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tv   NBC11 News The Bay Area at 6  NBC  September 28, 2010 5:00pm-6:00pm PST

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here is a critical statistic. five weeks left until election day and one fifth of california voters say they are still undecided tonight. >> a lot of people still don't know who they're going to vote for and those are the folks that the candidates hope to reach tonight, but for those who have made up their minds, they are very passionate about who they're backing. take a look at what happened just a short time ago. whitman demonstrators squared off with those who support brown and things got pretty heated. some even threw punches. we expect things will be much more civil inside. jerry brown says he's looking forward to squaring up with meg
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whitman. >> there's been a lot of advertising, most by my opponent. now, i think people will be fully informed on who the republican candidate is and what may plans are. >> reporter: meg whitman didn't talk to reporters today, but her staff says he's ready to lay out plans to turn the state around. the public's been bombarded by political ads. whitman spent a whopping $119 million of her money on the campaign, but the public is hungry for more than the 30-second jabs. >> it's easier to be kind of barbed and critical than when you're in the same room, so i would expect the tone to be squha civil. they'll press each other, but i don't expect them to be pointed
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as some of the television ads are. >> reporter: things are already heating up outside the debate auditorium. demonstrators are showing how they feel, but it's the undecided voters the candidates are focusing on. they realize they have a lot of prove tonight. >> a lot of times in a lot of campaigns, the first one sets the tone. the first typically thought of as the most important even of many. it's the one that most people will watch and for whitman, it's the first time people are going to see her. >> reporter: again, that debate should be getting underway just about right now. in fact, i just heard from a reporter inside the auditorium that the candidates are on stage. they have shaken hands are and getting ready to begin the debate. this is the first of three des, but many believe the most important. >> in order to sway those thousands of undecided voters,
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both candidates will have to deliver on a variety of issues. students tell us what counts and what doesn't in this campaign and they tell us in their own words. >> i'd like to see them address the tuition fees because that's a big deal here. that's one thing i would like to see. >> i'm hoping to hear more about the budget cuts, so i'm hoping i'm going to hear more about how the budget's going to work into the uc system. sfwl i just want to hear something new because a lot of it to me has been the same mishmash. there hasn't been new ideas. i want to see something refreshing. i'm not swaying to either side. >> you should know this, that we will be televising our own debate on october 12th. it your chance to hear them talk. tom brokaw will moderate the
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debate in san rafael. the debate will begin at 6:30 and on our website as well. the calendar says autumn, which frequently means summer in these parts as we know, but we don't expect this kind of heat. the bay area is in the heat wave. another day of record breaking temperatures. jeff ranieri is in the weather center with today's numbers and please, some relief. >> we have some relief coming. it was hotter today than yesterday. here is just four of the nearly ten records. san rosa, 104. livermore, the hottest day of the year. san francisco airport even popping up to a sweltering 95 degrees. still i triple digit heat range. but we are starting to see some changes. we have the spare the air in
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effect for tonight, but diminishing tomorrow because high pressure out over the pacific is losing control. the coastline, we're dropping to 66 degrees. it's a sign of the fog starting to build and some cooling in our forecast. i'll detail it all this hour. tonight, we have learned another person has died as a result of the san bruno gas explosion. james franco suffered critical burns during the explosion. he died at ucsf medical center. today, that news resognated to capitol hill where lawmakers are considering legislation aimed at beefing up pipeline safety. lisa, i know they're talking ant benchmarks that could be put in place. >> some of those plans include more inspection of pipes and automatic shut off valves. today, it was pg&e who leld the
