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tv   Today in the Bay  NBC  September 17, 2010 4:00am-5:00am PST

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lines have yet to be inspected. new details in a police shooting. the man shot carried this toy gun. those stories and traffic and weather this friday, september 17th, today in the bay. good friday morning and thanks for joining us. i'm laura garcia cannon. >> i'm brent cannon and we want to check with rob for the forecast. >> we have muggy and mild conditions. let's go hour by hour. 60s to wake up to. no real need for a jacket. misty and mild conditions around the bay area. muggy sunshine by noon. 60s still for san francisco. the morning commute could be affected by fog. >> we are warning folks as we do in these conditions. we have an accident as you are
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approaching this. reports of a single car all the way over on the right hand shoulder and it is sideways. that will be a distraction. you see the slowing and a light volume of traffic and slower drivers through the area. no lanes reported blocked. i will follow that and the south bay looking nice. construction at yerba buena off-ramp, my guess is they are picking up about now. back to you. >> thanks, mike. new this morning, california breaks its own record for the longest state budget impasse. lawmakers ended talks and today marks the 79th day without a budget. the last record was set two years ago. they are dealing with a $19 billion deficit. video from a powerful storm in new york city. the national weather service said they are trying to figure out if a tornado moved through the area.
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one person died and a tree fell down and crushed a person in the car. crews are cleaning up and nearly 26,000 people do not have power this morning. another storm hit worcester, ohio as well. power is still out to 10,000 people. you can see the damage. a line of storms damaged a lot of buildings and knocked down trees and there no reports of serious injuries, however the national weather service is also looking into this storm as well. >> people all over the bay area are desperately waiting to hear if they are sitting on top of a potentially dangerous pipeline. today in the bay, live in san bruno with more on where the inspection stands now. good morning accident bob. >> good morning. not only across the bay, but throughout the state of california. regulateors ordered pg&e to inspect the high risk gas lines. these are namely ones running through urban areas with a lot of people. this order came after a series of accidents about 10 years ago.
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the inspections started in 2002. to date, a quarter of those lines have not been looked at according to the inspections. here's the break down. pg&e has over 1,000 miles of gas lines classified as needing stricter inspections. the utility looked at 750 miles. they found four leaks and five failures. it can be like a knick in the wall of the pipeline. that means there over 270 miles of high risk gas lines that need to be looked at. it's on track to have those inspected by 2012. that is on schedule with the original mandate issued by regulators. because of the explosion here in san bruno, there is a call for pushing up the schedule to hurry up. the california public utilities commission that regulates is considering asking the utility to speed up the remaining inspections. the bay area congressman saying
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it's inadequate that it's taking so long. are they through your neighborhood? pg&e won't comment on the exact location. it's a matter of security. reporting live here in san bruno, rob redell in the bay. >> thanks a lot. funerals will be held for some of the people killed in last week's explosion in san bruno. humans gathered at st. cecilia's church last night to remember jacquelyn greg and 13-year-old genessa. they were at home when it happened and friends are shocked that they died. >> i saw her that morning. you would never think that that was going to be the last time you would see someone. >> for this to have happened is unbelievable. i kept thinking that maybe they were out. maybe they were doing an errand. anywhere else but home.
