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tv   NBC11 News The Bay Area at 6  NBC  August 26, 2010 5:00pm-6:00pm PST

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shouting, telling everyone to get on the emergency slide. some 15 people were hurt, four of them actually take on the hospital. >> i think the chaos was the people getting off that flight, people got hurt, you know, you just have no control when you're on that flight. and when people are stuck at the bottom bumping into each other, one lady hurt her leg really bad. >> coming up, we're going to take you live to the sacramento airport to show you exactly where the plane is now. and you're going to hear from passengers about why they don't think the crew handled situation very well. >> well, another major story tonight -- jobs. first-time jobless claims fell last week for the first time in a month, but jobs are not being added nearly as fast as we'd hoped, and lots of people are still looking. nbc bay area's business and the tech reporter scott budman found some jobs, so, pray tell, where are they, scott? >> well, tom, they are here in silicon valley in the bay area. the job numbers may be a little better but they're still weak,
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which means less shopping, fewer houses bought and a slower recovery, but it doesn't mean there are no pockets of strength. you can find one by looking up. >> step right forward makes a double line, just like kindergarten, two by two. >> reporter: crowded into a hotel corridor, the line of job seekers was long but hopeful. >> we're looking for salespeople. that's our main focus today. >> reporter: among them, letitia herera, looking for work in an any economy that has so far not grown fast enough. >> there is not too much job growth, but there's also a lot of competition as far as the jobs that are available. you just have to go out there and do the footwork. >> there might be an outside start. >> reporter: and they're doing the footwork, networking, trying to find where the jobs are. well, we found some right here, up the road in sunnyvale, where aqt solar just opened a brand-new facility. new solar systems, new
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equipment, new jobs. >> within the next several months we'll have about 60 green jobs out of this site, and in the next several years we're looking at the creation of approximately 1,000 jobs. >> reporter: it's part of a rare growth area in today's economy. silicon valley solar companies pulling in talent from all walks of life. >> and there are a lot of skills that are associated with automation, with manufacturing, with quality systems. these are all portable into our space, so we are not simply drawing from the pool of semiconductor and hard disk drive. we have the ability to draw from a far larger pool. >> reporter: growth here to help those gathered here. and aqt solar for its part is just getting started, not only opening a facility in sunnyvale to go with its first building in santa clara, they're skoutding locations for a third facility
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likely here in the bay area. jessica, that could be more hope for local jobs. >> thank you, scott. this just came into our newsroom in the past couple hours. an east bay soccer coach arrested on child porn charges. livermore police say that david garrison was arrested on suspicion of possessing and distributing child pornography. detectives say they found graphic images on garrison's computer. garrison is the head coach for a u-9 girls team in the livermore youth soccer league. garrison is in jail tonight. it's less than a week before his 14th birthday, an oakland track star who had so much to live for murdered in the streets. nbc bay area's cheryl hurd is live in oakland with these very sad details. >> reporter: jessica, this story is tragic in so many ways. the victim has a twin brother. he was shot and killed just a couple of blocks away from where he used to attend school here at brick midschool. friends and family gathered
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today. they can't believe he's been murdered. >> he had close to a dozen more goals than silver and bronze. >> reporter: brick middle school track coach shows us medals the 13-year-old has at home. he can't believe his former student was gunned down on the street. >> i had to slow him down at times. you know, good young man, never gave me any problems, would participate in anything over and beyond the call of duty. >> reporter: clark's future turned tragic last night at 61st and bancroft avenues. police say he and a friend were walking down the street around 9:30 last night. someone approached and opened fire, killing clark. >> twins, all they do is play football and go to school, church, too. and if you know it's a hot summer, we don't start no problems. he was a good kid, though. >> reporter: clark's family gathered at the spot where he was killed.
