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tv   NBC11 News The Bay Area at 5AM  NBC  September 3, 2010 4:00am-5:00am PST

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like. good morning to you. thank you very much for joining us. i'm laura garcia-cannon. >> i'm brent cannon. >> want to get a look at the forecast this morning with rob mayeda. >> the forecast finally showing cooler changes coming our way. in san jose, not much in the way of low clouds, but running cooler than yesterday at this time. 62 degrees. fog around the golden gate bridge. 58 now. low clouds on the coast. lunch time temperatures, 80s inland. still getting into the 90s out by the tri valley. today is the start of a cooling trend that will take us through labor day weekend. >> developing news out of the east bay where crews will begin searching for a missing man in a landfill. they are searching for frederick sales, the son of a murder victim. christie smith is live in pittsburg with the latest for
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us. good morning. >> reporter: good morning to you. it looks like this story may be taking yet another grim turn. the hercules police department has confirmed that they will be out here at this landfill a little bit later this morning. they also asked other bay area law enforcement to come out here and help them. they are searching for frederick sales, the 35-year-old hercules man missing since friday around the same time when his father was found beaten to death. trash from the hercules area ultimately ends up out here at the landfill in pittsburg. sales shared a hercules home with his father and cindy tran, who was the girlfriend of efren valdemoro. police say that there was a lot of friction and fighting in the home that valdemoro was concerned that one of the men may have been having a relationship with his girlfriend, even calling them back stabbers. police say valdemoro killed tran and the elder sales before he was shot and killed ultimately by the chp.
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in all four people with ties to valdemoro are dead now including two women that were found this week in a vallejo home. the investigation, of course, is turning to where frederick sales is. in pittsburg, search crews are expected to start gathering here at 9:00 this morning. reporting live in pittsburg, christie smith, nbc bay area news. and as mentioned, police are trying to figure out whether valdemoro is connected to the death of two women in vallejo. their bodies were found in a vallejo home valdemoro often visited. officers are also hashing out to rule out one of the victim's husbands in the killings. rittenhouse reported his wife, segundina allen missing on sunday, two days later he was found living on the property with the two dead bodies. rittenhouse will be in a courthouse at 1:30 on charges of possession of chemicals used to make explosives that were found in the home. more pictures of valdemoro a week before his death.
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police took the pictures on august 22nd for their report on the fight between valdemoro and the 73-year-old ricardo sales and his son frederick. police say valdemoro accused ricardo sales of interfering with his relationship with his girlfriend. valdemoro had bruises on his face after a fight when they took these pictures. right now a small plane remains in a shallow lagoon in redwood shores. ntsb investigators will soon be on the scene to figure out highway and why it crashed. three people were on board. they were all killed including a 91-year-oldman who was a world war ii veteran. robert borrmann founded r.e. borrmann steel company after the war. his company confirms he was on the plane. 30 seconds after the plane had taken off from san carlos airport, witnesses say it crashed into the lagoon at a steep angle. >> i looked out to see the final second of the plane coming down, just nose first into the water. i heard the thud. >> firefighters pulled a woman's
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body from the lagoon after the crash. the pilot and borrmann are still under water and will not be pulled out until the ntsb is done investigating the scene. the man accused of shooting a fremont police officer in the line of duty is back in the bay area this morning. andrew barrientos is awaiting arraignment in oakland's gle glenndire jail. he was transferred from the san diego jail yesterday where police caught him just before he had tried to cross the border into mexico. now, he claims he did not know the person he shot was a police officer. officer todd young and another officer were in plain clothes when they tried to serve bar yent toes with an arrest warrant. fremont police say they will have an update on young's condition coming up later this morning. the last report is that young is in serious but stable condition. a series of suspicious incidents involving strange men approaching young girls has police in san rafael on alert.
