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tv   NBC11 News The Bay Area at 5AM  NBC  August 30, 2010 4:00am-5:00am PST

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border today. kris sanchez is live in the newsroom with what that will mean for the border and closer for here at home in the bay area. we are only talking about 30 troops starting work today patrolling the u.s./mexico border, but by the end of september they will be joined by 500 more. they were ordered there by president obama a few months ago and have been training since. 224 national guard troops from california will likely be deployed to the border on wednesday. governor schwarzenegger said they are trained and ready to go. here's one problem many americans have for this deployment. the service men and women will carry guns but only for self-defense, and they don't have authority to arrest anyone if anyone is crossing illegally or breaking the law. if a national guard soldier is crossing illegally, they have to call the border patrol for action. the bill means better tools, night vision equipment, cameras,
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computers and radios. while much of this deployment has to do with the immigration debate in the u.s., there's no question the drug war along the border is escalating. just yesterday a mayor in a mexican state which bordered texas was assassinated in his truck as he was driving with his daughter. that's one thing for our california national guard troops to remember as they head there on wednesday. good news this morning, nbc bay area news learned that the fremont police officer shot friday is getting better this morning. 39-year-old todd young is still in critical condition after someone shot him as he served a warrant. doctors say he's stabilized after a pair of surgeries. this weekend there was an outpouring of support as people donated blood in pleasant hill. the red cross said young needed at least 60 units of blood during surgeries and will require more since doctors say more surgeries are planned.
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>> he's out there defending us. it shouldn't be too much to ask to come in and donate blood. >> the 39-year-old married officer and father of two was shot while trying to arrest andrew barrientos in oakland on friday on a domestic violence charge. no word from police when barrientos will return to the bay area to face chargeses of attempted murder. there will be more blood drive force officer young this week. they will be held at five bay area red cross locations in pleasant hill, oakland, san jose and fremont. call the number on your screen for more information. two men convicted of killing a fairfield city councilman in 2008 are scheduled to be sentenced today in a vallejo courtroom. henry don williams and eugene combs are due in court at 8:30 this morning but combs' attorney wants to postpone the sentencing. both were accused of shooting
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matt garcia in 2008. he was declared brain dead and taken off life support four days after the shooting. police are investigating a fire that killed a woman. firefighters say it looks like the fire started on a mattress on a floor and quickly grew forcing the woman to try to escape out a window. she died in a fall. the man in the apartment was seriously burned but survived. police launched an investigation because the fire has been classified as suspicious. a concord man is accused of robbing a world war ii vet of medals he earned in combat. police say 50-year-old michael jones broke into the man's home in walnut creek. investigators say they found some of the stolen items including the medals and mementos from the war hidden in the victim's yard, so they staged a stakeout and arrested jones for get the things he allegedly took and hidden. he is also charged with a meth possession. >> developing news from the
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business world. silicon valley's influence getting bigger. scott mcgrew has more. >> intel bought mcafee, and this one for intuit is not as big. the purchase furthers intel into the smartphone industry. they make a low power mobile chip mostly for small computers. >> infineon has a bigger presence in phones including the apple iphone. a few more miles down 101, hewlett-packard continues the battle with dell for 3par. each time dell makes a bid, 3par moves in to accept it. and then in swoops h.p.
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the current bid is $30. people are figuring hp will offer 30, dell will offer 32. if dell offers 32, hp 34 and so on. you can make some money, but it's a dangerous place to be. >> it's infineon. we originally said intel, i confused it and said intuit. you know what? it's monday morning. >> you need one of those hot coffees from fremont. not quite the end of the rope for san francisco's clay theater. it will stay open for deal. a short-term deal was struck to keep the fillmore street from closing its doors. clay theater was built back in 1910. smaller houses like it are now a rarity in the u.s. if you work for the city of
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san francisco, you may soon lose a perk. budget problem means no more free parking for government employees. san francisco has about 27,000 city employees, and they have been allowed to park for free near government buildings and in reserve paces in parking garages. but that's taking potential money from the city and the municipal city trabstatinsition. the next phase of construction at san jose international airport gets started today. the airport is closing the runway that most commercial flights use to land. it will stay closed for the week and plane also have to land on the other main runway. closure is not expected to effect flights. >> it's 5:06. something that might effect the commute through the reyes bay, mike inouye has that. >> 580. ears perk up there after this big commute spot. eastbound 580.
