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tv   NBC11 News The Bay Area at 5AM  NBC  September 9, 2010 4:00am-5:00am PST

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we start with rob mayeda with another chilly forecast. >> that's right. we're seeing 40s this morning in the north bay. san jose, 59 degrees with low clouds. we will have a cool start through breakfast time, 40s and 50s. inland seeing some 70s popping up. mid 70s around the tri valley and east bay. 64 in san francisco. and mike, some mist and fog could slow things down around the peninsula. >> we'll watch for that. so far so good along the peninsula and bay bridge. yesterday we had big problems because of a disabled bus that happened earlier in the morning commute. this morning, pretty clear. we do have that emergency repair work, still not fully declared clear up. southbound 880, might find some slowing from oak street down to 23rd. that should be picking up right about now. we'll follow this and let you know as things progress or don't. >> thank you very much. a 7-year-old antioch girl is
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recovering this morning after being hit by a car. the accident happened on west sixth street near c around 6:40 wednesday night. police say the girl ran into the path of an oncoming car. she was chasing a toy. the girl is in critical condition at uc davis hospital. the 54-year-old driver has not been charged yet, but police are stale investigating. it is a big day for hundreds of east bay parents and their kids, they're going to be getting free school supplies. christie smith is live in oakland with more on the project. anyone who has had to do back to school shopping can appreciate how important something like this can be. >> reporter: yeah, you know, it can be expensive. you start throwing in the backpacks, the calculators, the binde binders, it can add up especially if you have more than one child. they have this new program and it's ambitious. they aim to hand out packages,
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75,000 of them, they will contain school supplies. today it is happening at franklin elementary school, just later this morning. the first 850 packages are going out. usually filled with about $70 worth of supplies. this is thanks to a group called k to college. originally they were found by uc berkeley students and alum trying to help students get into college, but they grew to including boosting grade school and high school public education as well so there are also, we should mention a couple other school supply giveaways going on today through the american recovery and investment act at brett hart elementary school at 9:00 a.m. another one in north richmond at verde elementary school, there 40,000 students in need will get pens, paper, binders and other good stuff to start the school year. that's at 2:00 this afternoon. reporting live in oakland,
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christie smith, nbc bay area news. >> thank you very much. police are zeroing in on the teenager suspected of beating an elderly woman in livermore last week. since police released a sketch of the suspect who they think is no more than 13 years old, they received dozens of tips claiming to know the boy. the attack happened last tuesday afternoon near the arroyo bike trail. the boy told the 89-year-old woman he wanted to show her something, then he started beating her. a passerby heard her call for help. the boy took off on a scoot sgleer this morning the husband of one of the victims in an east bay murder spree is free on bail. charles rittenhouse was arrested last week after authorities found explosive material in his home as well as the bodies of his wife, rita allen and her best friend carol smart. his lawyer says those bodies were planted and now new information could support that claim. a private investigator working for carol smart's husband said he visited rittenhouse's home
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last monday night and the bodies were not there. rittenhouse's lawyer says a murder suspect shot and killed by police last week may have been to blame. >> seems like efren valdemoro was involved. he had been stalking my client and his wife for a number of years. >> rittenhouse has not been charged with the deaths of the women. he is charged with possession of explosive material. speaking of efren valdemoro, the search teams will be back at a pittsburg dump this morning. this is the sixth straight day of searching. police and volunteers are sifting through 3,000 tons of garbage looking for any signs of 35-year-old frederick sales. there are still no clues as to where the missing hercules man may be. investigators believe efren valdemoro killed sales after he killed sales' 73-year-old father two weeks ago. valdemoro is also believed to have killed his girlfriend, cindy tran. an east bay roadway looked like the scene out of a
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demolition derby. incredibly enough, nobody died in this crash. a truck driver hauling dirt says he tried to stop, but that his brakes failed. >> i don't know what was going through my head except trying to stop my truck. the only thing i could think of is seeing all these peoples faces in their cars scared the life out of me. >> four people were taken to the hospital including a mother and her two young children. 13 vehicles were involved including that truck. no word from oakland police if the brakes did, in fact, fail or speed was a factor. the brady protocol requires prosecutors to turn over evidence that could question the credibility of witnesses, including officers. critics say they're concerned
