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tv   NBC11 News The Bay Area at 5  NBC  August 27, 2010 4:00pm-4:30pm PST

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and that was the last time he was seen at 90th and macarthur. they are still looking for him. we don't know much more about what happened. what the search warrant was for or what the entire organization was up to. the task force and oakland police are saying very little. >> right now we're looking for him. so we're checking all of our resources and putting information out on amber alert. we're circulating pictures and just trying to track him down at this point. >> reporter: now, i want you to take a good look at this picture. this is 20-year-old andrew barrientos. apparently. he's a wanted felon and then, somehow, he got involved in this today and he is still on the loose. police say he is a suspect in this shooting. he was driving the car that they
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say he carjacked. a green mazda sedan with a california license plate 4 mje 548. that's 20-year-old andrew barrientos. police are considering him armed and dangerous. they need people to call in and let them know where he is, if they've seen him. when was the last time they've seen him? they say this is incredibly important. obviously, when an officer is shot, they treat this as a very serious situation. and they want this man in custody by the end of the day. live in oakland, tracy grant, nbc bay area. >> let me ask you, is this an oakland man? i hope i'm not asking you to go over old territory here. >> reporter: well, we don't know that. whether he's an oakland man just yet. police really -- all we know so far is the name and that he was driving this car. he was at an oakland residence
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today and that's how he got involved in this. they were looking for him at a home in oakland and that's how this whole shooting started. >> tracy, thank you very much. let's summarize what happened this afternoon. police continue to search for the man identified as 22 year old andrew barrientos who police say shot an undercover police officer in fremont at 9 09 and macarthur and he fled in a carjacked vehicle and he's on the loose. the police officer has undergone surgery at highland hospital. we'll keep you up to date throughout this broadcast and at 6:00. teams of officers and parole agents uncovered drugs, guns and an alligator in a surprise sweep that caught a lot of criminals completely offguard in solano county. the officers pulled some dangerous parolees off the streets. [ door banging ]
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>> reporter: with guns dawn and plenty of backup -- parole agents and police are zeroing in on parolees who may be getting out of line. >> this is a real opportunity to help the community. it's not too often you get ahead of the curve and prevent something from happening. >> reporter: agents and officers are doing just that. their two-day sweep ended with dozens of arrests as police found parolees with weapons, drugs, counterfeit money and even an alligator. >> we were surprised with the alligator. we was really blown away. >> among the parolees targeted in this sting, at least 40 known gang members including these guys you see behind me, who list say were armed with guns and a large amount of drugs. >> on parole for robbery, second. >> the big focus of the sting? the city of valet he where the cash-strapped police department has found itself struggling to keep criminals in check. >> especially of late with our depleted resources, it means
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even more to us to be able to do some proactive enforcement. >> parolees in that city admit criminals feel they can get away with more in vallejo. >> shooef been saying that vallejo lost all its police and stuff, i think it's a good thing to let them know they are still out here. >> is ronald home. >> reporter: the wake-up call, law enforcement is watching. at and officers say they'll be making many more surprise visits in the near future. >> put your hands behind your back. >> jodi hernandez, bay area news. while officers arrested 51 parolees they rewarded dozens of others who appear to be cleaning up their act. and those parolees got special invitations to a job fair next week. no go. the union representing san jose firefighters rejected the city propoling to bring back the laid-off firefighters in exchange for a pay cut. scott budman is live outside of
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san jose firehouse. was it close, scott? >> reporter: no, tom, it was not. 88% of union members who voted today chose to reject the city's proposal which means that 49 firefighters are still out of a job, unable to help fight fires. in the wake of multiple fires on thursday, more than 200 firefighters gathered to talk about how they got the job done. >> you're talking about people who are willing to run into burning buildings. >> and why they are rejecting a proposal by the city of san jose that would rehire 49 recently laid-off firefighters in exchange for a 8.9 derz pay cut. >> i'm voting "no." i'm going to vote with my membership here and i'm voting to support my brothers and sisters and support the city of san jose. >> reporter: while the firefighters held firm -- >> it's unconscionable that priorities are wrong. >> reporter: so did the city, claiming that its new plan called "dynamic deployment" can take advantage of technology to
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quickly put resources into the hands of crews fighting fires. >> that includes things like using broadband with gps and the cad system so we know where every piece of equipment is so we can dispatch the equipment that's the closest to the fire. >> reporter: for its part, union representatives called the city's plan "dynamic deception." >> mayor and the council majority have demonstrated that their primary motivation throughout these negotiations has been to punish the firefighters, rather than to work with us to protect the public. >> reporter: clearly, two sides that are far apart. because the union rejected the city's plan, the whole thing now goes to outside arbitration, probably, sometime in november. reporting live in san jose, scott budman, bay area news. a chem. >> caller: used if fertilize irturns out to be the problem in an industrial accident earlier today at pier 96 in san francisco. hazardous materials team investigate a broken box on a
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conveyer belt. they identified the white powder which spilled out as amoan yum phosphate. the 20 workers were treated for eye irritation and one went to the hospital and the plant re-open aid few hours later. the retired minister performed the weddings of several gay couples was convicted of misconducted today. a church court rules reverend james bar violated the presbyterian doctrine when she married the couples back in 2008. the church's constitution defines marriage as a union between a man and a woman. during the three-day trial, the lawyers argued that her actions were inspired by the church's teachings on diversity and inclusion. a commission says it plans to rebuke spar but she will not be suspended from her duties as a minister. today's big five meeting in sacramento set the stage for tuesday's votes on competing budget proposals. outside the governor's office, the calendar reflects that the state budget is 58 days overdue now. senate and assembly leaders
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walked past that sign today as they met with the governor over the budget impasse. on tuesday, democrats and republicans will call for votes on their separate plans but since neither is expected to pass, the governor says he'll order a special session. the budget delay is creating financial up heaval for california's public colleges and universities. the heads of csu and community college systems say they've not received expected payments and they don't know how much money to expect or to budget for and say it's like operating with a blindfold. some campuses are dipping into savings or borrowing money to pay employee's salaries. community college leaders say further delays could mean some schools will miss next month's payroll. still ahead at 5:00, the facebook fight. details of a lawsuit filed against the website involving teenagers. a warning about a certain type of candy. what health officials say people should avoid eating. >> and the big bust.
