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tv   NBC11 News The Bay Area at 6AM  NBC  August 20, 2010 5:00am-6:00am PST

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neighbors are waking up to a big mess this morning. how a driver managed to plow through a hedge, three cars and into a house. passengers are still stuck at sfo this morning after the sfo hostage scare. we'll tell you if security changes are in the works. and a live look at the bay bridge toll plaza. we are seeing the end of summer vacations, more parents back to work. we'll see what that means for your "friday light." it's now 6:00 on this friday morning. it is a cool start to your weekend. but we are glad you are kicking it off with us. i'm kris sanchez. thank you very much for joining us. >> i'm garvin thomas. brent and laura are off today. we want to get to the forecast with ria taormina to find out what you should be wearing this morning.
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>> you might want a jacket and possibly an umbrella if you're along the coast. there will be drizzle out there. things will be cooler than yesterday, but if you liked yesterday today will be the same. there is a cooloff for the weekend. a couple of degrees for tomorrow. we'll let you know when the temperatures will be bouncing back. a fake threat but a real nightmare for passengers. this morning the fbi is tracking down the call that set off that terror scare on a jet at sfo. bob redell is live at sfo. this all allegedly started with an angry phone call not to the airline, not to the airport, but to a local hotel clerk. >> reporter: yes, a hotel clerk in the bay. the fbi is trying to figure out why this person called that particular hotel. the call came into the front desk at the hampton inn and
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suites hotel just after 9:00 yesterday morning. no caller i.d. not coming from inside the hotel. the clerk picked up the phone, on the other end of the line a man was yelling and rach rantin. the call lasted less than a minute, but in that time, the man recognized a couple of words like american airlines, flight 24 and hijack. he called police who in turn notified the fbi. within a matter of minutes, that flight, american airlines flight 24 which was about to take off from sfo to jfk was sent to a remote part of the tarmac at sfo where passengers sat for at least two hours. authorities boarded the plane and took a man and woman off in handcuffs, you should be able to see them in that photograph taken by another passenger. they were questioned and eventually let go. the rest of the passengers were taken off, six at a time, questioned, let go and allowed to rebook trips to new york city.
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>> making you think about your safety, being careful about what you say. >> i'm flying american airlines this morning. i was little concerned yesterday, i think for the most part i assumed with the heightened alert it's easier to travel. you feel safer. >> as of late last night, some of the passengers who were on flight 24, and those people were not, they were still stuck here at sfo. the fbi does not know who called in the hoax. as far as any security enhancements as a result of that hoax, we have not noticed any here. reporting live at s ffshfo, bob redell, nbc bay area news. a drunk man lost control of his truck leaving behind a trail of destruction. kimberly tere is live with the details. >> reporter: the damage was done about 100 yards from where i am standing.
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his pick-up truck went careening after hitting a tree, then hit a couple of parked cars, went up on the sidewalk, across the grass. the pick-up truck finally came to rest against the house after bringing down with it a ten-foot tall trellis. this happened about 12:30 this morning when a 25-year-old burlingame man lost control of his vehicle. there were people inside the home when this crash happened. they did not want to talk on camera but they said they heard the crash and nobody was hurt. the driver was treated and released at the hospital. police did arrest him and are charging him or arrested him for dui, that is. they have not released his name. live in millbrae, kimberly tere, nbc bay area news. >> right now san francisco police are canvassing a neighborhood looking for people who witnessed a deadly overnight shooting. officers responded to a report of shots fired near the house projects on elsworth street around midnight or so.
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there miss found a man in his 20s shot to death in the street in front of his home. a sex assault in a parking garage in the east bay is prompting warnings this morning. police say the attack happened in broad daylight in downtown oakland last thursday. the victim was randomly targeted as she walked to her car at a parking garage at 1414 clay street. police put out a community alert this week, but women who park their cars in the area want to know why they weren't warned sooner. the suspect is a described as an african-american man in his 30s with a short afro and missing a front tooth on the left side. a form oakland high school student convicted of first degree murder will be in court for sentencing this morning. tony tran shot and killed a 15-year-old alameda girl at a park on halloween night in 2007. it happened during an attempted robbery. tran will be in court in oakland at 9:30. developing news to bring you out of afghanistan this morning.
