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tv   NBC11 News The Bay Area at 5  NBC  September 3, 2010 4:00pm-4:30pm PST

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before his arrest. >> enter a plea of not guilty. >> reporter: his wife was found dead and he's charged with felony possession of explosive materials. the 72-year-old man showed no emotion as he pleaded not guilty. his attorney says he's an innocent man. >> i don't think that he's done anything whong whatsoever. i think he's a 1r78 in this case. >> reporter: his attorney claims he had no idea the bodies of his wife and friend were at the home. leslie prince believes someone else placed them there. >> i have reason to believe the bodies were put there sometime that day, tuesday, and he had been there the night before and he went to work. and there were no bodies in the house on monday night. >> but prince says she knows the likely suspect. the investigators shot and killed him during a high-speed chase after he say he killed his girlfriend and a herk lose man. they say they had problems with
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their former house guest for years. >> my client moved to several different houses inorder to get rid of him and he would follow him to the new houses. break into his house. he would come in lithree the windows and steal their cars. >> reporter: police are searching a pittsburgh landfill looking for the son of the hercules victim who remains missing. >> it's a mixed bag. frederick solace is still missing and we want to find him alive but at the same time we have to follow the leads where they take us. >> reporter: now, this search at that pittsburgh landfill has wrapped up, we're told, but will likely continue for the next couple of days. now, writtenhouse remains in custody here at the solano county jail thee he's been charged with allegedly possessing explosive device and his bail has been set at $2 million, because police still don't know whether he has any
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link to the killings. reporting live in fairfield, jodi hernandez been bay area news. jodi, we understand that he's also pointing a finger at another person in this case? >> reporter: that's right. his attorney says that she believes that valdemoro is the likely suspect but writtenhouse suggested that another couple may have been involved in this killings. apparently there was another couple living there and there was a dispute with them about a month ago and a threat made towards his wife. when i talked to the vallejo police they said they didn't know anything about that. >> jodi, thank you. a delicate and very slow process is under way tonight. crews are trying to pull a plane out of a lagoon in redwood shores crashing yesterday killing a bay area business tycoon and his passenger. rea is live at the crash site with the latest. rea? >> reporter: cheryl, right now the plane is still in the water
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although it's along the slower. there are divers below examining the plane and removing the two men still in it, the pilot and his passenger. the redwood city police, fire and resccue along with the dives have been working since this morning to raise the plane to the surface. the plane crashed into the lagoon surrounded by office buildings and home yesterday at lunchtime. a woman floating near the plane was pulled from the water soon after the crash, dead. she was the pilot's girlfriend. the other two men, the pilot and local businessman, bob bohrmann, are still inside the plane, that until a half an hour ago remains submerged. the ntsb and faa will conduct an investigation of the plane and the crash. malcolm smith of redwood city police and fire says it's the first step to getting it on land. >> placing flotation devices on the fuselage of the plane in order to raise it up so it's floating and the next step is that they will tow it over to
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the boat ramp on the other side of the lagoon. at that point they'll take it out of the lagoon. our firefighting crews and the faa together legs trikate the remains that are still in there. >> reporter: now, the divers are making progress. a couple have just surfaced. there's also a crane out here which will be bringing the plane out of the water in an attempt to keep privacy and to shield the families from any further hurt, they'll put up a privacy tarp so the media and bystanders won't have to view what will be happening. more details coming up live at 6:00. >> thank you, rea. on new zealand's southern island tonight the damage from today's 7.0 earthquake is severe and widespread. but there were no fatalities and only a few serious injuries reported. the powerful quake struck around 4:30 saturday morning new zealand time, about 20 miles offshore from the city of christ church. masonry from older buildings
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tumbled into the streets crushing cars. chimneys toppled, the region lost power and broken water main caused flooding. about 400,000 people live in the city and the shaking sent many of them into the streets in their pajamas. >> we were so scared. it was terrible. >> up as far as we can go to get away from this, the tsunami. >> and it's pretty scary. >> the microwave in her fish tank turned out to be her most serious problem. when it came to a tsunami threat she was overcautious. no warning was issued. north carolina cleans up after a brush with hurricane earl but it's not over yet. the storm is heading towards major vacation spots on the east coast like cape cod and marthas vineyard.