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>> he was only 14. smoor the oakland police union believes more police officers on the street could help stop some of this violence. union officials released information last night that violent crime shot up 9% since 08 cops were let go last month. >> it's true. when you're looking at stats, just taking a one-po period of stats, it's not going to tell us much. now, if you look at year to date, we are 16% down from the time last year. >> police, it don't matter if you hired 8,000 of them. can't be everywhere at once. >> reporter: i've been in the neighborhood all day long talking to a lot of people. so many rumors about what happened to clark. some people even say they know who did it. police are say, however, they have no suspects. reporting live in east oakland, cheryl hurd, nbc bay area news. >> losing a tragic is as tragic as it gets. all right, cheryl. a high-speed case ended with a wild collision in oakland
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today when the white pickup truck that you see here hit a power pole support wire and became suspended in midair. the chase began late this morning on mcarthur and pearson when politician tce tried to st driver of a stolen truck. it ended an hour later. three people were hurt. the driver and a passenger in the pickup were not injured, but they were arrested. tomorrow is supposed to be the last day of operations for seven child development centers in oakland. for months now, parents have been demanding that the centers stay open regardless of state education cutbacks. nbc bay area's tracy grant is live in oakland, where some people, tracy, are planning a takeover to force the district's hand. >> reporter: well, tom, i know you've heard protesters say it before -- heck, no, we won't go. that's what these community activists, parents and teachers are saying about the child development centers here in oakland, and they are prepared to show just how serious they are about it.
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now, the oakland unified school district has said for the last few months that state education cutbacks caused them to make the tough decision to shut down these facilities, designed to care for and provide early education for low-income and minority children. the axe was supposed to come down in june, but the district managed to find money to keep the centers open throughout the summer. but now tomorrow is supposed to be the last day. a community activist group is working to get parent, teachers and students to continue to occupy these buildings instead of turning over the keys to the district like one child center did in east oakland hills. >> because, you know, the parents, the children, the teachers work together and were able to organize that, the district found the money. the district can find the money again if we're organized, and that's why we're organizing today. >> reporter: teachers are still packing up their stuff.
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now, some of them say they still have hope. now, shutting down these centers could impact up to 800 children. some of the parents have said that when the centers close they might have to quit their jobs because they just don't have the money to pay for child care. live in oakland, tracy grant, nbc bay area news. >> thank you, tracy. it is a dirty job, but redwood city crews have to do it after a sewer pipe group. that spill flooding streets and garages and prompting a warning for residents. nbc bay area news' christie smith shows us the mess and the work that's still ongoing. >> reporter: the rattle of heavy equipment drowned out the beauty of redwood shores lagoon, and the smell -- >> yucky stuff, yeah. right. who wants sewage all around your house, you know? >> reporter: or worse, inside six garages after an eight-foot sewer pipe broke yesterday flooding the lane. the flee is temporarily stopped, be, out front today a merry-go-round of vacuum trucks. >> what they do is they -- they
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sucked it out, suck the wet well down, and then they will go downstream, further downstream and put it back into the sewer system where it goes to the wastewater treatment plant. >> reporter: sort of a makeshift sewer as people continue to shower and flush. last night emergency calls went out to residents warning them to have no contact with the spill. tom fernandez came to see for himself because, he says, there was undergroundwork done here recently. >> it raises a question in my mind, is the failure related to recent work or something else? >> it should not have had anything to do with it. >> reporter: a restoration company will clean the garages, and water quality tests are being done in the lagoon. >> pretty disconcerted but, you know, what are you going to do? >> reporter: in redwood city, christie smith, nbc bay area news. santa clara county health investigators are being credited with cracking the case in the nation's egg recall. the county health department
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zeroed in on a cluster of illnesses in late may. that's when several people tested positive for the salmonella bacteria after they went to a graduation party and prom. they all it a a custard pastry at the event. the company that catered the event said it started using shell eggs when they ran out of pasteurized filler. the state notified a national network of health officials when more people got sick. california is one of 23 states that received the potentially contaminated eggs. throughout june and july, 42 people? santa clara county did test positive for salmonella. well, coming up, we're going to update our top story, that hard landing by a jetblue flight into sacramento that injured more than a dozen people. a live report is coming up. laser strikes at airports. they can bring down a plane, and two bay area airports are among the most frequent targets in america. we'll look at why. and a year after she was rescued from a home in antioch, new pictures of jaycee dugard. good evening.
