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tv   NBC11 News The Bay Area at 5  NBC  August 28, 2010 4:00pm-4:30pm PST

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good evening. i'm diane dwyer. we begin at 5:00 with breaking news. we have a major development in the search for the gunman that shot a fremont police officer yesterday. police in san diego have confirmed they arrested 20-year-old andrew barrientos. we have team coverage on the story. monty francis is at highland hospital. we want to get to garvin thomas and new details of this arrest. >> reporter: diane, i just got off the phone with the san diego police department. they do have andrew barrientos in custody. he was picked up very close to
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the u.s./mexico border late this afternoon. police had an idea he was in the area because they had been tracking his cell phone signal. officers in san diego were aware he might be in the area. one officer close to the border spotted a car that looked like it might be barrientos. he followed him to a parking lot. the officer drew his gun and arrested him on the spot. he said there was no altercation during the arrest. barrientos was armed and was another male companion. he is accused of shooting under cover police officer yesterday. he was working with a partner doing warrant sweeps. he attempted to carjack one car and successfully carjacked another to get away from the scene.
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the second car he carjacked was found this morning in hayward. police all day have been busy in the union city neighborhood, barrientos is allegedly part of the dekoto gang. he was headed down south apparently looking to cross into mexico. garvin thomas, nbc bay area news. and late this afternoon police released a picture and new information about the officer who was seriously injured in that shooting. his name is todd young. he is 39 years old, a married father of two. he has been working as a police officer for 16 years. monty francis is at highland hospital in oakland where fellow officers are keeping vigil and reacting to the news of the arrest. >> reporter: officer young is listed in critical yet stable
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condition. doctors are describing his condition as touch and go. the fact that officer young is stable, meaning hi condition has not changed is at least a good sign. he lost a tremendous amount of blood and received a transfusion of 60 units while undergoing surgery last night. he suffered gunshot wounds to his pelvis and groin. he will require further surgeries possibly tomorrow. young's fellow officers continue to gather to officer support to his close friends and family. he is 39 years old, married, with two children. he worked for the fremont pd for six years, before that in newark for ten years. in contrast to the oakland pd this is the first time an officer from fremont has been critically wounded in the line of duty. >> my heart and our prayers are
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going out to the officer. he is in critical condition. everybody in the bay area and law enforcement are hoping he pulls through. >> reporter: because officer young has lost so much blood you can donate some blood. go to the american red cross. donate in the name of officer todd young. the type does not matter because we are told he is a universe alrepient. >> here is a picture of the suspecalpolice just arrested in san diego. 20-year-old andrew barrientos. police in southern california reportedly tracked a signature cal from his cell phone. they arrested him near the boarding crossing to mexico. we will continue to monitor this story. we will update this story later in this newscast. police have arrested the man
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they believe shot and killed a woman in san jose last night. witnesses say they heard a woman screaming for help on morris court. then several shots rang out. the 28-year-old victim was pronounced dead at the scene. a witness flagged the santa clara police down and gave them a detailed description of the gunman. officers found him relatively quickly and arrested him. here is an update on the fire burning in yuba county. a wildfire grown to 880 acres. authorities evacuated 30 homes. no structures have burned so far. the fire was reported yesterday afternoon. burning in the tahoe national forest area north of grass valley. as you can see in these live pictures that fire is putting out dark, heavy smoke. that means they are nowhere near getting the fire under control.