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as michelle franzin explains -- >> reporter: the eye of the storm is offshore but close to enough to bring driving wind and rain to the barrier islands. first light did reveal storm damage and flooding at the p pamlico sound. and as earl races northward, residents along the east coast are preparing. officials are warning new englanders not to take this storm lightly. >> although the for eaoo nor'ea eating this is something to take serious. >> the coastal residents are getting the message. >> we're taking it serious and we're boarding up. >> reporter: others may not be taking it seriously enough. surfers in long branch, new jersey, ignored storm warnings
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as they took to the water. the tropical storm force winds and hurricane force winds gusts are expected to reach inland along the coast. as many watch and wait for the storm to pass, and the labor day weekend to begin. a state of emergency remains in effect for cape cod and portions of coastal massachusetts, about a half dozen red cross and salvation army shelters have been activated in case people need to take cover. in chatham, massachusetts, michelle franzin, nbc news. doctors told her last friday they did not think officer todd would make it off the operating table alive. nicole young spoke publicly for the first time today since her husband was shot twice while trying to serve a warrant in oakland. she said he called her in the minutes after he was shot but didn't let on how bad things are. doctors say he's still under
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heavy sedation and will likely require one more surgery but say his prognosis is good. >> i talked to him but he is sedated. but i talk to him every day, all day. >> when he's conscious what's the first thing you're going to say to him? >> that i love him and i want to bring him home to our kids. they miss him. >> the man accused of shooting officer young, andrew barrientos is back in the bear area and he'll be in court on next tuesday. barrientos was picked up in san diego trying to cross to mexico the day after the shooting. >> the coast guard rescued seven boaters after they were stranded overnight in the bay. the boat ran out of gas around 10:30 last night and ran aground north of the concord. the boaters were able to call the coast guard with a cell phone but a rescue vessel couldn't get closer than 200 yards. another beach finally reached
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them around 8:30 this morning. four of the people on the boat were children ranging in age from 3 to 14. no one was hurt. a livermore mother pleaded not guilty to having sex with two teenage boys, one of 67 sex crime charges christine hubbs faces. she was arrested in august, after the mother of one of the alleged victims contacted the police saying that she suspected her son was sexually involved with hubbs. a chopper nearly collides with traffic on highway 101 and a pilot walks away with minor injuries. the crop-dusting helicopter went down after take-off in salinas this morning landing upside down on the freeway. the chp said the helicopter had no chemicals on board when it it went down. no one was injured on the ground and investigators say the 62-year-old pilot said he became disoriented after taking off in
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the fog from the salinas airport. >> it's amazing that on a busy weekend like this that the helicopter went down on this freeway on 101 and no vehicles were involved and the pilot was able to walk away. that's just incredible. we're very fortunate. >> 2 sheriff's office and faa are investigating. the faa will examine the wreckage for me kansas cal problems. up next at 5:00, for the first time in months, unemployment is rising. so why is wall street celebrating? but first, access to your baby wherever you go? the new technology that could make the baby monitor old news. does your hair hold the key clue to your health? the surprising way doctors use your hair to find out how much stress you're under. and then, people love their cell phones but you might be surprised how many americans are sleeping with them. and good afternoon. i'm meteorologist jeff ranieri
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live in sonoma where we're kicking off one of the biggest wine festivals in the country. we'll let you know about the john deere torra and the sonoma wine weekend have in common in a few minutes. stick around.
