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tv   NBC11 News The Bay Area at 6  NBC  August 23, 2010 5:00pm-6:00pm PST

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but first chief meteorologist jeff ranieri is here with a look at the temperatures. finally hot. >> this is only the second time since summer started that we've had widespread temperatures in the 90s, so a big pattern shift for not only this past week but for the entire summer as we've had that record cool weather. heat advisory here for the east bay. that's in effect through tomorrow. look at temperatures still at the 6:00 hour to the upper 80s and low and mid-90s. 90 in livermore and 19 in danville, but the heat advisory not only for the vulnerable east bay will we typically see the hot weather but the north bay, peninsula and for the entire south bay as well. once again through tomorrow with poor air quality as well and a spare the air day for tuesday. meanwhile, current temperatures holding on to the mid-90s strong in the north bay and even in some areas, it's owl high
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pressure that's helping to cause this heat that will be with us through tomorrow and as we heat up this set up this heat story one more way here, the last time we saw hot weather was june 27th or june the 12th where temperatures were widespread warm to hot across the bay area and take a look at today. the warmest day not only summer but of the entire year as we had record heat at san rafael, san francisco airport and san jose with plenty of low to mid-90s. now the last time we saw temperatures this hot, this time of the year, was way back in the 1950s for some of these bay area locations so pretty remarkable heat for the bay area. take a look at this, 6:00 a.m. in the east bay. for those of you waking up temperatures in the 70s. details on more major changes in the seven day. we're not done yet. >> thanks a lot. a live look at the bay area quality management issue issued its first spare the air alert today and tomorrow expect it to be the same. the alerts are to raise awareness and encourage people
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to help reduce the smog. the district is asking you to reduce how much you drive by taking mass transit, telecommuting or biking around town. also, avoid using gas-powered yard tools like lawn mowers and leaf blowers. cook indoors and don't use those barbecues and avoid aerosol spray cans and hair spray. we don't even break a sweat on a typical summer day but with more temperatures fitting for fall a lot of us were putting out the lemondade stands and cranking up the air conditioners. the sun finally came out and you don't real very to wear a jacket which is a rarity at this time of the year out there, tracy. >> reporter: you've got that right, jessica. it feels really good out here. didn't think i'd be able to say that about the marin headlands. we decided today to try a
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scientific/culinary experiment. also going to get people to say you can fry an egg on that sidewalk. we decided to try something else. just how hot was it today in the east bay? well, we decided to test it with a baking sheet and some cookie dough. we wanted to know if we put all of this on the vinyl dashboard with the sun pouring through the windshield. by the end of the day, would these cookies bake? while we waited for the answer, we spoke to others who were marveling at the change in the weather. >> but it's been kind of cold in walnut creek and gloomy. >> that's why when the heat made its much-awaited entrance pauline came to shadow cliff recreational area and she says she can't believe on the day her kids went back to school, mother nature decide summer would finally begin. with no air conditioning in the school freeman will make sure her children stay hydrated and luckily a couple of her friends have pools. >> it will be to go to their
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pool more than likely and hang out there with everyone. >> reporter: this is the point in town when the moms become very popular. >> we love the moms. good friends. hang on to those friends. >> reporter: samantha says she doesn't need a pool when there's a fountain in the middle of downtown livermore. >> this is good. they are getting wet and i can get wet too. >> reporter: are you wet? >> yeah. her 4-year-old son was ready to soak in every drop of water. others looking to beat the heat in livermore were disappointed to find out that now that school has started livermore community center pool is opening much later. jane andrachio has answered calls about it all day long. >> compared to what we've had over the summer, because we've had a very cool summer, it's an unusual volume of calles for the pool today. >> reporter: so here it is right here. the results of our cookie test. now some of these baked a little but not enough for me to
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actually consider eating them. it didn't help we were constantly going in and out of the truck and constantly opening the doors so it never really got as warm in there as it needed to be, but, jess, we are hoping you will be our official taste tester. we're bringing these back to the station. you let us know how they taste. >> all right. thank you very much. we'll see if we want to venture into eating those or not, tracy. >> reporter: i wouldn't recommend it. >> all right, thank you. >> all right. hot outside means one thing. fire danger. we want to show you a grass fire that just started a short while ago in 97-degree temperature. this is contra costa county up in the pittsburgh area near highway 4. we understand one lane has been shut down. this is just west of willow pass road so we're talking about north of concord. up in the pittsburgh area. right now we understand that grass fire is burning.