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call for better safety standards, but that did not stop the grilling from capitol hill. >> reporter: it was a massive fire ball raging in a neighborhood. fueled by a natural gas line. when it was over, eight people were dead. dozens injured and 37 homes destroyed. >> i saw homes and cars totally incinerated. it was like a bomb had struck. >> reporter: today at a hearing on capitol hill. congress heard testimony on pipeline safety. an issue, the nation's ageing gas pipelines. >> what the heck was a 30-inch transmission gas pipeline doing so close within reach of the homes? well, that original pipeline was laid down in the '40s. >> reporter: now, congress is looking at proposals that would
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beef up safety to search f corrosion. in san bruno, it took nearly an hour and a half after the explosion to shut off the gas to the lines. >> you would agree that had there been a shut-off valve, we could have averted the worst disaster. >> what i will agree with is there were an automatic shut-off valve, the gas flow would have stopped faster. >> reporter: pg&e says they do annual inspections on the lines and is pledging to work with federal regulators. now, federal investigators are looking at whether an equipment failu failure is to blame. investigators say it is possible the system fail could have affected pg&e's ability to
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monitor pressure in that pipeline. >> thank you. firefighters are checking for hot spots after a two alarm fire ripped through an apartment complex in the east bay. so far, no injuries reported. the cause, obviously, still under investigation. oakland police say a 6-year-old shot as she slept in her bed is in stable condition tonight. the drive by shooting took place on the 1600 block of seminary avenue in east oakland. traci grant is live in oakland where police vow they will find the person who pulled the trigger. >> reporter: the police chief visited leslie ramirez at children's hospital this afternoon bearing toys an opc shirt. the father says he is particularly disturbed by this incident. he apologized to the little girl
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and her family as his failure to keep him safe. >> she was sleeping. >> reporter: the walls have bullet holes everywhere. just inches above the bed where 6-year-old leslie ramirez was sleeping with her mom. the hail of bullets woke karen ramirez. >> i heard my mom. she was screaming. she had my little sister with her because a gun shot went into her arm and then it went from her arm to her chest. >> reporter: karen ramirez says the shooting appears to have been a drive by and whoever did it might have targeted the particular bedroom because the television was still on. she says while they were putting her in the ambulance, she was pleading with her mother to
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move. >> she said she didn't want to come back. >> reporter: this is the third time something like this has happened. ramirez said she was there for the second incident. the oakland police spokesman says it doesn't make sense. >> my question is, if there was multiple incidents, why let it get to the third incident? >> we thought nothing like this was going to happen, so we decided not to do anything. >> reporter: he said he needs the family and neighbor what is they saw. >> this little girl didn't do anything evil or wrong to anybody else. she was just sleeping in her bed. >> the family says they want out. ramirez says they're going to start looking for a place where all ten members of the family can live together, preferably far away from oakland. police say they're going to investigate whether this shooting may have been gang
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related. >> okay. thank you. still ahead, it's the kind of budget cuts you don't often hear about. uc berkeley not cutting classes, but some of it best known sports teams. and they are putting technology to work in their own backyards. see which silicon valley giant has come up the technology that could make your power bill a thing of the past. a lot f you have the acs cranking this afternoon. tomorrow, warm to hot in the wirng inth low 80s bg y 11:00. we're tracking cooling. we'll let you know when it arrives, coming right up. [ female announcer ] jerry brown and oakland's schools.
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what were the facts? fact: march 7, 2000. brown asks voters for new mayoral power to appoint school board members. he gets it, and promises better schools. but the drop out rate increases...50%. the school budget goes into a 100 million dollar deficit. the schools become so bad...the state has to take them over. it was "largely a bust," he admitted. jerry brown. failure as governor. failure as mayor. failure we can't afford now. that's it. that one...right there. exactly how much did the other airlines make off with? ♪ it was like $25. was that one-way? or roundtrip? roundtrip. $50? did you have a second bag? yes. mm! it was $35. that's $120 roundtrip. [ gasps ] oh! ah!
