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tv   NBC11 News The Bay Area at 5  NBC  August 23, 2010 4:00pm-4:30pm PST

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the 24-hour temperature change m 15 to jping from 15 to 30 degrees from this time yesterday across the bay area as we had the warming windsm settig up out of the north and slightly offshore. right now we have 95 and 97 in fairfield. 94 in napa. santa rosa, close to 100. all the heat is getting set off by this high pressure forcing the compressional heating down to the surface and the kwis slightly offshore and because of that we have a heat advisory in effect for the entire bay area through 8:00 p.m. for tomorrow. so let's set up the heat story for you in another fashion. the last time we had any widespread heat in the bay area after the record-cool summer was on june 27th and on june 12th and then it wasn't really that hot. today, not only it looks like the warmest day of summer but for the entire year so far as temperatures were in the mid-to-upper 90s for many of our inland locations. e'll have details on
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our air quality and also, a major change in the seven-day forecast. for those of thoughts live in the east bay usually we spend the summer getting hammered by heat but after weeks of unseasonally come temperatures a lot of us were stunned by the scorching sun and even in marin, a little different. people are usually wearing there's this time of the year, not short sleeve there is. >> reporter: it's completely different. for the first time in a long time, it doesn't feel frigid out here in the headlands and there's very little fog. tourists who have been shivering for months because they didn't realize how cold it was in the bay area. they are finally wearing summer clothes. you guys happy? >> this is jane, i can help you? >> reporter: the phone is ringing off the hook at the
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livermore community center and most people are asking the times. many callers were upset to find out the pool was opening later in the day now that the majority of kids with back in school. the rec and park direct is expecting a much larger amount of swimmers today than usual because of the heat. the sweltering weather 2k3w5i6 people a taste 06 what summer is usually like in the east bay. temperatures in the high 90s. pretty hot, stuffy? yeah. >> that's why you're here at the water so everybody is go in and have a fun time cooling off. >> reporter: this year the scorching sun has been hiding. pauline says today's weather at the rec area in pleasanton made up for it. >> this is a celebration. the moms just hanging out and look at our kids approximatelying in the sand. >> reporter: these moms may have been looking as the kids enjoyed the water but samantha didn't sit on the sidelines here at this fountain in downtown
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livermore. >> it makes me want to go in and play with them. >> and you did. >> i do. i love it. >> reporter: now, take a look at san francisco behind me. it's finally a day when residents can leave that jacket at home. i left my windows open today and these the first time i've been able to do that all summer long. back to you. >> thank, trisi. the first day of the grape harvest started hours before dawn and the heat forcing workers in the sonoma county vineyard to start early. the cooler summer slowed ripening and delayed the harvest by about two weeks. the manager wants to give the fruit every chance to become good wine especially after a wet spring and cooler weather. >> the bunches seem to be fairly small this year. this is something that's get -- we didn't expect this but it has
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to do, i think, a lot with the weather that we had in may when the grapes were blooming. >> reporter: you can see the work began very early when it was still dark so the workers could get the grapes inside while they were still cool. should child killers be set free when they grow up? families of murder victims are hoping lawmakers will say "no." the debate is under way toe give lifers who were juveniles at the time of their crime a chance at freedom. we're live in pittsburgh jodi? >> reporter: the community of pittsburgh was rocked five years ago when a promising young police officer was gund down in the line of duty but because one of the killers was under 18 at the time, he may some day get a chance at freedom if lawmakers pass a controversial measure. tonight the officer's mother is speaking out, organizing if you
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do an adult crime, you should do adult time. >> there's a special place in my heart that's his. that's just his. >> reporter: not a moment goes by that phillies doesn't think of her murdered son, pittsburgh police officer larry lassiter. the 35-year-old officer and former marine was shot and killed in the line of duty chasing down two robbers in 2005. just a few months before the birth of his first child. >> all we can do is tell cody, your dad loved you. >> reporter: and now, the family is being dealt another blow. as lawmakers debate a measure to allow one of the killers a chance at parole. >> it's really unfair to then judge these individuals like adults. >> reporter: this senator believes the inmates who were under 18 at the time of the their crime should get a second chance. his proposed law would allow
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juvenile lifers to get a shot at parole after serving 15 years. >> not all kids are going to get that second chance but those who are deserving. who have turned their life around. gotten therapy, accepted responsibility, have a lot of more forethought. >> we're serving a life sentence reason he's not to -- he's not doing anything to modify my life sentence. >> but because andrew was a few days shy of his 18th birthday at the time of the killing he would be eligible for consideration. she says that something that she cannot allow. >> it's like lining the defendants up and giving them three shots at us again. line against the wall and let them have three more shots at us. that's not fair. that's not justice. >> reporter: though she suffered two heart attacks since the shoot k she remembers her son's words scribbled on a note he once gave her. >> he says, mom, keep your chin up, i love you. i'll keep firefighting as long as this's a breath in me i'll
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keep fighting. i will keep fighting. for him and all the other families. >> reporter: the measure has already passed the senate and the assembly is debating it as we speak. we're told right now the vote is just too close to call. . we just got an update and we learned that one lawmaker, a "yes" vote is absent so the vote may actually be delayed until tomorrow. they're discussing that right now but a lot of emotions on both sides. reporting live in pittsburgh, jodi hernandez, nbc bay area. >> and you can understand why. nine years after her two dogs viciously malled her neighbor to death, a state appeals court ruled marjorie knoller should stay behind bars. the judge up4e8d the second degree conviction the murder vikts as well as a sentence of 15 years to life.
