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tv   Today in the Bay  NBC  September 17, 2010 5:00am-6:00am PST

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another sexual assault at a walnut creek apartment complex. the fourth in months. we will tell you what invest getters are saying, coming up. >> more than a week after the san bruno explosion, people wait for word on whether they are sitting on danger pipelines. we have a live update on the inspection. >> can you tell if this is a toy gun or the real thing? police in the best bay defend their decision to shoot a man with this gun. today, friday, september 17th on today in the bay. >> good morning. i'm laura garcia cannon. >> i'm brent cannon. the weekend is here and rob has what to expect. it is muggy around the bay area. we have 60s and i don't think you will need a jacket. they may mind a mist around lunchtime. 70s and 80s inland and 60s for
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san francisco. patchy low clouds and mist at times. >> thanks, rob. a warning for women in the east bay. a sexual predator is on the prowl using a familiar mode of attack. kristi smith is live in walnut creek with more on what to electric out for. christie? >> reporter: anything out of the ordinary, people wandering around or seem like they don't belong. this is the fourth sexual assault at the same apartment complex here in walnut creek. in one of the earlier incidents, the man walked up to the door and was able to barge his way in after the woman answered. this time investigators are not sure how the attacker got in. it happened again at the park regency apartment yesterday evening. a woman in her 20s was home alone and sheriffs investigators are calling it a home invasion and a sexual assault. they say this one doesn't appear
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that anything was taken from the apartment. at the same time a berkeley man is still in jail and it linked him to a july sixth rape. he is charged with two attempted rapes here. he has pleaded not guilty and the family said he wasn't even in the area at the time. live in walnut creek, christie smith, today in the bay. >> a funeral will be held for two of the people killed in last week's devastating explosion in san bruno. jacquelyn greg and her daughter, genessa died in last thursday's explosion. the school she is a tended canceled so students can attend her funeral. hundreds gathered in san francisco last night to remember jacquelyn and her 13-year-old daughter. they were at home when the explosion happened and friends are still shocked that they died. >> i saw her that morning.
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you would never think that that was going to be the last time you would see someone. >> for this to have happened, it's unbelievable. i kept thinking maybe they were out. maybe they were doing an errand. anywhere else but home. >> jacquelyn's husband and sorn not home when it happened. they were at a back to school night. we tentatively know the names of three more people killed. gregly bullis and 17-year-old son had been missing since thursday. his 80-year-old mother was also missing. the family issued a statement saying at the resident of 1690 claremont, the remains of two males and one female were discovered. though a wading pending results, it's with heavy heards that the family announces the passing of la von, greg, and william.
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>> people all over the bay area are waiting to hear if they are sitting on top of a potentially dangerous pipeline. bob redell is live with more on where inspections all across the bay area stand this morning. bob? >> in the state of california, eeg result oarors reassess the high risk gas lines that run through densely populated urban areas after a series of accidents about 10 years ago. these inspections have been going on since 2002. to date, a quarter of those lines have yet to be looked at. let's give you a break. pg&e has 21 miles of gas lines classified as needing stricter inspections. they looked at 750 of those miles. in those lines, pg&e found four leaks and five failures like a knick in the wall of the pipeline.
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that means there over 270 miles of high risk lines that need to be looked at. the utility is on track to have those inspectioned by 2012. that's on schedule with the original mandate issued by regulators. because of the explosion here, there is now a call for pushing up the schedule. the california public utilities commission that regulates, they are asking to speed up the inspections. saying it's an adequate and inappropriate inspections are taking so long. where are the high risk pipelines? do they run through your neighborhood? pg&e won't say, citing security concerns. >> new information on an officer-involved shooting. it turns out a toy gun was the reason they shot a wanted man. compare the toy to the real one. which is which?
