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tv   Today in the Bay  NBC  September 27, 2010 5:00am-6:00am PST

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school zones. >> there new efforts this morning to get two uc berkeley graduates out of an iranian prison. see who is getting involved. >> the lower deck is where the pursuit started. blocking a couple of lanes and alternates and impact today in the bay. good monday morning. i'm laura garcia cannon. >> i'm brent cannon. jennifer hill is taking a look at the forecast. >> it will be the hottest day of the heat spell. temperatures have been nice in the morning. 50s and 60s. enjoy the nice temperatures because they won't last long. 12:0090s in the east bay and 80 no, sir marin. all the way down to the southern valleys and the city. we will take a look at the very hot forecast and tell you when the cool down is am category back.
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>> thanks a lot. new this morning, police are cracking down on drivers in and around school zone this is week. bob redell is live outside adson elementary school in palo alto with what's behind the crack down. bob? >> research nationwide shows one in six drivers in a school zone is distracted. basic like a drunk driver according to the group that ran the research. hence the reason why police will be running operation safe passage this week. this is something to do a few times a year through friday. they will be patrolling school zones outside adson elementary. they will be at other locations and in the south bay. officers will be strictly enforcing the traffic laws to get drivers to pay attention. accidents in which a child is
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hurt. stop for school buss with stoplights and a slow down. stop at stop signs and yield to pedestrians, don't jay walk and make sure your kid is wearing a bike helmet, buckle up in your cars and make sure your child as a child seat. don't text and drive and who is more likely to drive distracted in a school zone? in research put out by safe kids usa, a grass roots group that promotes safety, those people are women and drivers who don't wear seatbelts. the thinking goes if you are not going to wear a seatbelt, that's one risky behavior that probably leads to another. the most dangerous time in the school zone is not the morning. it's the afternoon. according to that research. live here in palo alto, bob redell, today in the bay. >> a good reminder here this morning. >> new hope that the cal grads held captive in iran might be
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free. there reports from a delegation that it's expected to visit iran to pursue the release of shane bahher and josh fattal. a sultan played a key in the release of sarah shourd and is working to free the other two. the lawyer for the american said he was not aware of the visit. >> san jose police are looking for answers after two men walked into the airport carrying assault rifles and walk out without trouble. the men walked into terminal a around 3:00 in the afternoon and started politely asking questions. no one called police or airport officials. turns out the men were an armed escort from lawrence livermore laboratory and waiting for a traveller to arrive. the san jose police are now working on a better policy. they say under normal s, any kind of law enforcement is supposed to give notice when they send armed personnel into the airport. >> san bruno's congresswoman is calling for better oversight of
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gas pipelines. representative jackie spear will be in san bruno today. she going to announce new legislation she plans to sbrus to the house. it would make the oversight of pipelines stronger. san browno's police and fire chiefs will also lead. >> the first man to be executed in nearly five years is waiting to hear a ruling that could affect his fate. an attorney filed an appeal after a u.s. district judge in san jose cleared the way for executions to resume. they have been suspended since 2006 when the death penalty was considered unusually cruel. the state overhauled the procedure and san quentin's death chamber has been rebuilt. the new regulations have not been reviewed by a judge causing concern. the 56 your old brown is on death row for the 1980 rape and murder of a 15-year-old riverside girl and slated to die on wednesday. with more than a month to
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the november elections, tuesday night's debate between jerry brown and meg whitman will be critical. the latest poll has whitman and brown in a dead heat with 18% of voters still undecided. analysts say whitman has been making her case to voters for months now with costly tv ads. brown just started his ad campaign and may have a bigger challenge, especially with young voters. >> if you were born in the 70s or 80s, you have no knowledge of jerry brown as governor of california. no actual memory probably. >> analysts say brown has to reintroduce himself to voters and whitman's challenge is to moderate the views since the primary will win moderate voters. nbc will host a debate between brown and whitman and tom brocaw will moderate. it will air live starting at 6:30 p.m.
