hoax, we have not
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noticed any. reporting live, bob redell, nbc bay area news. >> thank you very much. new this morning, a lot of cleaning up to do in millbrae. look at this mess. police say a drunk driver caused all of the damage. it happened just before 12:30 last night. they say a man driving a pick-up truck took out a row of hedges, hit three parked cars and a house that man with you arrested for drunk driving. a form oakland high school student convicted of first degree murder will be in court for sentencing this morning. tony tran shot and killed a 15-year-old alameda girl at a park on halloween night in 2007 it happened during an attempted robbery. tran will be in court in oakland at 9:30. the egg scare is getting bigger and perhaps more frightening for you at breakfast time. federal health officials say they believe the number of people sickened by tainted eggs to spike. some 2,000 people reported getting sick from a strain of
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salmonella linked to eggs sold between may and july that number is likely to jump when they add up the illness from mid-july to late august. the recall effects some 380 million eggs shipped from an iowa producer under 14 different brands, including lucerne, albertson, ralph's and farm fresh. >> we believe these eggs could go to any state in the country. >> reporter: new safety rules to prevent similar outbreaks went into effect in july. firefighters are making headway against a wildfire in southern california near lake elsinor. the cause of the fire is still under investigation. look at these incredible pictures of a mail truck incinerated in an explosion in los altos. the mail carrier was making his rounds yesterday when he inadvertently parked over a broken gas main and triggered that explosion. the carrier made it out with barely a scratch, but the flames
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reduced the postal truck to a twisted, melted frame. firefighters said they expected to be battling a grass fire, too. >> we responded with three engines and a type three apparatus to see what we could find out what was going on here. when we got here, there was a mail carrier vehicle that was fully engulfed as you can see behind me. >> pg&e says a construction crew working in the los altos hills did call them to report that they accidentally cut into a gas line but the crew did not call the fire department or the police who might have been able to keep people away from that dangerous area. a suspected sex texter will face charges of harassing girls as young as 14 years old leaving them scared and in tears. police arrested 30-year-old steven sharp in his hayward home yesterday. they say he was using his cell phone to stalk and beg for sex from young women. police don't know how he got
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their numbers but they say that the number of victims is growing. sharp was booked into alameda county jail. two-thirds of employees who work at hewlett-packard say they would leave if given the opportunity. scott mcgrew joins us now. that company used to be a tight family. >> under mr. hewlett and mr. packard it was, who invented the term management by walking around and getting to know your employees and by what they're doing. an internal study of morale by hp done once every five years finds attitudes have changed, most employees would be willing to take a job outside the company if offered. article blames the course management style of deposed ceo mark hurd and the ceo before that, the unpopular and then fired carly fiorina. wall street liked hp just fine. job cuts, cost cuts, dependable product lines. they sell a lot of printer ink, investors love that. hp reported profits thursday
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afternoon. none of it surprising as the company told us what to expect a couple weeks ago when mark hurd left in order to reassure investors. which one is more expensive? the iphone 4 or the iphone 3gs? if you check craigslist or ebay t is the iphone 3. why? folks in foreign countries want iphones, ones without contracts, americans can sell their old iphones for less than the cost of a new iphone 4 because they get the price cut from at&t. everybody is nice and happy. >> thank you, scott. a mosquito spraying under way in parts of contra costa county it is scheduled to take place at nights and until 6:30 this morning depending on the weather. it is 5:07 now. today bicyclist also rally outside a san francisco arco station to protest its ties to
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bp. today's rally marks the 11th straight week that the activists gathered at the station. this is video from a similar rally back in june. the mta painted bike lanes in the area green, but protesters say the paint job has little to curb conflict for cars lining up for gas and bicyclists riding by. a major change for your commute into san francisco. starting tonight at 10:00, beal street between howard and folsom will be shut down to traffic until 5:00 monday morning. during that time, the beal street ramp will be demolished to make way for the new transit center. >> now time too check the commute with mike. >> you talked about that construction zone. i wanted to show folks where that is in relation to the skyway. you saw it on your map. just off the edge. a few blocks away from interstate 80 and 101
