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tv   Today in the Bay  NBC  September 10, 2010 3:49am-4:00am PST

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folks may be slowing because of that smoke is that is still visible. it is dark now, but we have reports of people seeing smoke around the area. keep that in mind as well as you are exiting the city on 280. 101 is clear. you might want to use that avenue into and out of the city today. we have an accident, a good-sized one clearing the roadway from eastbound highway 4 at solano way out of concord, but no major slowing out of antioch westbound. looking for the friday light portion right here as well as livermore. back to you. >> thank you very much. as we mentioned, neighbors in that area, they are lobbing serious accusations at pg&e. bob redell is live in san bruno this morning. neighbors say they have been smelling gas coming out of gutters for a week. >> yes, neighbors say aboutfor
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they smelled gas, then last week pg&e came out and told them to close garage doors and stay inside, and that was the last they heard from them. pg&e said regarding the gas leak claim, we will be looking into the reports and sharing the facts as part of the investigation. right now we're just south, probably about a mile to a half mile south of the fire scene itself. it's still smoldering. as far as whether there are flames, a fire official says they do not see flames, it's more of a smoldering mess, and they're trying to pray that the windo wind doesn't whip up and cause this to flair up again. i asked is it 100% yet? they said, no, but they hope to have that by the time the sun comes up. bob redell, "today in the bay."
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>> let's go to christie smith. you were talking earlier about the smell out there, just like you were at a fireworks show. we are eight, ten hours after this, and that still lingers there. >> yeah. we're a couple blocks away from where this whole thing started. you can really smell it where we are this morning. we're at the bayhill shopping center. this was sort of an evacuation point for people, and with me this morning is gregory smith of the red cross. can you walk us through what has been going on here? how you have been helping people? >> the red cross is always ready, and we respond to small he events but are prepared to respond to major events like this. the red cross volunteers, immediately when we were mote fied, some people in the area were notified by the event, sprang into action, preparing to
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open shelters and evacuation centers so we can provide food, hydration, offer some kind of comfort. we have crisis counseling, so people can get past the trauma of some event like this. >> i understand people were taken here and put on santra santrans buses and then taken to evacuation shelters. >> yes, there is evacuation points, and then shelters where we will house the people. people are there now sleeping, getting crisis counseling, people that are even snacking and getting some meals. >> so, when is the last time you saw someone come down? are you expecting more people? >> we have not seen anybody else come down. that's a good question. we're working closely with the emergency management, the first responders, police and fire and county and emergency management to determine what is the actual
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scope of this. as you can see by the images that have been broadcast, it is a large 15-acre event, we don't know how many of the outlying buildings, we don't know when people will be allowed to return. we're prepared to provide sheltering for the long term. >> how are you accounting for everyone? the last i heard it was sort of an inaccurate count, and is there a clearinghouse set up for people looking for loved ones? >> yes, we were registering people at the shelters, and we have the ability for people to use our safe and well website. you can put your information on, that's at you can let people know you're all right, and people can go to that site and see that you are will. we began collecting a list of individuals that wanted to provide that information.
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that's going to be a challenge in this event, finding out exactly who has been impacteded and how badly they have been impacted. what we can do for them. >> anyone watching this needing help now, what should they do? >> they can contact their local red cross, contact the american red cross in the bay area go to our website, call 800-red-cross, get information. or, again, come to the points of service delivery that we set up in san bruno. >> thanks a lot for taking a moment. reporting live from san bruno, i'm christie smith. back to you guys. >> he mentioned a website, we will continue to one those remember sites and more information on the ticker below us. the mayor of san bruno says this terrible tragedy has fallen on the city. here's a statement from him. >> our main concern, as public
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officials here, making sure our citizens are safe. we're trying to do that right now this is going to be a long haul for the season and all of our residents for a number of weeks to come. >> the mayor is asking people to pray for those effected by the massive fire. it will be a tough tragedy to overcome. we are still in the very early hours of all of this. >> is going to be so hard to go through the remains there. it just looks like a volcano hit. >> it does. it is still hot. they have not declared this area safe. waiting to see what goes on there. mike inouye, people need to stay away from that area if they have no business there. >> most definitely. because we want to make sure the first responders, fire crews, people can conduct that fire investigation. water is a scarce resource, we need to make sure they have the access to the roads as well. skyline boulevard itself has reopened overnight.
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for the locals in the area, that's good news. the bad news, there's still power out in those vicinities, so signals may be an issue all morning long. the smoldering fire will keep the smoke coming um throup thro area, skyline and san bruno, those on and off-ramps were closed last night. those are all opened. 280's accessibility throughout the area is okay. christie smith said as she headed over from the east bay, she could smell the fires. if you are heading north, you will start to see and smell the smoke as welcoming through that area, and maybe it is visible from the upper deck of the bay bridge. yesterday, my wife was traveling out of oakland. she saw that huge plume of smoke
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yesterday from the fires. you may see people slowing on 80 on the other side of the bay. >> it's interesting you note that. she was in the east bay and she could smell it. people as far south as san jose could see the plume. >> i read something about an s associated press photographer who had her daughter at a soccer game and hearing a boom, putting the kids in the car, not knowing what happened. >> getting the kids in cars and getting them to safety as quick as they can. kris sanchez, we have weather to deal with, but also just the weather itself. >> talking about the folks who are able to smell it, even outside of san bruno. the good reason for that is that there was a lot of wind yesterday as fire fighters were trying to battle that blaze. that will be the case today, usual amounts of wind, but still more wind than any firefighter wants when battling something like this. 5 to 15 miles per hour, picking
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up around 9:00. by 5:00, winds could be up to 25 miles per hour. the temperature conditions should be relatively stable, for those working to make sure it's fully contained. 8:00 this morning, folks around the bay area, 58 in oakland. 57 in san jose. 56 in san francisco. right around the 60 degree mark for the noontime hour, we expect sunny in the inland areas. 77 concord, 78 in livermore. nice day for soccer practice what have you in the east bay. 82 in concord by 4:00 this afternoon. the seven-day forecast looks like this. we are talking morning clouds and fog in the morning/afternoon, but nice and warm inland. we will have more of your seven-day forecast, we'll keep watching those winds as well. >> just ahead, continuing live coverage of this massive fire that is still burning in one san
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bruno neighborhood this morning. >> could it have been prevented? neighbors talk about the red flag that raised to pg&e.


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