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tv   Today in the Bay  NBC  October 1, 2010 3:30am-4:00am PST

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a rebirth of sorts for the old plant. we'll tell you what it means in terms of jobs and cars. not read, "we shot and killed your dog." an east bay family asking why officers needed to shoot their arthritic old pet. today october 1st in east bay. good morning. i'm scott mcgrew. 4:30. weather playing a big role in
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outside events so let's start with rob. >> good friday morning. we're seeing a big change this morning. low clouds all the way in intolivermore this morning. our temperatures for the most part in the 50s right now. take a look at the winds blasting into solano county this morning. southeast winds at 20 in fairfield. 63 in oakland with mostly cloudy skies. one other item to watch. for the diablo south may see clouds build up for this tropical moisture right now across southern california drifts into our south and east. later on today you'll probably see a few high clouds once the low clouds break up. temperatures mid 80s out by livermore. san jose 80 degrees. this is continuing the cooldown which started yesterday. only 60s around san francisco. richmond 72. oakland low 70s today. low to mid 80s around concord and pittsburg. the weekend breezy and cooler. pretty comfortable with mostly 70s inland for the weekend.
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let's go to mike who is watching antioch. >> highway 4 where we typically watch for first signs of slowing but right now an earlier accident that cleared to the shoulder. eastbound 4 at summersville road right about where the westbound slows early in the commute. probably 5:30 this morning, maybe closer to 6:00 for the slowing. right now 66 mark for the eastbound with that accident on the right-hand shoulder. minor injuries and the person injured has been cleared from the scene. later on today starting early afternoon carquinas bridge and benicia bridge the slowdown. the sierra slowing on the bridges 3:00, 4:00 just past and as you afroch the areas getting on from martinez even benicia. further south and right now as we approach the bay bridge and east shore freeway shows a nice slow 15 minutes off the carquinas bridge. that will start its slowing right around 7:00. metering lights probably turned on about 6:35. i'm going to ask 6:35.
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new this morning, a new chapter begins in fremont auto history. tesla motors moving in. good morning. >> reporter: this is a huge change in the south bay and east bay for job seekers, for car buyers. back in may tesla announced it would buy the 50-year-old nummi plant. the palo alto based company says its new production could create at least 1,000 jobs oot the new fremont facility. toyota closed the nummi plant in april leaving a 4700 union workers out of work looking for work. so far we're told nearly 3,000 people have put down deposits on that new car and tesla has promised delivery on that model
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s by the year 2012. that's the latest. reporting live in fremont. also new, students who use the cafeteria in el sobrante need to make other lunch plans. there was a blaze started there overnight. the fire department estimates $1.2 million in damage limited to the cafeteria. so school as usual. today philip and nancy garrido will be in court together to answer kidnapping and rape charges. a grand jury indicted them in the jaycee dugard case. they've been in custody more than a year. authorities say dugard was held captive 18 years in their backyard. a not guilty plea from a suspected cop shooter. a 20-year-old of union city accused of shooting and wounding
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a fremont police officer in oakland last month. he's charged with attempted murder, carjacking and eight other felony counts stemming from the august 27th shooting of officer todd young. he and two co-defendants who allegedly helped him flee will return to court in two weeks. officer young is still in the hospital. an oakland family wants an apology after a police officer shot their dog while searching for an intruder. the shooting happened tuesday morning in the nolan park neighborhood in the oakland hills. as today in the east base george katayama reports they're still in shock. >> reporter: the family says the oakland police apologized for shooting and killing the family dog but this morning they wonder if all of this could have been avoided. >> anybody who lives here knew that she wouldn't hurt anyone or anything. >> reporter: the family says they're not angry at oakland police for shooting their dog
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during a burglar alarm call on their property while they were aware but question why the dog was seen as a threat to the officers. after all she was an 11-year-old dog who had problem walking because she had arthritis in her hips. >> first of all, they shouldn't have used a gun. my dad called and asked if they had taser, mace. i don't know why they had to use the gun and shoot three times. >> reporter: officers say when they arrived gloria allegedly growled and barked at the officers and then approached them in a threatening manner. police said they made a split-second decision and fired three times at gloria. one hit her head. >> i was pretty much screaming in the driveway like asking why did this happen and why did it need to happen and just like crying all night. i couldn't sleep or eat or do anything. >> reporter: the officers left this handwritten note on the
