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tv   NBC11 News The Bay Area at 11  NBC  August 25, 2010 10:00pm-10:35pm PST

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like the cts sport sedan. the most acclaimed vehicle in its class and a "car and driver" 10 best, three years in a row. or the all new cadillac srx luxury crossover. and even the most acclaimed luxury suv ever, the cadillac escalade. summer brings out the best in all of us. hurry in to get 0% apr financing on every new 2010 cadillac during cadillac's "summer's best" sales event, going on now at your cadillac dealer. ♪ right now at 11:00, the ayes have it. a very popular pop star could land your kid in the hospital. a new bill that would reduce fines for traffic violators. >> we'll probably see changes in the law and require that booster, you know, sometime after 7 careers of age. but first, the whooping cough comeback that could lead to a medical mandate. good evening, i'm lisa kim >> i'm jessica aguirre.
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a mandatory booster shot could be the next step in trying to control california's whooping cough epidemic. 200 yew cases reported in just the past week fueling outbreak fears as kids go back to school. vicky nguyen joins with us that story. >> jess, it would be up to the state health department but leaders at county level say the a reasonable option. the current law only requires students entering kinder gartden to have proof of vaccinations unless parents file for an exemption. but because the vaccine wears off by first or second grade, leaders say mandating booster shots could help prevent future outbreaks. >> reporter: cassandra brown joins her big brother at school tomorrow. and the kindergartner has the boo-boos to show for it after three vac nations today to comply with california's school imizatimunization law. this nanny says she's followed the news of the epidemic
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closely. >> when an infant died. >> reporter: so far this year eight babies all under 3 months have died. 3300 cases have been reported with 200 in just the past week. it's the biggest outbreak since 1958. >> every four to six years we see a spike. and we don't quite understand why that happens. >> reporter: county health leaders are urging students 7 years and older to get a t-dap booster. parents in san francisco county are the first to receive letters warning unvaccinated kids may have to stay home from school up to three weeks if there's an outbreak. >> it's very highly contagious. so you want to keep that child home if that child is coughing. i'm suspecting we'll probably see changes in the law and require that booster, you know, sometime after 7 years of age. >> we're waiting. >> reporter: lisa says she understands the reluctance to load kids up with vaccinations.
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>> it's something i have to give a lot of thought to. >> i'm up here. wr but if it will prevent future deaths from whooping cough, it may be worth the extra shots. many bay area counties are offering free or low-cost vaccine clinics. this sunday anyone over 7 can get a free booster. there's another free clinic in oakland on monday. for a list of where all the free and low-cost clinics are throughout the nine bay area counties, go to and search whooping cough. vicky nguyen, bay area news. new at 11:00, blinded by the light. two men arrested for shining a laser beam at a san jose police chopper. 22-year-old irvin anchetya and nguyen were busted last night. police found a laser point in one of the suspect's cars. it was bought from amazon for only $8.99, but they face federal charges and prison time
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and will have to pay a lot more. we learned two bay area airports rank in the top. topping that list, chicago's o'hare, number one. and los angeles, number two with phoenix at number three. officials say the problem is growing because laser pointers are becoming more powerful, more affordable and more available. the technology could potentially blind a pilot. get ready for weather whiplash. after three days of record heat, a dramatic drop. that started in san francisco where the daytime high today was 22 degrees cooler than yesterday. santa cruz, 26 degrees cooler. and the natural ac could just be kicking in. chief meteorologist jeff ranieri with a look at what's ahead. what a change so quickly, too. >> yeah, certainly as we titled it, weather whiplash, most appropriate especially as we head into the weekend. we did have those record-setting temperatures in the triple digits once again today.