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>> jacquelyn's husband and son were not home at the time. they were at back to school night. >> we know the names of 3 more people killed who have been missing. last night the family issued this statement about their missing relatives. the residents of 1690 claremont, the remains of two males and one female are discover and they are awaiting final dna results, but it's with heavy hearts they announced passing of la von, william and greg. stay with us for the latest on the san bruno investigation and you can go to to get updates any time. a toy gun was the reason officers opened fire and shot a wanted man. concord police pulled over brian
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brownwhite after he refused to follow orders and lifted hads shirt to reveal this gun in his waist band. when they tried to take it, he took off. after a short chase, he pointed the gun at them and they fired. the part you see on the back sticking out is a piece of broken handle there. brownwhite is in critical condition and also wanted for armed robbery in fremont and san jose and suspected of nine other robberies across the bay area. >> right now, investigators are looking into a fourth sexual assault at a walnut creek apartment complex. someone attacked a woman in her 20s last night at park regency apartments on oak road. deputies arrested a berkeley man for the first three attacks. antonio is still in jail and pleaded not guilty. he has relatives that live in the area and say he wasn't in the area when the attacks first happened. a decision on whether to
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move the murder trials are expected next week. the black muslim bakery leader is accused of ordering the murder as well as the murders of two other men. his associates have also been charminged. media coverage of the killing jeopardized their right to a fair trial. prosecutors want the trial kept in oakland. >> there is a $2,000 reward to find vandal who is defaced a mural. someone painted a swastika on omar cas bee who is jewish. they are putting up a $100 reward and joe moo loaf is matching that. we are hours away from a permanent seal to the blown out well in the gulf of mexico. the relief well joined with the blown out 1 and it's ready for concrete. it could be done by the end of
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the weekend. oil has not flown out for more than 60 days, but still watching ashore. this photo was taken on the louisiana coast. people say while shutting the well is great, it's by no means the end of the disaster. >> we have so many issues. we have the oyster fishermen and the shrimpers and the crabbers and we have people who are doing great, but when bp leaves, we will be doing horribly. >> there is an ongoing criminal investigation on the deep water horizon well. it the preventer is being examined near new orleans. >> great new for the giants on the nl west. they had a big night against the dodgers last night. bottom of the third, aubrey huff hitting this for a three-run shot and it's gone. the very next batter was buster posey and he got a solo shot and the giants went on to route the dodgers and the final was 10-2, a half game in first place over
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the padres. they will face the brewers at at&t park. the padres lost to the cardinals and 4-0 was the final. the giants have 15 games left in the season. it's setting up a showdown because they host the padres for the final three games of the season. if this is a close race, that will be important. >> it will be grit to watch. a lot of people headed to the game that affects traffic. >> you get into the city and travel through the city today, you will find a lot of folks heading towards at&t park. we have a closure that started last night. howard street between third and fourth. that block has close and will remain closed. that starts on monday, but a lot of activity last night and through the weekend. keep that in mind if you are starting over the course of the next week. golden gate moves nicely and you see the fog and the drizzle that might affect your drive.
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earlier warning has been lifted from the bay bridge, but you can hardly see traffic flow coming across the golden gate. >> we are going to be checking in with rob. this is the time when change is coming. we have been talking about it. i noticed it in the middle of the night. it's kind of muggy and balmy. >> it is balmy out there. we have the low clouds and the misty skies, but at the same time we have 67 degrees. we have the warm moist air keeping the temperatures up and the cloud cover acts like a blanket and keeps it more mild. 63 in oakland and 60s in san francisco. you have a sea breeze, you are at 65 as the warm moist air is being brought up. on the view, rain likely north of ukiah. the first wave is going to misthe bay, but it is bringing muggy temperatures out of the south. hour by hour, we have sunday up here in the futurecast around
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midday through lunchtime sunday. the cold front fizzles out and drops rain across the area for sunday. highs around the bay area, 78. east bay once again 70s to low 80s. petaluma is 75 and look at the temperatures. 77 and mendocino county sees the showers. sonoma county for saturday and the rest of the bay on sunday. we clear out on monday. >> rent good nuf movies. sony is moving into nintendo's territory. a look at the playstation move coming up. >> natalee holloway's mother makes a surprise visit to a peruvian jail. why police cut her visit with joran van der sloot short. >> find out what most voters think. the results of a new poll, coming up. a live look outside in the south bay and a place where it feels balmy for right now and
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the changes are coming in. we will keep tabs on that throughout the morning.
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our state is in a real mess. and i'm not going to give you any phony plans or snappy slogans that don't go anywhere. we have to make some tough decisions. we have to live within our means. we have got to take the power from the state capitol and move it down to the local level, closer to the people. and no new taxes, without voter approval. we have got to pull together not as republicans or as democrats but as californians first. at this stage in my life, i'm prepared to do exactly that.
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good morning and welcome back. a nice looking shot and we have some of your highs although rain is in the works coming down the pike. you are looking at temperatures in the 80s or upper 70s. rob will have the forecast in a little bit. we now know what democrats and republicans say about raising taxes, however this morning we have a sense of what voters think. a new associated press poll shows more than half of americans want the rich to pay higher taxes. the census bureau reports one in seven americans are now considered poor which is the most ever. a private analysis said letting the tax cuts expire will mean a family of four making about $50,000 per year will end up paying washington an extra $2900 next year and most don't want that. it's a problem for democrats running for reelection. >> it's about barack obama and his agenda and that remains a
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fundamental problem. >> republicans want to deal with the issue before november's election. the obama administration will release a report today on 100 stimulus projections they said are creating thousands of jobs across america. >> the mother of missing teen natalee holloway snuck into the prison to find the man suspected of killing her daughter. she talked with joran van der sloot inside the peruvian prison accompanied by a dutch journalist who said he no hate in her heart for him. beth was removed because she didn't have permission to be there. he is held in the murder of stephany flores. he was charged with extorting money from her family. >> china is saying hello to the i pad. the gadget is on sale there and dozens of customers waited out in the rain.