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about how many officers could be impacted. the rules could mean some officers would be pulled off the streets altogether because their testimony could damage prosecution. the chief says the number of officers impacted won't be known until october. if the governor gets his way, the bay area will play host to the world's fair in the year 2020. governor schwarzenegger plans to visit the shanghai world expo in china this week. during the trip, he intends to pitch silicon valley as the ideal place to hold the fair ten years from now. he is take business leaders from the bay area council along with him. the world expo or world's fair is held every five years. milan has claimed the 2015 spot. for the third day in a row, google getting a lot of mention around the water cooler. >> yes. the search engine, laura, was fulling around with fun logos for a couple of days, now they're changing the way search works. in april the mountain view company had live search, where
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the results come back as you type. here is -- looking for san francisco here. see how everything changes down at the bottom there? right there. the live search changes the ads as we go. the biggest change google has made. it raises some questions, though, about yahoo! and microsoft bing. they're trying to create their own revolutions, but this google move light years ahead of anything they're doing. speaking of yahoo! the head of yahoo! finance left for a start-up yesterday. let me make sure everybody understands that. the head of the financial section of yahoo! news, yahoo! finance, not the financial officer of yahoo!. laura? >> thank you very much. an advertising deal between sfo and b.a.r.t. rolling back transit fares for some airport workers. sfo will allow b.a.r.t. to advertise at its airport station and pay its rent in installments rather than up front this after
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massive b.a.r.t. fee hikes allowed them to operate a free employee shuttle. the san francisco board of supper vsuvu supervisors will vote on the deal tuesday. ad revenue is expected to generate $3 million for b.a.r.t. in the next nine years. the price tag on the bay bridge expansion is taking another leap. an additional $293 million is being added to the $1.7 billion project. the added money will pay for extra construction work and cover unexpected problems that could arise. the overall estimated cost for replacing the bridge's span remains at $6.2 billion. the bay area toll authority says the project will still be finished on time in late 2013. >> want to check the morning commute now with mike. a sig-alert extended. >> that the the construction we were following in oakland,
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southbound 880 between oak street and 23rd. reports of three lanes blocked by some emergency slap repair work for the roads. couple lanes getting by. that was supposed to pick up at 4:00, now 5:00, and now 5:30. we should see some slowing heading down through oakland. if you're heading downtown, maybe add a couple extra minutes. a live shot past the coliseum to the south, shows the headlights coming south from high street past the coliseum. northbound side, no slowing. we will watch how this progresses. hopefully they will get picked up in the next few minutes. back to you guys. >> this weather has been crazy lately. the clouds yesterday, how cool it was. man, when labor day finished, fall certainly arrived quickly. >> totally changed. monday we had 90s around the bay area. yesterday mostly 60s for highs. this morning not much in the way of drizzle. 58 now in san francisco and san jose, south wind at 5 in san
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jose. a cool start in some spots, waking up in the 40s for napa and santa rosa. for the afternoon, a few more 70s. as we head towards the weekend, we will see inland valleys warm up, especially for places like livermore and san ramon. lunch time we will see near 70 degree temperatures inland today. but not a warm september day by any stretch of the imagination. mid 70s today, livermore. the weekend ahead looks better. a bit warmer inland with low clouds staying along the coast. back to you. >> thank you very much. for the third straight year, the lackluster salmon season means pacific coast fishermen will be able to get federal disaster relief money. the state opened fisheries to commercial and sport salmon fishing this year for the first time since 2008, but catches were smaller than expected. so far commercial fishermen have
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brought in about $3 million in salmon, a more than 80% drop from average yearly earnings from 2003 to 2005. >> the time is ten minutes after 5:00. in one month, the blue angels will take to the skies of san fransco. heyomcahelphem soar ahead. >> and an east bay heavy metal wants his act back. óa as governor, he cut waste got rid of the mansion and the limo
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. it is 5:13 on thursday morning. welcome back. looking live out at san jose this morning. rob will be checking in with your weather forecast, and mike will get you where you need to go safely. that's coming up. the growing north beach festival may have to shrink in size or move. organizers had to have double security because of larger crowds. next year they may have to confine the festival to the northbound lanes of columbus avenue instead of using washington square park. they want to restore the italian heritage to the festival and avoid the $23,000 cost of the permit to use the park. it's gone up considerably because the care of the park required after the event. more ships, more sailors, more marines and more free family-friendly events promise to make this year's fleet week something to see.