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there is some wind at this hour but not a lot, but, again, one lane of highway 4 st down right now. mere willow pass road so if you're trying to figure out where this is, talking about the pittsburgh area not for the from the highway or highway 4. keep a close eye on this and let you know if anything happens. of course, always get your forecast where you live 24/7 on we're following it closely. click on the weather at the top right of the page for instant access to video for forecast and plan your day hour by hour and temperature projections and we'll have information there so you can get red for the weekend and five-day forecast. >> a bizarre attack at a bay area park and tonight they are close to making an arrest in the dog stabbing case. san francisco investigators identified the suspect. the man reportedly attacked the dog named lenny on thursday. lenny's owner says she asked the man to get his dog under control because it looked like the two dogs are about to get into a
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fight. the men reportedly responded by stabbing her dog four times and when he suffered severe injuries but he's expected to survive. >> would you like to say something to lawmakers about that $19 billion budget deficit? i bet you do. starting tomorrow you can do it from the comfort of your own home. senate democrats are holding three days of online town hall meetings. they could get an earful. you know that will happen. the budget, now more than 50 days late and the state weeks away from, again, another year issuing ious. the lawmakers will answer pre-screened and live questions too. >> it's certainly never too late to tell people what's at stake for their lives and for the state of california. >> they will also take requests like get it done. republicans are not invited to participate. the meeting starts tomorrow through thursday from 6:30 to
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7:30 at night. on wednesday the webcast will be held in spanish. >> as lawmakers near the end of the legislative session, a bill to band plastic bags here in california is drawing some interest. there's been an a lot of expensive lobbying from opponents including tv and radio spots while hollywood celebrities are pushing for the ban. the council is doing most of the lobbying online. the chemists want the emphasis shifted to recycling the bags. >> in the south bay, some are sounding the alarm over potential new ambulance provider. one of the two bidders for a new contract hails from arizona and civil rights advocates here are not happy about it. damian trujillo shows us why. >> reporter: paramedics are on alert during this week's high temperatures, but amr has a small emergency of its own. its contract expires next year and county staff is looking
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closely at a competitor's bid. >> one bidder was ranked significantly higher based on the criteria. >> reporter: but that bidder is based in arizona. >> we're really hoping that they could really look at other companies that are not based in arizona to be able to conduct business. >> reporter: immigrant rights groups have urged municipalities to boycott arizona companies because of that state's recently passed law targeting undocumented immigrants. the contract is worth $375 million over five years. the county says by law you have to revisit the ambulance contract every ten years. well, when this whole bidding process started, there was no arizona law. now it adds a new wrinkle to the negotiations. >> certainly an issue that needs to be looked at with some clarity, and i think the board is very concerned about what's going on in arizona. >> reporter: county board of supervisors did not adopt a
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resolution calling for a boycott of arizona but it did file an amicus brief joining the numerous lawsuits against the law. >> the county has a long history of supporting immigrant rights. the county understands what has happened in arizona and the draconian and hateful law passed against immigrants. >> reporter: critics say there's an emergency in arizona and santa clara county shouldn't make it worse. damian trujillo, nbcbayarea news. >> the board of supervisors has until the end of the year to make a decision on this new contract. >> ahead, the weight loss plan with no prescription or side effects and it's pretty much free. tired of the 9:00 to 5:00 grind. two brothers are and they turned their childhood passion for pets into a career. >> and how one bay area city is going green. >> and hot inland and at the coast. 87 in sncan fraisco and f winds west at 21 and we're still
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holding on to plenty of upper 90s in the north bay as well and take a look at this. 6:00 a.m. tomorrow in the south bay. temperatures in the 70nds. lets you know how long this hot weather will be lasting coming up. >> much more on breaking news in contra costa county. one lane of highway 4 shut down. an update after the break.