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that didn't stop them at the apple store this morning. scott mentioned they were at shanghai. they started lining up as early as tuesday evening. i pads are more expensive in chine a but most didn't seem to mind it. they pay about 20% more than we do here in the united states. >> they are excited. this weekend we will have a new way to play video games. they are taking a page from nintendo. >> the move is a lot like the wii. instead of hitting buttons, you move your whole body. playstation is based in the bay area. we are joined live who created this technology for sony. good morning, richard. >> show us how it works. you have ben there, the demo guy and he will show us this sony move. >> right. ben is demonstrateing it behind me, but this is the playstation
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move. this is a new controller for the playstation 3 and combines a camera to know what you are doing with your hands. >> i have to buy -- go ahead. let's watch ben. i have to buy this special? i have my playstation and i buy these extra controllers? >> right. we have a starter pack with a controller and the camera and a game all together. you can buy it that way. >> we talked about how it's similar to the nintendo wii and you say it's better? >> it's more responsive and precise. it knows not only where you are swinging it, but where you position it. you can do more than you can do with anything before. >> you will play special games designed for this. it's not going to work with games you already have?
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>> there some games we have that work well already. those games have been packed so you can play them, but most of the games are being designed for it. the new games. >> microsoft has this connect thing. it doesn't use the controller, but it seems like moving is the new movement. >> our combined controller with the camera and theirs is the system. it's a mixture of many technologies to gift best experience. >> this comes out with people buying it sunday? >> actually a lot of stores are starting to sell it today. >> right on. we are going to go do that. richard marx in san francisco, we appreciate your time. >> thank you. >> what do you mean? how come he gets -- you are not invited? we just assumed you couldn't make it. >> all right. >> you can go have all the fun.
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>> scott and i only have two. you have three. there you go. they do this all the time. we are looking over here at this part. 280 southbound where we see slowing. an earlier accident cleared and no injuries reported at avalon drive. you see the slowing typical later on in the morning. we may see more folks heading over to sfo. let me get out of town. we will watch that carefully, but peninsula looking nicely. the rest of the approach down the east shore freeway. through oakland, 580 and 880 moving well as well. reports of a small brush fire. shouldn't be an issue and no lanes are blocked. we know about it and they are taking care of it. we been this and a smooth drive and 14 minutes out of the pass. no major increase to the volume
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of traffic. you see the slowing going through livermore and over towards the dublin interchange. the bay bridge, a look at the toll plaza and we will have the metering lights. low clouds and fog and rob has the rest that was forecast for his story in a moment. >> one of the jonas brothers will be in the bay area to raise fonemohery alpecial olympics tomorrow. we will tell you about it, next. jaguar platinum coverage is not just a warranty. it's a belief in everything we do. it's a 5 year, 50,000 mile promise. with complimentary scheduled maintenance no-cost replacement of wear and tear items and 24/7 roadside assistance.
