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tv   NBC11 News Bay Area  NBC  August 22, 2010 6:00am-7:00am PST

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good morning, i'm garvin thomas. next on "the bay area sunday." >> they knew they had to slow down. >> a mother's heartbreak as police search for a hit and run driver who could leave her teenage son blind. and detention isn't cutting it for students cutting class. the new way an east bay city is fighting back against truancy. plus, one east bay city is looking for a new image, but is this what they had in mind? whew, getting things off to a hot start this morning. but cool weather. you look at a live picture of
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the san francisco, 7:00, sunday. thank you very much for joining us. thanks for making us a part of your weekend. hope it's a good one. i'm garvin thomas, he's craig herr herre herrera, and has good news for those itching for good weather. >> better late than ever. this morning, we have 50s, a lot of cloud cover and fog. it will clear earlier if you're heading to the a's game today, 1:05, taking on the rays, the uv index, 6. 68, 82 livermore, and 84 in sonoma. i'll talk about the 90s in just a bit. >> thank you very much. this morning, police in san jose are looking for the driver who hit a teenager on a skateboard, leaving him seriously injured and potentially blind as nbc bay area's kimberly reports, it's a double dose of tragedy for the teen's family.
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>> deion was crawling, blind and bleeding, out of the street, trying to get out of the road, but he doesn't know where he was. >> reporter: monica thompson says her son lost sight in his right eye when he was 4 years old. now a hit and run crash could leave him completely blind. a fracture and swelling to the left side of his skull is causing limited vision to his one good eye. >> he says he can only see the in the bottom corner of his right eye. and his left eye. so it's about a window about that big right there. >> reporter: dan thompson was reportedly crossing the street on his skateboard to the entrance of 85 friday night when he was hit. >> someone who would, like, hit a person and see them lying on the street and then go, and not even think, oh, my god, did i just kill him, or is he okay, but just to speed off like that? i can't even imagine what kind of person would do that. >> they knew they hit him.
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>> that's according to a witness who called 911. police are now looking for the driver of a white, two-door mercedes sedan with front-end damage. >> he wants no one else to get hurt. >> reporter: symptthompson has doctors working on his case. his mom says they're considering surgery, but then they run the risk the limited vision he has left could be gone, leaving him completely blind. >> it's devastating. completely devastating. every dream he had needs to be rethought. he's just starting life, just 18 years old, just finished school, just starting life. and now it's starting from square one. >> reporter: kimberly terry, nbc, bay area news. a new city law in richmond that zeros in object students who cut class goes into effect this fall. kids caught playing hooky will earn a trip to a community center for counseling and head to juvenile court with their parents. the "times" reports the
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municipal code change beefs up the city's efforts to combat chronic truancy in richmond where more than 100 students play hooky every day. the police chief says it is a noncontrol criminal process and about getting kids help they need. most kids who are caught can expect court-mandated social services. chronic abusers will be fined. tomorrow, a veteran santa collar acounty corrections officer will be sentenced on charges of molesting his own niece. jose serrata was on duty. his niece, knew 21 years old told police he started molesting her when she was just 9 years old. a jury tickconvicted him this y and he faces 30 years in prison. a 22-year-old man is behind bars after allegedly trying to run over an officer. several people called 911 around 9:30 yesterday morning about an erratic driver on mission boulevard near carlos b boulevard. police say they chased him about two miles.