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interchange. stay away from that portion. take the embarcadero, which is a few blocks away. spear street, main, those are in one-way direction zones. so you may have to get rerouted depending on which direction you are going. avoid that portion of beal. on the other side of the bay, looking at a smooth drive throughout the maze. no problems over the bridge. the b.a.r.t. system moving smoothly. 39 trains reported on time without delay. might want to take b.a.r.t. over to the oakland game or the art and soul festival. big festival over there in oakland. back to you. >> thank you very much. now ria taormina is here with a forecast that's cooler. i know you keep saying sorry, guys, but some of us have yard work and cool is fine. >> somebody was saying when will it be warm now go swimming? most people are wondering where the warmer temperatures are. drizzle along the coast a bit cooler. things will be cooling off over
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the weekend. if you have yard work, that's a good time to do it. by monday, things will warm up again after we go down a couple degrees tomorrow and sunday. right now at 53 in san francisco. 56 in oakland. 60 in san jose. things are pretty much where they were this time yesterday. looking ahead, pretty much the same at 8:00. mid 50s in most areas. sun coming up at 6:30. looking ahead to lunch time, things will be nice. take a walk outside, maybe enjoy your lunch outside as well. looking at the seven-day forecast, the numbers will be tipping tomorrow. still in the mid 80s today and along the coast in the 60s. overall a nice week for the last week of august. back to you guys. >> you should know when they said someone has yard work, she means me. we are neighbors and she sees my house and my my lawn. >> you can lose your children in that lawn. >> that's the plan. >> it is 5:10 now.
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the hunt for two fugitives is over after more than a month's time. see where police caught up with them. and a train teetering on the edge. find out how it got there coming up. and cops make a big drug bust in the south bay.
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drug agents say a record bust in the south bay took $100 million worth of drugs out of a bay area pipeline. in a gilroy home they found 40 kilos of cocaine, 300 pounds of crystal meth. ajens had to wear protective suits to handle the hazardous chemicals used to cook the meth. three men were arrested. some of the drugs were ready to be shipped to other places in the bay area. agents say it is the biggest bust in santa clara history. the alameda fire chief's free ride at fire pumps is over. kapler says free gas is part of his employment agreement with the city because he is always on call. alameda's interim city manager says maybe not. he says any understanding of that sort is a case of
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miscommunication. a nearly month-long manhunt for a fugitive couple in arizona is over. arizona police say they arrested john mccluskey and his fiance last night in a stolen car near the mexico border. welch is believed to have helped mccluskey and two other people escape from prison on july 30th. she then alleged by joined mccluskey on the run. they are cousins and suspected in the death of an arizona couple. during a meeting with mexican legislators yesterday, felipe calderon said no matter the good intentions of president obama, the truth is that the budget to deal with addictions in the united states has not been modified. he also said the obama administration allows the weapons industry to sell powerful arms without considering whose hands the
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weapons fall into. since 2006 in mexico, 28,000 people have died due to drug-related violence. new this morning, look at this video of a new bill board in eastern texas. it's stirring up quite a controversy for comparing president obama to fidel castro. the area doctor who paid for the ad said the obama health care plan amounts to socialism. the sign directs people to a website where the sponsor explains his views. this is the only bill board up so far but the man says he plans on renting more. so you think your commute is rough, right? check out what some people in china had to go through. a train crossing a brej fell into the water leaving two trains dangling. t passengers got out safely. chinese news agencies report heavy flooding loosened the bridge's support. >> wow. we have been talking all week about book to school, so scott is here to talk textbooks.
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>> textbooks, very expensive. the average textbooks cost $70. that's just average. some will cost $200, $300. college kids buy the book, maybe they get to sell it back to the school at the end of the year. the u.s. general accounting office says the average college student can spent $898 for textbooks every year. now, there's an outfit in santa clara, they rent textbooks. you don't even own them. the ceo says you will save a lot of money. >> we have come up with a model that allows us to reuse the textbook from student to student to student until the edition is done. >> dan rosenswag will talk more about the idea this sunday on "press here." he used to be the ceo of guitar hero and before that yahoo!. he encouraged kids not to do
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homework there, to one where he is renting them the textbooks. he is making up for past sins. yes. there we go. >> we will send him the tab. thanks. let's talk baseball. giants open a series in st. louis tonight. more on that in a moment. first last night's game against the phillies. here in the first, buster posey knocks in freddie sanchez with this double. that worked so well, posy tried again in the third. his second double scores, you guessed it, sanchez again. giants beat the phillies 5-4. you can see tonight's game on nbc bay area. coverage starts at 5:00. after the game a special edition of nbc bay area news. the a's play game two of their series against the rays. the a's were losing last night's game, but cliff pennington took care of that with this two-run double. a's go on to win 4-3.