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it's a whole new way to keep an eye on your baby. i-baby worked like a video monitor but you can take it with you and keep your baby with you virtually at all times. nbc bay area's vicky gin shows us how it works. >> they just had their second baby this month. >> we have a 2-year-old daughter and we have a 4 week-old-daughter and she'll be a month on friday. >> reporter: as a busy working mom, she says being in two places in once would be ideal but since she can't she started
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using i-baby video. >> because it's a webcam we clipped it to the top of the bass net. >> all you need is webcam and an online membership and you have access to your baby 24/7. >> it took many, many months to develop this in part because of the technology challenges. >> i-baby video streamed online so that means you can watch it anywhere you can get an internet connection. and it's not just live. monitor will record for two minutes when it senses motion or sound. >> that way you can go back and see what woke up the baby. was there something in particular that caused the baby to move or make a sound. >> reporter: you can share the video with loved ones far away and she says she's already doing that. >> i've sent both my mother and mother-in-law log-ins so they can access it so they can watch their granddaughter, too. doctors have a new understanding of one of the most aggressive forms of breast
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cancer. so-called triple-negative breast cancer tends to affect younger women and has lower survival rates. british scientists determined that the disease begins in a different class of cells than other kinds of breast cancer which is why other treatments aren't effective. >> it's a fundamental breakthrough of our understanding of the disease. we think this will lead to new treatments designed to tack it will specific aspect of the biology of this particular type of aggressive tumor. >> doctors say any new drugs could be three or four years away. are you stressing yourself to death? believe it or not, your hair has the answer. a new study finds just a small snippette of hair may predict your risk of a heart attack. the body releases a hormone, cortisol, during times of stress and canadian researchers found a way to measure cortisol levels in your hair.
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in the study, heart attack patients had higher levels of cortisol than a group how had not suffered a heart attack. there was more lackluster economic news today from washington. the unemployment rate crept up a tenth of a point to 9.6% last month. but that was welcome news to investors. wall street ended the week up on the news that private employers added 67,000 jobs in august. but more than 100,000 temporary census workers were laid off. the dow added about 127 points and the nasdaq gained 33. the dow jones has gained more than 400 points since tuesday, featuring a rare string of four consecutive positive sessions. the president, by the way, is expected to unveil in proposals to spur job growth next week. >> the economy the moving in a positive direction. jobs are being created they're just not being created as fast
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as we need them to given the whole we experienced. >> analyst suggest as the economic picture improves more of the long-term unemployed are searching for work again and that's pushing the unemployment rate higher. 65 days without a state budget is fueling support for a proposition that would punish the lawmakers for missing the deadline. proposition 25 is on the november ballot. it would force lawmakers to forfeit their pay if they don't send the governor a spending plan by the constitutional deadline. >> there's no incentive right now for legislators to pass a budgets on time. under prop 25, no budget on time, no pay, benefits and no paybacks later. >> one of the things is even if their pay is revoked they can increase their expense reports and per diem so this is something that what they can take away, they can also give. >> reporter: conservatives may also oppose proposition 25 because it would change the
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budget vote to two-thirds to a simple majority of the legislature putting the budget making in the hards of the majority party. let's join farmer jeff. the last we saw him he was sitting on his john deere up in sonoma. >> he's off the tractor. jeff? >> i had to get off the tractor. they're putting me to work at landmark vineyards. we have the sun out and yes, this is actually a john deere tractor sitting on the ground of landmark vi landmark vineyards. here's a panoramic view of the sprawling 20 acres in the heart of sonoma valley. these are the gardens in the back and this is one of many wineries you can come and visit this week in sonoma, wine country weekend. we talked about the tractor. there's a tie to the tractor and wine-making. this is michael deer calhoun, jr. is that right? >> got it right. >> perfect.
