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tv   NBC11 News The Bay Area at 11  NBC  September 4, 2010 10:00pm-10:30pm PST

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a recall to tell you about and your labor day forecast is next. the search connected to the killing rampage in the east bay. the legacy of pat tillman. what had the director moved to tears at his own screening. and a bell whose toll brought a community together is back again after nearly being sold for scrap metal.
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an unusual homecoming. next. the news starts right now. good evening. i'm diane dwyer. crews spent a second day searching a land fill in the east bay looking for any signs of a missing man. police believe 35-year-old frederick solace could be the fifth victim in a killing rampage that ended when officered shot and killed the suspect. monty? >> reporter: frederick solace lived here with his father. today's crew spent a day searching a land fill in pittsburgh for any sign of the 35-year-old but came up empty hands. hercules police combed through an acre of the keller canyon land fill, carefully and slowly sifting through thousands of tons of garbage. >> we have a dog that is here
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from contra costa county search and rescue going through the debris. >> reporter: 35-year-old frederick solace hasn't been seen since his father was bludgeoned to death. one of the scenarios police are considering is valdemaro may have killed the younger solace and disposed of his body at north shore business park. the trash from the dumpsters ends up at the keller canyon land fill. 38-year-old efrin valdemaro was shot and killed. his girlfriend was found strangled in his car. four victims are dead. if frederick solace turns up
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dead he would be the fifth. the motive appears to be jealousy. valdemaro fought with the solace's in the past and he believed his girlfriend was romantically involved with one of them. >> since all the players are deceased it is purely speculation. >> reporter: they have only sifted through about half the material they have targeted so i'm told the search could extend into monday. monty francis, nbc bay area news. >> in that report we gave information about two of the four people. both women were found at the house of charles rittenhouse. one was his wife and the other was the friend. they all new the prime suspect. rittenhouse's attorney say the bodies may have been planted in
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the house. police did call him a person of interest. stay with nbc bay area news for continuing coverage of the story. go to our website at for around the clock coverage. just search for land fill search. without warning, craigslist shut down a controversial part of its website the adult services section. a black and white statement says censored now instead of adult services and there are no ads. ten days ago 17 attorney generals general wrote a letter to the company asking it to take down the section because people use it to sell prostitution and child trafficking. we called the company and have not yet heard back. about 5,000 to 8,000 people gathered at the state capitol for what they called a religious revival. organizers expected tens of
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thousands of people. our sacramento station has a look. >> reporter: a concert took place at the capitol, a huge crowd gathered. it was filmed by a professional camera crew and broadcast on megaprojection screens. this wasn't for a rock star. >> it's all about christ. he is our only hope. >> reporter: ralliers kale here for the call, a movement when 400,000 christians gathered in washington. the sacramento event expected 50,000 total. many came from other states. >> what happens here affects all of us in leadership whether for good or bad. i think to believe for change and break through and good things is the right thing. >> reporter: for many the rally and concert was a way to reach the youth. >> times are really tough right now. there are a lot of anxieties going on. they don't have solid ground to
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stand on. >> reporter: the mental was calling for the sanctity of traditional marriage and an end to prostitution and abortion. there were only a few onhand to protest. >> the first time i read the sign for the last marriage equality rally. the only reason gay people can't get married is because of christian actions. >> the goal is to find favor with god and influence heaven which can have a huge influence indirectly on people. >> just in time for labor day weekend there was a great white shark sighting on a bay area beach. on thursday people in bodega bay spotted a great white with a sea lion in its mouth. witnesses thought it was 18 feet. in pacifica another one and two weeks ago on the san mateo coast. a documentary on pat
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tillman's life and controversial death opened this week. the director decided to come to a screening in the bay area when he heard who was going to be in the audience. >> when i heard that all of leland high football team was going to be here i had to be here. >> pat tillman grew up in san jose and went on to become an nfl star. he joined the army and was killed in afghanistan in 2004. initially the army said he was gunned down by the taliban. a couple of weeks later the army leaders admitted he was killed by friendly fire. the movie investigates the alleged coverup about how he died. current members of leland high school football team took the message to heart. >> it makes you think about the government and the lies and stories they tell you on the news and how it is not all truth. >> you can see "the tillman
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story" in san francisco, berkeley and campbell. another recall. next at 11:00, you might need to know about this recall before you pack that picnic for labor day. >> we heard where is the bell? we are happy to tell them the bell is back. >> more than metal. the celebration of a fixture of the peninsula theater finally makes its way back home. art throughout san jose in the form of public pianos? what is behind these pianos you might not have seen around. >> what a great start to the long weekend. sunshine today. this is live san francisco. cannot see that fogl. in fact, we will talk about the labor day forecast coming up in a bit.