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>> we like that. from pinstripes to possible prison stripes. former major league pitcher roger clemens is in big trouble this morning. the feds indicted him for allegedly lying to congress in 2008 under oath saying that he never used steroids. however one of his former trainers said he injected klemm mens with steroid force years. barry bonds also remains in hot water but will likely avoid conviction because his trainer will not cooperate with investigators. the godfather of american steroids, victor conte e-mailed us and said "the government simply does not have this type of evidence against bonds. i believe roger clemens is in a lot of trouble." in my opinion the case against clemens is far stronger than the case against barry bonds." the raiders play in chicago on saturday. 49ers getting ready for brett favre and the vikings on sunday at candlestick. not just favre but tony garhart
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is making his return. he is the back-up running back for the vikings now. word is that garhart is impressing coaches in minnesota you can see that game on nbc bay area as well. it starts at 5:00 p.m. we want to check in with mike inouye who has been watching our hopefully friday light commute. >> so far so good. a couple of earlier accidents in san jose, but those cleared. today starts activity over at infineon raceway. infineon raceway, that will cause an issue for highway 37 over that highway. that causes big back-ups out of vallejo from time to time. keep that in mind as folks past interstate 80. folks get there, a lot of activity, all the pre-race activity. keep that in mind. over to the east bay, antioch,
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not showing slowing now. friday light for highway 4. livermore shows just a 14-minute drive. not bad. things moving smoothly out of the altamont pass in the westbound direction. that's good for the morning unless there's a disturbance. eastbound slowing up towards airway. that's typical for overnight. things should sort out. about 2:00 we will see the slowings heading out of the area. a lot of folks head up towards tahoe, sierra. keep that in mind. heavier traffic than typically happens on a friday. oakland, 880 looks nice. there's an a's game going on. bright lights at the high street off-ramp but no slowing off the northbound side. we have a clear view here, but ria has a clear view of the forecast coming up. also coming up, see how people are going out of their way to make sure this little pup stays healthy. [ male announcer ] presenting the cadillac "summer's best" sales event.
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good morning, folks. i'm ria taormina in for rob mayeda. we have lots of clouds out there, possibly some drizzle. along the coast it will be cooling off today a bit from yesterday. there will be some 80s in the south bay. over the weekend a shift in cooler weather tomorrow, but then things will start warming up once again on sunday into
5:25 am
monday. more on that in a bit. san francisco, 53. oakland, 56. 60 in san jose. not much of a temperature change from yesterday. we are a degree warmer or cooler depending on where you are. when we look at the winds, not much to speak of. a bit of a breeze, but 3 miles per hour is nothing. when we look ahead to 8:00 to your commute, things in the 50s. higher in some areas. the sun is coming up at 6:30. a bit later every day and going down earlier each evening. things will be much warmer today, you can go outside and enjoy your lunch. 61 in san francisco. 73 in san jose. looking throughout the entire bay area, the temperatures are nice. mid 80s in many areas. palo alto at 77. alameda, 69.
5:26 am
along the coast, 62 or so. half moon bay, 63. san francisco close to 70 finally, 67 degrees out there. 70 in oakland, which is just where it should be, right on par with the average temperatures for right now, which we have not seen much of lately but we did yesterday. moving towards 90 in calistoga. seven-day forecast, 80s inland. tomorrow back down to the 70s, but then those numbers coming right back up. >> thank you very much. i know you're a dog lover this will make you cry. meet buckley. he is a 15-week-old puppy who has a digestive condition which limits how much food he can eat, so he has to stand on his back two legs to get down a good meal. that's why a bucket has become his life-saving dinner table. surgery is an option to repair buckley's condition but it is
5:27 am
rarely done and is very expensive. the shelter is hoping that someone can make a bigger bucket for buckley as he grows up. he doesn't even knows there anything wrong with him. look at him. he doesn't care. >> that's all we want, a bigger bucket. 5:27 is the time. a music showcase for young superstars is coming up in palo alto this weekend. we have a preview. and a cab driver will be honored for helping police. find out one condition he faces coming up. and it looks like a drunk driver caused a lot of damage on the peninsula. a live report straight ahead.
