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tv   NBC11 News The Bay Area at 11  NBC  September 2, 2010 10:00pm-10:35pm PST

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with plans to begin a search in the morning. at 11:00. breaking news in the east bay, and what could be one of the final chapters in a bizarre killing spree. a potential break in the hunt for this man, fredrick solice. investigators preparing to search a pittsburgh landfill. good evening. >> within the past 30 minutes police confirmed to the bay area news they will begin the search
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for fredrick solice at the pittsburgh landfill. jean, what do you know? >> reporter: police say they plan to have search teams in pittsburgh tomorrow morning, they are looking for fredrick solice. trash ends up from hercules in the land fill in pittsburgh. they are trying to locate a 35-year-old nursing assistant last seen on friday. the crime tape around the home is an erie reminder of the killing spree that left four dead. hercules police said that fredrick solice and his father woke efrin boldmarrow up.
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police say they fought. officers came to the home. boldmorrow was told to leave. they believe that he beat ricardo solice in the house five days later. his son hasn't been seen since. friends and coworkers of cindy tran said that she was nervous, cindy was foundlñ dead tuesday. police say boldmorrow killed her. >> a nice, friendly man. stood there with a smile on his face. >> while his friends and family mourn, the police are trying to piece together boldmorrow's role in the murder of rita allen.
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boldmorrow was a renter there. they arrested the husband when they found a bomb making surprise and urannium in the house. the investigators say the case is still open. >> again, the breaking news tonight, a possible lead on the fredrick solice whereabouts. they will turn their attention to the pittsburgh landfill tomorrow morning. we will update the story as we get more information in the newscasts. >> federal investigators investigate the plane crash that killed three, including a well-known business man. the twin-engine beachcraft
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reached an altitude of less than a thousand feet, when it plunged into a lagoon. one of the victim system 91 year-old robert borman, who founded the steel company. the pilot and his girlfriend have not been identified. we are in red wood city tonight, and police say it was obvious this plane was in trouble the moment it took off. >> reporter: in fact, it was 30 seconds and the plane was in the water. the plane is still under water, and driver teams found two body, won't bring them to shore until the n it. sb is done with the investigation. a world war ii veteran who went by the nickname, "the man of steel." veteran, who came back and built
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a steel company, where he continued to work at 91 years old. >> a great man. >> i feel bad for his family. he taught me a lot. >> reporter: investigators say the plane with the pilot and two passengers, an airport borman flew out for for year, his nickname, "the man of steel." >> the two others are in a position where they can't be fully pulled up without lifting the plane. >> the first firefighters found a woman near her early 40s, near the plane. but she was already dead. >> i looked up to see the final second of the plane coming down. nose first. into the water. i heard the thud.
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>> pitched over, did a complete roll and nose-dived into the surface. >> now, fire fighters say there is a lot of damage to the front end of the plane. the cockpit window is busted out. thank you, george. the man accused of shooting a freemont police officer is back in the bay area tonight. andrew varien it. os was trance ported from san diego. he will be arraigned in oakland on tuesday. he claims he didn't know the person he shot was a police officer. officer todd young and another officer were in plain clothe whs they tried to search him with an arrest warrant. they will have an update. the last report listed young in serious but stable condition after operations.
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>> the student they bought it from did not have a medical pot card. they attend high school in danville, they say they bought the the chocolate from a student. they arrested the dealer. they are wondering how they got it without a pot card, and if the dispensary is at fault. >> they broke into the home yesterday, and stole his wife's computer and some other items. he said he sees no connection to his stance against the tax or the loss of 80 police officers, because of budget cuts. dela fuentes said his home was hit last year when the officers were still on the streets. break-s in are a problem for the city, he says.
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the city council voted unanimously to out source the police department to the sheriff's department, to help to close the $3.5 million budget deficit. the old police department will become a substation. it goes to the board for approval. the sheriff's department is tentative to take over on october 31st. >> after two days of heat, a cool change is headed our way. we have a look at what it means for the holiday weekend ahead. >> i think a lot of people are going to like it. the temperatures are certainly going to be going down we head into saturday and sunday. let's go ahead and take a look right now. in livermoore, and napa. temperatures in the upper 90s to near 100. 96 in san jose. it was a new record in nap a current temperatures are mild out there. plenty of 60s here in livermove.
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san jose with low to mid 70s. we will see the fog continue to move in throughout tonight and for tomorrow. it will drop temperatures for friday. low to mid 70s by 10:00. a lot cooler tomorrow morning as you head out andn get going. now, high pressure will start sinking to the south. and will be tracking a system that will draw on temperatures, 10 to 15 degrees by this weekend. now, that is just one weather story happening now. evacuations on the east coast, north carolina braces for hurricane earl. you can see from the video just in, earl is bringing in wind and rain to north carolina, and the surrounding states. nbc's jay gray is in the middle of all of it. >> reporter: no question that earl is making a move closer to the coast. conditions are deteriorating.