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the first happened saturday near 2nd and b streets. that's where a man drove up in a honda suv and asked a girl to go to san francisco. then a few hours later on 3rd street, a man in a truck kept following a gird until she met up with friends. on tuesday, a man followed a girl home and watched her from her yard. a student is accused of making others sick with pot-laced chocolate. three school girls got sick from eating the chocolate laced with marijuana from a medical dispensary. police are trying to figure out how he got the pot and if the d dispensary will be at fault. >> meg whiten was dismissed from a child molestation trial yesterday. that trial is expected to last about a month. whitman got her dismissal after a defense attorney questioned
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her. she was asked if her campaign would be too distracting for thoer serve on that jury. >> the most important measure of the economy is jobs, and scott mcgrew says a new yardstick comes out this morning. >> 23 minutes from the monthly jobs report. reporters stand out the labor department's front door waiting for the stack of papers, exactly 5:30 our time. washington cares about the unemployment picture because it's highly politicized. wall street cares, as you mentioned, because it's the best measure of the economy. families care there will be no full recovery unless a good majority of our jobless friends find work. >> workers at 3par wonder what will happen to them now that they're part of hewlett-packard. dell folded its cards and went home. hp will offer $33 a share to anyone owning 3par stock or more than $2 billion. two weeks ago if you owned 3par
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stock, it was about $9.5 a share that bidding war tripled your money. >> not a bad thing to do. hurricane earl is whipping through north carolina right now. the wri of the storm is off the coast. and these are live pictures. some of the choppy waters near kill devil hills this morning. wind speeds are topping about 60 miles per hour right now. people vacations s iing in pla like this have been ordered to evacuate. >> once it starts, you can sit here and watch it. the boats are bouncing, breaking loose. you can't get at them. >> earl is expected to batter the east coast in the next 24 hours. nasa has an astronaut's view of the storm. this is from a satellite taken early yesterday. you can get a sense for how big it is. they say the storm is about the size of texas. this morning the coast guard says no oil is leaking from an oil platform that exploded and burned off the coast of
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louisiana. kris brought you this breaking news yesterday. boats spent the day spraying the platform with water. so far they are not sure what caused the explosion a passing boat rescued all 13 of the platform's crew members safely from the water where they had been waiting for over two hours. one person was injured. the platform is actually in the shallow water 200 miles west of the crippled deep water horizon rig. >> this morning bp says that the price tag of dealing with the deep water horizon oil disaster is up to $8 billion and growing. the oil giant says it is two weeks away from sealing the crippled oil well for good since august 23rd the gulf coast claim facility paid out an average of $3.5 million per day. >> time is 5:08. want to get the latest on your morning commute. it is the labor day weekend. don't know how many people are
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going to work and how many people are heading out of town. >> starting yesterday we were seeing people leaving town. evening traffic was all right, except 680, horrible heading through sunol. expect the same this afternoon heading out of the south bay, northbound 680 right now showing no problems. 101, closure at the on-ramp of yerba buena and the off-ramp at santa clara. both expected to stick around until 6:00 a.m. looking at the labor day getaway. others travel out on 101 and others southbound 17, it is clear this morning. folks heading to monterey, caramel or big sur want to watch this portion of my reports, we are likely to see slowdowns starting as early as 9:00 or 10:00 as folks head south. >> if you are heading to monterey, caramel or big sur, will you need to take some extra money to buy a new sweat shirt? >> go to the gift shop and get one? >> that is a good business to have this weekend.
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the fog this morning on the coast it will make for tough driving along the coastline. 61 in san jose, no problems with fog. 58 degrees, sea breeze west at 10. into oakland, 59 degrees. the wind relatively light now. that will be picking up as we head through the afternoon. some weather headlines today, inland temperatures hitting the 90s. not as hot as yesterday for the bay and the coast. the cooldown begins. many spots 10 to 15 degrees cooler than yesterday at the same time. one more spare the air day, mainly across the east bay and the santa clara valleys. upper 80s in san jose, 90s for los gatos. we should be near 80s to low 90s inland today. heading over to lake tahoe, mid 80s to kick off the labor day weekend. our trend around the bay area, morning clouds, mild temperatures for the afternoon and that fog sticking around. back to. time is 5:10. a snake surprise. find out how airport security
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discovered a man trying to smuggle a boa constrictor on a plane. >> and teachers doubling as janitors. >> and a blast from the past could be coming back in the east bay. see what's behind the possible return of quick way. you nbc batchin nbc bay area news, 5:11 right now. [ female announcer ] we know jerry brown was mayor of oakland,
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but what were the results? fact: brown promised to improve schools. but the drop out rate increased 50%, and the state had to take over the schools. fact: the city controller found employees paid for 22,000 hours... they never worked. fact: brown promised to cut crime. but murders doubled, making oakland the 4th most dangerous city in america. jerry brown. he just can't deliver the results california needs now.