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if your neighbor tells you housing prices are going down, you can tell them it don't really matter. we'll explain coming up. i'm kimberly tere live in millbrae where a suspected drunk driver went on a wild ride this morning causing quite a bit of damage. i'll have a live report. >> good morning. thanks for joining us. i'm kris sanchez. >> i'm garvin thomas. brent and laura are off today, but mike is here. he will get you where you need to go faster, easier. >> that's right. stronger, faster, whatever that song is. i like that. we made up that term. looking over at the roadways, a little slower, sorry, westbound 580 at livermore. just ten minutes ago we saw the map and the slowdown just percolating, still registering 14 minutes. this is friday light, but more
5:31 am
folks on the road as people return from summer vacations. san mateo, nice drive over highway 92. a clear view across the bay. ria, you have a better look at the weather around the bay. >> the clouds are percolating as well. they will be disappearing as the day goes on, a bit later than yesterday afternoon. right now, about 53 in san francisco. 60 in san jose. there are clouds along the coast, but they are going to be disappearing as well. more coming up in the full forecast. see you then. new this morning, police say a man lost control of his truck leaving behind a trail of destruction. kimberly tere is life in millbrae with the details. it's amazing nobody got hurt in this one. >> that's true. it's not hard to find the damage that this driver caused. his pick-up truck went careening after hitting a tree, then hit a couple of parked cars, went up on the sidewalk, across the
5:32 am
grass. the pick-up truck finally came to rest against the house after bringing down with it a ten-foot tall trellis. this happened about 12:30 this morning when the man lost control of his vehicle. in all, three parked cars were hit and there is obvious damage to that one corner of the house. the residents were inside when it happened. they said they heard the loud boom when the pick-up truck crashed into their house. they did not want to talk on camera but say they were grateful that nobody was hurt inside the home. the driver, a 25-year-old man, did receive minor injuries and was treated and released at the hospital. he was then taken into custody for dui. police have not released his name. live in millbrae, kimberly tere, nbc bay area news. >> right now san francisco police are canvassing a neighborhood to find witnesses to a deadly overnight shooting. officers responded to a report of shots fired near the house projects on elsworth street after midnight.
5:33 am
there a man was found in his 20s shot to death in the street in front of a home. this morning an fbi search is on for the person whose fake phone threat grounded an american airlines flight at sfo for hours. federal agents tell nbc bay area that the front desk clerk at the hampton inn and suites got a call from a man yesterday morning. that clerk picked up on a few words like american airlines, hija hijack, he immediately called police. on board, frustration and fear. >> i actually lived across the street from the world trade center, 9/11. was there that day. it was like, whoa this can't happen again. >> the two people taken into custody, you can see them here in this exclusive photo, they were eventually let go. more bad news for homeowners in the bay area.
5:34 am
scott mcgrew said sales of homes in july hit a decade low. >> summers is when families most often move as to not disrupt the school year. the most recent information from mda data quick shows the lowest number of home sales in 15 years in northern california, though the median price of homes jumped, which you might say well a jump in home prices, there's some good news except it's not. the median price, the price at which an equal number of homes sold for more than or below jumped as fewer people bought cheap homes that had been foreclosed upon and bought more regular homes at more regular prices. the median price shows us what homes were purchased, not the price of an average home. you want more statistics? a national public radio report says 89% of all american mortgages, that would be nearly all of them, are guaranteed by
5:35 am
the federal government through fannie mae or freddie mac. that number has never been that high. so you have to wonder if the government pulled away that support, what would happen to home prices? after all, when those tax breaks went away, we saw what happened there. 89% of person home mortgages now guaranteed by the government and some of the only ways people are getting mortgages. the taxi driver who helped police find suspects in the killing of german tourist will be honored today. that cab driver trailed the car he thought the suspects were in, but he said he was just doing his civic duty. police arrested those suspects but later released them because of insufficient evidence. the cabbi wants to conceal his identity. >> what a way to do that. >> come in with a group of peel,
5:36 am
