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tv   Today in the Bay  NBC  September 28, 2010 3:30am-4:00am PST

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someone opens fire on a house in east oakland, hitting a little girl as she sleeps. we will tell how she's doing. >> putting the pieces together, police solved part of last month's killing spree, but are trying to figure out how two other women ended up dead. good morning, everyone. let's go straight to weather and jennifer king of the hill hill.
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>> speaking of weather, we broke a lot of records yesterday. some of us will see a cool down, but in the east bay that's not going to happen. 96 degrees at noon and 96 in livermore and 95 in concord and 90 in fremont. the forecast highs, we will see a sea breeze, but inland it's going to be another hot day. 102 in fairfield and 105 in livermore and 102 in concord. we should see a cool down and thankfully it is coming sooner rather than later. i couldn't turn down the heat too much. >> it would be a good day to spare the air, but you don't want to ride your bike in the heat. >> we want to find alternate transportation, but lower the activity because of the air quality. we will focus on the people who are stuck. you have a van that got
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sideways. no injuries reported. one lane is blocked as you head through oakland. westbound is the morning commute that takes effect in about a half hour. looking nice right now and eastbound we have the construction in towards livermore out of pleasanton. no major slowing and 680 we will see the slowing over towards the express lane. even though it approaches, you have seen clear traffic south of the entrance. >> thank you much. >> new this morning a parent's worst nightmare. a child shot while fast asleep in the safety of their own home. it happened in a drive-by shooting. christie smith talked with neighbors. good morning. >> reporter: good morning, scott. i spoke with a man inside the home at the time of the shooting and he said all six people in the home were asleep. this was about two hours ago and
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someone opened fire on a rear bedroom, sitting a 6-year-old girl who was asleep at the time. he believes she is going to be okay, but she was grazed in the arm and also hit in the side. this happened at about 2:15. this is a small house in east oakland on seminary. the pill owes inside of that bedroom that were shot up still had bullets on them when they were able to turn on the lights. this was rapid fire. there bullets through the wall here on seminary. it's on a car that was parked outside and the window is shattered. he said he noticed something was wrong when the dog started barking and he knew then that something was going on and he heard a commotion. no one was arrest and there was a 2-year-old in the home at the time, but no one else in the home was hurt except for that
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6-year-old girl. we asked breastly if the people knew why something like this would happen and they just don't know. that's the latest here from oakland, christie smith, today in the bay. >> we will check back with you. all football fans saying goodbye to a legend. george blanda and ironman played in the nfl until he was 49 years old. he died yesterday after a brief illness at the age of 83. he was one of al davis's favorite players and davis propertied blanda to the hall of fame in 1991. a closer look at a mysterious and troubling east bay killing spree. ef ran murdered his girlfriend and two others in hercules late last month. that case is closed, but the killing of two other women he knew in vallejo remains unsolved. the evidence is just as
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puzzling. jodi hernandez reports the husband of one of the victims participates a bizarre picture. >> reporter: he's the man who may hold the answers in the east bay killing spree, but he isn't talking. police arrested 72-year-old charles after discovering the bodies of his wife and wife's friend at his vallejo house and fining boxes and boxes of chemicals and other materials that could be used to make explosives. also at strt of the case is a machine who killed three others. he once lived we're his wife at the home and his attorney said he terrorized them for years. >> where in the world is this case. >> reporter: they got ahold of
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search warrants and court documents and went over it with legal analyst and evidence expert daniel horowitz. that includes 12 pages of chemicals and explosive materials. >> he has things to deliver and he's got things that ohm can be used for explosives and chemicals whose purpose will be to make explosives. how does he explain that? a hobby? >> they shed more light on the killings. they wrapped both bodies in plastic. one was wrapped in a bedroom closet. also logged as evidence is the diamond ring that was missing the diamond and a handwritten sign in the front room reading ef ran, you keep out. you go away. we will call police. the note was signed by riten house and his wife. >> it's a strange way to deal with someone you are afraid of.
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most normal smart people, and these are smart people, would go to a lawyer like the lawyer they have now and get a restraining order to revent a psychopath from terrorizing them time after time. >> police would not comment, but they urged the judge in the case to set bail at $3 million. the judge refused. they hoped forensic tests will clarify his role. >> hopefully it will indicate what part he did play. >> police want to know if the chemicals they found were used to speed up the bodies' decomposition. >> it will tell us if there was an attempt to dispose of the body with chemicals. >> it could take weeks for the test to come become and the autopsies to be complete. until then, the attorney said don't expect him to say anything. if he holds the answer to the strange and complicated killing spree, we will have to wait to hear his story.
