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tv   NBC Bay Area News at 430  NBC  August 26, 2010 3:30am-4:00am PST

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. a scare in the sky. see why two bay area airports have become the targets of laser attacks. is medical mandate on the way? with 200 new cases of whooping cough this week alone, lawmakers could step in to make sure you do something you don't want to. good morning. i'm laura garcia-cannon. brent it off today. bright and early, 4:30. maybe not so bright, certainly early. we want to check in with rob mayeda with a check of the forecast. >> a cool start to the morning. yesterday at this hour, 75. look at that, 61.
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things have cooled down. you can see the reason why, strong sea breeze blast nothing fairfield this morning. southwest winds at 32 into solano county. all things are pointing to a cooler day ahead. low clouds back on the coast and patchy clouds around the bay this morning. no 90s anywhere. 80s at best inland. mostly 70s around the bay. 60s into the coast from here to the weekend, we will cool down even more. morning drizzle on saturday morning. the cooldown has arrived. >> want to check the commute it morning with mike. good morning. >> good morning. we have one accident in the system before 4:00, about 3:30 the accident happened. it sounds like it should be mostly cleared, but there may still be a chp officer southbound 17 at the hamilton off-ramp. the roadway should be cleared now. the off-ramp not effected. we see the rest of the south bay
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moving. another few minutes while construction crews are there, you have that construction zone from hellyer towards 880. that's typical overnight, monday night through friday night. we'll watch for that slowing. right now you are at the limit. back to you. >> thank you very much. should sacramento force you to vaccinate your children? a mandatory booster shot could be the next step in trying to control the whooping cough epidemic. 200 new cases were reported in the past week fueling outbreak fears as kids head back to school. the state's current law only requires students entering kindkin kindergarten to have proof of a vaccin vaccine. >> i'm suspecting changes in the law and requiring that booster
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after seven years of age. >> this sunday, anyone over 7 years old can get a free booster shot in san jose. there's another free clinic in oakland on monday. for a list of where the free and low-cost clinics are, nine counties, just go to and search whooping cough. a pipeline burst spewing raw sewage into the streets it happened in a large neighborhood to the east of highway 101. raw sewage entered several garages and a nearby lagoon. 7,000 people were called about the spill. the department of public works is working through the night to fix the pipeline. at this hour, it's not known how much sewage has spilled. blinded by the light. two men are under arrest for shining a laser beam at a san jose police chopper. the two were busted wednesday night. police found a laser pointer in
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the back seat of one of the suspect's car. it was purchased at amazon for 8.99. they will have to pay more if convicted of that crime. the pair faces criminal charges and prison time. san jose and oakland are number four and five on the faa for laser strikes. number one is o'hare and chicago. officials say the problem is growing because laser pointers are becoming more powerful, more affordable and more available. the technology could potentially blind a pilot. firefighters have almost surrounded the curry fire burning in contra costa county. the wildfire burning on mount diablo is 90% done taned. flays charred 375 acres two firefighters have been injured. one a sprained ankle. the other a cut on his leg. full containment is expected by later this morn. alamo park in san jose will be closed today because of the high fire danger.