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scott mcgrew joins us with the latest. >> good morning to you. this news is new enough, we don't have video, but we are getting word that nato american forces, afghan forces captured the deputy commander of an al qaeda-linked insurgent group in afghanistan. this man is described by u.s. officials as one of the most potent threats to u.s. forces in afghanistan. he was reporting to someone directly across the border in pakistan. the number two man of an al qaeda-linked group. this happening as in iraq troops are leaving. many of them coming into afghanistan as we continue to follow this, kris. if we get updates or word of casualties during this capture, we will bring it to you. >> thanks for. today bicyclist also rally outside a san francisco arco station to protest its ties to bp and to call for increased bicycle safety measures. today's rally marks the 11th straight week that the activists gathered at the station.
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this is video from a similar rally back in june. the mta painted bike lanes in the area green, but protesters say the paint job has little to curb conflict between cars lining up for gas and bicyclists trying to ride by. heading into san francisco this weekend will get tougher. the only way to get through a major thoroughfare near the transbay terminal is by wearing a hardhat. starting tonight at 10:00, beal street between howard and folsom will be shut down to traffic until 5:00 monday morning. during that time, the beal street ramp will be demolished to make way for the new transit terminal. it is 6:07 now. we want to check in with mike inouye, correcting me, of course it's bernal heights. >> there you go. also talking about the transbay terminal area, avoid that portion of beal, take probably main, a block over as an alternate. i think that goes both
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directions. the slowdown getting into san francisco, that's the cash lanes off to the left of the fastrak lanes. that's unusual to see that portion of the freeway with problems as far as the toll takers go. those are cash lanes, you still want to use the fastrak because it's cheaper during the peak commute hours like now and faster. that's why it's called fastrak. livermore, the build-up continues. 14 to 15 minutes showing up westbound 580 heading into livermore. steady passing vasco road. the south bay, slowing northbound 101 which has been starting earlier. again, more folks returning from summer break, more folks commuting on the roadways. 101 an 87 will be an issue over the next half hour. over the weekend, circus is still in town. that's one issue for the south bay. earlier this week, we were also in the south bay, trace elementary to see firsthand the school zone traffic. here i am talking to lieutenant chris monahan, the commander for the traffic enforcement unit in
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san jose. there were a lot of cars, problems with parking, speeding reported, we got some feedback on facebook as well including elma. she said it was awful to see parents letting kids out of their cars in the middle of the street. she talked about video we did see where there were cars not fully parked over to the side. that is a note to obey the laws in the area and watch for engineering. school zones are engineered that way to not have that a problem. if you want to give feedback, be our friend on facebook and contribute to the show and we always respect everybody's comments. we hope you will respect the politeness of the page as well. >> yes, we are nice. >> 6:09 now. let's check in with ria. those kids heading out to school, and hopefully in the back to school shopping they got some sweaters. >> 53 now in san francisco.
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56 in oakland. cool temperatures in the morning, 60 in san jose. sun is coming up in a couple of minutes, 6:30. we will be at the mid 50s by 8:00. by lunch time, 10 to 12 degrees warmer pretty much everywhere getting into the higher 60s. 67 oakland. 70 in fremont. our highs of the day, around 4:00. 78 in san jose, 65 in san francisco. oakland a nice, cool 70 degrees. more in a bit. see you then. it is 6:10 now. one of our bay area football teams kicks off the preseason here at home. why you may want to watch this game. and you may want to think twice before scarfing down those scrambled eggs this morning. the government thinks more people will get sick. and back to school sleep
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shuffle. we have help on thousand get ho little ones on a schedule. let's take a peek outside. ria has been telling us about the clouds hanging out and some cool weather.
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a live look at sunol this morning. folks moving along at nice speed. we have some clouds. ria says it will be a chilly one today. now, many families dealing with the back to school sleeping shuffle. it's that dreaded time when parents have to shift the kids off the summer schedule and have them ready for school. dr. jerry hester talks about how to wrangle your young ones back into a reasonable schedule. dr. hester, thanks for joining us. first question, how did you
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sleep last night? >> i had to get up earlier than normal, otherwise okay. >> tell me about it. we want to talk about people whose work makes them get up early in the morning. no, we want to talk about kids. when you deal with parents and their school-age children, who needs the most education? who are the ones you have to work with the most? is it the parents imparting on them the importance of the sleep or on the students? >> i think the parents really are where we start. our culture over several decades has led us not to value sleep, and many times saying that someone is tired or they're not getting enough sleep has a negative connotation. you have to change that and you have to change the attitudes about sleep and prioritize sleep for the day for the child. >> after stressing the importance of sleep to the parents, what is the number one practical tip you want them to walk away with?