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a sailor who tried to make it from canada to san francisco ended up with a trip to mend sino county instead. the man's 27-foot boat was knocked over yesterday in gale force winds. he put out a may day call and put on a survival suit and waited for the coast guard to arrive. jumping into the water, he spotted the rescue helicopter, and he was safely hoisted away. >> for a long time companies have tried to figure out how to
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bring the internet into your living room. east bay company has a new way to do just that. nbc bay area's tech reporter shows us. >> buy boxes and attach wires but the magic formula to bring what's online to your tv and stereo has so far been elusive. now an oakland company has a solution that blends right in with your furniture. ♪ the road to the future of entertainment runs through oakland. >> and all i have to do is hit that station, and now hit play. ♪ >> reporter: where pandora is being pumped to your home stereo and anything you could find online can be moved to your tv. >> i can get it on my computer or special application device but i want it anywhere. not just on my computer or special device.
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>> reporter: this is the solution. a small device called the orb. looks like a coaster. acts like a conductor. one for the stereo and one for the tv. >> this one is for the stereo so you can attach one of these to your stereo system and now you have a digital stereo. audio in. >> reporter: the hardware and software is accessed through your apple or android powered smart device and you're off. no new wires or boxes, just an entire cloud's worth of content at your fingertips. >> all the content available there. take all that have internet content, the hulus, et cetera, and put it on the tv. i hit the play and boom. they are up on the tv screen. >> reporter: it's a company trying to make your life easier through technology, so get ready for the dip and don't miss the bus. the orb audio disc is available
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and costs $89. the disc for your tv is coming in september and will likely cost about $120. jessica will keep you posted. >> and then you'll have to cam and install in the house. thank you. the city of antioch is launching a new way to keep things green. county leaders sell operated a new recycling water system. nbc bay area's joe roetso shows us it could be the secret to solving the state's water woes. >> this is just a good public golf course that all kinds of golf verse enjoyed for a lot of years. >> reporter: with a bit of sunshine beating down on antioch's lone tree golf course, a group of golfers teed off across the lush fairways. >> your greens and fairways and tees, you know, turf products. we've got to keep that up. >> reporter: keeping up here takes water and lots of it. of course, it's always relied on the nearby delta for its supply. >> water rationing can be a reality with potable water. the golf course has to do water rationing. >> reporter: instead of tapping
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the delta, the course will green its greens with recycled water. east bay leaders celebrated the opening of the new antioch water distribution system. the six-mile network of underground pipes reclaim water daley. >> water that's originally come from the delta and used and comes to the sanitation distribute and we treat it and distribution it back to urban landscape. >> reporter: the new system will save enough water to irrigate 1,500 homes and reduce demand on the delta, ground zero for california's water battle. >> this is really a statement by the san francisco pay area that we want to use innovation and use technology to solve much of the state of california's water problems. >> reporter: federal stimulus dollars paid half the projects $12 million price tag. local leaders say it's the kind of solution california needs to meet its growing demand for
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water. lone tree says the system will lower its bills and ease its water rationing during dry years. of course, it's a green solution that unlike golfers just can't miss. >> antioch's neighbor pittsburgh has a water recycling system and so does san rafael, pacifica and another bay area city. san jose is expected to break ground. speaking of antioch and pittsburgh, that area, let's take it back to pittsburgh where we have that breaking news. the grass fire right where highway 4 and willow pass road meet. this is the bay point pittsburgh area. about five acres burning. so far you can see that plume of smoke on the right-hand upper section. you're looking at live pictures from the chopper. you can see its dark thick smoke. again, this is the bay point pittsburgh area right where highway 4 and willow pass road
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meet. not far from the highway and not far from the delta view golf course. keeping a close eye on this. the big issue, not a big fire, but it is really, really hot outside. some 97 degrees still in this area. we'll keep a close eye on that fire for you. >> traffic is stopped there in highway 4. jessica mentioned the hot temperatures and it the hot today which doesn't help matters there in terms of fighting the fire. >> certainly the fire fighters are dealing with the humidities right now in the teens. temperatures in the mid-90s. this again the general location of the fire. you can see pittsburgh right here. highway 4 and then it's just basically to the west out in this quadrant where we are looking at that current fire that we just showed you on the helicopter footage. winds out of west at 11 miles per hour so the things helping fire fighters right now despite the high temperatures and low humidities are winds that are rather low for such a heat event that we're seeing today. still, critical for the fire fighters to get a handle on this, not only for the ground but air as these temperatures