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welcome back. 5:13 right now. the bay bridge glistening in the distance. we'll have a look at the morning commute in a bit. >> despite the tough economy there is growth in the east bay. the quick way drive-in was popular in the '60s and '70s and could make a comeback. it's part of a plan to revive old school east bay charm. city councilman rebecca kaplan says the food industry is growing and new restaurants are popping up everywhere. >> the growth of the industry and related food businesses and ecosystems related to food production is something we are proud of in oakland. it's a really important generator for jobs and increased economic opportunity. >> quick way is not the only east bay restaurant that plans
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to open shop. the thriving chicken and waffles restaurant in jack london square also plans to open another restaurant in walnut creek. campuses in one northern california school district are so dirty teachers say their after-school ritual is vacuuming and emptying the trash. the cust toadial staff was cut almost by half, and school staff said they are not providing the service they would like to offer. one concerned mom took cell phone video of the grime during back to school night. >> the school is filthy, the bathrooms are filthy. i'm concerned about my son's health. >> reporter: teachers in the district say their classrooms were not cleaned all summer so they had to do it themselves. janitors at some school say it takes their whole shift just to clean the bathrooms. the school district says it is hopeful it is all only temporary. a passenger is in custody this morning after a screener
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spotted something suspicious in a checked bag at miami international airport. four of the airport's six concourses was evacuated overnight. the tsa is not saying what the item was, they have not identified the passenger either. but the bomb squad spent several hours in the concourse, though an airport spokesperson says everything is back to normal this morning. a malaysian man has pleaded guilty of trying to smuggle snakes on the plane, and not copies of the dvd. 95 live boa constrictors authorities found in the man's bag after it broke open on a luggage conveyor belt. the man faces up to seven years in prison and a fine. >> that's a lot of snakes. street gangs are considered the ones calling the shots in the streets of chicago these days and now they are also calling press conferences. members of the city's most notorious street gangs gavterred before tv cameras yesterday to
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call out the city's top cop for not fighting fair. the police superintendent gave gang leaders a strong message saying if gangs don't stop killings, police will go after their leaders. apparently that's not fair. current and former gang leaders told the media the way to curb violence is through jobs, not threats. >> we have a serious epidemic in our community, it's poverty. you say it's gangs and drugs, we say it's we need opportunities. >> some gang members have taken the police message to heart and have talked to others about reducing violence, but gang leaders say they cannot be held accountable for some radical elements within their own gangs. the labor day weekend almost upon us, scoot mcgoo reminds to us keep your vacation plans to yourself. >> over the past couple of weeks we have been talking about twitter and privacy. you probably shouldn't post you're going out of town for
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three days. the news should cover both sides, so burglars please do mention on twitter and facebook that you will away. other things not post on facebook, your verdict. if you're a juror on trial and you have not had jury deliberations yet. this woman in michigan is now a defendant after she posted to her facebook while serving on a jury. she wrote going to be fun to tell the defendant he's guilty. how powerful is facebook? on wednesday apple was showing off how you can find friends on its new ping social network. less than 48 hours that connection to facebook doesn't work. both companies cagey as to what happened, but it appears facebook cut off apple, though it says in a statement it looks forward to working with apple in the future. very few companies can take on apple. >> yes. i was going to say. >> interesting.