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>> well, that we have to create an environment for the child to sleep well and i think in today's world, with especially the distractions such as computers, you have to realize the child needs a quiet place to go to sleep. when it is bedtime that needs to be a comfortable place for them to go to sleep and stay to sleep. >> some parents deal with it, they hear this and, okay, take the tv and the computer out of the bedroom so the kid doesn't have that distraction. but now we have smartphones, that's computer and tv rolled into one. how far should parents go to eliminating dre ining distracti bedroom. >> even ambient light can sometimes alter the body's appreciation that it's time to go to sleep. the light from a cell phone and not to mention the distraction from wanting to talk or text on the cell phone is a distraction
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for the child and prohibits them from getting ready to go to sleep and getting a good night's sleep. >> we are talking mostly about the parents. students place a role in this as well. what's the one thing you want them to do to get a better night's sleep? >> they need to understand as hard as they work with school work, athletics, that sleep is very important. and all the time you may spend exercising or studying, if you're not putting the sleep in, that work is not going as effective as it could be. if want to perform well in your every-day life, you need sleep as a boackbone of that. >> dr. jerry hester, thank you. two-thirds of employees who work at hewlett-packard said they would leave if given the opportunity. >> that's right. the company used to be a tight family. at least with mr. hewlett and
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mr. packard. they invented the term management by walking around and getting to know your employees and by what they're doing. an internal study of morale by hp done once every five years finds attitudes have changed, most employees would be willing to take a job outside the company and they blame course management style of deposed ceo mark hurd and the ceo before that, the unpopular and then fired carly fiorina. wall street liked hp just fine. job cuts, cost cuts, dependable product lines. they sell a lot of printer ink, hp reported profits thursday afternoon. none of it surprising as the company told us what to expect a couple weeks ago when mark hurd left in order to reassure investors. >> okay. here is a weird one for you. the iphone 4 or the iphone 3gs? if you check craigslist or ebay
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you will find out the iphone 3 is pricier. why? folks in foreign countries want iphones, ones without contracts, americans can sell their old iphones for less than the cost of a new iphone 4 because they get the price cut from at&t. it turns out everybody is happy. >> and the unlock ed phones, somebody can buy it and unlock it, but the unlocked phones are even more expensive. >> exactly. >> thank you very much. this morning, illinois governor rod blagojevich is speaking out for the first time since his trial in an exclusive interview with the "today" show. a jury found blagojevich guilty of just one of 24 counts. he was cleared of the most explosive charge, selling president obama's vacant senate seat. this morning blagojevich tells meredith vieira he's ready to go on trial again to clear his name. >> i'm determined to continue to seek vindication, full
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vindication. you will never accept a plea deal? >> i did nothing wrong. this prosecutor targeted me. >> you can catch the rest of that exclusive interview coming up on the "today" show this morning. so, you think your commute is tough? check out what some people in china had to go through. a train crossing a bridge fell into the water leaving two trains dangling over a rushing river. two other train cars were washed downstream and washed away. chinese news agencies report heavy flooding loosened the bridge's support. rescue crews were able to evacuate all the passengers safely, but as you can see it was not easy. the egg scare continues to expand. the federal government says they expect the number of people sickened by tainted eggs to spike significantly in the coming days. some 2,000 people reported getting sick from salmonella from eggs sold in june and july.