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in the east bay, jodi hernandez, bay area news. pa. >> charles will be back in court october seventh on the explosive charges and pleaded not guilty. east bay kidnapping victim jaycee dugard will tell her story in a book due out next year. she was kidnapped at age 11 and held captive for 18 years. she had two daughters during that time, both fathered by the accused kidnapper, phillip garrido. the book will cover her abduction to her life now. the memoire could come out before any trial begins because last week the judge in the case suspended criminal proceedings against phillip garrido citing worries about his mental state. cal state campuses will be more crowded next year. the school system plans to admit 30,000 new students for the 2011 winter and spring terms it. it closed to most applicants
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last year because of state budget cuts. csu mailed out acceptance letters yesterday and it's moving forward with admissions because lawmakers and the governor said they are committed to restoring $366 million in funding to the csu system. let's get a check with mike inouye. you can drive a van forward and backwards, but not sideways. >> someone try and they got sideways and they got stuck and have been removed. seminary avenue, the off-ramp is reopen and both lanes are open because the van is no longer sideways. no injuries as a result of the single van accident. light volume throughout that area. highway 13, you see yellow chicklets there, but more folks hit the road. a light volume there and travel times for the east bay and a live look at oakland and 880.
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you see how light that is. no problem so far, but it will get crowded, trust me. >> mike inouye and jennifer hill and the heat finally moving away slowly. >> yes, finally moving away slow low. slowly is the key word. we are warm outside and sunshine in the forecast. this is a look at the 12:00 temperatures. 96 in fairfield and 96 in livermore and 95 degrees in concord. 90 in fremont. in sm area beaches will see a cool down, but not a strong onshore flow. we are seeing offshore and that's why things it are station warm and bad air quality. 4:00, 102 in fairfield and 105 in livermore. we broke all kinds of records. 90 degrees in oakland and 95 in san rafael. the seven-day forecast, it will be hot outside. it's important to stay hydrate
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and use sunscreen. tomorrow we get more of an onshore flow. monday and tuesday and then on wednesday things are cooling down into the upper 80s. >> down to 87. thank you much. time is 4:41. an east bay professor getting recognized on a national level. we will tell you what he did. and preventing school dropouts. education nation continues with a look at the problem and possible solution. plus more than a half dozen people battleing it out to be the next mayor of oakland. what do we really know about them? details are next as we take a live look at the bay bridge, back in a moment. [ ruiz ] reliable tools started as a brick and mortar store.
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good morning to you. it is 4:44 in the morning. 10 people want to be mayor of oakland, but only one can be. cheryl hurd points out the number of candidates mean voters have a lot of names to learn. >> i'm a family man. i have three children. >> it was standing room only at temple sinai in oakland. nine of the ten candidates had a captive audience. >> i'm looking for someone who has an idea of what to do and can convince me they can do it. >> i want more than sound bytes. >> they got two minute opening
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statements and a one-minute response. >> most of you don't know me as well as the others. >> this candidate believes he should be mayor of a city battling budget problems because he has 40 years of business experience. a well-known politician in oakland and sacramento said he wants to -- >> there hasn't been anyone leadership. >> two candidates are running for mayor. rebecca kaplan and jean quan. the youngest is larry lionel young jr. >> i taught in 52 schools in all seven districts. >> education a hot topic and how to turn oakland around. >> i know where the corruption is and i will do everything to put a spotlight on all the corruption to get rid of every bit of it in the city of oakland. i think that the next mayor needs to be someone with the skill sets to do the job and not
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someone with the baggage. >> nbc bay area news. a sign of the times, don't look for tax forms next year. the ii rs decided to stop mailing them because so many people file electronically. "the washington post" reports the irs expects to save around $10 million a year by eliminating mail. people can get forms from the website or offices as well as libraries and post offices. mike inouye joins us with a look at the east bay traffic and the bay bridge. >> we will talk about a couple of other bridges. 680 and both are moving close to the limit. westbound is the interstate commute, but eastbound away from the bridge and up towards solano county, a traffic break has been
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requested. no details or specifics. somewhere towards fairfield. if they schedule that, it will be clear by the time the next report comes out. as we approach the bay bridge, the east shore freeway with an 18-minute drive. the heaviest volume around the bay and we are watching for delays approaching the bay bridge. no back up and a clear toll plaza. the upper deck moves in towards san francisco as well. light volume with traffic and a lot of space. lower deck no problems and getting across from the east bay to the city. a clear view and no problems. beautiful. a nice start to the day. >> jennifer hill promising a crisp 87 by wednesday. >> it will feel so nice and cool. >> football weather. >> oh, yes. it's so football weather. anyway, let's look at the temperatures. yesterday was kind of cool, but not so this morning. in concord 67.
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65 in livermore. 58 degrees in fairfield. you get the idea. if it's already this warm, it will be a hot day. we are hoping to cool things down, but the weather models said not so. hot for today. we broke seven records for the heat. we are looking for a hot day, especially in the east bay. areas above 100. wednesday though is when things are cooling down to the magical 87. we still have stagnant air and high pressure and nothing mixing out. we saw bad air quality down through the santa clara valley and not great along the marin area and towards the city and south bay. that's a look at the forecast high. 105 in livermore. 103 in fairfield. i wish i could cool it down, but we have heat for more before things cool down. with a look at the seven-day forecast, 83 is going to feel mighty good after all this heat.