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>> thanks, scott. the college football season is up and running. four more team also play tonight before a full slate of games getting under way tomorrow. last night more than 30 teams opened the season including usc, keeping the fans up late because they played in hawaii. matt barkley had a big night. he threw for 257 yards and five touchdowns. you know what, hawaii put a few points on the board but the trojans went on to win 49-36. the next time the raiders and 49ers hit the field it will be for the real thing. both teams wrapping up the preseason last night. the 49ers hosted the chargers. starters played very little but san francisco went on to win it. number 99 rumbling and stumbling down the field. san francisco won 17-14. raiders played their last preseason game last night. a couple of touchdown passes. oakland went on to win that one 27-24. back to baseball, the a's come
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back to town tonight. they will host the angels. game time at 7:00. they're probably happy to be out of the bronx because they suffered a four-game sweep at the hand of the yankees. yesterday they mustered just one hit. sabathia pitching for the yankees, and oakland lost that one 5-0. >> the giants will be in los angeles tonight to play the dodgers. you can see it right here at 7:00. special pregame coverage starts during the nbc bay area news at 6:00. >> we want to check in with mike. keeping tabs on the roads. >> a lot of folks getting into work on this friday, even more folks focusing on the labor day weekend and getting away early. first with what's happening now, 18-minute drive off the carquinez bridge approaching the bay bridge toll plaza. the maze moving very slowly. westbound commute direction, that's the travel time we are talking about. starting this morning and early
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this afternoon, traffic flowing across both bridges opposite. that's as folks get away. folks taking 80 or 680 heading towards sacramento as well as tahoe. those are two of your top five destinations if you are driving out of the bay area. that's what trip adviser tells us. folks driving eastbound through livermore over towards sacramento and tahoe right now, eastbound no problem. westbound registering at 13, now 14 minutes as these speeds have just dipped coming through livermore. this got jammed yesterday afternoon and likely today. the golden gate bridge, an easy drive through the city. that water plain break, flooding in one lane. the fog, rob will let you know how it's effecting your forecast coming up. >> thank you very much. lots of people will head to the concerts this labor day weekend. in morning we have a mini concert for you. >> that's right. this is the "holdup." the guys in the band are all south bay natives.
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they are playing an acoustic set for us this morning. ♪
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welcome back. 5:24. clear skies in san jose, 61
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degrees. tomorrow will be the day we see the sea breeze kick in. fog across the golden gate bridge, 58 degrees. in oakland right now, 59 degrees. wind light. oakland, san francisco, westward cooling down as that ocean air conditioning is turning on this morning. inland, not enough of a breeze to strip ground level ozone to prevent another spare the air day. this is the third in a row and we should not see more. east bay valleys, tri valley, delta, santa clara valley, unhealthy for sensitive groups. systems now passing by to the north that is finally starting to break down that ridge of high pressure. we will see 90s inland today for areas south of san jose and east of castro valley. heading through the weekend, we will wake up to morning clouds, even across the inland valleys. those temperatures for the afternoon dropping off to 70s and 80s. today is a warm day. lake tahoe, mid 80s today. heading towards sunday, breezy
5:26 am
and cooler conditions around the sierra approaching monday. around the bay area, mid 90s, pleasanton, san jose, upper 80s. notice what happens as we get towards palo alto, san francisco, san mateo cooling down. 70s around the inner bay, 60s along the coast. concord and pittsburg still climbing into the low 90s. sonoma and calistoga low 90s for one more afternoon. the week ahead looks cooler. 70s and 80s inland, 60s with foggy skies along the beaches. >> a golden eagle is now enjoying freedom back in the wild after being critically injured just a few months ago volunteers released that eagle back into the wild near santa barbara. he was found along highway 101 and was underweight, had a bloody eye and injured head. the eagle was rehabilitated, nursed back to health and is now expected to live a full life. it's a young eagle. >> 5:26 right now.
5:27 am
coming up, an update on hurricane earl. a live report from the north carolina coast. and three people are dead after a plane crash in redwood city. see what's happening this morning coming up in a live report. investigators are searching for a missing man in a landfill this morning. we have the newest information on the killing spree that took the lives of four people, possibly five.
5:28 am
5:29 am
the man accused of shooting a fremont police officer is now back in the bay area. we'll find out what's next for him coming up.
