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tv   Today in the Bay  NBC  October 1, 2010 4:00am-5:00am PST

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find out why officers say they had to do it this friday, october 1st, "today in the bay. good morning. thanks for joining us. i'm scott mcgrew in for laura. >> i'm brent cannon. we have a lot going on around the bay area this weekend, so a lot of folks want to know what the forecast is going to be like. for that we check in with rob mayeda. >> the forecast looks comfortable. not the heat from the last few days. cooldown continues today. low clouds for the morning. pretty comfortable. through the afternoon highs in the mid 80s in the warmest places by livermore. 65 in san francisco where the fog is actually kind of thick around the peninsula. we've seen that in spots from our cameras at the bay bridge and gshlg. right now the san mateo bridge. you see the high rise in the distance. westbound with the taillights
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these folks are headed toward the high rise where a disabled vehicle is reported in the lanes. the person driving the vehicle out of the car. a lot of caution. look how dark it is there. we'll watch as the volume picks up and watch for slowing. slowing westbound 580 through livermore. this is very unusual this time of morning especially on a friday. no inches incidents to report. hopefully the sensors sort themselves out. new this morning, students who use the cafeteria at de enza in el so brantee need to make other plans. the damage is limited to the school cafeteria. so, kids, school open as usual. also in pakistan, someone set fire to dozens of nato tankers carrying supplies for troops. the trucks headed into
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afghanistan. yesterday the pakistan government blocked supply routes for nato troops. the country is angry about the death of three soldiers in nato air strikes. the giants could punch the ticket to the playoffs tonight against the padres. san francisco completing a sweep of the diamondbacks yesterday. three different giants got home runs. pablo sandoval knocked one into mccovey cove in the second inning and torres got his in the bottom of the fifth and buster posey finished strong in his push to be named the national league rookie of the year. his in the seventh, 17th home run to put final touches on win. the magic number is now one. the giants just need to win one game in the new series which have starts today with the padres and goes throughout the weekend. today in the bay's bob re dell is live where they're on the
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verge of baseball bedlam. >> reporter: good morning to you. we understand later today the team will bring in caps and t's for the team along with several cases of chilled champagne in anticipation of making it into the playoffs. but just like a bride doesn't see the groom before the wedding on a wedding day they're keeping them hidden from the players. i'm serious about that. it would be superstitious to do all of that. to break out all the swag and publtly they just have to beat the padres once this weekend, whether tonight, saturday or sunday. the giants are on a roll off a florida win. they won 8 of the last 10 games. the padres have beaten the giants ten times in 15 games this season but the giants have the momentum, something the padres don't considering they've lost the last 4 of their last 5
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games. fans are superexcited. >> they're going to throw down against philadelphia because we have the better rotation. it doesn't matter. >> then bring on new york. bring on tampa bay. i don't care. san francisco is getting a trophy this year. >> three games up in the west. we at least have a tiebreaker. we're going to the playoffs, baby. >> reporter: game time is 7:15 tonight at at&t park. should not come as a huge surprise at least on the website the game is sold out, which means we're going to have to go to other offshoot websites like craigslist and stubhub. we'll tell you about the prices later. reporting live outside at&t park bob redell, "today in the bay." >> here's a look at the weekend schedule. tonight's game at 7:00. saturday and sunday's games are day games. they start at 1:00 in the afternoon. again, the giants only need to
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win one of these games to get into the playoffs. the padres would have to sweep to get in. philip and nancy garrido in court today to answer charges together. a grand jury indicted the couple late yesterday. the garridos have been in custody for more than a year. they're charged in the kidnapping and rape of jaycee dugard. prosecutors say the garridos kidnapped dugard and held her captive for 18 years in their backyard. dugard has two children allegedly fathered by garrido. four south bay teenagers accused of attempted murder in the stabbing of two trick-or-treaters last halloween are in court today. they're expected to enter please in santa clara superior court. it happened at a middle school in san jose. police say they were gang-related but neither of the victims were gang members. the pipe responsible for the san bruno blast was so old it, quote, peeled like a banana. that's what rokal experts tell "the mercury news."
