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tv   NBC11 News The Bay Area at 11  NBC  August 24, 2010 10:00pm-10:35pm PST

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a wildfire explodes in the east bay on the edge of mt. diablo state park. is the heat making it a tinderbox that's too hot for firefighters? he triggers transit troubles causing power outages around the bay area. the fix in the works. student athletes prep for another scorcher on the gridiron. good evening, everyone, i'm jessica aguirre. >> and i'm lisa kim. chief meteorologist jeff ranieri
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is updating the forecast right now. details in just moments. first, live in the east bay where that curry fire that started late this afternoon has now grown to 375 acres. nbc bay area's george kitiyama is there live. what kind of handle do firefighters have on it right now? >> reporter: a pretty good handle. low wind or no wind at all as well as higher humidity is helping these firefighters against this fire. in the past hour we've seen a number of fire trucks that drive past us to the staging area here on curry creek canyon road. they'll have 200 firefighters fighting the flames tonight and into the morning as they try to make an aggressive push to put this fire out. >> reporter: from the air, the fire appears to be zigzagging down the sides of mt. diablo. flames gobbling up a lot of dry brush, grass and trees 200 acres' worth. >> with that there's a lot of safety hazards of tripping and
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falling trees that we are concerned about firefighters. >> reporter: neighbors like cindy simmons are watching the fire with concern. she's been through this before, living in this area for more than 15 years. >> i hope that they're okay and we're hoping it's not going to come any further. >> reporter: crews are doing their best to head off flames from reaching homes in the surrounding area. >> there was one home threatened and fire crews were able to protect that home and cause any damage. >> reporter: choppers and air tankers dropped water over the fire as the smoke billowed over the tree line. >> there's been a lot of noise. we can see that there's a lot of protection because there's been a great deal of air traffic. >> reporter: again, a view from the air as you see the fire on the sides of mt. diablo. we have one injured firefighter to report. you heard his ankle stepping intobattling the flames. >> george, before you go, when night falls, firefighters get a little edge because it's not as hot. tomorrow it's going to be really hot again. what are expectations for
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tomorrow when the mercury rises again in the morning? >> reporter: you're right, jessica, because it's cooled off tremendously. when we first got out here, it was real hot. but they're going to take advantage of cooler weather. as i said before the low or no wind at all as well as the rising humidity, it's really going to help out firefighters and they'll try to take advantage of that overnight so when the temperatures return tomorrow, they'll hopefully have made bigger headway before temperatures come back. jessica? >> george kitiyama reporting live, thank you. now take a look at this photo. of that fire, this view from perry taken around blackhawk at sunset. you can be part of our coverage. send us your photos anytime at alamont park will stay closed tomorrow. our chief meteorologist is live with a heat advisory issued for tomorrow. >> that's right. more hot weather coming after an
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all-time record-setting day here in parts of the bay area. in fact, so hot san francisco tied an all-time heat record in san francisco. 98 degrees. it's only been this hot one other time in history back on august 1st, 1993. tons of other records here across the bay area from the north bay to the south bay with plenty ofriple digits. and as we take a look at current conditions in the low to mid-80s here in the east and south tba right now it's where we should be for daytime highs across the region. nonetheless, very mild and warm out here as we'll start off with low to mid-70s across the bay area. let's look at that heat advisory for tomorrow. the northeast and south bay included in this where temperatures will be 98 to 103 e ty.babay. for the south bay, our temperature range, 95 to 105. more records wlyl keli fall as we head throughout 95 to 100 in the north bay. we'll get a little cooler for the coastline, but the major
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cooling where temperatures will drop some 30 degrees. we'll have to wait on that. i'll have details in my seven-day forecast. way too hot to handle, triple-digit temperatures too much for bay area transit systems. jean elie joins us live from dublin with b.a.r.t.'s boiler of a day and what's ahead for tomorrow? >> reporter: the heat is proving to be too much for air-conditioning units used to keep b.a.r.t. computers cool. when those computers overheat, b.a.r.t. trains move a whole lot slower. commuters crowd onto b.a.r.t. platforms. >> normally i wouldn't be this late coming home. >> reporter: waiting an extra 20 minutes for trains. the problem, heat. several b.a.r.t. train control rooms overheated when the air conditioning blew. >> it's really hot in here right now. and the computer equipment is not talking to the operations control center, letting the folks know there's a train in the area. >> reporter: when the equipment
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fails, the trains are put into manual mode, producing speed from 75 to 25 miles per hour. passengers with some extra time on their hands have a suggestion. >> it's really too bad, but they should come up with a way to cool them down. there's an area of computerization that can do that. >> reporter: b.a.r.t. says at least 30 new control rooms need air conditioning. so do some of the cars. he says the heat overwhelms a.c. on crowded cars as well. heat makes for an uncomfortable commute on caltrain, too. not only were some cars hot but trains were delayed about 20 minutes. they say when it's hot, they slow down to prevent gripping on the tracks. that left her waiting for her husband in the hot car with two little ones. >> we rarely get heat, and i love the heat. if we're ten minutes late is what i get, i'm good with that. >> reporter: her husband wasn't so excited. will he hop aboard tomorrow if
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the heat delays continue? >> yeah, i think so. it's not a big deterrent. >> reporter: but unexpected. now, both b.a.r.t. and caltrain say it's hard to predict if the heat will affect tomorrow, but it may affect the speed of your commute. in dublin, jean elie. the hot weather also forced vallejo to open an emergency cooling center. 4300 pg and e companies lost air conditioning. the power, though, is back on tonight opinion and as you may already know, kids are some of the most susceptible to heat exhaustion. coming up in ten minutes, we'll talk about that. vicky nguyen tells us the three things you need to know before sending your little one on the field outside for practice tomorrow. a boating accident sends two people to the hospital with major burns. investigators say a man was burning excess fuel when his boat went up in flames. it happened at 5:00 this evening at glen cove marina in vallejo.