y ofpeople, don't know which one it is. >> the one that's blushing. >> time for traffic and weather. 5:35 is the time on friday morning. things smooth so far. >> smooth. friday light compared to the other four days this week, but more folks on the roadway as more schools return, more folks back on the road. we are looking at southbound 680 coming around the bend at sunol. a nice easy but steady build to the traffic. report of a flat fire on the side of the road that is not the headlights you see here, those are in the field, you have a smooth drive. easy coming out of walnut creek through diablo. san ramon, great spot there through dublin and the south bay. no problems in the northbound directio directions commuting here. the circus is again performing at hpvil pavilion. we have people walking and shorter folks walking along and
5:37 am
small cars near the circuit with a lot of people inside, large shoes, red noses and questionable attire. >> good it's cooling off then. >> yeah. >> because their noses and makeup won't run. a couple of degrees cooler today. 56 in oakland. 60 in san jose. and it's going to be a nice day. there is some fog that will be hugging the coast. certainly throughout the morning. it will be burning off as the afternoon goes on. then it will be creeping back in this evening into tomorrow. and, you know, there's a chance of drizzle this morning as well as tomorrow morning. tomorrow is the real big difference where we are only going to have about -- you know b five degrees cooler than today pretty much everywhere. looking ahead to this morning, mid 50s at 8:00. as we go on with the day, it is
5:38 am
warming up a bit. about 10, 15 degrees by lunch time. today is a perfect day, kris, if you're thinking about taking a walk, or having lunch outside. the weekend will be nice as well. let's look at the numbers around the bay area. we will be in the 80s in some areas. along the coast, always cooler. low 60s. you know, of course we have the 70s where we need them. san francisco may see 67 today. of course in the north bay, that's where the numbers get a bit warmer. fairfield is at 85. now we go to garvin and we have some instruments. >> special guests in-studio this morning. giving a concert this weekend. first the band. the band is modern day kids. you will be performing this weekend in palo alto what is the event? >> it's teen on the green, about all the teens getting together and having a fun time with music. >> okay. first go around and introduce yourselves. who you are what you play.
5:39 am
>> i'm tyler, i sing and play guitar. >> i'm nick and play lead guitar. >> i'm matt, i play bass. >> i'm keller, i'm the drummer. >> what are your ages? you look young. >> i'm 15. >> okay. i just -- a bird whispered in my ear. what just happened. >> we just got a record deal, working on our first album. >> how long have you been playing and how long have you been playing together? >> about one year, and we met tyler about a year ago and we have been playing ever since. we met in jazz band. and ever since then we've been playing and we got a record deal. >> terrific. great. what type of -- how do you describe the music you play? >> we describe our music as pop, punk, alternative. >> i think we have a little clip. i think you had some stuff on youtube. we can take a listen for a
5:40 am
second. ♪ >> was at creek side community church. >> okay. >> how long have you been playing the guitar. >> seven or eight years now. this is a passion for all you guys. how much time, you are young, you have school. have you started up school yet? >> starting it up on monday. >> okay. tell me again, this weekend in palo alto is the -- >> teens on the green. >> teens on the green. people will have a good time listening to music. terrific. you will stick around. we will hear you from you next hour and play a little music. thanks for coming in early this morning. teens on the green tomorrow at community green in palo alto. it is 5:40 now. scott mcgrew is about to show us
5:41 am
something that will do some of the housework for us. i'm always excited about gadget friday. >> are your kids trying to get the summer sleep schedule off their back? we have somebody who can help. find out how next. and the egg recall is getting worse. details next in a live report from washington.
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5:43 am
this morning a massive egg recall and the investigation into it is growing and the cdc says thousands of people may have now gotten sick. kristen dahlgren is tracking developments in washington this morning. and we know a lot of folks who are sick are here in california. >> reporter: yeah. there's been about 266 cases linked to salmonella in california, linked to these eggs. hundreds of them nationwide. officials do say that this could actually go up into the
5:44 am
thousands. there's about a two-week lag between the time people go to the doctor and the hospital with any illness and when it gets reported by the cdc. they are waiting for those numbers to go up. it's been in about ten states so far and they believe it could spread further. no locally-produced eggs in california have the salmonella. they've all been linked to this farm in wright county eggs in iowa. they're packaged under all different types of brand names distributed all across the country, brand names like lucerne, farm fresh, albertson's, dutch farms. dutch farms, a chicago-based county said wright county just took their cartons and putting their eggs in them. dutch farms is saying it's not their eggs that were infected but that the cartons were used without their knowledge. it's a difficult investigation and kind of ironic because the new egg safety rules went into effect this past july.