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join us for the local newscast and predebate coverage. >> governor schwarzenegger will be in the bay area visiting santa clara and talk about california's climate law, the convention center starting at about noon. the two-day summit kicked off today in new york city. part of education nation. a recent poll shows that 77% of americans view public schools a grade of c or lower. more than half think major changes or a complete overhaul are needed. >> education is the main topic for president obama as he does a special interview with the "today" show this morning. he is going to spend half an hour commercial-free live with matt lauer with what's working and what needs to change in the american education system. >> historically when we first set up the public school systems across the country, we were
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leaps and bounds around the world. that is not true. a lot of contributing factors, but part of the challenge for the country is to understand that how well we do economically, whether jobs are created here and high end jobs and supporting families and the future of the american people is going to depend on whether or not we can do something about the schools. >> you can see the entire interview with president obama at about 7:30 on the today show this morning. speaking of president obama, he wants to know what's on your blackberry. scott said that puts the u.s. in line with countries like saudi arabia, india and the united arab emirates. >> they're give government the secret key so they could read blackberry e-mail.
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adthe u.s. to the list. the "new york times" said president obama is pushing for new wire tap laws that would give the u.s. access to blackberries encrypted e-mail as well as messages like facebook. they said the obama administration will push congress to create the law, forcing tech companies to have a backdoor into the messages. mr. obama's position has been perplexing. candidate obama called for an immediate end to the wire taps which were illegal at the time. senator obama wanted taps stopped even after congress made them retro actively legal, but since then his justice department has been defending the very same trapping cases saying the government should not have to turn over records to people who have been illegally spied upon. brent? >> thanks a lot. the giants are off, but key decisions could be made later
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on. san francisco is a half game up in the nl west with six games to play in the season. the final three-game series is against the padres. cy young winner tim lincecum is note in the rotation. he is slated to play earlier against the diamondbacks. the manager could decide to give lincecum an extra day of rest and that way he would be part of that series against the padres because everybody expects that that series will be the key one. >> you will be great to watch. 6:09 and watching the roads for us is mike. how is that accident looking? >> just clear friday lanes, but you may find flairs that will be a distraction for folks. looking at the indicator and eastbound 80 ashby avenue. a look at the toll plaza where that's westbound hitting this area. you will see more traffic coming off of the bridge and heading down towards the berkeley curve. things are moving smoothly and
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19 minutes registering on the speeds with travel times. the cash lanes off of the carpool lanes. we are encould you remembering carpool and it's a spare the air day. no big deal as far as the approach through the east bay freeways, but antioch with a through l street and there is livermore with the scattered spreading through livermore and towards the dublin interchange. the 50s for everyone to share. back to you. >> bringing heat. >> no 50s anywhere and maybe double that. >> that's right. we are talking about temperatures above 100 degrees. a hot, hot monday is forecast and unfortunately bad air quality. a spare the air day and a good day to take it easy if you can. we are in the 50s and the 60s, but the air quality we see the red color here we have unhealthy
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air. even here we don't have good air quality. it's rare. we seal a stronger offshore flow today and that also means area beaches will be hotter than yesterday. that's a look at the 4:00 temperatures. 101 in concord and 101 in livermore and 103 in fairfield. we are looking at 85 degrees for a forecast high. nor n redwood city and 90 in santa cruz. when will the heat come to an end? today is the hottest day and we are starting to cool down as early as tomorrow down to 93 degrees. the mid 80s after that. >> thanks so much. >> time now is 6:11. temperatures are soaring, but what wants you to take it easy with the ac? >> another auto recall outside. we will give you the details. >> the clock is ticking on congress to extend tax cuts. who is pushing for those before the mid-term elections? [ female announcer ] jerry brown and oakland's schools.
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what were the facts? fact: march 7, 2000. brown asks voters for new mayoral power to appoint school board members. he gets it, and promises better schools. but the drop out rate increases...50%. the school budget goes into a 100 million dollar deficit. the schools become so bad...the state has to take them over.
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it was "largely a bust," he admitted. jerry brown. failure as governor. failure as mayor. failure we can't afford now.