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♪ [ ding ] welcome back. as we take a look at the plaza
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in san jose and the fountains keeping the kids cool. they have the right idea. more hot weather around the bay area today. are we in for some relief? jeff ranieri will have that answer for us in just a minute. meanwhile, lots of deals heating up in silicon valley. scott has them along with a way for companies to stay cool. scott? >> we'll start with a big deal of the day. america online. once the hottest name on the web, is back and looking to regain it's mojo. tonight, announcing its plan to buy tech crunch. hoping that will transfer over to aol. wall street loving mergers. the hot september stayed that way. stocks up again. gold hitting a new tie. hewlett-packard took some of the
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focus off the search. the tech giant offered a stronger than expected outlook for 2011, sending shares higher in after hours trading. hp's neighbor to the south seeing lots of green. a software company spending money now to save it for years to come. >> reporter: on the kind of day that can overtax a company's energy resources, san jose software giant adobe systems unveiled its plan to save energy. >> they provide about a third of the daily power requirements. >> reporter: that's michael bang talking about these. fuel cell servers made by adobe's silicon valley neighbor, bloom energy. each of these boxes uses fuel cells to make electricity. adobe has 12 and they're not responsible for a big chunk of adobe's power simply.
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operating in case your wondering, on methane gas from a landfill. but how much are those boxes in the window? close to $800,000 each. not exactly consumer ready. adobe can afford to go green because it's huge. it will in fact take years to make its money back. even as it stays on the energy bill. >> we do these things for a couple of reasons. one, we feel it's the right thing to do. the other, it makes good business sense. we have good shareholders and we wouldn't do these unless we felt it had a positive impact. >> good for the environment and eventu eventually, good for business. in addition to an established player, we had a green ipo today. am rhys, which makes yeast and
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takes it to make fuel. up about 3% for investors today. more people apparently willing to put more money toward green technology. >> thank you, scott. it is education nation on nbc this week as we focus on the state of education across the country. today, we're going to look at the crisis at community crisis. money they're going to have to find somewhere else to pay the bills. david trujillo was at the district where the chancellor had to go to the bank today. >> she's hitting the books, but laura says she wouldn't have gotten this far if not for financial aid. >> i'm a single mother and i depend on my financial aid every
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semester. >> reporter: but lawmakers missed their budget again. they missed their third payment to community clenls this year so they can pay the bills. that means no money for financial aid for students in the program. >> it's a crisis of massive proportions. >> reporter: because there is no budget, the san jose evergreen community college district has to borrow $18 million to pay the bills. with interest. they'll get thoesz 18 million back once sacramento gets his house in order, but won't see the interest again. the interest, $320,000. >> we've had to open the doors and make payroll. we've had to dig deep in our reserves to make sure that we could open the door at the start of the academic year. >> reporter: less than half of the 74 jcs in the state borrowed
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money so students can stay in school. the board decided it could not afford not to borrow. that's the message students are sending lawmakers in sacramento. but the check is still not in the bill. california's budget remains strong in sacramento, but the thousands of future california students is no longer in limbo. today, the csu will mail out letters of acceptance to the qualified students for the 2011 year. federal stimulus funding allows them to get underway. they are optimist the final budget will restore funding. record heat in southern california has left thousands of people in the dark. temperatures, skyrocketed to 113
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in l.a. yesterday, prompting an electricity meltdown. over 27,000 people are still without power today. most blacked out for 8 to 16 hours now. the dwp says blown transformers appear to be the cause. if there's one time you don't want to be is when it's 113 heat and you can't turn on the air-conditioning. >> it is sweltering. but we know relief is on the way because there's always fog out there somewhere. >> yesterday, we didn't have fog, but we are starting to see that develop off the coastline. you are on the hinge of what's going on happening. let's look at how hot it was today. hotter for many of you today than yesterday. in fact, it's 105 in livermore, tied for the all time warmest day so far this year. 92 in san francisco. 98 in redwood city and in los ga