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in oakland a political firestorm is pitting cops against the city council. the police officers union released knew numbers on how officer layoffs impacted crime. as george kiriyama reports, some are saying it's just a scare tactic ahead of the november election. >> i do. >> reporter: william says he watched his friend die on tuesday night after someone stabbed him in the neck. he says laying off 80 oakland police officers could have played a factor in his friend's death. >> it's like doing a construction job. if you've got 90 people out there you lay off 50 of them, how you going to finish the job on time? >> reporter: the oakland police officers association looked at homicide, rape, robbery and assault crime rates between july 13th and august 13th and compared it to the same time period as last year. the police union says crime is up because there are 80 fewer officers patrolling the streets. oakland pd's response -- >> one month is really not enough time to determine a trend. however, saying that, having lost 80 sworn police officers in
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the field, remember, these were not 80 vacant positions, these are real, live people doing police work in oakland. >> reporter: but the councilman disagrees with the police union saying in a statement, quote, it is unfortunate that the opoa has escalated their rhetoric and are using the threat of not serving the public and skewing the numbers to scare the public with the ultimate goal of scaring oaklanders into paying more taxes. george kiriyama, nbc bay area news. dele fuenta is opposed to a tax to pay for the new police officers. he said the police officers must learn to work with less. it is 4:36 now. time to check the morning commute again with mike. looking at sunol. >> we have report originally of an accident, now just a traffic hazard because of some debris and a car mostly over on the
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right hand shoulder. we have some yellow cars indicating speeds below 50. if we look at the live shot, you can see that's not the case. the live shot southbound with the taillights shows the light volume of traffic. the slowing usually shows up now because of the construction going on. right now, sunol into jose, not a major problem. we will watch when that slowdown usually happens, close to 6:30. >> it sure has been hot in the bay area, rob. >> 90s to 100 degrees yesterday. nowhere near that this afternoon. this morning, low clouds, 50s and 60s outside. if you think it's cooler this morning than yesterday, you're right. 15 to 20 degrees cooler in a few spots. here's the reason why. strong sea breeze blowing into fairfield. that's great news for air quality. no troubles with the temperature or the air quality. breakfast time temperatures, 50s
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and 60s. long at these numbers, 70s and 80s inland. chill on the coast in san francisco, 50s and 60s there. temperatures will cool off as we kick off the weekend with morning drizzle. laura? the hot weather is making a hot mess on the peninsula a garbage truck driver walkout is causing a stink for thousands of customers. the mess won't be cleaned up until at least sunday. gene elley reports on what is being called a stinky strike. >> reporter: trash is piling up on the peninsula you don't have to see it to notice. >> that smell coming from inside the car? no, that's trash. that's everybody's trash we are smelling as we're driving around. >> reporter: republic services, the parent company of allied waste, says garbage and recycling pickup for 36,000 customers in san mateo county is delayed for two days because of a labor dispute. >> i just came back home from work.
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and i saw all the trash was still here. and so i was, like, what's going on? >> reporter: overflowing trash bins in bill's redwood city neighborhood sat out all day. he's got a toddler. that means hot, dirty diapers will sit out until his newly scheduled pickup on friday. >> oh. well, it might get kind of smelly over the next few days. but i'm just going to leave it out here and hopefully it will get picked up soon. >> reporter: brandy says customers need to be told to take the trash off the street. >> they should at least do a phone call of some sort, like one of those automated ones to let us know so we can pull it back in because we have raccoons where i live. and they will climb into that trash and tear it apart. >> reporter: local 350 drivers went on a two-day strike to support 12 union workers at the landfill in half moon bay who haven't had a contract since december. the dispute is over pension liability. some customers say they
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understand why workers are making a stink. >> it's kind of rough for us. we've got the garbage laying around. i can see that, you know, if they want some change. >> reporter: the smelly mess will grow while negotiations continue. free calling to any number in the u.s. and canada. a new plan that could save you a bundle. big and bright, larger than life. the newest fashion trend that proves beauty really is in the eyes of the beholder. but your kids may pay a high price for this fashion trend.
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the federal government is cracking down on large ships polluting california's coast and bays. yesterday the epa announced a new law stopping large ships, particularly cruise ships from dumping sewage within three miles of the coastline. right now 20 million gallons of waste is dumped inside the zone. the epa says the law gives power to the coast guard to enforce the new law. >> what this will do, making it a federal regulation t will bring in the coast guard. no sewage will be allowed to be discharg discharged. bay area scientists are on the case of one of the biggest mysteries in the country, where did a manhattan-sized glob of oil in the gulf go? a newly discovered and yet unnamed species supposedly ate the oil.