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the part on the history is a broken piece of a toy gun handle. they are similar and there no mark accident to indicate which is real and which is say toy. the suspect, brian brownwhite was wanted for armed robbery in san jose and fremont and schd nine other robberies as well. concord police pulled him over and he refused to follow orders and lifted his shirt to reveal the gun. after a short chase, he then pointed the gun at the officers and that is when they opened fire. developing news. we are getting new information on the arrest after a threat against the pope that we have been talking about. >> in the newsroom with the latest details. >> the first thing we want to start with is that the pope is perfectly fine. what we are learning is the pope has been told of this threat against him this threat we don't
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know much about. he decided to go forward with all of his plans, including a huge open air rally in london's hyde park on saturday. what we know is that the british police arrested five men between 26 and 50 a short time ago under the terrorism act. they were apparently together at a business in central london. the police arrested them and have not charged them and have not said two important things. number one, what specifically the threat was as they were making allegedly against the pope and two, what their nationality is and if it was homegrown or outside of britain. we just don't know much about the threat. again, the pope will continue his regular schedule and he is told of the threat. the men are in custody and obviously as we know more, we will tell you. >> we know there was controversy going on over there. it is 6:07 and while you were sleeping, california lawmakers
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made history and not in a good way. this is the 79th day the state has gone without a budget that sets a new record for the longest budget impasse ever. the state faces a $19 billion deficit. democrats and republicans can agree on whether new taxes or spending cuts are needed to close the gap. they will probably not have a budget before the november election. they will return to negotiations today. organizers are trying to attract a new sponsor and you could pay the price. they hep to ease the party atmosphere by banning alcohol and floats. they will es port people if they don't have a race number. the number of people allowed to register will be capped at 50,000. they finalized that after meeting with the mayor's office and police. time to check the morning commute. you can notice the mist and due
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out there, but that means fog. >> all these things will be an issue for the drive. let me show you the golden gate bridge. the visibility is an issue. can't see the lies much past the south tower. the glowing light and the sleen on the roadway and maybe slick conditions as well as the drizzle. we didn't see movement on the shot, but that may be the case over the water in spots. we will take a look at the city. we have a couple of things to note. big traffic and folks rooting on the giants in first place. they started with the assembly last night. howard between 30 and fourth. expect that through next weekend and that causes congestion south of market. no congestion and no slowing, but the volume will come up in a few minutes. 880 with a live shot and an easy drive with the tail lights. we will get crowded in the next
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20 minutes. back to you. >> take a look at this. amazing video into our newsroom of what looks to be a tornado in new york city. this is a security cam footage. it looks like a dust storm sweeps through. the whether service is investigating. the tree fell on a car, tilling a woman. several others reported minor injuries, but it hit quickly and kind of took people by surprise. >> they try to verify and try to figure out if it was a tornado. >> they will be looking at the debro field. the tornado warning, you can see most of the action heading away, but wind gusts at 100 miles per hour with that storm cell. we will see if that is verified later. on the west toast, we have clouds into the north. by the middle of the weekend,
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here's the sunday futurecast. what's left of the cold front tosses a few clouds and sunday will see a few showers. 78 in san jose and 65 in san francisco. the difference from yesterday is it's muggy. we have warm moist air out of the south and temperatures cooling for the weekend. sunday looks like the best bet for seeing showers. 6:11 and how police are getting ready for an important test of democracy over access. it's important for the troops. >> we may be a few hours away from a permanent seal from the bp spill in the gulf. >> smart phone users may not be operating at full capacity. the surprising new survey on how americans are using their phones. and we have a special guest in studio. check it out. he is helping mike right now. >> you pretty much know how the computers are.
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you should be okay. i will pan out. [ male announcer ] barbara boxer.