5:45 am
the fda says if they had been in place a few weeks earlier it may have prevented this outbreak. >> sometimes timing is everything. thank you very much. the time is now 5:45. you are watching nbc bay area news. >> we will check in with traffic and weather in a few minutes. first new this morning, another example of a possible danger of drinking and driving. police say a man lost control of his truck, leaving behind a trail of destruction on the peninsula. kimberly tere is live in millbrae with what happened. >> reporter: these are two of the three parked cars that were hit here. that driver went across the grass here, finally hitting the corner of the house this happened about 12:30 this morning when a 25-year-old man from burlingame lost control of his vehicle. police say he first hit a tree down the street. he then came across hitting three parked cars in all. he also hit a ten-foot tall trellis in front of the porch of
5:46 am
this home before coming to rest against the house. there is obvious damage to that one corner of the home. cracks in the stucco there. the residents were inside when this happened. they said they did hear a loud boom when the pickup crashed into their house. they did not want to talk on camera but say they are grateful that none of them were hurt. the driver received minor injuries and was treated and released at the hospital. he has since been arrested for a dui. his name has not been released. live in millbrae, kimberly tere, nbc bay area news. this morning an fbi search is on for the person whose fake phone threat grounded an american airlines flight at sfo for hours. we have live pictures this morning -- no sorry, we don't have live pictures, federal agents tell nbc bay area that the front desk clerk at the hampton inn and suites at alameda got a phone call from a screaming man yesterday morning. he picked up on a few words like
5:47 am
american airlines, hijack, flight 27. he called police. within minutes, police arrived and the plane sat on the tarmac for two hours. we all need sleep to stay healthy and happy and to do our best work. that's especially true for kids, but it's so very tough to get out of the anything goes sleep pattern we get into in the summer and get into the swing of things for school. dr. jerry hester from the california sleep institute is here to talk about how we can break those bad summer time habits. thank you very much for joining us. we are talking back to school time. how much sleep do kids need? is it the same for a kindergartner as it is for a high schooler? >> no, a younger child needs more hours. high school students need about nine hours of sleep at night. >> i'm guessiasking kids in the do you get nine hours of sleep?
5:48 am
you do. that's good. for teens, the time shift is a bit different. they need their best sleep later on, right? >> that's right. that's the way the body works. as we move into adolescents, the optimum sleep time is from 11:00 at night until 8:00 in the morning, which runs up against the early start times in high schools. >> i understand you did something in your community to try to address that, correct? >> exactly. i was part of a group up at albertton high school in atherton where we started a process of educating students, teachers, administrators about this fact. we have pushed the start time back about an hour this has been done at numerous schools across the country and it has been studied and shown to improve academic performance, athletic performance and even fewer car accidents in the area. >> interesting. so, dr. hester, that seems like a large undertaking.
5:49 am
however, there are things that we can do at home. i'm assuming you will say limit caffeine and try to create a bedtime routine, whether it's for the teens or the kindergartners in terms of winding down. what else can you tell us to do? >> i believe it starts with understanding that sleep is a priority. once you prioritize is which is what we did with our school, people understand that's our first option of what to do late in the evening. instead of being the last option. all those things are important, but understanding that maybe some of your night should be planned around getting to bed instead of using it as the end of the night aspect that we fall back to. >> dr. jerry hester from the california sleep institute, thanks for joining us. we will try to follow your advice tonight. that's for sure. >> thank you. a practically invisible enemy is invading hotels, movie theaters and our homes.
5:50 am
the blood-sucking insects like to hitch rides on clothing. in connecticut they invaded a fire station. and bed bugs were needing on moviegoers at this amc theater in times square. >> this idea that bed bugs are related to unkept places is probably not true. some of the highest incidences of bed bugs are in five-star hotels. >> how can you protect yourself in don't put luggage on your bed. when you come home, unpack in the garage and wash all the clothes in your suitcase as well as the suitcase itself. >> could gadget friday solve your bed bug problems? >> unfortunately i don't think vacuum cleaners will solve your
5:51 am
bed bugs. you heard of the roomba, this is now the neato robot. the company says it is better than the roomba for two reasons. first it uses lasers to measure the room. it doesn't just bonk into everything trying to figure out what the room looks like the way the older vacuums do. secondly it's very powerful. listen to this thing start up. sounds like a jet engine. that is cool stuff. i will fire it up. i asked that our camera be nice and wide. go ahead, camera. come down here. that's what that signal meant. so we've done this before with the roomba. it takes a couple of seconds it will use lasers on the top here to see what the room looks like. then it gets started, starts to look around. my dog absolutely hates this. >> i bet.
