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tv   NBC11 News The Bay Area at 6  NBC  August 31, 2010 5:00pm-6:00pm PST

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damian trujillo is live outside of firestation 30 which was shut down by budget cuts. >> reporter: these doors were closed on august 1st and recently 49 firefighters were laid off and now the fire union says it has uncovered some recent audio recording of warnings to city hall of the downsizing it calls dynamic deployment could be catastrophic for the city. this is what's left of the home next door to susan kent. she called 911 and says it seemed like a long time before firefighters arrived last week. >> one of the firemen came into my house and got my dog out so i can't say enough about them but they were late in getting to here. >> reporter: firefighters say they were busy fighting two other fires in the city and cutbacks delayed the response time to 12:35. not the targeted eight minutes. >> it's not acceptable at all.
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>> reporter: firefighters say the outcome could have been much worse even deadly and recently uncovered audio recording the fire union says city hall was warned by deputy fire chief that cutbacks called dynamic deployment could force an eight to tenfold increase in loss of life and property if a fire extends beyond the root of origin. >> public information officer was sitting there and he gasped and said the public will never accept that. you can't say that. >> reporter: that pio told nbc bay area he doesn't remember saying those words. his boss, the city manager, told the city council her office will investigate the claim but warned -- >> what appears to be from my quick read a discrediting campaign around dynamic deployment. >> reporter: the back and forth accusations continued. >> this is a fact that was never disclosed to the public during this budget cycle. dynamic deployment is a scheme designed by the city
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administration. >> it's rhetoric. it's political season. it's exaggeration, however you want to cast it. you have to sort out the facts. >> reporter: the fact is it's become a bitter labor battle and stuck in the middle are the residents of san jose. the mayor says he wants to rehire those 49 firefighters and reopen the doors to station 30 but last week the fire union overwhelmingly rejected the latest contract offer of a 9% decrease in pay and benefits. they say the cost to keep those 49 firefighters they would have to close ten libraries. the saga continues. live in san jose, i'm damian trujillo, nbc bay area news. now to something you never, ever want to see outside your airplane window. these pictures were taken by a passenger onboard qantas flight this morning. they show the hole created when one of the four engines blew up.
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it was less than an hour into the flight that everyone felt a thud and strong vibration. some passengers on the right side of plane saw sparks and planes. the pilot turned around and dumped fuel and headed back to sfo. passengers say despite all they heard and saw, there was no panic onboard. >> kept talking to us. and they just reassured us the whole way. >> passengers were put up for the night at hotels in the bay area. most were rebooked on flights today through los angeles. the search tonight for two missing friends. the two filipino women are from vallejo. on the left is a 60 year old who goes by carol and her 67-year-old friend or rita as her friends call her. the two were last seen on august 25th. police say smart left her home to visit allen. smart's abandoned car was later
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found. police believe both women are in a 2002 white cadillac aescalade. the gang member suspected of shooting a fremont police officer and is accused getaway accomplice were charged today. tonight the entire community is at the officer's bedside. ken shows us how strangers are stepping up to help save young's life. >> these are all walk ins. this is the appointment sheet. you can see there's a lot more people just coming in to den ate blood. >> reporter: coming in to give of themselves while keenly aware of what officer young has given. >> we expected 40 donations to be collected and everywhere we're collecting 80 donation. >> reporter: that was sunday and today no different. red cross workers had their
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hands full and police responded to a call. >> he's a very nice guy. it's great to see all of the support for him. >> he's a good guy. i've known him before he was an officer at fremont and if this happened to me, i'm sure todd would do the same thing for me much as i am for him right now. i hope everything goes well for him. >> reporter: for others it's professional courtesy. >> it's a personal thing. we all stick together no matter where we're from weather it be here in california or in new york. it doesn't matter. we all stick together. >> reporter: while police officers injured in the line of duty raises awareness, we're reminded that the red cross always need donors. >> we need people to continue to donate blood today, next week, and the week after. this is not just a one-time situation of needing blood. >> tonight a marin county judge put california's plans to resume
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executions after a four-year hiatus on hold. the judge issued a ruling that temporarily bars prison officials from moving forward with executions. the order comes the same day state lawmakers argued in federal court that nothing should stand in the way of setting execution dates for six death roll inmates. the california department of corrections adopted new lethal injection procedures this summer to address concerns that inmates may suffer an inhumane death from the state's three drug cocktail. a devastating blow to one of california's most notorious gang family. more than three dozen key members of a gang were arrested in central california today. the 250 law enforcement officers were part of operation street sweeper. a year-long effort to cripple the gang's hierarchy. >> i'm determined to put a stop to the control of street crime by prison gangs. today we really deal a blow to the hierarchy, to the connection