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>>. >> good morning. 6:14 on a friday. as you head outside, it's warm and the temperatures look mild. the change is what's in store later on in the weekend. we will be checking in with rob to get the latest in a few minutes. >> new this morning, afghanistan gearing up for a major test of its democracy. the extra security in place ahead of tomorrow's elections. police set up extra check points to scan for suicide bombers. they could show us the strength
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of the insurgency and validity of taliban threats marred last year's vote. undermining the authority of ha miss karzai. >> the government is releasing the man accused of releasing the hijackers for al qaeda. they ordered the release after the guantanamo bay prisoner argued he was abused by interrogators and forced to admit to arranging travel for hijackers. lawyers will go before a u.s. appeals court and the 9/11 commission said the man is a significant leader who told operatives how to go for more training. >> confronting a killer face-to-face, natalee holloway's mother talked with joran van der sloot inside the peruvian prison where he is being held. a dutch journalist said beth told van der sloot she had no hate in her heart for him. she was remove friday the prison
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because she didn't have permission to be there. he is being held in the death of stephany flores and was charged with extoerding money from her family. a woman who made headlines claiming someone threw acid in her face said she did it to herself. she spoke from a portland hospital still recover for example severe burns. she told police a random woman threw acid in her face, but police said there were holes in her story. she could be charged with filing a false police report. >> we are hour away from a possible permanent seal in the blown out well in the gulf of mexico. the relief well and blown out portion are connected meaning they can start pumping concrete in and seal it for good. that's the bottom kill method we talked about. it's expected to be completed by the end of the weekend. a criminal investigation into what caused the oil rig
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explosion is ongoing. >> we know what republicans and democrats say about raising taxes, but we have a new report of what voters think. more than half of americans want the rich to pay higher taxes. the census bureau reports one in seven americans are now poor, the most ever. a private analysis said letting the tax cuts expire means a family of 4 would pay washington an extra $2900. that may be a problem for democrats running. >> a small group of dedicated individuals can change the world. that may have been too large of an estimation. >> with twitter and you tube and social networking and media, you can change the world. this weekend we will be talking about how to get people to do what you want using twitter or facebook or you tube. not just getting fans and followers, but getting them to take action. andy smith calls it the dragon
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fly effect. >> choosing a single focus goal to measure your project and aim towards it, second step is about making people look and want to click here or press here. >> you got to love it. press here after "meet the press" 9:00 a.m. sunday. sony will sell the playstation video game today. it's a bit like the nintendo wii, an add on to the current playstation 3 that allows you to move around, affecting what happens on screen. i talked to the guy who invented this and he said it's better because it's more exact and precise. he told us here first. you may be able to get it at some stores here today. it will cost you $100 for the hand held unit. you have to own this playstation 3. >> you can do it that way as
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well. you can buy the unit and everything is one bundle. for those like brent or myself who own a playstation 3, it's just $100. >> entertainment for the children. >> educational in some fashion. >> thanks, scott. i appreciate the fun. >> per cell phones can do a lot more, but it shows what people do with them. 8 out of 10 adults have cell phones, but many have smart phones. few of them actually download any aps. the survey said 76% of users use their phone to take pictures. 72% use it to text. 38% use the phone to access the internet. 34% use e-mail on it and 29% are the ones who do the aps. the most popular are game, news, weather, maps, navigation, and social networking and music.
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special olympics getting help from one of the jonas brothers here in the bay area. joe jonas will join the fun run in mountain view. we talked with an athlete, stacy steven with the special olympics about how you can help. >> he is going to be there because special olympics is has cause. special olympics is joe's cause. he has been doing a few runs and this is his, i believe his third one. he came from texas on labor day and we are happy he is here to bring attention to an important population of people who sometimes are left out. what's your sport? >> track. >> you do? why do you like it? >> it's exciting. >> it's exciting. a lot of fun. >> yeah. >> the fun run is tomorrow morning at shoreline park in mountain view. registration starts at 7:00. a 5 k run and a 1 k walk.