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we have been talking about a hot day and all that heat has air quality leaders issuing another spare the air day. today christie smith is live in castro valley with tips on how to keep cool and keep the air clean. good morning. >> even at this early hour, commuters are already dressed for a hot one and dressed very light. this is the eighth spare the air day of the season. the third one in a row. the air quality management district that monitors pollution urging people to take public transportation. carpool or work from home or walk or anything to avoid driving alone. when we talk about spare the air, you get a free ride, but
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federal funning has run out for that. no free rides today. other ideas are talking about avoiding using aerosol spray, paints, gas powered lawn equipment in the day. you want to stay cool. i like the ice cream idea. very popular this weekend. also exercise in the early morning when it's lower. pollution is troubling for young kids and people with respiratory conditions. also turn your thermostat up to about 85 when you are not home. 75 degrees when you are home. it got so hot this weekend, about 34,000 pg&e customers lost power in castro valley because of an equipment failure at the castro valley substation. that went on for three hours. fortunately it happened in the early evening when the sun was going down. live in castro valley, today in the bay. >> give those appliances the
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afternoon off. >> tax cuts are the hot topic in washington. democrats want to extend tax cuts implemented by president bush for individuals who earn up to $200,000. republicans want them extended for everybody. the cuts are set to expire in december. last week house leadership said the vote may not come now before the interim mid-term elections. >> if we leave here this week and adjourn for the election without preventing these tax increases on the american people, it will be the most irresponsible thing i have seen since i have been in washington, d.c. and i have been here a while. >> the white house promises to extend tax cut whether congress takes up the issue before or after the election. >> asking the supreme court for help. six years ago defense secretary donald rumsfeld promised compensation to 250 detainees. a report said the army has no record of any composition
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payments. pictures show guards taunting detainees. rumsfeld called it brooder abuse. they could announce it f it will take the case. a big step forward for the miners trapped in chile. the pipe that will form a tunnel for capsules at the site of the mine. the first of three capsules is also ready to go. it's cool that the miners are going to get inside and ride up through the hole. the other two capsules are set to arrive later on this week. three drills are working and the actual rescue itself probably will not happen until at least november, maybe longer. the 33 men have been trapped since august 5th. to decision 2010, same-sex marriage advocates are taking aim at a couple of republican candidates. equality california is targeting candidate meg whitman and hopeful steve cooley. whitman and cooley are turning their backs on equal rights and
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spend millions in taxpayer dollars. both said they would defend proposition 8 in court if elected. the organization wants them to change their stated pledge to defend prop 8 in court. it is supporting jerry brown for govern nor and the district attorney harris for attorney general. >> china will continue to limit most families to just one child despite concerns over too few girls and a quickly aging population. china has the world's largest population and 30-year-old family planning limits with preventing 400 million births and helping to prevent large families that leaves a lot of people trapped in poverty. the government would soon allow some people to have more two children. a car recall with hyundai recalling 140,000 so nata sedans built since last december for potential steering problems. there have not been accidents or
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injuries and it comes after the commission looks into potential steering problems last month. the connections may have been improperly assembled and could cause drivers to use the ability to properly steer. they may cause their name southwest airlines, but it could fly anywhere. >> it is the busiest airport in the united states. southwest performed air tran airways for $1.4 billion. it's the old value jet. they are based in florida with a huge hub in atlanta. southwest flies only 737s. a way to cut cost. it's a way to train pilots on plane. the national hockey league considering rules that would
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curtail bloggers in a separate section from the press in the press box or not letting them in at all. who gets to cover a game is decided team by team. the nhl want to make the rules more uniform. in some cities, edmonton in canada. bloggers are the most read beyond newspapers. some cities where they are way more important. how do you handle them and should there be a uniform policy to deal with? >> interesting. >> 49ers are going to try to pick up the first win in atlanta next sunday. mike singletary is promising big changes. it may not be player, but the staff too. they are quick to add that jimmy's job is safe. they lost embarrassingly to the chiefs. raiders host the texans next sunday and they were inches away
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from being a winning team yesterday in the game against the cardinals. they marched down the field in the final few successes and that set the raiders up to potenti potentially win. kicking the winning field goal. the 32 yarder. it went wide left. janikowski missed three field goals and the raiders lose 24-23. former quarterback jamarcus russell is thinking about a come back. he tweeted toughest day of the week for me. no work out and forced to watch nfl football with no team affiliation again. i will be back though. he picked up a life coach. former nba star john lucas is helping him with workouts. moving up quickly in the sports world. they are ranked sixth in the nation and 16th come into the nation. they are 9th. that guy right there, an elite
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group of people. he caught the touchdown pass and gets an interception and he plays offense and defense and scored twice within 13 seconds. pretty cool. marveling does it all going past and looking at the peninsula. i will shout it out as an option. it is a swear the air day. try to use mass transportation if you can. 101 looking nice and coming through palo alto and approaching san francisco. looking at great speeds right now. now to the south bay, a nice flow of traffic and northbound is the push as far as the commute. northbound 101 with slowing there and a live look with the camera. a photographer is showing you the traffic with the headlights
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and the folks at the bottom corner today in the bay waiting to get on with the metering lights and keeping things smoothly. we have the slowing under the 60 r 680 interchange there. speak of 680, we are keeping our eyes on the approach to the express lane and a little bit of slowing, but nothing big so far. over the next half hour, we expect the slow down and a lot of folks through livermore. more traffic in the south bay. laura? >> a plane makes an emergency landing and we are getting a look from the inside out. hear what was going on as the plane touched down, next.