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>> welcome back at 5:23. it's off to a mild start around the bay, but a dry day for most of the bay. except where we see mist this morning. the main rain threat will aim in as we take a closer look at the weekend forecast. most of saturday should be dry except for northern sonoma county. areas north of santa rosa will see a chance of showers and otherwise mild. we take you further south and look what happens. what's left of the cold front comes through around midday sunday. just light spotty areas of rain except higher amounts possible around the north bay for sunday. around the bay area, it will feel muggy outside. temperatures this morning in the 60s and looking at 70s and 80s. 65 around san francisco. to the east bay, 70s and 80s and
5:25 am
let's show you the north bay and areas north of lake forest. the seven-day forecast, we will start off dry and trending cooler and a chance of scattered showers into midday sunday and things clear out towards monday. laura? >> thanks so much. the special olympics getting help from one of the jonas brothers. they are here to tell us more about the fund-raiser happening tomorrow. how you can help and get involved. thanks for being with us. >> we are here with a star athlete i understand. you not only participated for 35 years, but you are one of just a handful that is going to greet to compete. what's your sport. what do you do? >> track. >> you do? why do you like it? >> it's exciting. >> it's a lot of fun? >> yeah. >> a lot of years, and a lot of
5:26 am
experience and gold medals. you have been involved too, mom. >> i have. she used to get the training at school, but when she got out of high school, it was the taxi driver and we have been involved. she got older and the special olympics expanded and we added more and more sports. that meant more and more driving. it's been terrific. >> that's the support it takes. not only family, but the community as well. you can talk about that and why it's important. >> we totally rely on community support, especially these days when times are tough. we can't do it without the volunteers. the runsoming up tomorrow morning at 7:00, we hope people come out and meet joe jonas and the special olympic athletes. >> at the park in mountain view and joe jonas is going to be
5:27 am
there. >> each of the brothers has a cause and special olympics is joe's cause. he has been doing a few run and this is the third one. he came from texas on labor day and we are happy he is here to bring attention to an important population of people who a lot of times are left out. he is bringing the attention to us. >> that's fantastic. anybody can come out to support. >> it's very family friendly. come with your kids and your grandmas and there will be a lot of tweens and we welcome them. run and walk. there is a 5 k and a 1 k. we expect a day or go to jonas fun and preregister and get a discount that way. >> meet this star athlete. that's cool. it has to be exciting to get all the applause. do you love it? >> yeah. >> yes, she does. >> we love thaw are here with us here today as well.
5:28 am
good luck on your race. you can get more medals. we know you can do it. >> we works hard. [ female announcer ] we know jerry brown was mayor of oakland, but what were the results? fact: brown promised to improve schools. but the drop out rate increased 50%, and the state had to take over the schools. fact: the city controller found employees paid for 22,000 hours... they never worked.
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the fourth sexuality assault at a walnut creek apartment complex. this time there is a different attacker. the warning going out to women. >> what sparked the blaze? we get a response from the feds on a possible cause of the catastrophy in san bruno. good friday morning. thank you for joining us.
5:31 am
i'm brent cannon. >> i'm laura garcia cannon. we start with rob with a look at the friday forecast. i grabbed a jacket, but i didn't need it. >> i don't think you will need a jacket as you head outside. it is muggy and mild to kickoff. we are in the 60s and you may find mist, but lunchtime we see 70s and 80s. any chance of rain for today will stay north of santa rosa. the weekend is different. a look at the forecast is coming up. still no deal in sacramento means 79 days we are at the longest ever state budget impasse. governor schwarzenegger ended talks without a solution. they have to close a $19 billion deficit. about 10,000 people are without power this morning. storm knocked out power and levelled trees. no reports of serious injuries.
5:32 am
the national weather service is looking into the storm. >> check out the damage caused by a storm in new york city. it turns out big trees fell over there, knocked down by winds that were as powerful as 100 miles an hour. witnesses say it may have been a tornado, but crews are looking into that and cleaning up at about 26,000 people do not have power. 1 o person was killed in the storm. police are on the hunt for the man behind another sexual attack at an east bay apartment complex. christie smith is live this morning in walnut creek. man is behind bars. we have been following the story in the past. they are looking at a different suspect. >> a different suspect this time and no suspect description being released. investigators are concerned and say this was both a sexual assault and a home invasion. a woman in her 20s home alone in her apartment when this man entered. this is the fourth sexual
5:33 am
assault since late june. the park regency apartments, the latest happened around 6:00 p.m. investigators say it's unclear how the man got into her apartment. nothing was taken. at the same time a berkeley man is still in jail this morning. dna testing linked him to a july sixth rape here at the complex. he is charged in two attempted rapes, but he pleaded not guilty and his family said he wasn't in the area. different guy, but similar assaults and two security guards are here this morning, walking around the property. women of course urged to be careful. watch surroundings and report anything suspicious. reporting live in walnut creek, christie smith, today in the bay. >> a funeral will be held for two of the people killed in last week's devastating explosion in san bruno. family and friends will attend a
5:34 am
mass for jacquelyn greg and her daughter, genessa. the school canceled classes so students can attend. hundreds gathered to remember jacquelyn and genessa. they were at home when the explosion happened. jacquelyn's husband and son were out. they were at back to school night. >> per amid the sadness, there were stories of happiness. a man was reunited with a woman he saved from the fire. he entered a smoke-filled assisted living facility with a man named frank. they rescued five women including 96-year-old mary sweeney. the explosion forced the state to take a closer look at how pg&e operates. about a quarter of the pipelines are uncheck and need stricter inspections, but it's not expected to be completed until 2012.
