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tv   NBC11 News The Bay Area at 5  NBC  September 4, 2010 4:00pm-4:30pm PST

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craigslist censored. new information on today's search for one of the missing linkses in the mysterious killing streak in the east bay. the bay area after 5:00 starts right now. good evening. i'm diane dwyer. in pittsburgh the search for a man who police believe is the fifth victim in kill ngs the east bay.
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crews spent time sifts through trash looking for monty solace. monty? >> reporter: day two of the search is wrapping up right nout at 5:00. so far nothing has been found to help locate mr. solace. crews are sifting through an acre of trash that could have come from the north shore business park in hercules, where they found the car of the man shot and killed by the chp. they say valadmaro killed solace. solace's son is missing. either one or both of them were interfering with his
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relationship with his girlfriend among the victims. investigators speculate valdemaro could have killed the younger solace and disposed of his body at a dumpster in the business park. >> they have an escalator they are utilizing that win scoop up a bucketful of debris. volunteers are going through that and we have a dog through contin contra costa county. >> reporter: the search was scheduled to wrap up at 5:00. the crews will be back here tomorrow morning at 8:00. i'm told this search could extend into monday. >> thanks for the update, monty. police officers found the bodies of two of the women involved at the house of charles ritenhouse. he pleaded not got felony
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possession of explosionive materials. his attorney insists his client has nothing to do with these crimes. in fact, his attorney say the bodies may have been planted. ritenhouse has not been charged. craigslist shut down the adults services section. it says censored and there are no ads. ten days ago 17 attorneys general wrote an open letter to the company asking it to take down the section because they claim some people use to sell prostitution and child trafficking. we contacted the company to find out if the section was shut down voluntarily. we have not yet heard back. the documentary on the alleged army coverup of pat tillman is playing in the bay area. a special group of people just got out of the theater. rhea taramina is live with that.
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>> reporter: diane, we are here at prune yard cinemas where a group of the moviegoers were leyland high school football players where tillman played football before joining the nfl as well as the u.s. army. the documentary style movie about pat tillman who grew up in san jose, went to high school here explored how his family was told different stories about his demise. he left a lucrative career in football to fight for his country. he was a member of the u.s. army special forces and died in afghanistan. ultimately his family says a cover up by the government it was revealed that pat was killed by friendly fire. these students are eager to know more about the man they already look up to. >> definitely showing that his country and his family comes
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first. he loved the game of football and we do. he took the extra step, went towards his country and i think that that's the right thing to do. >> i think his legacy is to be like someone everyone can look up to and be like, hey, i did this to. i want you to follow in my path. >> now there are many people out here to watch the other viewings of the movie. they just went in for the next movie. as the high school students as well as the director came out there was emotional reaction that they say was heart wrenching. we will have the details at 6:00. >> thank you, rhea. another great white shark sighting off a california beach. we'll show you where. stanford, cal and san jose state playing in opening day football. laura be
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laura behnke has the highlights. more sunshine for you. a few warm r days, less fog from oakland. your labor day forecast coming up in a bit. [ female announcer ] we know jerry brown was mayor of oakland, but what were the results? fact: brown promised to improve schools. but the drop out rate increased 50%, and the state had to take over the schools. fact: the city controller found employees paid for 22,000 hours... they never worked. fact: brown promised to cut crime. but murders doubled, making oakland the 4th most dangerous city in america. jerry brown. he just can't deliver the results california needs now.
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thousands of christians descends on the state capitol to rally for a religiousry survival. tom is in sacramento with the latest. hello, tom. >> reporter: hello. we are eighth and capitol along the capitol mall. that is the state capitol on the west steps. we have thousands of
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evangelicals calling for what they say is the need for the restoration of traditional values and morality. just to the left here, you are going to see a large grassy area with a big screen and speakers. this area was designed for the crowd they expected, the overflow crowd. as you see, this entire area is empty. now we are going to pivot around and go down capitol mall to third street. we are talking about a seven block area. the entire area was closed. there are a series of large screens and speakers set up. they were hoping, the organizers expected to have as many as 50,000 people. we have a huge police presence, people on every block with all kind of things. you can see people sitting with water. for the large crowd, it has been a hot day, a lot of people staying in the shade. the large crowd didn't materialize. there are 5,000 to 7,000, perhaps 8,000 people.
