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tv   NBC Bay Area News at 430  NBC  August 27, 2010 3:30am-4:00am PST

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. a well-known bay area soccer coach behind bars. busted for child important. were there background checks? miner miracle, stunning new video just in. look at life four miles under ground where 33 miners are trapped. good morning. i'm laura garcia-cannon. brent has the day off. it's early. 4:30 on friday morning. it's friday. want to check in with meteorologist rob mayeda with a first look at the friday forecast. good morning. >> you said it, it's early, but it's friday. the weekend will have interesting changes coming up. 59 in san jose.
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a southeast wind at 3 miles per hour. patchy low clouds at 58. 61 in oakland. patchy low clouds for the morning. another mild day. our inland temperatures, 70s to low 80s inland. 60s around san francisco. look at your seven-day forecast. saturday, i put in isolated showers certainly for the sierra and maybe parts of the north bay. we will walk through these changes in detail in a bit. >> lots of changes. thank you very much. want to say good friday morning to mike, already a sig-alert. >> one in our area, and one outside the area. highway 101 northbound at oregon expressway, reports of an accident that happened around 3:30. still has activity in the lanes. two lanes blocked. sounds like the slower two lanes are open as you pass by heading up towards university and oregon expressway. volume light on the peninsula the sig-alert means at least a half hour.
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chp doesn't know when it will be clear yet. we'll follow this. this could be a major problem for friday light. we'll see some slowing. back to you. >> thank you very much. a disturbing discovery in the home of an east bay soccer coach. kimberly tere say they found something a background check didn't. >> neighbors of 45 yeefld david garrison say they are stunned to find out he was arrested this afternoon on possessing and distributing child pornography. residents say it's a tight knit community and they don't want their faces shown. >> we just had a huge summer block party. he was there with his family. the whole time, doing this. >> reporter: police say a cursory look at his computer and home turned up graphic child pornography. so far, according to one report, none seem to depict local children. the search warrant is a
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culmination of a three-month investigation. >> he has kids, and that's what kills me more than anything else. if he's doing something like this. he has his two children in his own home. what is he doing with them? that is what scares you as a father. >> reporter: garrison was a head coach for the livermore youth soccer league. someone from the league told me he was immediately removed from his position after police notified him of the activity. >> as a dad, you want those people locked up and as far away from you as possible. you don't want them around you. it's disgusting. >> reporter: a soccer player's dad said he hope that is it doesn't put a black eye on the soccer league as a whole. >> i know the president personally. i know the board members personally. they're good people. when this type of thing happens, it's unfortunate. it undermines the entire system in place. >> garrison is in santa rita jail. he is scheduled to be arraigned on monday.
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there's a $15,000 reward for information on a shooting we first told but yesterday. friends gathered near the spot where jimon clark was shot and killed. oakland police say a man came up to clark and his friend as they were walking along bancroft near 67th street. investigators don't know why the man shot at them. clark died but his friend was not hurt. >> as a mother, living in this community, seeing the kids in the neighborhood every day, it really hurt my heart. >> clark's murder is the sixth homicide this past week in oakland. new video of the 33 men trapped in a mine in chile. several of the miners can be seen playing cards and in relatively good spirits. clothes, medicine and games have been sent to the men 2300 feet below ground. outside the mine, relatives were in tears at the sight of their loved ones. a cave-in trapped the minors august 5th. they had not been heard from
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until rescuers made contact on sunday through a hole six inches wide. rescuers are searching for clues in the east bay where the alameda county sheriff's department found a man's body near mission boulevard and niles canyon. investigators are treating it as a homicide. there are no details on how the man was killed or how the body got there. neighbors on the peninsula can breathe easier now that a stinky strike soefr. garbage workers will be picking up trash today in san mateo county. they walked off the job in support of land fill workers in half moon bay. the result of having no contract since december. despite having no deal, drivers will resume pickup to, get it picked up by this morning. the good news for 36,000 customers dealing with the heat and stench for two days.
