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tv   Today  NBC  August 26, 2010 6:00am-10:00am PST

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good morning. new home sales unexpectedly hit a record low, and this morning, that's not the only bad news that sparked more talk of recession. we're still eating them? eggs from the farms involved in that massive recall are now being used for cooking everything like mayonnaise. a family robbed as they posed for a family picture, and they caught the suspect red-handed. now he's in trouble and they've got one unforgettable photo for their scrapbook today.
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it's august 26, 2010. and welcome to "today" on this thursday morning. i'm an curry. >> matt so assignment, meredith has the day off. it's good to be with you this morning. now these home sales are painting an even bleaker picture of the overall economy. >> homes dropped 12% nationwide in july to the lowest point ever recorded. it's much lower than expected. we'll have more on this and what it means for you, straight ahead. we told you about huga clark, the richest woman in the country, who has not been to her mansions in over 20 years. she now lives in a hospital and we investigate two people handling her affairs. we get to that mysterious story in a moment.
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plus we talk to tiger woods for the first time after his divorce with elin nordegren after she spoke to people magazine. >> we'll talk about the effect on the kids as well with that divorce. have you heard about the home invasion in alabama? a couple guys in brooklyn have turned that story into a rap song and it's a huge sensation on the web. t it's big on itunes, even. we'll talk to the star and find out about the unexpected fame. and he is a star by all accounts. we have the host of "closing bell" on cnbc joining us. hello, marie a. there's been a lot of bad economic news lately and now with these numbers on wednesday, they're telling us the sale of new homes dropped to the lowest levels since the government started tracking the
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numbers in 1963, and that on top of the fact that spending on big ticket items like cars and appliances bumped up .3% in july. where is the economy heading, mari maria? >> you would like to see something much better at this point in the recovery. there really isn't an urgency to buy a home right now. many people think prices will continue to come down, and at the end of the day, it really is about unemployment. that really is the issue, because when you're worried about your job, you're worried about your neighbor's job, of course you're not going to pult money down for a car, a home, other big ticket items. >> what is the economy saying about the double dip people have been worrying about? are we more likely, based on this new data, and also speak to the fact that one economist is using another d word and that's the word depression. >> he was on our air on cnbc just this week. most of the people i've spoken with really are not expecting a
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double dip recession. but at the end of the day, and it doesn't really matter what you call it, right? it doesn't matter if you label it a recession, a depression, a slowdown, it's how you feel. we feel depressed and we feel like things are getting tougher because they are. one of the issues are the fact that businesses are not radding new heads to the payroll. but why would they? they don't see the support from policies in washington to do so. until those worries subside and they feel they actually can afford to add significant numbers in terms of new heads to the payroll, they won't do it. >> a lot of people are buying gold which has historically been a sign of panic. we've also got a big speech on friday from the fed chairman, ben bernanke. what can the government do now to sort of increase confidence, which is really the problem here? >> partly it takes time. we really did see a terrible recession and we are still in it. so it is going to take time. we're probably going to see a tough 2011, frankly. as far as the fed, i don't think
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people necessarily want to see more stimulus. they would like to see lower spending. but we need to see confidence and demand come back from the consumer, and until unemployment turns around, we probably won't see that. it really does, once again, go back to the jobs picture. >> maria, we really want you to give us some good news at some point. work on that, would you? you can catch maria on "closing bell" weekdays on cnbc. now here's carl. the latest on that massive egg recall and some news that might surprise you. many of the eggs tied to the farms in that salmonella outbreak could still end up in your kitchen in products like ice cream and mayonnaise. is there really problem for concern? we were told to throw away the eggs that were on recall and now we're told these eggs are going to show up in products we already buy. how are we supposed to feel about that? >> the things you're supposed to
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throw away is the tainted eggs. there's a line in the sand. that line is gone. the people that produced the bad eggs are still making eggs, and what they're saying is we will take those to places like breaking plants or cracking eggs, crack the eggs and just use the insides. the insides have been pasturized and that will kill salmonella, and then the inside stuff becomes products like cakes, cookies, ice creams, et cetera. >> should people be alarmed? we're not going to know which products have it. it's probably already in the food supply, right? >> the most porntd thing is not to be alarmed. once you pasturize something, it is safe. if you had purchased those eggs, you're going to be okay, it's the unpasturized stuff. i know people are untrusting of
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the government and saying, you've got to be kidding me, the reality is, the inside of the eggs, if they're completely cooked or pasturized, are safe. >> if you've already bought the recalled eggs, can you cook them and then will the salmonella go away? >> you are probably going to be safe, but to be prudent, because this has been a recall, you're best to throw away the eggs that have been recalled. here's the problem. the fda doesn't just have a lot of chops. if you're a bad egg producer, i can come to you and say, carl, can you please be a good citizen and get rid of the bad eggs? but i can't mandate you to do it and that's what's really irritating people. it's almost like we need a reorganization of food such as there is a new food czar, new food bureau, something, that combines the usda and the fda and puts them together and says, look, we're going to protect the u.s. food supply. spinach, hamburger, peanut
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butter. at some point the american public is going to say we don't trust anybody. and two, with the resources we have, we can't get food from the farm to the tables? that is an egregious, egregious move, and frankly, why should americans trust that our food product is okay? the stuff they're going to do to fix these bad eggs, yes, will be okay, but i think it raises a much bigger problem that we have to address. >> a lot of cross currents in this regulation. >> congress has to step up to the plate. they can do this. but congress is going to have to, frankly, get some chops, too. >> i think you feel strongly about this. >> it's ridiculous. why shouldn't you trust the food that's on your table? that's ridiculous. >> thank you very much. >> you're welcome, carl. >> here's ann. politics, on tuesdays the election in alaska is still too close to call, but the candidate
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supported by sarah palin may have pulled it off. chuck todd joining us with the latest. good morning. >> washington is still shell shocked from the latest political upset four time zones away, and while alaska senator lisa mercowsky is still clinging to a victory by recount, the message is clear: no one is safe from the wrath of the voters in 2010. >> it ain't over until it's over and there is much, much yet to be counted. >> senator mercowsky still confident friday as she waited for the last votes to be counted, against jim miller who held a slim lead. he was put on the map thanks to a stamp of approval from sarah palin who has a history of retention with the family. he ran against tension and washington anger.
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>> the federal government is broken. we need to get back in control here in this state. that's a message that carries to both parties. >> that message carried a tax on mercowski's record. >> she has voted with the democrats more than any democrats up for reelection this year. >> murkowski ran for eight years in the senate, which proved risky. john mccain was just as threatened as murkowski. but he won by going early and aggressively. >> huckster? >> i'm john mccain and i approve this message. >> channel voting anger is working as well. >> president obama is the worst president in history.
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>> ben quale, formson of formere president dan quale, used the president as a punching bag. as for murkowski, she had no regrets on following advice she received a few weeks ago to go more negative. >> it's been suggested that in order to win in politics today, you have to run a negative campaign. i don't think alaskans want that, i don't think america wants that. >> the last campaign was a bit of a grudge match between the murkowskis and the palins. murkowskis told the beast that the support of miller became personal. palin was tweeting away, saying
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looking upward, but jim miller just tweeted, what's the hunting like in the beltway? by the way, we won't know yet who won the alaska primary. the effort to legalize gay marriage in this country got a high-profile republican endorseer, isn't that right? >> ted mel man, former chairman of the committee from 2005 to 2007, the man who guided the reelection for president george w. bush, went public and said that he was gay, and part of it is that he is going to become more of a public face, public supporter for the effort, particularly the effort surrounding the groups that are trying to get that proposition 8 out in california overturned which, of course now is a supreme court thing. he is going to headline some fundraisers for that effort in the next few weeks. >> a pretty brave move on his
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part. chuck todd, thank you so much this morning. >> you got it. let's get some more top stories from natalie mann who is covering the news desk. good morning, natalie. >> good morning. more bad news for pakistan already devastated from the worst flooding in its history. the flooding broke through a levee and is now endangering towns that were untouched by the flooding. pakistanis pour into refugee camps looking for food, shelter and water. and of course there is a continuing concern about the spread of disease. north korean leader kim jong ill, this is his second visit to china this year, and he is reportedly traveling with his son who is believed to be his successor. president obama will visit troops at ft. hood, texas next tuesday, the same day he will address combat operations in iraq.
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a sunni militia was killed this morning. car bombings and shootings left more than six people dead on wednesday. an an honor student wacted s a muslim and slashed him. hope for patients recovering in melanoma. a new experimental drug targets a genetic mutation found in many patients and has successfully shrunk the tumors in 80% of the people who took the drug. however, it's unclear how long the results will last. and it's back to court today in the rod blagojevich corruption case just days after a jury dead locked on 23 of the 24 charges, prosecution is taking a step on a possible retrial with a judge potentially setting a date today for a second trial. a german forecaster was
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reporting on a soccer match when she was -- ow -- slammed in the head with a soccer ball. she was reportedly okay afterwards, but that's probably going to leave a mark, especially if it happened the way they showed it in our editing. >> occupational hazard, right? >> whoever kicked that ball. >> matt is on the way to cover the hurricane. good to see you. >> we need to talk about the tropics. we do have hurricane danielle spiralling in the atlantic, and it is going to stay a fish storm, so we think right now. that means it will stay out to sea. it could, however, still impact bermuda and we could have the fringe effects in the way of rip currents in the united states. also tropical storm earl is out
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here's what we're trying to do, look outside. san francisco, low clouds and mist. the ocean air conditioning is back. looking at today's highs, in some cases out towards dry valley, a 15 degree drop in the temperatures. across the north bay, 50s to 60s. the seven-day forecast will continue the cooldown into the start of the weekend and turn warmer next week. >> ann, >> and over to you. >> okay, stephanie, thanks. a few weeks back, we brought you the story of hugett clark, han an heiress whose mansion sat empty. jeff, good morning. >> good morning to you. she is one of the richest women in america and one of the most secretive, too.
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hugett clark is now 104 years old and lives like a recluse. now investigators want to know if people are stealing her money. >> reporter: who wouldn't be happy with one mansion? hugett clark owns three. this one hugz the santa barbara coast. it's valued at over $100 mill kwlon. her estate in connecticut, worth over 20 million. and hugett clark also owns the largest apartment on press to my knowledge -- prestigious 15th avenue. clark hasn't seen any of them in over 20 years. in fact, she's been living in is he collusion here, inside a manhattan hospital room, surrounded by her doll collection. clark's life is so mysterious, this is the last picture taken of her in 1930. today, at 104 years old.
7:18 am
her worth is an estimated $100 billion. >> what we had was a feature story about an elderly woman with a lot of money and mysterious empty mansions, but now we have an investigation. >> reporter: an investigation into these two men, hugett clark's gate keepers and closest advisers. her lawyer, wally balk, and her adviser who was convicted of sending pornography to teenage girls. these two men reportedly control everything, including her fortune and the tightly guided access to her hospital room. >> the attorney is looking into how her finances have been handled and the actions of her attorney and the man who controls her health and access to her in her hospital room. >> wally balk quietly arranged to sell clark's rare str
7:19 am
stradivarius violin for $20 million. now the lawyer and the accountant are trying to sell her estate for $120 million. where is the money going? >> it's not necessarily any wrongdoing, but it does mean the district attorneys are at least a little suspicious. when you have someone this age who is this reclusive with a few relatives, it can be very difficult to determine what an accountant and a lawyer are authorized to do or not do. >> at 104 years old, hugett clark is awake and alert, but it's unclear whether she has a will. >> we have a woman who is in a hospital room and has made herself vulnerable to being kept out of the loop. maybe she doesn't have all the information about what's been done with her money.
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>> money she inherited from her wealthy father. now with her mansions empty, no apparent heirs. hugett clark's life is as mysterious today as it was a century ago. >> one of the accusations here, that the lawyer and the accountant won't even let clark's own relatives visit her in the hospital. i spoke with the lawyer, wally balk, by phone, he denies any wrongdoing but won't comment on anything else, and we called the accountant but never heard back from him. >> all right, jeff. thanks very much. not the last we'll hear on that, i'm sure. coming up, a family's well-timed self-portrait caught a thief in the act of robbing them. we'll have that story coming up, but first,
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just ahead, can you really get a condo for less than the price of some cars? just how the tough housing
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froot loops® and apple jacks, an oh-so-good source of fiber. kellogg's® makes fiber fun. good morning to you. it's 7:26 right now. i'm laura garcia-cannon. we are following developing news out of san jose where fire crews battling a house fire on the city's west side. it's one of two fires burning less than two miles apart. bob redell is live on del monte place with an update. bob? >> good morning. one challenge in fighting this fire, there's a ruptured gas line. pg&e arrived on the scene of the house fire about ten minutes ago. right now they're trying to figure out how do they turn off that gas line what they have now is the fire department keeping a defensive posture. they don't want to get too close to where the gasdumping water o
7:27 am
this. because of the other fire this morning that you mentioned, they were about five to ten minutes delayed in getting over here because the resources were already on that fire. they had to pull resources from a furlouther location to get he. the woman who lives here was taking a walk at the time, she got home, heard a large explosion and she is out of the house okay. reporting live in san jose, bob redell, nbc bay area news. >> a look at the forecast when we come back.
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welcome back as we look at our temperatures today, we say welcome back to the sea breeze. inland temperatures, 70s to low 80s. 60s in san francisco. 70s for oakland. temperatures will cool off more approaching the weekend with morning clouds and morning mist. >> nice cooldown, thanks. another local news update in about a half hour.
7:30 am
7:30 now on a thursday morning, august 26th, 2010. our crowd is basking in some nice weather outside our window on the world here in rockefeller plaza. great to have them. you probably recognize the voice you're hearing because it's the bed intruder song. we're going to meet its star and find out what he thinks of his newfound fame just ahead. and speaking of singing sensations, katy perry is going to be here for a live concert on the plaza tomorrow here on "today." looking forward to that. inside studio 1a i'm ann curry along with carl quintanilla because matt is on assignment, going to new orleans, reporting from there tomorrow. also meredith has the morning off. >> great to be here.
7:31 am
also ahead this morning, new details on lindsay lohan's early release from rehab following that brief time in jail. coming up, the tough conditions the judge has placed on that troubled actress. >> that's right. plus if you're looking to pick up some cheap real estate we'll tell you where you can get a condo for the price of a car. and coming up tomorrow here on "today," matt and al will be reporting live from new orleans as we approach this weekend's fifth anniversary of hurricane katrina. we're going to hear from former mayor ray nagin as well as the former head of fema, michael brown, and some of the musicians who contributed to the rebirth of the big easy. that's hurricane katrina, five years later, tomorrow here on "today." >> hard to believe it's been five years already. >> i know. >> let's begin this morning with a new jersey family who captured a man in the act of robbing them in a family photo. we're going to talk to them in a moment. but first, nbc's kevin tibbles has their story. >> reporter: for the myers family, it was supposed to be a fun getaway, complete with snapshots to cherish the
7:32 am
memories. >> my husband is always taking lots of pictures of us. >> reporter: a trip to wisconsin to attend a friend's wedding. >> we flew in to milwaukee, and then the next day, we drove to madison. >> reporter: just think of the famous cheese, picturesque farmland, and not to be missed, the state capitol. but for every traveler, no matter how experienced, no matter where you are, even wisconsin, there's always that nagging fear of having your bag and all your money stolen. with their bag and kids in tow, the family eagerly awaited the reception. >> we were all dressed up, it was a great opportunity to have a family shot. >> reporter: john myers set the timer on his camera, and hustled in to frame. shortly after, they couldn't find john's bag. with their i.d.s, and $1,000 worth of stuff. >> all kinds of things were in our bag. it would have just ruined our whole trip. it was like the rental car keys, an ipad that's in there. >> reporter: and worst of all, the kids' toys.
