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tv   NBC11 News The Bay Area at 11  NBC  August 21, 2010 10:00pm-10:30pm PST

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oenchs right now, the erotic exotic ball is moving, but you might be surprised where it's headed in the bay area. pregnant, scared? you've seen the billboards. now see who's behind it all. we'll show you the results of a two-year investigation and what it revealed about 14 different clinics here in the bay area. and drink to your health. the new benefits for women who prefer wine. the news starts right now.
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good evening, i'm diane dwyer. police in san jose are looking for the driver who hit an 18-year-old man last night leaving him seriously injured and potentially blind. the crash happened near the intersection of highway 85 and cottle road. that's where our kimberly terry is with more on what happened. kimberly? >> reporter: diane, dan thompson was heading home on his skateboard on the crosswalk about 8:30 last night when a car hit him and just took off, the driver leaving him hurt and bleeding in the street. >> dan was crawling blind and bleeding out of the street trying to get out of the road. but he didn't know where he was apparently. >> reporter: monica thompson says her son lost sight in his right eye when he was 4 years old. now a hit-and-run crash could leave him completely blind. a fracture and swelling to the left side of his skull is
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causing limited vision to his one good eye. >> he says he can only see on the bottom corner of his left eye. so it's about a window about that big right there. >> reporter: dan was reportedly crossing the street on his skate at cottle and the entrance friday night when he was hit. >> i've met some pretty horrible people, but somebody who would hit a person and then see them laying in the street and then just go. like not even think, oh, my god, did i just kill him? is he okay? but just to speed off like that, like i can't even imagine what kind of person would do that. >> they slowed down and sped away. >> reporter: that's according to a witness. police say they're now looking for the driver of a white two-door mercedes sedan with front end damage. >> he wants the car off the street and no one else to get hurt. >> reporter: tohompson has thre eye doctors working on his case.
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the limited vision he has left could be gone, leaving him completely blind. >> it's devastating. it's completely devastating. every hope and dream that he had needs to be rethought. he was just starting life. he was 18. he just finished school. he was just starting life. and now it's starting from square one. >> reporter: anyone with information about this hit and run is asked to call san jose police. again, the car is described as a white two-door mercedes with front-end damage. it's believed part of its front bumper is missing. live in san jose, kimberly terry. >> kimberly, thank you. a 22-year-old man is behind bars tonight after hayward police say the man tried to run over an officer. several people called 911 around 9:30 this morning about an erotic driver. police say they chased him about two miles when he allegedly
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rammed his stolen suv into a squad car and sped toward a second officer. he crashed and ran away on foot, but officers stopped hi him by shooting him in the shoulder. police arrested the man for ago va aggravated assault and violation of his probation. an event known as one of those san francisco affairs is moving. it's expected to draw about 14,000 people to richmond. nbc bay area's monty francis is in richmond with the story for us tonight. monty? >> reporter: diane, richmond stands to benefit financially from the event. what remains to be seen is if it will have a positive effect on richmond's image. event producers describe the exotic erotic ball as a celebration of flesh, fetish and freedom. the event started as the nudist ball in san francisco in the late 1970s, by 2002, it moved to
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the cow palace sk. and now it's headed to the new pavilion in richmond. the event's producer said by moving here, they would have more control over concessions and ticketing and that the craneway still provides a view of the city by the bay. some who live near the pavilion told us they have concerns about the event coming to town. >> we hope that this will not be the los of noise and hope nothing gets damaged, i hope it doesn't get too wild. >> i just hope they keep it neat. i don't care what goes on inside. the noise could be a problem. >> reporter: in 2008 the ball was showcased by fox news's bill o'reilly as an event representing what he called san francisco values. >> it probably won't fly for long in richmond ultimately because of maybe the conservative nature the people here. >> reporter: others said it's about bringing business to
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richmond's economy. and it's about changing richmond's image from a crime-plagued city. some neighbors told us they can be just as open-minded as san franciscans. >> you know, it's the 21st century. this has gone on for a while. i'm sure there will be a lot of respectable, you know, hardworking people that just have fun. >> reporter: the ball is scheduled to take place here on october 22nd and 23rd. monty francis, bay area news. a man who is riding in the san jose bike pty last night is in the hospital tonight after being hit about a car. right where this month's bike party was being held. the monthly ride often draws hundreds of riders. many of the bikers were stopped at a red light when that witness claims several others rode past
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them into traffic, and that's when the accident happened. police are still investigating that claim. the cli hstas a major head injury. police officers from across the state gathered in the bay area today for a canine competition. south san francisco police department hosted the event with more than 40 police dogs and their handlers. next year that number may be significantly down. vallejo recently cut all but one of its canine units. in san diego, 12 units were eliminated. >> every one. that's why the nonprofit is important to different agencies to establish themselves as a nonprofit association so they can do more community interactions so they can keep the training going. some agencies will lose some dogs and that's unfortunately going to happen. >> canine organizers say the cuts are a mistake because it's been proven time and time again the canines save lives.