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front door of the home letting them know what happened. >> i had to read it five or six times before i could believe it and actually like it took two days for it to really sink in and realize that i was never going to see her again. >> reporter: all they have now are memories of gloria captured in photos and home video. coming home is just not the same anymore. >> it's weird because for the past 11 years i've been hearing those sounds that i've gotten used to them and now just never going to hear them again. >> reporter: this dog-shooting comes just a few months after oakland police shot and killed a young deer in the backyard. that called for the chief to review how they handle animals. the officer in this case has not been placed on leave and it continues to work. oakland, george katayama. a cleverly concealed large
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marijuana operation. a tip led them to the south of highway 4 and they discovered nearly 4,000 plants pl police found an area where four people had been camping but they had already run away. it's unclear who owns that land. let's turn to traffic. >> this time for the westbound. commute direction another minor issue. around 242 reports of two cars on the side of the road. reported as disabled vehicles. maybe abandoned vehicle. this is out of your roadway but in the commute direction. no slowing there or throughout the interchange through concord or pittsburg and bay point. eastbound, the earlier accident we told you about is on the right-hand shoulder. activity at summersville. 67 eastbound. westbound similar speeds but watch for the slowdown to start about an hour from now. look at the bay bridge. the toll plaza shows easy drive over to the city. if you're headed to the city
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remember harley strikly blue grals festival starts this morning. mc hammer is in town but that isn't the issue. fog is drifting across the bridge. that will be an issue for the visibility at the bay bridge and golden gate bridge likely this morning. friday light is what we're hoping for and what we're seeing so far through the city and the peninsula. >> mc hammer indeedly hardly strictly bluegrass. hardly. >> he's into some new music. let's look at the weather headlines this morning. mike pointed it out. we have a lot of low clouds. way inland overall we're going to see a kerl forecast. some 80s inland. mostly 70s and 60s around the bay and more cooling through the weekend. hour by hour, east bay temperatures upper 60s to low 50s. around lunchtime sunshine inland but clouds on the coast. into the afternoon, areas south of livermore and gilroy clouds
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building up over the hilltops so the showers stay to the south and east of the bay area today. this weekend expect cooling and breezy conditions on sunday. temperatures climbing up a little bit by the middle part of next week. 4:39 right now. the maid mess is getting messier. meg whitman now accusing jerry brown of playing dirty. plus, politicians up and down the 50 states star camigp gear. what you can expect to see. (announcer) while there are some home disasters you can't avoid,
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there is one you can. septic system breakdowns affect 1.2 million homes each year. septic backups can cost about six thousand dollars in expense, and countless hours of repair. rid-x. help save yourself from disaster. what were the facts? fact: march 7, 2000. brown asks voters for new mayoral power to appoint school board members. he gets it, and promises better schools. but the drop out rate increases...50%. the school budget goes into a 100 million dollar deficit. the schools become so bad...the state has to take them over. it was "largely a bust," he admitted. jerry brown. failure as governor. failure as mayor. failure we can't afford now.
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what a difference a week makes. this time last week we were looking at much higher temperatures. today we're expecting about 73 degrees as the high in oakland. 78 in fremont. 83 in walnut creek. a warning for east bay shoppers. scammers ripping off unsuspecting grocery shoppers. scam artists using the picture of a 10-year-old boy to dupe marketgoers into giving spare cash at several liquor stores. police say they're targeting the area along richmond's boulevard corridor. they say this boy died of brain and heart disease. they're asking for donations to help the boy and the family return to mexico. the board of education in the city of alameda mulling over ideas to cut $20 million from the budge. here's a list of the potential cuts. closures, salary cuts, increased classes kindergarten through third grade -- class sizes.