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the event is still a month away but preparations are under way. you can help out. here to tell us about it, is ed flowers with the organizing committee. thanks for joining us so early. let's get excited about it. tell me what's new about fleet week. >> fleet week, there are a lot of great things going on. as usual, we'll have the blue angels and static displays of military equipment and a parade of ships this year's focus is going to be on something more serious and vital to the bay area. as we know, living here in this wonderful bay area, the great earthquake is coming. this year we planned in actual practice with the military, with the navy and marines who will be one of our first responders. general myer who is our chairman says, look, when the earthquake hits san francisco, all of us will be victims. the military will come in as they did in haiti and other places, so we're practicing.
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the marines and sailors will be on treasure island training with the san francisco fire department search and rescue. they will have displays on for viewing of their water desalinization equipment. it's like running a big fire drill. we hope everyone, our city governments around the bay are involved in this. that's a serious aspect. might just point out that the last earthquake in san francisco, the big one, 1906, the uss chicago came in and effected one of the biggest peacetime evacuations ever. that's little known fact. >> ed, also is there -- we are still more than a month away, but there's an event coming up that people can get ready for
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fleet week? a ball? >> it's not a ball, a fund-raiser tonight at the san francisco yacht club. everybody who can should attend this thing. the money is going to a worthy cause. we'll have secretary -- former secretary of state george shultz who is one of our honorary chairmen there hosting the event. some of the officers will be up here for the event. by the way, little sidebar, the commanding officer of the 11th marine expeditionary unit was born in san francisco and raised in the bay area. people should come out and meet him. he's a wonderful gentleman. >> ed flowers with the fleet week organizing committee, thank you very much. maybe a nice dinner after watching the ships. scott mcgrew shows us how to save some money. >> there's a place called
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village vine, you sign up for free and pay about $10 to make a specific dinner reservation? why would you do that? when you show up, the waiter or waitress knows to make a major deduction on your bill, kind of like 30%. think of it like priceline for restaurants. interesting article in the "new york times" this morning points out saving money does not pay well, because interest rates are at a record low. great for borrowing money, lousy for simple savings accounts. recent average interest rates for savers fell below 1%. the average person putting a lot less stock in the financial markets as well. the head of the securities and exchange commission pointed out recently mom and pop investors have pulled out billions since the flash crash in may. not because they don't believe
5:19 am
they can make money, but more because they think things are rigged, and if not rigged not trustworthy. >> so many different problems with it. >> yeah. >> interesting. stuffing it in the mattress. >> it may pay -- pays about the same as a savings account. >> not in my house. want everybody to know. this morning a heavy metal frontman is offering cold hard cash for guitars that were stolen from his house. someone broke into his martinez home and ripped off four guitars. one of which was given to him by a metal pioneer. there were a couple of suspicious cars in the neighborhood. >> we had one tip from the corner here, a green teal american-made pickup truck ta drove very slowly up around the
5:20 am
corner, came back, drove very slowly. >> reporter: flynn earned a grammy nomination for his band machinehead for the 2007 release "the blackening." >> we all remember that very well. 5:20 is the time. time to check the commute with mike. >> note to our friends in the control room, i didn't put all the details on the map until we get to this live shot, right now emergency repair work, southbound 880 at oak street. they have extended that until 5:30. so you will still have three lanes, three lanes on the southbound side blocked from oak street to 23rd. still no major slowing. green means speeds are above 50 miles per hour. when it starts to dip, we will go to yellow coloring. typical blotches here and there around the caldecott tunnel. 580 moving smoothly through oakland. 880, that sig-alert extended through 5:30. a big note yesterday was
5:21 am