7:33 am
>> the first time in wisconsin and this happens to them. >> reporter: after a futile search they had an idea. >> then it occurred to him that maybe the person who took it would be captured in the shot that we just took. >> reporter: sure enough, there he was. the bandit. caught red-handed. police recognized and soon apprehended 59-year-old glen rambright of no known address who has pleaded not guilty to misdemeanor theft. >> this is the dumpster or the trash can that everything was in. >> he stole it. he put it in the garbage. >> reporter: in the end, police recovered everything, including the bag. all in time for the miers to make the reception. now there's a photo for the scrapbook. for "today," kevin tibbles, nbc news, chicago. and the myers family is with us exclusively. good morning to all of you. john we should mention you're in seattle, you're on your way to a friend's wedding which is why you couldn't be here with us. but you were at another wedding
7:34 am
in wisconsin when this actually happened. i wonder, what did you think the chances were that you would get your bag back because of that photo? and what did you think when you found out that this is actually captured on film? >> i thought the bag was gone, and then when i did notice the photo, i thought the only souvenir i'd have was the photo of the person who took it. i really didn't expect to get the bag back. even after first seeing the photo. >> i know hindsight is 20/20 and i'm not trying to put you on the spot. but this bag had your ipad, your wagate, it had cash, credit cards. how did you manage to let it get so far away from you? >> yeah, a lot of people have commented on this fact. when we first walked outside the building, i was taking pictures of the kids right next to my bag. and then, you know, as kids do, we drifted away a little bit,
7:35 am
and then i noticed a low wall that i could rest my camera on to do a timer shot. so, we just kind of drifted over about 20 feet away, and then i set up the one shot, and just took that one picture, and, you know, we started to walk away, and i realized, oh, let me go just grab my bag and that's when i realized it was gone. >> when you found out that it was missing, i can imagine what my wife would have said to me. were there words exchanged? >> well, he asked me, do you have my bag? and i'm like, no! i don't have your bag. why would i have your bag. of course it was that kind of frustration of like oh, why did you leave it there? and you know, keep an eye on the bag. and now our whole vacation is ruined. >> you actually had some of your toys in that bag as well, right? you got those back from the police, right? do you remember which toys they were? no? what did you say to the police
7:36 am
when they gave it back to you? do you remember? you're the man? thank you? >> thank you. >> that's usually a good response. i know, john, before i let you go, some on the web have been mentioning the blue suit you were wearing in this photo. which looks like something out of "dumb and dumber." are you going to bust that out again for the wedding you're at now? >> i'd like to point out that i'm wearing the same suit right now. and for all the people who didn't like it, this suit belonged to my father, and i was looking for a nice summerweight suit to wear to the wedding, and i love this suit. so -- >> obviously you're very passionate about it. although some on the internet felt differently. >> you know, it's good to be on the cutting edge with fashion. you don't want to be too safe. >> it's all cyclical. it all comes back. the myers family, thank you so much for your time. it's a great story. >> thank you. >> let's get a check of the weather now from stephanie abrams who is in for al. >> we have a couple who aren't
7:37 am
celebrating a birthday. when is your birthday? >> july 15th. >> i thought that was quite clever. let's have a look at your atheweforecareacst across the country and where we are going to see the nice weather is here in to the northeast. it's going to be hot, however, in the northwest. we could see record high temperatures with our highs 15 to 20 degrees above average. otherwise looking pretty goo there's a view of some hazy skies, low clouds across the san mateo bridge. temperatures today, thanks to a healthy sea breeze, will stay cool around the coast. san francisco not getting away from the mid 60s to low 60s for san francisco. still lower 80s as you get further inland. mid 80s out towards livermore. the seven-day forecast trends cooler, and a chance of morning mist or drizzle kicking off the weekend. turning warmer next week. maybe no birthday but there is a 40th anniversary. congratulations. ann, back to you. >> big congratulations to them.
7:38 am
that's right. stephanie, thanks. lindsay lohan may now be out of jail and rehab but she's far from being able to do whatever she wants. a judge put strict conditions on her newfound freedom and steps that could land the troubled actress right back in jail. we've got nbc's lee cowan with the latest this morning. lee, good morning. >> reporter: hey, ann. the judge really here did what can only be described as putting lindsay lohan on a very short legal leash. she's got a very long list of dos and don'ts that are associated with this outpatient treatment program. but she still remains very much under the thumb of the court. on her first full day of freedom, lindsay lohan was back on the streets of los angeles, making a stop at the dmv, and dodging the paparazzi. >> how do you feel now that you're a free woman? >> reporter: after 23 days of rehab, lohan remains the ever-style be starlet. but to the eyes of the court she's still an addict on probation from a dui arrest in 2007. although a judge ruled that lohan could check out of her
7:39 am
in-patient rehab early, lohan's attorney says the treatment of her client's addiction is actually just beginning. >> she'll be in a lot of therapy. it will be psychological therapy, as well as 12-step programs. >> reporter: for the next three months lohan's schedule is packed with mandatory appointments. beyond meeting with those 12-step counselors, psychotherapy sessions will be required at least four times a week. then, there's behavioral therapy. that's twice a week. and lohan has to submit to random drug and alcohol testing, too. and there is no room for error. >> if she flunks even one she goes to jail for 30 days. >> reporter: some sigh chiists worry fulfilling so many treatment requirements on an outpatient basis is for lohan too much, too early, to do all on her own. >> this is a woman who needs to be corralled, so to speak, and made to face her demons. >> reporter: but, lohan's attorney bristled at the suggestion that lohan needed further hospitalization.
7:40 am
her own doctors, she said, were the ones who determined lohan was ready. >> they started fresh. their own fresh evaluations, put her through their own testing, made their own diagnosis, and recognized that there was no need for her to be there any longer. >> reporter: the question is, how can she avoid the pitfalls of her former life? the parties, the clubs, the paparazzi? bumps along the road to recovery that could push her to the breaking point again. >> lindsay has had an affinity for drama. so there is no reason to think that she is not going to find a way to consciously or unconsciously draw drama into her life. >> reporter: success means a new lindsay. one that's back to work and out of trouble. her next movie "the profile of porn star linda lovelace" could be the first real world test of an actress on the mend. >> she has changed. she's healthy. she's clear-headed. she is positive and looking forward.
7:41 am
>> reporter: now lohan's going to remain on this supervised probation, ann, until at least november. and until that time, she's not allowed to leave los angeles, either. so any last-minute extravagant getaways are, for now, strictly off limits. ann? >> all right, lee cowan this morning. lee, thanks a lot. and coming up next, talk about a steal. where you could buy a condo for the price of a car. but first, these messages. with capital one's venture card, we get double miles on every purchase. echo! so we earned a trip to the grand canyon twice as fast. uh-oh. we get double miles every time we use our card. i'll take these. no matter what we're buying. plus the damages. and since double miles add up quick, we can bring the whole gang. it's hard to beat double miles. no, we ride them! [ male announcer ] introducing the venture card from capital one, with double miles on every purchase every day. go to what's in your wallet? oh, that's the spot! and they can without even trying. caprisun 100% juice is a full serving of fruit
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this is delicious. it's the perfect combination of sweet and crispy. i love it. this is so good. this is great. the magic's in the mix. back at 7:43. miami is one of the ep centers of the nation's real estate collapse, but now condominium sales there are soaring thanks to some ridiculously low prices. nbc's michelle franzen is in miami to explain. michelle, good morning. >> reporter: good morning, carl. falling home prices, a jump in foreclosures and a backlog of inventory are helping drive these deals to the price some pay for a new car. we're not talking about the newly built luxury condos. but, instead, older, smaller units, at prices miami hasn't seen in decades.
7:44 am
not far from famed south beach, the so-called american riviera, some prime real estate has suddenly become as affordable as, well, a luxury car. >> actually, you're looking at a one bedroom, one bath, about 750 square feet here. you can't beat it on miami beach. >> reporter: can't beat the price. this condo is listed for just under $50,000. $49,900. all this just blocks from the beach. plus for $500 a month in maintenance fees, high rise living. >> there's concierge, 24 hour security, valet parking. this is a full service building. >> reporter: and right on the bay. >> right on the bay. >> reporter: an odd twist to the real estate bust, investors and first-time home buyers are gobbling up foreclosed condos. >> if you're coming in all cash you can steal in this town. >> reporter: the founder of condo vultures realty says there are steals all across south
7:45 am
florida. on the market, more than 68,000 properties, from miami and fort lauderdale, all the way to west palm beach. of those, more than 6,000 are priced under $50,000. in some buildings, condos have sold for as little as $30,000. >> thanks to the trouble assets relief program or t.a.r.p. or some of the money going to the banks to allow them to clean their portfolio. >> reporter: bargain basement prices for sellers whose banks lost big but where buyers may walk away with the deal of a decade. what sort of value did this space have before? >> the last sale was in 2006 for $160,000. >> reporter: and now? >> $49,900. >> reporter: a chance for investors to turn a profit. >> studio apartment one block from the sand. >> reporter: for first-time buyers with cash or good credit to own a slice of the american dream. miami style. and now that word is getting out there will be a small window of
7:46 am
opportunity for some to cash in on that dream, because, carl, those prices for these condos just won't last. >> those are some incredible numbers, michelle. up next the song that's a hit online based on a real local news story. you'll meet the star of "the bed intruder song" right after this. [ female announcer ] stay once... stay twice... earn a free night! two separate stays at comfort inn or any of these choice hotels
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7:49 am
if you've been on youtube or itunes recently, chances are you've heard what they're calling "the bed intruder song." >> that's right. it began as a serious news report and is now one of the hottest songs on the planet. here's nbc's maria schiavocampo. >> reporter: it began as a local news story. >> we have a rapist in lincoln park. >> reporter: but antoine dodson's unrestrained rant directed at his sister's rapist is now a global sensation. >> hide your kids, hide your wife, and hide your husband because they're raping everybody out here. >> reporter: since being posted
7:50 am
online last month millions have viewed dodson's no-holds-barred interview. >> you are really dumb, for real. >> reporter: later set to music, creating one of the most watched online videos ever. ♪ they're looking for we won't find it ♪ >> reporter: the music video has been viewed more than 16 million times online, and the song itself is at number 35 on the itunes chart. ahead of lady gaga, selling some 30,000 copies. dodson gets half of all profits. >> we did not expect this to happen the way that it did. >> reporter: brooklyn based musicians the gregory brothers created the song. >> he had all this energy and wit and musicalty. >> reporter: the video has catapulted dodson to web superstardom. >> i was like, yeah, i got a lot to say. because who in their right mind think that they can just come up in somebody else house. >> reporter: the overnight celebrity now has a personal website and is selling t-shirts with his catch phrases on them. despite their popularity, many argue dodson's online videos
7:51 am
aren't very funny at all, as they perpetuate stereotypes of african-americans and make light of a serious crime. >> it was a sad beginning but it's a good ending. >> we don't want to be famous and celebrities for something that happened so serious to somebody. >> if antoine dodson were not beneficiary of what was happening, i think it would be a travesty. we would be laughing at someone of limited means, laughing at crime victims, and laughing at someone who isn't like us. >> reporter: still, dodson says he'll use his windfall to move his entire family some place safer. >> i hate that it happened this way. but a lot of good has came out. >> reporter: turning a bad situation into something to sing about. for "today," mara schiavocampo, nbc news, los angeles. >> man. 16 million times it's been viewview ed online. already ahead of lady gaga.
7:52 am
number 35 on yew tunes. >> that's incredible. >> it's unbelievable. >> talk about finding creativity in a dark place but in a way that's going to pay off in a good way. >> good for antoine and his sister who can actually benefit from it. >> mean tiwhile you wonder what they're doing with our newscast. >> i don't think they're paying any attention to us, natalie. >> i think we give them plenty of material to parody, no matter what. >> anyway, what's coming up ahead? >> just ahead, tiger woods opens up about his divorce for the first time. >> that's right. but first here's your local news and weather. [ male announcer ] luxury seating for up to seven.
7:53 am
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good morning. it's 7:56, i'm laura garcia-cannon with an update on developing news out of the south bay where fire crews are tackling a house fire in san jose. it's one of two fires burning less than two miles apart. nbc bay area's bob redell has the latest. bob? >> reporter: good morning to you. this home here is destroyed. the fire is contained. it is mostly out. the fire department would like to get it completely out. the problem is they can't get into the house yet because of this gas leak that's been going on for over an hour now. you can see that backhoe there, that's where pg&e is accessing the gas line. they are reaching it. just slowly turning it off. once the gas is shut off, they will get in there and exchange wish the fire. because of the other fire nearby, it took san jose fire department to get to this fire this morning. two minutes longer than usual.
7:57 am
they tell us it's hard to tell whether that extra time it took would have made a difference in fighting the fire. the homeowner was out taking her dogs for a walk at the time. she came home around 5:15. that's when she heard the explosion and the rest is what you see here. that home destroyed here on del monte place in san jose. reporting live here in san jose, news.edell, n
7:58 am
let's look at the south bay.
7:59 am
the fire bob talked about indicated by the fire truck, that's local traffic. 280 moves slowly past the scene because of the volume of traffic. downtown, music in the park will cause a little delay. jullian is two weigh traffic now. we have some cooling, rob? >> cooling under way this morning. highs this afternoon, 70s and 80s inland. 82 in san jose. there is the forecast. cooling off heading into the upcoming weekend. laura? >> so spoiled. love this weather. another local news update in a half hour.