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we have fiery speech, praise music and prayer. this has been more of a prayer value than a political ralry. opposed to gay marriage, anti-abortion, for prayer to be brought back in the public schools and a lot of prayer here today to save america from drugs, corruption, gangs crime and violence. this rally will continue until 9:00 tonight. part of a two-day event. the crowd is into it, but it is not nearly as large as the organizers expected. live in sacramento, tom duhane, back to you. >> when did the rally start? do they expect more people to arrive in the evening? >> reporter: they started on the stage this morning at 9:00 this morning. we see the numbers dwindling. at this point it seems like the
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crowd is starting to diminish. >> fair enough. thank you. the final results are in whether a south bay school damaged by fire won thousands of much needed dollars in a social media contest. look at that. plenty of sunshine. more tomorrow. in fact am aror w frupou y labor day weekend. the forecast coming up in a bit. r
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san francisco city leaders are considering restricting hours for all city parks. right now parks are open 24 hours a day. some are calling for them to close overnight to prevent attacks like the one last month at coit tower. a man and a woman on a date were beaten and robbed. people who lived nearby say the neighborhood has crime and blame the fact that tourists make easy targets. the mayor is considering a
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citywide policy to close parks overnight. trace elementally lost over on $500,000 on a facebook contest. san jose's trace elementary school burned. 16 classrooms were destroyed as well as the library. the kohl's corporation was giving away grants to those who got the most votes on face book. trace did not win. it was cooled off a little bit. it was a nice day. i won't complain. >> exactly. the fog is back right at the coast. tomorrow more sunshine, monday, oh yeah. >> for labor day. >> can you see that, diane? >> pretty funny. >> san francisco, 50s right now. all the fog is blowing well
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inland about 1,000 feet deep. we are going to see that through the early morning hours. tomorrow we have temperatures coming up just a bit. we take you down below the fog bank. down on the golden gate bridge. people crossing the bridge with coats on. the camera shaking a bit as the wind is coming through the golden gate and coming well inland. expect cloud cover and patchy fog along the coast and drizzle in the early morning. the afternoon hours it is all said and done. oakland a little bit of haze. making it to the eastside of the bay. wind is coming through the golden gate 10 to 15 miles an hour. on the eastside of the bay five to ten miles per hour. as we go to sanol, some haze but sunshine on the eastside of the bay sitting in the 70s and 80s. as we go to the south end of the bay, this is looking at san jose.
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77 to 80. it is going to be another sunny day across the south end of the bay tomorrow. places like saratoga, into santa theresa. a couple of 90s for high for tomorrow opposed to upper 80s. tonight a couple of coastal fog coming back in. mostly into the 50s. we go through the day tomorrow with the sunshine coming through, earlier the numbers come up. the wind is shifting out of the north which clears the fog out of the bay area. the wind comes more from the northeast. by monday the temperatures come up more. that is the warmest day in the seven-day forecast. after that a big dip in the temperatures. i will show you that in a couple of minutes. 57 in san francisco. look at the 70s across sunnyvale. a couple of places close to 90
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degrees. tomorrow we see more 90s. temperatures have dropped from two to ten degrees from yesterday. san francisco five degrees cooler than this time yesterday. this is the fog and the cloud cover. futurecast. we have a lot of it through the golden gate as we go through the evening a lot of it stays close to the coast. right in san francisco, daly city, redwood. into 10:00 p.m., most of the fog along the peninsula. notice the direction of the fog. to the south. the wind out of the north. by 10:00 a.m., a couple of patches close to skyline boulevard. the rest of the bay area seeing sunshine by 10:00 a.m. we'll see those numbers coming back on up. we talked about the wind out of the north and northeast. here is the setup on the satellite. this is a big cooldown. that will happen on tuesday and wednesday. for now with the ridge of high
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pressure in place the wind from the north pushing the fog into southern california. places along point conception and south of there will get fog. some more sunshine and warmer temperatures tomorrow through monday. that cold i was talking about it is going to push the warm air out of the area tuesday and wednesday. by tuesday and wednesday temperatures in the bay area, 60s and 70s. ten to 15 degrees cooler for now we will focus on the long weekend. sunshine. palm springs 108. 85 in los angeles. the 90s through bakersfield, vasalia. sacramento close to 90s. highs around the bay area, sunrise at 6:43. a lot of us will see the sun come up tomorrow. 69 in san francisco.