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livermore, san jose and concord were some of the hottest. and already dropping dramatically. 50s and 60s from the coast to our inland spots. some 30 to 40 degrees from those daytime highs. when you look at the overall trend, though, we're down about 10 to 20 degrees across the bay area and fog and the cooling on-shore winds rolled in. that's part one. now, the second part of the story is this area of high pressure and heat. that moves into the southwest. and is going to make way for this cooling trough to move across the bay area. this jet stream's going to take more of a dip that you would see in fall here across the bay area. o friday, 70s, nd staying with us. and saturday, that's when the cool air and fogill combine together for temperatures some 10 to 20 degrees below average. here's a look into my crystal ball. yes, that's right. 60s in the north bay in santa rosa saturday. more to come. >> thanks. that cooler weather will help firefighters who have almost
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completely surrounded the curry fire burning late tonight in contra costa county. it's 90% contained. now, flames have charred 375 acres in that rugged terrain. two firefighters have been injured. one has a sprained ankle, the other's leg. the cause of the fire not determined yet. full containment is expected by tomorrow morning. the park in san jose will stay closed tomorrow because of the high fire danger. in oakland, a political firestorm is growing. the police officers union releasing new numbers on how laying off police officers is impacting the city's crime. but some say it may be just a scare tactic. nbc bay area's george kitiyama is live with more. >> reporter: oakland city councilman says he doesn't believe the recent layoffs will affect crime, but the oakland police officers association says its numbers show that a 9% increase in crime in the one month after layoffs.
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william says he watched his friend die on tuesday night after someone stabbed him in the neck. he says laying off 80 oakland police officers could have played a factor in his friend's death. >> it's like doing a construction job. if you've got 90 people out there you lay off 50 of them, how you going to finish the job on time? >> reporter: the oakland police officers association looked at homicide, rape, robbery and assault crime rates between july 13th and august 13th and compared it to the same time period of last year. the police union says crime is up because there are 80 fewer officers patrolling the streets. oakland pd's response -- >> one month is really not enough time to determine a trend. however, saying that, having lost 80 sworn police officers in the field, remember, these were not 80 vacant positions, these are real-live people in oakland. >> reporter: the councilman disagrees with the police union saying in a statement, quote, it is unfortunate that the opoa has escalated their rhetoric and are
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using the threat of not serving the public and skewing the numbers to scare the public with the ultimate goal of scaring oaklanders into paying more taxes. now, he's opposed to a november parcel tax to help for new police officers. he says the police department must learn how to work with less. if this measure is voted down, the union says more police layoffs are likely in january. we're live in oakland tonight, george kitiyama. then there's the issue of the copper fees leaving people in the dark. it's happening in san francisco where there have been 12 reported thefts. of people stealing the copper from underground vaults. the thefts causing power outages and major damage to city residents and businesses. police say they can't track a geographic pattern of the thefts but they are looking at surveillance. police say the thieves are targeting business areas with no overhead wires. the hot weather making for a hot mess on the peninsula. a garbage truck driver walkout is causing quite a stink for
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thousands of customers. the mess will not be cleaned up until at least sunday. nbc bay area's jean elie is on the peninsula now with all the details. >> reporter: lisa, garbage truck drivers walked off the job for two days. trash is already piling up curbside in residential areas. and here behind restaurant row in san carlos. trash is piling up on the peninsula. you don't have to see it to notice. >> is that smell coming from inside the car? i'm, like, no, that's trash. that's everybody's trash that we are smelling as we're driving around. >> reporter: republic services, the parent company of allied waste, says garbage and recycling pickup for 36,000 customers in san mateo county is delayed for two days because of a labor dispute. >> i just came back home from work. and i saw all the trash was still here. and so i was, like, what's going on? >> reporter: overflowing trash bins in bill's redwood city neighborhood sat out all day. he's got a toddler. that means hot, dirty diapers
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will sit out until his newly scheduled pickup on friday. >> oh. well, it might get kind of smelly over the next few days. but i'm just going to leave it out here and hopefully it will get picked up soon. >> reporter: brandy says customers need to be told to take the trash off the street. >> they should at least do a phone call of some sort, like one of those automated ones to let us know so we can pull it back in because we have raccoons where i live. and they will climb into that trash and tear it apart. >> reporter: local 350 drivers went on a two-day strike to support 12 union workers at the landfill in half moon bay who haven't had a contract since december. the dispute is over pension liability. some customers say they understand why workers are making a stink. >> it's kind of rough for us. we've got the garbage laying around. i can see that, you know, if they want some change. >> reporter: the smelly mess will grow while negotiations continue. trash that was supposed to be picked up today won't be picked up until friday.