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tell us the interesting tie behind the tractor and vineyards. >> john deere, my fourth grade grandfather and with our wines comes a name and this is our chardonnay of 2008. overlook was a family home back in illinois. >> fantastic. we also have two other ones real quick. what are those? >> this is the detour which is where john deere perfected the steel plow. and our last, of course, the steel plow. >> so people are coming out here to sonoma wine country weekend and i know it's california and a lot of you love win but some people can be intimidated. which one should they choose and i'll test it out. >> i like to start with the wine. >> overlike, chardonnay, 2008, easy drinking, not too so fist kated. >> that one this one? >> right. so it is the white color. >> i've been all over sonoma today. so we can do a little tasting here.
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let's see. very, very nice. all right, let's go ahead and get a look at the weather graphics. we have more warm temperatures coming our way. thank you so much, it will be a party out here tonight as we continue into this evening. as you look here at the weather headlines we're look at temperatures continuing to stay warm inland and as we head throughout the weekend we're expecting a little bit of cooling coming our way right into labor day weekend as we'll start to see the patterns shifting up. it's all about the kickoff to sonoma wine country weekend. not only here at landmark vineyard, but tons of other wineries out here doing demos, cooking, tours. it's ranked one of the ten best in the united states. our weather this summer hadn't been in the best category. it's been from cold to hot but if you look here these are the hottest temperatures in the
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central valley. the fog coming back to the coastline will gradually drop our temperatures along with a little bit of unseasonably cool weather coming back to the bay area by sunday and also monday. tonight, it's comfortable. if you're in napa or sonoma, we're looking at upper 40s and low 50s. by noon tomorrow temperatures in the low to mid 80s. that's on your saturday. and then as we transition to 4:00 p.m., temperatures in the upper 80s to near 90 degrees. and on your seven-day forecast, what you'll find is things are going to be going down slowly and surely and you guessed it, as we head to wednesday, thursday and friday we're going back to the low to mid 70s. it's a party out here as we said at landmark vineyards. we have all my new friends back here. y'all having a good time? >> yeah. >> i'm missing my glass so i'll pick this up and cheer and back to you. >> here's to you, jeff. >> who would not have a good time up there. when is the one time you're allowed to drink on the job? now? >> that was water, you guys.
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>> good water. >> yeah. >> good water. a nice bouquet of water. jeff, thank you. we want to tell you right now as we go to breaking news about a house fire in pleasant hill burning on sky view and elderwood. we're just now getting details but apparently, this does not look like it is a threat to spread to other places. or through any surrounding brushfire. but again, house fire tonight in nd wfi ande' wlle'e bright bac >> pleasanthill, rather. [ female announcer ] we know jerry brown was mayor of oakland,
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but what were the results? fact: brown promised to improve schools. but the drop out rate increased 50%, and the state had to take over the schools. fact: the city controller found employees paid for 22,000 hours... they never worked. fact: brown promised to cut crime. but murders doubled, making oakland the 4th most dangerous city in america. jerry brown. he just can't deliver the results california needs now.
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we know it's true that lots of us don't go anywhere without our cell phones but surprisingly some of us take our phones to bed. in a survey, the pew internet group found that 5% of adults with cell phones -- 65% of them have slept with them either in or by their beds and for parents, the number is higher. 72%. men are slightly more likely to sleep with their phones than women. of the survey, it did not
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address whether these are people who count on their phones for a wake-up cull. >> interesting. the end of free drinkses for ladies next. the lawsuit that took on "ladies night."
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a self-proclaimed men's right's lawyer lost big this a new york courtroom today as he challenged the tradition known as "ladies night." he sued several clubs claiming giving half-price drinks and cheaper admission violates women's right to a constitution. he's vowing to take the case to the supreme court as to estimate the odds the high court will hear his case? he told the "new york daily news" about the same as some pretty young lady paying my way on a date.
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and now, a brief update on the house fire in pleasanthill. it has reached two alarms. firefighters trying to keep the fire from spreading. we'll tell you more about it coming up on the news at 6:00. the nicely news is coming up next. the "nightly news" is coming up next. !%
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