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governor schwarzenegger has declared a state of emergency in yuba county because of that fire. on the anniversary of martin luther king's i have a dream speech glenn beck plans to hold a rally in washington, d.c. as brian mohr reports civil rights leaders are not happy. >> reporter: conservative broadcaster glenn beck received a hero's welcome from followers on the eve of his rally at the lincoln memorial. >> why are you here? >> restoring honor. >> reporter: restoring honor to washington. that is what beck he and fellow tea party favorites like sarah palin want to do, supported by a crowd expected to be in the tens of thousands. >> we want the people to be able to speak up. we want states rights. >> i have a dream. >> reporter: the rally falls on the 47th anniversary of dr. martin luther king's iconic "i
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have a dream" speech at the memorial. reverend al sharpton and other civil rights leaders are holding a counterrally and march of their own. >> they have a right to rally. what they don't have a right to do is distort what dr. king's dream was about. >> reporter: beck's supporters see parallels. >> the central core concept behind his speech was about character. >> what glen is trying to do here is bring honor back to this country. is there a day you can do that more so than another day? >> one of beck's supporters, dr. king's niece. >> i support glenn beck because he is a human being. we are all made in the image and likeness of god. in washington, brian mohr, nbc bay area news. and still ahead at 5:00, a live look at at&t park where the giants are about to take on the
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arizona diamondbacks. laura behnke has a preview in sports. and later, lights, camera and action. los angeles is getting ready for the party of the year. and let's take a live look at oakland. plenty of clouds and there is some wind. more coming up on your weather new york a little bit. plus we will, of course, continue to update our top story. the arrest of a man policesp a wewe arere back in two minutes.
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we want to update you on our breaking news. police in san diego have just
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made an arrest in the shooting of fremont police officer todd young. police say they have arrested andrew barrientos close to the mexico border. garvin thomas has new information. do you know if the suspect resisted arrest at the border this afternoon? >> reporter: according to the san diego police, diane, he did not. that is a serious question considering what barrientos is accused of doing when police tried to arrest him here. when they picked him up in a parking lot near the border crossing, barrientos was armed and there was another man, another male, in the car with him. the fact they were able to take him into custody without further violence is a good thing all around for law enforcement. we believe they knew he was in the area, headed towards mexico. earlier in the day we heard the department of justice and san diego police had been tracking
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barrientos' cell phone signal. that what led them to believe he was headed to southern california presumably to cross into mexico. san diego police got a heads up. one officer alertly kept an eye out. he saw barrientos pull into a parking lot. heas able to arrest him without any further violence. diane. >> garvin, thank you very much for that update. we are looking at pictures of oakland, where the original shooting happened where the officer todd young was shot yesterday in oakland. he was a fremont police officer doing some undercover work in oakland during that shooting. first heat, then cool now the wind. there is one more weather change, beli iadg ouwa
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here are some live pictures outside of at&t park. the giant are warming up for tonight's game against the arizona diamondbacks. it is an important game beg beginning in less than an hour. we will get a live preview in sports. tv takes the spotlight in hollywood. the emmy awards on nbc will honor the best in television. late night host jimmy fallon will emcee and e! entertainment host gives us a look. >> it is time to roll out the red carpet. on this carpet many celebrities will be walking, beautiful women, beautiful men, seacrest. >> we love that you are already making fun of sea crest. >> what emmy host wouldn't do is give us the dish on the opening number. >> i want people to be sur preezed. i want to get as many stars involved as a can. >> like maybe a kardashian?
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>> could happen. the invite is out. >> i can confirm kim will be at the emmies. she is not in the opening skit but she is in the audience and at one point she and jimmy have a bit. kate gosselin will be in the opening skit. >> we know it will be a george clooney tribute. >> it is a two-hour show, the first hour will be the george clooney tribute. >> the seating cards are set. i found my place right next to john hamm. next to stephen moyer will be anna paquin, who will present together. check out our own joel mchale positioned behind neal patrick harris. on to the after party. >> the theme is celestial. >> we have a summer vegetable
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salad with fava beans and fresh peas. for the main course rack of lamb with a dried fruit crumble. for dessert a chewy fudge browny. >> stars can choose between champagne, wine or grey goose rtini. >> is there anything you are nervous about? >> a few things. i have thrown up a few times, but that is more to lose weight. >> the live broadcast begins at 5:00 p.m. if you miss the show catch our rebroadcast at 8:00 p.m. and stay tuned for nbc bay area news at 11:00. some local celebrities were bagging groceries for charity today. tom sinkovitz joined several local broadcasters at the safeway store, the ballpark
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store next to at&t park. funds raised benefit the muscular distrophy association. we have rea teramina checking out the forecast. we had three days of sun. finally. >> did it get warm enough for you to go swimming? >> it did. >> here is a live look over the golden gate bridge. the sun did come out in the afternoon which is nice. the sun will be sticking around. but, unfortunately, it is not bringing warmer temperatures along with it. let's look at our headlines. yes, it is going to be windy. the wind is contributing to the low numbers. in the 50s tonight. normal for what we are used to. tomorrow, sunday, below average temperatures continue. a cool system. monday still feels like october. plenty of 60s and 70s, not many 80s. 68 in oakland, 70 in san jose.