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this trash won't be picked up until sunday. you may smell parts of downtown san carlos and other cities here on the peninsula before you get there. reporting live in san carlos, jean elie, nbc bay area news. >> thank you, jean. coming up next, the calling plan that can't be beat. free calls to any number in the u.s. and canada. it's a new plan that could save you a bundle. considered more of a fashion accessory, but it's a potentially lethal one. >> big and bright, larger than life. the newest fashion trend that proves beauty really is in the eyes of the beholder. but parent be beware. your kid may pay a high price for this fashion trend. do you do it? the california stop. a new move that reduced fines for one of the most popular traffic violations. evening, evn the coming days may have you stopping here. look at this. major cooling right now with 50s and 60s. and tomorrow, temperatures moderate again.
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10:00 a.m., that's a lot more comfortable. 71 in the southeeon w ckendeshag ah details on weekend changes ahead. ta
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the next time you get caught doing a california stop, you might be pleasantly surprised by a much smaller fine. it's on the governor's desk tonight after passing state assembly today. the legislation would slash funds for drivers who do not come to a complete stop before turning right at a red light. right now drivers caught in the act have to cough up at least $100. if that bill is signed, the number would drop to $35. no help for an underground crisis. 22 chilean miners are getting help from nasa. scientists accustomed to training astronauts for long periods of isolation are helping rescuers better understand the mental and physical conditions and the needs of those miners. the men have been trapped since august 5th when the mine collapsed. rescuers now predict that they could be stuck down there until at least christmas. bay area scientists are on the case of one of the biggest mysteries in the country. where did a gob of oil the size of manhattan go?
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lab researchers say a newly discovered and yet to be classified series ate the plume of oil dumped in the coast by the bp oil spill. the fast-moving organisms were stimulated by the spill and quickly went to work on the slick. they degraded the oil effectively. as for tonight, there is no sign of that plume. no more slippery slope fo e california ski resorts. it could take effect soon. tonight two ski safety bills are waiting for signature after approval by the senate this afternoon. the legislation would require helmets for all skiers and snowboarders under the age of 18. now, if signed by the governor, the helmet law would be the strictest here in this country. a second bill would require that ski resorts prepare annual safety reports. the ayes have it and near all the rage in asia. now they're making a splash in the u.s. contact lenses that make your eyes look bigger.
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even though doctors warn the lenses can cause permanent damage, even blindness in some cases, they're still easy to get. our vicky nguyen gives you a look. ♪ i want your love >> reporter: when lady gaga's eyes hit screens, it was the first time many of us saw the doe-eyed look. >> it gives you a dull kind of look. >> reporter: this 19-year-old said she started wearing circle lendss for fun on special occasions. but now -- >> two pairs of brown, one gray, two blue. >> reporter: the college sophomore is addicted and uses them daily. the colored part is larger than regular contacts and the look is almost cartoonish. >> cute little packages like this. >> reporter: this youtube tutorial about circle lenses has topped 11 million views and it's the third most talked-about topic on, a bay area website that tracks pop culture. >> i've seen girls, you know, in junior high school all the way
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up to working women. i have tons of friends my age who wear them on a regular basis because it's easy to use. >> reporter: joyce kim says most of the lenses are made and imported from korea. while they're approved for use there, the fda has not green-lighted circle lenses here. >> there's definitely a danger of getting fake products. >> do you worry about your eyes and eye health? >> no. >> reporter: but this optometrist does. >> the circle lenses are considered more of a fashion accessory. but it's a potentially lethal fashion accessory. >> reporter: he says users need to be fitted for contacts and they need regular eye exams. otherwise they risk allergic reaction, corneal ulcers, even blindness. >> in a worst-case scenario, an ulcer of the cornea which can lead to a devastating infection and eventually loss of an eye or vision. >> reporter: the lenses aren't legally available in the u.s. but they're easy to find online. we ordered a pair for $20 and got them in two days. while they come in sealed vials with scratch-off codes for authenticity, doctors say it's
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the ultimate buyer beware. >> no recourse but on top of that, you don't know what you're getting. >> contact lenses are a prescription medical device. >> reporter: but the lenses are becoming so popular, users are relying on other for safety checks. >> our members have created their own system of white list and blacklist sellers, people that have done a good job of selling good quality lenses that are not counterfeit or fake lenses. >> any form of makeup will form an object on your skin, in your eye, whatever you consume, there's always a risk. >> reporter: for jenny, that risk is just the price of beauty. vicky nguyen, nbc bay area news. >> now, the american optometric association is urging them to ban the sale of those contacts. a cooldown finally. >> definitely, major cooldown across the bay area. we're already seeing temperatures some 20 degrees cooler than this time yesterday. now, a look at today's highs. we did have record, livermore, conco concord, san jose with triple-digit heat.