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in redwood shores, a sewage spill blamed for a smell there. six nearby garages flood. the restoration company will clean them as well as the neighborhood, but residents are told to stay away from the lagoon water because it is unsafe. investigators will be looking at two bay area parties that sparked the nationwide recall of eggs. santa clara county health officials triggered the alert after discovering dozens of people were sickened after eating cream puffs. the caterer for two separate events in san jose apparently used tainted eggs. several other people reported salmonella symptoms after eating in a restaurant, that's when old-fashioned detective work helped nurses pinpoint that cluster. they then went online and contacted people through yelp, a
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restaurant review site. >> we went on to yelp and saw a number of people posted complaints, said, hey, i got sick. warning other people that there may be something wrong with it. >> in all, 42 cases of california linked to the egg recall have been linked to santa clara county. they didn't identify the restaurant. health officials say eggs on the market now should be safe to eat but they should be well-cooked. a jetblue plane remains grounded on a sacramento runway. 15 passengers were injured going down the inflatable chutes, none seriously, but four people were sent to the hospital. flight 464 coming in from long beach reported problems with brakes moments after takeoff, when the pilot tried to land in sacramento two tires popped and burst into flames. >> in the back near the tires, we noticed they were on fire almost immediately. emergency chutes were
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deployed. in all 82 passengers were rushed off. the faa is still investigating. right now it's time to check the morning commute with mike once again. keeping an eye on that accident on 101. >> we have that sig-alert in palo alto. we have another one just south of watsonville. i want to take you to the maps and show you northbound 101 at 156. an accident occurred minutes after midnight. still closed, deadly accident. we are notified by chp that the driver of the big rig has passed as a result of this accident. we have a full freeway closure. no word on when that will reopen. folks are routed over to 156 and highway 25 that will be an issue if you are expecting anyone south of watsonville or aromas. coming into the area out of southern california, will you have an issue. south central california as well. this is a full freeway closure. north of gilroy there are no problems heading into the south bay, just typical overnight construction spots which are
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picking up. we will follow both issues. back to you. >> thanks. also following the forecast. a bit of everything this week, rob. >> we certainly had an interesting week. the record-breaking heat to start. cooled off yesterday and today and for the weekend. maybe a chance of showers showing up. 59 right now in san jose. mainly clear. patchy low clouds around san francisco. 58 now. a good, strong sea breeze blast nothing fairfield and concord. that means good air quality. it will also be keeping things cool again today. increasing clouds for the weekend. here's the interesting part. if you're heading to the high country, look out for a chance of seeing rain and maybe snow above 8,000 feet. patchy clouds around the bay area. mild temperatures today. a repeat of what we had yesterday. 70s and 80s inland. i will leave in a chance of isolated showers, mainly sonoma county and lake county.
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highs this weekend, we're cooling off and warming back up to the 80s early this week. >> like i said, a bit of everything. it's 4:39 now. power to the people. the surge that could cost pg&e thousands in damaging to peoples homes. thousands of dollars in bendy straws, you bet, sarah palin's secret demands revealed. and sun protection. what you think is enough may not even be close. t
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good friday morning. a beautiful look at the bay bridge. folks making their way across this morning, perhaps getting an early jump on the weekend. pg&e could be on the hook for thousands of dollars in claims after a power outage in san jose. when crews flipped the switch, there was a voltage problem sending neighbors into the streets worrying about their appliances. record heat has kept pg&e crews busy. now this. >> then it just stopped. >> reporter: johnny got up after a restless night. he said power went out around 2:00 a.m., when it came back on things didn't smell or sound quite right. >> i was sitting here s heard popping from over here near the tv. popping from here. popping over here. smoke from here.
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lights were going on and off. >> the smell of burned wire, fresh in his house, he is worried about the cost of replacing his computer and oven. the friend across the street lost his tv and refrigerator. >> i got about $9,000 worth of equipment here that i bought. when the electricity was going through it, you could hear the gurgling. >> reporter: pg&e said the first replacement transformer called a voltage surge into the homes. they had to install another transformer. some 126 customers were affected, including john jacob. >> i measured my voltage on this angle right here it was about 215 volts which is much higher than it should be. >> he turned off his circuit breakers to prevent further damage, but pg&e is urging everyone to file a claim for what was fried by the surge. this could cost them a lot. >> i would think it could. >> pg&e reported power back about 9:00 last night.