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they looked ntsb photos. they say it's possible it ruptured along a weld or weakened session. they say it will not be exactly known until the ntsb finishes its investigation. bay area cities are growing increasingly impatient with pg&e after releasing the list of the top 100 pipelines. the utility still has not given basic details to city. the city of san jose for example says pg&e has not given the fire department a map of the pipeline shutoff valves yet or given information about pipeline pressure. city leaders also accuse the utility of withholding the exact location of three high risk pipelines in north san jose. pg&e says it does plan to meet with san jose leaders but probably about next wednesday. the oakland police department is apologizing for the death of a family dog. the labrador named gloria was
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the only one home when officers arrived to check out a burglar alarm call. oakland police say gloria began growling and barking at them and made a threatening move toward officers. the family says 11-year-old gloria had arthritis in her hips and she had trouble getting around. the officers shot gloria three times, once through the head. the owners came home to a note on the door telling them what happened. >> first of all, they shouldn't have used a gun on her. my dad had called and asked if they had taser, mace, or pepper spray or baton. they had all those things. i just don't get why they had to reach for the gun and shoot three times. >> oakland police say the officer who shot gloria has not been placed on leave. he continues to work. this is not the first time that oakland police have come under fire for shooting an animal. back in may oakland police chief called for a review of
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procedures after this, police shooting a young deer cornered in an oakland backyard. it was all caught on tape, as you can see. officers fired six rounds in that case. tesla motors is moving into the fremont auto plant today. in may tesla announced it was going to buy the 50-year-old nummi plant. the company plans to build its model-s an electric four-door sedan as well as a few other vehicles. it says the new production could create about a thousand jobs at that free mont facility. if you remember toyota closed the plant back in april and that left 4700 union employees out of work. the governor putting brakes on california stops. governor schwarzenegger vetoing a proposal to cut fines in half for motorists who roll through red lights on the right turn. this means that drivers will still have to pay $450 each time they're caught running a red light. the governor says the state will not tolerate dangerous driving.
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and a bill to reduce those fans sends the wrong messages to the pub ling. it is interesting. if you ever sit and watch, from police standards your wheels have to stop. >> i have a 16-year-old driver. >> so many people, it's so easy -- you got it and you go on. >> those red light cameras they're talking about as well, i actually tried one of them and they work. they work. they work very well. there's no way around those. >> can you write that off as like work-related. >> i should do that. we'll check with joel. look at san mateo bridge. westbound. we're following this as well. the taillights away from us heading towards that disabled vehicle. now an off-duty foster city police officer tells us it's in the slow lane facing the wrong way -- not facing the wrong way but in the slow lane westbound heading to foster city. stay over to the left as you approach that high rise. chp not yet on the scene. the map shows you green across the toll plaza the high rise.
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that disabled vehicle somewhere around that county line heading over toward 101. smooth drive so far and things moving nicely along the peninsula. even on a friday we'll probably see slowing starting 7:30 southbound out of san mateo. beat the rush, get to work early and maybe get out of work early. man, what a difference a week makes, my goodness! >> it was last week at this time we were talking about things would heat up into the 90s and maybe near 100. this weekend completely different. sea breeze is out there pumping in low clouds. 5 livermore right now. 63 in oakland with mostly cloudy skies right now. san jose low clouds spilling through the santa clara valley. 62 right now. san francisco 57 degrees, west wind at 9 and strong sea breeze and low clouds that keep temperatures down close to the low 60s around the peninsula today. the interesting part of the weather is what's happening south and east. along the central coast or areas maybe south and east of tracy could see isolated thunder away
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from the bay area, most across central and southern california. meantime the system you see just off my shoulder here will come sweeping through for the weekend. that drops temperatures down more. today mid 80s well inland around altamont pass. close to 80 in san jose. so the cooling trend continues. 60s for san francisco. seven-day forecast shows breezy and mild this weekend. time now 5:11. you may never have to turn down the volume on commercials ever again. find out why. troops have to save their president from an angry police force. we will show you rescue and tell you where and why it happened. new details as well about the immigration status problem for meg whitman and her former housekeeper. that story up next. hi! welcome to
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sacramento, mismanaged, ineffective. silicon valley gave us apple, intel, ebay. here meg whitman started with 30 people. led them. managed them. executed the plan that grew this main street company to fifteen thousand employees and made small business dreams come true. to change california let's send meg whitman up the road... about a hundred and thirty miles.
