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tv   NBC11 News The Bay Area at 11  NBC  September 3, 2010 10:00pm-10:35pm PST

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>> natalie has a great stage presence. when you see her on stage, she shines. >> reporter: she is trying to tone up her hamstrings and back side believing that will give they are extra edge. to win you have to have -- >> a lot of heart and dedication. >> reporter: the burning desire the win has inspired her co-workers and patients. >> it is exciting. we're happy for her. it takes a lot of dedication. >> when i found out that a dentist was a fitness model, it just sparked something in me. >> reporter: her fast rise in the fitness world has inspired young asian-american women. she is half american, half french. she will be the first asian-american woman and only the second bay area woman to win the title. >> i have people messaging me right now. that are asian-american say that i inspired them to go in the body building industry. i never thought about that. that's really cool. >> reporter: no matter how many hat she has to wear, role model, dentist, and potential miss
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olympia, she said she is ready for the challenge. >> work, work, work. >> reporter: the blood, sweat and tears that come with it. nbc bay area news. >> if you're just joining us, we have an expanded newscast because of the giants game. the shock of a killing spree in the east bay is giving way to sadness now for people who are close to the victims. as investigators continue their search for answers and the missing man, friends of two of the four murder victims mourn their loss tonight. nbc bay area's reporter is live in vallejo where some people are having a difficult time with the reality their friends are gone. >> remember jenny and rick, not for how they died but for how they lived. >> reporter: a tearful gathering at the shopping center in vallejo tonight in honor of
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cindy jenny tran and ricardo sales. sales worked as a security guard at the bank inside safeway. police say efren killed them both. >> they are very important people. >> reporter: tonight dozens of people full of sadness shared stories about how they touched their lives. danny is a checker. he said sales was always smiling. >> he was my buddy. i would slap him high five when i go to the bathroom and he would stand by the wells fargo. >> reporter: and tran was ready for a laugh. >> tran would come through my line and i say when you do my nails? and she said i no do nails. >> reporter: they rented rooms in tran's house in hercules. police say in august, the
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saleses. he was naked during the incident. police took pictures of his injuries. ricardo sales was found beaten to death days later and frederick hasn't been seen in a week. some wonder if valdemoro killed them because of that. they say they will not be forgotten. people here are asking every one to keep frederick sales in their thoughts. police searched a landfill in pittsburgh today for his body. nothing was found but that search resume tomorrow. friends have set up bank accounts for the families at wells fargo bank to help pay for burial cost and to help tran's four sons. reporting live in vallejo. >> many questions still to be answered in this case. and charlie ridden house seen here in court today is a man who could have some of the answers police are looking for. according to his attorney, he
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too is a victim. he pleaded not guilty to charges of felony possession of explosive materials. police have said he did not act like a normal person would when they discovered a gruesome scene in his home. his wife rita allen and her friend carol smart had been killed. their bodies were found in his home. his attorney insists his client had nothing to do with it. >> i have arraign to believe the bodies were just put there sometime someday, tuesday, the day of his arrest. >> he had been there the night before. on tuesday he went to work. i can tell you there were no bodies in the house on monday night. >> police stay coroner will be able to tell for certain how long the two bodies were in that home. >> tonight an oakland community gathered to celebrate the life of a 13-year-old track star killed by gun fire. friends and family honored his life. someone shot him last week.
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he was walk his brother who was not injured. clark unfortunately died at the scene. it was just one week before his 14th birthday. he was about to start high school this year. so far, police have no suspects and have not made any arrests in this case. the wife of the fremont police officer who was shot in oakland a week ago spoke publicly for the first time today. thanking the staff at highland hospital when officer todd young remains heavily sedated and unconscious. nicole young learned from her husband that he had been shot. >> he called me and said he was at highland hospital and he was okay. he had just gotten hit in the leg. so i threw the kids in the car and we came up here. i was told that he wouldn't let them put him to sleep until he called his wife. i was told on 48 that it wasn't looking good and they didn't think he would make it off the operating table.