5:30 am
a plane crash kills three people including a well-known businessman. i'm kimberly tere life in redwood shores where federal investigators are expected to arrive later this morning. >> good morning. i'm laura garcia-cannon. >> i'm brent cannon. it is 5:30. mike is here getting you ready for the labor day weekend. bob was telling us yesterday that the best time to get out and avoid the rush is maybe about now. >> yesterday. >> yeah. it's good right now. light volume of traffic. there is the bay bridge. folks getting into the city, a great time. westbound 880 a lot of traffic starting about 10:00 today. heavier today because folks out of town or heading into town visiting family. more folks traveling in places you don't expect. there will be logjams on all the bay area bridges. northbound side of 880, smooth drive past the coliseum. folks heading here after what is a traditional workday as well, rob, the a's are playing in town. the oakland a's playing the
5:31 am
angels of ann mime. a lot of a's there as well. >> nice we're heading out to the game. this morning you may run into thick fog, not in san jose but san francisco socked in this morning. 50s and 60s to get your day started. inland temperatures today, highs upper 80s san jose. mid 90s around livermore. 70s in san jose and oakland. >> the developing news out of the east bay this morning, investigators are about to begin a new search for a fifth victim in that east bay killing spree. crew also comb a pittsburg landfill looking for the body of 35-year-old frederick sales of hercules. police say trash from hercules ends up at that landfill. sales was last seen friday. that's when police believe efren valdemoro killed sales' father ricardo sales. christie smith will have a live report with the latest on this developing investigation coming up. employees of devon salon and
5:32 am
spa where valdemoro's girlfriend worked will hold a memorial for her tonight. they will gather to remember tran at 7:00. police say that valdemoro strangled the 46-year-old mother in her car. the memorial will begin at glenn cove shopping center in vallejo. this morning a federal investigation is under way into what caused a plane to crash into a redwood shores lagoon killing three people. kimberly tere is live in redwood city this morning. we understand federal investigators will have a lot of witnesses to talk to. >> reporter: that's right. this happened close to the lunch hour and this lagoon is surrounded by businesses and is very close to the airport. as you can imagine, plenty of people saw this plane go down. it happened about 30 seconds after takeoff. the twin engine beech air raft took o aircraft took off just before noon yesterday. according to witnesses it
5:33 am
reached an altitude of less than 1,000 feet when it banked sharply and went into the lagoon. a 91-year-old world war ii veteran is among the three people on board who was killed. robert borrmann who founded r.e. borrmann steel company in palo alto right after the war, his company confirmed he was on the plane. >> a great man. he treat me like part of his family. he helped me a lot. >> firefighters pulled a woman's body from the lagoon after the crash. the pilot and borrmann are still under water and will not be pulled out until the ntsb is done investigating the scene. the pilot and the woman are not yet identified. the ntsb will be out here sometime later on this morning, perhaps early afternoon. again, the plane is still under water and will not be brought up
5:34 am
until federal investigators have arrived and are able to process the scene. live in redwood shores, kimberly tere, nbc bay area news. >> interesting what a short distance they were flying. thank you. as a fremont police officer fights for his life, his accused attacker is now back in the bay area this morning behind bars awaiting arraignment. andrew barrientos was transferred from san diego to oakland yesterday. he is expected to appear in court on tuesday. officer todd young and another officer were in plainclothes when they tried to serve barrientos with an arrest warrant last week in oakland. barrientos claims he did not know young was a police officer when he opened fire. young is in serious but stable condition after several operations. the union city man suspected of trying to help barrientos cross the border into mexico will appear in court this afternoon. 23-year-old gustavo silva was driving barrientos in the car to the border. silva is accused of being an
5:35 am
accessory to attempted murder and the transportation of marijuana. this is not silva's first brush with the law. he has a prior conviction in alameda county for lewd and wct with a child. there will be a blood drive in honor of todd young next tuesday it will be from 10:00 in the morning to 2:00 in the afternoon on september 7th. he received more than 60 units of blood and will likely need more. police are expected to give an update on his condition later today. a livermore mom accused of having sex with teenage boys is expected to enter a plea this morning. christine hubbs faces 67 counts for having relationships with two 14-year-old boys. one of the boys mothers went to police over the summer after she found a nude photo of hubbs on her son's cell phone. hubs is behind bars in dublin on $4.3 million bail. while you were sleeping, new developments in the massive egg
5:36 am
recall. they're centered at the two iowa egg farms at the center of the salmonella outbreak and recall. two former egg farm workers are accusing the u.s. agriculture department, workers at the egg farms of ignoring complaints about conditions at one of the sites. the usda employees work next to areas where millions of caged hens laid eggs, but the usda said it's main duties were to grade eggs. >> new information just in to our newsroom concerning the economy. we are talking about the new jobs report we expected to come out this morning. >> the news will let us know if the economy is recovering or if we still have a long way to go. scott mcgrew is putting it together. >> the answer to that is both. the unemployment rate has risen to 9.6% this morning, this according to the labor department. this is looking at the august jobs report that we're just
5:37 am
getting. 54,000 jobs were lost nationwide over the past month. that's a much better number than expected. i'm always cautious to use positive language when 54,000 people have lost their jobs. the truth is that's better than economists expected. we do expect the unemployment number to bounce around like this as more people come in to looking for jobs. as they come into the job market but don't have jobs, then they become unemployed when they weren't before. so the fact that the number goes up does not have to be alarming. we are still definitely in recovery where we need to see a lot more jobs. but in many ways we can interpret this number as positive. brent? >> thanks. the documentary movie about the life and death of san jose native pat tillman debuts in the bay area today. "the tillman story" is coming off a limited release in new york and los angeles. it follows the tillman family's