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welcome back. time 5:14. live look outside. nice quacalm start to the day b it will be much cooler. you can see that in some of the temperatures around the bay area. we'll be checking in with rob and get your full and complete
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forecast in a bit. this morning cnn reports meg whitman's husband says it is possible he did see a letter that questioned the family's -- the family maid's legal status. whitman accuses her opponent of digging up the dirt on this illegal status on her former housekeeper. whitdman and brown getting ready of course for their first spanish language debate. whitman insists she never knew the housekeeper for nine years was undocumented. it's hitting a nerve of many in the latino community. >> it's 10% of california's labor force. they work with us. they work for us. and this woman clearly was a loyal employee. >> reporter: the housekeeper's lawyer gloria allred insists jerry brown did not have a hand in making this controversy public. "nbc bay area" will host the final gubernatorial debate october 12th.
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it begins at 6:00 followed by the debate at 6:30 moderated by tom broko. bring you post debate analysis and stream the whole thing at the candidates in the state's other big race are chiming in. republican senate candidate carly fiorina spoke to stanford students last night and said she never hired domestic workers. she says she goes through a service that cleans once a month. barbara boxer followed with a statement saying she always hires licensed housekeepers. later today president obama will announce the departure of his chief of staff. rahm emanuel is going home to run for mayor of chicago. his replacement will be senior adviser pat rouse. meantime the political stage is shifting out of capitol hill. congress schutte down until after the november election. now politicians are pulling out all the stops explaining what they've done in washington. >> because of that recovery act
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3 .6 million jobs were saved or created. >> congress passed a temporary spending bill to keep the government going until after the election. you may no longer need to turn down the volume on loud tv commercials. the senate unanimously passed a bill to require tv stations and cable companies to keep the commercials at the same volume as the shows they interrupt. the house passed a similar bill. but in order to become law the two have minor differences that have to be worked out when congress returns to washington. you have to wait until after the november election. president barack obama promising to bring the two cal hikers still in prison from in iran home. he made that pledge to sarah shourd. shourd, her mother and the mothers of the two men still being held on charges of being spies spoke to the president last night. the iranian government has called for the release of iranian prisoners.
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early this morning troops in ecuador stormed a hospital trying to rescue the country's president from angry police. as you can see, soldiers armed with automatic weapons and grenades managed to pull the leader to safety. at least one member of the rescue team was hurt and another person was killed. the president was held hostage in that hospital for nearly 12 hours by police who were angry over acut in benefits. he was initially taken to the hospital for treatment after police had sprayed him with teargas earlier in the day. relatives ever the 33 men still trapped in a chilean mine are suing the company running that mine. they're demanding $10 million. the lawyer for the families says they will soon demand nearly $2 million from the government as well. in the lawsuit, the families accuse the owner of the mining company of negligence and violation of safety regulations. the suit against the government will allege reg lators failed to enforce existing safety
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regulations. the miners have been trapped in a cave since august 5th. the raiders will try to bounce back and the 49ers try to pick up the first win. raj mathai has a preview. >> reporter: good friday morning. all this talk about the giants should be a phenomenal baseball weekend but remember our football teams. we still have the niners and raiders. no such thing as a quiet week for the 49ers, not when your franchise is in turmoil. don't be fooled the 49ers are in turmoil. for the first time since taking over as offensive coordinator mike johnson met with reporters yesterday and issued a warning -- don't expect a miraculous turnaround. >> you can't go in in one week and change the entire playbook. i think there will be different things but as a whole, i don't think we'll make a bunch of wholesale changes. >> i don't know if that's a good thing or bad thing. the problem for the 49ers might not be their own offense. it will be stopping the atlanta