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the surf is much more violent. the wave crest at 12 or 13 feet. if the conditions continue to drop, we could see that double, and swells up to 20 feet. the rain has started falling now. it was spitting earlier. we are getting a steady rain. the winds could reach tropical storm stretch before all of this is over. flash flooding in some areas, as we continue to monitor the effects of hurricane earl. that is the latest from here in kill devil hills, north carolina. i am jay gray, nbc bay area news. >> we will track the storm, and have more on your cooling seven-day forecast. >> a blast from the past. a popular restaurant in the east bay is about to open its doors again. >> i can use my phone, go to go. why gl >> why smartphones may not make for smarter students. .
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quick way used to be an old school restaurant, popular in the '60s and '70s, now it has a bright future in the city. >> reporter: well, lisa, this quickway has been closed down for two years, a lot of history behind all the weeds and graffiti you see here. one man wants to bring it back to the original luster. >> a lot of history and memories, i think it would be great to revive it. >> reporter: that will happen sooner than later if gary rizzo has hiss way. he wants to bring old school east bay charm back to oakland. >> a lot of people say they used to go to the theater and come back. >> reporter: making a comeback in the tough financial times seems unlikely. rebecca kaplan said certain parts of the economy are
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starting to turn around. but not enough. >> we have a high unemployment rate in oakland. we have to take serious steps, part of that is that we notice sectors that are growing. >> reporter: she said the food industry is growing. >> the ecosystems related to food produck is something we are proud of in oakland. it is an important generator for jobs and increased opportunity. >> reporter: opportunity to expand. the owner of the chicken and waffles restaurant in jack left-handon square is thriving and planning to open another in walnut creek. that doesn't surprise jerry who started a business of his own. >> we need people to come out and put more money back into the community. >> reporter: it has been in the center of controversy before, in
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2004, neighbors got together to prevent a mcdonald's from being built here. a muslim advocacy organization is reaching out, trying to breakdown stereo types. >> i am a new york city firefighter and i responded to 9/11. >> the three public service announcements describe how the religions have more in common than people think, encouraging an acceptance of muslims. >> next to high tech tool that is can tackle tests with little or no studying. gadgets like smart phones make it easier to push the books aside and boost their grade by cheating.
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>> reporter: college classrooms are more competitive than ever. it seems winning is everything but all is not on the up and up. >> can you study or you can cheat. i find it easier to cheat. >> this 19-year-old doesn't want to show us his face, but no problem showing us how his iphone makes him smarter. >> i take out my phone, go to that's it. >> reporter: in the 2003 movie "old school." the characters used a two-way radio to get answers from friends on a laptop. >> it seemed far-fetched in the movie, today, the technology makes cheating easier. >> text a question, and get an answer back literally in minutes and seconds. >> according to e it. s, that develops college tests, 75 to 98% of college students
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admit to cheating. >> this is what will be on a test. >> reporter: we found numerous how to cheat videos on utube. >> put your iphone between your crotch. >> reporter: another video shows how to turn a coke and a smile into stellar grades. in this case, the bottle label is replaced with answers to the test. some of those who cheat say they simply rely on their smart phone. what may be more surprising, some of those who cheat say it is not wrong, just necessary. scott budman, nbc bay area news. an update on breaking news. there is new information in the killing spree case in the east bay. police think they may know where a possible fifth victim is. nbc bay area is live where
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police are getting ready to start a search. >> reporter: hercules police are planning to have a lot of people out here in the morning, it is part of the on-going search for fredrick solice who is still missing. trash from hercules winds up here in pittsburgh. that is one of several leads they are following trying to locate solice. they are concerned about his well-being. he was last seen on friday. police killed boldmorrow tuesday, he is tied to four murders. it hercules police say they will need a lot of people to search the landfill. they don't plan to use search
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dogs because there are so many scents. hercules police plan to have search cruels to search for fredrick solice's body. they plan to start at search at 9:30. >> obviously, we will keep you posted as police conduct their search. >> turning our attention to the weather. it was hot today. tomorrow, a cool down. >> yes. we will be going down for parts of the bay area, the latest on earl, as it is bringing the strongest impacts to the carolinas right now. the center of the storm, the strongest winds, 85 miles off shore. although, the cape hatteras reg, and kill devil hills, 60 plus mile an hour rain, and two or three inches, as to the 5:00 update, we are getting word that
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advisory has gone down a bit. a strong storm battering the carolinas. it looks to move parallel to the u.s. coast line. the next area in the line of sight, as we look ahead toward the next day or so will be the cape across massachusetts. more on the weather and on cable. many of you know it was hot out there. north bay, east bay and south bay. 76 in livermore, and 70 in sunniville. here is the good thing. the fog is building off shore. if you want cooling. that the bring cooling to the coast for friday. still hot inland, one more day. then we will start to see things go down, throughout saturday, sunday and monday. the fog is building off shore. that will get thicker through tomorrow's forecast. cooling the coast. and sunday, this system right
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here, that will help to draw temperatures for everyone as it moves closer. we will be talking about 70s inland for labor day, instead of 90s. for tomorrow, wide spread 80s, we are starting out more comfortable in the east bay tomorrow, and 10:00 a.m., instead of 80s, mid 70s, a lot better for nut east bay. for the morning, some of the cooler temperatures, mid 50s, santa rosa, and napa. and low 90s in the south bay. evergreen, dublin, 90. warm to hot in livermoore and walnut creek. we are cooling on the peninsula, to the 70s and low to mid 80s. we will be looking at temperatures that will be cooling off. we will be live tomorrow as well in sonoma, for the preview.