livermore. horrible back-ups because of an early morning accident. this morning, a nice, easy drive, folks. that's a good treat for you compared to yesterday a 14-minute drive out of the altamont pass heading through livermore. no incidents reported here. no problems at the dublin interchange, coming down through walnut creek, sunol to the south bay. after you get through fremont. here are the northbound routes looking nice. speeds higher than the speed limb. watch for that, folks. still have chp working hard. a taxi stalled on the hamilton avenue off-ramp from northbound 17, but also getting off of southbound 17. watch the camden avenue exit. you can seat intersect see the intersection we will watch out for, they are working to repair the roads and do bike repair work. rob has a look at the forecast to see if they will be working
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in the rain or sun. back to you. still ahead, getting your kicks for a price. these are the most expensive basketball shoes on the rk wi llwill they give you mad hops o the court? g
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than any other brush. ♪ if you could see what your dentist sees, you'd reach for an oral-b toothbrush too. oral-b. good thursday morning to you. 5:24. taking you out live, a view of
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the bay, bay bridge now. patchy low clouds, but not much in the way of light rain or drizzle. unlike yesterday at this time, we had light rain coming down in parts of the bay area. san francisco, 58. notice these temperatures up in the north bay, 48 this morning in napa, novato and santa rosa. 55 in fairfield. san jose, 58. south wind at 5, back to san francisco you see 58. a west wind at 6. into the east bay, oakland, 59. southwest winds at 5. ocean air conditioning will be keeping the temperatures down, but notice the satellite view. an active day across california. that system heading off to the east of sierra. heading up to lake tahoe, maybe an isolated shower or two. things will be trending drier. as we look at our forecast for today, 60s along the coast. 70s inland. as we get into the weekend, this is when temperatures will try to climb back up to the 80s. in livermore, numbers should
5:26 am
climb into the low 80s. inland looks warmer certainly than the weather we will see today. 73 for the high today. mid 60s for san francisco. combination of 60s and 70s across the north bay valleys. the weekend looks fine, trending warmer heading towards saturday with low clouds on the coast. a 49ers cheerleader scores big for a bay area charity on a popular nbc show. amber wright made it through seven levels last night and was back on the show. she wasn't able to clear the eighth, she did win $125,000 for charity. the gold rush cheerleader is donating her winnings to a bay area sport initiative, which helps young girls and families with leadership projects and community service. i think "minute it to win it" is the name of the show. let's look at the most expensive
5:27 am
basketball shoe on the market. athletic propulsion labs is behind the shoe which makes you jump, they claim, three inches higher than other brands, important in a basketball game. but is it worth it? the price $300. >> pretty penny. 5:27 right now. still ahead, san francisco's gun store back in business. we visit the controversy just ahead. and new this morning, the president steps scaquarely into the koran burning controversy. [ female announcer ] we know jerry brown was mayor of oakland, but what were the results? fact: brown promised to improve schools. but the drop out rate increased 50%, and the state had to take over the schools. fact: the city controller found employees paid for 22,000 hours... they never worked.
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fact: brown promised to cut crime. but murders doubled, making oakland the 4th most dangerous city in america. jerry brown. he just can't deliver the results california needs now.
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guns and posters banned on muni. see how the transit agency is shooting down the controversy. and i'm bob redell. we will tell you how silicon valley's biggest players are making a pitch to bring the a's down to san jose. >> good morning. i'm laura garcia-cannon. >> i'm garvin thomas in for brent cannon. the time is 5:30. mike joins us with a look at commute. >> yeah. looking at construction. it's like watching paint dry, a little more interesting than that, for me. an extension from the 4:00 pickup to the 5:00 and now 5:30. consider some slowing through downtown because of construction crews on scene. i'll follow this and let you know what we have to report. right now no major delays through oakland. the bay bridge toll plaza, a few
5:31 am
lanes huddling up. the carpool lanes t may be the cash lanes are not open yet, or it may be the case that they're cold. what is it like today? >> some spots, 40s to get your morning started. let's show you the temperatures hour-by-hour. 50s around the bay area. lunch time, feels like fall, partly cloudy, the weekend we will finally start to warm up. a look at the forecast coming up. move the a's out of the east bay and bring them to san jose. that's the message from 75 power brokers in the south bay to major league baseball. bob redell is live this morning at the proposed site of the stadium with more on what they're saying. >> reporter: good morning. that message being sent to major league baseball commissioner bud selig in this two pai-page lett.