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falcons' offense. last season you might recall the they embarrassed the 49ers. sunday's game the 49ers and falcons in atlanta. the raiders are hosting the houston texans sunday afternoon at the oakland coliseum. that's going to do it for now. keep in mind we'll see you sunday night after "sunday night football." jerry rice will be in studio maybe wearing his yellow hall of fame jacket. we have roger craig later on this morning. we'll talk to him as well. cincinnati reds might want to talk to their fans. the city health department is investigating a postgame celebration. the team broke out the champagne and cigars after they made the playoffs this week. at least five people called the state hot line to report the cigars saying they violate a state indoor smoking ban. the health inspector has 30 days to investigate. >> i say if the giants win the pennant we light up in here. don't smoke them because that
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would be bad. just light it up. >> you are bad. medicinal marijuana cigars and that will be okay. >> that's probably going to be legal someday. we're out of here. you have a whole separate discussion going on and programs with hr later. we're just kidding about this but not about the giants win. we want that. we have westbound 92 a little wind for the commute as well. looking at the commute westbound as you're driving you will find that the chp or bridge crew has headed over to the disabled vehicle and escorting or helping assist that off the road. i say pushing off the bridge but that sounds dramatic. pushing to the next exit. easy drive to 101 now. live look and see how things are shaping up at the toll plaza connecting the east bay to the city. things moving nicely. expect the slowdown just after 6:30 for the metering lights and 10:30 we see that burst hit and last throughout the afternoon and evening, folks heading into
5:22 am
the city. also hardly strictly bleu grass later this weekend. down in san jose a look at the traffic down in the area and we see a nice easy drive. the maps are not showing what i wanted but we'll show livermore. this is much better and the san jose drive. we have that half marathon this weekend so expect reroutes for the system for sunday as well. back to the desk. all right. we have got some pumpkins. >> all right. >> these are actually works of art. see what's going on sale next. our state has a huge deficit. meg whitman's plan will make it billions worse by eliminating the capital gains tax for wealthy investors, including herself. economists say her plan will "rip a hole in the budget" and is "deeply flawed". analysts for the l.a. times say whitman's plan is a "pure handout" to the rich creating a "huge risk" to schools and public safety. jerry brown's against this unfair giveaway because
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good friday morning to you. now 5:25. we're seeing low clouds around san jose this morning. 62 degrees. a little northwest wind at 5 miles per hour. in oakland, also low clouds to wake up to. 63 degrees. those low clouds all the way down 580 out toward livermore this morning. 57 in san francisco. we should not see temperatures warming up a lot today. around san francisco looking at highs in the 60s. going to make the road trip up to eugene, oregon, huge game, pac-10 game. looking at pretty good weather. low 70s around the start of the game. partly cloudy skies off to the north as we head toward saturday. right now still have active weather to the south and east. thundershowers around l.a. for the last couple of days we're sort of on the outer fringe of this.
5:26 am
south and east of livermore may see some of the clouds coming up for the afternoon. if you notice the tropical-looking clouds drifting up out of the south that's the reason why. expect the showers to stay out of the area. through the weekend it will be breezy. temperatures mostly in the 70s inland. so this mild pattern which got started yesterday will take us through the weekend. bay area temperatures today we'll be looking at inland spots still making a run at the 80s but cooler than yesterday. 73 around oakland, 65 san francisco. off to the north bay highs in the 70s around petaluma, close to 80 for hillsburg. breezy and cooler sunday and monday and some warming middle of next week. the palo alto pumpkin patch offering pumpkins that don't need candles to shine. they're made entirely of glass. the 15th annual great glass pumpkin patch will offer for sale some 8,000 glass pumpkins made by dozens of artists. no pumpkin is alike. for the first time this year collectors will be able to see how they're made.
5:27 am
the pumpkins will be on display today and then offered for sale saturday and sunday. time now is 5:26. excitement not seen since the day of barry bonds, reggie sanders and jason smith is sweeping the bay area. the giants playoff fever coming up. the case against philip and nancy garrido could move forward today. an east bay factory closed since last spring opens against for business. we're goingin to look aiv at lpo fue tu nexret a live report. sensitive skin runs in the family. oh, yeah. (announcer) gold bond ultimate soothing fragrance free lotion. soothes and calms irritation. fragrance free gold bond ultimate soothing. (together) this stuff really works!