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i'm chief meteorologist jeff ranie ranieri. a major drop in temperatures. it continues right now with 60s and 70s across the bay area. and cooler tomorrow. 11:00 a.m., 72 degrees in east
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it was a very hard landing aboard a jetblue airplane in sacramento today. passengers say everything seemed fine until the plane actually hit the runway and the tires blew. mike is live at the sacramento international airport. mike, some of those passengers say things got worse once the plane made its landing. >> reporter: yeah, in fact, one of the passengers told me tonight she is having a stiff drink. take a look. you can see the jetblue plane still on the runway here. we are live at sacramento international airport. crews still trying to figure out how to tow this plane. what we know for sure right now is that the pilot of this plane this afternoon reported a
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problem with the brakes just before touchdown. what we still don't know is how quickly crews are going to be able to get this aircraft towed and the runway opened after a bumpy ride on the runway. this is a close-up look at the airplane tires that blew just moments after touchdown. >> it was really scary. >> reporter: 12:58 p.m., flight 262 from long beach was landing when -- >> we got down here and all of a sudden, boom, we started jiggling, oh, my god. >> reporter: that boom, according to emergency crews, were two tires blowing out and flattening and then catching fire. >> we happened to be sitting in the back near the tires and we noticed they were on fire almost immediately. >> reporter: that is when once this plane stopped passengers say they heard a, quote, unquote, code word and flight attendants then jumped. >> one of the flanlts was yelling, get out, get out, get out. >> reporter: the airplane's emergency chutes were deployed, all 87 passengers and five crewmen were evacuated via the emergency slide. >> when people started going down, they said there was a fire
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drill. >> reporter: with the fire out and four people sent to the hospital, firefighters are saying -- >> i was happy to see nobody was seriously injured. >> reporter: and back here live, crews still looking at this aircraft trying to figure out how to tow it. again, those tires, they remain the focus of what went wrong here. again, preliminarily, jetblue said the pilot, they reported the problems with the brakes on the plane so that is what they're looking at right now. but the faa, the ntsb, they've already done their inspection, already released the plane to jetblue. the problem is the headache now is the fact they've got to try to figure out how to move this plane off the runway and once it's moved, that is when airport officials will get their first look to see how much damage, if any, this jetblue plane did on its bumpy ride here on the runway. for now, one of two runways in sacramento remaining shut down until further notice. in sacramento for nbc bay area news, back to you. from planes to trains, delayed b.a.r.t. riders will be
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happy. the transit agency board decided to push back the fare increase. rate increase scheduled for january 2012 will be pushed back to july. b.a.r.t. increases its fares every two years on a formula that takes into account inflation. the next increase will be less than 2%. san jose firefighters say they have their hands full today. and many say staffing levels may have made things worse. nbc bay area's damian trujillo is in the newsroom with what the winds are fanning that fire and the debate that's happening because of it. >> that's right, jessica. more than 70 firefighters turned in their gear a few weeks ago because of the city's budget deficit. now insiders say today's four fires add fuel to their claims that those layoffs were not the safest decision this city has made. fire crews were busy all day today. no one died in any of the fires, but two homes were destroyed and two dogs were killed. firefighters will privately tell
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you the potential was there for the outcome to be even worse. the fire union has been squabbling with the city for months. the city wants the union to give up more in pay and pension benefits. the union says the more they give up, the harder it will be to recruit good, qualified firefighters in the future and they'll tell you response times today were affected by the downsizing of the department. >> what that did was it went from an eight-minute, 80% of the time, which is our goal to get on scene. this was a ten-minute response time. this was a ten-minute response time to get to this call. >> reporter: firefighters spent the day voting op the last proposal, one that forces them to give up almost 9% in total compensation. 300 more firefighters will vote tomorrow. the city says an agreement could open the doors for the 74 laid-off firefighters to get their job back. the fire union will hold a news conference at 11:00 a.m. tomorrow to announce the rules
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of that vote. damian trujillo, nbc bay area news. >> thank you, damian. on the subject of fire, an update on the fire near mt. d b mt. diablo state park, now 90% contained. fire crews expect full containment evening. hundreds of firefighters from cal fire and local districts have been there on the job since tuesday. no buildings have been affected, but two firefighters did suffer some minor injuries. what sparked the blaze? still not clear at this point. one thing we know for sure, and that is that any fires from here on out are not going to be heat related because it cooled off in a hurry, didn't it? >> and it will cool off more, jeff. >> definitely. weather whiplash at least over the past 18 to 24 hour, and then even more of a decrease in those conditions by this weekend. santa rosa, 106 on tuesday, 76 today. one of the biggest drops here, over 35 degrees. san francisco from 96 to 61 today. livermore, 105 to 86 and san jose also cooling into the 70s
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today. these onshore winds dropping things at least from 24 hours ago, anywhere from 16 degrees in san francisco to 20 in santa rosa. as you get the picture here, we're on this cooling side of this record-setting heat wave we had across the bay area. today's highs, 76 here in redwood city, down to 86 in los gatos. down once again from triple digits in the almaden valley to 86. we had 81 in fairfield. a key indicator is when you see fairfield and concord cooling down that much. we have these very strong onshore winds in place as you can see in oakland with the fog stacking up at about 1,500 feet. so let's get a look at those temperatures tonight. it was comfortable last night for many of you. it's going to be a lot more comfortable tonight with this cooling flow in place. plenty of 60s in the north bay and also in the south bay near 70 degrees as we head into 11:00 p.m., temperatures dropping even more with upper 50s and low 60s. and by the start of tomorrow, we are talking about mid-50s in the north bay and for the east bay mid to upper 50s.