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folks the highs of the days were about these numbers, way below our average from ten to 12 degrees. one-degree warmer in oakland, same in san francisco. fairfield, five degrees cooler than this time yesterday. that has to do with the wind. let's take a look at these numbers. novado, 23 miles per hour out of the west. 14 miles per hour at napa, 28 in fairfield. down here we are where things are normally calm, all the winds are coming off the pacific. air conditioning is natural in there and making its way to the east. as we take a look at our bay area satellite. the clouds coming in, the wind pushing them along. the clouds are sticking around. pretty cool out there. very low. 50s. tomorrow's numbers are not going very high. in the 60s in many areas, 58
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pacifica, 69 fremont, 71 in livermore. we should be in the 90s over there. san francisco barely getting into the 60s at 63. fairfield 73 or so tomorrow. the highs are not very high at all. even when we go way north. as diane said a couple of days ago these temperatures were 30 degrees higher. we had a little bit of summer. not very much. coming monday temperatures go up three degrees or so every day. >> it is starting to look like that hot september thing. >> not yet. >> we are still in august. we have football and baseball going on. >> august and september. it is the battle of the bay. the niners' franchise player is back.
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giant and diamondbacks. barry zito goes for a win. today tiger woods looking like a mere mortal again. i.spor [ male announcer ] when meg whitman arrived at ebay, they had 30 people and an idea.
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tonight on the gridiron is the battle of the bay. the niners and raiders clash in the most important contest of the exhibition slate. game three when the starters see the most snaps in a preview of the regular season. the niners already with a big win. the holdout is officially over for franklin. he signed his franchise tender and immediately joined his team. franklin missed all of training
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camp but hopes to play in thursday's preseason finale for the niners. the giants are back on nbc bay area as they try to get back at the lowly diamondbacks thanks to last night's shutout. buster posey is out after straining his forearm last night. he is feeling better and could play tomorrow. eli whiteside behind the plate for barry zito. zito was forced to pitch an inning of relief in the marathon against the reds. he is tagged with the loss, something he is used to. zito looking for his first win since july 16th, second "w" since june 12th. last night tim lincecum's career worse slide got worse. four runs in six innings taking his fifth straight loss. on a bright note, he did finish with three straight score less innings.
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lincecum still ends august with a 7.82 e.r.a. for the month. tonight the a's continue with the rangers in texas. the bigger news of the day is what happened last night. brett anderson left the game with a mild hyperextension of his knee. good news, there was little swelling today and hopes to make his start wednesday in new york. the odds of manny ramirez leaving los angeles are getting better and better. out of the lineup, the third straight game he was a healthy scratch. the white sox were awarded his waiver claim. they have until tuesday to hammer out a deal. the $4 million that remains on his contract. tiger woods just trying to make a presentable showing. he just struggles here all because of this. first hole tee shot, round three. not good. you heard the crowd groan. they are seeing the ball sail over the trees and out of
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bounds. yes, tiger woods had that shot. same hole putting for double bogey. triple bogeys the hole. shoots a one over today. three under for the tournament. nine shots behind leader martin laird. enough of the exhibition, team usa opening play against croatia in turkey. the u.s. nails the three. steph curry, four points, four assists. the warrior getting his feet wet. the usa rolls 106-78. not too challenging by a good way to start. when we come back, we have an update on the. the e latete anews. e late after aes of man acc of shootingn undercover police officer. a
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police just confirmed they have arrested 20-year-old andrew barrientos near the border crossing to mexico. he is the man accused of shooting an undercover police officer in oakland yesterday. they tracked barrientos by his cell phone signal and caught him near the border crossing to tijuana. he did not resist arrest though he was reportedly armed at the time. todd young was shot twice when he and another officer tried to serve barrientos a search warrant. "nightly news" is next. no nbc bay area news at 6:00. our next newscast is at 11:00. see you then. enjoy the giants game. good night.


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