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and countless hours of repair. rid-x. help save yourself from disaster. giants fans in playoff
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frenzy. it just takes one. a rebirth today at the nummi plant in fremont. new jobs, new cars. that story straight ahead today in the bay. good friday morning, everybody. thanks for joining us. i'm brent cannon. >> i'm scott mcgrew in for laura. a: 5:30 on a busy weekend. pressure is on. >> i think we'll deliver with nice weather. you'll see low clouds and mist this morning especially by the coast. pretty comfortable this afternoon. near 80 san jose, 73 oakland and scho 65 for the afternoon around san francisco. new this morning, students who use the cafeteria at de anza high school in el sobrante have to make other lunch plans. fire crews are investigating a
5:31 am
blaze that started there overnight. damage is estimated about $1.2 million but it was limited to the cafeteria so school is open as usual today. also new this morning, almost nothing is left of trucks carrying supplies to nato troops in pakistan. suspected militants set fire to dozens of tankers that were headed to afghanistan. the pakistani government had blocked supply routes yesterday after three pakistani soldiers were killed in an accidental nato air strike. today it's back to business at the former nummi plant in fremont. tesla officially takes over. today in the bay's christie smith is live in free mont with a look at what will roll out of the production line. >> reporter: if you're considering an all-electric car, this is for you. you'll want to get out your checkbook. tesla will make the model-s sedan here. it's a car that seats five adults and is expected to have a battery range up to 300 miles. so far tesla says about 3,000
5:32 am
people have put down deposits to reserve the car, which they promise to start delivering on in 2012. they're also expected to make a couple other cars here. tesla has about 800 workers worldwide. they're recruiting more and the palo alto company is expected to have about 2,000 employees over the next couple of years. nummi opened in 1984 as a venture between gm and toyota. and tesla is reported to have bought nummi for about $42 million. initially they'll just use a portion of the plant here in fremont. when nummi closed about 4700 workers lost their jobs. many now reapplying. so far, tesla has hired about 30 of those former nummi workers and will hire more. job fairs are planned here in fremont late they are year. reporting live in fremont, christie smith, "today in the bay." >> thank you much. police say a man is behind bars this morning after leading officers on a chase that ended
5:33 am
in gunfire. police say a traffic stop turned into a physical struggle in san francisco's bayview district and as police tried to arrest the man, he got away, started his car and tried to drive off. officers shot at the man but they did not hit him. he was arrested a short time later. philip and nancy garrido are set to be in court today to answer charges together. a grand jury indicted the couple late yesterday. the garridos have been in custody for more than a year charged in the kidnapping and rape of jaycee dugard. prosecutors say they kidnapped dugard and held her captive 18 years in their backyard. dugard has two children allegedly fathered by garrido. four south bay teenagers accused of attempted murder in the stabbing and murder of two trick-or-treaters last halloween will be in court today. they're expected to enter pleas in santa clara superior court. it happened in san jose. police say the attacks were
5:34 am
gang-related but neither of the victims were gang members. a warning for east bay shoppers. scammers ripping off unsuspecting shoppers. scam artists using the picture of a 10-year-old boy to dupe marketgoers into giving spare cash. this hatching at several liquor stores. police say they're targeting the area along richmond's run real boulevard corridor telling shoppers he died of brain and heart disease and asking for money to send the body back to mexico. as they prepare for the first debate republican meg whitman is trying to survive a new scandal. she accuses democratic oh ponltd jerry brown of digging up dirt on the status of her former housekeeper. the housekeeper was an undocumented worker. she says she and her husband did not know about the status. but the woman's lawyer gloria allred says she has a note wile
5:35 am
with a handwritten note by her husband. the giants could be nl west champions by the end of the day. yesterday at at&t park, the giants finished the sweep against the diamondbacks. three different giants hit home runs. pablo sandoval knocking one into mccovey cove in the second inning. andres torres hit his bottom of the fifth. buster posey finishing strong to be named national league rooky the year. there it goes. he hit his 17th home run to score two runs. giants win 4-1. bay area sports fans now of course have a fever and the only prescription is more panda. there's your panda heads. all thanks in part to a splash landing homer from the panda
5:36 am