5:35 am
regulators are thinking about asking them to speed up the process. the utility will not say which lines have not been inspected. >> developing news and five men are under arrest after a threat against the pope. >> scott broke the story for us. what's the latest? >> how much we don't know with all this breaking news. we know the pope is fine. this arrest came long before they were able to get access to him. we don't know the specific threat against the hope or the nationality of the men. they are between the ages of 26 and 56. they were arrested in a business in london. the pope is in his second day to his visit to the united kingdom. it's overshadowed by discussion with the catholic church's problems and sexual abuse, but we don't know if the man had a connection to that issue. we want to see what the men say
5:36 am
and a statement as to who the men are. there a number of things. we don't even know the nature of the threat. >> some were so surprised with the pope. humans of ye hundreds of years. it may have been something dumb somebody said or something more serious. >> appreciate it. the whooping cough continues to cause problems across california, but you have a chance to fight back. public health is offering free whooping cough vaccinations given out at the nut tree plaza at 4:00 this afternoon. for more information on that, you can contact the solana county department. >> the best police officers will be recognized. the oakland department will hold their awards ceremony at 10:00. chief anthony will present the medal of valor and merit and
5:37 am
citations and the certificate of commendation. ceremony will be at oakland city hall. >> i got excited because the giants are front-runners in the nl west with 15 games left to go. they are in first place in the nl west. here's how they got there. san francisco pummelling the dodgers last night, 10-2. that was a three-run homer. the giants now host the brewers tonight and there is a good chance that this playoff hunt will come dun to the final series of the regular season. that is when the giants and the padres go head to head. >> the raiders are playing the first home game on sunday. if you want to see it, you have to go to the coliseum. the nfl is blacking out games from local tvs that are not sold out. there tickets available to the game. get your face paint ready. san diego facing a blackout as well. they play the rams and the
5:38 am
number one pick. the game kicks off at 1:00 pardon me o sunday. we will take you back to the peninsula. the earlier accident is on northbound 280 at avalon, but it shows up southbound on the right shoulder. it's as far away as you can get still being on the roadway. no reason for the slowing other than more cars are hitting the road towards airport drive. another accident, but no major issues. the slowing is as a result of more folks running the averages and starring to recom put. a nice flow of traffic and no major issues. a light volume with traffic coming over the hills. the bridge was likely over the water with the headlights. a clear view, but a look at the toll plaza where we see steady
5:39 am
volume and clouds impeding the view. earlier overnight, we had a fog advisory for the lower deck that has been lifted. sticking around in many spots. >> especially around the bridge. misty skies and muggy temperatures. it is humid and we have 60s to get it started. 67 at san jose. heldative ll ll lly warm moist . upper 70s later on. the giants taking on the brewers. the sea breeze will be going good and about 57 around game time. satellite view shows rain today moving north of ukiah and the rain is going to work south through the weekend hour by hour. saturday will be fine. this is the futurecast on sunday. you can see what's left. midday sunday will be the best bet of rain across the bay area.
5:40 am
upper 70 no, sir san jose and 65 for san francisco. 73 around oakland and i will point out ukiah and lake port. lake county northward may see showers. a good bet in the far north bay on saturday and the rest of the bay area midday sunday that could see rain. back to you. >> time now is 5:40 and scott is outdoing himself with today's gadget. we will show you something pretty cool. >> today could be the day that the leaking oil well at the bottom of the gulf is sealed for good. we will tell you what's next. >> new numbers about your taxes and what the majority of americans think about paying higher taxes and how the information could change things. after the break.