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then as we head throughout tomorrow afternoon, by 10:00 a.m., not too much warming in place as now it will be the second consecutive day on friday with this cooling onshore flow. as we take a look in the south bay, we'll start here with a little bit of low clouds, but by 11:00 a.m., that sun will be breaking through with 70 degrees. now, we have the fog as we have just set up for you here. that's sitting offshore. but the other thing that's going to add to this cooling for this weekend is the jet stream that's going to start to push to the south. that's going to bring us this october pattern which not only has 70s in it but, yes, 60s for some of our inland spots. we'll have full details in my forecast throughout the show. back to you. >> all right, jeff. thank you. mixed signals about jobs and housing tonight. a day before a possible new recovery plan out of washington. jerry brownesom cut o what he's saying about meg witman. advantage topical solution treats dogs...
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this sunday the gulf coast
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will remember hurricane katrina. hard to believe, though, but it's been five years since that storm changed that entire coastline. nbc bay area's jay gray shows us how people will be mashing that anniversary. >> reporter: even now, five years later -- >> help us. >> reporter: -- the images are still overwhelming. the emotions still raw. >> traumatized us, just as sure as if we had gone to combat and it seemed destruction, death. we've all been traumatized by this. >> reporter: trauma driven by the wind and rain as hurricane katrina made landfall along the missisppcoi ast. >> we came back to just absolute devastation. >> reporter: an empty slab and littered pool was all that john had left. >> and i made up my mind right off the bat that i was going to rebuild the house exactly as it was. >> reporter: five years later, he's done just that, down to the color of the paint and antique
6:24 pm
furniture inside, something so many of his neighbors can't or won't do. >> the housing has not come back. nowhere near. >> reporter: the latest census data shows the population in biloxi has dropped every year since katrina and is down more than 10% overall. >> now everything kind of is at a standstill. not a lot of progress going on. >> reporter: the numbers are even worse in the ninth ward of new orleans, where only 24% of the residents there before the levees collapsed have made their way home. >> it's sad that five years later, look at this place. looks like the water just came through last week. >> reporter: in other parts of the city, there are some signs of growth. >> so now we have 78% of the population that we did before the storm in the city, and in the metro area 91%. >> reporter: but that progress is still framed by pockets of debris and even in places like the refurbished convention center, the shadow of what
6:25 pm
happened, haunting memories and constant reminders that the struggle to survive still continues along the gulf coast. jay gray, nbc news, new orleans, louisiana. >> let's go international now. the disaster in pakistan still unfolding tonight. untold numbers of people trapped and isolated by those floodwaters. matters made worse in one region because of a broken levee. the family of 26 waited too long to evacuate their village. two helicopters spotted them and airlifted them out. the floods in pakistan started in june and have affected as many as 17 million people. the new york city cabdriver who was stabbed by a passenger this week met with the mayor today. ahmed shareef, his wife, and four children had a private visit with mayor bloomberg as the city tries to defuse tension over the attack. afterwards, shareef showed reporters scars from the stabbing. he says he found the mayor's words both positive and
6:26 pm
reassuring. >> sometime i feel very lonely and home sick. after i see the mayor and all, the respect for all this re religion and each other, now i feel better than before. >> shareef says the suspect, 21-year-old michael enright, attacked him after he asked shareef whether he was a muslim. enright remains jailed tonight without bail on hate crime charges. coming up, a scare in the sky. a record year for laser strikes against planes and why the bay area's home to so many of those strikes. double-dip recession? some experts are sounding the alarm, and the fed might act as soon as tomorrow. and the race is truly on. jerry brown on the campaign trail with attacks on meg
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republican meg whitman has taken the the lead in her campaign to be california's next governor in what appears to be a bounce from the republican state convention, whitman now leads her democratic opponent, jerry brown, by eight percentage points. the rasmussen poll of 750 likely california voters gives whitman 48% of the vote to brown's 40% with 6% undecided. brown gets higher favorable ratings from california voters, but he also gets higher unfavorable ratings. the poll has a 4% margin of error. both whitman and brown campaigned in southern california today, and both had some predictions about the future of the state. brown's ideas were punctuated by some heavy criticism of his oppone opponent's spending. our nbc station inanos angeles was there.