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appear antioch police dog named thor took a bullet. the one thing you need to do if you want to eat eggs and stay safe at the same time. pregnant? scared? you've seen the billboards. who's behind it all and what it reveals about 14 clinics here in the bay area. and finally some summer heat is around the corner. live from san francisco, we can actually make out some of the buildings, not a lot of fog. we'll tell you about that warm-up in just a bit. as
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you may have seen the billboards along bay area freeways. they read "pregnant? scared? call us." but who's on the other end of that 800 number. a national pro-choice investigation launched an investigation into 200
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california crisis pregnancy centers. they say the centers provided false advice. vicky nguyen looks into the claims and takes us inside one of the crisis pregnancy centers. >> and what we found was unbelievably alarming. >> reporter: megan helps lead pro-choice california. she says a two-year investigation into so-called crisis pregnancy centers uncovered disturbing trends. >> we found systematic approaches of manipulation, intimidation and false advertising. >> reporter: investigators say it starts with ads. >> when they see that heartbeat, they know that is not just a blob of tissue. >> reporter: what the ads don't say is that the centers are funded by pro-life agencies. they say the investigation found many clinics provide false information about abortion. nationwide, they outnumber abortion clinics 5-1. >> in one clinic they had a large jar filled with
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manipulateny fetuses you could take as a little token. >> reporter: 14 pregnancies in 4 california counties. they also called some 200 centers statewide. among the key findings, 60% advised women condoms are ineffective in reducing pregnancy and certain stds. >> any allegations that condom are not effective as preventing pregnancy or the spread of stds are false. >> reporter: she says if they're telling women this, they're wrong. >> many women don't realize they are at a place that is offering unbiased scientifically correct information. >> reporter: 70% told women abortion increases the risk of breast cancer. y a>>rtion does not lead to a bre breast cancer. >> reporter: also, abortion increases it is risk of infertility. >> abortion definitely does not
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need to infertility. >> reporter: valerie heads real options. >> we always tell every client that they can parent, release for adoption or have an abortion. >> reporter: she says women are given forms right away that clearly state the center's stand on abortion. >> we do not provide for abortion, nor do we refer for abortion. >> reporter: but they do talk to women about the risks. >> this could be serious about hemorrhaging and affect some later pregnancy, breast cancer. >> it could be scary. but abortion isn't a light decision to make. >> are the counselors qualified to talk about these medical implications from abortion? >> they are qualified to give this medical information as it has been reviewed by a report. >> reporter: crisis pregnancy centers have a pro-life agenda. >> we respect women's decision. we respect their right to have full information. >> reporter: but she defends some of the practices criticized.
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>> do you believe abortion increases the risk of breast cancer? >> i believe it's a possibility. >> reporter: do you believe it increases the risk of infertility? >> i believe that's a possibility also. >> i really, really needed somebody to talk to. >> reporter: angelique who was featured in the ad said she came here after an unplanned pregnancy. while she didn't know the pro-life stance, she said it's irrelevant. >> it's irrelevant. they're stepping up and providing a service that's not provided. i wasn't judged based on choosing to abort or not abort. >> reporter: she said researchers say every woman should have that same experience wherever they go. vicky nguyen, nbc bay area news. >> real options is one of the centers she called, but they did not identify any problems there. the national institute of family and life advocates responded by saying, quote, it's defeated iflgts for nearly three decades to attacking the integrity of
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pro-life resource centers. this is more of the same tired old hysterical grant with no tolerance for those who disagree with their agenda. find the link to the report on our website as well. go to and search pregnant. another iowa farm has been linked to that nationwide recall of tainted eggs that has sickened nearly 1,000 people. that brings the total number of recalled eggs to half a billion. with that many eggs on recall, it might be a good time to make sure you're cooking your eggs safely. there's just one simple rule to follow. >> consumers should cook the eggs to a firm consistency such that the yolk and the white are very firm. another way of saying that it's no runny scrambled eggs or runny yolks. >> and remember, it's never a good idea to eat anything with raw eggs even if it's a pinch of cookie dough. the latest recall involves eggs sold in california. so for a full list of brands
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included in the recall, visit ♪ a little taste of oakland's tenth annual art and soul festiv festival. tens of thousands are expected to attend over the weekend. the festival's lineup this year showcases many of the musical stars that have put oakland on the map including cake, mc hammer today and former tower of power front man lenny williams tomorrow. along broadway there. and craig, how's is going to be tomorrow? >> tomorrow is going to be a little warmer than today. >> again? >> yeah. nice, right? we've got 90s back in the forecast. good evening. a lot of it in san francisco right now. there is fog out there. but it's not quite as deep. we will have fog tomorrow morning. we can make out on the embarcardero. from oakland looking back across the bay towards san francisco. that's a great shot. beautiful evening out there. we're sitting with 50s.