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debating two teacher furlough days. over the next few weeks, the public will be asked to rank their choices to help trustees make a decision. a final vote is set for december. nbc tv show america's got talent launching its first ever tour right in the east bay. the tour will feature season five winners including pop singer michael grimm, 12-year-old ballroom dancing partners and opera singer. the show will be at the paramount theater in oakland. and that is no poppycock. we know that your name is prince techno cock. that's good news for you. we're looking at unusual slowing. westbound 580. this is very early for any slowing to show up through
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livermore and we haven't seen any incidents. i'm guessing a few more folks are hitting the road, maybe larger trucks taking time to get up to speed and that's causing the slowdown. we'll watch for this but probably won't show until here out of the altamont pass around 6:30. this afternoon goating out of the area as folks head east through the area, we're going to watch for the changes there. i just showed you the disabled vehicle at 242 out of the westbound side. over here oakland where you said prince poppycock will be later today, no problem. easy past this and light volume. >> as long as it doesn't turn into shenanigans, i think we will be fine. you have a big special this weekend. >> we do. alaska back to the base talking about climate change which we'll talk about later in the newscast but in the meantime, we have weather changes this morning. we've got low clouds right over oakland 63 degrees. you'll find those low clouds actually all the way out to the
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altamont pass this morning. san jose 62. looking at san francisco, 57 degrees, west wind at 10. huge game this evening. special gametime forecast coming up in a few minutes. let's show you what we have going on in terms of the air quality. strong sea breeze, no problems, no spare the air day. if you're heading into southern california, a lot of thundershowers flaring up as far north as san luis obispo. some of that moisture tries to creep toward the bay area for the afternoon south of livermore and south of morgan hill may see clouds headed your way later today. high today cooling trend from yesterday. oakland 73. vacaville, 85. 70s and 80s for the most part across the bay. cools off for the weekend. breezy at times sunday evening into monday, so that cooldown will take us all the way through the upcoming weekend. scott. a little later today we're going to find out how much people made, how much they spent last month as well. for more on news before the bell
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let's turn to courtney reagan live at cnbc world headquarters. good morning. good morning to you. it's looking like wall street could start friday on a positive note. averages pointing higher. after closing lower on thursday, still we managed to post the best september for stocks since 1939. there is a slew of economic numbers out today. at 8:30 we look at the release of personal income for the consumer. at 10:00 the report wall street is closely watching, ism's manufacturing reading. last month it sent the dow higher by 2.5%. there is a decline called for september this time around. the dow lost 47 points which means trading begins at 10,788 today. the nasdaq fell 8 points to 2368. and the white house is out with new estimates that say the final cost of the bank bailout will be less than $50 billion. i know it sounds like a lot, but the troubled asset relief
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program or t.a.r.p. as we lovingly refer to it initially cost $700 billion. but the cost to taxpayers has been falling as banks that receive that t.a.r.p. funding have continued to pate government back. back to you, scott. >> all right, thank you. those barcodes you see on cereal boxes and even magazines popping up on tv now. they're meant to make shopping easier for mobile phone users. you scan the tv, instantly get more information about a product and the discount to buy it. look for it online fashion detailer blue fly is the first to try this barcode. you may no longer need to turn the volume down on the loud tv commercials. the senate passed a bill to require tv stations and cable companies to keep commercials at the same volume as the shows they interrupt. the house passed similar legislation. but to become law, minor differences between the two versions has to be worked out when congress returns to washington after the november election. as meg whitman and jerry
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brown prepare for their first spanish language debate there's another round of mud slinging. whitman is accusing brown of digging up the dirt on the illegal status of her former housekeeper. she inists she never knew her housekeeper of nine years was undocumented. but cnn reports whitdman's husband says it is possible he saw a letter that questions the maid's legal status. in fact, he acknowledges he may have made a note on the side of the letter itself. the allegations are hitting a nerve among many in the latino community. >> immigrants are 10% of california's labor force. so they work with us. they work for us. and this woman clearly was a loyal employee. >> the housekeeper's lawyer, gloria allred says brown had nothing to do with making it public. nbc will host the final gubernatorial debate on october
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12. the debate at 6:30 moderated by tom brokaw. we'll strooem the entire thing on as well. speaking stanford students on thursday republican candidate carly fiorina says she never hired a domestic service. she says she goes through a service that cleans her house once a month. barbara boxer says she always hires licensed housekeepers. later today president obama may announce the departure of his rahm emanuel. he is going home to chicago to run for mayor. today tracie potts has the latest from capitol hill where it's emptying out this morning. >> reporter: for washington, it's time to face the music. congress has schutte down until after elections. politicians now coming face to face with voters. >> because of that recovery act,