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six years ago someone stole a prize possession from an historic theater. a bell used to call the audience back to the seat during intermission. tonight it is back home. rhea teramina has more. >> reporter: the bell is back. it has been gone for more than six years. it is heavy. they are keeping it inside until they find a very safe place. it had been in the courtyard where it used to ring in the show. >> part of our legacy and it used to rings the announcement that the show was ready to go and ring to come back after intermission. >> reporter: this bell rang until september 24, 2004, when the hill barn bell was stolen
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from the courtyard after opening night. >> this bell has been with us for over 70 years of hill barn's history. it was unfortunately stolen where it was located outside of our current location about six years ago. >> reporter: the bell built in 1908 was part of grace chapel where the community theater began, too. it ended up in a scrap metal shop where an anonymous caller found their bell. >> after googling the inscription on the bell and found out it belonged to hill barn. we called the police. the chief of police went to the scrap metal place, verified it, claimed it and returned it to us on friday. >> reporter: which happened to be the hill barn 70th anniversary. the bell defines the theater here and they thought it was gone for good. >> never thought they would find it. >> wow.
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we thought it had been melted long ago. >> reporter: the hill barn theater will use the bell again as soon as they figure out the safest place to put it now it is home where it belongs. valerie clear who has rung the bell for 20 years since she was a teen couldn't be happier. >> we were almost in tears. it is polished and shiny. >> we've heard, where is the bell. we are happy to tell them the bell is back. >> hopefully the bell will be back to work very soon ringing the audiences in and out of the play here right now "chicago." almost 200 seats filled to capacity. the audience is ecstatic the bell has been returned. >> they have terrific productions there. thanks, rhea. if you purchased a premade
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sandwich at walmart it could contain tainted meat. samples tested positive for a dangerous bacteria. the sandwiches were sold under the name grab and go and have use by dates of august 20th through september 10th. no illnesses have been reported at this point. a state of emergency in new zealand's second largest city. remarkably only two people suffered serious injuries. no one died. shelters have been set up and a cur few is in place to replace people from going near the buildings damaged in the quake. investigators prepare to look at a key piece of the puzzle in the oil leak in the gulf. the blowout preventer was hauled aboard a boat in a delicate day long process.
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it could be the key to understanding how the leak happened. a new blowout preventer was maneuvered into place on friday. bp hopes once tests are completed crew cans seal off the ruptured well for good. pianos placed throughout san jose as part of an art project are attracting attention. 20 pianos were placed for people to play in public. several have graffiti on them. this is painted as well and graffiti. one in downtown san jose only made it five hours. the british conceptual artist behind the play me i'm yours says good, artistic graffiti can be positive but he is no fan of petty tagging. many people are enjoying the instruments. cool. walking down the street and someone is playing a public piano. and it is going to be warm.
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>> absolutely. the sunshine is out. not much in way of fog. >> and wind. >> let's take you outside right now. this is the golden gate bridge. we can make out all the way across the bridge. as we take you atop one of the buildings, same story. transamerica pyramid. part of court tower. not much in the way of what you can see. the flag billowing ever so softly. not a strong gust. as we look out over oakland clear conditions here as well. very nice evening. as we go through tomorrow more sunshine, san jose. that is downtown. highs in san jose 79. 62 in san n76fr in napa. livermore and fairfield we got some 90s today. 56 degrees san francisco. 50s still on the map.
