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tv   NBC11 News The Bay Area at 11  NBC  August 27, 2010 10:00pm-10:35pm PST

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right now, when bigger isn't better. what happened to keeping class sizes small? the price you are paying. happening now, a prison riot. guard shoots five inmates to get control. first -- >> he is in critical condition right now. but it's a touch-and-go situation. >> for a bay area police officer shot twice by a drug suspect. good evening, i'm lisa kim. >> i'm jessica aguirre.
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that officer is in intensive care fighting for his life. meanwhile the manhunt is still on for the gang banger suspected of pulling the trigger. this is who they're looking for, this 20-year-old last seen in a green stolen mazda sedan he hijacked after the shooting. he's being served with a search warrant, wanted on multiple crimes including evading cops and an alleged assault on the mother of his child. we have team coverage on the search. nbc bay area's vicky nguyen looks at the gang suspect's ties. we begin at highland hospital where the officer is in critical condition. george, any new updates? >> reporter: he lost a significant amount of blood when he was shot. a doctor here describes the situation as you heard, touch and go. the officer is in critical but stable condition. all this as the search is on for this gunman who took off in a stolen mazda. >> reporter: police markers
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pinpoint where the shootout happened. oakland police say the man shot at two fremont police officers. the bullets hit one of the officers in the leg and pelvis. it's unclear if the suspect was hit by any gunfire. investigators tell us he then ran into the parking lot of this corner market where he first tried to steal an acura by shooting a driver's side window, then ended up carjacking the driver of this mazda. police released this still photo. one neighbor saw and heard everything. we've disguised her voice and are not showing her face to protect her. >> we heard a shooting. and we heard a broken window. he shot at the window to break in. >> reporter: police officers say the two were in oakland serving a search warrant as part of a major crimes task force. >> all of my neighbors now, we haven't seen many bad things.
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>> reporter: neighbors say crime is getting out of control on the east side of oakland. >> there's a 7-year-old and 2-year-old living no my house. it's really scary. i feel really insecure for them. >> reporter: we're continuing to follow the condition of the driver here at highland hospital. another update later. live in oakland, nbc bay area news. police say the suspected shooter has the word "decodo" tattooed him. it's well known in the bay area. vicky nguyen has more on the suspect and his alleged east bay gang ties. vicky. >> reporter: we spoke exclusively with a childhood friend. he also has a tattoo on his neck. he refused to go on camera. he tells us those at that time its simply represent a group of friends from the district. he denies that they are a gang.
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police, however, say that claim is ludicrous. they say he's a known gang member and that he has specific ties to gangs and his actions today speak for themselves. graffiti spray-painted on the fences of this union city area. >> i've been here for two years. as you can tell by the gate, there is gang activity. there's graffiti on it. >> reporter: neighbors say he moved out about eight months ago. a man identifying himself as a friend since the sixth grade says he is stunned his friend is accused of this violent shooting and two carjackings. >> he has gang tattoos. he has been stopped with known gang members. >> reporter: the friend denies police claims that he's a gang banger saying it's just a district and a group of friends, nothing more. >> that's what it was for. >> reporter: police, however, say it's an offshoot of the notorious gang. the fact that a friend would say
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no, this is not a gang, the police would stop at that? >> he's a known gang member. >> reporter: the officer says he's armed and dangerous with a tattoo on his arm. they say he is the sole suspect in this officer shooting. >> he's wanted for multiple crimes. he also had a warrant out for evading police already. just the fact is he shooting at police makes him very dangerous. >> reporter: the 20-year-old was last seen driving a stolen green mazda with a california license plate of 4mge548. now, police all over the state are involved in this manhunt. we understand he has family members here in the bay area in the east bay including a baby with the woman he is accused of assaulting. live in oakland, vickynguyen, bay area news. we're still closely following the officer's continue. late this evening doctors moved
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him to the icu after surgery. he's lost a lot of blood and the hospital is asking for people to donate. any blood type is okay. we'll tell you where and how in just a moment. happening right now, an inmate fight at folsom straight prison. this is the first video from that scene. reports say corrections shot five inmates. no word on how that fight started or what led up to it. san francisco's exchange for a pay cut. 88% of the rank-and-file firefighters rejected the plan which called for an almost 9% pay cut. that means 49 firefighters laid off last month are still out of a job. while those still on the jb will continue to juggle more calls for help. >> i wish we had all the resources we need to fight these fires.
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the city is being depleted. citizens aren't aware of what's happening. the hit cal games being played and they're being used as pawns. >> while firefighters aren't willing to budge, neither is the city, apparently. the issue will go to an outside arbitrator and may not even be resolved until november. well, better be ready for party fouls tonight. teaming up to crack down on their throwdowns. not just police, part of an toefrt reduce crime around the campus and in the southern part of the city. the stepped up patrols will also be looking for outof control drinking and some of those noisy out of control parties. >> we believe that irresponsible drink i drinking, and that's primarily what we want to address. >> front row has gotten so rowdy that nearby residents filed a lawsuit in 2004.