5:32 am
75 silicon ceos put their john hancock on the bottom of this urging selig to let the a's move out of san jose -- move out of oakland to san jose, building a new stadium perhaps at this proposed location or anywhere else in the downtown area. a move that would be controversial since san jose is considered to be giants territory, not a's. the silicon valley leadership group, which crafted this letter, makes a few arguments to selig for bringing the a's to san jose. a, there would be a lot of corporate support considering this area generates $2 trillion in global revenue. b, a major league baseball team would be a huge boon to the downtown economy in terms of jobs and economic development, and the bay area is the only two-team market in major league baseball where the territory is divided between not shared by
5:33 am
both teams. a's have the east bay, giants have the peninsula and south bay. you compare this to chicago, l.a. and new york, where both team there's share the geography. lou wolf also signed this letter. a couple days ago he hired an arc tebl architect to design a new stadium here. it is not clear when the group will come up with a recommendation. reporting live here in san jose, bob redell, nbc bay area news. >> thank you. san francisco is shooting down attempts to holster the city's only gun store. they will allow high bridge arms to resume business as soon as it meets a fee requirements, including getting an alarm. some neighborhood activists argue it brings crime to the area and doesn't belong on a residential street in the first place. the store ran into trouble when the owner decided he was going
5:34 am
to convert it into office space and let his permit expire, but when he decided to reapply for the permit three community groups asked the city to deny it. earlier this year, muni bus movie poster force "the other guy" showed characters holding pepper spray and badges instead of pistols. muni accepted $10,000 from the second amendment foundation to advertise an upcoming gun rights conference. muni says they need time to review if the ban on gun images goes against the federal rights to bear arms. it's interesting, google if you log on this morning has totally changed the way you can search. >> it is called google instant. and it happens fast. you could just try it yourself. here is a look. the company announced a big change at press conference on wednesday. what's happening is the ads and the search results are changing
5:35 am
in real time as i type. google has a television ad that shows it much better than i can using bob dillon. take a look. ♪ ♪ there you see the results changing as we go using an old bob dillon music video as well. it's super cool. changes the way you think of search. honestly, garvin and laura, this is the first time bob dillon has made something more clear, i think in history ever. >> that's what he said. so it is really neat. >> two things, you need an up to date browser. >> yes. >> many people, even some we know, you say check this out and they say there's nothing different. >> okay. i'll update my browser. >> the other thing was it not only has the initial search but
5:36 am
as you modify the search. i put in too many search terms or not enough -- >> and you back out. >> changes as you go. that's where it becomes handy. what if i take out that word or add that word? if i were bing this morning, i would be in a cold sweat. >> i think people will try it out. hundreds of student also get free school supplies to help start the school year right. it's the first come first serve program in the east bay. christie smith is live in oakland where parents and student also most likely be lining up. good morning. >> reporter: franklin elementary will be the first school, and 850 kids will be getting a package of free school supplies here. this is falling on families more and more often because schools are dealing with these deep budget cuts. some families can't afford it either. in alameda county there's a plan to help fill in the gaps with an incredible amount, 75,000
5:37 am
packages of supplies. today, the first 850 go out. this thanks to a group called k to college, founded by uc berkeley students and alum trying to help students get into college, but they grew to including boosting grade school and high school public education as well. the packages are about $70 worth of supplies, but thanks to an efficient business model, the group picks up the kits for about $22 each. in north richmond this afternoon at verde elementary school, there's a similar giveaway. that's thanks to federal funds. 40,000 kids in contra costa county are going to be getting some free school supplies. that starts today. verde was picked because 100% of the kids there qualify for the free lunch program. things get under way here at 10:30 this morning. reporting live in oakland, christie smith, nbc bay area