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it took firefighters 20 minutes to put out that fire. a man received burns on over 60% of his body. a woman was also badly burned. both are in the hospital for treatment. whether it was bad brakes or bad driving, police say the woman who crashed at a bus stop in san francisco did not have a license. tonight, police are combing through the suv that slammed into five people waiting for the bus. the driver lost control at the corner in san francisco. the 25-year-old driver said the brakes failed as she was coming down the hill. the suv jumped the sidewalk and mowed down five people standing at that bus stop. tonight two of the victims are in critical condition. the others listed in serious condition. uc-berkeley police will team up with city officers in an effort to cut down on crime. teams will be patrolling the areas south of the campus overnight thursday through saturday. that move, after an increase in violence, sex assaults and homicides in that area.
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extra cops will also be added before and after home football games at cal. officers will be cracking down on underage drinking, too. no more noisy parties. the fines can be up to $2,500. >> i believe it's a sin. >> divine duty or devious deeds? gay marriage takes center stage once again in a bay area courtroom. this time it's a minister on trial. record-breaking heat in san jose and around the bay, and it's sticking around. coming up, i'll tell you what you need to do to start your day if you're planning to head outside tomorrow. and good evening, i'm chief meteorologist jeff ranieri. we're tracking conditions at the curry fire. we also have some very warm temperatures at this hour with plenty of mid-80s. it's going to lead to another hot and record-breaking day tomorrow. we'll have the full breakdown coming up in my forecast. that furious fire in the
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east bay. ene sun k and cool now, but whap comes ?
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it is a distinct honor for being our party's nominee for re-election to the united states senate. >> the maverick one step closer to his fifth term in the u.s. senate. john mccain defeated former congressman j.d. hayworth in a bitterly fought republican primary for u.s. senate in arizona. by the way, mccain's campaign cost a whopping $21 million. do ministers answer to a higher law? that's the question behind a controversial trial that began in napa today. the reverend james sparry is accused of violating the laws of the presbyterian church had she married 16 same-sex couples in 2008. during that time gay marriage was legal here in california. our damon trujillo has more. >> reporter: being married under god is a sacred thing. it's as traditional as the
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flowers, the rings, the cake. >> created from my glory. >> reporter: it's one of the duties reverend james farr loves most about her job. >> to love them and to love themselves even more. >> reporter: couples like katherine and susan, david and jeff, sara and sherry. b.j. and connie, curran and katie. 16 same-sex couples were married by the reverend during a six-month period in 2008 when same-sex marriage was legal in california. >> to have representation of what the church is and can be is a really significant gift for the church. >> reporter: but not everyone feels that way. >> an accusation came within the president bytery presbytery. >> reporter: they filed charms for violating the church
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constitution that says marriage is between a man and a woman. >> before me no god was born. >> reporter: now the reverend is on trial. her 36-year career is on the line. reverend farr, who is openly geaux, says it's all about interpretation. >> you believe it's a sin and i believe it's a gift. it's all the same to me. marriage is marriage. as the issue is debated in federal court, more and more churches will be forced to have the same conversation. >> this is the first time we've gone through our very thoughtful, methodical process to determine the presbyterian constitutionality of a minister performing a same-gender marriage that is. >> reporter: reverend farr says a marriage by her trial is okay.
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>> reporter: i've had people scream at me, we hate you! i've hoping that it will be a step on the way of allowing clergy to marry same-gender couples as they do heterosexual couples. >> reporter: even if it's baby steps, she hopes it will move them. >> many of the couples reverend sparr will testify as witnesses. that trial is expected to wrap up on thursday. if found guilty, she could have her ordination revoked. another live look at that fire, the curry far. so far 375. it's in rugged terrain just east of mt. diablo.
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the fire ignited this afternoon. so far officers say it's 50% kbaped. 200 firefighters are on the line. they're hoping that they can really get a good command of it tonight before the sun comes up and it gets hot again tomorrow. and heat, obviously, the big concern on lots of parents' minds today as some of us have soccer stars and pee-wee football players out on those sizzling fields. the temperature so hot today that some schools cancels practices. but plenty of pint-sized athletes are getting ready for another day to sweat it out tomorrow. the record was 102. i sent my daughter with some cold packs and head cowllds.