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to the streets of california and their lieutenants and agents and associates on the streets. >> the gang started at a prison in the 1960s and controls illegal activities inside several state prisons and gangs who operate in central california. housekeepers and nannies and caregivers celebrated today with passage of landmark legislation across the country. the domestic workers bill of rights was signed into law by the governor of new york today. under that domestic workers bill, new yorkers are guaranteed overtime pay, vacation pay and protection against sexual harassment. next to workers here in california say the passage of that bill paves the way for similar protection here. >> we work very hard to support this bill in new york, to participate in the marches and it's been a long struggle but we know with domestic workers in
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new york and we feel very proud and we'll keep fighting for that similar bill to be passed here in california. >> that may not take too long. a resolution recognizing the contribution of domestic workers passed the california legislature last week. economic uncertainty tonight about the certainty of economic reports. with good reason. what some analysts say the economy is bouncing back and others predicting a double dip recession. the one certainty, way too many people are still out of work. traci grant is live in san francisco to tell you about two of the state's most powerful politicians say needs to be done about it. traci? >> reporter: the job numbers haven't looked good for a long time now but every now and then there's a bit of hope. today governor schwarzenegger and senator boxer came to san francisco to talk about jobs and how to create more of them. >> my company is starting to hire people back again, so we're
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somewhat better. >> reporter: for al cummings the job market looks good and bad. for the first time in a long time there were jobs at his investment firm, he has family members that are unemployed. >> my son-in-law is finding it very difficult. sends out a lot of resumes. talks to a lot of people. it's not easy. >> my daughter is worried as well. >> reporter: so many people have the same stories to tell. senator barbara boxer and governor schwarzenegger gave two different speeches in san francisco today but the subject matter was the same. >> this is about jobs, jobs, jobs. >> reporter: during an economic submit at pg&e, schwarzenegger said to boost jobs in california, the state needs to create tax incentives to lure businesses here and get rid of sales tax for manufacturing and senator boxer said california can create and hang onto jobs if it leads the way in clean energy economy, protects the coastal economy, continues to build more
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roads and bridges, gives small businesses to access to credit and stops giviing tax breaks to companies that ship overseas. projects or doyle drive and transbay terminal in san francisco will create more than 50,000 jobs but there's still a lot more work to do. >> there are far too many people still out of work and the pace of progress is too slow and i don't sugar coat that. we are facing challenges. >> reporter: governor schwarzenegger mentioned there are 200 solar energy and wind power companies that are waiting to build in san francisco. now, he says the process has been a slow one but pushing those permits through could put thousands of people to work. live in san francisco, traci grant, nbc bay area news. >> thank you, traci. if things looked and smelled better in san mateo county,
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there's a reason. garbage collection is back on schedule after last day's two-day strike. it started when 13 workers announced their strike while their picket line was then honored by 200 truck drivers, trash collectors and mechanics based at allied waste in san karlo. they began catching you on the garbage backup which affected thousands of customers in several san mateo counties. ac transit will cut weekend service to fix a budget deficit. the transit agency will present the proposal at a board of directors meeting tomorrow evening. the plan would eliminate half of weekend service and ground all but two night owl bus lines that run overnight. a vote is set for september 22nd. if passed, service cuts would go into effect december 19th. berkeley police shoot a
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mountain lion on the prowl near restaurant row. a new way to fuel up. meet the bay area startup that wants to help you save money while clearing the air. new options to travelers heading out of the bay area. we'll show you the new flights on virgin america. >> we try to create an environment that embraces what boys bring to the table. >> and where the boys are, the unique new east bay school where students are always on the move. good evening. i'm chief meteorologist jeff ranieri. a warm day today but it's about to become hot after mid and upper 80s this afternoon. tomorrow at 11:00 a.m. we'll see 80 degrees in the east bay. we'll tell you about 90s and potentially triple digits coming up. 0s
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it's the beginning of the school year and some east bay six graders say they can't wait
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to get to work. what has them so excited? a unique approach that parents say caters just to them. jodi hernandez explains. >> you get 1.618. >> this is a great school for boys. >> reporter: this 11 year old has never been more excited to start school. >> i think i've been here for two hours already or three hours but i love this school. >> jason! jason! >> reporter: that's because berkeley's new east bay school for boys is all about letting boys be boys. >> it's just a school that helps boys because they have different brains. their brains work differently than girls. this is a school where it's designed for how boys' brains work. >> we try to create an environment that embraces what boys bring to the table and what boys bring to the table is a natural curiosity for exploring
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the world and for asking questions and discovering. >> reporter: that means lots of hands-on projects starting with building their own desk. and plenty of time for play. >> it just sort of gives them an ability to be free and to be themselves and to explore the things that they want to. >> reporter: his mother says his son felt misunderstood in his old school when he has so much to offer. >> he's a very creative boy. he wants to explore everything and learn about everything and learn how to do things. >> reporter: now he has a chance to do just that while it's just the first day of school, the boys already appear ready to blossom. >> i don't know how this is happening but this is big. this is really big for me. and it's the best opportunity i've ever had in my life. >> reporter: in berkeley, jodi hernandez, nbc bay area news.