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the cdc says that number is likely to go up again after they add in the illnesses reported from mid-july to august. kristen dahlgren will have a live report coming up on why food safety advocates are livid with the fda. the raiders play in chicago on saturday, the 49ers getting ready for brett favre and the vikings on sunday. but it's not just favre. tony garhart is making his return. he is the back-up running back for the vikings now. word is that garhart is impressing coaches in minnesota as any good stanford grad would. you can see that game right here on nbc bay area. the game starts at 5:00. >> you think you can eat a lot in one sitting? you can put your appetite to the test this weekend at san francisco's street food festi l festival. joey chestnut will battle it out
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in a taco eating contest on saturday. pepto bismal is sponsoring it. no joke. the winner will walk away with with bragging rights, a pepto bismal championship belt and a year supply of pept pept o bismal as well as 100 bucks. >> i would rather get in the ring with mike tyson in his prime than go against joey chestnut. >> a belt for the all you can eat contest. >> i have to laugh. >> southbound 680 reports of an accident off the roadway at castlewood drive. sounds like there are minor injuries, that's off of the roadways. a live shot just south of there, a nice, easy drive, but low clouds touching the top of those hills between sunol and fremont. that may get thicker over the
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course of the next hour. volume picking up in oakland, a game tonight, and oakland has the art and soul festival downtown. a lot of activity there around the civic center. take b.a.r.t. if you can through the area. no delays on b.a.r.t. the nimitz, close to 55, 60. moving up to the bay bridge toll plaza, a nice drive there. some back-up forming. this is earlier than we have seen over the past few months. i forecasted this because of the return of school. we will see what ria forecasts with the low clouds in the distance. she has your weekend look coming up. >> they are modern day kids and we will tell you where you can catch them this weekend for free coming up. here's a taste right now. ♪
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good morning, folks.
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it is a cool one outside now. mid 50s in most areas around the bay. 53 in san francisco. 56 in oakland. 60 in san jose. when we look ahead to the morning, sun coming up in a couple of minutes at 6:30. not much warmer at 8:00 as you head to work. when we get to lunch time, things will be warming up. today is the day, if you have the opportunity to go outside for a walk or have lunch outside, it will be a good one. palm springs, 108. l.a., low to mid 70s. s fresno, close to 100 at 98. sacramento, 89. things are definitely heating up. when we look ahead -- no, not tuesday. we should be going to the seven-day forecast. it will be a great day ahead in the 80s. things will be cooling off over
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the weekend. along the coast in the 60s. >> very nice weather in palo alto for a concert series that will be going on there. we have some kids who will be performing at the teens on the green festival and concert on saturday this is part of something that the city of palo alto is doing to reach out to teens what is it like to have a city reach out to you guys? >> it's pretty amazing. the opportunity given to us is unbelievable. >> you guys ended up with a signed contract, right? you will head to the recording studio when? >> we will start going into the studio to do our first album. and you go to high school in san ramon what does the student body there say about you guys? >> we have offers to play at school dances. we have not played any yet because never got scheduled, but it was a good offer. we are actually going to do some
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next year. they enjoy our music. >> the city of palo alto reached out to teens to make sure you all have a voice, a way in palo alto. there was a rash of teen suicides. how important is it for you to get things off your chest and to be heard? we are just interested in respecting ourselves through music, and this opportunity to play at teens on the green is a good opportunity. >> the concert is at 6:00 on saturday. we won't make you wait until then. you can play for us. go ahead. >> this song is called "keep it going." ♪ ♪
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♪ ♪ this is unlike any car you've ever seen before.
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this is power with efficiency. this is an interior that exceeds even the promise of the exterior. this is the all-new jaguar xj. the stunning result of taking a very different road.
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in millbrae this morning, a suspected drunk driver went on a crash course through a neighborhood causing a lot of damage. i'm kimberly tere, i'll have a live report. and we saw a burst of
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traffic heading through the bay bridge, friday light but no longer summer time light. what does that mean for your morning computer? i'll let you know. good friday morning, everyone. thanks for joining us. i'm garvin thomas. >> i'm kris sanchez. a lot of stuff going on around the bay area this weekend. let's look at that all-important forecast with ria. >> things will be looking nice this weekend. cooling off today, cooling off more tomorrow by a couple degrees. then things will be rebounding sunday into mow ay. look at those monday, tuesday, wednesday temperatures. we'll be in the high 80s inland. of course along the coast the low to mid 60s. overall pretty nice to wrap up august. >> new this morning, another example of a possible danger of drinking and driver. police say a man lost control of his truck leaving behind a trail of destruction along the peninsula. kimberly tere is live in
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millbrae with what happened. kim? >> reporter: garvin, the damage is behind me. these are two of the three parked cars that were hit this morning. police say a suspected drunk driver in a pickup truck hit some hedges and a tree, then came careening across the street hitting some parked cars. the pick-up truck finally came to rest against the house after bringing down with it a ten-foot tall trellis. the family who lived inside that house was at home at the time of the crash and they say they were grateful that nobody inside was hurt. the driver, a 25-year-old man, did receive minor injuries and was treated and released at the hospital. he was then taken into custody for dui. police have not released his name. live in millbrae, kimberly tere, nbc bay area news. >> thank you. today a heart broken mother is calling for the maximum