8:00 am
8:00 now on a thursday morning, august 26th, 2010. we have a great crowd enjoying part of the day here at rockefeller plaza. katy perry will be here tomorrow catch one of the world's biggest music stars live in concert here on "today" in our plaza tomorrow morning. >> the cd smells like cotton candy, right? >> i know. we actually got a copy of it. but it really does. >> we haven't listened to it but it does. >> she's all sweetness. and meantime i'm ann curry along with carl quintanilla this morning. and matt and al are in new
8:01 am
orleans preparing for the fifth anniversary of katrina. we've got some special coverage in our broadcast tomorrow morning about that. and also just ahead here this morning we'll be talking about elin nordegren. she has had her say, and now, for the first time, tiger woods has opened up about the couple's divorce, and their children. so we're going to hear from him just ahead. >> that's right. also ahead, a very serious story about the shocking website that encouraged dangerous behavior in women, especially those with eating disorders. we're going to talk to four survivors speaking out about what's called internet assisted suicide. >> i've never even heard of these. dr. nancy synderman said they really kind of -- this is very serious for those of us with daughters. i know you have a daughter. i've got one, as well. >> plus on a much lighter note we're going to be checking on the hottest fall fashions for just $75 or less. before we get to all of that let's get to the news this morning. natalie morales is at the news desk. >> good morning again, ann and carl. good morning, everyone. those eggs contaminated with
8:02 am
salmonella traced back to two forms in iowa are still being used and sold either as liquid eggs or added to other products such as ice cream or mayonnaise. health officials say americans shouldn't worry because the eggs are being pasteurized to rid them of any salmonella contamination. another troubling sign of the nation's struggling economy. new home sales fell more than 12% in july. the slowest pace since the government began keeping track in 1963. weak sales mean fewer jobs in the construction industry, which normally fuels an economic recovery. alaska's republican senate primary will be decided by absentee ballots. the incumbent lisa murkowski trails conservative lawyer joe miller by less than 1700 votes. miller has the backing of sarah palin, who says alaskans are ready for some new blood. the final result is not expected until after labor day. and speaking of labor day, more people are expected to travel over the holiday this year. aaa says more than 34 million americans are planning a trip
8:03 am
about 50 miles from home. that's a 10% increase over last year. and some troubling new statistics on the number of people who drive drunk. the government estimates millions of americans have gotten behind the wheel in the past year after drinking. nbc's tom costello is in washington with more. tom, good morning. >> reporter: hi, natalie. yeah, in fact, the government believes 8% of all drivers have driven drunk at least once in the past 12 months. 8%. that's 17 million people. in arlington, texas, heartbreak. 27-year-old khalid abu shebon the father of a 9-month-old with another child on the way, killed instantly when the fedex truck he was driving was obliterated head-on. >> he's a father who is driving to support his family. he has a baby daughter. >> reporter: 29-year-old justin jones, a driver with a history of dui, is now facing intoxication manslaughter charges. just as new stats from the
8:04 am
department of transportation show too many americans are drinking and driving. in a survey, 20% of those asked admitted that in the past year they've driven within two hours of drinking. two-thirds of those said they'd done so in the past 30 days. and 28% of the drinking drivers said they were usually drinking three days a week. >> the best decision you can make is if you choose to drink, find another way home. >> driver pull onto the shoulder, please. >> reporter: in fairfax county, virginia, officer pat nolan is always looking for duis. >> failure to maintain the lane, swerving, weaving, tailgating. >> reporter: the dangers of drunk driving were on full display in los angeles last december when two drivers, both allegedly drunk, caused two separate accidents. >> whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa! >> reporter: nationwide police are looking for one number. 0.08. the legal definition of driving under the influence. the message from the nation's police departments is that they
8:05 am
are going to be cracking down even harder over the labor day weekend, and if you're under 21, zero tolerance for any alcohol in your system. natalie, back to you. >> all right. good reminder. thanks so much tom costello. it is now 8:05. let's go back outside once again to stephanie. >> natalie, what are you going to major in? >> international studies. >> how did bailey get her name? >> from wkrp. >> wkrp what? >> okay. sorry. >> let's have a look at your weather here across the country and see where it's going to be nice and not so nice. atlanta is going to be a little on the warm side with some afternoon thunderstorms. 88 degrees. the rest of the country is absolutely very quiet with the exception of florida. a look outside from oakland today. low clouds. few sunny breaks trying goat through the cloud cover. we will see a big drop in our temperatures inland.
8:06 am
70s to mid 80s inland today. only skts to near 70 around oakland. you can see the forecast, move towards the weekend. we will continue the mild trend if not turn cooler inland. pretty strong sea breeze at times. morning mist. temperatures rebound slightly next week. >> all right, ann, over to you. >> all right, stephanie, thanks so much. coming up on a serious topic, tiger woods speaking out for the very first time about his divorce, and the impact on his children. so we're going to hear from him coming up right after this. [ female announcer ] stay once...
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8:10 am
back now at 8:09 with some new details on tiger woods and elin nordegren's divorce. the golfer has now made his first public comments about the split. nbc's peter alexander is here with some details. peter, good morning. >> good morning to you. in essence, they were sport's first first couple. the world's greatest golfer, tiger woods and his beautiful wife elin nordegren. as we all know that all came to an end this week. now for the first time since the divorce was made official monday tiger's opened up about where they go from here. for the first time in nearly six years, tiger woods is returning to the golf course as a single man. still fresh in his mind the impact his infidelity had on his family and his now ex-wife, elin nordegren. >> i wish her the best in everything. you know, it is a sad time in our lives. and you know, we're looking, you know, forward to, you know, in our lives and how we can help our kids the best we be 30ly
8:11 am
can. >> reporter: as bitter and sad as divorce can be, there is one thing both tiger and elin say they agree on, putting the best interests of their children, 3-year-old sam and 18-month-old charlie, first. >> we're trying to get your kids situated to, you know, our new living conditions and how that's going to be. and so that's where our focus is at right now. >> reporter: elin, a child of divorce herself, was just 7 when her parents split. the swedish-born 30-year-old told "people" magazine, i can imagine that having your parents stay happily together would be the ultimate best thing for the children. for that very reason, elin says she and tiger tried to reconcile for months. before she ultimately concluded, if there's no trust between the parents, it's better for the children that the parents split up. psychologists say divorce can have a significant impact on children. >> there may be some big problems for kids down the road, as they come to the realization that their parents are divorced, as they come to the realization that their parents live in separate homes, and that they're being shuttled back and forth.
8:12 am
>> reporter: elin told "people" she tried to shield sam and charlie as much as possible. but, of course, she says they can feel something is going on. even though they're so young. though their marriage may be over, both elin and tiger say they'll remain partners when it comes to coparenting their young children. >> it's extremely important for them to act as a united front for their children now that they're divorced because the kids need to know that their parents will always be in place to help them through life, to always love them together. >> reporter: in those remarks tiger also took full responsibility for their divorce, saying my actions led us to this decision. and he acknowledged that the last nine months since his secret double life was revealed to the world have been, in his words, a lot more difficult than i was letting on. carl, by the way, he is back on the golf course beginning this morning for his first tournament as a newly single man. >> a lot of eyes still on him. thank you very much, peter alexander. a child and family psychiatrist joins us. good morning to you. >> good morning.
8:13 am
>> tiger and elin have said -- tiger has said elin is a wonderful mother. i know that the two of us will do everything we can to help our children adjust to this new family situation. how important is it that the two of them put up a united front on this? >> it is vitally important. because if delay don't start in that united front place, they're not going to end in that united front place. it's very important for them to be a team, despite their differences. they need to put them aside. i think they're really doing a good job by putting it aside. he's owning his piece and moving forward. they do know the best interest of their children has to be number one. >> that's going to involve not bad-mouthing the other when the other's not around. >> absolu. t each other when the other is around, right? >> absolutely. respect is all based on respect and caring for the other person. because you are affecting your children when you are attacking your ex. >> a lot of couples might hear that and go, that's just too hard. the wound is too fresh for me to pretend to be friends with my ex. >> well, i understand. you don't have to pretend. but you do need to do the work to heal that wound. >> elin, whose own parents are
8:14 am
divorced, said she's sad about the loss of a family unit. can you really come back from that? can you be the person you would have been had they stayed together? >> no, you're not going to be that same person because you were with someone else. you're going to be different. this is a new chapter in your life. that's part of the process, accepting and mourning the loss of what was going to be. >> elin talks about the toll this has taken on herself. she said my immediate plan is for the kids and me to continue to adjust to our new situation. i'm going to continue to take classes. but my main focus is to try to give myself time to heal. how should she balance -- how should anyone balance their own well-being versus that of their kids? do you look out for yourself first or not? >> i'm a big believer of parenting begins with you. so, yes, you need to be a solid parent in order to raise solid children. so yes, i think it's very important not to put yourself first but to make sure that you are solid and whole. >> kids take this differently depending on how old they are. what is the difference between a child going through a divorce who's under 5, versus 11 to 15, versus an adolescent? >> i think it's important to
8:15 am
remember that, even if a child is under 5, they're picking up that radar. they feel all that tension. so, be aware that they're aware of it. so keeping their life as structured and as similar as you can, sleeping, and eating, talking to them age appropriately, and letting them be able to get their feelings out is huge. because otherwise, that builds up and it's a pressure cooker. >> you make a point that ultimately, you need to as a parent come to the realization that just because someone may not have been a good spouse doesn't mean they're not a good parent. >> absolutely. can you still be a wonderful parent, just not getting along with your ex and work through it so that stuff does not get in the way to be a solid parent. >> some things to think about going through a situation like that. thank you very much. >> thank you. >> up next, websites that target young girls by promoting eating disorders. it's a warning to parents and teens. right afth [ female announcer ] introducing, new townhouse flatbread crisps. they're oven-baked flatbread crisps. ♪ with the tastes of sea salt and olive oil. ♪
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where you book matters. expedia. have you tried honey bunches of oats with real strawberries? wow. it's seriously strawberry. they're everywhere. it's in the bunches, on the flakes, even real strawberries in the mix. can i have some more? honey bunches of oats with real strawberries. it's delicious. nobody does it quite like us. when something's safe? you talk to these guys. they go through every car and truck we make with a big fat red pencil. because they know a family's going to be inside. a teenager. a guy on the way to the job. the engineers of chevrolet. just another reason why we can offer a 5-year 100,000 mile powertrain warranty. and another reason why a chevy's a chevy. back now at:18. this morning on "today's health," the dangerous world of
8:19 am
eating disorders. they have the highest mortality rate of any mental illness, and research shows that more teenagers are finding negative support online. we've got nbc's chief medical editor dr. nancy synderman back with more on this. >> i'm so glad you said it's a mental health disorder. because that's exactly what this is. and there are a lot of websites out there promoting it. words like pro anna, which promotes anorexia, pro-mia sites which promotes bulimia, and they are very toxic. i recently sat down with four strong women who are all recovering from their eating disorders, and a treatment home called the arabella house and these kind women were kind enough to share their stories with us. >> i just constantly -- who wants to eat lunch with me this week. not having lunch, not having breakfast, and it just spiraled from there. >> reporter: take me in to the private world where you guys and other young women connect via
8:20 am
the web. >> you might anything about anorexia or bulimia moo a search engine, and a billion of them come up, and you click on it and it's disgusting. like it's absolutely disgusting. >> girls starving to death? >> yeah, it's girls giving tips on how to starve other girls. it's internet assisted suicide. and if we do kill ourselves we're considered a martyr for doing it because we succeeded. >> and what's the big cause to be a martyr for? >> having self-will. >> so self-will to kill yourself slowly? >> you can call it freedom of speech if you want, but i don't think putting up something just because you can is okay. >> i was isolating myself so much from the real world that when i went on to these sites, it became like a companion to me. >> there are other girls who feel kind of like the same way i
8:21 am
do, and they were giving like tips and tricks. >> dr. patricia is a psychiatrist with the national association of an reex yeah nervosa and associated disorders. >> because eating disorder patients are often isolated, and they don't get the support of these behaviors from good friends or parents, and they can go to this community. >> instead, these sites recruit teens from kansas to england, a dark community committed to fooling parents and loved ones, and preying on the lonely and isolated with the belief that only these distant strangers can understand their pain. >> if i had actually eaten something that day, i would go to these websites and remind myself they're doing it, so that means i can do it, too, and it would be better. >> often i would go to the google searchers and save them, look like this girl. >> dr. maria rago is trying to get these websites taken down.
8:22 am
>> when you see a site you think of danger, what do you do as a professional? >> well, what you can do, helps people contact hope. every site has a host that originates. when you contact the host, we have found hosts are very accommodating in taking down offensive sites. >> a starting place in an ongoing battle for these young women and those who love them. and now what's the best thing to live for? >> life. >> family. friends. >> for myself for a change, not live for my eating disorder. and trying to please other people, but really live my life, and achieve my goals. like i'm finally able to get to a point where i'm proud of myself, and i want to see what else i can do in the future. >> these young women i spoke with are coming out of the other end of this therapy. healthy and strong. but, boy, they have seen the other dark side of the tunnel.
8:23 am
but they are concerned. they want you to know that their concern is if we just talk about these websites we might drive more young people toward them. but in order to put out the sites and put an end to them doctors and parents need to be very aware of the fact that if girls talk about their weight and their body, you have to do some digging. and that's what i think we all have to listen to. over and over again these girls said i told my doctor i was thinking about my weight all the time and the doctor would say oh, no, no, you're normal, just don't worry about it. as parents we have to recognize, 81% of 10-year-olds think that they're overweight. and if 10-year-olds think that, and they know how to get to the web, and we know they do, there are tips out there, and they're frightening. >> as the mother of a 17-year-old girl, i'm stunned that this is the first i've actually ever heard of this. >> you would think a lot of parents would be very stunned. and you actually say that even though some of the images you used in that report were pretty shocking they're not even the worst you saw. >> they are not the worst. in fact we blocked some of the images because they were almost
8:24 am
near-death pictures. and in the time that i sat down for a few hours with these girls, i logged on to a couple of sites. and in the few hours there was a girl from topeka, kansas, a girl from liverpool, england, showing their pictures, 13, 14-year-olds saying, i am trying to eat an apple today. if i cut it into 20 pieces and nibble all day long my mother will think i'm eating. and so -- there's encouragement from other girls, keep going, keep going. interestingly, the four girls that we talked to, many were first-born, very smart, feel the need to be in control, perfectionists, great grades. want to please. a lot of this is a deep psychiatric need to be perfect. >> that's a very interesting point. so what are parents to do? and what is the best thing that we can do to first of all make sure our girls are not looking at these kinds of sites and being encouraged to these sort of dangerous behaviors and also not only promoting this idea -- >> it sounds like when your kid
8:25 am
is on the computer, because our kids are smarter than we are with getting on the computers. we just know that. you have to sort of know where your kids are. it starts earlier in kindergarten and preschool when you don't say to someone, you know, sweetie pie, you're a little chubby. or if a child says, i think i'm fat, you go, no you're not, you're perfectly healthy. we have to balance these obesity epidemic and the mental illness of anorexia. again and again i come to sit-down family dinners. we have to recognize that food is a way to bring ourselves to the table and have conversation. and when you tuck your child in bed at night, and i don't care if your child is 3 or 13, kids love to be tucked in. you sit down at the edge of the bed. when you as the adult are sitting there, and your child is lying down, it's a moment of quiet to say, how was your day? did you -- what did you eat today? how were the pressures? and you can have an intimate conversation. you may not be able to have other times. your kids want to talk. they don't know where to turn. >> bottom line is, acceptance,
8:26 am
and -- and making our children feel that they're okay. >> and remember everything you see on the good morning. it is 8:26. i want to check the morning sigalert. >> three out of five lanes blocked. left lanes blocked. getting past the scene of a motorcycle accident. the first one was in livermore. that cleared. southbound 101, jammed out of san francisco. 280 as your allfer nature. northbound side slow here. southbound side jams upcoming out of daly city. slow there through san mateo. >> low clouds back today. with the ocean air temperatures will drop off a whole lot inland. no more 90s or anything near 100 today. 70s and 80s inland. 60s for san francisco. trend is running cooler since we
8:27 am
head towards the weekend. inland spots warmest places in the mid 70s saturday and sunday. time right now is 8:27. is soft on cats.
8:28 am
but deadly on fleas. so ask your rifo r nt the flea specialist, for effective, but gentle flea control. people in parts of san mateo waking up to a stick stinky situation. crews have been able to stop the flow of raw sewage into the street and into the garages of a
8:29 am
couple of homes. the department of public works has trucks out this morning that are now working and as the sewage system -- because the water to the homes hasn't turned off. so far it is not determined how much sewage spilled. another update in a half hour. the "today" show returns in less than a minute.