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everyone is invited to take part and you can mead athletes as well as joe jonas. >> the giants were in the driver's seat and had a big night. the bottom of the third, aubrey huff hitting a three-run home run. that was a glimpse of what went on. buster posey hit a home run and they pounded the dodgers, 10-2. they are a half game up over the padres and face the brewers tonight at at&t park and the giants -- >> got to love it and cheer them on. we will see how the morning commute is looking with mike. >> can you hear me? there you go. want to make sure everyone hears this. it is friday. a smooth commute and 19 minutes off of the bridge, but being friday, we focus on the opposite direction. we will see the areas to the
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north. this is your gateway out of the area and over towards sacramento and tahoe. you have to get through the friday work day. a nice mild flow of traffic. things are starting to back up here just a little bit. we are expecting to see the metering lights even on a lighter flow for friday. the east bay with the grade moving through as well. monday with a smoother flow as well. we open the toll lane as well. we call it and they look like they have construction going on and slow through the south area. into fremont and the south bay. a glow indicates mist in the area. the rest of the south bay north out of morgan hill and over the santa cruz mountains. downtown san jose, there is a concert as well as a 01 festival.
6:23 am
vta is inviting you to hop on board cool event. this dance in transit festival we are talking about, the showcase of e merging south bay artists across several light rail locations. all you have to do is buy a ticket. you hop on board and the tour starts every hour from 11:00 to 4:00 p.m. stop every 15 minutes for a performance. bring the family out there. your family is a dance party anyway. >> we will take up a whole train. >> how is the forecast looking? >> out in the cold, why scientists are headed back a little early this morning from the expedition to the titanic.
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our state is in a real mess. and i'm not going to give you any phony plans or snappy slogans that don't go anywhere. we have to make some tough decisions. to he eavth livur onsinea. mwi we have got to take the power from the state capitol and move it down to the local level, closer to the people. and no new taxes, without voter approval. we have got to pull together not as republicans or as democrats but as californians first. at this stage in my life, i'm prepared to do exactly that.
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the hurricane season is hurting efforts to give a piece of history. in an effort to document the ship wreck in 3d, it was stopped because of hurricane igor.
6:26 am
the team said they had plenty of great photos and video that they will share in the coming weeks. this is a sample of what they got. they hoped for more, but they had to cut it short. they have some things they can share. >> fascinating. what about the air in there? you can feel the moisture. puffy hair days is what i call it. >> your hair looks great, but for the rest of us, it's a frizzy day. warm conditions and notice impressive weather system except the moisture in terms of the rain producing varieties is north of ukiah through the afternoon. the weekend going towards sunday. around 1:00 with that fizzling out. we will even a chance of showers for the second half of the weekend. clearing skies and lots of low clouds and mist. 78 in san jose and 60 in san francisco. ukiah and lake port, maybe a shower to the north. saturday north bay and areas of
6:27 am
north will see scattered showers and clearing skies on monday. >> time now is 6:26. we will tell you about the north bay city watching more than drunk driver this is weekend. why they are also watching people on two wheels. >> people across the bay are anxious to find out if their homes are on risky pipelines after the san bruno explosion. a live report on how the inspections are going. a live look outside. golden gate bridge with the mist and a little bit of moist our the road we have been talking about. rob will have the complete look at the t forecast and keep an e on the roads, coming up.
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because of what happened here in san bruno, there is an urgent call to speed up the gas line. i'm bob redell and we will you where that stands in a live report. >> another attack at a walnut
6:30 am
creek apartment complex as women thought a suspect was behind bars. >> these folks getting into the city will be met with a street closure and major events. we are looking at the slow downs and ahead to your future starting right now on today in the bay. . >> are good morning. >> time now is 6:30 and we top the get a check of the forecast with rob. we are showing people the moisture on the roads. it's muggy and misty. >> temperatures starting in the 60s. you don't need a jacket, but with all the humidity, it might be a good idea to wear a hat. 60s around the bay area and lunchtime we will see 70s and expecting a high of 78. 65 in san francisco. 73 in oakland and the weekend temperatures will be the same except a chance of showers. we will detail that for you in a few minutes. families across the bay area
6:31 am
are waking up concerned about their safety because hundreds of miles of high risk pipeline still have to be inspected. today in the bay's bob redell is live with why pg&e said it will take more than a year to finish and what the state plans to do about that in the meantime. >> good morning, brent. even before the gas line explosion levelled the neighborhood here, pg&e was reinspecting the gas line throughout the bay area and the state. we understand they still are. the utility have been doing that since 2002 after several accidents. a quarter of those lines have yet to be reinspection skpud might be surprised to hear that. in spite of that, the utility is on schedule. they are supposed finished by 2012, a date they said they will meet. this was mandated back then, but things have changed since the explosion. many people think the timeline
6:32 am
should be moved up dramatically. we will have the rest of the story in about 15 minutes. live in san bruno, today in the bay. >> walnut creek police are back at an apartment complex with a fourth sexual assault. the latest happened at the park regency apartments on oak road last night. someone attacked a woman in her apartment, but they don't know how the suspect got in. there have been three other attacks and police thought they solved the problem and had a suspect in custody. now the fourth attack and today in the bay's christie smith will have a live report on the latest in a bit. >> the man accused of killing a veteran in a drunk driving accident will be in court today. the 70-year-old will be arraigned on charges of vehicular manslaughter and he had a blood alcohol level twice the legal limit when he hit retired army colonel kathleen moorhead while walking through a crosswalk in walnut creek.