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dennis herrera announced his candidacy today after serving nearly a decade as chief council. crackdown on ng gas and violent nightclubs and the fight to shut down an aging power plant. sfrn bev lar is also in the race for mayor. coming up, the classroom crunch. the teachers in five schools they're facing this year. >> highlights in sports. first, beyond the red carpet. the emmys just w two days away. we'll take you behind the scenes as workers pret for the hottest from record-setting heat earlier this week to temperatures below average, 10:00 a.m. in the south bay tomorrow. only 62. and we are also tracking showers off california coastline.
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new information on our top story tonight. a fremont police officer is fighting for his life after being shot in oakland when he tried to serve a search warrant. our george kitiyama is live at the hospital with an update on the officer's condition and how you can help. george. >> reporter: well, lisa, the officer's in icu right now. fremont police chief craig steckler says we're on pins and needles. this officer is in critical to stable rn right now. he was shot twice in the pelvis and groin and lost a large amount of blood. highland hospital says the surgery was very difficult and the hospital is requesting the community to help and donate blood. when i asked what type, they said all types. they will not comment if they were able to remove all bullet fragments. the doctors described his injuries as, quote, extreme.
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>> his injuries were life threatening. he's in critical condition. he is in critical condition right now, but it's a touch-and-go situation. >> reporter: now, we want to show you one more time the picture of the suspect. take a go ahead look. latino, 5'7", 240 pounds with tattoos on his arm and the word "deco "decodo" on the back-his neck. he may be in a 4mje548. live in oakland, nbc bay area news. forget that puerto vallarta weekend. mexico is halting all operations because it doesn't have enough money to keep playing. it filed bankruptcy this month.
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since then itped selling tickets and the airline blames part of its financial problems on last year's swine flu outbreak and then the global recession. poisonous chemicals in a vegas pool sends 26 to the hospital. officials say a substance similar to chlorine spilled into the lazy river today after a valve malfunctions. people said they had trouble breathing. less than three hours later, the pool was deemed safe again. authorities expect everyone to recover. well, talk about smuggled goods. a baby tiger drugged and stuffed in a suitcase is safe. a woman flying in.
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airport officials found it when wh it found a real baby tiger. it was from iran this it's popular to have exotic pets. she faces a fine for smuggling wildlife. say good-bye to that 20-1 student/teacher ratio. hello? that's the reality to deal with the drastic budget cuts we're facing. but ignoring class size does come at a cost. our tom sinkovitz shows us how schools are scrambling to try to get around it. >> please be careful. >> from lining up students for class -- >> eyes over here. >> -- to make sure they still s sit. >> the biggest one is trying to accommodate all of their needs.
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>> that is getting more difficult as class sizes get bigger, much bigger. the san jose unified school district is one of the stirs in the state to ask for and receive a waiver. that waiver allows the district to increase class sizes without facing a financial penalty. >> this year already in 2010, we've got 59 waiver requests in to come to the boards. >> reporter: thbefore that, non. san jose is one of four districts in the area to ask e them. >> if it doesn't improve, i think it's going to get worse. >> reporter: at the elementary in teachers still give students
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one on one time. but that it's very minimal. it takes so much more time when you've got 30 kids and just sitting them in a room. the more involved the parents, the more successful the parents. >> if the parents don't have the time or willingness, then it becomes more of a challenge for the opportunity. but it does not allow any disparate to go above 33 students. tom sinkovitz. >> how can you help offset so many opportunities. make sure they understand it. volunteer in the classroom. when that's not possible,
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regulate often with your teacher. >> we're going to discuss grading. should students be value waited on tests and in class. we'll talk to our panel of experts and more this sunday morning at 9:30. this is your pique end. the receipt he'll real festival and is easy to get as fast food. >> from handmade tamales to organic kreis cream to lipia. we have a butchery contest, 100 pickles, 100 graf extra gansey. >> it's easy to get there. take the ferry. and guess who's back from the
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real food festival. without my tacos. >> i'm sorry. there wasn't any lids. so it's hard to transport. >> you ate well. >> i'm glad i heard those details. i was so busy eating today, you mow what i'm saying? that's happening saturday and sunday. and we're going to see some great news. the great news is, when you wanted to take a sampling, each one of the differentlocations. 106 in santa rosa. 79 in hsan jose nearle 0. not only milled right off the northern colorado. at least the second batch of
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weather. down here for the bay area, we're about 165 miles away from getting any vt from this. we may squeeze out a few isolated showers for the extreme north bay as we head into tomorrow morning. and we'll because it's so rare, it will be a record. but again, a switch. 50s here at the coastline. pretty uniform inland as well p the wloud for saturday, guns again, chance of showers minely north. upper 60s and low 70s. it's all about this cool area that's passing along with it keeping the changes in the forecast for this upcoming weekend, mainly 70s for our inland spot on seniority.