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welcome back. look at the live look outside. simply gorgeous this morning. not very cloudy out there, but it will be warm across the bay area. how hot? we will check in with jennifer with a look at the temperatures. >> amazing video from a plane that made an emergency landing
6:26 am
in new york. the cell phone video you can see and hear what it was like as the plane landed. >> stay down! stay down! stay down! >> sounds like the flight attendant giving instructions to the passengers. you can see the sparks. the landing gear was stuck and it scape and skidded to a stop. 60 passengers were on the flight and they all got to leave through the main door. >> frightening. 6:26 and we want to look at the temperatures today. hot, hot, hot. >> we can't beat the heat today. the inland areas will be above 100 degrees. air quality is bad so if you can, take it easy. thankfully the morning has been cool. 65 degrees and in oakland 55. 60 in livermore and 56 right now in santa cruz. very bad air quality in the east bay and down through the southern valleys. even not great along the beaches
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today. the air is very stagnant. thanks to high pressure parked right over us. these are the forecast highs. 98 degrees in santa rosa. 100 in livermore and 99 in morgan hill. 100 in the capitol city and 102 in vaccaville. 90 in healdsberg. the spare the air, you guys are always carpooling. who drives? >> usually i do. >> i do the talking. >> it's 6:27 and we'll take a look at what's going on around the bay area to deal with the heat next in a live report. >> bay area police will be watching school zones more closely than usual and we will tell you why coming up. >> the bid to recreationalize marijuana gaining heat. we will show you why, coming up.
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another spare the air day. i'm christie smith and we will talk about what you should know before you head out this morning. >> a third man accused of being involved in a shooting of a police officer goes to court today. you will see why, coming up. . >> per a live look at the market this is morning and things are set to open any second. we will keep an eye on what's going on in trading. a live look at the bay bridge and we are talking numbers. 1-1 ratio car to driver. we are encouraging carpools. we are talking alternates today in the bay. . >> good monday morning. i'm laura garcia cannon. >> jennifer hill is in for rob for a look at the hot forecast. >> that's right. the morning temperatures have been fairly nice. right now temperatures in the 50s and 60s at 8:00 a.m.
6:31 am
by noon it's hot. in livermore and 86 in napa and redwood city and then at 4:00, it is above 100 degrees in places like concord, livermore and fairfield. 90 in santa cruz. coming up, a slow cool down. >> the rising temperatures mean we have a spare the air day. today in the bay's christie smith is live at a bart station and talked with commuters with advice on how they are keeping cool. good morning. >> good morning to you. i can tell you that commuters are heading into work this morning on bart and they are dressed light expecting a repeat of the temperatures that we had yesterday and when it was hot, hot, hot. this morning we are seeing a lot of t-shirts and sandals and shorts and skirts on this eighth spare the air day of the season. the third in a row. that means that air quality is bad and often times when we talk about spare the air, you get a
6:32 am
free ride on public transportation. that's not the case today. you will need a bart tick or bus pass. the funding has run out. the air quality management district urges commuters not to driveway alone. carpool or take public transportation or work from home. the talk is all about the heat. >> we had the fan on this morning and shut all the blinds and everything to keep the heat out during the day. >> they are doing the right thing according to pg&e. bump up the air conditioner to about 85 degree when is you are not home and 75 degrees when you are home. also over the weekend, it got so hot that the equipment at the castro valley substation failed, leaving about 34,000 customers without power for about three hours. reporting live in castro valley, christie smith today in the bay.