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toes -- there were eight records here across the bay area. gilroy, 104. 99 in san rafael, and 97 in richmond. humidity is low. 25%. no fog now in san francisco, but we're going to show you where it is developing. as we get a look wider out here across the west, what we're going to notice is the huge expansive region situated across the west coast. that's all because of high pressure helping to keep this heat down to the surface, but the big change we're noticing here is the fog. already some 60s developing offshore and that's going to bring temperatures down at the coast, but inland, it's going to
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be warm. we'll let you know when those inland spots will cool down. >> thank you, jeff. remember those must-have zuzu pets? this year, there's another must-have. and it's the atm of il y ses it untou y ee how thi ma ou hiso oi t yngve cash iinn the future. [ bell rings ]
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and crystal geyser water only $3.99. i need to know that when i'm here, the low prices will be too. monday, tuesday, everyday. i'm a big fan of everyday. [ male announcer ] and with thousands of everyday low prices, you'll save all over the store. [ female announcer ] low prices you can count on. at safeway, that's our promise. that's ingredients for life. south bay homeowners are being asked to throw away fruit. this comes after 93 square miles were quarantined because of moths. if they reproduce, the moth can ruin entire crops, so, the department of agriculture is tripping through yards. they are not worried about this year's crops, but pesticides
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could be still used to be sure. much like recycling, the eco atm lets you get rid of the cash cards and charity. they are coming to the bay area early next year. they'll put them in malls and in retail stores if all goes well. >> we know about the malls banning texting and driving, but our roads aren't much safer. a new report by the insurance institution for highway safety shows that while our bad driving habits are illegal, people are paying more attention to the cell phones. kristen dahlgren has the latest. >> reporter: at the time when there's so much talk about the dangers of texting, a new report from the institute shows states that ban texting and driving may not be any safer. in some states, it had the opposite affect.
6:26 pm
>> when we come bare what's going on in the states, we see collision claim frequencies going up after the ban. >> reporter: not what the laws were intended too. what's going on? catching someone in the act may make it too hard to enforce or drivers are getting better at it. but transportation officials say that's report is flawed. pointing out the bans are still new and require solid law, good advertising and police enforcement to build success. >> the study didn't take that into account and picked states that didn't have those zones. >> reporter: in fact, he says they've had great reduction in phone use in hartford,
6:27 pm
connecticut and new york. it isn't the dangers of texting and driving, just what to do about it. there is also a fear among some that saul the talk about texting is faking away from other distractions like eating or turning around to talk to your kids. kristen dahlgren, nbc news, washington. when we come back, cuts at cal and it's not classes that will be feeling the effects. it's some drastic money-saving measures. they put their lives on the line. and a gruesome discovery co. a big, black bear found shot to death.
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our state has a huge deficit. meg whitman's plan will make it billions worse by eliminating the capital gains tax for wealthy investors, including herself. economists say her plan will "rip a hole in the budget" and is "deeply flawed". analysts for the l.a. times say whitman's plan is a "pure handout" to the rich creating a "huge risk" to schools and public safety. jerry brown's against this unfair giveaway because it will take billions from our children when we can least afford it. get california working again-for all of us.
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battling for undecided
6:30 pm
voters, a war of words underway as meg whitman and jerry brown square off in the first debate. the candidates are face to face right now in a uc davis auditorium. locked in a tight race, tonight's debate is one of three. noel walker has more. >> reporter: it's a showdown between the experienced and the newbirks e. the advantage for brown is experience. he's done 40 debates in the past. his challenge will be to hone his message because in a debate, you have a fineite amount of time to get that across. meg whitman, very well coached and scripted. her challenge will be to show
6:31 pm
voters she can go off script and still think on her feet. >> this is also the first time that most californians are going to get a glimpse of meg whitman outside a scripted ad. it's really her chance the introduce herself. >> jerry brown's goal has to convince people he's ready to govern effectively. >> reporter: so far, it's been a pretty lively debate. the cuts from their negative campaign ads, but politely. they've covered budgets, jobs and jobs creation. they also talked about the death penalty and pensions. brown says if herp elected for two terms, he won't collect a pension until he's 82.