5:52 am
>> cannot stand it. the other thing is you don't want your kids to get in front of it and play with it, like -- they like doing this, make the robot go another way. the problem is the robot thinks to itself what does this room look like? now i'm doing it. it's about 400 bucks. it does an incredibly good job. as you see our tape marks where everybody stands, a little behind the scenes part of it. there it goes. >> very cool. i can get on board with that. >> 400 bucks? >> 400 bucks. >> i'd marry it. >> 5:52 now. let's look at your east shore freeway. >> your husband will be happy to know his competition. wow. looking at the east shore freeway, things are moving nice approaching the bay bridge toll
5:53 am
plaza. easy drive right now. a live look at the bay bridge, the toll plaza shows you a nice light volume. no slowing coming down this area. visibsiblsibility in the back gs good, seeing the oakland hills. by midday things jam up as folks hit that midday slowdown and the metering lights, folks head into the city midday and afternoon. in the evening, that's when we see problems heading into the city because of the weekend activities. looking over here to the map, zooming out because there is one issue eastbound 80, reported on el portal drive. a minor accident there. that should be cleared. we don't see the slowing there. 65 heading up towards the carquinez bridge. carquinez and benicia bridge moving smoothly, but out of antioch, seeing slowing now.
5:54 am
that first slowing for antioch around summersville and willow pass. livermore holding steady with your westbound slowing. 14 minutes, closer to 15 now out of tracy, the altamont pass and through the heart of livermore. closer to the dublin interchange, no problems. southbound 680 through diablo, san ramon, nice drive. another look out there, looking at golden gate bridge. easy drive through the north bay. clouds hovering around. you can see the lights all the way across. the golden gate bridge looking a little red right now. >> let's check this with ria and the forecast. another chilly weekend coming up? >> yes. another chilly weekend. kris likes those. >> i don't mind them. maybe i'm strange. >> no, that's okay. a lot of people do that's why we live here. there will be some clouds outside and drizzle along the coast. we have cool marine air coming in, that will be sticking around
5:55 am
longer than it did yesterday. it will be burning off but later afternoon. a shift in the weather pattern over the weekend going down a couple of degrees. 53 in san francisco. 60 in san jose. things will be warming up as the day goes on. not much of a temperature change from this time yesterday, just a degree or two warmer or cooler depending on where you live. the fog is sticking to the coastline it will be leaving and coming back later on tonight for tomorrow morning as well. looking ahead in the day, 8:00 this morning, still in the mid 50s or so. the sun is coming up at about 6:30 or so. at lunch time, noon, things up 1012 degrees depending on where you live. we will see the 70s into 80s. let's look around the bay. plenty of those 80s the further east we go. 84 in evergreen. 77 in fremont. pacifica at 62. simpson beach, 63. san francisco, close to 70 but not quite. oakland will be at 70 or above
5:56 am
later today. fairfield at 85. the more north we go, the higher the temperatures. 88 in calistoga. things will be heating up. going down about four or five degrees by tomorrow. looking at our seven-day forecast, the 80s will be coming back monday through wednesday before we have a bit of a cooldown. 60s along the coast, overall mild and not bad. in fact, very nice for our last week of august. back to you. a village in ohio is changing its name from criedersville to snydersville. ♪ and that guy is the reason why. the town is honoring 1980s metal band twisted sister lead singer dee snyder. the man himself will be there tomorrow. he is riding his motorcycle into snyderville to raise money for the march of dimes. the village will change its name
5:57 am
back on sunday. snyder joked about the name change on his radio show, his radio show called house of hair. there's a guy still milking it. >> why not. it is 5:57 now. we get a lot of feedback from you about the school zone story. and something you will only see this morning on nbc bay area. the mother of a woman killed in the bay area will speak out. and a big back-up expected today because of a protest over drivers. and a live look at 880 streaming through oakland. ria says a bit cooler today, bpy hopefullthat. o ka'sth you.
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