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sentence for two men charged with killing her daughter during an apparent illegal street race this afternoon charlene lennon will speak on behalf of her daughter at a sentencing hearing for the two men. she says her 19-year-old daughter allison snow was driving down branham lane in san jose to get milk and cookies when the men's cars hit her at over 100 miles per hour. she hopes the sentence will serve as a warning to other drivers. >> i think the maximum is justifiable. they will get out, have their life, see their family, give their mom and dad a hug and a kiss. even if it's five or seven years. i don't ever get allison back. >> the judge in the chase set aside the entire afternoon for
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friends and family to speak out in court. the taxi driver who helped police find suspects in the killing of german tourist will be honored today. that cab driver trailed the car he thought the suspects were in, but he said he was just doing his civic duty. police arrested those suspects but later released them because of insufficient evidence. the cab driver wants to conceal his identity so he will be ushered in to john's grill on ellis street with a dozen other cab drivers in order to remain anonymous. >> interesting. more bad news for homeowners in the bay area. scott mcgrew says sales of homes in july hit a decade long low. >> you know, july should be an excellent month for sales, summers is when families most often move as to not disrupt the school year. the most recent information from mda data quick shows the lowest number of home sales in 15 years in northern california, though the median price of homes
6:35 am
sold jumped. one might say at least there's some good news there on the median price, except it's not. the median price, the price at which an equal number of homes sold for more than or below jumped as fewer people bought cheap homes that had been foreclosed on, more people bought regular homes at more regular prices. the median price shows us what homes were purchased, not the price of an average home. you want more statistics? i'm full of them this morning. a national public radio report says 89% of all american mortgages, that would be nearly all of them, are guaranteed by the federal government through fannie mae or freddie mac. that number has never been that high. so you have to wonder if the government pulled away that support, you have to wonder what would happen to housing beyond that. we saw the tax incentive go away. if this went away, that would be
6:36 am
a further drag on the home markets. the pat tillman story touches a special nerve here in the bay area. starting today moviegoers will be able to see his story told through the eyes of his family in a documentary that accuses the military of a high-level cover-up. >> sandy committed herself to figure out what happened to our son. >> people started asking questions. then the tillman story changes. >> in the film tillman's family accuses the military of using his death as propaganda. tillman was a football star before playing in the nfl. he walked away from millions of dollars to fight for his country in afghanistan where he was killed by friendly fire. "the tillman story" opens in theaters today. scott mcgrew will have a preview of other movies this weekend as well. people in the bay area are launching efforts to hope those
6:37 am
in pakistan. donations are being collected from the hudai foundation. a container is already loaded with clothing, fwlblankets and other aid. 20 million people have been effected by the flooding since it started three weeks ago. mexican president felipe calderon says the u.s. needs to do more to fight drug use and halt the sale of weapons. during a meeting with mexican legislators yesterday, calderon said no matter got intentions of president obama, the budget to deal with caddictions has not been modified. since 2006, 28,000 people have died due to drug-related
6:38 am
violence. look at this bill board in eastern texas stirring up quite a controversy for comparing president obama to fidel castro. the area doctor who paid for the ad said the obama health care plan amounts to socialism. the sign directs people to a website where the sponsor explains his views. this is the only billboard up so far but the man says he plans on renting more. >> want a little sanchez trivia? my sister calls me fidel, not because i'm a socialist but because i'm a bossy. mike inouye is here. >> the cars are doing what they want on the roadways. i have no control over them. that results in crazy reports at times, right now a smooth drive. still 18 minutes. that early burst we saw at the bay bridge toll plaza. let's looks out there. things have cleared up. that's why the experts at the traffic management center did not turn on the metering lights. we saw traffic backing up in the
6:39 am
cash lanes and quickly receding as those toll lanes opened. fast track is a good advantage. watch out for those quick lane changes. be careful. smooth drive, low clouds not affecting your drive. this will build up around 10:00, 10:30 as folks head into the city for weekend activities. the weekend, we have a lot of folks heading here. now you see it build off of 880. we will follow this. no reports of problems here. eastbound 80 at el portal, i told you of an accident. that cleared up quickly. now reports of a tire in the lane, that may be as a result of that earlier accident. watch for the clearing over the next few minutes. smooth drive through pinole. north bay looking fine. highway 37 will get crowded as it does every time out of vallejo when there's a race at infineon raceway that will be
6:40 am
happening today. now a live look at the golden gate bridge. the north bay drive is smooth coming across from the north bay. just clouding touching the north end of the bridge. you can see this span across the roadway, easy drive. no delays. low clouds are playing into your forecast. i'll hand it up to you guys. >> the lady with the weekend forecast is ria taormina. >> it will be a good weekend, though a couple degrees cooler than it's been. yesterday was nice there are some clouds hanging along the coast. that he will be getting out of our way as the day goes on but coming back this evening and tomorrow morning. right now 53 in san francisco. 60 in san jose. as we look at the morning, our drive, things will be warming up a couple degrees at 8:00. looking ahead to lunch time, things will be much warmer, 10 to 12 degrees or so. by 4:00, we should be around our highs of the day, 70s and 80s.