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>> nicole young called the trauma surgeons at the hospital heroes and said they saved her husband's life. new tonight, a glimpse of how air traffic controllers learned of a small plane crash in redwood city yesterday. the twin engine plane went down shortly after lifting off from the san carlos airport yesterday morning. all three people on board were killed when the plane plunged into the redwood shores lagoon. today, crews were able to lift the plane out of the water and recover the two bodies still trapped inside. and tonight, we have audio of the air traffic controller talking to a pilot about the wreck. >> appeared to go down in the vicinity of the building. if you make a left turn and proceed, you can see it. >> the cause of the trash is still under investigation tonight. the critically acclaimed documentary about pat tillman, the football star turned soldier debuted today.
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the tillman story investigates the events leading up to and following tillman's death in afghanistan six years ago. the army first said he was gunned down by taliban forces but weeks later, army officers admitted he was killed by friendly fire. many see a parallel to cover-ups from the vietnam era. >> i served in the vietnam war. i taught in the same district that pat tillman went to high school. like so many, i'm very disturbed by the government's cover-up of the story. >> you can see the tillman story at theaters in san francisco, berkeley and campbell. the city of santa cruz is getting proactive when it come to keeping its city safe. city officials are hiring private security because there is not enough police officers to patrol the streets. nbc bay area is live there right now. are they on the job tonight or will they start tomorrow? >> reporter: not yes. it will be a really busy weekend
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as you can imagine in downtown santa cruz. when you are out and about, you'll see something you probably haven't seen before. a private security officer walking around and helping the police. nighttime in santa cruz. seven officers and their sergeant crews around keeping the peace. but during the day, santa cruz police say they're a little short staffed and have turned to a private security company for help. >> the community is really looking forward to it. that extra sense of that third eye out there. >> reporter: starting this weekend and early october, you will see one security officer from the first alarm company on the streets of downtown santa cruz from 7:00 in the morning until 3:00 in the afternoon. the officer will not carry a gun or have any police power but he will -- >> help protect life and property. and report to pd. if anything should arrive, we call the professionals and they'll come in and deal with any situation. >> all the little things that might cause people not to want
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to come downtown. >> reporter: he gives the 30-day pile program a thumb up. he believes more security on the streets will crack down on -- >> the panhandling, profanity, all the little things that might cause people not to want to come downtown. >> i think that would be fine. >> reporter: she said it makes her feel safer. >> it is it will make people feel safer in the area and it will, i don't know, just make everything a lot more calm and more smoother. i can see that being helpful. >> but not everyone supports the security walking around. some feel it will scare away business. >> i'm down here a lot and i don't feel comfortable with that level of police involvement. people walking up and down the streets. >> the city has approved eight new police officer positions and the pilot program will be up and running while they hire the new officer. the program will cost $5,000. that money coming from the police budget. live in santa cruz, nbc bay area news.
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>> all right. who makes the best burgers in america? two of the top contenders are right here in the bay area. and during the game or even in bed, you just can't put them down. >> they're constantly on a computer, the phone. >> if there is down time. >> smart phones, are they making you dumber? we'll show you the proof why digital down time is key. and good evening. i'm chief meteorologist jeff ranieri live in sonoma. we're at landmark winery and we're uncorking, go to it, some of the best. we'll do a little wine tasting and some weather and talk about sonoma wine country weekend.
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morning rush hour. it wasn't your typical tie-up on 101 in salinas. a crop dusting chopper landed upside down on the freeway. the pilot walked away from the crash. even more remarkable, the fact that he was nearly hit by vehicles on the road. investigators say the 62-year-old pilot, frank gomes, told them he became disoriented
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after he took off in the park. the fax is investigating. -- the faa is investigating. it is a good time to cook out but if you would like someone to cook for you, these some of the best burgers around. >> reporter: in a nation obsessed with fast food, the burger battle is big business and there is a new player in southern california. giving in and outburgary run for its money. it is called five friesburgers and fries. it is the best fast food burger in the nation according to a new survey by consumer report. >> we were very flattered with five guys to be tied with in and out. we consider them a california icon. >> reporter: consumer asked nearly 30,000 online subscribers to rate them on 18 national chains. in and out and five guys tied for best burger with high scores of 7.9. mcdonald's scored the lowest.