himself pablo sandoval. that one in the drink. the giants are just one game from making the playoffs for the first time since 2003 and fans at at&t park say it has been a magical ride. >> and they're going to throw down against philadelphia because we've got the better rotation. it doesn't matter. boom. and then bring on new york, bring on tampa bay. i don't care. san francisco is getting a trophy this year. >> while the team is taking it one game at a time the fans have it mapped out the rest of the season. giants would have to lose four straight to the padres to miss the playoffs. that would be the three final games of the season which start today. if that happened, if the padres swept them they would have a one-game playoff monday and the padres would have to win that too. a south bay food bank is going green to keep people from going hungry. second harvest food bank will unveil its new solar-powered system this morning in san jose. the sis telling will save the
5:37 am
food bank enough money to buy 315 pounds of food, enough to serve 630 more meals a day. it's funded by more than a million dollars in donation from cypress semiconductor. after three years of work, crews will open a small hole through the mountain today. it will then be expanded to an 8 x 8 hole and eventually a tunnel that will make it safer and faster for drivers in that area. highway 1 as you know is often closed by rock slides especially in the rainy season. but the new section is going to go through the mountain and then they get a brand new tunnel making it a lot better. beginning today you no longer need to pay a 25 cent fee on the temporary transit tickets purchased at the new vending machines at metro stations. the combination of the new ticket machine, the fairgate paper tickets and 25 cent fee have a lot of people confused. the paper tickets are meant for use by tourists and people who
5:38 am
don't usually use muni that often. they can be replenished and used for up to 90 days but many riders were confused about that and that they could not drop coins into the new fair gates. all right. keep that in mind. if you don't want to look like a tourist, don't carry that paper ticket either. look at the roadways where we have to pay our dues getting into the city, the bay bridge. very tough to see that upper deck shot from san francisco. that's why i wanted to show you because the fog will play an issue for the morning commute but you do see the headlights across the upper deck into san francisco. light volume here. no big deal at the toll plaza but l r. you'll see that slowing start about 10:30, the burst of traffic as folks come in for weekend activities. the hardly strictly bluegrass festival today. most of those groups are not bluegrass but still a lot of music and the giants playing in town. a lot of activity and a lot of
5:39 am
panda. another look at antioch. where i saw early slowing for highway 4. that has started to clear. about 5:30 is when we see slowdowns for westbound off of the antioch bridge. around 55 for a lot of those folks "a" through "l" street. livermore coming in from the alta montd pass and wind farm, a nice easy drive for friday. this slowing start about 6:45 for real slowing to show up here. get on the roadways and beat that rush. eastbound out of livermore slowing out of the area heading to sacramento and tahoe. another live look outside and see through sunol 680. northbound will be a real pain starting 2:30 as folks head north through livermore, pleasanton and 580. right now easy through the express lane. some slowing 7:30 or 8:00 but not quite as bad as monday through thursday. back to you guys. thanks a lot, mike. we're checking out the forecast with rob. it is friday. the weekend is here.
5:40 am
but it's a lot cooler. >> it is thanks to that sea breeze that started to crank up late yesterday. i've got clouds around oakland over to san francisco. 57 degrees. as mike pointed out you will run into the low cloud layer around the bridge span. northwest wind at 5. the big rock 'n' roll marathon san jose this weekend. fantastic weather. mid 70s and maybe upper 70s as we go through the weekend. so no worries about heat. great to get out and exercise and enjoy that around san jose this weekend. one item to watch this afternoon is this moisture trying to drift up out of southern california. areas from tracy to the east south and areas south of morgan hill may see clouds coming up for the afternoon. but the sea breeze wins in terms of our temperatures today. 65 fran. low 70s around oakland. 76 for petaluma. so the weekend looks breezy and mild especially sunday into monday. temperatures rebounding just a little bit by wednesday of next week. back to you. >> thanks. time now is 5:40. runners going to be rocking and rolling through the streets of
5:41 am
san jose this weekend. details on the rock 'n' roll half marathon coming up. and what is this thing? i'm going to show you how it can change the way you barbecue coming up in gadget friday. and the air you breathe could affect your chances of developing diabetes. we're going to tell you why.
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5:43 am
welcome back. you're looking at high temperatures expected throughout the bay. what a difference a week makes! it is 5:4 3. >> air quality may affect the chances of developing diabetes. new research shes a strong connection between adult diabetes and the smog. tracie potts is live in washington, d.c. with more on this kind of unusual disturbing
5:44 am
news. trac tracie. >> reporter: but it's good news for researchers because they know where to look in terms of what may cause or aggravate the condition diabetes. this was a study from children's hospital of boston. what they found was that in areas where pollution is the greatest, they also found a lot more people with diabetes. that doesn't necessarily mean it is the cause. but it gives researchers something else to go on. now, in terms of the pollution in your area, if you look just at san francisco county, the american lung association gave that county a "d" because of eight code orange days just last year. around the country, what this new study was able to do, they looked county by county at epa data and found that even in areas where the smog, the pollution was under epa limits, they still found an unusual number of people with diabetes. we do know that air pollution can affect heart conditions and heart disease and people with