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>> tuition for the private school runs $17,000 a year but the school does offer financial assistance. some berkeley residents got quite a scare early this morning as police chased a mountain lion right through their neighborhood. around 2:00 in the morning the big cat was spotted. as the cougar dodged police it ran down theater to spruce jumping fences cutting across yards. police ordered all residents to stay inside their homes. finally the animal was cornered on walnut where police fired on it. police say considering the densely populated neighborhood and all of the families there, they had no choice but to kill it. in the south bay the threat from nature is coming from coyotes. there have been numerous reports of coyotes attacking cats in recent months. residents are being told to bring in their pets at night but not to leave dog or cat food outside to tempt those coyotes. virgin america is hoping you catch some southern sun this
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winter. today they announced they are expanding flights to vacation spots south of the border. they will fly to beach resort cities in cancun. nonstop flights from sfo start december 16th and flights from lax start january 19th and next day they'll have flights from sfo to cancun. tomorrow is the third spare the air day in just two weeks. local air quality officials say ozone levels could reach unhealthy levels and ask the public to help curb pollution by riding bikes, taking buses or b.a.r.t. or even carpooling. the last two spare the air days were last week on august 23rd and 24th when we hit triple digit temperatures in some areas. i'm sure everyone remembers that. >> it's about to happen again, isn't it, jeff? it's going to get hot again. >> right now it doesn't look as hot and as record setting as it was last week when we had temperatures near all-time record heat here across the bay
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area. we warmed up today between 10 to 14 degrees from livermore over here toward novato and also into santa rosa. that warmth was not only a function at the lower levels of winds starting to transition into more of a drying northerlinortherly offshore wind but warm wind aloft. a lot of 88s today. fairfield, 88. napa also with double eights. oakland close to 80 degrees. now, the real interesting thing is early this afternoon at 2:00 and 3:00 we had fog over the city but take a look. the fog is compressing and evaporating as temperatures remain warm in san francisco with 70s. it's all about hot high pressure here that's going to be building offshore and also another region of high pressure in the southwest will combine together to give us two days of some hot weather this week. we're talking about not only for tomorrow, which is wednesday, but for thursday. those will be the two hottest days out of our seven-day
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forecast. you can see by 11:00 a.m. in the south bay close to 80 degrees with sunny skies. traveling in the next 24 hours, no major delays along the eastern seaboard. tomorrow morning at 7:00 a.m. mid 60s. by the 11:00 a.m. hour already low to mid 80s in the east and south bay. by 2:00 p.m. tomorrow, 90s peaking in the east bay. coming up, we'll have details on what is now hurricane earl out here. we'll have the latest forecast track because even if you're not heading to the east coast it will delay air traffic all over. >> thank, jeff. tonight at 6:00, we've been told to eat our veggies. now how they may protect you from a deadly form of cancer. california's dire budget situation goes up for a vote in sacramento as lawmakers prepare to set a record they probably don't want. why the fate of motorcycle fans now lies inds of the governor. we're coming right back.