5:38 am
news. >> all right. thanks. mike is here to check on the commute. stubbo stubborn sig-alert? >> yeah, it will have major impacts soon if they don't clear this up. this is southbound 880. for a few hours emergency repair work from oak street to 23rd. it wasn't a big deal overnight. they extended it to 4:00, 5:00, now 5:30ish, i put on there. it should be picked up in the next few minutes, i'm told. we will start to see slowing through downtown if it doesn't pick up by 6:00. right now no major slowing north or westbound 580 through oakland. northbound 101, light traffic, but we have a construction zone north of bayshore off-ramp. we're okay so far. >> all right. sounds good. in the green there. in the cool this morning. >> seeing different shades of green and blue on my map which
5:39 am
means chilly. 40s in september. look at these numbers. the north bay, 48. santa rosa, novato, 55 in fairfield. winds today 10 to 15 miles per hour out of the west-northwest in most of the bay area. mist around the peninsula in spots. 59 in oakland. you can see on the satellite radar, the system that brought us the light rain yesterday now east of the sierra, temperatures today will climb a bit. still low 70s in san jose. a quick check of north bay temperatures, we'll show that you in the 60s and 70s today. the trend tomorrow and through the weekend for inland valleys will be warmer. 70s and 80s inland. mid 60s along the coast. back to you. >> thank you very much. it is 5:39 right now. the ninth anniversary of the september 11th attacks is saturday. coming up we're honored to talk with one bay area mother who remembers the day she lostn oa onn t board flight 93.
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as governor, he cut waste got rid of the mansion and the limo budgets were balanced. $4 billion in tax cuts. world class schools and universities. clean energy promoted. 1.9 million new jobs created. california was working. i'm jerry brown. california needs major changes. we have to live within our means; we have to return power and decision making to the local level-closer to the people and no new taxes without voter approval. jerry brown the knowledge and know-how to get california working again.
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the church leader at the center of the koran burning controversy is standing firm. pastor terry jones says he will move forward with plans to burn the holy book of islam, this in spite of warnings that doing so would put u.s. troops in danger. tracie potts is live in washington, d.c. with more on the outcry and news this morning that president obama is stepping into the fight. >> reporter: good morning. he said in an interview a short time ago this could be a recruitment bonanza for al qaeda. he called it a destructive act that is contrary to the values of americans, and called it a stunt and called for pastor terry jones to call this off. but the pastor says no way. it is going on. it's happening on saturday. he's not backing down, despite the fact he's had over 100 death threats. an fbi bulletin came out that says they're concerned that even though there's no specific
5:43 am
information, there could be backlash and retaliation from muslim extremists. the church's websites are now down. the internet service provider deciding to pull their hosting capability. the pastor says that he feels that is an infringement on his free speech and freedom of expression. but we do know that this event will go on on saturday and muslim and christian groups are planning to protest, peace vigils, educational reforms, anything to take the focus of what they believe will be a destruction event when those korans are burned on saturday. garvin? >> thank you very much. those plans to burn korans have religious leaders in the bay area calling for peace a muslim community group along with the interfaith council will hold a day of unity and healing this saturday. organizers expect more than 300 people to attend the event at grace presbyterian church. >> just nine years ago today
5:44 am
passengers, they were packing suitcases, making plans to fly on american flight 11, american flight 77, united flight 93. now it's coming up, the anniversary, but unaware that those flights would shape the course of history. united flight 93 t took off late from the gate in newark, new jersey, it was on its way to san francisco when hijackers overtook the cockpit. what happened next is a story of courage and heroics. alice's son mark bingham was on that flight on 9/11. she joins us now. >> thank you. it's an honor. >> when we were going to have you as a guest, it's a pleasure to talk to you, you're such a lovely woman, but i -- i questioned how hard it is for you to be constantly questioned about this horrible day in america's history and your son's involvement. is it hard for you to recount it.