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will be staying warm to hot as we continue throughout tonight. meanwhile, today the temperatures, hot out there and don't need to tell you that after our record cool summer. oakland 95 and san jose 59. those were all record-setting temperatures. it had to have been this hot this time of the year since the 1950s and in many cases here from oakland to san francisco so certainly quite a shift from what we've had not only the past week but past several weeks in the bay area. take a look at this. thought it was warm yesterday. temperatures jumped some 10 to 20 degrees with the warming winds out of the north. now other hot spots today, the valley close to 100 degrees and 97 in gilroy and even santa cruz at 94. you know when 94 in santa cruz, got quite the offshore drying wind event here for the pay area. san francisco also right now getting in on the heat. temperatures that were in the
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90s today, and humidity levels critically low at 21%. no fog in sight, and as we take a wider look out here at pacific, it's high pressure that's going to stay with us the next two days and help force this compressional heating down to the surface and keep us the drying northerly winds for the bay area. as we head through tonight, temperatures will be mild to warm for many of you. you'll probably need to leave the acs on with low to mid-70s here in the east bay here at 11:00 p.m. tonight. again, in the south bay, mid-70s and 6:00 a.m. tomorrow. a warm start for you with upper 60s to low 70s across the bay area. watch this. temperatures jack up by 10:00 and 11:00 in the morning and mid-80s for the south bay and even a 90 expected in fairfield so we're dealing with the heat for tomorrow as the temperatures are going to be rather warm to hot and with that in place we do have a spare the air date in effect for the bay area as we seat east in the south bay as the critical unhealthy levels where you need to limit your
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outdoor exposure if you do suffer from any respiratory issues. meantime, we'll tell you about a bigtime temperature drop and the seven-day forecast coming back up. thanks a lot, laidies. >> coming up, schools are in crisis. how can one district open half a billion dollar school? we'll tour that school some are praising and others protesting. >> new rules for your plastic. we'll show you why you'll have to watch your credit cards carefully and give you the clas to rebuild your credit in today's economy. is soft on cats.
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and we have yet to eliminate anyone, it is the decision of this board to declare all 20 contestants winners. you have all competed admirably. admirably. a-d-m-i-r-a-b-l-y. admirably. [ male announcer ] at&t is making high speed internet affordable for only $14.95 a month with select services. at&t. rethink possible. >> want to give you a quick look at this breaking news that we're following in the pittsburgh aurea. a smokey grass fire is burning five acres right now. fire fighters are on the ground of very hot conditions out there so it is spreading pretty fast. last count we saw five acres, but it hasn't been going for very, very long. deep very hot temperatures making it difficult not too far away from some -- looks like a community out there. again, where highway 4 meets
6:25 pm
willow pass road. it is out there in the pittsburgh area. we'll keep a close eye and keep monitoring it during the newscast. bring you more in just a short amount of time. >> sad news tonight for bay area viewers. a locktime newscaster and colleague has died. veteran anchor man dave maclehatten was 81 years old and died today of a stroke-related illness in southern california. for 50 years he covered local news spending 25 years in the anchor chair at san francisco station kpix. before that he was with kcbs radio and well-loved by viewers. many of his co-workers over the decades >> i know that he was really serious about news. even though he was the nicest man around. very serious about news. cared with b what was in the newscast, cared about stories and cared about everyone in the news station. >> disaster keeping -- >> he retired from tv back in 2000 moving to rancho mirage in
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southern california. plans for a memorial are under way. there's another layer of protection for the millions of americans who use their credit cards. the biggest changes you'll notice in new credit card rules are no more inactivity fees for not using your cards enough. a cap of $25 on late payment fees and fees for going over your credit limit cannot exceed the amount of overspending and from now on your bank or credit card company cannot arbitrarily raise your interest rate. the hope is to restore consumer can have against in credit cards. >> well, it appears that their attitudes have changed by closing some of their credit cards and that they are consolidating them and that they aren't using them as frequently. >> research from the credit monitoring agency shows the average consumer carries three credit cards, down from four over a few years ago. >> for closure, short sales, job losses, have many people watching their credit scores plummet. the company get credit healthy
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normally charges big bucks to get your credit back on track but we got some tips for free for you. first, go in for a free consultation with a reputable credit repair firm. look for incorrect items in your credit report. 80% of people do find an error. make sure you pay your bills on time and use only about one-third of your available credit line. keep your accounts open after you pay them down to zero balance. coming up, budget deficits and teacher layoffs and furlough fridays. a new school worth more than half a billion dollars. >> and the man at the center of a rapidly expanding egg recall. his bad rap and why federal investigators say they don't even have the power to inspect chicken farms the way they should. plus -- >> a career change for two east bay brothers ends up being for the birds. i'm cheryl hurd. i'll have that story coming up. >> and breaking news on that grass fire as you see by our live picture burning there in the east bay in pittsburgh just
6:28 pm
west of willow pass road. so far one lane ofighway 4 shut down. more in just a moment.