6:33 am
he was diabetic that could have lowered his alcohol tolerance. he could spend as many as 10 years in state prison if he is convicted. new information about one of the victims of a shooting in johns hopkins hospital. workers say that dr. david cohen was shot, although the hospital has not confirmed the report. he shot cohen yesterday after getting bad news about his mother's condition. he shot and wounded cohen and killed his mother and killed himself. dr. cohen is expected to survive. the whooping cough causes problems across california, but you have a chance to fight back. they are offering free whooping cough vox nations at the nut tree plaza in vaccaville. contact the health and social services department. the department will hold an
6:34 am
annual awards ceremony at 10:00 and present awards including the medal of valor and merit and the chief's certificate of commendation. that will be at the oakland city hall. >> obeying the rules of the road. police want to remind you that drinking and biking is as illegal as drinking and driving. they will charge the cyclists who are under the influence. san jose police will be on the look out. thousands of people are expected tonight for the san jose bike party. the raiders's first home game is sunday. you will have to be at coliseum. they are blacked out because the game is not sold out. speaking of football, the 79ers open on monday night and they have the super bowl champion saints.
6:35 am
>> it lifted a bit and the back up with the metering lights turned on about their normal time. there is the back up building slower and still building. the ease towards the maze not a major issue. speeds in the 50s and 60s approaching and we will get a look at the maps and talk about san francisco. there is slowing off of treasure island and an earlier incident where it turns off of 101. that clears as well and near there, howard street closed necessary for the next week until sunday night. oracle is in town and the activities and closures started at 8:00 p.m. the game, you will see traffic and consider taking mass transit and again we mentioned the weather being affected. a live look out there and we will show you the golden gate bridge. looking closely, as rob calls
6:36 am
them the range on four wheels. the drizzle might be significant. watch it there. >> 6:35. equal treatment or racism in print. one popular magazine answers the controversy it lightened the skin of a popular actress. >> police explain why they shot a man. what officers saw the night of the shooting, coming up. >> gadget friday may be the most expensive gadget friday we have ever made. your very own $400,000 robot coming up later. >> that is too cool. let's show you the weather. san jose is 67 degrees and muggy and mild to start, but i'm tracking chances of rain for the weekend. we will talk more about that. thanks for waking up with us today in the bay. [ male announcer ] jerry brown's good old days.
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but what really happened? cnn -- not me -- cnn says his assertion about his tax record was "just plain wrong." jerry brown went out there and took credit for the fact that the people of california voted for proposition 13, which lowered taxes, which he opposed. and now he's going around taking credit for it. he raised taxes as governor of california. he had a surplus when he took office and a deficit when he left. he doesn't tell the people the truth.
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6:39 am
. >> piles of brick and debris standing where believes used to stand. a possible tornado topples everything from trees to classrooms. no one was seriously hurt. >> you don't see them coming. they do get a warning sometimes.