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you may remember in 2001, the dogs killed the neighbor right in the hallway of the san francisco 5er789 building in pacific heights. they were, at the time, law partners and were caring for the dogs of a prison inmate. she may appeal the ruling to the supreme court. and federal investigators are saying they're closing in on the man that stabbed a dog repeatedly. they've identified the suspect and expect to arrest him sometime this week. the man reportedly stabbed whenny, the dog, after the dog's owner asked the man to get the pit bull under control. it appeared the two dogs were about to fight. the man responded by suddenly and for no reason, stabbing lenny. he suffered severe injuries but is expected to survive. the economy, tech giants are slugging it out over ray bay area company. our business and tech reporter, scott budman is here with the blow by bloi. >> reporter: two of the biggest names zeroing in on the's bay.
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a data storage offer got a $1.6 billion buyout offer from hu hewlett-packa hewlett-packard. and no winner u declared yet except the shareholders who have seen their stakes triple in the last couple of weeks. the rest of the market is not as exciting. no earnings or gigantic deals the stocks are light. all major indices are lower. one company that at least for now, seems to be bought the medical scanning company, accepting an offer of $100 million from biophrma giant, roche of switzerland. that's supposed to close sometime next month. jessica? a leading voice in bay area the news has been silenced tonight. veteran anchorman died of stroke-related illness. for ew years he covered local news spending 25 years at the
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anchor chair at san francisco station kpix. in his long career he covered everything from student riots to the summer of love to even the assassinations of mayor george mosconi and supervisor harvey mills. he retired and moved to ranch ceo mirage. and plans for a this public memorial in san francisco with under way. he was a professional and we all admired him very much. >> and a great gentleman as well. still ahead tonight at 5:00 -- >> i'm your chief meteorologist jeff ranieri. it's all about the heat. we're tracking it for you with temperatures in the 90s across the bay area. not only the hottest weather of the summer but hot all day. tomorrow temperatures will climb into the 70s. and then rb round over. irrelevant's official. tiger woods and elin finalized their divorce. what the former couple is saying
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and the plans for their children. and you think the bay area traffic is bad. here's a traffic jam that's been going honor more than air wook. and new guidelines for c-sections cutting down on the risk of dangerous side effects. and tapping the secret to weight loss. the simple solution found in th everyone's home that could work better than any diet pill. back in go minutes. wo
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to mister and misses walker. why would they send my parents a check? chase what matters. ♪ trying to crack the case. 40 more people are sick from salmonella in the past two days bringing the total number of cases to more than 1300. today the head of the fda said the agency just atlantic had enough power to prevent
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outbreaks like this. >> we need better abilities and authorities to put in place these preventive controls and hold companies accountable. and we need to be able to more routinely review records and work with companies to make sure that the food supply is safe. >> not exactly reassuring. the fda is urging congress to pass legislation and it would increase inspections. right now, companies are the ones that issue recalls voluntarily. also today, the meth officials say they don't expect the number of eggs in the recall to grow any more. what may be the secret weapon to weight loss that comes without a doctor's note. damians shows us, water may be the key. >> reporter: from special diets to special diet pills and drills at the jim. the quest to lose weight has
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ballooned into a multimillion dollar industry and scientists are reporting weight loss success with a commodity that costs next to nothing. ordinary tap water. a new study from virginia tech had 48 people eat low-calorie diets for about three months and they all lost about 11 pound. half of them drank two cups of water before their meals and lost an additional five pounds. experts say water could be an effective weight-loss tool for several reasons. it's zero calories and may replace high-calorie sugary drinks like sodas. it makes people feel fuller causing them to eat less. clinical dieticians say people actually eat when they are thirsty. >> you may find when you drink the water you were not at hungry as you thought you were. >> whatever the reason for weight loss, it doesn't seem there's anything magical about water that might cause a person to shed pounds but paired with a
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healthy diet and exercise this would be a great weight loss strategy. >> it has no side effects so there's no harm in people drinking two cups of water before a meal. >> no harm, but perhaps, hope for an easier way to tap into the weight-loss success. damian trujillo, bay area news. mothers to-be who need a c-section should get antibiotics before not after the procedure according to new guidelines for obstetricians. infection occurs in up to 40% of women who undergo a caesarean who make it a common complications. antibiotics are given to reduce the rings but usually not until the baby is born. recent studies conclude giving the mother iv antibiotics an hour before the procedure reduces infections without harming the newborn. it is finally over. officially, tiger woods and elin finally finalized their divorce