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that's opposite your main commute and past the livermore airway there. we have to get the tow crew over there to pull that car from the ditch. that might mean the slow lane closes again. eastbound 580, all lanes are open. as well as westbound. speeds close to the limit out of the altamont pass it will get congested and there may be another lane closure over the next few minutes. >> tracking the skies is rob mayeda. >> it has been a cool morning. 54 in san jose. down into san jose, a southeast wind close to 6 miles per hour. around the south bay, there you see 54. san francisco chilly as well. oakland, 59. still seeing that sea breeze blowing in across the bay. southwest winds at 6. we have this trough hung up across the sierra this morning.
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that's why we cooled off this weekend, that's why at happens here in the seven-day forecast, 80s and 90s inland, 70s back to the coast starting around wednesday. now the hurricanes in the atlantic are already making for some dangerous conditions. rip currents are keeping life guards busy along florida's east coast. more than 65 rescues were performed in brevard county alone. swimmers and surfers are advised to stay out of the water for the next few days. this weekend was a solemn and painful one for those who survived hurricane katrina. president obama spent the day in new orleans and promised to provide continued help for recovery. many along the coast continue to struggle. >> just another day. we have to come back here, finish cleaning up the mess. >> what we went through and where we are today, we're a
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local lot better. >> in the ninth ward, a procession marked across the bay born street bridge were hundreds were stranded of the storm. the city of biloxi, people gathered there to remember the day the storm hit their area. almost every casino and business along the coast was either destroyed or heavily damaged. 170 people were killed. the names of those lost in the storm were read allowed by students from two local high schools. the 170 names are also engraved on the memorial wall. history is made on the baseball diamond. we'll show you something that never happened before. >> president obama is back in washington. there's a lot of work to do. see what's on his agenda coming up. and a mormon bishop is killed in a holy place. we'll so he you where it
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happened next. >> traffic is picking up. not too heavy on a monday morning. we will check the morning commute. b-a-c-c-a-l-a-u-r-e-a-t-e.
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with select services. at&t. rethink possible. time is 5:12. live look outside east bay this
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morning. looking good there. there are a few hot spots to tell you about. speaking of hot, we'll check in on your forecast in a bit. a community is seeking answers after a mormon bishop is gunned down. the church bishop was working in an office when the gunman entered the building asking for the person in charge. moments later the person shot and killed the bishop. the shooter fled and then called police to tell them where he was. one woman heard the exchange of gunfire between the gunman and police. the bishop was 42 years old, married with six children. he been on the job only four months. deadly shooting in arizona came to an end in southern
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california. police say a man shot and killed three people in arizona before killing himself. they say the 26-year-old brian dees went into the home where his estranged partner and three children lived. he shot the woman and the people who were inside with her. though say that he then took the children and flood to southern california where he let the kids go before he killed himself. investigators say that deitz was found dead in a home in rancho cucamonga. >> a standoff still going on in alaska. it has been going on since late saturday night. vacation is over for president obama. he is back in the oval office today with a full agenda, including dealing with the nation's economy. he said he realizes that the economy is not bouncing back as
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fast as the government expected. home sales remain down. nearly one in ten americans is out of work and mr. obama says congress needs to act now. >> we should be passing legislation that will give small businesses credit. >> right now that's on hold because of politics. lawmakers are trying to keep their jobs and democrats are getting hammered on the economy and spending. today bp takes a major step in its plans to plug the ruptured oil well in the gulf of mexico. before p will start work removing the cap iping stat tha was capturing oil since last month. engineers then will use the relief well to kill the well below the ocean floor. the well exploded 133 days ago. >> scott mccrew says a movie rental store, blockbuster, they
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filed for bankruptcy now. >> you can get bankruptcy one of two-ways. they are about to file for bankruptcy. you can run out of money and go into court and say my goodness, protect us. or do this as a planned bankruptcy. that's what we think blockbuster will do. it appears blockbuster is choosing the pre-end plan. the movie rental chain will file for court protection from its kr creditors in less than a week. any person who owns a tv knows why, it's easier and easier to get movies without getting in a car. netflix stock has been up big on the blockbuster talk. the "wall street journal" says the government is taking a much closer look at the sale of nbc. the justice department is