5:45 am
diabetes are at elevated risk for that. but, again, a lot more research to be done on this new finding. >> interesting stuff. and of course we always have our spare the air days here so thanks for the update. new this morning, prosecutors could decide to add bias charges against two rutgers students in connection with the suicide of one of their fellow students. 18-year-old freshman tyler clementi jumped off a bridge to his death last week after two students allegedly streamed his sexual encou kouncounter with ae on the internet. he knew nothing about it. his roommate dharun raffy and mallory wie face privacy invasion charges. a senator in georgia fired a member of his staff for writing anti-gay comments on a gay and lesbian blog. republican senator saxby chambliss apologized to the blog's author. they traced the comment to the building that houses the
5:46 am
senator's office in atlanta. more than 1200 nasa workers do not have a job to go to today. several space shuttle workers left for good at the end of the day last night. many have been with the shuttle program since the '80s but the fleet is being retired and the program is being cut. congress just passed a $19 billion budget for nasa and did add one more shuttle mission. so some workers are going to stay on the job through june of 2011. but after that, another 9,000 will lose their jobs. time now is 5:46. you're watching "today in the bay." we'll show you what's happening on the roads and weather in just a few minutes. but this morning, workers and students across the bay area could be calling in sick. laura? playoff fever. >> is she going to the game without me? >> sleeping in to get ready. the giants end their seven-year playoff drought. today bob's redell live at at&t where the party is waiting to happen. good morning. >> reporter: good morning. the giants begin the three-game
5:47 am
series tonight here against the padres. all they have to do is win one of the games this weekend. it can be the one tonight, saturday or sunday and they'll advance to the playoffs for the first time in seven years. the giants do have the momentum. lately they've been en fuego having blown out the diamondbacks yesterday 4-1. here are a couple other numbers. 2,000, that's how much someone is selling a couple of seats for on craigslist. two seats in the first row right behind the giants dugout. that's for tonight's game against the padres. also has luxury box seats available for 10 grand. these websites are the best bet. we logged on this morning on the giants website and all of the box office seats are sold out. should be no surprise. game tonight 7:15 here at at&t park. here at at&t park, bob redell "today in the bay." >> good stuff, thank you.
5:48 am
all right. so in addition to the giants' game and we have the music festival at golden gate park this weekend, the south bay has an issue. not trafficwise. all of these showing a nice easy drive northbound. highway 7 starting to slowdown. likely it will smooth out because a light volume of traffic heading in toward downtown. but affecting downtown as well as a few other neighborhoods throughout the area, the vta line here but we have the rock 'n' roll half marathon going on. preparation starts saturday for downtown as well as the cory neighborhood. several affected buy that route. keep that in mind if you're taking some of the busses. there are a lot of lines affected saturday in through sunday. great event, a lot of music. come downtown. look outside, see the view. 2 80 northbound and 880 itself
5:49 am
looks clearly coming through oakland. we did see fog drift through this area yesterday. what does it look like for the weekend approach. we've got the low clouds. mist along the coast. you can't miss the forecast this morning. again, the fog is kind of low right there along highway 1 and around the highway 17 summit as well. cooler inland. 60s, 70s most of the inner bay. still 80s inland. the weekend, though, looks like temperatures cool off a little bit more. so today near 80 in san jose. once the low clouds break up. 76 hayward. san francisco about 65 and 76 later on for petaluma. so the weekend we're going to continue with the cooling trend. breezy and mild through sunday and monday. then some warming as we approach the middle part of next week. pretty nice weekend ahead. nice and comfortable temperatures for a change. check this out. scott mcgrue has his curling iron. this is man sized right here.
5:50 am
>> what this is -- and our producer joe explained that this will light a grill on fire. he says does it shoot fire. >> does it? >> he had that joe look in his face. >> maybe it does? >> that scott and brent and a thing that makes fire could cost somebody a job. we plugged it in, joe. look what it does. it blows hot air -- and i don't have a charcoal grill so i had to use my gas grill, which could use some cleaning. sets the little dry brush right on fire. we're going to fire it pup. >> you're going to? >> i am. fire in the hole. >> getting scared again. >> that's all it does but it grows incredibly hot air. about 1,000 degrees fahrenheit. >> really? >> i think it probably was spawned from one of those paint -- you know how you can strip paint. i think that's where they got the idea. >> start your grill?