6:33 am
>> thank you very much, christie. >> in court today in connection with the shooting of a fremont police officer. francisco sierra of union city is charged with being an accessory to the attempted murder of officer todd young weeks ago. he was shot while he and another officer tried to arrest andrew. officer young is still in the hospital after regaining consciousness a few days ago. >> a north bay firefighter is in the hospital after being electrocuted fighting a wildfire. he touched a power line and was taken to the hospital. firefighters managed to contain the fire yesterday, but it destroyed building and a few vehicles. highway one was shut down on saturday when the fire broke out. >> california budget deal could be announced in the next few days. lawmakers say they think a deal will come early this week. california has not had a budget for nearly 90 days. the deal is said to include the
6:34 am
suspension of the corporate tax breaks which have not taken effect yet. the selling off of more than $1 billion worth of state buildings. it reportedly relies on more more or less funding. more and more californians are getting on board with proposition 19. about 49% of people say they are inclined to vote yes in favor of medical marijuana. the field poll found 42% planning to vote against it. that's within the margin of error. it's a change when the proposition was trailing by four points. the findings about the board of equalization change the way people vote. the board said legalizing marijuana generates 1.4 billion in tax revenues. now they are not sure what it will bring. fiduciaries say it will take months or years to limp emt the systems needed for collecting tax fist prop 19 passes. proposition 19 leaves it up to local governments to tax and
6:35 am
regulate marijuana. the fremont fire department is celebrating a resource marking the grand opening of the state-of-the-art technical training center on stevenson boulevard east of 880. it includes a five story fire training tower and the open suggest set for 2:00 this afternoon. >> 6:35 and let's see how the commute is looking. >> we will take you out there where i call the fremont funnel towards mission boulevard and auto mall parkway. we are looking at the slowing moving nicely through newark. we are looking at 680 through the grade past the 680 express lane. things are getting slow approaching the beginning and slow out of the pass anded hadding in through livermore. 25 minutes registering for the westbound drive. we did have an accident that occurred here at north livermore
6:36 am
that could cause additional slowing. it is off on the shoulder, but a distraction. it might force some folks past the exit to get off early and head down and we are watching that carefully. the bay bridge watching that because the lights are on and filled all the lanes in and towards west grand avenue. there is the back up encouraging mass transit. back to you. >> 6:36 and you may be able to get a taste of the singer's famous dress. how and why. >> bay area kids are under the watchful eye of police officers today. what's behind a safety crack down. a new study about higher education has startling education. a live report from washington. >> a hot day in the forecast. the hottest day yet in the mini heat wave in a bit. hi! welcome to
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come on in, and i'll give you a free quote. quote and compare in about 8 minutes. now, that's progressive. call or click today. our state has a huge deficit. meg whitman's plan will make it billions worse by eliminating the capital gains tax for wealthy investors,
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including herself. economists say her plan will "rip a hole in the budget" and is "deeply flawed". analysts for the l.a. times say whitman's plan is a "pure handout" to the rich creating a "huge risk" to schools and public safety. jerry brown's against this unfair giveaway because it will take billions from our children when we can least afford it. get california working again-for all of us.
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are. >> it was really hot yesterday. areaings along the coast did see cooling for a nice sea breeze. that's not going to happen today. the inland areas above triple-digits. air quality is bad so carpool or find alternate transportation. things are nice right now. 54 degrees in novato and 64 degrees in san mateo and 60 right now in livermore.
6:40 am
there is a look at the air quality. the red color means unhealthy air quality in the east bay down through the valley. along the area beaches up through marin, not great air quality as well. here's the forecast highs that will reach 98 in santa rosa. 101 in concord and 101 in livermore. mountain view and 90 in santa cruz. you seal heat and even the beaches stay hot. the onshore flow is going to be stronger than the onshore flow. if you want to go to the mountains today, even places like reno will be at 94. truckee at 86. 100 degrees in sacramento. here's the seven-day forecast. today's high is 98 degrees. this is the hottest day of the heat wave. we are cooling down to the mid 80s by the time we see thursday. >> thank you very much,
6:41 am
jennifer. weno kat's giving swimmers and waiters off an alameda beach a rash. blame it on bubble snails or a parasite carried by the snails. the parasites cause gswimmer's itch similar to poison oak. no one knows how the snails arrived in the bay, but some speculate they could have come in the hulls of ships or introduced by oyster farmers. >> tradition and competition over the weekend. 100 boats and patsders taking part in the dragon boat festival and races. competitors came from as far away as the netherlands. there was food and arts and crafts to go along. a nice way to school cool. >> a singer remove friday sesame street strikes back. >> we have a look at what's coming up tonight at 11:00.