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hayward police say then that's when he rammed his stolen suv into a squad car. and sped toward a second officer. he ended up crashing and running away on foot, but officers say they stopped him by shooting him in the shoulder. police arrested 22-year-old brian mee of redwood city for aggravated assault, auto theft and probation. the exotic year rottic ball is expected to draw 1,400 people, but as we report, what remains to be seen is the effect this will have on richmond's image. >> reporter: event producers describe the exotic erotic ball as a celebration of flesh, fetish and freedom. it started as nudist ball in the late 1970s. but 2002, the event had grown too big and moved to the cow
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palace and is now in the crane way pavilion in richmond. event producers said by moving here they would have more control over concessions and ticketing and they still have a great view of the city by the bay. some people told us they have concerns about event coming to town. >> we hope that there will not be lots of noise, and hope nothing gets damaged. i hope it doesn't get too wild. >> we just hope they keep it neat and i don't care what goes on inside. the noise could be a problem. >> reporter: in 2008, the ball was showcased by fox news's bill o'reilly as an event representing what he called san francisco values. >> my doubts are that it probably won't fly for very long in a city like richmond. also because of maybe the conservative nature of the people here. >> reporter: others told us, it's not a matter of conservati conservatism, but bringing business to richmond's economy. and it's about changing richmond's image from a crime-plagued city. city leaders hope people begin
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this think of richmond as a place to visit and spend money. and some neighbors told us, they can be just as open-minded as san franciscans. >> you know, it's 21st century. this has gone on for a while. people, you know, i'm sure there will be a lot of very respectable, you know, hard-working people at this that just have fun. >> reporter: monte francis, nbc "bay area news." >> still ahead, caught in the path of a wild fire, a narrow escape for hikers as flames rip flew southern california. and the death toll rises along with the floodwaters in pakistan. how one bay area community is stepping up to help. [ man ] i was deciding what to do
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with my citi thankyou points when it happened... [ glass breaks ] ...again. ♪
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[ child ] run! [ man ] first it was the mailbox. then my squirrel. and now, this. so i used my points to make a donation to get the park down the street built. when it finally opened, i also used my points for... car repair. [ male announcer ] use your citi thankyou points for almost anything, even local charities. what's your story? citi can help you write it. this morning, a wildfire is still burning in san diego county. so far, it has burned over 2,000 acres of the cleveland national forest. the fire started around 1:00 yesterday afternoon, and quickly
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spread to rock climbers, and eight people who were staying in a cabin had to be rescued by helicopter. firefighters have been on the fire lines all night. at this hour, the fire is about 10% contained. now, the latest in the gulf. bp is getting ready to remove the blowout preventer device that caused the massive oil spill in the gulf of mexico in the first place. national incident commander thad allen says crews are taking every possible precaution to be sure that removing the device won't cause oil to begin leaking again. a so-called fishing procedure will look for the fractured pipe that will help investigators learn more about what went wrong. meantime, a massive underwater cloud of oil resulting from the spill has been found. it's more than a mile wide, and stretches 22 miles in length. rescue operations are still under way in pakistan more than three weeks after devastating flooding began in the country. thousands in southern pakistan have been forced to leave their homes and fend for themselves as
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floodwaters overtake villages and towns. as nbc's stephanie gos reports, survivors probably won't have much to return to. >> reporter: in southern pakistan, floodwaters continue toin undate villages and form land. the latest evacuees are struggling to survive. i was moved here when my deliver started, this woman says. i gave birth to my child here. more than three weeks after the floods first hit, the world has started to respond. you wanted nations says they have raised 70% of the $460 million needed. but rebuilding this country will take much more. places like the swat valley need both immediate relief and long-term development. almost every bridge is gone, and miles of roads are washed away. this region used to be controlled by the taliban until the pakistani military launched a successful operation a year-and-a-half ago. >> the people here had just started to rebuild when the floods hit. and now in the region's largest city, there are fears that cholera may be spreading.
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at the manning gora central hospital, there have been nine suspected cases of cholera, children. >> reporter: u.s. marines have increased their relief flights to the farthest reasons of swat, but in mangora, there are no helicopter drops. people cross waters on flimsy rafts. there are about 1,000 people crossing the water on these make-shift rafts every day. they chose this location because they say it looked the calmest. they say they are nervous every time they step into the boats. >> reporter: we heard peaches are destroyed in the flood. >> yes, much of them. and now much are rotting because of the daily rain. >> reporter: like millions, they have escaped the water with their lives, but it has left them with little else. stephanie gosk, pakistan.