6:30 pm
[ no audio ] >> well, obviously, we are having some technical difficulties tonight. both of the candidates were on the attack today. jerry brown uncharacteristica y uncharacteristically. there has been a great deal of criticism by democrats that brown has not been campaigning hard enough. today, he did come out swinging and we'll try to have more on that later on. watch the two candidates duke it on on september 12th here and online at our coverage begins at 6:00. now back to colin nolan with the report from southern california. >> reporter: gop gubernatorial candidate meg whitman today touring a rivet manufacturing plant in the city of industry while picking up the endorsement of the federation of independent businesses. >> so that is my promise to you. i will defend small businesses, and i will help create 2 million jobs for californians by 2015.
6:31 pm
>> reporter: but the best news for the candidate came in a poll released today indicating that after weeks of being tight or behind democrat jerry brown she's now ahead. the rasmussen survey says she's up by eight points. >> i think a lot of californians are paying attention to this race because it's an important election. >> reporter: the poll has whitman leading throughout most of the state including the los angeles media market. she's behind only in the san francisco bay area. whitman consulted mike murphy. >> the most liberal, most democratic market, that's his base, and now we'll pay attention to northern california. >> reporter: jerry brown says he's not worried, attorney general today touting his own business credentials at a b biodiesel company in san diego. brown claims whitman's $100 million campaign and huge media buys have distorted his record. her most recent attack ad released this afternoon, targeting brown's use of a government jet for campaign purposes. >> people are going to vote for change, integrity and they're going to reject the negativity and the carpet bombing of
6:32 pm
deceptive commercials that we've been facing these last two months. >> reporter: but the event in san diego was a rarity for brown, who has not campaigned extensively, leaving it up to labor unions to attack his opponent. today in sacramento, hundreds from the california nurses' association dressed as suffragettes celebrated the 90th anniversary of women winning the right to vote, a right meg whitman exercised over the past three decades. >> the fact she hasn't voted in 18 years is disgusting. >> reporter: in los angeles, conan nolan, nbc bay area news. well, this week, jaycee dugard is celebrating one year of freedom, and he h she's doing it in a very special way. she, along with two daughters and a family friend are out camping. ironically, it's about 60 miles from the antioch home where she was held prisoner for 18 years. these are pictures of jaycee a year later. dugard and her daughters say they're still receiving intensive psychological
6:33 pm
treatment. the family says jaycee is into photography and writing and her daughters are being homeschooled. as for phillip and nancy garrido, they are awaiting trial on kidnap and rape. the next scheduled court appearance, october 9th. police have arrested four for shooting a gas station clerk for a shooting during a robbery in pacifica. two suspects were wanted for crimes in other areas. the clerk was shot several times but survived. there is more confusing economic data today, better news on jobs, bad news on housing, and that puts even more pressure on federal reserve chairman ben bernanke, who could reveal a new recovery plan tomorrow. nbc bay area's steve handelsman reports. >> reporter: new home sales dropped to the lowest level in 50 years and one homeowner in ten could soon face foreclosure, says an industry group. but today's news on jobs is better, first-time unemployment
6:34 pm
filings dropped sharply. mixed signals, the stock market in a tizzy. >> because the real concern here is that uncertainty about the economic outlook and pessimism about the outlook can become self-fulfilling. >> reporter: all eyes on ben bernanke, the fed chairman could reveal his new plan tomorrow. he's already lowered bank-to-bank interest rates to zero and bought $1.25 trillion in mortgages, but some fear a double-dip repeat recession. >> if it does turn down, what do you do abit? do you have any tools lef if your toolbox to fix the economy? that question remains unanswered. >> reporter: some of bernanke's said colleagues are openly demanding he do more than keep interest rates low. they're worried the u.s. economy could spiral down and remain down like japan's in the '90s for a loss decade. >> we stay at zero, we promise to stay at zero for a long time, so that's a way that you could get into the japanese trap.