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good morning. time now is 5:42. a look at the temperatures are mild. you might notice it's warm and balmy. we will be checking in with rob. we will look at the changing forecast for the weekend coming up. >> changes coming to taxes could increase and that will please a majority of americans. sound surprise something tracie potts has the result of a new poll and what it might mean for the debate in washington. good morning, tracy. >> we heard from the democrats and republicans and now we hear from the public. a new poll. here are the results. 44% of americans said let's leave the cuts in place for everyone. 39% said let's raise taxes on the rich only, those making over $250,000, the obama plan. 15% said let's raise taxes on
5:44 am
everyone which is what's going to happen if congress does not act before the end of the year when the tax cuts run out. republicans are now pushing for that to happen before november's election. democratic leaders, nancy pelosi saying she is not sure that will happen before the election, but they will act before the end of the year. it is the politically charged issue affecting the elections in washington. interesting to think about how it might play out. if congress decides to keep the tax cuts in place for everyone, republicans of course will claim credit and it could be bad for democrats at the polls if they keep them for the middle class and raise for the rich, the democrats can claim victory, but republicans can in the election say look, democrats raise taxes. speaking only about the 3% on who the taxes are raised. if they do nothing, everyone's taxes go up at the end of the year. >> quit trying to claim victory and give americans a break.
5:45 am
thank you. a permanent fix for the gulf. crews kektd the relief well and all they have to do now is pump concrete in. no oil leaked in the past few months, but crews are still cleaning up and the criminal investigation into the explosion on the deep water horizon rig is ongoing. his a look well at the mine in chile where protesters are going on. miners are trapped, but back on the surface, the workers said they are owed back pay and the company owes them money. they would like to look for other jobs, but in chile you can't look for a new job until you complete the old one. if they are owed money and haven't wrapped up the work, they are not free to look for a
5:46 am
new job. >> you are watching today in the bay. we will check traffic and weather in less than five minutes. first, police are looking for the man who attacked a woman inside an east bay apartment complex. christie smith has the latest on the search. good morning. >> reporter: good morning. it is frightening. we have seen two security guards at the complex talking with residents and milling around. this is the fourth sexual assault to be reported in the same complex. before we came on, a man said not again. he couldn't believe it happened jen and he feels like the area is being targeted for some reason though invest getters are note saying that. they don't know how the attacker got in, but they are calling it a sexual assault and home invasion achl woman home alone in her 20s in her apartment. it was reported yesterday around 6:00 p.m. a berkeley man is in jail this
5:47 am
morning and investigators say dna linked him to a july sixth rape here and he is also changed with two attempted rapes here dating back to late june. all happening at the park regency apartments in walnut creek. he pleaded not guilty and his family said he wasn't even in the area at the time. it looks like it may be another attacker. christie smith today in the bay. >> thank you for the latest. meantime, a man original from marin may have been kidnapped in mexico. 47-year-old lane gilbert, a wealthy real estate dwerp was living in mexico when he disappeared nearly three weeks ago. we now know his call was found hours after gilbert was last seen behind the wheel. a man claimed it belonged to his employer. that man was carrying gilbert's id. so far mexican police have not detaped the man as a suspect.
5:48 am
>> families across the state are concerned about their safety because hundreds of miles of high risk pipeline still needs to be inspected. bob redell is live with why pg&e said it will take more than a year to finish the inspections and what the state plans to do in the meantime, bob? >> reporter: good morning. before the gas line exploded and levelled the neighborhood here in san bruno, pg&e was reinspecting the high risk gas lines and we understand it still is. the utility has been doing it since 2002 after several accidents. in the eight years since, a quarter of those line his yet to be reinspected and you might be surprised to hear that in spite of that, utilities considered to be on schedule. they are supposed to be finished by 2012, the date they say they will be able to meet. those things, the things have changed since last thursday.
5:49 am
now many people think the timeline should be moved up. we will have that part of the story in about 10 to 15 minutes at 6:00. reporting live here, bob redell, today in the bay. good morning and welcome back. we will show you the peninsula. northbound 280 at highway 92. reports of a minor accident and the fire department arrived on scene and that may cause a bit of slowing with the flashing rights. that should be clear friday the roadways over the next to 10 minutes. i just showed you the map. the yellow that has cleared up like we talked about, we will take you across the bay. a live look at the toll plaza shows a steady number of cars. this is friday light and no major issues from oakland over to san francisco. from the top of the screen, you can't see much because the low clouds are hanging out.