6:40 am
>> around the bay area, we will warn you about rare september rain. satellite and radar with showers offshore. it will be areas north of ukiah, but different stories through the weekend. saturday it will be dry taking you into september. areas north of san jose looking at scattered showers on sunday. by the time we roll into monday, things will be warming up early. san jose one big difference today. it is muggy out and a lot more moisture in the air and probably a little warmer outside thanks to the fact that we got more humidity. the far north bay sunday and showers for the rest of the area and we clear out early next week. back to you. >> popular women's magazine elle catching flag for the
6:41 am
airbrushing of precious star gabby sidibe. a lot of people think she was airbrushed to look lighter. check out covers. quite a difference. elle said the picture was not retouched more or less than other stars. some said it's cropped and doesn't show her curves as opposed to most covers that are full body shots. plenty of questions about what went wrong in san browno and an update on the investigation. >> the well that spilled nearly 200 million gallons of oil into the gulf could be dead this weekend. a live report is next. >> a fourth sexual assault at a walnut creek complex, but a suspect has been in custody. i'm christie smith and i will explain. a live look outside. the saun starting to come , tbu a cloudy start and a muggy
6:42 am
feel. we will update, coming up.
6:43 am
6:44 am
a graystart to the day and mild temperatures to start the morning. kind of upper 70s and low 80s. rob will have the weekend forecast. that's where the mystery is in a few minutes. >> nasdaq up 11 and oracle doing better than 5% after turning in blowout numbers. we will have the gadget friday which is easily one of the most expensive ones we have had.
6:45 am
we will explain what this robot does and why it costs $400,000 in a little bit. >> new this morning, a big milestone for the bp well in the gulf. >> kristin dahlgren joins us live from venice, louisiana because engineers could be a few mores away from permanently fixing the oil leak. >> hey there, brent and laura. can you believe it is day 150 of this? we are talking about that relief well we probably started talking about back in may when they started drilling it shortly after the disaster began. it finally intersected the well. we got the word overnight. the two wells are connected and the next step is pumping cement in from the bottom to permanently seal the well and make sure it will never leak into the gulf of mexico again. officials say they hope to by the end of the weekend have that completed. they will be able to declare
6:46 am
this well dead. for people here, it's great news. they know it's one step in their recovery. they continue to see oil even now washing ashore in louisiana. it's not uncommon to see. they are dealing with fish kills along the coast. scientists they say don't believe they are related, but they are doing testing and another is found yesterday. >> we are cautiously optimistic. approaching the bay bridge, the metering lights are on and back ups are not so bat. they form slower and it's going back to the end of the parking lot. you see a lot of activity. if you wonter what's going on,
6:47 am
they are building a new administration center. that's going on for a while there as well as working on the bridge itself. a smoother drive into the city andy wool go show you the travel time. this is your commute direction. 19 minutes off of the bridge. the bridge itself say focus for the afternoon as well as folks heading eastbound. and starting around 2:30 or 3:00. we have slowing through antioch even on a friday over to l. clearing by harbor and boy point and also the great and low clouds over to the hills and especially along the coast. >> watch that driving down to san jose and low clouds out to
6:48 am
livermore this morning and a bit of a sea breeze. it's a warm start. look at the numbers. 67 in san jose and 65 in gilroy. no need for a jacket. look at the humidity is up there as well. 67 in san jose with the wind at 6 miles per hour. we will see changes am coming up and in terms of rain that will steer off to the north and a juicy looking system. saturday looks fine. midday sunday, you will see what's left of the area right around lunchtime and start to fizzle out as it lifts off to the east sunday afternoon heading into monday. around the yard today, hour by hour and you get your mornings started. you will be comfortable for the bay area. short sleeves over to the trivalley. i think it will feel a bit warmer than what the thermometer
6:49 am
is telling you. the best bet will be sunday and we clear out monday and tuesday. check out the weather in new york city. we have new video. look at the top of your screen. you can see this cloud moves through. what it is is the national weather service is looking into it. they think that is actually a tornado as it goes down the street. the storm knocked out power to 26,000 people yesterday. winds reaching about 100 miles an hour. it was strong enough to knock over big trees. one person died because the tree fell on top of the person in the car. they are trying to tomorrow if it was a tornado. >> 6:49 and the hunt is on for a man attacks woman a an apartment complex. we have the latest on the search, christie? >> reporter: good morning. a pair of computer guards are standing outside of this tarmt,
6:50 am
keeping an eye on people coming in and out. one said he was hired after the fourth assault here in wal net creek. a woman alone in her apartment was assaulted. this was reported around 6:00 p.m. they call it a sexual assault and a home invasion. since june 30th, there were three other assaults here this morning and a americaly man is in custody. last month they said dna linked him to a july sixth rape in the complex. he charged with two other attempted rapes. he wasn't even in the area at the time. women are warned to be careful of their surroundings and no description of this latest attacker. live in walnut creek, christie smith, today in the bay.