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san jose at 62 and same for livermore. as we go through the evening hours, temperatures are one to six degrees cooler than this time yesterday. notice the wind direction. this is what i want to point out. out of the northwest pushing a lot of the fog that would normally form down south this is future cast for the fog. patchy in nature. especially close to the san mateo coast. san francisco and santa cruz and monterey. through 1:00 a.m. in the morning. 9:00, 10:00 in the morning, all said and done. plenty of sunshine to start sunday morning. this is 9:00 a.m. a couple of patches along the coast and that is it as far as fog. we've got the wind coming out of the northwest up around the ridge of high pressure. the main concern is your labor day forecast. the wind coming out of the north and northwest tomorrow gives us
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warming. more in the way of 90s. tomorrow we see a few more. as we get into say monday that is going to be your warmest day. beaches mid 70s. bayside mid 80s. inland mid and upper 90s. that is on labor day. the offshore wind comes through. this breaks down after that. the cool air we talked about comes in tuesday and wednesday. at that point we struggle to reach the 70s and not much in the way of 80s by wednesday. daily planner for tomorrow, 80s by noon. at the beaches in the mid 60s. 67 san francisco. 90 in san ramone. 83 san jose, 88 in sonoma. if you are sausalito for the art festival, closer to the lower 80s. in sonoma the wine weekend going on there as well. millbray the art and wine festival. the rest of the week, here is
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the seven-day forecast. enjoy those 90s. for a couple of days you have a nice monday and after that quite a bit cooler. 70s on wednesday. >> perfect for labor day. we'll take it. behnke is coming up next with sports. wait until you sha at the dodgers/giants game and quite a game for a freshman football player as well. this droid has evolved to do even more. now it integrates your work e-mail, so you can be hooked up to everything you need to do. now it does 1 ghz speed on a more intuitive keyboard.
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turning you into an instrument of efficiency. introducing the new droid 2 by motorola. part of the next generation of does.
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but what were the results? fact: brown promised to improve schools. but the drop out rate increased 50%, and the state had to take over the schools. fact: the city controller found employees paid for 22,000 hours... they never worked. fact: brown promised to cut crime. but murders doubled, making oakland the 4th most dangerous city in america. jerry brown. he just can't deliver the results california needs now.
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thanks to the padres current free fall the national league west a four-horse race. it basically means whichever team gets hot in september will be playing in october. two contenders squared off in l.a. as you would expect with the giants and dodgers this was wild. l.a. with a 4-0 lead forcing the giants to play catchup which they did. top eight, 4-2. the next batter after renteria solo shot. pat burrell, pinch hit. home run. it is now 4-3 l.a. to the ninth. same score. jonath jonathan broxton. the giant score five unanswered all on home runs.
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stun the dodgers 5-4, two behind the padres who lost their ninth straight. a's and angels cahill trying to become the first oakland pitcher in three years to win 15 games in a season. cliff pennington brings home rog davis. 2-0 a's. cahill wins his 15th. the a's win. last year toby gerhart, this year andrew luck. this season it is all about number 12. nfl scouts are already checking him out. today those scouts saw a good show. the cardinal kicked off the season hosting sacramento state at stanford stadium. 7-0 cardinal. luck airing it out. hits doug baldwin in stride. what a pretty play. he takes care of the rest. 81 yards. luck four tds in the first half, 17 of 23, 320 yards.
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>> the bears facing uc davis. it was a big day for a pair of bears. kevin riley, the short pass to keenan allen, the true freshman, possibly a superstar in the making. takes things from there. 48 yards. riley three tds. the bears win big. san jose state against top-ranked team in the land the crimson tide. tide moving the chains. julio jones laid out one-handed grab. alabama sailed 48-3. it is cut day in the nfl. the raiders down to 53 guys. the last cut came late. stevie brown. the rookie safety thought he made the team. met with reporters.
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a few hours later the seventh round pick was released. not everybody agreed with the decision. a radio host andy slater who has ties to the team they wanted to keep brown and keep al mitchell. al davis had the final say. he owns the place. >> thank you, laura. up next, why the man accused of peeping sarah palin is on the move. people! look at you!
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what's in your wallet? somebody help me down. sarah palin's least favorite neighbor is leaving. joe mcginnis moved next door to the palins to do research on a book. palin supporters were none philliesed and the family built a higher fence. now the writer is headed to his massachusetts home.
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he is finished with his research and ready to concentrate on his book. thanks for joining us for the bay area at 11:00. don't forget to follow me on twitter. tomorrow's pick the nap
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the following is a message from the president of the united states, barack obama. [ cheers and applause ] a


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