5:50 am
including across the span in the city between third and fourth. over by the oracle arena in oakland, that is moving smothly and we see the glowing lights. the volume is starting to increase on the nimitz freeway as well. >> the mist in a few spots as we check your weather before 5:51. look how muggy and mild it is outside. 67 degrees in san jose. no need for a jacket unless you are in the north bay. upper 50s to get the morning started. the muggy continues heading into the afternoon. a chance of showers to the north, but sunday will be the day around the bay we see the best chance of seeing rain. not today. it will be muggy and 78 degrees in san jose. 65 in san francisco. east bay temperatures, 70s around oakland and 80 near san ramon. areas north today and up towards
5:51 am
santa rosa and saturday can see a chance of showers and sunday is the best chance for seeing rain. back to you. >> thanks. >> guess what. over the years scott had pretty fascinating and expensive gadgets. it's gadget friday. he has a new one. >> you must have gotten a raise or something. >> yeah. here it is. i have the pr 2 from willow garage. they make robots. here he is right here. this robot will cost you just $400,000. the researchers don't need robots. the guys who make iphone, they don't build themselves an iphone when they want to make an ap. they get the iphone and make the ap. same idea. you get the robot from the gage
5:52 am
and they sell it to the researchers and you are able to do your research on the robot itself. about $400,000, we will let the pr 2 move around and raise his hands and everything else. there we go. >> what else does this thing do? >> it can fold towels. have you seen the video? can it mow my lawn? >> eventually, yes. it will be able to do all kinds of stuff. when you think about the future of robots and the idea of robots mowing your lawn. this is going to be the great grandfather of that robot. the robot you have in your house 20 years from now, you will be able to look back to years ago and this will be the great grandfather. the researchers were able to get their hans on something that did all of these things it can do and they will be able to figure out how to do robots do what we
5:53 am
want them to do. >> the robot at my house is called my husband. >> they have that vacuum cleaner. a couple of weeks ago, they kind of exist now. >> in hospitals they have them. they deliver medication to the other rooms. >> a little later, we will introduce this robot to the camera robot. i feel tension between them. a peek out of the corner of camera 2's eye. >> our cameras are robotic. >> a romance going on there. >> oh, yes. oh, boy. >> can't you feel the love on this show. >> it's early morning and there children watching. we will have the robot back at
5:54 am
6:45. my goodness. >> we have a dance going on. break out the discovery channel. this is nuts. >> that's cool. living in the age of the jetsons here. a woman who made headlines claiming someone threw acid in her face. now she said she did it to herself. bethany was in a portland hospital and still recover for example the severe burns. police in vancouver, washington found holes in her story. she said a random woman threw the acid in her face. >> as we went along it started to be evident that there were problems with the story and the dots were not connecting. we obviously reached a point where it wasn't surprising to us anymore. >> surprised she would do it. no one knows. they could charge her with filing a false police report. >> amazing and stunning story. a woman can thank a truck driver
5:55 am
for her toddler being safe. see the baby crawling across the road? the totaler was at a park and he woke up and she doesn't realize it and he wandered off. the truck driver saw it and stopped his truck and blocked the traffic. she comes out and picks up the middle boy. the police questioned the mother, but she is not charged with anything. a lucky situation that could have been so much different. >> thank goodness. it's hard to watch. a 1200 pound horse recovering after falling into a hole in arizona. crews pulled the horse to safety after it was stuck in a hole in a barn for four hours. it happened near phoenix. they treated it for a leg injury and they're monitoring its condition. >> for took 12 years, but several kids got a big reward
5:56 am
several glasses collected caps for the ronald mcdonald's charity house. they came in person. >> you can think of anything worse than having a little in the hospital? no. it's this big. not very big. you butt a lot of them together and it makes a big difference. >> these are the things the students is will remember. they be a part of a million. >> the students and community leaders are thrilled to have reached their goal. they will amount to about $1,000. you think about the effort. a lot of kids over several classes to finally collect them all. >> i remember trying to that in fourth grade. >> to t took them 12 years. let's take a look at the friday forecast. >> don't need the jacket, but
5:57 am
might need the wind cheeld wipers. the rain today will be aiming in north of ukiah. warm air out of the south this morning. the reason why we are starting off in the 60s. low 80s inland. 65 in san francisco. low 70s for oakland. as we show you the forecast, i think tomorrow will be the dry part of the weekend forecast. midday sunday we will be dealing with showers. back to you. >> we have the embarrassing record or state broke while you were sleeping. >> the bay to breakers organizers a tracked a new sponsor. >> the shocking story behind the acid attack that left a woman scarred for life. who really threw it. amazing video into the newsroom of a tornado in new york city.
5:58 am
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