5:38 am
quest about the truth of what happened in his death in afghanistan. they eventually force the pentagon to reveal that he did die from friendly fire. the movie is showing in just three bay area theaters. you can see it at the shaddock, the century f.s. center in san francisco and camera seven in san jose. >> time to look at the forecast right now. we will start with the commute first and sunol. >> the flow of traffic very nice right now. southbound side starting to pick up in volt yum that slowing starting around 6:30. we will start to see speeds dip a bit out of pleasanton. the northbound side is a big concern starting around midday today as folks will use this getting over towards 580 and heading out to tahoe. big back-ups yesterday. took a long time to get through here yesterday. the south bay, travel from sunol into san jose, smooth drive around the bend here. notice 101 slows approaching the 680 interchange. a little early for that slowing
5:39 am
to start. 280 southbound, an accident at winchester. right here, you can see the top of mountain view at 6:00 p.m., there will be some concert slowing and for the young folks at home, zz top is also a band that plays. >> exactly. >> this week, we have the sonoma wine festival going on. we have the wine country weekend going on. there you see it. the weather, i got to tell you, it will be outstanding. sonoma wine county weekend. let's look at the forecast, saturday, mid 80s around sonoma, morning clouds. beautiful weather. you can see things like contributions from the various whiniin wineries, tastings, tours. we have a spare the air day across the tri valley area and santa clara valley. temperatures not bad.
5:40 am
upper 80s in san jose. a cooldown from yesterday when we hit 101. 70s for san francisco and oakland. 85 petaluma. the seven-day forecast cools things off with morning clouds. 70s and 80s inland. foggy skies around the beaches through the weekend. back to you. >> time is 5:40. hurricane earl is moving up the east coast. a live report from north carolina coming up. pepsi is the last line of defense. see how a store owner used the soda to fend off a robber. first an update on the search for a missing man that could be the victim of this week's killing spree. a live report on that.
5:41 am
the kincaids live here. across the street, the padillas. ben and his family live here, too. ben's a re/max agent, and he's a big part of this community. there are lots of reasons why re/max agents average more sales than other agents. experience, certainly. but maybe it's also because they care about the markets they serve and the neighbors who rely on them.
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nobody sells more real estate than re/max. visit today. developing news overnight on the killing spree across the east bay. the search for a missing man whose father was a victim will move now to a pittsburg landfill. that's where christie smith joining us live with the latest. >> reporter: good morning to
5:43 am
you. hercules police confirm that they plan to have a very thorough search of this landfill a bit later this morning. they also put out a call to other law enforcement here in the bay area to come here and assemble this morning and help. ultimately this is where trash from the city of hercules ends up. and police also confirm that this may have taken yet another grim turn as they are looking for hercules resident frederick sales out here. the 35-year-old nursing assistant was last seen friday. that's when police believe efren valdemoro beat his father to death in the home they all shared with valdemoro's girlfriend, cindy tran, the owner of that home. police say that it certainly got physical in the home with all three men, valdemoro apparently jealous and mad saying that one of the sales was getting romantic with his girlfriend. efren valdemoro was shot and killed by chp after police say he killed his girlfriend, also grabbed a cleaver in richmond
5:44 am
and started making threats. all in all, four people with ties to him are dead now including ricardo sales, cindy tran, two other women found dead in a home in vallejo that he apparently was a house guest at. of course valdemoro. he is dead, too. we are told that law enforcement will assemble here around the:00 this morning and begin searching at 9:30. reporting live in pittsburg, christie smith, nbc bay area news. >> all right. thank you. now because the story is so complex, we want to give you a look at the chain of events and how it started. it began as early as last wednesday. that's the last time anybody saw marcaria smart and segundina allen. saturday, ricardo sales was found dead in his hercules home. they issued an arrest warrant for efren valdemoro. sales 35-year-old son is also missing and police are looking for him in that landfill this
5:45 am
morning. tuesday night, police spotted valdemoro who led them on a chase starting at about 9:30 p.m. it ended when chp officers shot and killed him. they say he refused to drop a weapon. the body of a young woman, believed to be his girlfriend was also found in the car at that time. wednesday morning police confirmed that the bodies of two women were found in that vallejo house where valdemoro rented a room. we'll have more on this and more live reports all morning long. you can go to for the latest updates any time. time is 5:45. you are watching nbc bay area news. >> we will check in with traffic and weather coming up in a bit. federal investigators are going to be looking for answers this morning after a plane crashed in redwood city killing three people. kimberly tere is live this morning. kimberly, one of the victims is a military veteran who went on to make a name for himself. >> reporter: that's right. so far robert borrmann is the
5:46 am
only victim identified in the plane crash. we are waiting to learn the names of a pilot and a woman on board. federal investigators will arrive here later this morning, perhaps early this afternoon. until then the plane remains in the lagoon where it crashed yesterday afternoon about noon or just before noon killing all three on board including that 91-year-old world war 2 veteran. robert borrmann founded r.e. borrmann steel company in east palo alto after the war. his company confirms he was on the plane but the identities of the pilot and a woman on the plane have not been released. that crash happened just 30 seconds after the plane took off, just before noon when it banked sharply and then just plunged into the lagoon. >> i looked out just to see the final second of the plane coming down. just nose first into the water. i heard the thud.