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here in the bay area, the pakistani community is pulling together to send relief to flooded areas. today the san jose-based foundation is sending a 40-foot container to pakistan full of blankets, medical supplies, clothing and other items. this is the second large container the group has sent since the flooding started over three weeks ago. you can drop off donations at 1991 montague expressway, or go to earlier today, iran introduced its first domestically built, unmanned bomber aircraft. president mahmoud ahmadinejad calls it, quote, the ambassador of death to iran's enemy. it can carry four cruise missiles, and has a range of 620 miles. the goal of the nation having such an aircraft is to keep its enemie enemies, quote, paralyzed in their bases. today's unveiling comes a day after iran fueled its first nuclear power reactor. that is causing world nations to be concern that iran is beefing
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up facilities for military purposes. iran says it is only interested in generatesing electricity. coming up on "the bay area sunday." going green is going brown. this truck is powered naturally. from the toilet to your gas tank. >> all right. and if you have been waiting for that sunshine, it's coming, especially tomorrow. we have fog early this morning as we look over the golden gate. we'll talk about the 90s in the seven-day forecast coming up. [ indistinct conversations ]
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just last week -- wasn't it last week or the week before, we had the san jose jazz festival, one of the things that goes to confirm what an amazing place this is to live. this is just one weekend. >> and we forget, during the week, there are a lot of little ones, too. the los gatos. >> and usually have good weather to enjoy it. >> great weather. those of you waiting for the 90s, get ready again. we have this shot now as we look out over san francisco. still a lot of fog out there and some mist and some haze close to the coast. but as we go through the afternoon, it's going to clear out earlier. next step as we head out into the east side of bay, plenty of cloud cover here, but notice it's a lot higher, and it's not quite as thick as it has been in the past few days. looking out over san jose, sunshine at 7:17 a.m. we haven't had that in some time. well, we do have some clouds. we do have some breaks in those clouds. 56 right now in san jose. 53 in san francisco.
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still in the lower 50s for santa rosa, just touching 50 degrees. 54 through livermore and across most bay area locations into the 50s. a little wind, not a whole lot. most will be in the trivalley area and right over into the delta. south and southwest, 12 to 14 miles per hour. but the rest of bay area, pretty calm. as we go through the afternoon, we are going to have a little bit of wind coming through to help clear things out. we've got one storm that passed up right now into the dakotas, gave us some showers and thunderstorms across the sierra nevada last night. there is another one in through here. it's going to ride jet stream. that jet stream has been dipped right over the bay area, so it just rides this like a conveyer belt, rides through quick today. but high pressure, hot weather coming at us, beginning later this afternoon, but more so tomorrow, monday and tuesday. the off shores come through. that hot, dry wind pushes over the bay area. bayside some 80s and inland numbers back into the 90s. we've had maybe two days of them. this entire summer. we'll get some of them on monday
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and tuesday. and again, if you're headed to the a's game today, uv index high, very high, 9. so apply the sun screen and reapply through the afternoon and keep yourself hydrated. 1:05 for the game time. and it is time, 49ers, and the vikings, 5:00 p.m., clear to start. mid 60s. you can catch the game here on nbc bay area. you can watch the game here if you aren't going to the game itself. 68 for a high, san francisco. 82 in livermore. 78 through san jose. 82, sonoma. 82 in napa. sunset, 7:53. we will see tomorrow morning's sunrise at 6:32. 96 on tuesday. the hot and dry and off shore wind comes through. i might be conservative on wednesday, probably see a few more 90s. and next weekend we cool off quite a bit. but the kids are back in school. and the beaches were in the 70s. >> right. great, thank you very much. two stories in our broadcast this morning that make me
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apologize first for mentioning them during your breakfast time. this is the first one. from the toilet to your gas tank. students at university are unveiling a green vehicle that runs on what they call brown technology. it's a chevy civil addo heavy-duty pickup truck outfitted with injectors for natural gas fuel. researchers capture the energy from toilet waste and use it in the fuel tank. eventually the university would like to comfort a convert all te vehicles in flint, michigan to this technology. >> if you want to have the jobs, you've got to have the innovation and good ideas of the that's what's always fueled the automotive industry. now we have to do that again. >> researchers say the bio methane costs $1.80 a gallon, gets slightly fewer miles per gallon than regular gasoline. mad hops at pogo pa looza.
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a laura behnke. coming up, football action last night. the raiders off to a hot the start. meanwhile, tim lincecum, not quite good enough. and the earthquakes unveiling a very special player. that and more in sports.
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college football coach nick saben has the crimson tide rolling the way it did the way bear bryant had it in his day. university of bam alabama will start this season where it ended last year at the top of the ap poll. it's the first time bamma has been number one since 1978. the ohio state buckeyes come in second, and boise state in third. the pac-10, sat sadly didn't crack the top ten this year. usc starts ranked at 14. the 49ers will face off against brett favre and the vikings today at 5:00 right here on nbc bay area.