8:30 am
as a forrer supreme court justice he knows his way around the courtroom. on a thursday morning, the 26th of august, 2010. it is a rare site, the sun shining on rockefeller plaza. it's been terrible all this week until today. so we're really excited and we expect tomorrow morning pop superstar katy perry takes our summer concert stage. she's always a lot of fun. her new cd smells like cotton
8:31 am
candy. it's a pretty rare thing. >> yeah, it's amazing. just like cotton candy, right, just out of the bag? >> right, exactly. anyway -- >> i'm sure it sounds just as good as it smells. >> exactly. i'm sure it does. we're going to find that out tomorrow morning. and meantime i'm here with carl quintanilla and natalie morales. just ahead, talking about friendship later in life. one of the things that happen with a lot of women is when they have children, when they begin their jobs, a lot of times your friendships come and go. but how do you maintain friendships when you move into your 50s. because, you know, having friends actually, research tells us, helps us live actually longer. there are a lot of reasons to maintain your friendships. so we're going to get down and talking about this with a bunch of women,icallying one of the chief women at "more" magazine. what else is coming up? >> if you're looking for something to do with the kids this weekend we're going to check out fun family projects that don't take too long. they don't cost very much money to put together.
8:32 am
but you can give them a shot. you don't have to be a master carpenter and work on those with your kids, things they can do to help out, too. >> makes them feel good. >> until they get back to school, right? >> okay. also mark bittman one of our favorites is here. he's going to show us how to tackle some of your favorites. you know, inspired by the best restaurant in the world. >> you bet. >> look at that. that looks beautiful. you can do that at home, too, as he's going to show us. >> mark always makes -- >> shows how easy it is to do. >> also a quick reminder this morning on wednesday melissa and jeremy from missouri were chosen as this year's "today" wedding couple and we need your help in picking their wedding band. go to and also on our facebook page, >> you can also text your vote to 622639. you can text 1 for brilliant earth. two for lane.
8:33 am
three for diamond for our cure. and four or asprey. we're going to reveal your pick on the wings next wednesday. how do we even choose? >> we're excited about all of the choices. meantime we've got a great crowd out here this morning. stephanie is in for al this morning. >> we have monty from kentucky. did you paint the town blue there? >> monty from paintsville, kentucky. >> and what do you know about the cyrus family? >> direct my behind me. >> very proud. very proud. alt.l ghri let's have a look at the forecast for kentucky and the rest of the coun ay,ghnd there's some very nice weather, kentucky eastbound, really florida is where all the action will be located. otherwise it's hot in the northw here's a look outside san francisco. lot of low clouds. you can see our temperatures
8:34 am
dropped off a lot. yesterday morning 70s. not the case today. healthy breeze. with the stronger case of ocean air conditioning, 60s for san francisco. upper 50s on the coast. get used to it. the temperatures will drop off even more inland as we head into the weekend and trend warmer next week. >> and for your roller skating forecast, go to 24 hours a day. carl, roller derby team over here. >> very nice. put the skates on, stephanie. when we come back, the changing dynamics of friendship as we get older. but first, this is "today" on nbc.
8:35 am
8:36 am
back now at 8:36 with our special series "50, living it, loving it." this morning the definition of friendship later in life.
8:37 am
we've got leslie jane seymour, the editor in chief of "more" magazine. she recently wrote an article about this topic and she's joining us this morning along with one of her best friends, nancy. and also a clinical therapist at drexel university. good morning to all of you. >> good morning. >> it's great to have you. >> so the dilemma is really i think every woman really can feel it, and whether they're 50 or younger with children that there are stages we go through. >> right. >> what happens to women and friendships over time? >> well, i think, you know, take good care of your friendships as you should. because the family gets in the way. i have, you know, two kids. but now i'm an empty nest so i finally was able to wake up and say, what happened to all those friendships? i like women, i like their friendships, i need them. but we forget, we're so busy with our work and our family and all these other things, it's the friend, who is 11:30 at night and you go, i should have called ann. >> i know. >> but you were able to call nancy and so there was something that was -- that kept you
8:38 am
together as a group. and probably had to be an understanding about -- >> oh, yeah. >> we don't have time for each other. >> to be able to forgive. you know, didn't make that call at 11:00, i can say i understand. i fell asleep with my clothes on. because you all get tired with the crazy life. so why it's nice now, leslie is an empty nester, my daughter just graduated from college, and it gives you just a little more leeway to see each other again. >> right. >> and to be girlfriends almost like you haven't been since your 20s. it's sort of nice. >> one of the things that's helped me, is the friend who understands when i haven't talked to her for four weeks. >> yeah. >> and who can pick up that conversation. >> mm-hmm. >> as if we had not lost that time. those are the people we really want to hang onto. how do we do that? >> that's the thing. be forgiving and understand that your relationship is going to take twists and turns. leslie talked about the g-forces of life. if you can withstand that and maintain your friendship and be flexible and know that maybe you're not going to have the
8:39 am
quantity time, but you'll have quality time. and then those ups and downs that you go through, you've got to be able to be there and not miss those communities because you can't say, you know what, later i'll be there for you when you're having that job loss issue or that relationship issue. take the time to be available, but know that that's going to change. the question is not, if it's going to change. the question is, when is it going to change and how do we adapt as friends, knowing that, hey, we're liver, we're not -- >> that's different. >> i think about seasonal is to know that there's reversals of fortunes. your life goes up or down whether it's personal or professional and that person, it's about you. it's not about your title. it's not about your -- >> just hang in there. >> i think you know some women take it way too personally. or you find out it was a business arrangement and they just sort of disappear when you lose your title and move on to something else. they really aren't interested anymore. or things, you know, as you get a little bit older things happen, you get divorced. and you know, the friend moves
8:40 am
away, or the friend becomes vulnerable and doesn't want to show you that side. or, you know, they get ill. there are different things that happen. >> well, let's say how women who are in their 50s or all ages really, specifically targeting women in their 50s, who feel as though they lost good friends. maybe they didn't exactly keep up. maybe they feel a little guilty, sometimes we all feel like that about certain women in our lives. what's your best advice to, first of all, going back and retrieving, finding that person. it was a delicious friend who you, and you just wish you could have her back in your life. what would you do? >> i think you really just pick up the phone or get on your facebook and e-mail that person and see what happens. i've had a lot of good friends come back into my life, you know, now have time that i may not have had time for. who didn't have time for me, either. >> and you can say i'm sorry. i let that get away from me but i miss you. >> facebook has really become a solution for you. and one of the things i've done, just because i'm not good at making those dially phone calls to make almost rituals, i mean,
8:41 am
every year i have a girlfriend weekend with seven women i met ten years ago, and we do it every single year. i've got another group which is nursery school parents from my daughter's nursery school years. and we get together every year in the fall. so i am having these annual outings as a way to kind of keep some friends going through your love. >> i want to start a book club. or some kind of a club, right? >> exactly, it's great. >> be open to the possibilities. be courageous to redefine yourself and define those friendships. once you move into that, even if that doesn't work out, don't take it personally. try again with someone else. what do you have to lose? >> one of the best bits of tips that i got from reading what you guys are doing is this idea of start acting like you're in your 20s again. >> yeah. >> that's dangerous advice. >> you know, pick up the phone. i mean it took me a long time to say i'm going to pick up the phone and call a friend and talk to them in a long time. feeling good, just like --
8:42 am
>> that's the point is, you know, women today are so accomplished. you know, we get so many things done, it can sort of be deliberate about making and being open to new friends we'll be happier and actually studies show that we'll actually live longer. leslie, nancy, thank you so much. great advice this morning. and coming up next, some building projects your family can enjoy together. but first this is "today" on nbc. people! look at you!
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what's in your wallet? somebody help me down. this morning on "today's home" cool projects for the entire family from toys to furniture and more, the new book "this old house" fun family projects is filled with some terrific ideas.
8:45 am
kelly o'connor is contributor to this old house magazine. kevin, great to have you. we have some helpers here, as well. to help us build some things. before we get started, whenever you're talking about projects, power tools and kids, what are the important lessons? >> simple answer, and that's safety. and there's a couple things to think about. eyes is something you want to have at all times. the other thing when you have power tools, don't be afraid of letting them use it, use it with them, and make sure they're unplugged when you're not using them. >> finally, these are projects you can do with your kids. >> not projects just for the kids. do it with them. get involved. make sure you're standing over and you'll be all set. >> we've got four different projects. we're going to start with the bird feeder. >> it may look like it's sort of store bought but it's actually made just out of pieces that come from the home center. this is the cap to a fence post here, and so just simple pieces that are made out, and right
8:46 am
here in the center, to keep the seed right here, this is made out of a soda bottle right here. so we just cut a few things -- >> with an x-acto knife? >> scissors. >> taylor is helping us fill the feeder. fill it with bird seed, and the catch for the post, some wood, some places for the dirds to sit when they're eating and you put it up and hang it in a tree. >> a beginner project would you think? >> i think this is probably the first one you want to start with. do this with a 5-year-old. only $s 30, $35 worth of materials here. >> how long to do this? >> two hours. >> or in my case, two days. two hours? all right. okay let's move on to the stool. >> this is a simple one. it's really just three pieces of wood, it's very sturdy, though. we used some hardwood, an oak or a maple. two pieces on the bottom that are interlocked that make up the step stool and then the top and the fun thing she's doing, she's
8:47 am
putting down some nonskid tape and turn it into a checker board. >> i like that. not using it for a stool, it's a checker board. >> it's going to take some abuse so you do want to use the harder wood. >> $30, $35 worth of materials. and again, you're going to use a saw and sander on this one. so a little more advanced. >> the painting, you can be really creative? the color, the design, even the design with the anti-stick tape. >> it's fun to paint. i don't know what your kids are like, but mine would never -- >> this is a little more complicated it looks like. >> this is probably -- well this is our second most complicated one right here. this is a toy chest. and we jazzed it up a little bit to look like a barn. and we've got the painter's tape in place so she can follow along, get the paint in just the right spot. a couple things about this, though, it comes with casters on the bottom. that's the way we designed it so you can roll it out of the way. and also the hinges are spring loaded for toy box.
8:48 am
so that top is going to fall down slowly. >> do you don't get any fingers caught on a hard landing. >> absolutely. >> how much time, how much money? >> this one is probably about $95 worth of materials. used a birch veneer and you can spend about five hours or so making this one. >> really? would you recommend this for someone who knows their way around a shop or not? >> no, i think a 7-year-old or older would be fine with this one. again we've got some nailing, we've got some cutting. just, you know, lean over their shoulder. >> and for the really ambitious, right? we have amelia making -- looks like a professional mini golf course. >> check this out. miniature golf. this is a big one. these are separate panels, okay, so there's one panel here. two in the middle and one right there and it's just made out of pvc which is standard plumbing material right here. we've got boards and we put felt down for the grass, and amelia is making some of the hazards right here. this is a ton of fun. you can make it as big or as small as you want.
8:49 am
>> you've a little loop de loop? >> yes. the ramp -- >> it's just like playing -- >> i'll take your word for it. >> you can take a mulligan on that if you want. >> this little ramp made out of a five gallon bucket. >> and you can be creative with the edges. >> absolutely. about $150 worth of material for each panel. five or seven hours to get this whole thing. you can just keep on going. >> fantastic. kevin o'connor, thank you so much. the book is "this old house: fun family projects." thanks a lot. >> my pleasure. >> when we come back, mark bittman shows us how to create recipes from the best restaurant in the world.
8:50 am
8:51 am
this morning on "how to cook everything today," reinventing dishes from the number one restaurant in the world. mark bittman has been there. he's with "the new york times." of course, a columnist and author there on how to cook everything. and earlier this year he traveled to copenhagen, denmark, to check out a stoneware house turned restaurant called noma. with just 12 tables, it nabbed top honors at the best restaurant in the world for 2010. mark, good morning. >> hi, ann. >> now what makes noma the best
8:52 am
restaurant in the world? >> well, it's a tough title. but there is a competition of sorts and it won this title. and what i can say is that it was really an amazing place. and the book and the restaurant sort of reflects time and place in nordic cuisine and it's very local, intense, northern european food with many strange and unusual and wonderful ingredients. and they've done this book called "time and place of nordic cuisine" and actually, you know, in cooking through it we found that you can do some of these things. they're wacky, they're odd and you have to make a substitution here and there but we have a couple things here that you can do. and they are amazing dishes. >> and sounds like fun, so let's get started. but the interesting thing is you actually adapt some of these recipes from the number one restaurant in the world? i mean that's kind of cheeky. >> well, we didn't make many changes. we couldn't find spruce leaves
8:53 am
for example. this is a very lovely dish called onions and blueberries. >> now what is that? let's get started. >> okay. so these are white onions which are different from yellow onions but you can find them easily enough. you take a few of the center petals out just like that. >> they look like star petals. >> and you blanche them. cook them in boiling water for a minute or so. do the same things with some shallots and you peel the shallots in the same way, separate the leaves like that. the petals. >> petals, right. uh-huh. >> and then these will get cooked in a mixture of blueberry juice and vinegar with a little thyme in it. and that pickles them. like any other pickle you strain it, you cook it for a little while, you strain it, then you have to let it sit for a few days. so just do this. >> oh, that's nice. >> now you take your -- >> your petals. right. >> when you're ready to go, you take your onions -- >> two days later. here we are. >> in a little butter.
8:54 am
meanwhile, you have -- each step takes you a little bit. you puree some blueberries. basically make a blueberry jam. you have your shallots that you pickled. >> right here. >> you make a rosemary parsley oil, and of course, at the restaurant they use spruce leaves, not rosemary leaves. >> how do you make a rosemary parsley oil? >> you cook some oil, blanch some barsly and mix it up. we have blueberry puree. you think i can't do this. >> i know you can do everything. i have so much faith in you, mark. >> you have your beautiful blue. look at the color. >> that's pretty. >> you take your little rosemary o oil. >> and then you create -- >> now you take your lovely sort of lightly poached onions. >> mm-hmm. nice. pretty. >> this one. >> oh, sorry. >> okay. >> no, no. >> might as well do it right,
8:55 am
right? >> and now you take a little bit of a shallot. >> that is beautiful. this would be great for just like an opening presentation at your -- >> you know what, a salad or as a terrific dessert. it's just amazing. >> so that's a presentation. we're running out of time and i want to get to this other thing back here. the chocolate thing. >> this is -- sorry, guys. >> no, no, that's all right. >> tempered chocolate and basically you take some potato chips. coat them -- >> in chocolate. >> it's basically -- >> i love this. >> and you just put them there. and what are we sprinkling on top. >> sprikleing an us and fennel which is really unusual. >> here we go. >> those are great. >> hmm. >> oh, fantastic. >> unbelievable. >> a classic combination. mark bittman, thank you so much. >> hmm, good. >> more to come. we're back after your locaws r.we >> ...berber carpet. it was a whole bowl of stew. nooo. why? i could have saved this one. i could have saved this one. ♪ call 1-800-steemer
8:56 am
good morning to you. 8:56. mike is here with an update on the commute. >> we had the sigalert. traffic backing up out of is an plan. all lanes are cleared but not cleared of traffic. still very slow both on 101 and 280 in and out of san francisco. 280 gem had the tradition coming down the thruway. the maze is very slow on all approaches. two-to-the maze itself.