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burger king and jack in the box were near the bottom of the list. our effort to reach mcdonald's and burger king were unsuccessful. we asked the top chef famous for his kobe beef burger to splam patties from in and out, five guys, burger king and mcdonald's. the results were consistent. >> this has more crunch with the thicker pickles and a little better beef quality. >> reporter: he picked the five guys burger as the west and the mcdonald's as the worst. the full list of how america's fast food burgers stack up will be printed in the october issue of consumer report magazine. in malibu, angie crouch. a different kind of contest aimed at crowning an older woman. the miss cougar east bay competition got going a few hours ago and organizers say they don't plan to crown the winner for another half-hour at least. just what qualifies as cougar
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these days? competitors need to be at least 35 years old and single, of course. >> cougar is a woman who likes young guys. as simple as that. some of them are like madonna and they pick up the guys on the streets of new york on the limos. and some are like demi moore who actually married her cub. >> get this. cubs or younger men the only members of the audience allowed to vote. the winning cougar will score a free cabin on a cruise to the bahamas in december. we're fwam the latest thinking about multitasking. that kit make us less productive. is the same true when it come to using our down time? why not answer e-mails when we wait in line or watch tv during a workout? scientists who study the brain say not resting your mind could hurt your ability to learn and remember new things.
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>> reporter: are smart phones actually making us dumb? whether it is this device or that, having access to the world in the palm of our hands. back in the old days -- >> wethove cee re aerivove the listen to the dial tone. >> reporter: we might just be doing nothing. >> i work full time. i try to do some reading and because i like to block out noise, i hear my ipod and watch tv at the same time. >> reporter: for 20 something mike, down time is so 1990s. >> even on weekends when i'm sleeping, in i have my phone and my laptop beside my bed. i have e-mails for work and i study for class and i have phone calls coming. in. >> reporter: credit that to our go-go lifestyle. one in four has a cell phoning, of that a third smart with the mobile sgeb nearly half end their day the same way.
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in between, you've seen them. they're constantly on a computer original their phone. >> if there is down time, i pick up the phone. i can play poke order this thing online. >> reporter: there is a micro moment throughout the day. the couple minutes you spend waiting in line. the coffee break on a bench outside. rather than rushing to fill those empty moments with digital devices, i would say, veg. give your brain a break. >> people would be better off by taking a few more moments to just stop. let their brain work through thing and then pick up again. >> reporter: the professor studies brain function in rats. he said after they're exposed to something new, they need time to process and remember that informing. >> instead of running around and looking for the chocolate which is what they do, they take a moment and look like they're not doing much. their brains are very active. >> reporter: but human brains with so many digital distractions, may be missing out on that critical down time. >> certainly possible because we're always barraged with
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incoming information, we're not having the time we need to process it and turn it into long term memory. >> reporter: out new ideas. it is something he admits he needs to do more often. >> i had times to shut everything off. >> reporter: powering down every now and then could power up nature's original smart device. your brain. nbc bay area news. >> researchers say it is too early to draw conclusions about human brain fatigue based on these studies but they do say that giving your brain a break from digital devices, even during those short moments during the day when you're tempted to plug in couldn't hurt. meteorologist jeff ranieri is live in son open. a he's been there all week long and he is there to tell us about the weekend forecast. >> hey there. we're kicking off and we have been all day long. two big stops at two wineries. a sonoma wine country weekend. we're here at landmark. they've been so gracious.
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we were talking about a cherry could be her dessert. it was fantastic. take a look over here. my new friends, giving a big cheer. we're doing a little tasting, some demoing. did you get a look at the fire? pretty magnificent. when you think it can't get better here, it does. and then real quickly over here, we want to join michael and deanna as well. you are hear with the wine rix tell us a little about what we have and we'll do a little tasting. >> we have the chardonnay, and this is our flagship wine. a wondering rich, creamy chardonnay. and i'm going to pour off a little in this glass here. >> i can't taste it. somebody step up. come on. take a sip. what do you think? >> this is the overlook chardonnay. >> what do you?