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the company says it apologizes to the customers affected by the outage and the surge. and said damage claims can be filed online. it took a court order to do it, but cal state stanislaus finally released the contract for sarah palin's visit in june. the school played the nine-page document public after saying earlier in the day it didn't have a copy. the contract dated march 18th included palin's 75,0$75,000 speaking fee, first class airfare from anchorage to california f she flew on on a commercial plane. if not, the jet must be a leer 60 or larger. palin must be provided with a suite, in a deluxe hotel near the campus, during her speech, stocked with two unopened water bottles and bendable straws. and it appears next season, bristol palin will be on next season's "dancing with the stars."
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the stinging sunshine, those rays are stronger than you think. there are experts casting doubt on a phrase made in the shade. >> reporter: on a hot, summer day, you might be tempted to skip the sunscreen and head for the shade instead. >> if you had to guess, where would you get more protection, the shade or sunscreen? >> the shade. i'm guessing. >> probably sunscreen. that's just a wild guess. >> reporter: cancer researchers in australia compared the spf protection from sunscreen to the spf protection you get in shady spots under trees and umbrellas. the average umbrella provided an spf of 3 to 10. doctors recommend sunscreen with an spf of at least 15. >> it's a good idea to stay under the canopy, stay in the shade. but sunscreen would be highly recommended. >> what about wearing a hat? >> i guess it would depend on the type of hat and what it's made out of.
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>> is it okay to cover your head instead of putting sunscreen on your face? >> definitely not. it's not a substitute for sunscreen. >> even a wide-brimmed hat gets spf protection of only about 5 on your nose. >> i'm surprised. >> reporter: how do the sun rays get around the brim of that hat or a big umbrella? it turns out, even undercover you are getting indirect light. that indirect light is worse if you're sitting on concrete or even in a swimming pool. those reflective surfaces cut down on the effectiveness of a hat or anything that is shading you from above. even sitting in your car. the reflected light can get you. doctors often see patients with sun damage that is worse on the left side of their face because it's closest to the driver's side of the window. >> somebody who drive force a living is definitely more likely to get a lot of sun exposure, and probably should be wearing sunscreen even though they're riding in the car all day.
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>> while the shade may cool you down, the coolest thing for skin is the protection, the cover has comes in a bottle. cheryl hurd, nbc bay area news. dermatologists say if you're going to be out in the sun all day, where an spf of 30 or higher and be sure to reapply every few hours. news for your bottom line. the dow will open below the 10,000 mark in a few hours. mary thompson is live at cnbc's headquarters. could we end the week on an up note? >> dell offered $1.8 billion for 3par. this suggests big tech firms are willing to be aggressive to get a foothold in new businesses. if the economy is weak t is not impacting tiffany's. they had a 19% jump in second
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quarter profits. ahead of the open on wall street, futures are pointing to a higher open following yesterday's decline. yesterday, of course, stocks dropping below the 10,000 mark led by tech shares. concerns about the economy have been keeping pressure on the dow. today investors are likely to get confirmation that it is slowing. economists forecasting second quarter growth will be revised downward to a pace of 1.4% from the first estimate of 2.4% growth. in a little over two hours, ben bernanke delivers a major speech on the economy where he is expected to acknowledge it is struggling. investors will be listening in for plans on a change in direction. >> thank you very much. gruber will now be on a new anything. ♪ mcgruber >> the saturday night live cast
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member and lafayette native says he won't return for season 36. instead he's on to new opportunities. he worked on snl for eight seasons, turning his role into mcgruber into a feature film this past may. he said he is grateful for lauren michaels fob having the chance to be on snl. >> you will get more than reviews on yelp. daily deals will be on there. yelp rolled out its first deal in san diego yesterday for a yoga class bundle. daily deals for san francisco and new york will be coming in the next few weeks. it's 4:50 now. a lot of people like that hot yoga. let's see if maybe you can just go outside. >> we had that tuesday and wednesday. yesterday and today the trend will be the cooling temperatures. maybe there will be a yelp deal on some ski tickets coming up. wait until you see the forecast coming up this weekend. san francisco, 58. patchy low clouds. not quite as much in the way of
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low clouds on the coast like we had yesterday morning. 59 in san jose. oakland, 61, southwest wind at 9 miles per hour. some of our weather headlines today, we have the patchy low clouds, mild temperatures. i want to focus in on the weekend. we will see continued cooling. increasing clouds during the day on saturday. not only a chance of rain in the sierra but snow perhaps above 8,000 feet saturday night into sunday. for the bay area, there's a chance of showers across the north bay hill tops. air quality just fine today. should be just fine for the weekend as well. it's a system here dropping out of the gulf of alaska, which is a fall-like system for us. i know it's august. going through the next 24 hours, the cool conditions today again with highs inland. mainly 70s to maybe low 80s inland. 60s out on the coast. for the weekend, as this system drops in, we'll have a good bit of rain and showers. for the north bay, especially north of sonoma county, we may see a few scattered showers.