5:45 am
>> i think i, like everybody in america, we think about this because it's -- we have so much unfinished business. we have a real -- we have aviation security problems that continue to plague the industry. we are really not safe when we fly. we are still troubled, clearly, by the news headlines that you talked about this morning. there seems to be a real upwell of anti-movement sentiment that is troubling. what we need to do is have conciliation and hope and generosity among people who are -- especially among religious leaders. >> i want to get to what's going on in today's news and all that, just so people continue to remember what your son did. he was on united flight 93. >> yes. >> he was in the front part of the plane. he was one of the ones that kind of stormed the cockpit and tried to take on those hijackers.
5:46 am
>> were several, tom burnett, germany glick, todd beamer who went to school with mark, fortunately the hijackers on flight 93 delayed, procrastinating getting up and starting their attempt to hit the cockpit. it gave some of the passengers a chance to get into the back, make a plan, and make a run on the cockpit. and he also had the wherewithal to call you. >> yes. we got a call from mark. it was, mom this is mark bingham. i could tell he was trying to stay calm and yet was so very concerned about was was going on. he didn't usually use his last name when he called me. but he said i want to tell you i love you. i'm on a flight from newark to san francisco and there are three guys on board who have
5:47 am
taken over the plane and they say they have a bomb. it turned out that there were four. we don't know what happened there, maybe the first one got into the cockpit before the others. we don't know exactly how the cockpit was breached. it would have been an easy thing to do. it was quite a time. it went on for about seven or eight minutes, just a constant onslaught. we learned later from learning to the cockpit voice recording that there was a little group of guys by the front trying so hard to get in the cockpit, get in the cockpit and yelling. ultimately -- ultimately the plane was turned upside down and put it into the ground outside of shanksville. i'm going back to shanksville this afternoon. >> you are. you are flying out. we do appreciate you coming out early. >> yeah. >> so the anniversary. it's got to be difficult, but you continue to keep his memory
5:48 am
alive by going to shanksville, taking part and participating. does that help you heal? >> yes, we have a lot of unfinished business, any time we can shed light on the problems that remain, it's a good thing. >> we talked about what is going on, a great deal of controversies surrounding a florida pastor who wants to burn the koran on september 11th. how do you feel about it? >> for the past eight years i have been a big proponent of a group called my good deed, which seeks and last year was successful in having the date of september 11th set aside as a national day of service. and i would encourage that gainesville pastor to put down the matches and to sign up at 911dayofservice volunteer to do a good deed. >> make a difference. >> make a difference in remembrance of the people who
5:49 am
stepped forward on that first 9/11, fought or dared to reach out a hand in help to someone they didn't know. when we do that sort of thing, we are doing a great deal to supplant the ugliness and murder that took place that day. >> don't make a statement, make a difference. >> that's good. couldn't have said that better. >> you continue to do that every day. we will continue to have alice here and talk to her again in the next hour. it's nice have you. >> thank you very much, laura. scott mcgrew joins us now. it may seem like quite a switch, we'll talk football for a minute. the two were linked, in the days after 9/11, there was a national question of should we play football. >> when do we go back to normal? the president had come out, it became a way of sort of rallying. >> exactly. >> yes. hearts go out to the bingham family. we think raiders/49ers. >> football season starts tonight. >> it starts tonight.
5:50 am
everybody will get ready for it it's the cowboys, as it turns out, that are the most popular. neilsen for the first time measured which football team is the most popular. the cowboys are america's team. neilsen came to that conclusion by measuring, ite ing, iing, ii. cowboys, followed by the steelers, the giants, bears and the packers. the raiders are the 25th most popular. 49ers 27th below the lions. rams least popular. they get picked last for a pick-up game. lawy the big nfl starts tonight. >> and we can't wait. big games will play out in new orleans. it will be fun. the new orlean saints will host the vikings in a rematch of last year's nfl title game.