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why the recession may be to blame for something not seen here in the united states in more than a century. and good evening. i'm meteorologist jeff ranieri live in oakland at a food event that will leave your mouth watering and probably have you wanting skip your diet this weekend in line over here? that's for creme brulee. and details where you can get food for $5 and under. that's gourmet food, this weekend, coming up. and your cool k forecast. it looks good. >> and we continue to follow the breaking news out of oakland. the officer-involved shooting and a manhunt is under way for 20-year-old andrew barrientos. >> last seen driving a green mazda sedan. we'll continue to stay to. of to story. we'll be back in just two minutes. [ male announcer ] when meg whitman arrived at ebay,
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some important candy is the subject of a statewide health warning. the department of public health has that this candy found to have lead levels twice the limits and it's manufactured in malaysia. it's an l.a. company that began a voluntary recall. consumers who have bought the candy are urged to throw it away while no illnesses have been reported, children and pregnant women we've eaten the candy should consult their doctors. now to the latest on the egg recall. lawmakers are questioning the federal health agencies about why the public was not warned sooner about the salmonella outbreak. reports show by the end of july health officials had identified the egg farms that were linked to clusters of people getting sick. but the recall wasn't announced
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until two weeks later. the u.s. birth rate has dropped to its lowest rate in a century! experts blame the recession saying layoffs and tight budgets are forcing couples to postpone starting families. even as the population grew the national center for health statistics says births fell to 13.5 for every 1,000 people last year. that's down from 14.3 in 2007 and way down from 30 in 1909, when big families were common. another possible factor is the possible decline in immigration. five years ago today, people living along the gulf coast were bracing for hurricane katrina which would become one of the deadliest natural disasters in the u.s. history. 1800 people were killed when katrina slammed into new orleans on august 29th. the flooding left devastation that can still be seen in parts of the city. over the next few days, nbc news is taking a look back at new orleans then and a look at new orleans now.
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tonight, we take a look at one of the ways the city rebuilt a shattered school system. >> reporter: this fall, third grader santanna has a new school and a new goal. >> i'm going to college. >> and her new charter school, maze prep, in the desired kmupt of new orleans, is helping to make it happen. charter schools have become a fixture here since hurricane katrina devastated the city's public school system five years ago. >> if you're going to rebuild the city you have to rebuild beginning with schools. >> the maze prep principal says new orleans public schools were in poor shape. >> new orleans as a result of hurricane katrina had an opportunity to stop and pause and say -- this is what we want public education to look like in this city. and so we can create that from the ground up. >> last school year, 61% of new orleans' public school students attended charters. the next highest percentage of charter school students in a major city was washington, d.c. at 36%. then detroit, 32%.