8:57 am
bay bridge once you get there, look at this. toll plaza itself looking nice. metering lights are still on and slow out of the tunnel over to the 580. ♪
8:58 am
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8:59 am
9:00 am
back now with more of "today" on this thursday morning, august 26th, 2010. the wet weather, can i say this, is finally behind us. definitely? >> i hope so. >> for the near term, yes. >> it looks beautiful out here. anyway, our friends here at rockefeller plaza are a gathered here. we're really glad they decided to spend the morning with us. thank you so much, everybody. good morning. i'm here alongside cnbc's carl quintanilla who is joining us while matt is away. and al's office. the two of them are in new orleans getting ready to talk about the fifth anniversary of hurricane katrina. they're going to give us special coverage tomorrow morning to mark the anniversary. we're going to take a look at the progress that's been made to rebuild the gulf coast since the
9:01 am
storm, and its painful aftermath. we're also going to hear from laura bush and harry connick jr. who i understand may be giving us a bit of a concert, he is a major supporter there, as well. hurricane katrina, five years later. that is tomorrow here on "today." >> meanwhile coming up in this half hour. tiger woods and elin nordegren divorced. but sometimes people, even when they have problems they don't divorce, they still split up with their spouse, though. sounds strange. billionaire warren buffett is one of them. coming up we're going to look at some of the pros and cons of that unusual circumstance. >> okay and by the way, who doesn't love jimmy fallon? jimmy fallon, we're going to be talking to him coming up in just a few moments this morning because the late night comedian is going to be hosting the emmys this weekend. and guess what he's been doing? asking people on twitter to submit introductions for his broadcast. so we're going to turn the tables on him maybe a little bit this morning because one of his fans wrote to us that the man
9:02 am
with the plan is mr. jimmy fallon. so -- >> maybe he knows something we don't. >> maybe. be careful what you wish for, jimmy. anyway -- >> a lot of excited folks here on the plaza because of the newly crowned miss universe. miss mexico is here. you may not know. we're going to talk to her in just a few minutes, as well. >> hi. first, good morning, a check of the morning's top stories from natalie morales, in for me at the news desk. >> good morning, ann and carl. good morning, everyone. new flooding this morning in pakistan. a country already devastated by what the u.n. calls the worst humanitarian disaster in history. floodwaters have now broken through a levee and are endangering three towns that were so far untouched by the flooding. meantime, more u.s. aid is arriving into pakistan as tens of thousands of displaced people pore into refugee camps looking for shelter, food and water. concern is growing over the spread of water-borne illnesses
9:03 am
and disease. a surprise visit this morning to china by reclusive north korean leader kim jong-il. this is his second visit to china this year and he's reportedly traveling with his son, who is believed to be his successor. a u.s. citizen is under arrest in poland for allegedly sexually abusing five boys in virginia since the '90s. the 39-year-old former basketball and baseball coach fled to europe last year. he was arrested wednesday on a bus heading to poland from denmark. authorities are deciding whether to extradite him back to the u.s. alaska's republican senate primary race will likely not be decided until after labor day. that's when all the absentee ballots are expected to be counted. fewer than 1,700 votes separate the front-runner joe miller who was backed by sarah palin and the incumbent lisa murkowski. former republican chairman ken mehlman says he is gay. he was also the former campaign manager for president george w. bush said he wanted to go public to become an advocate for gay
9:04 am
marriage. the iowa hens at the heart of a massive recall are still laying eggs that could end up on your table and food safety experts say that's okay because the eggs will first be pasturized to rid them of any salmonella contamination. then they can be sold as liquid eggs or added to other products such as ice cream and mayonnaise. and some hopeful news for patients suffering from advanced melanoma. the life-threatening form of skin cancer. a new experimental drug targets a genetic mutation found in many patients and has successfully shrunk the tumors in 80% of people who took the drug. however it's unclear how long the results will last. turns out a man in germany who is suffering from constant headaches actually had a bullet lodged in his head, and it's been there apparently for five years. the man said he remembers getting hit in the head at a new year's party but thought it was a firecracker. wow. and then a zoo in berlin showed off its newest addition
9:05 am
wednesday. this little baby hippo born ten days ago. not so little. zookeepers say they're keeping their distance because the mother is extremely protective. you can only imagine. it is now five minutes past the hour. let's go back outside again to ann and carl. >> thanks a lot, natalie. i've given birth a couple times but never to a hippo. stephanie abrams about the weather. >> hey, ann. we have a family that drove from l.a. to new york. no one got left on the side of a roadway? >> no. >> what are you doing here in new york? >> just to see my parents, and coming back for a field day. >> that's right for the new york fire department there. let's have a look at your weather andindanut how your trip is going to be here. unfortunately, we do have to keep our eyes on danielle out in the atlantic. but we do think this will be a storm perhaps making landfall in bermuda. but we could have residual effects in the warm forms of waves and rip currents. also tropical storm earl looks like it will be a fish storm but it's still quite aways out there
9:06 am
in the atlantic. looks like it will take a turn. you still have to pay attention to this. otherwise nice in the northeast, and rainy in f a look at oakland airport. overcast skies, low clouds and you will see the effectsin of tt in terms of the temperatures both right now mostly in the 50s and 60s and the breeze pushing through southfield. cooler air having no trouble making its way all the way in this morning. afternoon temperatures, 70s and 80s inland. big drop from yesterday. continued cooling through the weekend. morning mist and drizzle and partly cloudy skies saturday and sunday. natalie, 7-year-old didn't want a birthday party, she just wanted to come to new york. how about that? >> stephanie, thank you. this morning on "today's relationships," the undivorce. about half of all marriages in this country will end in divorce. but a recent "new york times" article detailed a surprising new trend in modern marriage.
9:07 am
couples physically and mentally separating without ever legally divorcing. but what are the emotional and the financial respects of a paper-only marriage? "today" contributor dr. gail saltz is a psychiatrist and carmen ulrich is a financial expert. i didn't know this about warren buffett. he separated from his wife in 1977, they never legally divorced. all the while she's lived with a girlfriend. they've even sent christmas cards out with the three of them pictured on it. sounds like a strange relationship. >> it is. >> and does it work, i guess in their case -- >> it's working for them. which just goes to show that you can never say always or never. >> right. >> because there are all kinds of people. but this is unusual. and i would say for most people, this kind of amicable relationship doesn't work. because most people feel that marriage, and the papers, and the documents, mean so much more than just a piece of paper. and they weigh the emotional investment they have against the
9:08 am
financial situation. >> right. >> the finances usually -- >> and how much -- talk to carmen about that. usually what is happening when you see your assets dwindling away more than 60%. >> this is obviously not warren buffett's problem. but you've got to remember, divorce before this recession was really about splitting assets. you had investments in retirement that was growing. you had home equity that was booming. so you could sell the house, you could split the proceeds and start your life over again. well now it's about dividing debt. a third of this country is under water on their home. so can you sell it? do you even want it? and who's got a job, too? we have a lot of that unemployment affecting people, as well. so it's really much more difficult to divide debt than it is to divide assets. >> not to mention the financial burden of the divorce in itself. i mean, it's a costly expense. >> i mean the average divorce in this country costs $20,000. that is a lot of money. it really depends on a couple of things like you mentioned.
9:09 am
how amicable is number one. and two how complicated is your financial life? the friendlier you are, the less complicated you are, you can go with mediation, uncontested divorce. just the two of you working it out. but if you contest, if you fight, you have to pay two lawyers, you each have to have lawyers. you have to pay court fees. you end up going in front of a court and judge you can go from $5,000 to $5 million very, very easily. >> absolutely. so at what point in a marriage is it worth, in a marriage and possibly divorce, but when is it worth really just sticking through with the legal aspects of the marriage or when is it better to just count your losses and go your separate ways? >> when it is toxic. when you are distainful. when your contemptuous of your partner and therefore you're kind of constantly criticizing each other and this is the kind of environment it really is better to move on. better for the children. because that is actually -- when we say don't divorce, it's better to stay together for the children. really if this is the environment this is the worst of all cases, you really don't want
9:10 am
to do that for the sake of the children. >> i'm sorry, what affect would a half-marriage status have on the children? i imagine there's some confusion there? >> children understand a lot. a lot more than we often give them credit for. it's all about your communication with them. are you saying to them, you know, we really aren't a couple anymore but we're going to live here and here because we want to be with you, and we want to be this kind of parent. that's fine. but it usually doesn't work. the reason is because people want to move on with their life. they want to have love in their life. so they're going to go out and they're going to find somebody else. and even though you've been amicable and you get along and it's okay that you went out and dated somebody else, it ends up being not okay. >> right. >> people feel jealous. they feel possessive. it comes out they don't know what's going on. then there's more arguing. so actually, it tends to be very difficult from an emotional standpoint and that is difficult for children to understand. you start bringing someone else to the home, someone else into your life, that becomes a different kind of story. and it's very difficult.
9:11 am
>> and carmen really quickly, do you have some advice for newly divorced people trying to get back on their financial feet again? >> i've heard from way too many moms who have tried to replicate their married life. mostly for the kids. what happens is you end up getting forced to downsize. because it's just not sustainable. so the best advice is really adjust your expectations, downsize yourself from your own choice. talk to the kids. they will understand. so you can build a salad financial life going forward, and get help. go to your community. go to community message boards. get help within the community, and the really -- >> start over. >> start -- >> you want to understand why you're really staying together. is it really money or something emotional like the fear of being alone or the fear of starting over is what's driving this. you have to try to separate -- >> get to the bottom of it. -- >> -- and decide which it is. >> ladies thank you so much. great advice. still to come this morning, if the changes have you wondering how you're going to afford the latest fall fashions we've got some of the best picks for you for $75 or less.
9:12 am
but up next, can't wait to see him. late night host jimmy fallon preparing to go prime-time for his big hosting job at the emmy awards.ts [ boy ] there's something new inside your mcdonald's happy meal. where? it's really good. do you see it? it's called hope. hope? yeah. hope. i don't see any hope. i don't see any hope in here. you can't see it there, but you can see it here... 'cause every time you get a happy meal or a mighty kids meal some of the money goes to ronald mcdonald house charities. to help lots of kids and families. hope's good! happy meals. the simple joy of helping. ♪ happy meals. the simple joy of helping. mmmmmm. mmmmmm. wow! you have got to be kidding me. 80 calories? light & fit has 80 calories versus 100 in the other leading brand. light & fit. irresistible taste. fewer calories. i love light & fit. to finish what you started today. for the aches and sleeplessness in between,
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finding her litter box. fresh step, the only clay litter with carbon. it's paw-activated, to eliminate odors. so it's almost like not having a litter box. our late night guy jimmy fallon is moving to prime-time this weekend, hosting the emmy awards and he's been asking twitter followers to help him write creative introductions for this year's emmy presenters and so we asked you to tweet us your introduction for jimmy this morning, and here it is. from a user named at funny fallontine, ladies and gentlemen, the greatest thing since the toaster, dr. jimmy fallon. good morning. >> that's fantastic. >> you know, jimmy, it's hard for me -- it's hard for me to not make this interview, jimmy, sorry to interrupt you, a big, wet kiss because you've got so much good stuff happening to you late lately. you've got, you just won an emmy yourself for something called
9:16 am
achievement in interactive nonfiction. so congratulations on that. >> thank you so much. i was so excited about that. we pride ourselves on like doing things that are, you know, pro-comedian, using the internet. we have a lot of hard work on that. so we're all jumping up and down. >> and then "variety" is reporting that for this gig on hosting the emmy awards you beat out jerry seinfeld, tina fey and steve carell. what do you have to say about that? >> i thought i was just up against -- i thought i was just up against some of the biggest losers. this is fantastic. >> it's amamazing. >> makes me feel better about myself. >> like you needed to, right, jimmy? and the third thing i want to say is that, you know, you know, you've got this brilliant idea of having your twitter followers tweet you these introductions and are you such a big deal online, that just seems like a great way, easy way, actually, to get some jokes.
9:17 am
>> yes. it's awesome. thanks, ann. thank you for the tweet. when we came up with this idea we were like, you know, do something different, something interacti interactive. so basically you can be sitting at home watching the emmys and during the emmys, you find out what presenters are coming up, you can go to, you click on the presenter and you can give your own intro of how you would introduce that person and we're just going to pick, like six to ten winners throughout the emmys and just read -- read your intro. so you could be on the emmys. you could be sitting at home in your underwear and be on the emmys. >> so you're going to say the@addresses as well for your twitter followers to do this? >> yeah, absolutely. >> that is awesome. >> i think it's exciting. it's something different. something cool. i think it's good for us, too. it gives me a break. gives me a couple seconds i can go back stage, make sure that everything is going okay. >> you know a lot of people that we talk to online just are so
9:18 am
excited about you doing the emmys. at jen mel jones says can't wait to watch the emmys sunday. i heart jimmy, the man who i want to spend my late nights with jimmy fallon. i mean it's going to be a big love fest i think for you on sunday night. and you've got kate gosselin, too, is that right, who's going to be maybe at the very beginning of the broadcast? >> there's so many people. i don't want to give away anything about the opening. but it's a lot -- i can tell you this, i have a lot of people involved, with the opening. as many people as i could. that has to do with television this past year. i think it's going to be fun. it's going to represent the year in television. but i kind of got lucky with this year because we have great new shows like "modern family" and "glee" and those shows we love that are leaving like "law&order," "24" and "lost." and of course, "dancing with the stars." >> so it will be fun. and dancing with you on sunday
9:19 am
night. >> i'm so excited. >> jimmy, we are, as well. really excited for you and can't wait to watch. >> thanks so much. we're doing crazy rehearsals. i'm so excited. thanks so much for having me. >> you can catch the 62nd annual prime-time emmy awards live this 0:0 a htt 8:00 eastern, 5:00 pacific, here on nbc. and on monday morning, al and natalie will be live from los angeles for the wrap-up. so -- and coming up still ahead this morning, trisha yearwood shows us her culinary side with home cooking. [ man ] our family was expanding rapidly, and my car was worn out, so we got the '97 camry. when i was 16, i got the camry, and i drove it for nine years. then when i turned 16, i was passed down the camry. i was like, "yes!" [ man] and then we just got a camry hybrid. it's just such a perfect, practical car. [ boy ] i'm hoping to probably get the new camry hybrid. [ laughter ]
9:20 am
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9:22 am
so what's it like to be the most beautiful woman in the universe? jimena navarrete knows because on monday night the 22-year-old from mexico beat out 82 other contestants to become the newest miss universe. jimena, congratulations. i was there with you. >> thank you. thank you. >> and you said then that your mind was a blank. >> yes. >> has it settled in a little bit more today? >> i am like just trying to understand what is happening right now. really. it's a big step. and a big change. >> i don't think you're getting your crown back. >> no -- >> beauty queen -- >> every girl i think would love to wear your crown. but only you get to really wear it. congratulations to you. >> what was the most difficult part of the pageant? of any pageant?