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researchers believe the fast-eating microorganisms were stimulated by the deep sea spill and went to work on the massive slick. they degraded the oil so effectively, as of this morning there's no sign of the plume. space know how for trapped miners. scientists accustomed to training astronauts for long periods of isolation are helping rescuers better understand the mental and physical conditions and the needs of those miners. the men have been trapped since august 5th when the mine collapsed. rescuers now predict that they could be stuck down there until christmas. no more slippery slopes for california ski resorts. it could take effect soon. tonight two ski safety bills are waiting for signature after approval by the senate this afternoon. the legislation would require
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helmets for all skiers and snowboarders under the age of 18. now, if signed by the governor, the helmet law would be the strictest here in this country. a second bill would require that ski resorts prepare annual safety reports. hp is at the center of a fight for a relatively small company, but will they win it? nicole lapin has more on the story and the rest of the news that will impact your bottom line. two tech giants are upping the ante for computer storage maker 3 par as if an 87% premium wasn't enough, hp is offering a 33% premium on dell's already sky high bid. that's a 100% premium over the stock price, which could set the stage for more sky high-tech deals. futures are not sky high this morning but higher ahead of the opening bell after wall street staged a late-day turnaround on wednesday. de the dow had been sharply down since dismal housing news. demand for big ticket durable
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goods items in july was weaker than expected. asian markets were higher overnight. europe in positive territory. we do get the latest read on jobs today with new data on the number of people filing for unemployment. as you know, claims have been high and even jumped in the past three weeks, so that could dictate how the trading day goes. yesterday the dow was up 19 points to close at 10,060. the nasdaq ending up higher 27 points. some good news around the corner, maybe some ipods on the way. we're 121 days away from christmas. apple is holding a music-themed event in san francisco next wednesday and has typically unveiled new ipods in september. it's speculated apple has a new service to let folks stream songs over the web without having to download them. google is challenging skype. gmail users can make calls from
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their computers to anywhere in the world. calls to the united states and canada through the end of the year are free. skype charges up to 2 cents a minute, google promises low rates to other countries. contact lenses that make your eyes look bigger are all the rage in asia. now they are making a splash in the u.s., even though eye doctors warn these lenses can cause permanent damage or blindness, they're still easy to get. vicky nguyen reports. ♪ >> reporter: when lady gaga's computer-enhanced eyes hit tv screens it was the first time many of us saw the dough-like look that was lighting up message boards across asia. >> it gives you a dull kind of look. >> reporter: this 19-year-old said she started wearing circle lendss for fun on special occasions. but now -- >> two pairs of brown, one gray, two blue. >> reporter: the college sophomore is addicted and uses
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them daily. the colored part is larger than regular contacts and the look is almost cartoonish. ngs . >> you can get them in little packages like this. >> reporter: this youtube tutorial about circle lenses has topped 11 million views and it's the third most talked-about topic on, a bay area website that tracks pop culture. >> i've seen girls, you know, in junior high school all the way up to working women. i have tons of friends my age who wear them on a regular basis because it's easy to use. >> reporter: joyce kim says most of the lenses are made and imported from korea. while they're approved for use there, the fda has not green-lighted circle lenses here. >> there's definitely a danger of getting fake products. >> do you worry about your eyes and eye health? >> no. >> reporter: but this optometrist does. >> the circle lenses are considered more of a fashion accessory. but it's a potentially lethal fashion accessory. >> reporter: he says users need to be fitted for contacts and they need regular eye exams. otherwise they risk allergic reaction, corneal ulcers, even blindness. >> in a worst-case scenario, an ulcer of the cornea which can
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lead to a devastating infection and eventually loss of an eye or your vision. >> reporter: the lenses aren't legally available in the u.s. but they're easy to find online. we ordered a pair for $20 and got them in two days. while they come in sealed vials with scratch-off codes for authenticity, doctors say it's the ultimate buyer beware. >> no recourse but on top of that, you don't know what you're getting. contact lenses are a prescription medical device. >> reporter: but the lenses are becoming so popular, users are relying on each other for safety checks. >> our members have created their own system of white list and blacklist sellers, people that have done a good job of selling good quality lenses that are not counterfeit or fake lenses. >> any form of makeup or foreign objects on your skin, in your eye, whatever you consume, there's always a risk. >> reporter: for jenny, that risk is just the price of beauty. vicky nguyen, nbc bay area news. >> interesting. the american optometric
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association is urging the fda to ban the sale of the circle lenses. it's 4:49. time to check the forecast with rob. expecting a cooldown. >> big-time cooldown. late yesterday evening, we had the low clouds, and this morning we are seeing the benefit of that. this morning, 67 degrees in san jose. oakland, 63. northwest wind at 7. san francisco, some fog waiting for you around the mid-span of the golden gate bridge. you can see part of the bay bridge now, 60 degrees. good, healthy sea breeze blowing through. that's great news for air quality. we had our first spare the air days this week. we won't see more for the rest of the week or quite some time. the reason why things are starting to change, that monster ridge of high pressure, which baked us over the last couple of days, that's heading off to the east. we have the opposite taking place now. trough across the west coast is pumping up that sea breeze.