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but these records are all going to be continuing to come down as we head throughout the next few days. let's show you something really cool here from our sky cam. this is a look from oakland towards san francisco yesterday when we had the hottest day of the year. you can obviously see no clouds in place. now we're going to advance this and fade in the same picture around the same time tonight. and watch this. the city, well, it disappeared. but back behind this wall of clouds here, that sat across the city this afternoon and this evening. and it once again was this fog that has dropped our temperatures. and let's take a look. some 20 to nearly 30 degrees across the bay area right now. really remarkable. 24-degree drop in san francisco. 20-degree drop in san mateo. and a 12-degree drop in santa rosa. current fempts 50s to near 60s from the coastline. into the north bay and even starting to cool inland with mid-60s here on the east bay and also for the south bay. tonight, the fog stays with us
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throughout tomorrow morning with plenty of 60s to start. cooling winds will keep with us. but it's another larger thing in the atmosphere as we talked about that's going to drop temperatures some 30 degrees from those temperatures that peaked yesterday. as we head into this weekend. high pressure that caused the heat, that's going to be heading towards the southwest. with a we're going to turn our focus to is the jet stream. that's going to start to drop down a cooler air. that's more reminiscent of october here across the bay area. and that's what will bring us these huge weekend changes in the forecast. now, for tomorrow, another transitional day with temperatures starting to come down. very enjoyable out there. no more triple-digit heat with a lot of 80s inland. by friday, we'll start to settle into some of this major cooling. and you can already see the effects of this. 10:00 a.m. tomorrow in the south bay, 71 degrees. and by tomorrow, a nice start here with lots of low to mid-50s. so we're looking at 80s here in the south bay. we'll see these 80s continuing here in the east bay. as primarily the fog tomorrow.
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once again ramping these temperatures down. but as we talked about friday and saturday, it's that cooler air that's tucked away in the gulf of alaska that's going to give us kind of this second reinforcing blast of mild air here for summer. that's going to drop these temperatures down. more anytime on the weather channel on cable. let's look at our forecast trend. inland saturday and sunday, mid to low 70s. and 50s at the coast. bring the jackets back out, folks. >> okay. thanks, jeff. up next, it doesn't get any cheaper than this. free phone calls anywhere in the nati thaernks to a silicon valley giant. nk
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there's a new way to make cheap calls on the internet. and you can thank google for that. the silicon valley giant upgraded google mail letting users make phone calls, too. you download the software on your computer and that makes your gmail account compatible. for now calls to the u.s. and canada will be free. international calls will be billed, as they say, at a very low price. don't pass go. the board game monopolizing family fun turning 75 tonight. it made its debut back in 1935. and this year it's getting an extreme face-lift. the classic board game going circu circular. no more cash. instead, you'll get a credit card machine. >> monopoly world has the credit card, but the circular thing is definitely different. >> broadway place still available? >> good question.