6:35 pm
>> reporter: millions of americans feel trapped now. erie, pennsylvania. >> i've been without a job since february 1st of this year, 2010, so we're six months in. i've applied everywhere. >> reporter: hoping the fed, the u.s. government can help more after nearly three years of recession. bernanke's speech is tomorrow morning. no cameras are allowed, but any hint of big policy change will quickly get out. steve handelsman, nbc news, washington. economic jitters sent the dow jones below 10000 today. it dropped 74 points. the nasdaq lost 22 to close at 2118. another toyota recall the to tell you about. this time it has some top sellers off the market, but this time it has nothing to do with the brakes or the acceleration. it's the engine that's the problem. today toyota recalled 1.1 million corollas and matrix models. it also has 160,000 pontiac vibes being pulled. the vehicles were the 2005
6:36 pm
models, all sold in north america. the automaker says they've received numerous reports of cars just simply stalling. they say a faulty engine control module and the fix takes about 40 minutes. they're still figuring out what happened on that. tiger woods finds new life on the course just two days after his divorce. green lasers lighting up the bay area skies. why bay area cockpits are being hit more this year than ever. and the unsinkable titanic, the focus of a new cutting-edge mission on the sea floor. i'm chief meteorologist jeff ranieri. if you like what we had today with 60s and 70s returning to the bay area, you're going to love what we have in the coming days.
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introducing the new droid x. the next generation of does. researchers have returned to the site of the titanic ship wreck, this time with new technology hoping for a chance to solve some very old mysteries. scientists are now using underwater robots and 3d cameras to photograph the wreckage. titanic sank almost 100 years ago after hitting an iceberg. although there have been plenty of theories of how the unsinkable ship sank, experts don't know exactly why the ship filled with water so fast. researchers are now doing all they can to find out what did make it go down before it disintegrates. >> 20 to 25 years, we may start to see the decks of titanic collapsing, which is very interesting. so there is a certain sense of urgency to coming up with a plan to how to deal with it now. >> at the very least, scientists are hoping to create the most detailed map yet of the sunken
6:40 pm
ship and the debris field around it. another type of topnotch technology is putting movies in the palm of your hand. you can instantly stream movies on your iphone thanks to the new netflix app. it's been available for the ipad, but now i touch and iphone users can use it. it instauinallows you to instal instant down load service but you have to be a netflix subscriber. it lets you watch movies and tv shows. a new jersey family's trip to madison, wisconsin, is getting national attention. their trip lasted just two days, but a photo they took captured more than they expected as dad posed his family for a self-timed picture in front of the state capitol, the camera also captured a man stealing their belongings. a bag containing a wallet, car keys and ipad and children's toys. anyone who's married can imagine the conversation that followed. >> he asked me, do you have my
6:41 pm
pag? i said, no, i don't have your bag. why would i have your bag? of course it was that kind of frustration of, oh, why did you leave it there and, you know, keep an eye on the bag. and now our whole vacation is ruined. >> there's a reason they can have a sense of humor about it. luckily they checked the photo and saw the clear image of the thief and police made an arrest. the officers managed to recover all of the family's items including that bag in question. >> i'm surprised he didn't ask her, why did you put my pag there? all where the bag is. >> all on the "today" show. >> exactly. >> fantastic. >> great television. >> it is. >> what do you have? what do i got? nothing. i got absolutely nothing. >> well, continuing -- >> the giants today actually didn't do anything and they still gained ground in the playoff race with a lot of familiar faces at the golf course, harding park. also, tiger woods, speaking of the golf course, his best round in months. timing is interesting. and watch out.