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today, again, we saw the cooling late yesterday. today we are look at 70s and 80s inland. for the weekend ahead, things will turn cooler. 50s and 60s for highs on the coast. 70s inland. possible we could see drizzle at times for saturday morning maybe sunday morning as well. around the bay area today, hottest places in the 80s. 82 in san jose. kind of chilly around half moon bay. the coast, 50s an 60s. 65 san francisco. comfortable, 70 around oakland. up towards solano county, some of the warmest temperatures with highs in the low to mid 80s. across the north bay, big cooldown. 70s for highs from santa rosa to san rafael. look at those numbers it will feel chilly for a change as we go through the weekend. back to you. >> big change. thank you very much. >> brrrrr. >> i know. get the parka out. >> big change. it schis no major change for
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southbound 17 at hamilton. two chp cruisers are on scene waiting for a tow truck. trying to remove a car from an earlier accident. the off-ramp is open, just slow at the campbell exit. the rest of the south bay moving smoothly because of the light volume of traffic now. construction in many spots picked up along 101. is the exit off of northbound 101 at santa clara that will be closed potentially until 6:00 a.m. if you are heading to downtown at all today, in san jose, julianne street is open to two-way traffic. that's a change. watch for a disturbance to the flow. right now moving nicely through and into the area. we have a closure for the on and off-ramp at southbound 880. auto mall parkway opened up early overnight. construction going on through the next week as well.
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680 south, sunol, we will show you the live shot. keep in mind, at androtti, the slow lane is blocked. a person put out flares because of their disabled truck. good, safe note. stay over to the left and everything should be okay. the board game monopoly is family fun and now 75 years old. it made its debut back in 1935. and this year it's getting an extreme face-lift. the classic board game going circu circular. and there will be no more cash. instead, you'll get a credit card machine.
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>> any time you take off, your sense of taste changes. dry, cabin air the reason. the longer the flight, the less you taste. american airlines wine expert brian chase picks out the wine. >> we have to make sure it's seductive on the nose and powerful in flavors. a so-so chardonnay on the ground would be horrible at higher altitudes. the cabernet must have something extra. >> we know you will lose some of it, but the berries are still there. >> there you go. >> champagne is chosen for how much pop it has in the clouds. >> at high altitudes, this is a structure. >> even the wines in coast must
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pass the test. >> we want to make sure if you taste the wine, you go, boy. >> absolutely they ask questions. >> so chase shares his knowledge on a website, designed especially for them. >> the website has given us a tool to say why don't you try this. >> chase has a secret for keeping your taste buds awake on a long flight. >> if you drink a lot of water, water will keep the taste buds hydrated. you'll be fine. >> that way you will get the most out of what's in your other glass. >> enjoy. >> cheers. that was brian curtis reporting. it looks like wine is not having a calming effect on our air travellers. most airline passengers are getting cranky. nearly 60% of them tonight want to sit near babies or children and favor seating kids and families only sections. 20% of flyers say they would
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pref prefer flights to be child-free. a camera from a police helicopter came crashing down on several cars in ohio. the train red camera feinfrarede front of the helicopter it gave people quite a scare. how much did the shooting death ofar unmed bunar.ame b.a. passenger oscar grant cost the transit agency? we'll show you the break down just ahead. .r
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an amazing survival story. a woman gets out alive of this fire. details coming up. and the curry fire is almost out. we'll tell you what firefighters are doing this morning. good morning. thanks for joining us. i'm laura garcia-cannon. brent it off this morning it is 5:00, thursday morning, august 26th. get ready for a cooldown. good news for folks. but a lot of people enjoying this little touch of summer, rob. >> we waited until the end of august to see summer. had it for a couple of days, but this morning you might need a jacket. 50s and 60s this morning. 70s are gone. today's highs inland, m


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