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>> full court fire press. what we've got going on. fire fighters at scene of this grass fire that we've been following since the beginning of this newscast. burning in the bay point pittsburgh area where highway 4 and willow pass road meet. can you see the scorched piece of land right there, and if you switch the angle, you can actually see the flames burning right near the highway. fire fighters now have bulldozers out there. we've seen some helicopters doing water drops just a short time ago. lots of smoke. just a short time ago and we saw lots of flames very, very conditions which is why they are taking such a cautious approach with this and really trying to get it under control. can you see initially we had one lane of highway 4 closed, but right now it looks like it may
6:31 pm
be moving. just the one thing working and nde fact that it's really not witse aall. l. yeah. certainly. i mean, we are dealing with hot temperatures mn ethid-90es a n you see right here, and the winds out of west here are at 15 miles per hour, so that is favoring the fire fighters in this fire located once again just south of that higay 4 corridor, and, you know, as i've been standing around in this close region, really doesn't peak above 15 miles per hour. that's going to help the fire fighters get a quick attack on the air and the ground because even as we head into tonight, jessica, these temperatures are still going to be in the 70s to low 80s, and they are not going to get any real overnight recovery relief when it comes to the temperatures and humidity so at least the wind is lower. a shred of good news. >> and quickly, jeff, what we can expect for tomorrow as well in terms of temperature and wind. >> that's right. we're looking at temperatures that are continuing to be hot for tomorrow. so we could see more of these
6:32 pm
smaller grass fires getting sparked. had an active winter and a lot of fuel out there if we see another small fire spark up. that could ignite a lot more brush so we're very vulnerable so this is really the first widespread hot very much of weather than we've seen all summer long. been really fortunate. this is an indication of how vulnerable we still remain. >> thank you. let's hope the operative word there is small grass fire. we'll see you in a little bit. >> the most expensive public school in u.s. his industry opening its doors in california next month. the los angeles unified school district spend $578 million turning the former ambassador hotel into a k through 12 public school, but with the district failing, many people are asking is it really worth that price tag? conan nolan from our los angeles station takes a look. >> reporter: it is called the robert f. kennedy community schools. the crown jewel of l.a. unified
6:33 pm
massive construction campaign. as described in headlines across the country this morning, when it opens, the 24-acre campus and its combination of six schools will have cost an estimated $578 million, by far the most expensive public school ever built anywhere. >> i look at the classroom, and there's state of the art and it's what children should have. >> built where the famed ambassador hotel once stood there's also a demand by preservation groups to maintain its historic integrity. there's a gymnasium, competitive swimming pool and state of the art athletic fields, also a coffee shop, originally designed by famed architect paul williams to be used as the faculty lounge and cafeteria. the famed coconut grove, a nightclub that once served as host to the 1978 academy awards was recreated complete with lighting fixtures. outside a bank of flat screen televisions with video loops informing the students of the history here. >> and then there's the library,
6:34 pm
hallowed ground in american political history. built in the frame of the old embassy ballroom where in june of 1968 bobby kennedy stood right around here after winning the california primary. on to chicago and let's win there. after he said that he then exited out the pantry. what happened there changed american history. >> yeah. i was here for the victory speech and i was on the platform with bob here. >> paul was a kennedy confidant at the time and marvelled at the gold leaf being placed on the mural. >> bobby kennedy would have said -- and he would have said i love it because the kids will learn here. >> and while the half billion dollars came from a construction bond issue and could not be used for anything else, this is a school district that's laying off teachers and cutting academic programs. >> well, the school district also spent $700 million and two other high schools giving a reputation for building taj mahal schools. the district says that area has
6:35 pm