5:51 am
>> it takes about 60 seconds and the coals start to glow. and then the coals take it from there. the same idea electric start but only with hot air. about 80 bucks. it's on >> if we could just get a flame to come out. >> that would be cool. >> just for the guy factor. can you set it down? >> it's got a little protective thing and as far as i know we can set it down safely. >> as far as he knows. >> we'll find out in a minute. if you smell and see smoke, somebody call the fire department. >> so far, so good. hp's new hire for the company and its top spot, some people think it's a head-scratcher on wall street. here he is, leo apotheker replaces ousted mike hurd as the new ceo. he is no stranger to getting the boot from a big company. he just lost his job running german softwaremaker sap because
5:52 am
of falling revenue. announcement caused hp's shares to slip 3%. he takes over for mark hurd who resigned over sexual harassment allegations. runners hitting the streets for the rock 'n' roll half marathon. steve hanson is a running coach and joins us with tips for the weekend warriors. thanks for coming by. talk a little bit about this wenl's event because there are several distances that runners can run or you can even walk, right? >> right. it's a great event with 13,000 participants and it's exciting. yeah, there's certainly a great number of people out here and there's a great number of activities they can be a part of. >> so some runners are going to be the serious runners. they're in training and in shape and good to go but a lot of people kind of come out for the day. as you mentioned, it's kind of a family-friendly fun event. so there are some people who may not necessarily be in shape. what kind of tips would you have
5:53 am
for them? >> the thing is i'm sure they've done some sort of preparation. and the thing is, get out and enjoy themsselves. you get in a festive atmosphere. all the bands on the course. enjoy themselves and i'm sure the excitement of the group will get them through. obviously, be smart about getting fluids. if they're coming out and trying to cover the course, i think that the adrenaline of the day will get them through. >> do you need anything particular for warm-ups or the right kind of shoes or all that kind of stuff or can you -- especially if you're not going to run the half marathon, maybe you're going to do the walk part, will you be okay with whatever you may have? >> their best option, get over to the expo and talk to people at the expo giving them good advice. by all means, if they're going to cover the distance they want to be in the right shoes. it's important to make sure they don't get hurt. i'm sure most of them have something they've exercised in but i would strongly recommend running or walking shoes for the
5:54 am
event. >> heat is not a factor but stay hydrated. thank you for coming in and sharing a few tips. a reminder, roger will be here later on to talk about it too. get ready for the rock 'n' roll half marathon. thanks. silicon valley hits the silver screen this weekend at the box office. "the social network" tells the story of mark zuckerberg, the harvard computer geek who invented facebook and made himself a billionaire in the process. rated pg-13. we're going to talk to the author that inspired the book behind the movie. "let me in" rated "r" where a little girl is tied to a gruesome case of murder and "case 39" also rated "r" about a troubled girl and her seemingly sadistic family. after a scare last year early indications are this halloween season will not be quite as spooky for retailers. >> this year we think there's more of an a tied for spending,
5:55 am
even $5 or $10 more. when you multiply that that's a lot of extra dollars going to halloween. >> retailers expect customers to spend about $66 each on tricks and treats this year. the national retail federation kind of breaks it down like this. $20 on candy. 20 more for decorations and the rest on the costume. here's some of this year's most popular costumes. experts say it's a tossup between buzz lightyear, lady gaga and alice in wonderland. >> do you mean the meat one? >> the gaga and vampire one could get meat head to head. a hat that once belonged to michael jackson was auctioned off in paris for $19,000. the king of pop wore the black fedora during three world tours before he threw it into the audience in nice, france, n. 1988. the fan kept the hat before deciding to put it under auction at a parisian auction house.
5:56 am
with taxes, the hat hit almost $24,000. howe do you know it's the same hat? how can you tell? >> $24,000, you trust the guy. >> better be right for $24,000. let's look at our weather today. this still comes for free. a built of a sea breeze keeping temperatures a lot cooler. warmest place probably by livermore 85. 83 around los gatos. notice the temperatures around san francisco and the coast only 65 today in san francisco. so take a sweat shirt if you're heading to the giants game this evening. oakland about 73 and inland highs in the low to mid 80s. the weekend will look a little cooler as the breeze picks up out of the northwest. staying mild early next week. a fire in an east bay school overnight may change a daily routine for a lot of students. >> some big changes ahead for the way we teach our kids swlt. one that could give you more schooling options. the other means eager learners will have to wait.
5:57 am
we'll take a look. forget the privacy rules. we have the nitty-gritty on the new facebook movie. we're going to talk to the author of the book it's faced on that chronicles the rise of facebook. coming up next. meanwhile, a live look outside. it is 5:57. ring ring ring ring. hey, your chicken noodles ringing.
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she thinks it's her soup huh? i'm told she's in the garden picking herbs. i'll hold. she's holding. wha? [ male announcer ] progresso. you gotta taste this soup. ring ring. progresso soup is only 99 cents when you buy 4 this week at safeway. shop now. the world's most well known terrorist releases a new statement overnight. here's the surprising statement that you might agree with. a rebirth at the old nummi auto plant in fremont. new jobs, new cars, new management. i'm christie smith. that story straight ahead. and the san francisco giants one game away from doing somethiney


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