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3.6 million jobs were saved or created. glenn. >> reporter: apologizing for what they didn't get done. >> both parties share the blame for this. >> reporter: be on the lookout for more nasty attacks. as the entire house and a third of the senate hits the campaign trail. >> it's going to be invasion of the vote snatchers. >> reporter: at a white house meeting thursday democrats gave president obama marching orders -- win back independent voters. >> on november 2nd we face another test. and the stakes could not be higher. >> reporter: he'll likely announce today that chief of staff rahm emanuel is jumping back into politics, headed home to run for mayor of chicago. his expected replacement adviser steve rouse. as for congress, they passed a temporary spending bill to keep government going until after election. >> they took care of themselves and forgot about the rest of us. >> reporter: your taxes are still up in the air, but the
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senate did pass a bill -- >> a bill to regulate the volume -- >> reporter: banning loud tv commercials. in washington, tracie potts, today in the bay. brent cannon joins us. he's going to go from running the white house and the country to running chicago if he can. i'm from chicago. he's really stepping up his game now. >> i know. that's one of those real hot bed political races-to-become mayor of chicago. >> darn near impossible. what do you have ahead? >> i have a lot of stuff. funny you should ask including a chat with the man who wrote the book on facebook. that book now a new movie "the social network" and opens in theaters today. we're going to talk to him about how much of the book is fictional and how much is based on real life stories and why one of the sources won't talk to him anymore. thousands of runners hit the streets of san jose this weekend. 49er legend roger craig about the rock 'n' roll half marathon and see how shoes could help people in need. plus, scott, i also
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understand you have a pretty hot gadget friday for us and we're going to check that and much more coming up in a few minutes. >> sounds good. pardon my language but it is the hair dryer from heck. >> really? we'll be getting to the bottom of that. >> thanks. a new study finds too little or too much sleep during early pregnancy is connected with high blood pressure during the thirm tri-met ester. researchers found elevated blood pressure in pregnant moms that logged less than six or more than ten hours of sleep in the first few months of pregnancy and also the risk of preeclampsa three times higher in those who slept three hours nicely compared to those who got nine hours. researchers ask women to keep regular sleep cycles to avoid problems. a new study shows faith in god may improve the survival rate of liver transplant patients. italian researchers studied 179
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patients who completed a questionnaire on religious beliefs. those who professed a strong belief and faith in god had a longer survival, even lengthened life-span compared to those with a weaker connection. back to business for the former numy plant in fremont. kristy smith has more. >> reporter: when the nummi plant shut down in april, many people thought that was it, that was over, a huge blow to the economy. but then tesla stepped in. if you've driven by and seen activity at the plant it's because 40 people are working out of the parking lot while the place is being remodeled. the electric carmaker will use the free mont factory to make its model-s car, all-electric
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with battery range up to 300 miles. tesla has about 800 employees worldwide and is expected to boost that to over a thousand by the end of the year. tesla saying they're getting 2,000 to 3,000 applications a month. when toyota closed nummi about 4700 workers were out of a job. and as for the cars, tesla promises delivery by early march. today in the east bay. let's turn to rob and one more check of weather. the weather looks good in terms of cooler weather. temperatures in the 60s. oakland with lots of low clouds. you see it as the clouds lighten up. probably won't knee the sunglasses. on the other side of the bay 57 degrees. huge game later this evening. it will be a pitcher's ball game with this cool, dense air kind of settling in across san
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francisco. you'll see temperatures near 60 dropping into the 50s through game time. the satellite/radar view shows something interesting to the south and east. a couple of days of thundershowers rotating from l.a. to santa barbara south of san luis obispo this morning. the outer fringe may try to drift to the south of livermore or out by tracy this afternoon. we'll watch this for you. for now no showers in the forecast but mainly the low clouds and sea breeze that will be the biggest impact on weather. richmond cool at 72. into concord and pittsburg some of the warmer temperatures we'll see, highs low to mid 80s. we're going to cool off this weekend as winds pick up. highs 70s inland saturday and sunday. investigators are examining the pipeline that exploded in san bruno. we're going to let you know what they think may have caused the massive blast. no break for drivers caught rolling through a right turn at a red light. see who is shooting down a proposal to cut fines in half. plus, giants fever heating
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up. how much you'll be paying for a ticket at this weekend's game. live look at oakland. back in a moment. 3q (announcer) did you know even the leading dishwashing detergent leaves residue behind? finish jet dry rinse agent removes residue and dries dishes better than detergent alone two times better. for a brilliant shine every time. finish jet dry rinse agent. finish. the diamond standard.
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the couple accused of the headline-grabbing kidnapping make a court appearance today. and the oakland police department apologizing to a family for shooting their dog.


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