been underrepresented that is by the school district now. as school formally opens next month. >> well, they are dubbed kid killers but teenagers convicted of killing may get a shot of freedom if lawmakers pass the controversial measure in sacramento. sentencing for fair youth act would give secretary chances for lifers under the age of 18. they could qualify for parole once they served 15 years of their sentence. families of murder victims are outraged and under the measure, one of pittsburgh police officer larry lassiter's killer could one day be set free and it's unacceptable. >> we either victims. they are not the innocent children, hardened criminals, murderers, each and every one of them. >> not all kids will get the second chance but those who are deserving, gotten therapy and accepted responsibility and who have a lot more forethought now. >> the measure has already passed the senate. it is now being debated in the
6:36 pm
assembly. at last word the vote was just too close to call. >> the tax lady is getting sued. california's attorney general is suing tax lady ronny deutch for $34 million saying her promises to help clients with the irs don't pan out. deutch is known for her tv commercials and tax advice on national networks like nbc, cnn, fox and cnbc. deutch advertises a 99% rate when really she helps 10% of her clients. she runs the nation's largest tax resolution law firm. >> officials are trying to find out what set off the national salmonella scare and egg recall. the disease has not been found at any other farm or the two named in iowa but exact source hasn't been identified. nbc bay area's steve handelsman has more. >> reporter: job one today, finding all the sources of the salmonella. the doctors said that sent eva
6:37 pm
to the hospital. eva is better but salmonella has sick en sickened several americans. the food and drug administration fears that feeder chicks brought to the farm from the outside brought salmonella. >> we may see some additional sort of sub recalls over the next couple of days, maybe even weeks as we bert understand the sort of network of distribution of these eggs that are potentially contaminated. >> reporter: at the center of the investigation is jack dacosta, a big egg producer with a bad reputation. labeled an habitual violator for pollution offenses and fined for animal cruelty and his firm says all issues were addressed. he supplied chicken and feed to wright county eggs and hillendale farms.
6:38 pm
as seen in this fda video, the obama administration put stricter egg rules into effect in july requiring hens to be snella-free and eggs to be kept colder and tested more but the crackdown came too late to stop the current salmonella outbreak. i'm steve handlesman, nbc news, washington. >> now the fda is asking the senate for authority to routinely send inspectors into egg farms, something is currently doesn't have the power to do. the house green lighted that last year in a food bill that's still stuck in congress but is scheduled for a vote next month. doing something very easy three times a day cuts your appetite and helps you lose weight. what we're talking about next. >> if you're sick of sitting at your desk, so are these guys. two bay area brothers chased their four-legged dream to escape the daily grind. >> and how your office chair could be killing you. how you can beat the odds. >> really? >> and a good evening, i'm chie
6:39 pm
meteorologist jeff ranieri. we're tracking a grass fire and conditions the near highway 4 and pittsburgh. we'll have more on that coming t up. otherwise, it was a record hot monday with plenty of mid-90s still. oakland, a reading ie 80s. 80s. details on how long this will last coming up.
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okay. sounds like some weird horror flick, the chair that killed you burks apparently sitting can really be harmful. a study by the man journal of epidemiology kept track of more than 123,000 people over 14 years. it turns out that women who spent six hours sitting had a 37% increase risk of dying primarily from cardio vascular disease. men had a 17% increase risk. the study also shows that these
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people exercise moderately. doctors say you don't have to quit your desk job. just make sure you exercise before and after work and get up and walk around. what if we told you there's a drink out there that might help you lose weight, no common side effects and costs next to nothing. in fact, you have it in your house right now. you're talking about your ordinary tap water. a new study found dieters lost nearly 50% more weight if they drank two cups of water before meals. experts say water may replace those high-calorie sugar drinks like sugar feeling fuller causing you to eat less. >> i have it right behind the desks right here. >> what's coming up? >> does the boss come to either of you and give you a little talking to? >> does with me a lot. >> i stay silent.