6:41 am
things will be cooling off over the weekend. back to kris and garvin. >> thank you very much. the expanded recall that may have you rethinking your breakfast coming up. and i'm bob redell. the latest on the investigation into that hijacking hoax here at sfo. and it's not just those popcorn prices you have to watch out for at the movie theater. the uninvited guest that could be hitching a ride on you. >> modern day kids at our studio, andoc r dautry is invading their studio. u a free . quote and compare in about 8 minutes. now, that's progressive. call or click today.
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♪ >> we are just bringing it with the music this morning. that is papa doo run run. if you like what you hear, they are doing it again tonight. this morning the egg recall is growing. the investigation is getting more intense and food advocates are steaming that it happened in the first place. kristen dahlgren is tracking developments in washington. you see what a difference two weeks could have made. >> exactly. these new national egg safety rules went into effect in july.
6:45 am
they are designed to help protect things again protect against things like this, the salmonella outbreak. they say if these rules had been in effect in may it may have prevented this outbreak. and food safety advocates upset that the fda doesn't have more muscle to do something about it. they can't mandate a recall. so so far this has just been a voluntary recall. and there's also issues as far as jurisdiction about inspecting farms and distribution plants. the fda said it didn't have the jurisdiction to inspect. when asked who does, the fda said the usda. but the usda doesn't do testing of the shells and interior of the egg for salmonella. so a lot of people concerned that not enough is being done to protect us from these types of
6:46 am
outbreaks. >> all right. thank you very much. you can kill salmonella by cooking your eggs thoroughly, but you may as well just throw them out. don't know why they call them bud bugs because they are popping up everywhere from hotels to movie theaters, sometimes in dressing rooms. expert s say that we are the ons keeping them alive. the blood-sucking pests have been making headlines. a new york's times square they fed on moviegoers. the movie chain is doing their best to get rid of those critters. >> what could possibly be worse than bed bugs? scott mcgrew says piranhas. >> i had to double check my research on this. there is a movie coming out today called "piranha 3d." the shocker is it is getting fantastic reviews.
6:47 am
it is given an 87%. it is getting spectacular reviews. now, associated press says words cannot describe how awesomely gnarly "piranha 3d is." another says it is the citizen cane of piranha movies. there's lots of violence and nudity, too. so we have this one. i picked this one out in particular. everyone didn't like it except the british financial times which said richard dreyfuss over invented fish. >> movie is not for you, dude. >> and they said it in that bad accent. so, financial times not so much. everybody else said awesomely nationally. >> the teen band perked up. >> all right. thanks for that.
6:48 am
a very real nightmare for passengers. this morning the fbi is continuing to track down that call that set off that terror scare on the jet at sfo. bob redell is live at sfo. they are tracking a phone call that didn't even come at the airport or on the plane it came from a hotel i cross the bay, correct? >> made to a hotel to a clerk located across the bay from sfo where i am at. good morning to you. those investigating this hoax, namely the fbi, is trying to figure out why this person called that hotel. was there any real reason for it or was it perfectly random. the call came into the front desk of the hampton inn and suites hotel just after 9:00 yesterday morning. no caller i.d. not coming from inside the hotel. the clerk picked up the phone, on the other end of the line a man was yelling and ranting.