6:42 pm
could be a bad hair day for some sportscasters. jeff ranieri, take it away. that looks like it might have hurt. a live look right here in the south bay, a lot of clear sky, but we'll te teleyou about the fog and a mor cooling trend for the weekend. oo
6:43 pm
is it a case of smart people doing something really dumb? according to the fda, two companies rank near the nation's tops in case of people shining
6:44 pm
lasers and airplanes and helicopters. there is one theory that in our tech-savvy population here, people are getting carried away with powerful gadgets. in any case, as garvin thomas shows us, it's a trend that law enforcement says has got to stop. >> reporter: there is hundreds of thousands of dollars worth op equipment keeping the santa clara sheriff's department helicopters in working condition. almost every crept of it worthless if one very important thing isn't working. the crew's eyes. >> he can't see where he's going, he can't control the aircraft. >> reporter: top of mind for leo gonzalez because hef in this helicopter tueigay nheht wn tuesday night when someone shined a laser at it, a laser that could have temporarily blinded the pilot or even worse caused permanent vision loss. >> it's scary to the part where, you know, if the pilot gets incapacitated or i could also be
6:45 pm
incapacitated, now you have an out-of-control aircraft. >> reporter: this video from a few years ago shows just such an encounter. it's something happening more and more often. nationally there were just 300 reported cases in 2005. by last year, that number tripled to 1,500 and that total has already been surpassed this year. >> in some of these cases, pilots have had to give up control of the aircraft to another pilot or they've had to abort a landing and come around for another attempt once their vision clears. >> reporter: the increasing cases could be due in part to an increase in awareness about the problem. it could also have something to do with the lasers themselves. lasers like so much other technology continue to get both stronger and cheaper. and so what once was a toy that maybe worked well in a dark room, these green lasers are being used by astronomy professors to point out features in the night sky. and you can now buy one for less than $10 that boasts a range of eight to ten miles.
6:46 pm
and as for who is doing this, well, deputy gonzalez says to him it appears split between those intent on doing no good and some very smart people who find themselves with a new toy that end up doing something very stupid. in mountain view, garvin thomas, nbc bay area news. >> so for clarification purposes, let's say it again, don't do it. >> really. seriously. >> you're going to endanger people. >> exactly right. >> the last thing we need. all right. >> all right, jeff. boy, things sure cooled down. >> yeah, big time. sub-30 degrees. >> unbelievable. >> it really is. >> knew it was coming. >> yes, we did. right on top of it at nbc bay area. let's take a look at some of this cooling. when you see the numbers, it still is hard to believe. all of us felt it, though. san francisco which timed an all-time august high temperature on tuesday with 98 degrees, it has only been this hot one time back in history in the month of
6:47 pm
august, back in 1993 on august 1st. so we went from all-time record-setting heat to well now we've turned the payment to the fall, which is visible from san bruno mountain, the cameras looking towards downtown but the marine layer so thick we can't see anything at all. an interesting per speck frif the sunny skies we've had of late. we went from triple digits yesterday, the almaden valley, to 86, only 78 in san jose, and temperatures in the low to mid-80s here for a lot of the east bay. even for the north bay, we went down below average like in santa rosa, which is 73 degrees. currently we do have temperatures dropping here all across the board as that fog and cooling winds has now been with us for about the past three hours. fog with us for tomorrow morning with plenty of upper 50s and low 60s to start. friday, not only the cooling onshore winds but a shift many the upper atmosphere and that's going to bring us widespread 70s inland, and that shift is going
6:48 pm
to head into our weekend with conditions that will feel a lot more like fall. so here's the fog building off over 100 miles offshore and that's going to stay put, as we've been mentioning, but will compound things and keep temperatures in the 60s for some of our inland spots saturday and sunday is the jet stream. it's going to be sinking to the south and bringing this unseasonably cool blast of area us over the next three-day period. so tomorrow we're going to switch out of the 80s for some of you that had 80s today inland, like in livermore, and we're going to see widespread 70s, and for the weekend as we've been stressing, the cooling forecast will remain. i don't think anyone will be complaining, though. 6:00 a.m. tomorrow in the south bay, low 60s and by 11:00 a.m. we see the sun break through the low clouds with temperatures near 70 degrees. a lot more comfortable for those of you in the south bay to start tomorrow, 56 in gilroy, 57 in san jose, and loos ga toes expecting 60. and 70s in the south bay, even for some of these typical warmer spots this time of the year,
6:49 pm