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concerned nbc's proposed joint venture with comcast would inhibit the growth of tv on the internet. nbc has hulu and comcast is a cable company. the justice department is asking what might comcast do with hulu and other services if they owned nbc. any time we mention this deal have to mention we are owned by nbc universal, which is owned by ge. deeply involved in this deep. >> we'll follow that, i'm sure. some of television's best actors and actresses are waking up this morning with new emmys. george clooney was honored with the bob home humanitarian award for his work in raising awareness to the crisis in darfur. among the other night's big winners, madmen for outstanding drama series and modern family
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for outstanding comedy series. edie falco was named for outstanding lead actress in a comedy series for her role in nurse jackie. the giants are home tonight against colorado. that starts at 1715. san francisco avoided a sweep of the diamondbacks yesterday. they went up early yesterday thanks to pablo sandoval. 4-1 in the third. in the bottom of the seventh, jose guillen got the lead back with a two rbi singing here. the giants did hold on to win it. final score 9-7. yesterday the a's kept their slim playoff hopes alive with a win over texas. final score was 8-2. a thriller in atlanta ended in an unusual and historic way. bottom of the ninth.
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braves tied with the marlins. pitcher brian mccain hits what could be ruled a home run, but they rule it a ground-rule double. so they decide to look at replay. it does hit above the yellow line, so that's a home run. that's the first time a baseball game ended on a reviewed home run. at least they did beak at it. >> 5:19 now. traffic out there on the road. >> sad news over near the oakland zoo involving an animal, a deer. this is westbound 588, keller avenue. you see slowing approaching the scene. reportedly the person who hit that saying that that deer was hit in the middle lane of the roadway. so chp or the department of transportation will have to head out there and clear that roadway. right now slowing showing up
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approaching the area. that's just before i get to highway 13. watch for that. after the scene, speeds back to the limit. i'll track it. let you know if there are any closures or road breaks. >> right now, should happen over the next few minutes. 880 now, light volume. a live look past the coliseum. this shot that we are talking about in the northbound direction with the taillights, southbound direction with the headlights. sparsely populated on the nimitz. you can see all the spacing between the lights. southbound with the headlights towards the san mateo bridge and that interchange moving smooth through the construction zone. look at all the space here. light volume on the san mateo bridge. you can see heading over the high rise, visibility is good up and down on the roadway, that echoed in on the forecast.
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i'll let you know about our roller coaster temperatures. >> a woman is trying toan set a record. we'll show you how.
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welcome back. time is 5:23. live look at the bay bridge coming into the city. nice clear shot, too.
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it looks like your forecast is going to be heating up again. kind of on this roller coaster pattern. this time of year we know, rob, that august and september, they can be fairly warm. >> typically, especially for the coast. this is probably the warmest time of year. you won't find that outside this morning. 54 degrees in san jose. clear skies, chilly. a southeast wind close to 6 miles per hour. 59 in oakland. san francisco, you just saw it, fog-free for now. 55 degrees. strong sea breeze, west at 13. if you're heading out to the giants game, bundle up. the rockies in town winds 10 to 10 miles per hour. gorgeous baseball weather the middle part of the week as temperatures start to climb. we are starting off chilly this morning, mild for the afternoon. just like this weekend. beginning tuesday, things will heat up. by wednesday, 90s coming back to the forecast for inland valleys. air quality just fine, but the
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satellite view looks more like october than august. this is why weather made a complete u turn late last week. heading up to the sierra today, you may find isolated showers around lake tahoe. for the bay area, mild temperatures, 70s for most places inland. 80s and 90s coming back into the forecast wednesday and thursday. likely heading towards the weekend we will see temperatures cooling down. mid week, highs in the 70s. 7 76 in san jose. san francisco and the coast, highs in the low to mid 60s. pittsburg, fairfield, highs in the low 80s. 77 for santa rosa. the seven-day forecast. going from the dip the road we have now, up to the peak on wednesday and thursday.