6:32 pm
a california energy initiative backed back texas-based company is in in the spotlight because of two new tv ads release today. of the two ads from no on prop 23 tell voters that the ballot measure will pollute the air, kill clean energy jobs and keep california addicted to oil. the ads accuse spending millions of the proposal. until unemployment drops to 5.5% for a year in california. can you imagine finding a black bear dead on your doorstep? it was shocking to say the least. here is a picture of the dead bear found on the sidewalk in
6:33 pm
front of lucas liquor store. he had been shot in the shoulder area. a witness saw someone drag it from the back of the truck and drive away. a shop was about to close when the restaurant worker discovered. >> i thought it was a dog, so i got closer. my boss came. i thought it was a stuffed bear, but then it was a dead bear. it was just dead. >> a fish and game officers are the leading investigators in this unusual case. they believe someone killed the bear a long away and dropped it off here. it is bear season in some counties and coming up at 11:00, we'll tell you why poachers see them as a black market special. >> that is horrible. more record heat today, down right hot. but there may be a change in the
6:34 pm
forecast for you. jeff ranieri joining us with today's numbers. when is the relief coming? >> the next two days, we're going to start to go down. we'll be tracking a drop of some 20 to 30 degrees. let's take a look at these records. more were set today. also, some of you were hotter, especially in the east bay. 105 in livermore. san jose, 99, a record there as well and santa rosa with 104. was this the warmest of the year? right now as a whole, it was not, but for those of you in livermore, you tied for your waest day of the year for 105 degrees. the last time it was this hot was on august 24th. our last major heat spell. we're tracking the fog. that's going to be dropping temperatures and improving the air quality. however, for tonight, the spare
6:35 pm
the air remains in effect, so those of you with respiratory issues, you want to limit your exposure outdoors, but for tomoow with the fog developing, there's no spare the air this effect for wednesday. we'll detail this 20 to 30-degree drop coming up. >> thanks. cal taking a huge hit on the field tonight. uc berkeley's proud sports tradition getting benched as the chancellor announced cuts to athletics. >> the history of uc berkeley's baseball team dates back 120 years. every crack of the bat brings a sense of pride to the coach. so, it came as a shot to the coach and his team this morning to learn this baseball season would be the school's last. >> it's scary for them. they made a decision to come
6:36 pm
here over other schools that wanted them. >> reporter: the chancellor made plans to trim the budget. in addition to baseball, the school slashed mens and women's gymnastics and la crosse. >> delivering our athletics program have been dramatically rising, requiring growing support from budgets. >> the school also cut funding for the skl's rugby team. >> this is not sustainable for our campus in a time of drastic state budgets affecting our faculty, staff and students. >> the chancellor says the cuts will affect 163 students and save the university $4 million a year. the students expressed disappointment. >> to hear this, it kind of catches us off guard. we'll see what happens, but it's
6:37 pm
definitely really takes us back. >> the school was hit hard by state budget cuts forcing the changes. whatever the decision, he says his team will play on. >> what we're to stand for is the last team at university of california at berkeley, we're going give them a hell of a team. today, some bay area police officers received the state's top honor for bravery on the job. they were awarded for responding to a potentially explosive situation at hillsdale high school last year. the officers safely detained a teenager wearing a vest filled with live bombs. >> he called us every day, we responded to that one like any other call. things developed and turned out
6:38 pm
to be the biggest call of my life. we're happy to all be here today. >> six other officers received medals who shot and killed a suspect who stabbed a judge in a courtroom. still ahead, a settlement for the oil spill in the gulf. the eiffel tower evacuated. but first, a massive landslide caught on tape. the story behind this startling video. tracking that californiato heat and we are well into the triple digits here for the east and parts of the south bay. and for tomorrow, still stays warm. 11:00 forecasting temperatures in the low 80s.
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we're back in two. [ ruiz ] reliable tools started as a brick and mortar store.