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the east bay showing off a new way to save money while clearing the air today. it's a new fuel pump for everyone who wants to go easier on their wallets and help the environment. scott budman puts his foot on the ethanol. >> reporter: who draws a crowd when they pull into a gas station? >> i like the $2.49 a gallon. i tell you that much. >> reporter: this trip was a way to save money while helping the environment too. he's filling up with biodiesel. >> it's great. now i can use this new fuel that's a lot less expensive. that's very appealing and it's cleaner energy. >> reporter: this fueling station is one of dozens planned from the local area from propel trying to pump up the alternative fuel movement one
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car at a time. >> especially today with what we've seen in the gulf of mexico. people want to do something different. they're tired of using petroleum in their fueling and we're finding giving them a choice and when they have a choice, they make that choice to use a cleaner fuel. >> reporter: and hundreds of green jobs at a time. >> as you can see we're standing in front of a structure and it took someone to build it. it takes someone to fuel it. it takes someone to program it. it takes someone to maintain it. >> reporter: they're making some progress especially with businesses. the u.s. postal service is propel's biggest customer and now it's time to convince the rest of us one suv at a time. in oakland, scott budman, nbc bay area news. >> they announced a grant from the u.s. department of energy and the california energy commission to build and run 75 renewable fuel stations in california over the next two years. finally nissan is taking orders for the first ever fully
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electric car. it's a five-seat five-door all electric vehicle. after one charge it gets about 100 miles. more than 18,000 people dished out 99 bucks just to stay on the reservation list. inspectors are making home visits ensuring that owners can charge their cars right at home. the lease starts at $34,000. you can buy one now but delivery will start in december. the governator who owns several motorcycles is getting a bill tomorrow that may crack down on noisy bikes. the bill passed the state senate yesterday. if it gets through the governor it means no more deafening sounds. >> i like to take a stock bike like this and turn it into that. >> reporter: that's what one california lawmaker doesn't want bike shops to do. the controversy, excessive motorcycle sound. those custom modifications that
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give motorcycles their distinct roar often set off car alarms or rattle nerves unless you happen to be riding. >> loud pipes and harleys have been going together for years. i don't see the problem. >> reporter: nick is working on a dozen bikes that could soon need epa compliant exhaust systems. the new legislation would require motorcycles by the year 2013 to maintain emissions testing and an epa sticker similar to a small check on a car. just like cars that don't pass smog, bikers without this stamp would be issued a fix it ticket by police. >> the modification thing is cool. you want your car to sound different or bike to sound different and stand out. i have never heard anything going down the road that's been too loud. >> reporter: even the governor who is reviewing the measure owns multiple motorcycles. >> he rides bikes. he should feel what all of the guys are feeling about it. >> reporter: proponents say it's
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a quality of life issue across the state. >> he'll ride more in a couple months when leaves office. coming up, cutting a woman's risk for breast and ovarian cancer. a new study out you want to hear all about. >> more than just movie times on the marquise. what movie theaters may have to post for all to see. lots of rattled nerves as hurricane earl bears down on the east coast. plus -- >> i'm george kiriyama live in san jose. the their son is cominge and r family who watched the president's speech tonight. people! look at you!
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>> so tonight i am announcing that the american combat mission in iraq has ended. "operation iraqi freedom" is over. >> that was it. president obama formally declaring an end to the combat
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mission in iraq. he talked to the nation in a prime time oval office address. the president saying after seven years and 4,400 american lives, it is time to turn the page. the president added while most of the military action was overseas, sacrifices were also made here at home. nbc bay area's george kiriyama spoke with a family after they watched the president's speech and asked them how it feels to have their son coming home. >> reporter: that's right. we watched the president's speech with jim and pat dewitt in their living room tonight. their son steven is a first lieutenant in the united states army and was part of the last major combat brigade to leave iraq. president obama's speech marked the end of combat in iraq saying we're turning the page and in his speech the president thanked u.s. troops and their families for their sacrifices and the dewitts who watched their son make it safely out of iraq in an
6:31 pm
nbc news story say they appreciate the president's support. >> i think he said what was expecteded. it was good to hear for me. he seeses th this is a new stag that the 50,000 troop left behind are not expected to deal with attacks unless something terribly horrible happens. >> reporter: and we just got word that their son just left kuwait and will arrive tomorrow at ft. lewis near tacoma. >> while the president had the nation's attention, he addressed what he called the nation's most urgent task, the u.s. economy. >> we spent a trillion dollars at war. this in turn is shortchanged investments in our own people and contributed to record
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deficits. for too long we have put off tough decisions on everything from our manufacturing base to our energy policy to education reform. as a result, too many middle class families find themselves working harder for less while our nation's long-term competitiveness is put at risk. >> we will get the latest job numbers on friday. economist predict it will jump to 9.6%. it was at 9.5 last month. >> california is dealing with its own cash crisis. tomorrow marks the start of the third month without a state budget. republicans and democrats presented competing budget plans today. but nothing happened. neither one passed. a reporter from our sacramento station has the latest on this ongoing stalemate. >> according to the budget act of 2010 -- >> reporter: two months after a state budget was supposed to be in place the debate about what that budget will look like came to the floors of the assembly and senate today.