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a florida life guard is about to make a trip of a lifetime. she wants to paddle nonstop from cuba to key west. her ult nat goal is to make money for the make-a-wish foundation and to prove that is possible. aguilera will be paddling for 130 miles. her crew will follow her in a yacht to deliver food and water but in order to set a record, she can't believe the board. she says her motivation are the kids whose wishes will come true thanks to her paddling. a bay area coffee shop is brewing up business and a little controversy. a man accused of threatening nancy pelosi is scheduled to be in court today. details coming up. >> a fremont police officer is in critical condition and a man is in custody accused of
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shootinghim. a live report on that as well.
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national guard troops start reporting to the u.s. mexico border today. we'll show you when they will get to california's border coming up. a fremont police officer shot in oakland is still hospitalized this morning. we'll have the latest on his condition plus ways you can help. that story straight ahead. good morning. thanks for joining us. i'm laura garcia-cannon. >> i'm brent cannon. time is coming up on 5:30.
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we want to start with mike inouye and a look at your monday morning commute. >> the north bay this time, folks starting to come down through fairfield, vacaville. we have a report of an accident eastbound 80 off the carquinez bridge at columbus parkway, the on-ramp or off-ramp or possibly both is effected. the chp are to the sure if the big rig came off of the off-ramp or ended up on the off-ramp. watch that transition heading over to highway 37. look like my maps are frozen. the speed sensors would have shown now problems around the carquinez bridge. >> we are about to go back up the hill heading towards the middle part of the week, but this morning take a jacket with you. lunch time temperatures, 70s to near 80.
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middle part of the week, things are heating up. we'll show you how hot it will get in a few minutes. lawyer? >> thank you. this morning an east bay police officer is in the hospital after getting shot while serving a search warrant. his surgeries required massive amounts of blood. this week people around the bay area can help. christie smith is live in oakland with more. >> people are already coming out in droves and helping by giving blood. they did so this weekend. officer young required heavy transfusions after his initial surgery. the latest information we have is that he is listed in critical but stable condition this morning here at highland hospital. more surgeries are expected for officer todd young who underwent a second surgery yesterday but was improving. the 39-year-old married of two was shot while trying to arrest andrew barrientos in oakland on
5:32 am
a domestic violence charge. we are told he lost more than 60 units in blood. >> he's out there defending us. it shouldn't be too much to ask to come in and donate blood. >> a manhunt for barrientos ended this weekend. investigators tracked his cell phone and he was feetborder. if you want to help out, you can give blood this week at pleasantville, san jose, and fremont.
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the first new wave of national guard troops arrives along the u.s./mexico border today. 254 of our national guard troops from california will likely be deployed to the border by wednesday. governor schwarzenegger said they are trained and ready to go, though they will have no real authority to detain anybody. a 48-year-old man accused of making threatening phone calls to nancy pelosi earlier this year will be in a courtroom today. he is charged with one felony count of violating a federal law that makes it a crime to make obsce obscene, harassing or threatening phone calls. a federal affidavit unsealed in april revealed he made 48 threatening calls to pelosi and her husband at their homes and offices. >> san jose's biggest company may get bigger.
5:34 am
scott mcgrew has information on how much bigger. >> talk of cisco systems might buy skype. you know skype. >> i used it. >> you have actually used it. you know it's popular. cisco is in the tell conference business. skype is the poor man's teleconference. wall street buzzing about intel's purchase of a german company, infineon. about $1.4 billion. hp has raised its bid for fremont-based 3par to $2 billion. this continues to grow. >> it does. >> was worth 10 bucks a share early last week, now 30 system now. hp is willing to pay 30, and people are bidding it up to 35. >> somebody is making money. to the me, but somebody. >> you just report on it. >> that's right. >> san jose will hold a community meeting tonight about
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the search for a new police chief. this is the second public meeting concerning a replacement for retiring chief rob davis. he will step down in october. tonight's meeting is at 6:00 at the san jose city hall. a lot of people are upset with the way san jose is handling that search that's because no candidates names are being revealed. city manager says confidentiality is needed in order to draw a large pool of candidates, but the aclu and naacp are calling for more openne openness. a better communication system is in the works for san francisco police. the city will be able to transmit realtime communication from a police center to police on patrol. beat officers have information that often is unavailable or gets lost in transslaglatiotran.