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>> jennifer, thank you. stocks took a dip and things will not get better. we will check in with courtney reagan for details. >> good morning. futures relatively flat after they slipped after four consecutive weeks of gains. concerns over the health of the financials and asian markets closing lower overnight. we can blame this dita on home prices and consumer confidence later this morning. the dow did close down, though the dow is on track for the best month since 1939. they closed down 11 points to 2370. southwest announced plans to purchase air tran for $1.4 billion. the merger would create the fourth largest carrier and expand the reach of both airlines. they may have more destination choices, they go through and
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industry experts speculate a decrease in competition may mean travelers will no longer secure the low fares if the airlines are so well-known. they did share the deal and stock prices were up by more than 61%. southwest up by more than eight. back to you. >> thank you much. further proof we have some of the smartest people. two uc berkeley professors and a stanford geneticist are among the winners of this year's mac arthur genius grant. worth a half million dollars each, they can use the money to pursue creative work in any way they see fit. a computer security specialist and chinese born fiction writer yee young and carlos bustamante as well.
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our week long education nation project focuses on preventing students from dropping out the school. general colin powell will talk about his two-year dropout prevention effort. tracie potts reports the failure to graduate is a big problem across the country. >> reporter: every year 1.3 american students and 7,000 a day dropout of school. >> it is not just a crisis, it is a catastrophe. >> students and minorities and those in the south have the highest rates. the government identified 2,000 low performing schools that produce nearly half the nation's dropouts. president obama called them dropout factories and wants to shut them dun or turn them into charter schools. >> you can't defend a status quo in which a third of kids are dropping out. >> educators are honing in on the ninth grade. >> ninth grade is the most
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critical year to determine high school graduation. >> the alliance for excellent education said keeping kids in school can help the bottom line, saving billions on health care. crime and preparing the next generation for jobs. >> the jobs in the future in this country require a college education. >> the alliance reports raising rates to that of white students over the next decade would add $310 billion to the u.s. economy. tracie potts, nbc news, washington. >> we have a look ahead for you today in the bay. laura is in the newsroom with a preview. >> good morning, scott and everyone. a lot of drivers are paying up for getting caught texting while driving. we have a study that shows the idea behind the law to keep people safe may be flawed. it may cause more accidents. we will have the story coming up in a live report. a bay area lawmaker takes action
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on something that may help save lives in the san bruno explosion. how to talk about the delay of the state's first execution in years. that and more in a bit. >> thank you much. if you haven't seen blackberry's new toy, this is the playbook supposed to rival the i pad and the kindle. the play sbook smaller and lighter than the i pad and weighs in at just under a pound. the i pad is a pound and a half. the tablet comes with wi-fi and no 3g connection. we don't know how much it is. the playbook will hit stores early next year. a new report shows more and more people are turning to smart phones for banking. 17% of the customers already using mobile services like texting and aps, wells fargo and chase and citi offering phone banking. customers can use cell phones to find balances, atm and even
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deposit checks by taking a picture of them. speaking of smart phones, we are pretty sure a woman wishes she put hers down while driving. she was fiddling with her cell phone while rear ending the car in front of her. she hit the police chief. he had the accident report written up. she said she was looking for her blue tooth. she got off easy and wasn't cited. the wariers show up and don nelson is out. keith smart is in. >> this is keith smart day. >> enough about the past. the don nelson era is over in oakland and while the replacement is his protege, the warriors are starting fresh. >> my job was to carry his vision. now you get a chance to understand who i am as a coach. you get a chance to understand my vision of what i want to do with the team and help it grow. >> the vision is reflected in
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the revamped roster. emphasis on reboundinging and defense. >> that would be a physical basketball team as well. >> the look we have now and the direction we are going, not like all the decisions made. >> it happened days before the training camp, but larry reilly insists the end of the era has been in the works for months. the gm approached ownership with the idea. >> i know where you guys have to come from. did somebody else do that and is reilly the figure head? i understand that and i'm not trying to get away from that, but it's a change i felt needed to be made and i did present it to ownership. >> now the change must translate. >> there hasn't been as much success here in the past. it's a fresh new beginning and we can make something special. >> i don't know if we will be in a position to do that and put a
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bet on the wall, but i'm here today to lay the first brick in the direction. >> nbc bay area sports. . can't seem to turn it down. we hope to get some of the heat out of here and along the beaches, the heat will leave in the east bay very hot today. a lost us will see triple-digits and the air quality is remaining low. really stagnant air and the only relief will be in the mountain or right on the beaches achl strong offshore flow. let's take a look at the temperatures. 67 degrees in concord. 65 in livermore and almost near 70 degree this is morning. 68 in hayward and 66 in oakland. records in oakland. more spare the air. unfortunately we have very bad air quality in the east and that makes it hard to breathe. the forecast highs is 10 throw in fairfield and 102 degrees in
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the capitol city. forecast high, well, well above average. we are starting to cool down tomorrow and boy the end of the week we will be in the lower 80s. >> thank you. a couple of quakes hit one bay area city. one other city takes lights, camera, action to boost the economy. where filmmakers could be getting a good deal and something about texting and driving too. the latest in the trial of people accused of torturing a central california teen, keeping him shackled in their home.
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