6:49 am
the call lasted less than a minute, but in that time, the man recognized a couple of words like american airlines, flight 24 and hijack. he called police who in turn notified the fbi. within a matter of minutes, that flight, american airlines flight 24 which was about to take off from sfo to jfk was sent to a remote part of the tarmac at sfo where passengers sat for at least two hours. authorities boarded the plane and took a man and woman off in handcuffs, you should be able to see them in that photograph taken by another passenger. they were questioned and eventually let go. the rest of the passengers were taken off, six at a time, questioned, let go and allowed to rebook trips to new york city. >> makes you think about your safety, being careful about what you say. >> i'm flying american airlines this morning. i was little concerned yesterday, i think for the most part i assumed with the heightened alert it's easier to travel. you feel safer. >> reporter: as of late last
6:50 am
night, some of the passengers who were on flight 24, and those people were not, they were still stuck here at sfo. the fbi does not know who called in the hoax. reporting live at sfo, bob redell, nbc bay area news. >> quick-thinking for that clerk to get the information to the authorities as soon as possible. thanks. >> i want to follow up on one thing bob mentioned, i was checking a twitter feed of one of the passengers on the plane, he said he went to l.a.x., missed a connecting flight and is now getting on a plane for jfk. finally completing his journey. a rude awakening ahead for some peninsula neighbors. we'll show you the mess they're waking up to. a live report on what happened coming up next. and it's a little chilly outside. a live look at the golden gate bridge. clouds are hang out but they will be disappearing as the dayd goes on what doe s ur weekend have in store? nor coming up in a bit.
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police say a suspected drunk driver lost control of his truck leaving behind a trail of destruction. kimberly tere has a look at what happened. >> that suspected drunk driver caused a lot of damage. first hitting a treed100 yards away from here, then he came barrelling towards this house. three parked cars were hit, skid marks on the lawn a terellis taken down before that car came to rest next to the house. in all, three parked cars were hit, and there is some obvious damage to this one corner of the house. the residents were inside when this happened, they said they heard a loud boom when that pickup truck crashed into their
6:54 am
home. they did not want to talk on camera but are glad no one inside the house was injured. the driver received some minor injuries and was treated at the hospital and released. the homeowner was outside a few hours ago cleaning up what he can. that driver has been arrested for dui. live in millmillbrae, kimberly , nbc bay area news. >> let's check in with mike inouye. you know of a sobriety checkpoint this weekend. >> it will be if fremont, along dakota road. fremont pd getting that word out. they are letting you know about the checkpoint because they don't want anybody to get caught, they would rather nobody drink and drive. 19 minutes down to richmond from pinole. the toll plaza, the camera turned over to the incline where we saw a slowdown because of an
6:55 am
earlier disabled vehicle. moving slowly across the bridge. the backup has not formed yet. 880, nice view past the coliseum. there's a game tonight. keep that in mind. all weekend downtown oakland, there is the art and soul festival, that will be a great event, but congested for traffic. and i guess weather wise how are things looking? >> a beautiful weekend. things will be cooler and some clouds. by 8:00 this morning for your drive and heading to work and/or school, mid 50s. things warming up by lunch time where we will be in the higher 60s. a beautiful seven-day forecast. things cooling off by tomorrow, bouncing back up by monday. >> thank you very much. >> four, that means scott mcgrew is batting clean-up. >> is a robot. you heard of roomba, right?
6:56 am
this is called the neato robot. it uses lasers to measure the room. it doesn't bang into thing. it uses lasers to figure out where it's going and clean everything up. it has a powerful suction. i'm amazed at how well this works. the one thing -- i won't attempt to turn it on because it will drive off the desk, 400 bucks. i will say while it cleans, when you vacuum you straighten up as you go. it doesn't quite seem to do that. >> i just bump things and move them out of the way. >> 400 bucks. >> not only gadget friday but giants friday here on nbc bay area. we will get things started at 5:00. stay tuned after the game for a special edition of nbc bay area news. >> teens on the green tomorrow at 6:30 in palo alto. several bands made up of some talented high schoolers will
6:57 am
play for free. this is mdk, or modern day kids, they are playing an acoustic set in the studio but they will rock the house tomorrow night. guys, play us into the break. thanks for joining us on this friday morning. go ahead, guys. there you go. ♪ ♪ ♪ b-a-c-c-a-l-a-u-r-e-a-t-e.
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