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>> something is brewing in the warm springs district and it's more than a hot cup of coffee. a new drive-up coffee shot is set to open in the parking lot of a anybody hood shopping center. the new place is called your coffee cups, and it features bikini clad baristas who will self the coffee. you can get an a, b, c, or d-sized cup. >> we are doing double what the previous people were doing. we are doing that in a week, week and a half. and we're in the black after four weeks. >> this is not the first time a coffee shop with this kind of theme has so-called percolated in the bay area. several years ago an east san jose coffee shop also raised a few eyebrows. >> the summer travel season is
5:37 am
coming to a close and gas prices are dropping. the latest lundberg survey shows the national average for a gallon of regular dropped 7.4 cents in the past two weeks. national average is 2.77 a gallon. average for california is 3.06. >> lots of folks hitting the roads this morning. we want to check in with mike. >> back up to vallejo. a couple of directions reported at the columbus parkway off-ramp. westbound 80, the off-ramp at columbus parkway is currently closed because of a big rig facing the wrong way. it sound like it may have come off the on-ramp in a similar area, that's why the confusion. there will be a slowdown for the next few minutes. should be smooth coming through vallejo, past highway 37 and across the carquinez bridge. started to get more crowded
5:38 am
through hercules, and we'll follow the east shore freeway, right now 18 minutes to the bay bridge toll plaza. light volume there. no problems so far, you guys. it's monday. mondays are heavier than many days of the week but lighter than the weekends. bay bridge is polar over the weekend. >> everybody finding something to do. grab a light jacket when you head out the door but it could be shorts for the week. >> a taste of fall this morning. 45 in santa rosa. you can see our weather headlines, chilly at day break. you will want the jacket. dress in layers today. t-shirt we're forest of the bay area. tank tops and shorts again. 80s and 90s popping up, but not until wednesday. lunch time temperatures hitting some 70s inland. only the warmest places today near 80. tomorrow we start to warm up inland. even the coast gets into the act
5:39 am
with 70s for the weekend. are you getting ready to pack lunch for your kids? we have tips on keeping those lunches healthy. and a fascinating look inside the mine where 33 men may have to spend the next four months. a new study says more kids are suffering serious head injuries. we will give you a closer look at the evidence next from our live report from washington. >> and a look outside at the bay bridge. mike has been talking about that. looking good. we'll check your commute and your forecast thebrin after the break. ea
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new this morning an alarming study about kids and head injuries from 1997 to 2007 trips to the emergency room for head injuries tripled for teens 14 to 19 years old. that number doubled for kids 8
5:42 am
to 13. those numbers come even though fewer kids are playing sports like football and hockey. tracie potts has information on what parents can do if they think their kid has this kind of injury. >> reporter: the main thing parents can do is be aware of the signs and symptoms of a concussion and more importantly get them out of the game. experts in this study, which is being published in pediatrics, says 40% of kids go back into the game too soon. that's the big issue. there are some states starting to address this issue. seven states in this country, california is not one of them, but seven states have laws about sports safety. they generally require training and education for coaches and in some cases for parents. informed consent. so you have to sign off before your child plays that you are aware of head injuries and the damage they can cause. and also they require, in some cases, the child be instantly
5:43 am
pulled from the game. and there's one tough new law in new mexico that says they can't return for seven days without medical consent. they can't return for seven days period. they have to have medical consent. most of those laws require some sort of doctor's note. it's a huge issue. as you said not only among high school kids but those as young as 8. this study looked at ten years worth of emergency room records. they found that 140,000 children showed up in emergency rooms last year with head injuries from playing sports. back to you. >> thanks. the feds are going after retired baseball star roger clemens. he is scheduled to be arraigned in federal court today. he faces charges including perjury and obstructing congress. he is accused of lying to the house of representatives that he never took performance-enhancing drugs back at a hearing in 2007. today a judge will ask him if he
5:44 am
understands the charges and ask him to enter a plea. he's expected to plea not guilty. amazing new video of the 33 miners trapped underground in chile. they appear to be in good spirits. they talk about how they're doing and are feeling better since they got more food. crews above ground are able to send in special clothes through a small hole to help them deal with the hot, wet conditions down in the mine. they have been stuck since the first week of august and they may not be able to get to them to get them out until december. an indonesian volcano is erupting for the second day in a row. the volcano is spewing white clouds and smoke and ash into the air. it has be the volcano last erupted more than 400 years ago.