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laura behnke has that and more highlights in your morning sports. good morning, everyone. they didn't get very much done in their first game of the preseason, but last night in chicago, the raiders' first team offense had another shot. of course, they were without darius, and darren mcfadden, but they still had jason campbell. still looking for his first td as a raider. before the game, former raiders' great bo jackson making an appearance in the locker room, making hands. jason campbell, five for five, including this to murphy. 27 years, the chicago 2 yard line. that steps up this. campbell, the one-yard plunge. touchdown for the raiders. 7-0 oakland. campbell, 170 yards did have a pick. cameronwomenly, four sacks last night and only played about 30 minutes. third quarter, the starters out. kyle bowler is in. two yards and in. 27-14 raiders.
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oakland wins. and today preseason action comes to the bay area as the niners host brett favre and the vikings sunday night football right here on nbc bay area. after the game, don't go anywhere. we have a special edition of sports sunday prime time with the post game coverage and analysis from here in the studio, and out at candlestick. a cy young kind of night out in is st. louis yesterday with last night's starters holding three of the last five awards for the league's best pitcher. right now, only one of them may be a contender for the fourth. chris carpenter strong for the cards. lincecum, however, wishing august would win. he has lost a career worst three straight starts and has a 9.0 e.r.a. this month. lincec lincecum, no hits through the third, but the leadoff man in the fourth, randy win, and his former teammates make them pay. goes out in right, solo shot. 1-0 cards. to the sixth. lines sum still in. jon jay, up the middle.
7:26 am
would allow another base runner, two on and one out. but the bull pen holds. six hits, four runs in 5 1/3 for lincecum who says he feels like he's close. and last night, the a's trying to keep a good things going, as anderson trying to lead them to a fifth street win. here come the a's, davis, scoring mark ellis. the a's take the 4-2 lead, looking pretty good at that point. top base, anderson out, craig breslow in. sean rodriguez makes him pay. two-run home run your go ahead shot. the rays hold on, and get the win 5-4. it's and the moment bay area soccer fans have been waiting for. the addition of a player with just one name. yesterday, the giovanni era began. earthquakes unveiled their new brazilian mid fielder to a sold
7:27 am
out crowd, the first-ever designated player and becomes one of the best in the mlf, perhaps in history. he'll start the next game only score of the day, though, came in the fourth amid kris, eighth of the year. 1-0 quakes. they beat the galaxy who happen to be the best team in the league. and that's your morning look at sports. have a great day. now, it may not be a sport sweeping the nation just yet, but definitely bouncing along. pogo pa looz akicks off, featuring 30 extreme jumpers. jumpers can be in several categories like big air, best trick and high jump. they're judged on originality, creativity, and altitude and how well they stick the landing. much more ahead on "the bay area sunday." coming up next, the biggest store at chicago's festival wasn't wearing a cape, but could soon be wearing an orange
7:28 am
jumpsuit, if you know what we mean. we'll explain, just ahead. and imagine turning the key to your newly rented home only to discover it's in foreclosure. the new scam on craigslist, just ahead.