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>> it's a debate that is far overdue. >> reporter: republicans presented their budget plan which eliminates the $19 billion budget deficit entirely through cuts. >> we must live within the means. >> reporter: then democrats proposed balancing the budget with a combination of spending cuts and some tax increases. >> you can't continue to loudly insist that no is the only answer you'll give. >> all members vote the desire to vote. >> reporter: in the end neither plan got the two-thirds majority to pass. speaking to business leaders in san francisco, governor schwarzenegger compared the debate to theater. >> why put it up for vote in the first place no one knows. >> reporter: far from sacramento, democrats and republicans couldn't even agree on whether anything was accomplished today. >> hopefully this calm rationale discussion will now lead to
6:34 pm
hopefully a more intensive phase of negotiation. >> reporter: do you sense movement on either side? >> no. >> and no movement is coming. come thursday it will become california's third longest budget battle. the record was set two years ago on september 23rd and that's just around the corner again. >> just like that the california state legislature has adjourned. no budget. and now what? larry, you are shaking your head. >> we've seen this before. this is as bad -- almost as bad as it gets. jessica mentioned september 23rd. that's the longest ever. now we're approaching september. we're really in rare air here. the walls are starting to crumble in lots of different ways. >> this has been on my mind all day. executive producer this morning walked into the newsroom and said he had gone to dmv and got half hour later and there were 60 people in line. he turned around and walked
6:35 pm
away. i thought when this budget crisis affects how we live our life, that is when people will step up. when will people grab the pitch forks? >> reporter: if you think about it, most of the constituency involved are powerless people. people in retirement homes and nursing homes that the state helped subsidize. kids in the schools. the smalltime vendors are not organized. if you think about it, it is people on the margins who are least powerful who have the least to say and they are the ones who are most affected. only when people begin to see long-term the dmv situations you described happen again and again do they start to get their dander up but you know what? the fuse is very long. >> education. what's been happening in the schools has been happening for years and still that affects a good chunk of the population. we see some rallies but short of
6:36 pm
election day, you don't see anybody advocating for systemic change. >> and in this case we really have two problems. worst than ever we have the institutional problem and that has to do with that two-thirds vote we talk about that is required for the budget. it's almost impossible to get a two-thirds vote. then you have the political problem and that has to do with the fact that democrats quite frankly say we trimmed $60 billion last year. that was more than trimming. that was massive cutting. we have no more to trim without hurting people who are hurt the most. republicans say guess what? we're not going raise taxes. when the low hanging and mid hanging fruit has been taken away, you've got to really reach. as you reach, there's a lot of pain for one side or the other. >> let's talk pain. let's talk consequences. the governor keeps saying we lose $63 million a day that we don't have a budget. whether you quibble with that number or not, we're billions in the hole and it's going to have to be made up somehow. >> that figure is funny because
6:37 pm
that's money we would be paying no matter what. we'll pay once we get the budget. $20 billion hole on top of the $60 billion hole last year. there are short-term consequences. schools don't get money they are supposed to get. vendors not getting paid. college students not getting grants they need so they can't go to school. those are short-term consequences. what we're waiting to see are the long-term consequence. what's going to happen november 2nd? how many of these legislators who might have been safe won't be safe? how will it affect the governor's race given we have candidates brown on one side and whitman on the other arguing so differently as to what should be done? the consequences long-term will be felt but not until november 2nd and until then we have to wait. >> once those long-term consequences are felt, you say we should have done something about this a while ago. >> would have, could have, should have is the way we work in california. >> thank you very much, larry. >> thank you, gentlemen. a passenger video camera was
6:38 pm
rolling as investigators in amsterdam walked two people off plane for questioning. both are of yemeni descent and live in the united states. they may not even know each other. suspicious items in one man's luggage prompted speculation they were practicing for a terror attack. a cell phone taped to a pe pepto-bismol bottle and watched taped together especially when he didn't get the flight he said he was going to. a hurricane watch for most of the north carolina coast as hurricane earl advances toward the united states. all of the way up to maine people are keeping a very close eye on earl and what its path could be. even if a category 4 storm stays offshore, it could still cause enormous damage. emergency management teams are reviewing evacuation plans just in case.