5:45 am
it is 5:44 now. you're watching nbc bay area news. >> we will check traffic and weather coming up. first california national guard troops are packing their bags for a trip to the border observe wednesday. they're part of the new troop sent to bring security to a dangerous new region. kris sanchez is live in the newsroom following that story. she has the time line and what it all means. >> here is the time line we're talking about. about 30 troop also start working, patrolling the border today. by the end of september, they will be joined by 500 more. we expect 224 national guard troop members to deploy to the border. on wednesday, governor schwarzenegger reported that they are trained and ready to go. president obama ordered that deployment in may. while some folks along the border region welcome the troops, others have a problem
5:46 am
with the fact that the service men and women will be carrying guns, but those guns will only be for defense. they will not be used to stop someone breaking the law. if they spot someone crossing the border illegally, they have to call the border patrol for action. the bill means better tools, night vision equipment, cameras, computers and radios. while much of this deployment has to do with the immigration debate in the u.s., there's no question the drug war along the border is escalating. just yesterday a mayor in a mexican state which bordered texas was assassinated in his truck as he was driving with his daughter. that's one thing for our california national guard troops to remember as they head there on wednesday. yesterday a mosque was set
5:47 am
on fire. it was still under construction and someone poured liquid on four construction vehicles on site. the fbi and aft are back on scene this morning. bp takes another major step today in plans to permanently plug the ruptured well in the gulf of mexico. crew also begin removing the capping stack that began trapping the oil last month. that will allow them to detach the blow-out preventer and then they'll replace it with a new one. engineers will then use a relief well to permanently kill the well below the ocean floor. the deep water horizon drilling rig exploded 133 days ago. it's that time of the year again, back to school for kids. but packing a healthy school lunch that they will want to eat and not trade is hard for parents. susan cayman says first and foremost think variety. she said it is key to have one
5:48 am
food from each of the five food groups, such as whole grain, a lean protein such as chicken, turkey, humus, cottage cheese, another dairy option and fruits and vegetables. people in krakow are attempting to set the world record for the biggest pizza. the current record is 445 yards long. poland's is said to reach more than 1,000 yards. officials do have to certify the results. the pizza has to be one long piece, so they have to inspect it to make sure it qualifies. i don't know if they have polish sausage on that one or not. 5:48 right now.
5:49 am
this morning we are in search of the bay's best things to do in the dark. bob redell has tackled assignment and is live with us from milpitas. any luck. >> i believe so in order to do this story, we have to turn off the camera light, which means you won't see my face, which i'm sure is good news for those at home. you can get a sense where we're at. we're looking at the bay's best things to do in the dark. that takes us golfing. we have indoor putt putt. can you believe not only can you put indoors, you can play golf outdoors. look at some videotape. this is from down south in the pebble beach area. i was with there with my folks, they were celebrating their 40th wedding anniversary. i come out and there are people
5:50 am
whacking golf balls way into the nighttime. they are glow balls, and the only hitch is that they don't allow this for anyone to show up and do it, it's only for groups. if you're staying at the inn of spanish bay or pebble beach and you have a corporate thing going on or a wedding, you can call their conference service manager. i had their phone number here a minute ago. it's 831 -- you can read that? 831-anyone seeing that? 647 -- >> turn on the light. >> i can't see it let's get in the blaacklight. that showing up? no maybe that's something we should have tested before the live shot. good planning, redell. fluorescent markers.