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55 in san francisco. 55 in through oakland and about 58 in san jose at this hour. temperatures today only into the 70s today. you can feel it, feeling cool. the sunshine was nice but that wind was blowing on in. winds out of the west and southwest. anywhere from 10 to 15 and closer to 20 and 25 especially for the tri-valley area and right through the delta. now, we do have another system that's going to pass to our north tonight. that will give us more fog. that's it, though. this is that cold air, this little dip has been all that cold air that's been passing over the past several days. that will give us fog tomorrow morning. it's a quick mover. it will move out quickly. sunshine. 70s and 80s back into the forecast. offshore winds start to pick up late tomorrow night. it's monday and tuesday that we really feel the effects. at that point the beaches are in the 70s. not much in the way of fog. san francisco, you've been waking up to clouds and fog and drizzle about every day bee
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gipping monday and tuesday. you'll have sunshine. bayside communities in the 80s, inland, 90s for two days, monday and tuesday. wednesday starts to cool off just a bit. uv index at if you're headed over to the a's me taking on the rays at 1:05. clear to start. mid-60s out there. then your forecast for the day, we've got 80s for most of the locations in the north end of the bay. east bay inland valleys. livermore, 72. 68 in san francisco. these numbers are finally close to average for this time of year. here's the seven-day forecast. a couple 90s monday and tuesday and at the beaches we're into the 70s. we'll stay close into wednesday and the next weekend. two days of 90s, we'll take it. >> just in time for school to start. >> thanks a lot. and laura, you've got football which i'm not entirely ready for yet. and a lot of baseball going on. >> get ready. >> i know.
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>> yes, it is here. the raiders starters look a bit slushish to begin the preseason, but tonight in chicago it was all about the fast start. and tim lincecum much better tonight in st. louis. but was he good enough to get his first win ug
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well, they didn't get much done in the first preseason game. but tonight in chicago the raiders' first-team offense had another shot. of course, they were without darrius heyward-bey and mcfadden but they still had campbell. he was still looking for his first td as a raider. before the game, how's this for inspiration. bo jackson making an appearance in the raiders locker room saying hello. opening drive, jason campbell, 5 for 5 including this toss to louis murphy 27 yards to the chicago 2 yard line. sets up this. campbell, the one-yard plunge. 7-0, oakland. campbell, 170 yards, 1 int. a force on defense. four sacks tonight. and he played only 30 minutes. third quarter, kyle boller is in. shows off his running skills. two yards and in.
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27-14, raiders. oakland wins, 32-17. and tomorrow night, preseason action comes to the bay area as the niners host brett favre and the vikings on "mup night football" here on nbc bay area. after the game, do not go anywhere. we have a special edition of "sports sunday primetime" with all of the post-game coverage and analysis from here in studio and out at candlestick. it was a cy young kind of night in st. louis with tonight's starters holding 3 of the last 5 awards for the league's best pitcher. right now only one of them could be a contender. chris carpenter has been strong for the cards while tim lincecum, he's wishing august would just end already. the ace has lost career worst three straight starts with a 9.0 e.r.a. this month. he was doing well through three. no hits until the fourth. lead-off guy randy winn, the fornler giant takes him deep to right. solo blast. 1-0, cards. all right. that's it, though.
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to the sixth. 3-0, cards. lincecum still in. the single to center. that's going to score albert pujols. two on, one out, but the bull pen gets him out of it. six runs, four runs in 5 1/3. cards, 5-1, the rubber game is tomorrow. the a's trying to keep a good thing going. anderson tries to carry them to a fifth straight win and third straight over the rays. pot tom six, 2-2, a's coming back. davis, the single to center. that scores ellis. a's, 4-2. looking pretty good, right? anderson out. sean rodriguez makes him pay, takes him deep, two-run homer. the go-ahead shot. they hold on, 5-4. a little bit of a heartbreaker. they'll try again tomorrow. >> thanks, laura. go ahead and indulge a little bit. a look at the new benefits
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could a little wine make you smarter? a new study of more than 5,000 men and women in northern norway reveal that moderate wine consumption is independently associated with better performance on cognitive tests. researchers followed the participants for several years. the average was 58. the study finds women who drink moderate amounts of wine did better than men. just to clarify, doesn't actually make you smarter. it just means that you hang on to what you've got in that brain a little longer, perhaps. just so you know. if you're looking to get smart. and thanks for joining us for the bay area at 11:00. don't forget to follow me on twitter for fun free stuff to do each weekend.
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today my picks. sunday street in san francisco whether it will be nice. and there's a free bike swap in santa rosa also. "saturday night live" is up next. have a good night.
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next on c-span, earlier today, president obama addressed a meeting of the american nursing association where he spoke about health care reform. >> thank you.


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