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san jose on a sunday morning. >> sunny sunday morning. >> a sunny sunday morning in august. who would have thunk that? wow. we are truly honored that you have decided to make us part of your sunday morning. i've garvin thomas. this meteorologist, craig herrera, and that's a little tipoff that -- when you wake up to sunshine, something is going on. >> it's been a while since we have seen that. you know it's going to start to warm up. today will feel warm in the south bay and east bay. by the time we get into tomorrow, even at the beaches, back into the 70s. getting close to 80. some of the warmer valleys at saratoga, los gatos, through
7:31 am
sonoma, napa, petaluma, mid 80s. concord, walnut creek, livermore, and in through san francisco, 68 degrees. garvin, the seven-day forecast, we are going to see more of the sun rise mornings for a couple days to come. >> craig, thank you very much. former usda official shirley sherrod will meet this week about a new job offer. vilsack will offer her a civil rights outreach position at the usda. sherrod was forced to resign last month after a blogger posted excerpts from a speech she gave in march. those excerpts made it look like she was a racist. the naacp, the white house condemned the remarks before hearing the full context of the speech. all apologized. she is grateful for the opportunity, but she wants to know what became of her old position. >> i wanted to know why is it that he didn't offer me the state director -- the georgia
7:32 am
state director position again. what happened? you know, to make that a door that's totally closed to me? i would love to get some answers to that. and many others want to hear why, as well. >> sherrod's meeting with secretary vilsack is tuesday. it's the time of year to begin school again. in fact, uc berkeley students are moving into their dorms this weekend. i think we have a live picture of that right now from the berkeley campus. it's a busy weekend around there as students get ready to start the school year. let's hope when they do move in, though, they bring lots of cash with them. or maybe mom and dad's credit card. because the average price of a textbook now is $70. college kids can buy the book, and maybe get to resell it back at the end of the school year. usually for a fraction of the cost. and only if the professor is going to teach the same class next semester. the u.s. general accounting office says the average college student can expect to spend $898
7:33 am
for textbooks every single year. but this company in santa clara rents books and says you don't ever have to own them and save a lot of money. >> we have come up with a model that allows us to reuse the textbook from student to student and then replace the book. >> dan will talk more about the idea on "press here" this morning right after "meet the press." dan, by way, is former ceo of guitar hero. now, it's the latest high-tech rage. what if you could make purchases without using cash, a check or credit cards? if you own a smartphone, you know the possibility is already in the palm of your hand. pay pal and bling nation have been rolling out products which allow people to hand over money to stores, restaurants and coffee shops and friends with the tap of a mobile device. other companies like apple, at&t and verizon wireless are getting ready to do the same. former chapters, it's a plus.
7:34 am
they can gather customer data in a more detailed way than permitted through the credit card system. this allows sellers to target sales offers to regular customers, or those who haven't gone shopping in a while. and now cnbc's tyler matheson takes a look at the upcoming week in the world of business. >> reporter: the government releases last quarter gdp figures on friday. that's gross domestic product, adding up all the values of goods and services in the u.s. over the past three months. chairman i felts are looking for both of 1.5%. that is slow, slow, slow, but at least it's growth. new rules regarding gift cards take effect this week. you'll now have five years to use those cards before they expire. and inactivity fees can only be imposed if it you don't use the card for a full 12 months. quarterly earnings reports trickle out this week. we will see whether barnes and noble's books have another big loss, while upscale retailers j crew and tiffany's ring up more profits. the presidential commission on the bp oil spill meets for
7:35 am
the first time this week, investigating the cause of the worst spill in the nation's history. and what impact those 5 million barrels of crude oil will have on the gulf and the overall economy of that region. released its new cheaper kindle e-reader, it's smaller, easy to read and has longer battery life. and the king of pop lives on at what's being called a fanvention in gary, indiana this week. i'm tyler matheson. get all your business news on cnbc. and you can also get your business and tech report before the markets open on weekdays, nbc bay area, starting bright and early, 4:30 in the morning. now we've heard stories about scams on craigslist, and here's a new one. imagine renting a home, moving in and then getting a notice from a bank saying it's in foreclosure. cheryl shams from our sacramento
7:36 am
station has a look. >> and i gave them the first part of the money, which is right here. >> reporter: helen williams springfield could barely believe it herself. she had been scammed. she had responded to an ad on craigslist advertising this home on spanish wells court in sacramento county as being up for rent. she says she met a couple here who took a total of $5,000 from her for three months rent and deposit. >> i shined the floor and signed it. >> reporter: and then a visit from someone else who told her the couple who took her money and handed her receipts and a rental agreement were probably scammers. this house was in foreclosure and is scheduled to be up for auction on august 30th. >> said i'm the fourth family that has been scammed out here in this area. said you're very lucky, because the other three families, they got put straight out right then.
7:37 am
>> reporter: it was a sacramento county sheriff sergeant who spoke to williams, but police agencies across northern california have responded to situations just like this. >> one of the easiest ways is probably to contact other neighbors and ask them who they pay the rent to, to verify whether they're talking to the right person. >> reporter: but that's little consolation to williams. >> i'm just one person. i'm not a -- i'm tired and i have no money and nowhere to go. comic book aficionados attending a convention in chicago this weekend had a chance to hang out with superman, batman and wonderwoman. but also had an opportunity to shake hands with one they never would have expected. former illinois governor rod blagojevich signed autographs with comic book fans at the com com comicon convention yesterday. it's famous for bringing in tv
7:38 am
icons, and it is blagojevich who seemed to trump william shatner, and and leaving them scratching their heads. >> thank you very much. >> congratulations on staying out of jail. for now. >> in case you had trouble hearing that, he said, congratulations on staying out of jail. for now. after what seemed like a victory lap, blagojevich made a legal call, selling autographs for 50 a pop. a federal jury this week convicted the former governor of lying on to the fbi. he was arrested on corruption charges in 2008. still ahead on "the bay area sunday" newborns can't talk, much less walk, so why are hospitals outfitting them with tracking devices? baby gps ahead. and smiles on the faces of underprivileged children. [ male announcer ] when meg whitman arrived at ebay,
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they had 30 people and an idea.