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>> doing a little talking to one of his quarterbacks and all of us were able to listen in. >> on the farm, stanford, could this guy be the next heisman trophy winner and we'll take to you stanford football practice and it's official with tiger woods with some interesting details about his divorce. jeff ranieri? >> oh, we've got some hot weather here. right now a live look in san jose. oh, water is a popular spot to be and talk abo adting s heat and how long it's going to last coming up. woman: did you bring the camera phone? man: i did. do you wanna go first? i've been waiting for this all day. ok, this is from... aunt stacey. introducing chase quickdeposit. just photograph the front and back of your check using the chase mobile app on your iphone, and hit send. it went through. this is so cool. this is so cool. you wanna try it?
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a childhood dream has come true for two brothers. seems while they were in school, a little skipping school actually enlightened them as to what they wanted to do as a career and today it is their business. nbc bay area cheryl hurd showed us they made a promise as kids and now they are making good on it. >> john lee and his brother eric love animals. >> can never have one by me. >> love them to the point that as middle school students they used to leave class to visit animals at the nearby pet store. >> walk in and play with animals and stick the fingers in the cage. >> john got more of the little kid get out of the store and got the possible customer. >> eric said he was a big kid and the owner thought he was a customer and john was more of a pest with ambition. >> you ready to retire? >> no, ready to retire.
6:46 pm
>> ready to retire. >> no, not yet. >> a lot of years went by and they both record in the records department and both worked long enough to earn a severance package and learned out from their jobs and seized an opportunity to buy the very same pet store that used to get in a lot of trouble. >> how much you want. >> show me the numbers and what they were doing. let's go for it. >> they have owned the pet shop on springs road for almost four years. >> this is a girl, all i know it's a girl because somebody told me. >> they love what they do and even though they aren't breaking the bank. >> you know, it's not as good when we first started. get that recession period and gave them a whole new formula to make it in it. >> making it means breaking even. >> i love dogs but spiders? >> yeah. >> the brothers say they have a
6:47 pm
career that's more than a job. >> here it's exciting. every day it's something somebody got out, you know, take the birds out and get the bird. you know. it's always something. >> something they hope to pass on to their children. cheryl hurd, nbc bay area news. >> another live look at that grass fire burning in pittsburgh. this is near highway 4 near or just west of willow pass road. so far it's grown to about five acres, as you can see by our live shot. the traffic on highway four is affected. one lane in fact is shut down so the fire fighters can park their trucks there. the concern right now is that it's heading towards the concord naval weapons station. they are trying to stop it there. right now it's only five acres and it seems that the fire fighters do have it under control, but once again this grass fire is still burning just south of the highway near highway 4 and west of willow pass road. of course, we'll keep an eye on
6:48 pm
this fire throughout the newscast and have the latest at 11:00 tonight. >> a harbinger of what we might see in the last couple of days because there's so much brush out there and it's hot all of a sudden. >> all these factors coming together this afternoon. the good thing fire fighters haven't dealt with too many gusty winds out there right now in our inland spots. that's the only component that's missing that would put us in red flag fire warning status and it looks like these winds will stay very similar as we head into tomorrow but we'll still be on high fire alert for tuesday along with more hot temperatures. take a look at this in san francisco. a lot of people kind of defrosting today after we've had our 13th coolest summer in san francisco so far. temperatures in the 80s right now. a lot of folks getting on out and enjoying this hot weather in the city. meanwhile, it was hard to get outside if you're in livermore, gilroy and san jose and the almondon valley.