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take a look at this. by monday, temperatures from 90 to 70s. >> that sounds good. we frp complaining about that. >> when we come back, he made headlines around the world for a very bad habit. s two-year-old is making headlines again. t
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a chain-smoking toddler was obviously the wrong image for the indonessian government. >> the video spread quickly around the world. sparking outrage, and catching the attention of the leader. he went cold turkey, the boy had been smoking 40 cigarettes a day. >> a lot of pressure. >> all right, smooth transition. >> thank you. >> a let of pressure on some on the football field. a cut day. football highlights next. [ man ] i was deciding what to do
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a perfect preseason, what does that mean in the nfl? basically, nothing. take the 2008 lions, for instance, after wrapping up with a 4-0 record. they put together the worst season ever. they will have to do it without vernon davis and michael crabtree, sitting this out, one day after the argument in practice. they say it is behind them. and the running back is off, running 46 yards to the end zone. touchdown, niners. 7-0, off the bat. second quarter, how about some defensive moves for you? the chargers, on the move. vollic, going for the pass here. hit by manny lostman, catches it himself.
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takes it back, feeds the end zone, and comes up a bit short. 25-yard return, not bad for manny. in the fourth, the niners add another. davis. the niners go on to win 17-14. the first undefeated preseason since 1992. >> it does feel good to win. yes, we know that preseason is over with, time to get ready to get down to the nit and gritty. >> the big thing in the game, try to finish 3-0, want to finish on a good note. >> not to be left out, across the bay, it was the raiders, putting a bow on their preseason. and with cut day on saturday, many guys playing for their jobs tonight. out at the coliseum tonight, the final game before it counts, jason campbell, able to watch this one from the sidelines. got to see a good show from
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brew. and the spring pass to tonga, 32 yards. taken down at the goal line. he falls just over it. 7-0. raiders on top. and he is not done yet. the fake. buy some time. finds higgins in the end zone. 128 yards, two it. ds, third quarter, kyle boller's turn. the raiders win, wrapping up the preseason, 3-1. >> i think we are in a good spot. we wanted to win them all. >> winning is winning. if you are good to win, preseason, regular season, no matter what it is. we have to understand that the tendency to focus, and attention to detail has to pick up now. >> the a's ran into antoar l are
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force today in new york. highlights next. [ female announcer ] we know jerry brown was mayor of oakland, but what were the results? fact: brown promised to improve schools. but the drop out rate increased 50%, and the state had to take over the schools. fact: the city controller found employees paid for 22,000 hours... they never worked. fact: brown promised to cut crime. but murders doubled, making oakland the 4th most dangerous city in america. jerry brown. he just can't deliver the results california needs now.
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now it integrates your work e-mail, so you can be hooked up to everything you need to do. now it does 1 ghz speed on a more intuitive keyboard. turning you into an instrument of efficiency. introducing the new droid 2 by motorola. part of the next gerofation does.
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well, he has won a cy young and a world series, there is one thing cc sabathia has not accomplished, 20 wins in a season. he took a step closer at the expense of the a's. and dallas braiden, forced out of this game, after throwing a few pitches. he had cramping because of the heat. in the 90s out there. sabathia, in a mini jam.
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two outs, not a problem. sabathia, eight innings, one hit, shut-out baseball. not bad. granderson came off the bench to replace swisher. a two-run shot. the yankees win 5-0, completing the four-game sweep over the a's. sabathia is pretty darn good. >> yes, so are the giants. >> and the dodgers in l.a. >> glad you pointed that out. >> they told me in my ear piece. >> thanks for joining us tonight.


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