6:42 am
>> tonight on the bay area news, a killing spree stuns the bay area and leads down a twisted path of violence and abuse. even more to the bizarre murder mystery. the missing body and the handwritten note from the victims. we have an investigation of what happened on on upland court at 11:00 after chase on bay area news. progresso. hi, may i speak to my oggy please? thank you. i'm sorry, w? my grandma. this is obviouslyher chicken n. only hers tastes like this.jus. thanks so much. hold one moment please. another person calling for her grandmother. she thinks it's her soup huh? i'm told she's in the garden picking herbs. i'll hold. she's holdin. wha? [ male announcer ] progresso. you gotta taste this soup. ring ring. look for great deals on progresso soups this week at safeway. shop now and save.
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today in the bay's kristin dahlgren is live in washington, d.c. with a look at how some of the bay area counties fare compared to the rest of the country. >> overall the country definitely falling short, but just today we got word that the bill and melinda gates named san francisco one of four cities that is granting $4 million to boost those graduation rates. that definitely is good news for the city. when we look at bay area counties and how their college graduation rates are, they are better than the average. san francisco county is 61.2% of people there holding at least a two-year degree.
6:46 am
san mateo county 54.1%. alameda county 49.1% and contra costa is at 48.1%. definitely higher than the national average of just 37.9% of people nationwide who do hold some type of degree from two or four-year college. this new support shows it's a problem and it looks like at the rate that the u.s. is going, it's going to have a difficult time reaching the gel that the president set of having 60% graduation rate by the year 2025. the u.s. would have to add an extra 278,000 degrees per year on top of what they're already giving out in order to reach that 60% rate. it's important when you take a look at it. 60% of the jobs in california require a college education. again only 38.6% of people in
6:47 am
the state possess that. it's something we will be talking about here. the president appears on the "today" show this morning. he will answer questions about what he thinks should be done including the possibility of a longer school year. >> interesting look at changes that are probably going to be in the works. >> what's changing when it comes to the morning commute. >> definitely not a good time for anything to happen, but we had an accident that happened over the last few minutes. westbound 580 also known as the approach to the dublin interchange. things are moving smoothly approaching the scene. we will see slow down off to the side of the road. even this accident that was off the side of the road does show increased slowing there. a slow drive out of the pass and 28 minutes and close to a half hour out of 205. dmeakt to grow as far as the travel time.
6:48 am
680 southbound and we also saw the slow down approaching the express lane. all last week and continuing to see today, folks are slowing down at the transition point. things clear up in towards fremont and the south bay where things are moving nicely. typical slowing and i will show that to you. let's get a look at the toll plaza where we have typical stopping. pretty much everybody you see stopped there, one person in the car. less cars and less pollution. >> you are going to need it. we are forecasting to reach triple-digits along the beaches. 90 degrees and bad air quality in the forecast. the morning temperatures have been nice. unhealingy and rhett color here on the forecast.
6:49 am
there is a lot of particulates in the air. 57 degrees right now and 53 in fair feel. enjoy the cool temperatures. by the time we get to the lunch hour, it will be in the 90s. livermore and fairfield. 88 in gilroy and 82 in san francisco. reaching 89 at 12:00 in santa rosa. lots of sunshine and the air is stagnant with not much of an onshore flow. 98 degrees in santa rosa. 101 in livermore and 101 at 4:00 in concord. this is the end of the very, very hot weather. we slowly start to cool down tomorrow with more of an onshore flow. >> thanks so much, jennifer. the sun is shining over central wisconsin, butt region is still in a state of emergency. rising flood waters from recent torrential rain storms have caused a levee to break. hundreds remain in shelters now. some 300 people live near the
6:50 am
levee, but it remains unclear how many people evacuated. the main road is flooded, but so far no reports of any residents being stranded. waters are expected to rise during the next several days. >> could the oil rig explosion have been prevent and did the government respond quickly enough? those are two questions. the hearing will look at response to the april spill and the environmental impact and reforming rules for offshore drilling. the e approximate, a administrator and secretary are among the balances. president obama signed an ekative order creating the commission in may. >> keeping school children is the goal of police who are cracking down on drivers in and around school zones. bob redell joins us from adson elementary school with more on what's behind the crack down.