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at&t park, the giants. the giants certainly would like it, especially on days like today when it's nice and hot. a nine-run deficit. that wasn't a problem. the one-run deficit, that was. and tiger woods's ex-wife has been through hell thanks to the star golfer. now elin nordegren talking all about it. sports is next.
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when the rockies rallied back earlier today to beat atlanta, it gave the giants hope that they, too, could do the same against the reds. one problem. the odds not good one time will overcome a nine-run deficit. the giants trying to overcome those odds today. that's thanks in part to baumgartner. he was roughed up to seven runs
11:28 pm
in 2 2/3 innings. baumgartner's up, but the reds still hot, joey votto, a triple crown threat going yard. second homer of the game. 9-1 reds. the giants chipping away, now down to two. taking care of that, drops the ball in left. the double. two runs score. a tie game. the biggest comeback in franchise history. they'd later take the lead on a huff sac fly. in the 12th, giants out of pitchers. barry zito in. joey votto. the single scores the go-ahead run, 12-1 reds. they hold on. they get the win. ruining the giants' big comeback bid. >> we didn't throw in the towel. a lot of times when there's no momentum in your favor, and you muster it back up, that says a lot about how much heart a team has. you know, it's a good sign. and tonight in cleveland, the a's starting rotation
11:29 pm
continuing to impression. trevor cahill going for his 14th win of the season. top one, getting plenty of help. kevin kouzmanoff, the bases-clearing double. three runs score. part of a five-run first frame for the a's. looking good. bottom seven, cahill still dealing. jason donald, going down looking. cahill, seven innings, seven hits, one unearned run, two ks, 6-1 the a's get the win. he may have just had surgery on his knee, but they haven't ruled jason shillen out of the opener. tom cable said the injury was not major and that the receiver will be reevaluated next week. the team hoping it's just a couple weeks that he'll be gone. speaking of top receivers who have missed time, michael crabtree returned yesterday for the niners after missing nearly two weeks with a strained neck. that doesn't mean he'll get into the game in oakland on saturday night. the team not making that decision quite yet. but what the niners do know, this injury certainly has not helped the offense get into a flow. >> it's to the point where the
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continuity that we have to have, we still haven't, at this point, gotten the total group together with all the components. well, what is it like finding out your husband cheated on you with countless mistresses at the same time that the rest of the world found out? according to elin nordegren, it's hell. tiger woods's ex-wife speaking out for the first time since the superstar golf er's life was expos exposed. nordegren went to "people" to tell her side of the story. she said she never suspected woods to have an affair let alone many and did not hit wim with a golf club on thanksgiving. now they're both moving on. >> my actions certainly led us to this decision. and, you know, i certainly made a lot of errors in my life. and that's something i'm going to have to live with. still to come, hoops in the summer. team usa had just one thing
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standing between it and the world championships. that's next. [ male announcer ] when meg whitman arrived at ebay, they had 30 people and an idea. meg's job was to make it happen. it took leadership. focus. and the ability to bring people together. meg whitman delivered. named one of america's best ceo's by harvard business review, she grew ebay 15,000 strong and made small business dreams come true. now meg has a plan to create jobs. fix sacramento. and deliver results. meg whitman. for a new california.
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what this droid does will change how you do web connections.
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this creates a mobile 3g hotspot, powerful enough to fuel multiple devices at will. putting you at the center of your own world wide web. introducing the new droid x. the next generation of does. well, yesterday was he was officially named to the 12 of this man roster. and stephen curry playing in his final tune-up in the world
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championship. in athens, the warriors guard and the rest of team usa including coach k. facing greece in the final exhibition game. second quarter, curry moving in for the free-throw jumper. gets it to fall. u.s. was up 42-30 and really this was not a big contest. 87-59 is the final. so the u.s. rolled into the world championships which begin three days away. >> sounds good. >> a little international hoops. >> thanks. and thanks for choosing bay area news tonight. >> we'll see you tomorrow. bye-bye.


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