9:23 am
>> i think that i can't sleep. >> because you're up early, right? >> wake up early. this is the most difficult thing. >> yeah. >> well you're just so lovely and i know that you want to use this for a good effort to bring awareness about hiv/aids. >> we are going to be working on that. and just trying to get information and work and work and work. >> a very busy year. >> what was it like to know you're miss universe. you're the universe, the whole universe? >> well, i think that it's so -- so hard for me, difficult. >> you're trying to make sense of it? >> yes. >> it must have been so emotional to be there, too, natalie. >> i think what she's doing she's becoming a global ambassador for some important charitable causes. good luck to you. >> congratulations. >> thanks. >> congratulations. >> it's fun.
9:24 am
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heartburn gone. power on. i want to check in with mike. >> the commute still crowded down here. northbound 101 slowest coming through downtown. past the airport. 87 through downtown. 17, all the way out of campbell and 880 interchange, slow on the northbound flow. note for downtown. music in the parks. that will be some additional traffic as well. peninsula not looking so bad. lower east shore looking nice. san mateo starting to clear up. speed in the 50s. sunny there. >> yeah. seeing sunshine there. low clouds breaking up inland. look at the temperatures. 50s and 60s across the bay area. sarasota at this hour yesterday was 86 degrees.
9:27 am
now low 60s. you can see the reason why southwest winds blowing through at 30 miles per hour. needless to say, today will be much cooler than yesterday. 70s to low 80s inland. mid 80s as we get out to the tri-valley. 60s for san francisco. cooling trend is going to continue all the way to the start of the weekend.
9:28 am
two men are under arrest for shining a laser beam at a police chopper. they were arrested wednesday night. the police found the laser pointer in the back of the car. they face federal charges and prison time. we now know two bay area airports rank in top five for laser strikes. san jose and oakland are number four. number one is o'hare in chicago. officials say the problem is growing because laser pointers are becoming more powerful. more affordable and a lot more
9:29 am
available. the technology could potentially blind a pilot. very dangerous. crooks are leaving people in the dark. san francisco, police tell thieves are stealing metal from manholes. there have been 12 cases so far. the copper wires connect the underground transformers, high voltage electricity to customers. damaged nearby homes and businesses. miss say that there's no geographic pattern to the thefts but they are looking at surveillance video. another update in a half hour. twizzlers. the twist you can't resist.
9:30 am
♪ ♪ put your hands up >> that's right, katy perry's big summer smash, california girls is one reason "entertainment weekly" named the pop star the best summer girl. she's going to be here to sing that hit, and more, to wrap up our summer concert series in style tomorrow here on "today." and stephanie abrams has already got her groove on because she loves this song. >> it's too bad al's not here because you can do the -- so al and i kind of got this thing going. >> stick around we'll see stephanie abrams getting her
9:31 am
little groove on. also want to kind of mention, there's a real sort of interesting thing i don't know if you guys heard about this going on line if you are on twitter if you basically go on to, katy perry.todaow dotcom you canto use your avatar to create a kid of picture of katy. kind of creating this big image using all the little avatars. >> i love that. that's cool. >> also another little something going on if you can't be here you can be part of that. >> okay. >> you occasionally tweet, right? >> i love it. you know i just love it. i think it's a great way to interface with people. >> when you're out on the field, telling people what you're  seeing? >> yeah, i love that. >> yeah. >> that and facebook and all that good stuff. we're going to change subjects because we're going to talk about something really important. >> we are? >> coming up, it has been jacket weather around here, i think for the last couple of days. but yes, fashionistas pay attention because we've got some cool fall trends for you. but these are not going to cost
9:32 am
you a lot. all for $75 or less. we'll tell you what's going to be hot for fall. >> and then some bargains on your clothes to easy one-day and budget conscious makeovers for your home. whether it's the living room or your kid's bedrooms, a mud room. we've got classic suggestions and they say no tool belts required. >> also, we want to keep our gardens bright and blooming well into the fall so we've got p. allen smith here with some secrets. he's always got some great ideas. apparently one involves -- >> the sounds -- >> a ventriloquist. >> was that p. allen making that noise? >> and we've got stephanie abrams. >> thank you. >> what's going on with the weather today? >>ist nice out. gorgeous in the northeast. fantastic gardening weather from new england down to the mid-atlantic. really, florida, is the only place that we are going to see the rain. otherwise hot into the northwest. and it's going to continue to be fantastic, actually, all the way
9:33 am
through the weekend here throughout the northeast. here is a look outside. san francisco, a little more of it now. socked in by low clouds. that's precisely the reason why we will be running much cooler around most of the bay today. thanks to sea breeze and ocean air conditioning highs and low to mid 60s, san francisco. 70s to near 80s inland today. big drop from the day before. trend of cooling will continue as we head into the weekend. don't be surprised to find morning drizzle over the next couple of days. things warm up just a little bit early next week. >> in the midwest get the boots and skinny jeans ready. can't wait for skinny jeans and boots. >> coming up next the best fall fashions on that point. for $75 or less. after this. welcome to progressive. nice calculator. i'm just trying to save money on my car insurance. you know, with progressive, you get the option to name your price.
9:34 am
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9:37 am
style," fall trends for under $75. yes, summer is not over just yet, but it's already time to start making room in your closet for all of fall's key fashion must-haves. fashion director of people's style watch is here with the hottest trends of the season and easy on the wallet prices. kate, good morning. >> good morning to you. >> let's get right to it. let's take a look at our fist model christiana and i think it's a lot about the mad men inspired look. >> exactly. it's this new feminine silhouet silhouette. what's great about the dress christiana has on it's that rich tone that's so important. >> the jewel tone. >> the jewel color. it's just as flattering as wearing black but you get something for a less expensive dress, choosing a rich color is going to make it look much more expensive. >> it's a real find. you dress it up with a sweater and she's set to go. >> exactly. and i'm in love with her shoes. >> the shoes are beautiful. >> they're from baker. they're $75. if you're going for that mad men, 50s look you kind have to finish it off with the feminine
9:38 am
inspired shoe. >> christiana, christiana hendricks, a little bit of that. thank you very much. next on to one of the looks that one of our own producers is wearing, ali berger, this is another key look for fall. you're seeing a lot of that lace and the military inspired cargo pants. >> exactly. i love this black lace top from american apparel only $38. what's so important when you're looking for items that reflect this lace trend, look for the simple things. that's what's really going to make it look a little bit more expensive. >> and those pants look hot on you, ali. >> those are great. >> very cool. >> military is huge. everything is cargo for fall. the easiest way to wear that trend is a cargo pant. really they function like your favorite pair of jeans. you can wear them with anything and suddenly you're right on trend. >> and any silhouette. i mean if you tend to be a little more bottom heavy should you be a little careful with the big pockets? >> i think actually the ones
9:39 am
that ali has on right now are perfect because jiths just a little bit lower, kind of camouflages for lack of a better word. >> exactly. okay. no issue there. next on to another big trend that's the little western bootie that you're seeing a lot of. >> i love this trend. it's very kind of casual, really comfortable, and you can wear them now with a dress. with a little silly skirt, but then with skinny pants, it's perfect for fall. what's really important to look for is the treatment. that's what really is making it new for this fall. >> yeah. and the great thing is, be aware over time even better. >> exactly. >> people will think you've had them for years. >> okay. >> then you're also seeing the lace-up booties is another trend. >> lace-up booties are also really, really big. i would say if you're only going to buy one shoe or bootie this season this would be the way to go. what's nice is they're sort of rugged but sleek at the same time. so it's great with that military
9:40 am
look. it's great with just a basic black pant. it's really the shoe of the season. >> okay. well, and speaking of black your basic black, actually gray is the new black for this season, right? >> well, accessories, gray is really great. it looks so fresh and modern. you really, it's a neutral right now. very neutral in terms of accessories. and it's just looks just makes you look sort of like that new minimal look is very much a part of this trend. >> mm-hmm. >> in fact the clutch is $38. so it's another one that's easy to dress into at a good price point. >> absolutely the shoes are, too are phenomenal. and little flats from loft. >> these are from loft. they're adorable. >> very nice and even though we're a little more subtle you are going bold when it comes to the jewelry. >> yes. >> bracelets and necklaces. >> style watch we call these outfitmakers. really one of those things where you wear it and everybody says something that day. there's been a lot of attention moving kind of more toward the
9:41 am
wrist. big cuffs are really some of the statement pieces of the season. and these are, again, great at a great price point. such an easy way to accessorize, it's fun, you can load it up and wear more than one or you can just wear one and still make a great statement. >> you've goes also the big necklaces, too. >> right, exactly. exactly. look in that mirror and take one off. >> chunky necklaces are really classic now. >> right. >> but what we feel is new, is the colored stone. sort of what's really different this time around. what i love about this trend is, you're wearing a t-shirt, you're wearing a simple cashmere sweater, this is how you have it in your closet and make it new for fall. >> great stuff for "people" style watch. >> thank you. >> coming up next we've got quick and easy room makeovers that you can do in a day without breaking the bank. hey can i play with the toys ? sure, but let me get a little infortion first. for broccoli, say on for toys, say two. ys ! the system can't process your response at this time.
9:42 am
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9:44 am
to create a technologically advanced clog-buster and pipe-wall cleaner. ♪ liquid plumr foaming pipe snake. unleash the power of the plumr. this morning on "today's home," quick and easy room makeovers. if your budget is tight, but you want a new look for fall with
9:45 am
just a few small changes, you can have some big results. "today" contributor is here to help, also the host of the new easy one-day makeover web series which launches today. suzannah, good morning. >> good morning. >> congratulations on the web series. >> oh, so much fun. >> what can we expect to see? >> we went to six different homes and basically these are extreme makeovers, it's helping people get unstuck from problem rooms. it's easy, it's affordable. i ordered most things online. and it was cheap and fun. >> you make the point some people, when they don't love their room, they get nervous about changing it. >> they don't know what to do. they think they have to call a decorator or a contractor. these are tool belt-free solutions. and it's about picking out as much as putting in. >> we've got some before and afters. we're going to start with i think it's molly's room. >> holly's room. she's such a cool 11-year-old girl. she bought this fabulous rug and then she got stuck. she didn't know what else to do to make this room as vibrant as she was. all it took was a few key
9:46 am
accessories. the fabulous "m" in her name is lights. >> personalize the room. >> personalize a child's space. the sheets, i am a big believer in getting grown-up patterns for kids room. doesn't have to be theme and baby. it can be sophisticated and give it some style. and the mirror. mirrors are so important. it really glammed up the room a little bit. because she's a very sophisticated girl. >> cost on this? >> under $200. >> and most things -- >> everything was incredibly inexpensive. here is me starting to transform it. again it's so fun and so much easier than people think. and it's about personalizing spaces. >> right. we also have the mud room, which everybody knows all about, right? but it's a tough thing to change. >> right. and it's the first room, an entry hall or a mud room depending on where you live, city or country, one of the first rooms you see when you come into a house. here's the before. they needed some style. look what i did. big first thing is the yellow. get a fun color. amp it up a little bit. don't be afraid. i got a sophisticated rug that
9:47 am
has a little bit of a nature, flower theme. i love this pier 1 rug. some pillows. but also this bench. the focal point of an entry hall is you sit down, you take off your shoes. under $500. look how much style it gave to the room instantly. and then i edited out some of their stuff. they had too many things. >> i like the color. you say in a small room you can go big on the color. >> i think people think i have a small space, it has to be white or beige. amp it up with some color. look what it did. it really transforms the space. >> let's look at the living room. which i get when people tend to make the same mistakes over and over when they are decorating their living room. >> this couple, she inherited the man's things, bachelor black sofa. and people hang onto it. they didn't have the budget to buy a new sofa. well, that gray on the wall was a little bit cold. so the first thing i did was, you'll see i painted it white. and then i brought in some sophisticated pieces. that coffee table that they had
9:48 am
before, wood, yucky, casual. i wanted to, again, formalize it with a pretty class top. took out a lot of the pictures that they had and i put them all in an album because sometimes people have too many things and then your eye doesn't rest and appreciate anything. >> right. >> and -- >> you also say don't clutter your mantel, you don't have to. >> the mantel is such a big no-no place for people. these people, look, i love their family photos. but i put them in an album and just kept the wedding photo and the after shot. and then put in some pretty things from nature that they never have to water. and focused on that beautiful stone fireplace. and it has so much more of an impact than all these different kind of stuff that people tend to do. >> you're good. we need to schedule an appointment. >> any time. it's fun and so much easier than people think. and cheaper. >> suzannah, thank you so much. congratulations once again. if you'd like to see the web series you can visit up next, keeping your beautiful blooms growing right through fall. but first, this is "today" on nbc.
9:49 am
9:50 am
9:51 am
this morning in "today's" garden, keeping your summer flowers. fall is just a month away but you can keep your flower power going through the fall. p. allen smith is bringing the garden indoors and is going to show us how. i can't keep anything alive, allen. so i need flower power. we've got a lot of different things going on here. these are gorgeous. >> aren't they great? the idea -- >> and these can last -- >> well, they can. we want to move right into fall, to the first frost. lots of color, lots of flower power. >> right. >> some things you can do. you can go to the nursery and find things like salvia. look at these two plants. i'm going to choose one of them. i'm going to choose this plant. see how the branching below. this one is awfully leggy. and if you pull this out you'll see that these plants are really root-bound. and with this one, so you see
9:52 am
how root-bound they are. you want to tear in to those. this would not be the plant of choice for me. i would choose this one. this one doesn't have as much. it's not nearly as root bound. you just want to gently tear the roots and come in and pinch the blooms off like this. >> there go the pretty flowers. >> i know. i know. but you get all these new ones that start coming out. that's what you want. want to just take them all off. it's easy to pinch off. i'm telling you, when you fertilize this it's going to jump out of the container. just look at these. i haven't pinched them off yet. just show the viewers how you can pinch those off. how easy they are. easy piecesy. >> and that's something you should do with all of your plants, right? >> you should. and you can even start new containers now. so if you do, what you want to do is you want to use a really good soil that's blended for containers. >> okay. >> that's really important. >> does it have any fertilizer in it? >> it does. what i like to do is add fertilizer. can you go organic. you can use slow release.
9:53 am
you can use a soluble liquid. it's really good to get some food into the plant. >> why is it so important to feed them now? >> because you want to give them -- you want to feed them, make them happy. >> okay. >> and then use something that's safe. we always talk about you want to be safe -- >> organic stuff. >> and if you have problems with deer don't let that be a problem with gardening. you can spray -- >> does this really work? >> yes. >> because i used to do that and the deer would still get in there. it does. >> just post a sign around. >> okay, okay. >> it really does. >> what about -- >> we use it on my farm. i love this knockout rose because it wlooms. what you want to do here is get real close. cut them back. >> so you just get right in there. i'm like one of those -- >> no, no, no. don't spare the knives and go at it like this and cut them way back. >> what will that do? >> i take 20% off. cutting all these blooms on. look these were cut back four weeks ago.
9:54 am
>> you can already see -- >> look at the growth from here to here you've already put that much growth on it in just four weeks. >> that's a lot. >> and these were cut back four weeks ago. look at all the new buds. this is a knockout rose called sunny and has such a fragrant flower. just smell that. >> that's a knockout, all right. now how long will they continue to bloom and blossom? >> until the first frost. if you go in and cut them back now and feed them >> what about protecting them so when they blossom beautifully again next spring and summer? >> not a thing. >> you hear a lot of different stories -- >> no, no. >> just cut them back? >> just cut them back. >> p. allen. >> he's all about just getting in there. >> all right. >> p. allen smith. tough love for the flowers. >> that's it. >> thanks so much. star-studded next hour. >> yes, we've got trisha yearwood with hoda kotb. >> that's right. >> plus venus williams stops by. but first a check of your local news.