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we sell lathes, mills, high-tech equipment. i had an idea to go ahead and put up a couple of items on ebay, and they brought more than our expectations. meg whitman gave me the tools to expand globally. we sell to australia, india... that big blue machine over there? it's going to malaysia on wednesday. with ebay, she created jobs for millions of people. with meg's creativity, she'll be able to create jobs here in california. i'm mariano ruiz and i'm a meg whitman success story.
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we have breaking news. a judge is now blocking the execution of albert greenwood brown. he was set to be executed wednesday and then the governor moved it back 48 hours. the ninth u.s. circuit of appeals has instructed the judge to consider whether the state's recently avised process have corrected previously flaws. they are also questioning if the date may have been affected by low supplies of the drug. brown was convicted of the rape and murder of a girl in 1980. we'll continue to follow this story and have complete kovrnl at 11:00. tonight, we are learning the bob scare at the eiffel tower was another hoax.
6:42 pm
an anonymous caller said there was a bomb on the first floor. tonight, the order was lifted. two weeks ago, the tower was evacuated after a familiar threat. french security officials warn france is on alert for a possible terrorist attack. a massive landslide was caught on tape in colombia. at least 30 were believed to have been killed when the land collapsed. it happened when people were trying to switch buses. british petroleum and the obama administration are in talks dealing with the oil spill. the goal is to reach a deal. the two sides are at odds over whether bp should be considered grossly negatiligentnegligent. it killed 11 workers and caused
6:43 pm
206 million gallons of oil to leak under sea. it is time to put on our best stetston. more than a dozen country music stars will take the stage at the concert tonight. a stage that months ago was under water. performan performers say the waters weren't strong enough to drown at the city built on dreams. >> it's very important to millions of people and it will never die. this building is a testament to the spirit and the strength and the resilience that is country music. >> brad paisley, keith urban and trace adkins will headline tonight's concert. >> rajai has his boots and spurs
6:44 pm
on. >> i like playoff baseball a little better. i do like country. garth brooks. everyone coming to the giants came tonight. it's a big one. notable changes. interesting for the giants. six games and six days. also, this hollywood celebrity in town. jeff ranieri.
6:45 pm
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it's only september, but retailers are stocking the aisles. the list of hottest toys for kids have been just released this year. that's one of them. at the top of the list, paper jams. a card board guitar that has sensors under the surface. two others, squinkis and thingamajigs. stores like sears will have ki os ks. this after i ran all over the east bay looking for those zuzu pets. >> this was last year. i wouldn't find them over the summer. >> under a drawer. nobody plays with them in more. here's the bank we want to invest in. the fog bank. >> that would be a good one.
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the return is usually pretty good. today's highs, those records will be squashed shortly here with that fog building offshore. 105 in livermore. that ties for your hottest day so far this year. the last time it was this hot was on august 24th and that's when we had the hottest day. the service airport as well assering at 95. a few highlights, over all, one of the coolest summers on record and then the five-month below normal throughout the bay area through august. we're finally into fall and it's finally feeling like summer. 89 in oakland with the humidity pretty low. still holding on to triple digits in the east bay. another warm night for the east and south bay as those
6:48 pm
temperatures are still in the upper 90s to low 100s. for wednesday, we cool at the coast, but it's going to stay hot inland. we're not going to see this major drop for everyone until this fog has a good time to step and that's not going to be until thursday. for wednesday, hot inland, but we'll see the marked cooling at the coastline. cooler for everyone on thursday. for tomorrow, you can see 11:00 a.m. on the warm side with temperatures in the 80s and no jacket tomorrow morning. as you send your kids to school tomorrow, another day for shorts. plenty of water and watch those pets, too, if you have them outside. 90 in san jose. in the peninsula, temperatures driving five to seven degrees
6:49 pm