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for the only about the upper 0s. and not a -- low to mid-50s in the south bay. lots of temperatures near 50. more than just the ocean a.c. heading on as we head into saturday and sunday. it's more like it. 6 # tomorrow. 67 in san mateo. as we head over from oakland, and for the forth bay, near 70, more any time on the weather channel on cable. and you'll see in our seven-day, we slowly warm things up.
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>> it's real good. thanks, jeff. up next, get ready for the party of the year.
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glamour and glitz, a big part of the emmys and a big part of the after-parties as well. hbo known for throwing one of the hottest emmy after-parties in town. today we got a sneak peek behind the scenes. the theme, tarzan and jane meet
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palm beach. >> organizers say 1500 of hollywood's elite are in for a wild night after being the entertainment at the awards ceremony. >> we're going to have percussionists and dancers and then a surprise vocalist. >> i was going to say because one year i came it was kanye west and john legend. >> so it's going to be fun. it will be good. >> you're not going to give me a little hint? >> no no. >> the project's been in the work for months. organizers started brainstorming in january after the golden globes. the live broadcast of the 62nd primetime emmy awards starts right at 5:00. if you miss the show, catch our rebroadcast at 8:00. and don't miss nbc bay area news at 11:00. >> make sure you're wearing your faux cheetah when you're doing that. >> there you go. hrt. moving on to a little baseball. tim lincecum, can it get any
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worse for timmy this month? the short answer, question. we've got the low lights from china basin on the way. and the raider nation, ready for some football? don't believe me? check out the scene in downtown oakland today. sports is next. i'm a good son. dependable. i call my mom every week.
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there's no way around it, august has not been kind to tim lincecum. the two-time cy young award winner mired in his worst month with an e.r.a. hovering just below 9. tonight, though, timmy, another shot at turning things around. he did a new look to try and do it. the high socks as the giants opened against the d'backs, a team they've beat in their last seven meetings.
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two on, lincecum in a jam against adam laroche. gone. into mccovey cove. three-run jack. 3-0 d'backs. timmy, six "k." top nine, 4-0, arizona. the double. going to score a couple more. arizona goes on to win, 6-0. lincecum, his fifth straight loss falls to 11-9 on the season. the a's may not be blow away the competition, but their starting rotation can't be beat, almost. oakland's young staff has exceeded all expectations this season setting records in the process and with a quality start, they get another record. anderson facing the division-leading rangers going for the 19th straight quality start which would indeed the best in the major leagues. already down one. opposite field, that's going to score a paramour. 3-0, texas. very, very strange off of
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anderson. bottom two, a scary moment. gets his foot stuck. anderson would leave the game. mild hyper extension of his knee. he's optimistic. the quality start is snap. rangers win, 7-3. a's 9 1/2 games back. the nationals aren't the only ones dealing with bad news. all of baseball is taking a hit because rookie phenom steven strasburg's as well. he has a to have tommy johns surgery and will keep him out 12 to 18 months. the kickoff to the regular season still two weeks away. the silver and black held their annual raider nation celebration in downdown oakland.
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around 4,000. the annual event has been held at the coliseum, but a change of scenery, it's never a bad thing. >> you know, the oakland community, i think it's great to have it here. at the coliseum, it was fun. having it here, it's right in the heart of the city. and the fans actually get to come around and see what we're doing and see the product that we're putting out. well, still to come, it was just like told times yesterday who are tiger woods. but we can't say the same for round two. we're going we're gng to get out to the links utxt. droiiiid
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what this droid does will change how you do web connections. this creates a mobile 3g hotspot, powerful enough to fuel multiple devices at will. putting you at the center of your own world wide web. introducing the new droid x. the next generation of does.
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perhaps the claims we kept hearing loudly yesterday that tiger woods is back. words were premature. sure, the number one golfer had a great round yesterday, but today at the barclays woods was looking more like his 2010 tiger than his pre-scandal firing. good start, rough end. 5th hole, short putt, only about 20 inches. he couldn't even nail that. he'd bogey the hole, falling to 6 under. he shot a 4 over on the back nine. taking care of a pretty good front nine. that made him 4 under overall. that means tiger's four back.
11:34 pm
that's disappointing especially when he was on of in the lead on the front nine and then fell off. there's still a lot of golf to be played. >> oh, yeah. >> but in tournaments past, never count tiger out. >> i like that line. good start kind of like his marriage, right? >> ooh. >> it is what it is. weather. >> hopefully it will all work out for all of them. thanks, laura. thanks for tuning into nbc bay area news. have yourselves a great weekend.


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