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meg's job was to make it happen. it took leadership. focus. and the ability to bring people together. meg whitman delivered. named one of america's best ceo's by harvard business review, she grew ebay 15,000 strong and made small business dreams come true. now meg has a plan to create jobs. fix sacramento. and deliver results. meg whitman. for a new california.
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wi-fi and coffee shops. recently, they have become as synonymous as, well, coffee in coffee shops. but the happy couple is starting to come apart. the reason why from nbc's kris clackum. >> it was the nation's coffee shops that free wi-fi had its origins. but at some, complaints are mounting over wi-fi free letters or cyber squatters, as they're called. >> we started getting sort of complaints about people coming in and a line forming. >> reporter: a line forming, because tables meant for four were being taken up by a single person and their laptop, taking advantage of the free wi-fi. so now, especially at shops and cafes where food and coffee is offered, the owners are cutting off the wi-fi, completely. others are just cutting back, like this cafe in the l.a. suburb of brentwood, pulling the plug on wi-fi, at least during
7:42 am
lunch hours, so it can tater to a crowd spending money on more than just a cup of coffee. >> we think we found a nice middle ground, get them in, fed during our busiest time, get them out and for 95% of the day, people come in, use the internet, make a connection with your wi-fi. >> reporter: cyber squatters still have alternatives, though. starbucks just announced the wi-fi is still free at any hour at its shops. kris clammum, nbc news. hospitals are using new technology to track babies. state of the art security devices keep the babies safe, much like gps, but for babies, it consists of fastening a hugs tag to a newborn. it's monitored by a computer that can track every baby wearing one. if the baby leaves the secure area, an alarm goes off. the new security system is designed to keep babies safe, and their parents worry-free.
7:43 am
a santa rosa doctor is changing the lives of children, giving them a chance to smile once more. nbc's robert bazell shows us how. >> there we go. >> reporter: 3-year-old julian perez has been in a lot of pain for months because of cavities. according to his mom. how bad was the pain? was it keeping him up at night? >> he would wake up, and during the day when he would eat was a problem. >> reporter: now mom and dad gerald have run him to a unique facility near santa rosa, california called the pediatric dental initiative, or pdi, where his teeth will be fixed quickly and painlessesly. dr. kathryn foster, a pediatrician, mobilized public and private donations to create pdi. though she practiced medicine, she realized adequate dental care was critical for many children in poor families. >> pain distracts kids from what they need to be doing and learning. and it really makes them
7:44 am
frequently hard to live with, because they're crabby, so you can actually have infection spread to the brain and make the infection be very, very severe and complicated. >> reporter: the problem is widespread. veronica calderon, a dentist from spain, volunteers at pdi, and has never seen such widespread disease, blaming sugared drinks. >> they drink the whole day. they don't drink water. >> reporter: california, like most states, has a dental program for underprichd children, but it pays so little, the dentists lose money treating the kids. so the children often get no care until their cavities need extensive treatment, often in a hospital. the pdi is different. all procedures use general anesthes anesthesia, which makes it safe and efficient. >> our cost per case is half as a hospital. >> reporter: it's highly successful. this clinic treats almost 2,000 kids a year. some of their parents drive them
7:45 am
hundreds of miles, even from other states. about an hour after his anesthesia began, julian's teeth are all fixed. his smile will soon return, because of a dedicated doctor making a difference. robert bazell, nbc news, santa rosa, california. still ahead on "the bay area sunday," rats and snakes coming through your plumbing? no, it's not an urban legend. the simple fix to keep rodent's out of your rest room.