6:49 pm
let's take a look at the pay area heat. way back on june the 12th or the 27th that we did get in on any heat, and it really hasn't been up until the current day that we have had any summer weather. in fact today marks only the second 90-degree day in san jose. very remarkable when you think of how hot the bay area can get. now other widespread temperatures still holding on to the heat here. 96 in santa rosa and 96 in livermore and 98 in concord and 94 in sunnyvale. the peninsula is shining bright today where temperatures normally are a little bit cooler. these winds helping them to stay way up there as well. tonight will be fog-free and because of that the warm air stays in place with a lot of upper 60s and 70s. hot tomorrow but look at this. we are not done with this unseasonably cool weather. talking about a 20 to 30-degree drop in our long range forecast. cloud cover well to the north. high pressure is raining control out here in the pacific and that will keep us warm to hot as we head throughout tomorrow's forecast before we start to see
6:50 pm
that shift out of the way. so tomorrow plenty of 90s inland and more 70s and 80s at the coastline. a nice beach day if the kids aren't back in school and as we head into wednesday cooling winds returning and temperatures starting to moderate for the bay area. 6:00 a.m. only -- 70s here in the south bay so it's going to be a mile start for you and close to 90 already by 11:00 a.m. and tonight lots of 70s. we're calling it mild and once again for the afternoon tomorrow it is going to be h-o-t. just in case you just tuned in right now. tuesday, 99 in evergreen and 96 in san jose and 97 in los catos. this trend is continuing over towards the east bay as well with no fog as you wake up tomorrow morning. north bay, another day close to the century mark for many of you. more on this any time on the weather channel on cable and hold on to your seats, folks. look at the seven-day forecast.
6:51 pm
ac back on saturday and sunday. >> thank you. >> i'm sorry. go ahead. >> one, two, three, both of you. >> sports. >> mike single try 49ers making things interesting. motivational tactics. classic example berating vernon davis on national tv when he first took over at head coach. this time it's another davis. nate davis. the backup quarterback. it all started with a harmless pre-season game last night. sunday night football. candlestick park buzzing. hello to brett favre. the circus was in town. the niners opening drive. take a look. a thing of beauty. alex smith marched the team 70 yards capped off by this tv run by anthony dixon. the 49ers defense. favre on his rear end thanks to patrick willis. 49ers beat the vikings 15-10. now, for the nate davis/mike single try issue. 49er fans thrilled to see nate davis in the game last night.
6:52 pm
the third string quarterback played the entire second half. hooked up with ted guinn jr. look at that arm. a 63-yard pass and a nice play there, but after the game single try critical of davis' work ethic in the off season. here comes the velvet hammer. >> right now davis is working his tail off to try and learn this system. but in the off season that's when you take the time to get that done and i'm not sure how hard he worked this off season getting that done. >> not often a head coach blasts his player in front of hits players but perhaps a motivational approach. the season hasn't even started yet and the heisman hype is in successful swing. nbc's lauren scott with some luck on the farm. >> after a slate of freshman all america honors stanford's andrew
6:53 pm
luck enters his sophomore season at qb with enough experience to know you can't buy into the heisman talk and all the other pre-season hype in august. >> good to get stanford's name out there and people talking about stanford. i don't think it's ever a bad thing necessarily but, you know, we also haven't done a darn thing so we know that. >> the perfect guy to not have to temper it because he's not into the celebrity quarterback big man on campus type of persona and it's about the team for him. >> still luck enters the season. one of the nation's top quarterbacks having started each regular season game last year before missing the sun bowl with a broken finger. >> it's 100%, 110%. it's fine. >> i haven't given it annous of thought since the first spring practice. so it doesn't bother me at all. >> as luck would have it, stanford starts its season here at home, september 4th in a non-conference game against sacramento state. >> a chance to get home cooking before their first pac-10 game the next week at ucla.
6:54 pm
>> the opener is huge. it kicks the season off and you begin to find out where you are as a football team, so every game the opener is a huge game. very, very excited for the season started off. >> not looking past intelligento state by any means. high expectations down here and that starts with the opener on september 4th and we're gearing up with a good fight for sacramento state. >> thanks. the last stanford quarterback to win a heisman trophy jim plunkett many years ago. a couple other notes for you. tiger woods, the divorce is final with his wife and they will have shared custody of their two young children and to the giants they have added another outfielder, a reserve outfielder cody ross. they picked him up off waivers essentially to block the san diego padres. the giantsos hting hosting the cincinnati reds as the basin.
6:55 pm
>> we'll right back.
6:56 pm
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an update on our breaking news. a grass fire in pittsburgh near highway 4 and san marko boulevard. apparently it's now grown to 55 acres. there are some homes near that fire which started just about an hour and 20 minutes ago. so far no injuries reported and once again highway 1 or highway 4. one lane is shut down affected by that fire. we'll have more on this fire at 11:00 on nbc bay area news. >> until then try to stay cool.
6:58 pm
>> until then, bye-bye.
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