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if you're traveling to the high country, be prepared for big changes. showers saturday afternoon. sunday, rain, thunder and some high elevation snow for the sierra to wrap up the weekend. around the bay area, today's highs inline. mainly 70s for the inner bay. 60s for san francisco. east bay looking at temperatures in the 80s around concord. areas north of sonoma, keep a close eye on the radar and this weekend for saturday night into sunday, you may see summer showers for the far north bay. then temperatures more like summer early next week after a cool and breezy weekend. back to you. >> thank you very much. we want to check the morning commute. >> two sig-alerts on highway 101, the first on the peninsula, v viewers going north through palo alto the fast lane should be
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cleared in the next five minutes. that's what we are hearing from chp. meanwhile, there's no major slowing through the area because there's a light volume of traffic being just before 5:00 a.m. and friday where we see a later shift to the commute as more folks head to the office later and leave earlier. no slowing here or for 280. we did see the slowing show up on 237 westbound, that should clear up. i'll follow that for the next ten minutes. the rest of the south bay moving smoothly. way further south, for folks coming into the area, this is the concern. if you are expecting anybody coming up through aromas, san juan batista, they will have an issue because northbound 101 has been closed since midnight. a deadly accident there involving a big rig into the center divide. folks are being rerouted from 156 to highway 25, about a 20-mile reroute. you from expecting someone coming up through the area, we don't know when highway 101 will reopen in the northbound
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direction. if you are heading south out of the area, you are clear throughout that portion. 101 south you are okay heading out of this area. i will look at the bay bridge. we are often talking about friday light. that's what we are seeing again. it's early in the commute. we expect a later build. about 10:30, 11:00 is when we will see this build. we have seen heavier volume throughout the east bay as folks have returned from summer vacation and gotten back to school. back to you. >> hawe have a huge medical discovery in the fight against hiv to tell you about. after 20 years of researching hiv, scientists found drugs to treat one deadly disease may fight off another. those drugs are currently used to treat cancer. when combined in lab experiments, researchers say they force the virus to mutate at a much higher rate and kill
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itself off. of course a lot more research needs to be done including clinical trials in humans. breast feeding may offer some kind of protection against type ii diabetes a study of more than 2,000 women from the university of pittsburg finds mothers who did not breast feed were twice as likely to develop diabetes than mothers who nursed for at least one month. this is true when accounting for age, race, physical activity, tobacco and alcohol use. breast feeding may help reduce the mom's risk for diabetes because it's known to melt away belly fat. researchers say they can determine a pregnant woman's smoking habits by her baby's first diaper. scientists at the university of north carolina discovered a baby's first stool can reveal how much mom smoked during pregnancy. it mays will be used to detect exposures to other environmental
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toxins like chemicals used in plastics. scientists say frog skin could save lives. sirentists from the united arab emirates have identified more than 100 antibiotic substances on the skin of frogs around the world that could create a powerful new generation of antibiotics. the new drugs could fight antibiotic resistant bacteria like mrsa. some could be used in clinical trials within the next five years. still ahead, behind bars. how police busted a bayrea youth soccer coach for child important.
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back on the job. a two-day labor stink is over. just when will those heaps of trash be cleared from the curb? we'll let you know just ahead. and it's been five years since hurricane katrina devastated the coast. we'll tell you how far the region has come and what still needs to be done. good morning. thanks for joining us. i'm laura garcia-cannon. rob has a look at the friday forecast. >> we will look at the weekend forecast and it will have interesting changes this morning, patchy low clouds. our temperature in san jose, as you can see over my


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