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92 concord. the northern part of the pay the upper 80 z. close to los gatos. santa cruz 75. sunset 7:32. as we continue to move through the seven-day forecast, the warmest day on monday. congratulations, everybody is off, having a good time barbecuing at the lake or the beaches. the beach numbers 70s to near 90 degrees. >> nice. >> tuesday and wednesday weooooc down. we are not worried. we are going to drop. 75 on wednesday after 96 in the warmer spots tomorrow and monday. >> wow. that is going to be fun. it is going to be crowded to get to the beaches on labor day. thank you, craig. laura, the local teams starting out nicely so far. >> i see you have a version of the bear blue. >> go bears. >> definitely. college football is here. the cal bears opening things in style putting their coach in the
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record books and introducing us to the star of the future. this afternoon the stanford qb wasting no time putting up good numbers. at the coliseum, trevor cahill doing something that hasn't been done by a pitcher in three years.
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it is the opening weekend of the college football season. that means lopsided scores. at strawberry canyon the cal bears were happy to keep that trend going.
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making jeff bedford the winningest coach and unveil a new star in the making. it was a beautiful day for football. jeff tedford. the bears opening the season against uc davis. first quarter, wasting no time. bears on the move. kevin riley. in the end zone. 23-yard hookup. second quarter, riley again. this time finding marvin jones. diving in. 13-yard connection. 14-0. a few minutes later that star in the making, true freshman keenan allen. remember this name. tacks the handoff. looks like he wants to throw. sees an opening and takes off running. 18 yards and in. 21-0. he also caught a td. 35-0 at the half. the bears win big 52-3. across the bay jim harbaugh and the stanford cardinal
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kicking off their season at the expense of state. 7-0 cardinal. luck going to the air. how pretty is that? he takes care of the rest. 81-yard pass play. 14-0, cardinal on top. later in the first. they are not done. cardinal cruising. luck is at it again. to stephan taylor. how about 59 yards worth of work. 21-7. right now 38-7 stanford leading at the half. while cal and stanford are beating up on their opponents, san jose state's turn to buck that trend. they are facing the top ranked team in the nation. crimson tide is heavily favored. san jose state hopes to put up a big fight. mack brown and the number five longhorns hitting the road to get things going.
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they visited rice. taylor mark sacked by sam acho. he fumbles. robinson picks it up. td. 17-3 texas. the final here 31-17. texas prevails. that is kind of a blowout. not even close to the top 25 scores. any player in the nfl will tell you training camp and the preseason is brutal. imagine going through all that work only to find yourself unemployed. such was the case for 22 players on the raiders roster. the deadline was today at 3:00 for all nfl rosers to be trimmed to 53. among the players not making the cut jay richardson, wide receiver todd watkins and quarterback colt brennan whom they just signed in camp. the matt leinart era is over in
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the desert. arizona cut ties with the heisman trophy winner. coach whisenhunt said he didn't think he was okay with being the backup. he was supposed to be in the starting role. the cards replaced him with derek anderson. he wasn't a lock for the starting rotation in spring training and began the season on the disabled list. cahill had a chance to take it one step further. the a's and angels. cahill tried to become the first oakland pitcher in three years to win 15 games in a season. going to need help from his lineup. bottom one, no score. jack cust. derek barton scores all the way from second. beats the throw. 1-0 a's. a's with another single. this time cliff pennington. brings home rog davis.
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the damage was done. 2-0 a's. cahill wins. another rough outing for barry zito. he lost his fifth consecutive start. luckily for the giant they will try to bounce back with the help of one of their most consistent starters, matt cain. san francisco is three games behind the padres. by the end of the day the end could be two. san diego's free fall continued thanks to the rockies. carlos gonzalez. scores two off lou gregorson. 6-2 cardinals. the padres lose their ninth in a row. this is a team it didn't seem could be beaten. now they really can. >> not so much. cal won, stanford is on its way. and we've got san jose state. going to be a hard one.
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thanks, laura. still ahead, a magnitude 7.1 earthquake caught on camera. it will make your skin crawl. bed bugs are back from coast-to-coast. bay area homes are infested as well. we take you under the covers. new information on the investigation into thatra cshed lagoon this week.
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