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>> it's delicious. how much for a bottle? >> $28. >> cheap to come out hear to sonoma wine country. you can come to not only this vineyard but many other vineyards all across son ooma. we are heading into labor day. we've seen some cool weather and hot weather and temperature will be going down a little bit as we head throughout saturday and also sunday's forecast. and as we head throughout this coming weekend, we'll get some fog in here throughout the afternoon and the evening hours. we head throughout tomorrow, sonoma wine country weekend, 1:00 p.m. temperatures in the upper 70s to low 80s. kind of a little reminder if you are coming out here, make sure you have the designated driver or rent one of those limos or something fabulous. and you can play cooking, some tastings, all the stuff we have been doing all day long. and on our seven-day forecast, the temperatures going into the
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70s as we head through tuesday, wednesday and thursday. i talked to an expert and they assure me, even these cooler temperatures are not going to hurt the grape harvest. we'll be able to find wine on the shelf. we're back out here live. enough already. they're hogging the fireplace. this is where i belong. all right? >> it must be cooling down if you're looking for the fire, pal. >> reporter: yes, it is. i found the right spot. i'll be here for quite a while tonight. >> that's great. to feigned a winery open after 11:00 on a friday night. just great. >> impossible. next up, jay len oexnd doest shy away from politicians. [ male announcer ] when meg whitman arrived at ebay,
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>> how is mom doing? >> she's hunting right now. >> i knew the economy is rough but i had no idea. >> bristol palin is on "the tonight show" talking about dancing with the stars and she is not holding back talking about her ex, levi johnston and life as a young mom. >> i'm going to have to tivo that. who says you can't find love online? was ranked and two made the cut. first on the list, miami,
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florida. next, new york city, and then the city of angels at number three had a little more south and san diego come in number seven. what could have been for the giants tonight. >> what could have been for barry zito's season, really. kind of amazing how things have gone, just when you thought he was on his way to a breakout here, the next two months went and happened. the lefty with a struggle against the dodgers. the49 ers. c fothe 49ers.
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remember when barry zito started off a perfect 5-0? that seem like a lifetime. since then, he has fallen below .500 after losing his last four consecutive starts. for the last time he won on the road you have to go all the way back to may 5. tonight he is trying to turn it all around.
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it was right here on inning bay area. he tried to gain a little ground in the division. bottom two, no score. rob barajas on with one on, take it deep to left. that is a home run. 2-0 dodgers on top. it would stay that way until the fourth. two on for buster posey. the timely hit. that will score. freddy sanchez and aubrey huff. we have a tie game. 2-2. the giant have some life. bottom four, zito facing the picture with the bases loaded. jose guillen in trouble, playing it two run. four innings know four earned runs. the giant fell 4-2 but the good news. the padres also lose. meanwhile, the rivalry continuing close to the field. gonzalez and the a's opening against the angels. six shutout innings. bottom seven. 2-0. kevin kouzmanoff playing long
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ball to center. suzuki scores. 4-0 a's and several batters later, cliff pennington, another one on. we have two homer book ends. part of the six-run innings. they lead the a.l. with 13 shutouts this season. the moment the bubble players have been dreading came a day early for the 49ers. final cuts don't have to be made until tomorrow at 3:00 but mike single taker and company weren't interested in delaying the inevitable. today 22 players were released. the most surprising, michael robinson. the running back was believed to be safe because of his special teams skills. he was the captain. but he didn't show enough on offense to merit a roster spot. the ending a four-year career with the niners. other notable cuts, the wide receiver jason is gone as well as veteran linebacker matt wilhelm.
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he could wind up on the practice squad. notable, davis as well as the entire 2010 draft class. and the college football night cap tomorrow night will be provided by san jose state. a little commune called the crimson tide. they will open against the top ranked team in the nation and the defending national champs, what a way to start the season. san jose state ready for the challenge. we'll find out just how ready tomorrow. still ahead, we're heading out to the u.s. open how many about another trick shot? people! look at you!
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the classic song at the u.s. open has become a battle of anything you can do, i can do better. earlier this week roger federer showing off the fancy between legs move. today the ladies' turn. it was quite a rally when she was forced to make the blind between the leg shot. it worked. she went on to win the point and the match. >> no big .de good night, everybody. have a great weekend. >> uncer: with jay leno," it's "the t featuring rickey minor tonight


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