9:55 am
9:56 am
good morning, everyone. checking the south bay. >> we love being in the south bay. not on the road in traffic. we have slow driving northbound 101 coming off of the 680
9:57 am
interchange. 85 slow from highway 17. we have music in the park tonight. keep that in mind. there will be a lot of folks walking around. cooler today. we have drive across the bay bridge. smoother here. no make are issues. metering lights on. still light on that side of the bay. crossing over between the north bay and the san francisco side, good volume, steady volume. clouds just hovering around the top of the deck. >> get used to that picture at least the next few days. low clouds surged inland. it made a big difference in our temperatures today. yesterday we had upper 90s to 100 degrees. at best today mid 80s inland and close to 80 in san jose and 60s in is an plan. take a look at our temperatures heading towards the weekend. we cool down even more with morning drizzle at times as we head into the start of next week. scott. >> thank you. state commission you don't know an us will approved the governor's nomination for california chief justice.
9:58 am
3-0 vote from the commission after a hearing in san francisco yesterday. she's a state appellate justice in sacramento. if voters approve her in november she will begin a 12-year term. january 3rd to succeed retiring justice ronald george. she's the daughter of an immigrate filipino farm worker and has been a judge since 1990. closing arguments are happening in the church trial of a presbyterian minister in napa. the reverend james farr is accused of violating laws of the church when she married 16 same-sex couples in 2008. during the time gay marriage was legal in california but the redwood press bytarian church filed charges against her for violating the church's constitution. it says marriage is between a man and a woman. a verdict is expected in the trial soon. more local news in half hour. the "today" show returns in about a minute.
9:59 am
10:00 am
♪ she's in love with the boy from nbc news, this is "today." with kathie lee gifford. and hoda kotb. live from studio 1a in rockefeller plaza. >> august the 26th, it's country music week. kathie lee is on vacation. guess who's with me. miss trisha yearwood is here. that song brings back memories, "she's in love with the boy. how many years ago was that? >> it was 1991. >> really? >> yeah. >> you know trisha for a lot of things. we're going to go back to the archive. we hope you don't mind. but this song is called "how do i live." and this is the one that i think most people probably immediately connect to. >> yeah.
10:01 am
♪ tell me now >> there's me and there's nic cage. ♪ how do i live without you ♪ i want to know ♪ how do i breathe without you ♪ if you ever go >> i could listen to that all day long. >> i do. >> you do. well, welcome to the show. how do you feel on the set? >> thank you. i feel pretty good. i've never been on a morning show with wine, but i'm in. >> since we asked her what her drink of choice was in honor of kathie lee, you have a glass of chardonnay, i think. here's to you. >> it's early. this could be a new thing for me. that's good. >> it's a nice way to start. >> see, i like the show. >> see? that's what they were all say. yesterday we had john rich on. john rich wanted to give you a little tiny piece of advice. because, you know, you're just getting started on the show.
10:02 am
>> i don't know, john, that scares me. what is he going to say? >> let's hear it. >> i want to just tell you thia greatest country singers. so if you get nervous, get lost, just start singing and everybody will tune in. >> you see? >> oh, what a sweetheart. >> now, he was drinking when he was here. it was bad. he got a little sloppy at the end. he was okay. he was all right. >> i want to talk to you about that because you get a little sloppy sometimes at the end, too. i'm just saying. >> what? no. that's the other person who's sitting here. that's the kathie lee. >> kathie lee, you really need to work on that. >> you had to say good-bye to your girls yesterday when you were coming up for the show. tell me how old they are, where they're going to school and all that. >> we have 14, 16 and 18. so our oldest just went to college. which was new for us. and yesterday i was actually coordinating tie dyeing t-shirts. it was spirit day at school. it was cool because we had a lot
10:03 am
of fun. the 14-year-olds dyeing the shirts. they said, where you going? i said, i'm going to be on the "today" show. could you give us a signal? >> that's the signal. >> that's the signal. >> you've been married to garth brooks. >> five years. >> once we put out that you were here, everybody had one question, it's the same question. when are you guys going to sing together? and maybe you have done some stuff together. but that seems like that's the thing that people want to see. >> we recorded a few duets together. we haven't done an album. it's something we continue to talk about. and i've said i don't want to do a duet until we can actually go out together and tour. i don't want to be singing the duets with a cardboard cutout. and the vegas shows he's been doing have been fun for us because i go out with him and go out and sing a couple things. so it's going to happen. but we want to kind of, you know, we've got four more years fill o till our youngest graduates high
10:04 am
school. we've been talking about doing a tour again. that would be the time to actually sing the songs. >> what's it like being married to garth brooks? >> it's pretty amazing. i get asked that question a lot. >> i bet you do. >> in vegas i say, you know, in the morning i get up first. i usually turn on the fog machine. you know. he comes up through the floor with a hat and the mike. and i usually say, ladies and gentlemen. no, i'm kidding. he makes the coffee. >> he takes care -- that's sweet. >> he's really funny. what i like about the shows that we're doing in vegas is that he's really a goofball. and he seems so serious. but this show is he's getting to really talk about the songs and really show his sense of humor. so we have a lot of fun. >> that's awesome. and you're a big cook. that's the other thing people were talking about online, too. they kept saying i hope trisha brings you some of her home cooking, but there's nothing here. anyway. you are a big -- you enjoy that. you like cooking, right? >> i do. i enjoy it. for some people they say it's stressful in the kitchen.
10:05 am
but cooking is relaxing for me. i love the process. i love making it and people enjoy eating it. i love the whole process in the kitchen because our kitchen's really open. if somebody comes over, you know, it's like what can i do? there's a counter. you can chop this or do this. it's just fun. it's kind of like our socializing time. >> do you have sort of just a regular life outside of the performing portion of your life? >> most ghedefinitely. living in the middle of oklahoma, it's about raising these girls. and our daily lives consist of, you know, getting them off to school in the morning and soccer practice. one of them's a pole vaulter. there's a lot of after school, especially with their ages. >> they're in that dating scene. that's not easy, is it? >> they're pretty much locked up right now. >> are they? nobody leaves the house. >> it's going to be a while for them. >> it's got to be tough, though. if a boy asks them out, what happens? >> well, you know, we're pretty protective. and we have to know the boy. you know, there's rules. you don't just go on a date first. they've got to come over to the
10:06 am
house. they can hang out and watch a movie or that kind of thing. there's -- you know, we're pretty hard core, i think. but, you know, you don't just want to send your child out there with somebody. >> no kidding. there's some stuff going on in the news, a couple of things. one of them is -- >> can we drink this? >> no, no, please, down the hatch. there's an idea out there, not really a proposal, an idea. that they're talking about when you're on an airplane, having a family section where they would put young kids, babies and their parents and stuff like that, and they would have their own section. and then everybody else would have their own section. would that be a thumbs up or a thumbs down for you? >> i'd probably be, like, politically correct to say no, they should sit wherever they want. usually when i get on a plane, i want to go to sleep. so i'd say yeah, put them in the back and put me in the front. it's not so much the screaming that really gets to me. it's like if you're sitting in front of a child that's kicking the seat the whole time, i think that's -- >> bad manners. >> yeah. i usually want to turn around and say to the parent, are you
10:07 am
good with this? because i'm going to deck your kid. >> have you ever sat next to somebody -- >> just kidding. >> hello? >> that's fine. >> have you ever sat next to someone and they're looking at porn? >> no. >> that has happened to people. we've heard of this situation. >> really? >> i know when someone's watching a violent people because you can't help but look. but the other is if it's that. >> i never even thought about that. >> yes, people do these kind of things. >> you've got to stop doing that on your flights. >> so every week, i started this thing where i started to pick a favorite song. i have a ton of favorite songs that are yours and a lot of favorite songs from country arti artists. i decided to go old school. this is one of those, it's summertime, you want to get off the couch. and this song struck me, i was playing it in the makeup room and people started dancing. let's hear it. ♪ you know this one? >> this is on my ipod, too. ♪ come and get your love see, john rich. i'm singing.
10:08 am
♪ come and get your love >> i love this song. it's so easy. ♪ come and get your love >> that's why you like it. ♪ come and get your love >> oh, yeah. >> it's wrong for me. ♪ hey ♪ what's the matter with ya ♪ feel right ♪ feel right baby all right, that's red bone. they only have, like, one good song. that was all they had. >> that was kind of it. >> okay, not okay. and then we're going to have some fan questions for you. every week kathie lee and i do this okay/not okay. is it okay to ignore your cell phone? i say when you're on vacation or on the air, definitely. but if it's a family member, then folks take the call. >> i agree. >> kathie lee says -- can you read hers? should you ignore your phone call? >> absolutely, especially if it's your mother. nice. classy. >> see what i'm saying? let's go over to sara. hey, sara. >> first, it made me laugh when you were talking about the girls
10:09 am
dating. can you imagine when you're, like, you're going to have to come meet my dad. >> i'd love to go out with you. >> they're excited until they do and then they're very scared. >> sheryl wants to know, what is your favorite song that garth sings to you and why? >> he doesn't really sing to me like, you know, it's not kind of the serenading around the house kind of thing. but i like -- i have sung a lot of his records. and i like -- he has a song called "papa left mama" which is a song, a romantic love song about a man driving a semi through a hotel where his wife is. it's really an up-tempo kind of fun song. it's a love song. >> what's it called? >> "papa loved mama." >> loved. >> and mama is now -- she was in the motel room. so she's no longer around and he is in jail. >> all right. we've got a big show coming up. we have venus williams with us. she's going to tell us what we dress like because the u.s. open
10:10 am
is coming up. she's a big star. we'll talk to her right after this. baked
10:11 am
10:12 am
strawberry toaster strudel. [ music ] see the difference? pillsbury toaster strudel, the one kids want to eat. rich fudge over a warm, chocolate brownie like nothing you've ever had before ready made sweet moments in the refrigeted section
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tennis great venus williams first picked up a racket at 4. she turned pro at 14 and at 17 competed in her first u.s. open. >> fast forward and she's preparing for her 12th trip to the u.s. open. >> that's unbelievable. and her first live worldwide tennis clinic. first she stops by to talk with us. how are you, venus? >> good, how are you? >> i was surprised to read you were the only seeded american woman at the u.s. open this year. seems like a lot of people have injuries and things, right? >> yeah, a lot of little bad luck going around. hopefully i'll be able to represent the usa. >> do what you do. your sister, serena, had an injury. what sort of injury did she have? >> yeah, she had a foot injury so she's not able to play this year. but next year i think will be a big year for her. >> it must be tough when there's a big tournament, it's in new york. how is she handling not being able to play? >> sometimes in sports you don't always get to play. it just motivates you for that next time. i know she's looking forward to
10:14 am
the next one. >> and doubles, you guys won't be able to do that this time. >> i know, the doubles. yeah. >> who are you going to play with? are you going to play doubles? >> no. i only play with the last name williams. that kind of narrows it down. >> you have this clinic today, first time ever. tell us about that. >> yeah, it's a clinic i'm doing with ralph lauren, it's on at 2:00 this afternoon. and i'm teaching. so if you want lessons, i'll answer your questions. >> really? >> i'm very excited. i did it at wimbledon with boris becker. now it's my turn. i have some really big shoes to fill because, you know, i copied his serve growing up at 10 years old. i'm looking forward to this afternoon. >> doing and teaching are different, you know what i mean? sometimes you know how to do something, but explaining to someone how to do it isn't simple. >> i feel like teaching helps me to be clear on what i'm doing on the court and actually helps me
10:15 am
lisp to listen to my coaches. it helps for about two days, not long. >> you're known for a lot of great things, tennis and also your fashion sense. and there was -- i remember that tennis outfit that was a little controversial. where was this, the french open? >> oh, yeah. >> the lacy deal. you've got a new outfit. you're not going to be playing in this. but you're wearing this at your clinic? >> yeah, i designed this dress with ralph lauren. it's all about ralph lauren style. this is exciting for me, fashion and graduated from fashion school to be able to design a dress, this is what every student kind of dreams of. and it's happening. so i'm really excited about it. >> what are you going to wear at the open? you know it's going to be something. >> yes, very new york. you know, the lace and the fringe. new york is more in your face. >> what do you think? >> i don't know.
10:16 am
i'm going to tune in and see. >> it will be fun. it will be fun. >> the one thing -- thank you, hon. thank you so much. the one thing all of us like, how tall are you? >> 6'1". >> how tall are you? >> 5'9". >> stand up. this is tall women day. you never see this many tall women standing together. serena, we wish you such good luck at the open. when does it start? >> it starts on monday for two weeks. i'm kicking it off with the clinic with ralph lauren at 2:00. everyone can tune in. >> you can just show up? >> yeah. and by monday you'll be playing just like me. >> i don't think so. >> i'm curious about that. i wish you good luck with everything. and please send our best to your sister, too. >> thank you. >> we'll be watching. >> absolutely. coming up next from a cruise al amusement park, laorys fintes r day afgeways for a steal right after this. ♪ yes! ♪
10:17 am
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10:20 am
it's time for "today's travel" and labor day getaways that will have you packing your bags. >> feel like you've been putting off that much needed time away? with all the deals, it's time to go right now. >> the editor in chief of "budget travel" magazine. how are you, nina? >> good. how are you? >> labor day is fast approaching. is there still time to come up with a deal? >> absolutely. there's been so much pent-up demand for travel out there, and people are going out this summer. aaa predict 10% people are traveling this summer. up 9%. hotel rates are up. >> people are traveling. >> people are traveling. the deals are out there, though. and at, we have hundreds of affordable ideas. i'll be talking about five today. >> the first ones are amusement parks. are your girls into that?
10:21 am
>> yeah, i grew up in georgia. >> orlando's the place. and really family-friendly getaway there. the omni resort at the champions gate is doing a deal over labor day weekend for $83 a room. this is a really great, huge, luxury resort. they have, you know, a river, a lazy river that you can go tubing on. they have a full golf course. but best of all, it's right by the big attraction of the year which is wizarding world. >> oh, the harry potter thing. everybody wants to go to that. >> i want to go to that. >> the books and movies. you can go buy your own wands, take a tour of the hogwarts castle. it's just a really fun adventure for the family and totally accessible. >> what if you're wanting to do something a little more urban? like san francisco is one of my favorite places. >> i'm from san francisco so i also love it. san francisco, there's a great deal through over labor day beake eweekend at the
10:22 am
francis drake hotel. they're doing rooms for $136 which is 20% off. and that's a really a-list destination. you're right in the center of union square. you can shop to your heart's conte content. the good is great. one really great thing about this hotel is they have people dressed in sort of british regalia that bring you in. and then there's a top chef finalist from season four who's running the kitchen at the bistro. it's sort of like a fun adventure. >> a cruise. a lot of people enjoy cruises. >> absolutely. and so, you know, one particular cruise that is sort of a trip of a lifetime is an alaska cruise. and norwegian star is running a cruise to alaska seven nights for $599 and all inclusive. >> where do you have to get the boat? >> you get it out of seattle. >> you've got to fly to seattle. >> yeah, you fly to seattle and then you go from there. it's four stops. the boat itself is amazing.