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and terms of the settlement were not revealed. some say the payout is as high as $750 million. the two were married in october of 2004 and have two children. they plan to share custody of them. in a statement released by attorney these said we're sad that our marriage is over and we wish each other the very best for the future and said, whierl we're no longer married we're the parents of two wonderful children and their happiness has been and will always be of paramount importance to both of juice let's bring in jeff as to talk about summer finally getting here. >> i know. >> i had the rabbit in for three months because it's been cold and i put him out and it's hot. it's like when you wash your car and then it rains. but cooler weather coming in the seven-day forecast so this is a more of a stint. we'll look at temperatures dropping but what a hot monday it has been not only inland but down in san francisco, a lot of
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folks just walking around in shorts and you can get away with flip-flops in downtown san francisco where normally the fog has rolled back in. we have a heat advisory for the north bay, east bay and temperatures in the low to mid 90s and not a heat-warning criteria because we're not expecting a heat behave to last too long. there's a "spare if air" day tomorrow with hot temperatures cooking the ozone and the pollutants in the atmosphere. some of the most vulnerable air is here. the east bay and south bay are considered to be in the unhealthy categories for tuesday. so if you suffer from respiratory issues, asthma, allergies and the likes, you'll certainly want to limit your outdoor time. all right, current look at temperatures right now, it is hot out there. you can feel the heat on the map. 98 in santa rosa and 95 in livermore. 98 in concord and 94 in san jose. and look at this, the peninsula from mid-to-upper '90s. the winds are setting up not
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only in the interior locations but near the coastline. so for tonight, warm with plenty of upper 60s as we head into the overnight hours. tuesday, still hot with plenty of mid-to-upper 90s inland, but look at this. we're looking at a 20 to 30-degree drop in our seven-day forecast. so we're not over yet with this roller coaster pattern across the bay area. the cloud cover is pushing all to the north and that's from this region of high pressure that's sitting out here. it's helping to dry these offshore winds throughout today and for tomorrow. we'll see this shift out of the way later on in the week and that's why temperatures will drop. mean while, for tomorrow, hot weather inland with mainly 90s inland and at the coastline, it is going to be warm with 70s and 80s so if your kids aren't back in school it might be a good beach day. heading to wednesday, the cooling winds return as temperatures drop. for tonight, not dropping like they typically do. 6:00 a.m. in the south bay, temperatures in the 70s. by 11:00 a.m. tomorrow, sunny skies and close to 9 o degrees.
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it will be another hot one in case you missed me the first time. tomorrow, upper 90s in the extreme 'south bay. 94 in dublin. 97 in livermore. 87 in san francisco and as we head to concord, san ramon, fairfield, mid-to-upper 90s. and for the north bay we'll see more triple digits and even at the coastline, normally in the 50s you're at 72. check ourt the weather channel on cable. look at this. from upper 90s we're going to go to 76 and 74 inland. welcome back to fall. >> all right. thank you, jeff. >> you're welcome. well, still ahead, not the happyiest place on earth for one worker. the lawsuit involving a disneyland employee and why she's rejecting an offer she says is mickey mouse. and sea world is slapped in f a ftee aftrr a r ainewas e after a trainer was
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a san francisco engineering firm that worked on the minneapolis bridge that collapsed in 2007 has agreed to pay more than $50 million to the victims. the corporation has been sue ford allegedly missing warning signs on the bridge before it collapsed during the rush hour commute. 13 people died and more than 100 others were injured. the company argued it didn't know about the design flaw when it was hired to inspect that bridge. they say that the settlement was paid in part to avoid a trial. it could have been far more expensive. the company did not want to admit any fault in that bridge collapse. osha is slapping sea world with a $75,000 fine after investigating the trainer that was grabbed and drowned by a killer whale six months ago. here is home video from the orlando park. the osha report cites sea world for showing a disregard for
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employee's safety. noting the whale was known to be aggressive. osha suggests that they not work with killer whale unless they are protected by a barrier or other equipment. sea world says it will contest those findings. a disneyland worker who sued the company for refusing to let her wear her muslim head scarf at work at the pauk is now refusing to wear specially-designed hat the company made instead. the woman worked as a restaurant host and her boss said to take it off. the worker said the alternative hat makes a religion of her joke and they say they are sensitive to her beliefs and that the new head covering fits with their costume guidelines. so far, the employee has gone home without pay seven times instead of removing her headpiece. ane'reac bke. with a
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traffic jam stretching into its ninth day!
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if you got in stuck in traffic today for 30 or 40 minutes, consider yourself lucky. in china, a 62-mile traffic jam is in its ninth day. road construction started the slowdown but delays grew longer after cars and trucks starts to break down and local villagers are capitalizing on this by saiding up roadside food stands and charging outrageous prices. the construction isn't finished so we haven't heard the last of it. the average driver has been stuck in the traffic jam for about three days. >> so let's not complain about our traffic jam.
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up next on the "nightly news," most spen skif school in the nation is right here in california. thanks for joining us at 5:00. we'll see you back here at 6:00. droiiiid.
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