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7:47 am
rats in your toilet? snakes in your sink? it sounds like a bad horror movie, or maybe a really good one, if you're into that kind of thing. but either way, it's not one you want to be a co star in. still, as nbc bay area reports, it could happen to you. >> reporter: when you flush a toilet, everything goes down.
7:48 am
it's generally a bad day when things come up. >> it is disgusting. >> reporter: fleshy, creepy, crawley things. >> i'm just shocked that a rat could come up in the sewer and get into my home. >> reporter: but that's exactly what happened to willow glenn resident sheila dubrow. >> i heard this sloshing noise. >> inside her toilet was a live rat. >> it was just lying there, bobbing around. >> reporter: richard from affordable plumbing solutions says rats and snakes have a direct path from the sewer into your home. >> here in san jose, the sewer lines are straight to the sewer. all they've got to do is walk right up. >> reporter: experts say mice and snakes have an incentive to climb up your sewer pipes and into your home. they're generally looking for food you put down your garbage disposal. >> the best thing we can do is avoid putting anything down the drain that would entice a rat or a cockroach or any other animal
7:49 am
to work its way into the home. >> reporter: kevin o'connor says because of the way the sewer system is built, they don't install check valves to prevent wandering animals like they do in other cities. but he insists, animal invasions are extremely rare. >> we don't have a rat problem. >> reporter: even show, she isn't taking any chances. she is having this trapdoor-like mechanism installed on the bottom of her toilet. >> doesn't allow anything to come up. >> reporter: now she doesn't have to worry about uninvited guests. nbc bay area news. i should have told you, that was the second story i should have warned you about during breakfast. your detailed forecast next, and then 2,500 people plus physically soda equals brand-new world record.
7:50 am
7:51 am
the phenomenon mixing a popular candy with diet soda is taking a new meaning in mexico city. take a look.
7:52 am
[ cheers and applause ] >> reporter: the new begin necessary world record has been set for erupting mentos geysers. they drop the popular candy into 2-liter bottles filled with soda. more than 2,400 geysers of soda shot six feet into the air, drenching participants, but trumping the previous record set in china in june. let's just all agree to stop trumping that record. >> it's all good -- >> it makes a mess. a lot of waste of food. >> exactly it. so speaking of something not messy at all. forecast. >> no. >> nice, clean, finally warm. >> exactly. two days, sunshine, some 90s in the forecast on monday and tuesday. >> look us long enough. >> finally, the end of august. waited all summer. san francisco looking out over embarcadero, cool start to the morning, but 12:00, mid 60s along san francisco and 70s and 80s everywhere else.
7:53 am
oakland, cloud cover here, but that's going to leave quickly across the south bay, already getting sunshine in san jose. this is the inland valleys and the south bay, plenty of sunshine, as well. this is the santa cruz mountains. 56 now in san jose. 53, san francisco. 55 in concord. not a real strong breeze, but there is enough to clear things out. that cooler air that's been dipping over us for so long. well, we've got one more system coming on through today. it is fast-moving, no rain, of course. but it will clear all the fog out earlier. behind it, we start to get the offshore winds. beginning tomorrow, north-northeasterly winds. hot winds coming through. 70s at the beaches, 80s bayside and 90s inland. we are above average. we have been below average all summer long. a's today and the rays. you'll be out there, you need the sunshine. uv index at 9, considered high. and 70s. and if you're headed to the 49ers tonight, 5:00 p.m., you
7:54 am
can watch it here on nbc bay area. getting to 68 in downtown san francisco today. 74, san bruno, 78 san jose. 80s for the north end of the bay. over to livermore. and south end of the bay, as well. seven-day forecast, two days of 90s, probably a couple wednesday. and then as we go into thursday and friday, that's when we start to cool off a bit more. so summer finally making it to the bay area. look at this. this is with craig. this is nico. love that face. belongs to addy and sam. and bella and gracie have the right idea as we get ready for the summer heat. 5-year-old golden retriever sisters. that's chester. a very, very sweet chihuahua, and mika adopted these two cats. isn't that great? >> thank you very much. and thank you all for making us part of your morning. football tonight, finally back. 5:00 right here on nbc bay area. that means our next newscast is 4:30 this afternoon. "meet the press" with david
7:55 am
gregory is next. after that, "press here." have a terrific sunday. >> take care. [ male announcer ] when meg whitman arrived at ebay,
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