5:47 am
>> firefighters pulled a woman's body from the lagoon after the crash. the pilot and borrmann are still under water and will not be pulled out until the ntsb is done investigating the scene. firefighters did tell us yesterday there is heavy damage to the front of the plane. again, federal investigators are expected to arrive here later on this morning, perhaps early this afternoon. live in redwood shores, kimberly tere, nbc bay area news. >> thanks for the update there. hikers have one less place to hit the trail this morning. alum rock park will be closed because of extreme fire danger today. conditions are too dry to allow the public in. if you go biking this weekend, scott mcgrew has a clever gadget for you that you might want to take along. >> you would be an idiot if you were on the bike to wear head phones to listen to music. that would be incredibly dumb. we have all seen people do that. >> right. >> this solves this problem. it is from a san jose company. you can listen to music on your
5:48 am
bike. was you do, you attach this to your helmet. it's called the tune bug. it's a high-tech speaker that clips to the back of your helmet. they call it music for your melon. the speaker actually vibrates your helmet delivering the music to your skull. it works surprisingly well. there are a couple ways to get music into it. the coolest way is through a bluetooth. i have the bluetooth running on my cell phone over to the tune bug itself. i'll hold it up. is it still going here? you can put all your songs on the phone. i was practicing this, you know how bluetooth can be. >> there you go. >> turn it up a bit. >> all right. there it is. this is a sample, something from my blackberry. i don't have any cool tunes. >> come on, you listen to this. >> i can't buy music on my
5:49 am
blackberry, it's a corporate account. it vibrates the whole helmet and i can listen to my music. >> but you can still hear traffic? >> you can hear traffic becau because -- >> hold my head. >> you could do it that way. or that way as well. >> that looks good. >> maybe i could put it on my face, do the news and listen to the music. >> your wife is not even looking at you. 120 bucks, tune bug. you can buy them at apple stores. >> i was going to say does it work with ipod. >> if you want to do it with a cord. >> very cool. >> it is kind of cool. it sounded very good through my forehead. it did. working moms and dads can still watch every coo and cry from their baby as it happens live. they can catch it on a camera streamed live 24/7 called ibaby video. all you need is a web cam and an online membership.