6:39 pm
>> what scares me the most is a hurricane. there hasn't been a hurricane here on long island really of this degree since 1938. >> check out the startling image from the international space station. it shows just how massive hurricane earl looks to astronauts. for the latest on hurricane earl, let's turn things over to meteorologist jeff ranieri. i'm heading to new york to do stories over there. am i going to end up on hurricane watch while i'm out there? >> if you are there through friday we're talking about major impacts from this storm system that's enormous in size. let's take you here from the bay area all of the way over to where hurricane earl is located just north of haiti and also puerto rico. we are talking massive in size right now at category 4 strength hurricane force winds stretching out over 150 miles from this major storm system. currently 135-mile-per-hour winds gusting to 160 miles per hour in the center of this storm system as the current path has it going parallel to the u.s.
6:40 pm
coastline but what you need to keep in mind here if you're doing traveling to the east is one slight shift here deviation to the west as that is to the left here and we could be seeing some catastrophic damage for the united states. now, as we take new closer to this track right here near the carolinas to around thursday and friday morning and then if you're doing any traveling to the northeast, right here against new york and boston as we head throughout friday midday and also into friday evening. some areas to watch with this will be the carolinas, long island and cape cod. this is major system. we'll have more coming up. >> jeff, thank you very much. we have breaking news to bring you. this just into nbc bay area newsroom. the usgs is reporting a 3.2 earthquake within the past ten minutes just north of concord. we've had a couple people e-mail us about this earthquake. people felt it in lafayette. we'll keep you posted as more informing comes in during this broadcast. could eating fruits and
6:41 pm
veggies ward off a very deadly disease? researchers say they have some proof tonight. also coming up, if you love movie theater popcorn and who doesn't, listen up. the changes you could deal with the next time you catch a flick. ♪ >> and the little girl with the big voice making her return to "america's got talentnito ght. you'll hear from her just ahead. o
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it may seem drastic but a new study suggests that women who carry two common breast cancer genes could benefit from preemptive surgery. the mutations are associated with increased risks for breast and ovarian cancer. removing the breast and the reproductive organs before the women develop tumors can turn out to be life saving. they found early surgery saved lives of 20% of the women
6:44 pm
carrying that ovarian cancer gene and most women with the breast cancer gene. fruits and veggies can help protect smokers from lung cancer. european researchers released those findings today. in their study people who ate a rich diet containing a variety of fruits and vegetables had a lower risk of developing a common type of lung cancer. the bottom line, quit smoking. it is better than an apple a day but an apple may help you too. the federal government is looking at places that serve food. airplanes, movie theaters will be required to publish calorie counts stemming from health care overhaul back in march. it has grown opposition from food prep industries. most businesses are not expected to comply until next year when penalties go into effect.
6:45 pm
>> i don't want to know how many calories are in my movie popcorn. i want to enjoy it in peace with my big soda and not know. >> the refillable one. >> while i watch my movie. >> 49ers here. i was at camp. the running back is happy camper as preseason wraps up with 49ers hosting san diego. we have a glimmer of hope for san jose state as they visit alabama and giants putting the recent past away getting ready to avengeast year's late inning calamity. that and more coming up.