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and kansas city at 29%. but a charter takeover may not work for every student and every area. >> i don't think that the charter model, the 90% charters is the -- it's not going to be for everybody. >> it's not like the public school systems are failing everywhere. >> reporter: the number of public schools deemed failing in new orleans was at 64% in 2005. more recently, that number has dropped to 42% which is still high but a marked improvement. as traditional schools become less and less present in new orleans, charters are filling in and making their presence known, loud and clear. >> and stay tuned for "the nightly news" at 5:30 as brian williams has more from new orleans including what brad pitt is doing on this fifth anniversary. and jeffs not here on the set. he's getting really eat k real in oakland tonight. hey, jeff. hey to the both of you. i've got a good, yet again. we're on the bay in oakland at
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jack london square where the people are coming out in thdrov to this event. the most important thing is the aroma of this gourmet food where people are like up to get a taste of what's happening. from mexican to philippines cuisine and joining us right now is anya fernald, the founder of this event. this is quite the event. a lot of people coming out. tell me about it. >> we're celebrating real, delicious, fabulous food. everything here tastes fabulous. all prized under $5 and all food you can feel great about made from local ingredients. hormone-free ingredients. very safe and very delicious. >> and the trucks give a neat twist. they're decorated in their own pizzaz and energy so it's like a mobile restaurant of sorts. >> absolutely. you can come to the festival and
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taste food from ten different countries and be supporting local businesses with every bite. that's amazing because we have such a diversity here in the bay area. >> and it's also $5 and under for the meals, right? >> yeah. that's incredible. a lot of organic and sustainable ingredients, and hormone and antibiotic-free meats. >> so it's a win-win situation. >> we have another food item. what is that you brought? >> i brought two tacos. this is the orlando world taco and this is a new world taco. this is the classic taco. this is a chicken taco from kung fu taco which is asian infusion. >> i had thaerlier. >> it is so good. >> thank you very much for coming on out, anyw. we appreciate it. we'll be eating all evening long. here's the weather graphics as we head into the weekend. unseasonably cool weather will be heading our way. we're talking about clouds and
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some mist. and as we talk about the cool temperatures and also, yes, a chance of showers in the north bay. it's slight but it's unseasonably cool system will be pushing in as we head throughout saturday, hoping to keep temperatures in the 60s. also a chance of sierra snow at 8,000 feet. not a lot but more of a dusting. as we head throughout next week looking ahead, monday through wednesday, the heat starts to build back in as temperatures will gradually warm back up. as for tonight, low to mid 50s here from the north bay down into the south bay. very, very comfortable when you think about it. we start off the week with hot, record-setting temperatures for three days in a row and conditions dropped about 30 degrees to today's highs. for tomorrow, upper 60s and low 70s. that's it by the noon hour. as we head to 4:00 p.m., mid 70s
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at the ocean ac turned on combining with the cooler system aloft to keep our numbers on down. so, let's go ahead and get a look at the seven-day forecast as that comes up. you'll see numbers. unseasonably cool this weekend. saturday and sunday, low to mid 70s. as we head to next week, temperatures, they're going to be warming up with mid 80s. we showed you the line earlier in the tease for that creme brulee, you guys. take a look at this. this is not just any food festival. this is a high-end food festival. we're talking about very diverse. i didn't get a spoon for this. my finger doesn't work. i was going to dip my finger in. but i'll you guys that. >> turn the camera away for that. >> use the microphone, that always worked for me. >> thanks. >> it still doesn't work. when we come back, we'll update our breaking news story from oakland where an undercover police officer was shot and wounded. the search now going on for the suspect in the case who
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carjacked the vehicle to make his get-away. we'll be right back.
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here's the latest on a breaking news story. a fremont police officer undercover in surgery after a shootout with a wanted felon this afternoon. >> let's get right to nbc bay area george who is live on the scene. what do you know? >> reporter: i just talked to police and they say they're still looking for the 20-year-old andrew barrientos and the mazda he apparently carjacked. two fremont police officers were serving a search warrant at a home when the person they were looking for shot right at them. he then shot at an acura, he was trying to carjack. here's the video of the acura. the front driver's window was shot out and the shattered glass hit the driver. we're told he has cuts on his face and the police say the gunman failed to get the car so
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he went to a liquor store at 86th and bancroft and carjacked a green mazda. the driver was not hurt. witnesses say the gunman took off going west. that's the last time people saw the gunman in the mazda. here's a recap of who the suspect is. the suspect is 20-year-old andrew barrientos and he took off in a 1999 green mazda, california license plate 4m jooimp je548. we're live with the breaking news in oakland, bay area news. thanks a lot, george. an american man held captive for seven months in north korea say free man. he stepped off a plane in his hometown of boston along with former president jimmy carter who through to north korea to negotiate his release. the 31-year-old had been teaching english in south korea when he crossed into north korea back in january. he was sentenced to eight years
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in prison. he reportedly tried to commit suicide last month, which may have been the catalyst for north korea to release him on humanitarian grounds. two southern california teenagers have filed a class-action lawsuit against facebook. they claim it sold their names and images to advertisers without their parent's permission. the lawsuit challenges a facebook policy which allows members to know when they like a service or product. and sends those endorsements to their friends. the suit says that that violates the state law requiring parental consent for children to make commercial endorsements. facebook says the lawsuit is htwi bacthk. md we'll be right c droiiiid.
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let's recap our top story tonight. an undercover fremont police officer is in surgery at highland hospital in oakland tonight. he was shot late this afternoon in oakland while he was trying to apprehend a wanted felon in the city of oakland. he has a gunshot wound to his lower torso. that wound is said to be very survivable by some police sources. he's a six-year veteran. the suspect, 20-year-old andrew barrientos, has not been seen since. police say he was last seen driving a stolen green mazda sedan which he apparently carjacked with a plate of 4 m mje548. he's considered arm and dangerous and we're continued to follow this developing story and we'll have the latest for you coming up at 6:00. in the meantime, nbc "nightly news" is coming up next. again, we'll have the latest on the officer shot in oakland.
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a fremont police officer shot in oakland at 6:00. see you then.
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