5:51 am
taylor swift and dave matthews will be a part of the festivities. on the field tonight, viking quarterba quarterback, brett favre. he put off retirement at least one more season to take a shot at super bowl glory. tonight's kickoff festivities will air here at 4:30, and the game at 5:30. >> brett favre. >> will anybody ever stop saying that? >> let's get an expanded look at traffic this morning with mike. a busy morning. judging from yesterday morning, as the morning went on, things got more crowded, more congested. >> yeah. it can be a real mess. we that ripple effect yesterday, where problems on 580 and the bay bridge, causing ripple effects, that was a big problem for the east bay. this morning, an average start
5:52 am
for the nimitz. no problems northbound with the taillights gathering up around high street. folks gathering around that high rise, but no major slowing here. there's construction on the southbound side that i've been telling you about effecting folk out of oakland and down past the coliseum. southbound 880 around 23rd -- or oak street down to 23rd. we didn't see any slowing on the speed indicators there. that should be moving smoothly. i hear that they're picking up those cones right now through that area. there will be a little slower because the caltrans crews are moving opposite traffic to pick up the cones. those three lanes should be open in the next 15, 20 minutes. to major slowing showing up, just in time for the morning commute. livermore, no major slowing. nothing like yesterday with the lane low suclosure. speeds still close to 60 miles per hour. a nice easy transition through the dublin interchange.
5:53 am
heading through sunol, more traffic for you today. yesterday everybody was held up in livermore. today, will you have to get through sunol. expect typical slowing, which will only stick around for another 10 days or so as they open that h.o.t. lane, the transit lane heads down into fremont and the south bay. easy flow on 680 down through san jose. the rest of san jose looking nice. we had a disabled taxi at hamilton avenue that is cleared. we have construction in campbell from 9:00 to 3:00. camden avenue, that will be one of the areas effected,camden at san tomas. the southbound side of camden avenue will be closed from time to time. you may have to use hamilton as a reroute. we'll send it back to the desk,
5:54 am
guys. >> thanks. >> have a lot of cool weather this week. rob says it continues. you can see it when you get up. >> you want to pull the blanket over you. >> exactly. >> it's tough to get out of bed when we're in the 40s and low 50s. putting september on hold for another day. temperatures cool, and that's good news for air quality today. air quality levels all around the bay area today good. the system that brought the light rain yesterday, slowly moving off to the east. inland, we will see a few more 70s, probably more sunshine. not a warm day. for tomorrow, the weekend ahead, high pressure building in this will lead to a warmup. we should see 80s going into tomorrow afternoon, more to come as we go through the weekend. today, a high of 73 around san jose. 75 morgan hill. 75 around pleasanton and livermore. 60s for san francisco and oakland. north bay, 68 in petaluma, 73 from healdsburg. from here into the start of the
5:55 am
weekend, temperatures rebound inland. some 70s and 80s inland. looking at mainly 60s on the coast. feeling more like september in time for the weekend. back to you. >> thank you very much. we would like to get you a story about a vigil that was taking place in san mateo last night people gathered at the highland mall where david lewis had been shot. people wanting not to forget that that murder had taken place. >> those that love david, those that love pete and love that want to see justice done. >> dozens gathered in a parking garage at san mateo's mall where david lewis was gunned down back in june. friends and loved ones want to keep the community focused on solving his case. lewis was known for co-founding free at last, an organization that supports prisoner rehabilitation and fights substance abuse. >> we've actually had some
5:56 am
promising leads, only to see them dissolve as we're able to put time and place and other evidence together that the leads we had did not pan out. >> the state is offering a $50,000 reward for information leading to the arrest of lewis' killer. it is 5:56 now. a new study says our highways are the safest they've been in 60 years. you'll see why. we talked about the nfl season arriving tonight. with it comes fantasy football. we'll talk to an expert from yahoo! sports about the costly side effects of the game. a chain reaction crash causing a mess in oakland. we'll tell you what my have caused that crash next. a live look outside. bay bridge toll plaza, things moving well now. it's still early. mike will be here and let you know how your commute is unfolding.
5:57 am
5:58 am
5:59 am
saturday is the nine-year anniversary of the september 11th attacks. we're honored to get the perspective of a bay area woman who lost her son that day. and thousands of people wait to see if they lost their home to the largest wildfire in colorado history. and some bay area students getting a helping hand today. how to get free school supplies. 6:00. getting closer to the weekend. thanks for waking up with us on nbc bay area news. good morning. i'm laura garcia-cannon. >> i'm garvin thomas in for brent cannon. we have lots to get to, first to your forecast and rob may yesty


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