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jeff ranieri joins us. when we had hundreds last week, i thought that was it. you got one more in your back pocket. >> we sure do. it's coming quick here. warm today but we are talking about hot weather the next two days before we see things go down to unseasonably cool weather for the upcoming weekend. we also told but that earthquake just a few minutes ago. we did put a locater on this happening two miles northwest of concord. 3.2. no reports of any injuries or damages but of course you can always logon to and send us your pictures and let us know what you may have felt or anything to do with that or more. all right. let's take a look outside this afternoon. you can see we have fog with us but here's the interesting thing. as we head throughout the
6:48 pm
afternoon, the fog is actually continuing to compress out here back behind the north bay and evaporating because we're under this heating trend that will continue to pick up as we head throughout wednesday and thursday. temperatures are dropping off a bit but still warm out here. 70 in san francisco. 81 in livermore. 80 in san jose. and 85 right now in santa rosa. we're looking for fog-free conditions as we head throughout tonight and for tomorrow morning as we start to heat up. we're talking about 70s and 80s at the coastline and more 90s inland and then we'll start to see things going back down as we head into the labor day weekend. the fog was with us as we showed you earlier today. we have holes getting punched in the fog out here and that's primarily because we've got a lot of hot air that's building aloft helping to break down the fog. not only high pressure in the southwest clearing us out but a region of high pressure offshore that will bring us this hot weather as we head throughout wednesday and thursday's forecast. once again, not only 90s to near
6:49 pm
100 expected wednesday inland but also our coastal sections warming so much so that by thursday we're expecting the sunshine to continue here at the coast with 70s and 80s. as for the east bay tomorrow at 11:00 a.m., heating up quick with 80 degrees by 11:00 a.m. and for tomorrow we'll look at low to mid 90s in the south bay. it's coming back as garvin mentioned. one more back in the pocket here. all right. 92 in san jose. 94 in evergreen. 80s in the peninsula from redwood city into san mateo and even san francisco downtown expecting mid 80s. 97 in concord. 95 in napa. and for the north bay, more 90s to go around. morning time on weather channel on cable and here's the trend going down as per normal by the time the weekend gets here 79 inland on sunday. so hot the next two days. >> okay. >> thank you very much. >> let'salk as. >> in new york.
6:50 pm
outing from trevor. game two with the a's in new york. hoping to do better in front of friends and families. oakland starter a native of new jersey grew up a yankees fan. he gave up three home runs. this is the first one. form former a's outfielder. next inning, two more. this brings the hook. a three-run shot. the yankee lead right now 9-3 in the eighth inning. giants host rockies for game two of their three-game set trying to forget last night's unfortunate turn of events leading 1-0 in the ninth. missing that broken bat badly. the winning run to the plate on the bad throw. if you want a silver lining, phillies also lost last night. the giants didn't lose ground in the wild card race but still
6:51 pm
they trail san diego ain the division by five games. manny ramirez is out of the giants division waived by the dodgers and tonight a member of the chicago white sox. he did the whole welcome press conference in spanish saying he just feels more comfortable speaking in his native language. ramirez was not in the starting lineup tonight with the white sox on the road in cleveland. let's talk some 49ers and with so many being made of quarterback alex smith benefiting from some consistency by having the same offensive coordinator two years straight for the first time in his career, you can't forget how it impacts the running game especially frank gore today. he talked about how he's impressed with early effort of the offensive line and he can't wait until the weapons of
6:52 pm
offense hit the field at the same time. gore didn't play in the preseason until this past saturday and was strong out the gate. here's how he spent the time leading up to this coming season. >> i watch some of the defense in the preseason like arizona, seattle, you know just to see how they look. i don't want to say but it's about us really. it's about what we do. and as long as 49ers are on the same page, we can do whatever we want to do. >> raiders also hosting seattle on thursday. the san jose state spartans don't have an easy road ahead. departing soon for alabama to take on the defending national champions but the road got perhaps a little less bumpy. word that mark ingraham will not play saturday. he injured his left knee yesterday in practice so the top
6:53 pm
ranked tide will roll with richardson. more college news coming out of utah with a direct impact on bay area teams. the broncos will have a date with the cougars. byu is going independent in football. just like notre dame. it's for nonfootball sports. joining the wcc to take on the likes of st. mary's, santa clara and usf starting in the 2011-2012 school year. pac ten changing. big 12 becoming ten. i can't keep track. >> key numbers are ten and 12. that's all i need to know. >> your time is up. you're confusing me. >> i'm confused too. bach wit am back with
6:54 pm
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tonight at 11:00 on nbc bay area news. the issue of students who have immediate needs that they didn't have the prior year. you scrimp and save but that's not enough for many bay area families and college students struggling. tonight's unusual way they're making ends meet after "america's got talent." >> a pennsylvania fifth grader is being called the pint size
6:57 pm
susan boyle and she's expected to wow tv audiences again tonight on "america's got talent." ♪ >> a lot of people said it wasn't real but they say it's real. the 10 year old sang around the house but after finishing second in a local talent show, her mom hired a vocal coach. a youtube submission landed her on "america's got talent. ". >> i don't have a pop voice. i would have gone classical because it's different from what many other children do. >> you can say that again. she performs tonight for a spot in the show's final ten "america's got talent" airs tonight at 9:00 on nbc bay area. >> i think she's maybe a little person instead.
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