6:51 am
good morning, bob. >> reporter: research shows in six drivers in a school zone like this one in palo alto, in six drivers nationwide are distracted which has got police concerned which is why a few times a year, this week they will be running operation safe passage outside school zones like this 1 in palo alto and others on the peninsula and many schools in the south bay. what the officers will be doing is enforcing the traffic laws to do whatever it takes to get drivers it pay attention. you don't have any more scenes like this one on your set. accidents in which a child is hurt. stop for school buss with stoplights and slow down and stop at stop signs and yield for pedestrians. don't jay walk and make sure your kid is wearing a helmet. don't text and drive which is a major distraction for drivers. who is more likely to be
6:52 am
distracted in a school zone? this is a grass roots group to promote pedestrian safety. the most likely to be distracted are women and driver who is don't wear seatbelts. the most dangerous time in the school zone is the morning when people are rushing little ones off to class? it isn't. it's in the afternoon. bob redell, today in the bay. >> a good reminder for all of us. >> there have been studies on radiation from wireless gadgets. there is a new way to protect your newborn baby. the makers of belly armor claim they can protect mom and unborn babies from radiation. that's every day radiation from things like cell phones, computers, tv and wi-fi networks. belly armor claims the rates of birth defects have risen over the past decade along with
6:53 am
exposure to everyday radiation. doctors are skeptical about the product. >> the product lines and companies are preying on consumer fierce. exercising in stress reduction and being comfortable. i think that guild much further in promoting the health of your feet ugs. >> belly armor is available as a t-shirt or blanket. it is armed with silver fibers that neutralize electromagnetive waves. >> people get worked up over the word radiation. >> that are is a scary word. there two kind of radiation. nuclear power plants, atomic bombs and x-rays and that kind of thing emits waves that knocks an electron out of orbit. non-ionizing is emitting energy. stations 100,000 watts that puts your cell phone to shame. if you lean up against a brick
6:54 am
wall on a sunny day, and puppies. puppies are emitting radiation. that's in the form of heat. be careful of that. other news f we make contact with space aliens, the united nations designated a person to do the talking. the un denying reports it set aside a special diplomat to make first contact despite reports in a british tabloid. it's probably not a bad idea, but they take me to your leader and here it is. some guy would chime in with something and ruin the whole thing. >> if they came to me, i would say you have to see the ambassador. >> no comment. that's what you are supposed to do. >> can't talk to you. >> got to be at the right place at the right time. pop star katy perry was
6:55 am
musical guest on "saturday night live". >> how are you? >> take a look. she wore a low cut elmo t-shirt mocking the cancellation of her sesame street video. we told you sesame street announced they would not run her duet with elmo because her dress was too revealing for preschoolers. in the sketch, she gets revenge by playing a teen who goes through puberty and you saw her coming out of her t-shirt. >> one of lady gaga's more outrageous outfits will be around for future generations. you may remember the meat dress she wore in the music awards. its designer is turning it into jerky. it's made of 50 pounds of steak and it can be arrived or eaten for your enjoyment. he doesn't plan to makeing it
6:56 am
again because this one served its purpose. >> a parentally we know the purpose is to make beef jerky. >> there you go. >> environmental sound. not meat dresses, but a woman in music. carrie underwood is in town. >> deviled ham. >> no relation to blair, but the concert is going on at 7:30. traffic heading into town and a warning about vandalism as well if you have a souped up four-wheel drive. 101 with the live look at alan, our photographer out there. the slowing with the increased volume of cars. typical for this area. >> it will abe warm one today. we are thinging of ways to keep cool. >> crank the ac. we are not supposed to do that. >> i'm sure when you left the house, you had everything nice and shuttered up to avoid using too much electricity.
6:57 am
things will be cooling down. a hot day and air quality is bad and temperatures drop through the week. >> downhill from here. >> happy belated birthday to scott. >> thank you. i stopped counting. >> 29. >> again. >> and again and again. matt lauer's half hour long interview with barack obama coming up next on the "today" show. >> a local news update in a half hour. have a great monday. thanks for joining us and we will see you back in a little bit. ah, focus group. so what are we testing here?
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