you're not going to be able to be sheltered not only from the fog but that cool air aloft. 60s to low 70s from san francisco to redwood city. as we head inland, oakland, orinda, concord, 70s to near 80 and temperatures staying below average in this case on friday for much of the north bay. morning time on the weather channel on cable, we'll get a look at saturday and sunday, mid-70s inland, 50s at the coast with some drizzle. then by next week, we turn it up but not too hot. 84 on wednesday sounds pretty good to me. >> you know, and visitors to our area are going home with some stories of weather. >> 106 by my house, okay? >> amen. >> perfect. >> we could be in cleveland. >> yes. >> where the a's are. >> i guess we could. >> notice the silence. >> take your pick. >> we're not there. let's talk about the a's. many weeks ago they were written off by a lot of people around baseball, but here's the deal with the a's now. their young pitchers are going
6:50 pm
to keep this team alive. not likely to make the playoffs, but they are not giving up. what did we say? the dog days of summer? byod, bring your own dog. tonight the series sweep in cleveland, that's what they're looking for but not quite what happened. top of the sixth, an rbi double. davis comes around to score. but in the bottom of the inning, me czar row, one of the young stud pitchers, makes one critical mistake. matt laporta for cleveland, a two-run homer. that turns out to be the game-winner. this game just now final. the indians beat the athletics 3-2. the a's are now off to texas for a big weekend showdown against the fist-place rangers. the giants had a rare day. they didn't have to show up for work. on top of that, they gained ground in the playoff race. how does that happen? we'll show you in a moment. but first the current players have the day off, so the alumni swinging it at harding park. the annual william mccovey
6:51 pm
charity tournament. that's j.t. snow, i believe. he swings right-handed. the managing partner. slight problem. willie mcvey had surgery so he wasn't able to make his own tournament, but all the other guys were there. that's rich aurilia, kirk rueter, the whole deal, a lot of familiar faces. >> pretty competitive guys. there are times you put a golf tournament together, guys are going to jump at the chance to come out and play a great course like this. and it's a fun day. >> i always worry about kirk rueter because he's either the luckiest guy in the world or the biggest cheater. that's the guy i worry about. a lot of us who are retired now, this is our competitiveness. this is how we compete now. >> well, they're not some old men. they still look pretty darn good. they raised more than 100,000 bucks tonight for a charity able to help underprivileged kids. the giants didn't play, but the phillies keep losing and that's helping the giants. in the wild-card lead right now,
6:52 pm
the giants have a half-game lead over philadelphia. national league west, they gained ground, trail san diego by six games. manana, the giants back in action, host the arizona diamondbacks. to golf now. across the hudson from manhattan, the historic ridgewood country club in new jersey. two days after his divorce was finalized, tiger woods plays the best round of his year. a 6 under 65. this is the first time tiger has led a tournament since last september. once again, playing like the top-ranked golfer in the world, which he is. very consistent and safe. in fact, he used his driver only twice this entire round, opting instead for his 3 wood. >> the best 18 holes you've played in 2010? >> absolutely. not even close. one stretch of nine holes at the u.s. open on saturday, but that was it. nine holes. today i did all 18. >> not bad. now let's get to football. this saturday night the atmosphere should be electric.
6:53 pm
49ers and razors from the coliseum. the raiders breaking camp in napa today. the niners don't need to break camp. they train year round in santa clara. the niners and raiders will also play in the regular season, meaning this saturday's game in oakland just an appetizer. both teams will be reluctant to reveal too many formations or play calls. >> it's probably much less of a deal because we play them many the regular season, you know? whoever wins this game it's going to be all for nothing, get it done in the regular season. so this is -- i mean, obviously you want to go out there and play well, but, you know, we all know the big one is coming two weeks later. >> yeah. that big one will be at candlestick in the regular season. watch out for this young sportscaster on the right. >> oh. poor woman. >> she's okay. it was a soccer ball. >> don't keep playing it over and over like that. >> she's okay. she got a little jarred, a
6:54 pm
little startled. >> everything is fine. that's not from youtube or trick editing. >> that actually happened. >> she's okay. she mile smiled. >> humiliated. i've been hit by many things when i'm out reporting. h ads "en "wh i'm reporting." wh
6:55 pm
6:56 pm
6:57 pm
well, astronomers have known for some time that there are planets outside our solar system, but one of them just whizzed by my head. you see that? but now a new satellite is finding them by the hundreds. nasa says the satellite launched last year has discovered about 700 possible planets in its first seven months in space. among the discoveries, two saturn-sized planets orbiting the same sun. that's the first time they've seen more than one planet orbiting the star except in this solar system. keppler's prime directive is to find earth-sized planets and it found one, as well. it's about 1 1/2 times the size of earth and about 2,000 light-years away. just around the corner. thanks, everybody.
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