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still warm outside, short sleeves and dress weather. if you plan to be outside, stay hydrated. coconut juice is an excellent hydrator, and keep an eye out. >> i mean, we train night or day, eat or no treat. you try and ignore it and get through it and drink a lot of water. >> reporter: but the coach is sending e-mails to their parents to make sure they hydrate and eat right. she says start drinking water early in the day and often. five to seven small meals.
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nobody goes too fast. >> reporter: parents say it w was -- all summer we've been comfortable, and we got used to that. this time it did catch me off guard. >> now the heat weave and he have soccer and everything and tennis and stuff like that. i mean, just try and enjoy it. that's why she makes such a great cheerleader, that positive attitude. expect one more day of this summer weather, and then we'll bring back the layers. >> thank you, vicky. definitely a sign of the times.
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trust me, there was a tine >> b.a.r.t. might be, you know -- >> i think my ac broke in my car. >> it always happens like that. we are tracking easterns for this time of night at 82 degrees. we only have winds out of the west here at five miles per hour. it's only gusting at about 15. we're expected to see a lot more calming binds. but it could grow even longer.
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firefighters are able to get these containment lines around it and knock this fire out before we get into this real heat tomorrow afternoon. san jose, 102. santa cruz hitting a high of 101. that sets the record back in 1936. again, here's a look at the sunset we'd tonight there in not only do we have hot air coming down to the surface from the south, 86 in san jose and 84 currently in livermore. headlines, the warm air stays
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tomorrow. a little fog helps temperatures to come down. still hot inland with 90s to near 100. we are looking at a big temperature drop coming by this upcoming weekend. 6:00 a.m., no fog tomorrow. even by 6:00 p.m. the fog will start to develop. and then as we head through the late evening hours, that's when we'll start to get in on more. also cold air in. but up until then for tomorrow and at the coastline, 70s and 80s. 7:00 a.m. tomorrow south bay, upper 60s to near 70. temperatures mid to upper 70s to start your day in the south bay. no hot. 101 morgan hill. more records expected.
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we'll see some flight cooling here for the coastline as we'll be banking on this on had much shore and the bns because when seven-day forecast has this dramatic drop through saturday and sunday. welcome back. >> thanks, jeff. well, the claws coming out tonight inft aer btain after surveillance video catches a cat being dumped.
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the first flying in great britain as anger escalates showing a cat being dumped in a garbage bin. it's even more shocking when you see that it's a middle-aged woman. lola's owners found her 15 lahos later. they post the video online. now they have to protect the suspect because she's getting hate mail and death threats. they're pleading to let peace candle the parade. all of the girls, you know,
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the flower girls can be in. it's a national story. we will update you. peeking of another record-setting moment.
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this is wild. good things happening when it's warm in the city. no kidding. another rare warm august night in china basin, right, which led to another rare giants game. no howling wind. at the ballpark, hello to you. darin baker, dusty's son, what is he, 3 or 4 when we saw him in the world series? >> he was little. >> almost getting trampled. giants explode for 16 runs.
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four homers. freddy sanchez, juan uribe, pablo sandoval, buster posey. last night they scored 11 runs. tonight, 16. it's the first time the giants have scored double-didn't runs at home in back-to-back games since 1973. back in india in 1973. >> that was a long time ago. >> giants clobber the reds, 16-5, they are now tied for the wild card lead. for the first time ever we are seeing real images of the a's new ballpark. we'll show you in a moment. first the game itself. in cleveland, the young pitching sfaf among the most promising in the league, geogonzalez, seven shutouts. jack cust, tonight a two-run homer, his tenth of the year. a's beat the indians, 5-0. as for that proposed
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stadium, it's coming to life. newly released renderings of cisco field. right next to the hp pavilion. the's still needs the green light. the raiders getting a heavy dose of bad news. head coach tom cable in full sweats right after the evening practice said that one of his promising young players is out. >> okay, let's talk about who didn't practice today. chad shillen is first and foremost. he's had -- >> the raiders prepping for the 49ers saturday night in oak land. when we .rern. people! look at you!
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okay. this should be interesting. she rarely speaks publicly but in a few hours from now, elin nordegren, tiger woods's ex-wife, will break her silence on the "today" show. scheduled to appear 7:00 a.m. on the "today" show here on nbc bay area. finally tonight, this is a good one. they're now a national story, right? espn, huffington post, "new york times," the whole deal, the a's ball boy who fell in love. we have a new twist late tonight. here's the video a few nights ago in oakland. the ball boy scores a date with an tractive a's found.
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you give it to the cute girl. he gave her five. tonight they texted. a little photo. >> they look adorable. >> they're dating. 21 yltd kevin and jackie, beautiful couple, right? whe where? >> lafondue so this could turn into something pretty special. >> all for happy endings. thanks for choosing nbc bay area news tonight. >> we'll see you tomorrow. bye-bye. featuring rickey minor tonight, jay welco tom cruise --


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