5:51 am
647-7500. you guys want the address to the place? >> do we have to look at it? >> no? okay. >> thanks, bob. >> see ya. >> lights are on. the world's most popular movie was not that popular in theaters over the weekend. >> "avatar," the most successful movie -- >> it's the second time around. >> all the people went to "avatar" over and over and over the first time it came out, then you had the dvd. when the studio this weekend put the movie back in theaters, you got it right, what happened. not that many people came to see it. they have been avatared out. it was a soft weekend for ticket sales. the top movie was "the last exorcism" which presumably won't have a sequel. made about $21 million.
5:52 am
"takers" right behind it. a cut and paste of every other heist movie, a bunch of burglars who have one last score which is every heist movie ever. >> there are some fans. >> it was not a total changing of the guard at this year's emmy awards, but it did come close. there wrf several new winners of the 62nd edition. modern family won for best comedy. jim parsons is a first-time winner taking best actor in a comedy for "the big bang theory." edie fall kro got best act cress for nurse jackie along with three others she got for "the sopranos." >> the women i was up against are funny comedians, i'm shocked. i'm not playing coy, i'm
5:53 am
dumbfounded. >> it took five nominations, but kyra sedgwick won for "the closer." "madmen" won for best drama. >> we should have a theme show. >> that would be great. >> i'm waiting for those new episodes of seinfeld and cosby show to come back to nbc. >> keep waiting. >> don't have to wait for this. this is the clearing to northbound 101. a few minutes of closure there. but the accident is cleared from the system. that's good news around the san jose international airport. we'll show you the rest of the south bay where things are moving smoothly. you can see the forming of the backup right here, 680, all the way up to 880. that's where we see the initial burst. then it will clear. and boom t will come back 20 minutes later. by 6:40, we will see this big slowing. right now speeds registering close to the limit.
5:54 am
there is the speeds from here as well as 87. those are the first places to show that through the south bay. sunol gray, that's where you will see slowing in about a half hour. we see a nice, steady light flow here. coming over the top of the maze, the fremont side. you can see the cluster of lights there. livermore, 580 showing a slowdown into the city. the maze, no major issues. an earlier accident around keller cleared. there is the toll plaza. volume building. no major slowing and no mentoring lights yet. those are turn on in about a half hour. >> get a little fall a little summer, everything with rob. >> all within the nix three days. >> right now jacket weather for sure across the north bay. mid 40s to start off your morning. a sea breeze going today. out around concord or fairfield, winds 10 to 20 miles per hour. good news for air quality. good no matter where you go all
5:55 am
day long around the bay area. looking for warmer temperatures? not going to find it with the type of pattern we have, at least to start your week. this trough, which hung up across the west, any time you are sitting on the trough or the north side of that jet stream, you will see cool to mild temperatures. 70s to nearly 80s inland. as high pressure building, this will set the stage for a big warm up. 70s to 80s today, 90s for the weekend. the coast will start warming up on wednesday. mid 90s in the hottest places heading towards the middle part of the week. scientists exploring the wreckage of the titanic have sent back amazing pictures of the ship seen for the first time in hd and 3d. we have never seen pictures of the titanic quite like this. researchers are trying to find
5:56 am
beautiful images to bring back the tragedy but also get measurements. the photos catch a ladder that people may have used to try to get out. paris hilton is telling friends she is not worried about her drug arrest in las vegas. police stopped a vehicle she was riding in. police say they found cocaine in a purse, hilton says it was not her. it is 5:56 now. a hurricane is gaining strength in the caribbean this morning. we will check in with the weather channel on when and where it could hit the u.s. and troops picking under and shipping out of iraq this week. >> and san jose shuts down its major airway this we
5:57 am
major runway this week. >> and we will check in with mike and rob looking at traffic and weather.
5:58 am
5:59 am
hundreds of california national guard troops headed for the border this week. we'll have a preview of their mission. >> a fremont police officer shot in oakland is improving this weekend. i'm christie smith. we'll have the latest on his condition and how you can help. >> two years later, the family of a young fairfield city councilman gunned down in the streets may finally see the gunmen pay for the crime.


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