10:23 am
they have all these great amenities. you know, there's a beer garden outdoors, second city, which is this great comedy trip from chicago does the nightly entertainment. then, of course, you're cruising through the inner passage. and, you know, you're seeing, you know, whales. you're seeing glaciers. and it's just incredibly beautiful. and totally accessible. >> sounds like you got something for everybody. the beach, everybody wants to go to the beach in the summertime. what do you got for that? >> so we have a trip to cozumel, mexico. and cozumel is this great destination that is really fun for people into scuba and div g diving. and there is a hotel there called casa del mar. it's about a block from the beach. there's mexican artwork on the walls, cabanas, you know, hammocks. and the really fun thing about
10:24 am
cozumel, too, is that the reef called paradise reef, which is right off the coast is really great for night diving. so you can see tropical fish. >> in ten seconds, the great outdoors, there's a spot for that, too, right? >> yes. appalachian mountain club is doing five-night trips through huts and lodges along the appalachian trail. yes. >> nina, thank you so much. still to come, the back-to-school must-haves that's going to put your child to the head of the class. plus, one of the world's best. >> yeah, kathie lee should be here. i'm chef michael, and i love to delight bailey's senses. don't i? [ barks ] because i think food speaks a language of love. that's what inspired me to rethink dry dog food. [ female announcer ] chef michael's canine creations. [ chef michael ] mmm. tender shredded pieces made with real meat... and crunchy garnishes to enhance the mealtime experience.
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10:26 am
with just a few ingredients, you have an easy to make dinner. they're crescents for the other 364. try them tonight. it is 10:26. one last check of the commute with mike. >> south bay, stragglers hanging on to the commute. let go of this. northbound 101. still a little slow past the airport. earlier accident with the exclamation point having cleared the roadway. exclamation point was never on the road. cars are cleared. northbound 85 still slow heading up towards 237. we are looking at the parks. slow walkers coming across this evening. watch for that. listen important the music. livermore moving nicely. oakland is moving smoothly past the coliseum. edge of the parking lot. still gray. >> no sunglasses yet. you can see the temperatures, 50s and 60s across the bay area.
10:27 am
look at the low clouds. yes. this is the coolest to the ocean air conditioning machine all those low clouds back on the coast inland this morning. dropping our temperatures probably a good 20 degrees inland today with highs in the 70s and 80s. 60s, san francisco. if you like the day, 7-day forecast looks much the same. the week will be running a little cooler with morning drizzle. 50s on the coast. low to mid 70s me is 10:2in.7.t.
10:28 am
10:29 am
hot weather is adding to a stinky mess. garbage truck drivers walked off the job. they haven't had a contract since december. there is a problem over pension liabilities. >> coming inside and i'm like no, that's trash. that's everybody's trash that we are smelling as we are driving around. >> rough for us. we got the garbage laying around. i can see that, you mo, if they want some change. >> word about gashable pickup being delayed is by two days slowly reaching customers. the mess should be cleaned up by sunday. getting caught could cost you less. ride-on red bill is on the governor's desk after passing the state assembly yesterday. the legislation would slash fines for drivers who don't come to a complete stop before turning right at a red light.
10:30 am
drivers caught in the act from the cough up at least a hundred bucks. thanks for joining us. see you tomorrow morning. ♪ back back to school and we're back on this thursday. we're heading back to school with our guest host, ms. trisha yearwood who is helping me out while kathie lee is taking a little time off. we've got the list for this season's back-to-school must-haves. >> we have the president of divalicious moms. love that. >> so everything on this table, first of all, they are affordable and things our kids should have, right? >> extremely affordable. >> okay. >> the best part. and the second part is that they're fun, they're functional, and they're the best must-haves for back to school. >> i like it. let's get involved with the backpacks. what's happening? >> let's talk about the skip hop backpacks. they're animals which we know all children love. they can also get these matching little lunch boxes.
10:31 am
>> that's adorable. >> adorable. we have frogs and zebras and all kids love the animals. >> what age? >> these are appropriate for anywhere from 2 to -- i'd say 6 or 7. >> 45. >> we'll take that. >> but i have to tell you, right now the whole trend back-to-school girls is all about the glitz and the rhinestones and peace and love. so we have these adorable tie dye backpacks and lunch boxes that can be found at unique unusuals, one of my favorite stores in new york city. a treasure. and they're again, fabulous, adorable and pretty. >> love them. >> really quickly, from target, movies are all the rage, hello kitty, under $20 and they're great. you can find them -- >> a lot of grown-ups like hello kitty. >> i do. i'm a big hello kitty fan. these socks, they're great, affordable and fun because they're under -- they come in three-packs. and moms and dads love to have their children have fun in the morning, get dressed.
10:32 am
they're mismatched on purpose. >> it would drive me crazy. you yourself don't match. duh. >> have fun, be creative and all the celebrity kids are enjoying these. >> is this recyclable? >> this is recyclable organic play-doh. >> it's the real stuff and it's organic. >> you want some? >> yes, ma'am. >> these are great for back to school. >> these are terrific. great for the environment. >> great for the environment, organic and friendly. we have these sets which i love. i love them for my boys because they come with packs. pencils, crayons. >> what's the point? >> and they all come together. >> yeah. >> you can cover your books with them? >> everything comes inside. >> okay. >> paper, pencils, stencils. you're ready to go. you can put that on there yourself. you did that yourself? >> they come like that. >> you can pick out your different pattern. >> into the shoe department.
10:33 am
>> we have these light-up sneakers for the boys. they're adorable. they're fun. >> very cute. >> these glitzy girl stride rite sneakers are a must for back to school. they're like ballerina slippers and these flip-flops which are all the trend. >> these are cute. i'm seeing less and less shoelaces. >> yes. >> kids aren't learning how to do that anymore, right? >> it's easy, they're done, ready to go. these are a favorite for naptime. the happy blankie. they come in all different animals. and this one is the frog. >> oh, i love these. >> embroidered with your child's name. oliver and this one is jackson. >> they're cute and so soft. >> glishs adelicious and yummy. i sleep with my pig every night. we fight over it. >> all right. >> and then we have these paul frank adorable notebooks that
10:34 am
are great, fun, easy and colorful. and the kids love that. >> i like that everything on the table is unique. it's not something you see every day. if your kid has that, they're sort of a standout. and i love that it's affordable. >> affordable, great products for back to school. >> school. >> thank you. >> again, let's hear it for the tall girls. 5'9", 5'9". up next, your adult dinner parties are back. so it's time for a little vino. this is for patricia. she loves it. [ girl ] bye mom! bye sweetie! you'll do great.
10:35 am
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as the kids head back to school and the leaves start to turn, it is time to fill your fridge with the flavors of fall. and we're talking wine. kathie lee, wherever you are, we're going to send you a little something from this table. she'll love this segment. >> we have the esteemed wine director from a famed restaurant. >> yes, beautiful. >> he's brought along bottles for under 20 bucks. i'm excited to see what this is about. >> that's the smart thing. a lot of and what is the best everybody in new york and america right now is looking for a deal. >> a deal. >> and, you know, wine's below $20. and all the wine is between prices of $12 and $20. what is most fun when it's tasty and still affordable and good. >> i like it. i thought it was champagne, but it's neither of those. >> no, it's neither.
10:39 am
everybody here in america loves to drink champagne. make a little better price choice, to barcelona, i'll take a sip. why not? it's a very small producer. and what we have here, it's cava which has a beautiful fruit, elegance and freshness to it. >> i like that. >> it's really dry. and the bubbles. i like it very much. >> it's not as sweet and it's, to me, not bitter but champagne. it's kind of in between for me. delicious. >> i'm moving to something a little fruitier. it's a sauvignon blanc. it's one of the best producers at craggy range. it's very fragrant. crisp, fresh. a little but of structure and power. >> oh, that's good. >> it's a great afternoon wine. >> i taste the grape.
10:40 am
>> okay, next one is? >> i picked another wine from spain. this one is a little bit fun. it's a musket. it's known as fruity and sweet. >> is that like muscadine. >> muscadine wine. >> that's sweet. see, i like sweet. i like sweet. that's good. >> but it's not too sweet. >> it's not too sweet. >> if you go to the restaurant, i serve that with fish and it goes beautifully. >> okay. >> continue? >> yes, continue. >> chardonnay. >> i'm going to need a nap after this. >> a little bit like the salt in the soup, not too much. it has a structure and power which chardonnay should bring from australia. >> and what would you serve this wine with?
10:41 am
>> this, with grilled salmon. perfect. some oysters. fairly, you know, universal in use. >> and we were saying sometimes it's hard to know what to pair with what when it comes to the wines. the cava at the top, what would you serve that with? >> me, some appetizers, some sardines, oysters. >> chicken fingers? >> pigs in a blanket? come on, help us out. >> domestic wine, from washington state. cabernet sauvignon. a fairly powerful really rich kind of wine. but what i like on that wine, the structure, it has that touch. >> i like that. >> that's my favorite so far. >> quite powerful. >> very good.
10:42 am
>> with venison. >> do you eat venison? >> no. >> me neither. >> very traditional, back to france, bordeaux. since you're a big bore day fan. you see here it's a little bit more complex. you get tones. and you have more grip. it has more complexity in length. >> we would serve this with what? >> i love lamb. >> yeah, i love lamb, too. >> maybe not as bold as the flavors, but yet the complexity. a very affordable wine for very little money. >> how's everything at the restaurant? is it great? >> i love it there. >> good. i'm glad. thank you for coming by to visit us and thank you for all the vinos. and all under 20 bucks. you can find them on our website. it's time to head to the yotchen. trisha's going to cook some of her favorite recipes right after this. we're going down, down ♪
10:43 am
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it's time for "today's kitchen." we're getting saucy with our guest cohost ms. trisha yearwood and my very own sara haynes is helping us out. >> she's got an esteemed cooking career going with two cookbooks under her belt including "home cooking with trisha yearwood" she wrote with her mother, gwen and sister, beth. >> i love that you have this cookbook with the family. what are they like? >> my mother is a pistol. my sister is a reserved version of me. we're very close and we did a book together a few years ago. and it did really well. and a second one, we're, like, okay. we enjoyed it. >> did your mom teach you how to cook? >> absolutely. >> are these some of your favorite recipes for the easy ones for the show? >> both. everything in the book is something i would eat. i don't put anything in there that i don't love. and most of it is really simple to make or i wouldn't make it.
10:48 am
>> i'm going to do one demo and sara's going to do the more complicated one. >> why? >> we're doing watermelon salt. just the name itself is interesting. >> watermelon is my favorite fruit. just to find an interesting way to do something different with salsa. it doesn't have tomatoes. your tomatoes are your watermelon. we've got watermelon here and finely diced cucumbers. >> what is this? >> onion. >> what's this? >> basil. this is lime juice and lime zest. >> ooh, it's all mixed in there. >> very finely cut jalapeno peppers. i like it a little spicy. >> get it all in there. >> then you've got a little garlic salt and then salt. >> okay. >> that's it? >> that's it. mix it all together. >> okay. what are you doing? >> i'm watching you. >> okay, good. so i've got it all nice and mixed. does it go in the blender? >> that's it? >> that's it.
10:49 am
you need some peita chips and you're done. >> we're going to try it at the end. >> is this your recipe? >> no, this is a cousin's recipe. she brought it to a family reunion. i'm, like, this is amazing. >> that is awesome. >> the basil. and we're done. >> we're going to try that out in just a second. moving on to the more complex recipe. >> my uncle is an amazing cook. he's famous now in the cookbook world, in my books anyway. this is one of his recipes. it's just a stuffed bell pepper. this is very easy. ground beef with onion and garlic that we've cooked. cooked rice, canned tomatoes. you can put it all in this ball if you want to. you want me to do it? >> no, i can do it. >> you can do it, sara. is that a special kind of rice? >> it's whatever you want. >> okay. >> it's long grain or brown rice, whatever kind of rice you
10:50 am
like. >> okay. >> you can also do with this ground turkey if you want. here i'm taking over. i do this in my own kitchen, too. stir it. >> thank you so much. >> can those be just canned? >> yes. actually, canned tomatoes work great. you just -- you stuff your bell peppers, and you put it in the pan. and you bake them. and here's a really good trick. if you have 40 minutes to bake these, great. if you don't, boil you some water and stick these skins in the water for just a couple minutes. they'll soften and then you just cook it for 15 minutes. >> that's very quick. >> see, look at you. >> sara is actually a cook but doesn't like to admit it. >> you've got it going on. >> come around the front. i want to try this watermelon salsa item. >> this is our finished stuffed peppers. >> you can eat a lot of it, too, right? >> yeah. think about what's in there. we didn't put anything in there that's bad for you. >> okay.
10:51 am
whoops. >> how's that working out for you? >> that's delicious. very good. the uncle -- what's his name? uncle who? >> wilson. >> uncle who? >> wilson. uncle wilson. how does he come up with this recipe? >> we kind of all sort of go, here's what we like and put it together. a lot of them are creative. a lot of these are family recipes passed down from generation to generation. then you tweak them a little bit to make them your own. >> on facebook, people are saying you've lost a lot of weight. 0 pounds. how did you do it? >> eating more watermelon. i say in the cookbook, this is all comfort food. but you don't eat this way every day. so if i have the fried chicken or the stuffed pepper, then i have like a grape the next day and i'm good. i'm exercisinexercising, eatingd
10:52 am
portion control. >> what kind of exercise? >> circuit training, i run, i lift weights. yeah. >> you do it all. that's one of the big things. and also, we want some more facebook. we're going to come back after the commercial break. thank you. >> look at you. >> and talk to trisha a little bit more. this is "today" on nbc.
10:53 am
10:54 am
10:55 am
trisha is a huge prince fan. the best lemon squares i've ever had. >> thank you. >> sara? >> i hate to say that because my mom's going to kill me. these are amazing. >> these are alex's favorite. she's a great cook. she's 14 and she loves to cook. >> love prince, too. sara has some questions. >> what do you make that garth will not eat? >> oh, will not eat. >> nothing. >> he's an eater?
10:56 am
>> likes my cooking. i'll just say that. >> kind of like "she's in love with the boy," are there any songs you wrote after your own life? like ex people? >> no, the most righting i've done has been this cookbook. these cookbooks. i'm not really good at rhyming. i'm not a songwriter. i've chosen songs that feel like they're mine when i'm done with them. you pick songs that move you. that doesn't mean you're going to do it at the moment or marry. sometimes i think they're spying on me. i like songs for the same reason you like songs. sometimes i don't know exactly why. >> who's your favorite up-and-comer, sara wants to know, favorite country artist? >> i like real singers and i don't want to sound like i'm sucking up, but josh turner. i love josh. i sang on his record, actually. i really like miranda lambert. i think she's the real deal. >> she's got a couple of great ones. trisha, we had so much fun with you.
10:57 am
>> thank you. >> thank you for joining us. come back anytime and join us. josh turner tomorrow and also ayfridit"ashbu." friday." have a great day, everybody. we'll see you tomorrow. "know the species, know the stain." lanolin-free coat, i know it's an alpaca. walks in here, looks says "hey look, it's a llama!" cleaning the stain like he would a llama stain. time he's wasting. ♪ call 1-800-steemer
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