5:50 am
unlike most baby monitors, ibaby monitor streams online so you can watch it everywhere you go. if you can get an internet connection you can get it on your computer, ipad, ipod or iphone. it is available on the android system as well. the monitor also has an option that you can record for two minutes. >> that way you can go back see what woke up the baby, was there something in particular that caused the baby to move or make a sound. >> actually send both my mother and my mother-in-law log-ins so they could access it so they can watch their granddaughter. >> ibaby memberships start at $19.95 a month. you can check it out at armed and dangerous versus armed and refreshing. a convenience store showdown between a man who said he a gun and a clerk who had a case of pepsi with unexpected results. security cameras rolled as a robber tried to climb through the drive-through window of the store. the opener fought back with the first thing he could find, he
5:51 am
grabbed a case of pepsi and started throwing cans at the suspect. that suspect was eventually hit in the head but managed to grab about $400 from the register before getting away. no one in the store was hurt. >> use whatever you can. >> lucky that guy didn't have diet coke or mentos. >> looking out to the roadways, san francisco, and overall your commute into the city just fine. fewer folks traveling into work. if you are, you will want to know about the water main break, southbound 101 past highway 1. that is 19, over towards doyle drive. just got water in the right lane. that main break has been located in san ma teomateo. the v.a. cemetery. we will take you to look at golden gate bridge. one thing that might effect you is fog. we have not seen that for a few days. that's over the water, but no
5:52 am
major delays coming through the north bay heading north into 101 into wine country, maybe delays starting about midday because of folks making those wine country getaways. livermore, folks heading towards sacramento and tahoe maybe finding delays starting around midday. right now the westbound commute direction, 14 minutes. the slowing we saw earlier has evened out. looks like friday night here as well as akcross the carquinez ad benicia bridges. folks are close to the speed limit. the opposite commute will be an issue this evening, folks heading toward tass hoe and sacramento. across the bay bridge, smooth drive. the poll plaza not a problem, but no metering lights on yet. back to you. >> hurricane earl is threatening homes on the east coast this morning. the massive storm pounding the outer banks of north carolina but so far has not come ashore.
5:53 am
we want to check in with kristen dahlgren this morning in kill devil hills where you can see that rain and wind coming down already. >> reporter: yeah, this is actually much better than it has been during the overnight hours. we were getting pummelled by the wind and rain. the center of earl did stay off the coast of north carolina, about 90 miles or so. so much better than yesterday when they were anticipating it could come within 30 miles or so. take a look. this will be earl's legacy. that ocean just pounding the beach here, expected to see beach erosion. this is what most of the east coast can expect now as earl does continue to head up to the north. looks like it is going to continue to stay off-shore. even with the center of the storm staying off-shore, this is a very big hurricane, still a cat 2. so it could still cause problems for the mid-atlantic states. then up into new england. here in north carolina,
5:54 am
officials are getting out now trying to do damage assessment. so far there is just minimal damage, so that's good news. the governor saying she believes the date dodged a bullet with earl. down to our south, there is three feet of water in some places covering some of the only roadways into and out of the places here along the outer banks. that will be a problem as we go through the day. as far as power outages, hide county to our south reporting about 90% of the people there without power. we are still experiencing kind of the end of the storm here as it moves north, laura. >> thank you for the latest. we know you're bracing for the storm there. alcatraz could be part of a new tv show. >> we'll tell you about that in a bit. first the forecast locally here with rob. cool along the coast. we have the folg spig spilling into the bay. 61 in san jose. look at san francisco.
5:55 am
58 degrees. oakland, 59. most locations running 5 to 10 degrees cooler than 24 hours ago one more spare the air day, mainly for the inland valleys, santa clara valley, to the south, and the tri valley locations. systems passing by to the north are making a dent in that ridge of high pressure which gave us those temperatures yesterday near 100 degrees. out towards livermore, another day of 90s. 70s and 80 around the bay. morning clouds and mild temperatures this weekend. heading into southern california, it will be hot around l.a. 90s around the valleys there. 105 in fresno. heading to reno, 80s and 90s to get your weekend started. breezy and cooler conditions sunday and monday. around the bay area, south of san jose, 90s popping up. notice the cooling heading towards palo alto and san
5:56 am
francisco. patchy low clouds for the morning. east bay temperatures, in the 70s. out towards the delta seeing some 90s. 80s around novato and san rafael. 95 degrees around lake port. the trend is cooler as we head towards the holiday weekend but expect clouds along the coast. now on to alcatraz which could be part of a new tv show. j.j. abrams is shopping a new project to networks. we don't have the details on exactly what the show would be about, but it's set to be on the former prison island in the middle of the bay. abrams is the man behind the latest star trek movie, the tv series "lost" and the soon to debut nbc series "under covers." >> labor day is here, but you have one less option to visit. we'll show you one park that is closed. >> and we will see brand new pictures helping police piece together a killing spree.
5:57 am
>> and if you need a reason to break out the kilts where you can enjoy a bit of scottish culture in the bay area this weekend. >> check out these guys. they're with us this morning, the south bays on "the holdup" is playing throughout the show. they will release their second cd at the palace in santa cruz tomorrow. ♪
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