6:51 am
>> it turns out a wanted man was tacking a toy gun when police shot him. you can see him side by side. the part sticking out of the on the left is a piece of the toy. it's broken on the handle there. but you can see how realistic it is. the guns are similar and no markings indicate which is a toy and which is real. they pulled over brian brownwhite and he refused to follow orders and lifted his shirt to reveal the gun. they fled and after a short choice he pointed the gun at him and they opened fire. he is in critical condition and wanted for armed robbery in fremont and san jose and suspected of nine other robberies around the bay area. meantime, a funeral will take place for two of the people killed in last week's explosion in san bruno. friends and family will remember jacquelyn greg and her
6:52 am
13-year-old daughter, genessa. >> a memorial was held last night to remember them. the other two members of the family were not home when the explosion happened. investigators are trying to figure out what went wrong. at the same time pg&e inspectioned pipelines to make sure it doesn't happen again. things are slow going. >> bob redell is live with why it is taking so long for the inspections. >> brent and laura, after several accidents about 10 years ago, regulators ordered them to reinspect the gas lines running through densely populated urban areas like this neighborhood. those inspections started in 2002. in the years since to date, a quarter of those have yet to be inspectioned. i want to give you a break down. they have 1,021 miles of gas line classified as needing stricker inspect.
6:53 am
the utility looked at 750 of the miles and they found four leaks and five failures being like a knick in the wall of the pipeline. they are just over 270 miles of high risk lines that need to be looked at. they are on track to have them inspected by 2012. that is on schedule with the original mandate issued by regulators. because of the explosion here last thursday, there is a call for pushing up the schedule. the california public utilities commission that regulates is considering asking them to speed up the remaining inspections. the congressman saying it's inadequate and inappropriate that the inspections are taking so long. you are wondering, where are the pipelines? do they run through my neighborhood? pg&e won't comment on the location, citing security concerns. reporting live here in san bruno, today in the bay.
6:54 am
the 01 festival going on and we have reroutes. expect slowing through the area. another bridge crossing as an alternate. no major issues and rob, i can make out the hills, but i feel like a curtain of fog and low clouds. >> acting like a blanket and 60s across the board towards lunchtime. and a little bit of rain. 73 in oakland across the across the north bay. could see a few showers. for the weekend forecast, muggy as we move into it tomorrow and
6:55 am
sunday. a bit cooler midday sunday and could see showers on the seven-day forecast. >> i'm talling than this robot. >> i will lead it in here. >> this is the pr 2. we talked about having expensive gadget fridays. this is $400,000. you shouldn't have to build a robot. iphone ap writers don't build an iphone and write an ap. this is the same idea. the guys build this robot, $400,000. you can get a discount if you
6:56 am
are an experienced robot person. they sell it to companies and researchers and yesterdays. and speed the video up. here's the thing. robots, the very task that we do every day are complex when it comes to art vishl intelligence and looking at you and standing in place and those spoorts of things. this scans the room.
6:57 am
we had other robots in the room. our cameras are robots as well. >> having a stare down. >> there is camera 2. >> a lot like a robot. >> why are we here? >> we're haven't figured that out. >> the most expensive at $400,000 for the willow garage. that's it for today. thanks for joining us. #
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