with 80 in san mateo, 80 in oakland. we should start to get out of record territory for wednesday as it will be that moderation day before everyone gets in on the cooling. tomorrow inland, low 90s and 60s will return to the coastline. what a whacky entire year. one extreme to the other. >> that's the way it's been. up and down and up and down. just another week for the giants. >> so, this is a warning for jessica. this time you need to start paying attention. >> i always pay attention. >> now, you float in and out. focus. this is where it counts. six games in six days. pretty easy, right? the first place giants have the inside track to make the playoffs. that is the easy part. the hard part, they have to win maybe four of the next six games
6:50 pm
to ensure a spot. it all begins tonight. the giant's most significant home stand in seven years. sellout crowds expected this week. stub hub tickets, one of the prime seats, $999 for tonight's game. couple of big things here. the giants have shuffled their starting rotation. tim lincecum will pitch tomorrow instead of thursday. he'll pitch twice in the next six games including on sunday. tonight, jonathan sanchez on the hill. these are their september numbers. he's 2-1 with a .73 e.r.a. that's best in baseball. lincecum, his september numbers and matt vaughn goes on thursday. he is 1-2. the giants feeling good about their pitching changes, but not about the injury to a key
6:51 pm
player. let's bring in lawyer area. $999 for a ticket? >> reporter: it's going to a fun few days here. let's talk about the lincecum switch first. the main thing is they want some continuity for the a's. this frees him up to pitch on sunday or monday if this is tied. for the rest of the team, yeah, this is pretty much as big as it gets. the rest of the week, we got six games and that is sort of pressure situation is no different than what they've been dealing with the past few months. right now, it's about taking care of their business and wins series. not about the padres and winning yet. the giants, truly taking things one game at a time. >> there's a lot of people looking forward to the weekend, but the weekend doesn't matter
6:52 pm
unless we handle our business the next three days and that starts tonight. >> we don't do anything easy, but these guys really done a great job of staying loose and focused and the guys who haven't have a lot of fun with it. >> an injury update. sanchez is out of the lineup, but the mri 'veals he has a right shoulder strain, so that's not as bad as the giants feared. he got an ingest today, he's out tonight, but they're expecting him to be available tomorrow night. he'll be re-examined tonight. >> freddy sanchez out of the lineup and torres in the lineup. back to the giants, giants and diamondbacks, it's the arizona diamondbacks tonight. a slice of hollywood in east
6:53 pm
palo alto. not sure if he's a-list, a minus. matthew mcconaughey? the wedding planner, that's the guy. he was in town hanging out with the 49ers today. 49ers youth akad me helping out the kids. business and nutrition. he works with a nfl and dropped some love in for mike singletary and the rest of the niners. >> and kept his clothe on. >> i'm going to go a-list. >> we don't think he dislocated his shoulder, but we're not sure. >> okay. san francisco and the golden gate bridge -- the world famous cable cars. find out why. [ jogging ]g ]
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a world with real consequences. we'll show you why the most dangerous person to teens may not be a predator, but themselves. that's tonight at 11:00. a san francisco tradition with a major twist today and not a good one. uni workers boycotted the 48th
6:57 pm
annual cable car bell ringing contest. for the first time in history. the bells rang, but not by the official bell ringers. instead, local celebrities and kids made all the noise. uni's ewan yan has been fighting the city on pay cuts and extra parking fees. >> we're protecting our riders an want to make sure operators get a fair wage. >> the union is also fighting a ballot measure that could change the fact that operators here are the second highest among peers nationwide. a bell ringing contest without the best bell ringers. >> i think he's the five-time defending champion. thanks, everybody. >> we'll see you at 11:00. ma'am, can you identify the other airline that charged you bag fees?
6:58 pm
6:59 pm
that's it. that one...right there. exactly how much did the other airlines make off with? ♪ it was like $25. was that one-way? or roundtrip? roundtrip. $50? did you have a second bag? yes. mm! it was $35. that's $120 roundtrip. [ gasps ] oh! ah! ♪ [ ding ] and stick to it. like seriously low prices. [ male announcer ] at safeway, we made a promise of low prices. and we're keeping it. [ female announcer ] with club card specials like beef cross rib roast, just $1.99 a pound and crystal geyser water only $3.99. i need to know that when i'm here, the low prices will be too.


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