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tv   Today in the Bay  NBC  October 5, 2010 3:30am-4:00am PST

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good morning. in fremont, the search continues for a suspect who brazenly mowed down a motorcycle police officer in broad daylight. >> see the evidence that could change mehserle's fate. we will let you nch if the former bart police officer could get a new trial this tuesday october 5th today in the east bay. >> good morning, everyone. it's 4:30. changes ahead in the forecast. >> some of those changes may
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include the need to have an umbrella and maybe around the east bay hills. oakland not a bad start and 58 degrees. look at the satellite and radar and thundershowers across the sierra. now the upper level low across the nevada, california border that will drift back into the central valley that means the east bay hilltops and may see a few showers later on. continuing the cool weather we saw yesterday and not quite as cold as places like san jose. low 70s for the afternoon around richmond and the inner east bay. upper 60s to near 70 no, sir oakland and around concord and pittsburgh. the seven-day forecast between now and early thursday, a chance of showers and probably the best bet will be wednesday and in the weekend, we warm up to near 80 inland. >> thank you. mike joins us. trouble in and out of alameda this morning. very unusual. >> very unusual. a nice flow of traffic. the posey tube is moving
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smoothly, but you might find activity. downtown oakland under the water towards alameda and into alameda, we have the closure that started after a major injury accident happened on the alameda side. a command post has been set up by the alameda pd and they're giving us updates. that will not reopen until about 5:00 a.m. mark the alternate on the bridge and a light volume of traffic right now. we will follow this, but minor impact to traffic except for the folks from oakland to the island here at dakota road. another accident overnight. one lane scheduled to be closed for a half hour. we will follow this. a car went off the roadway and is back on to the roadway and that has all the folk there is on the scene. back to you. >> let's go back to the tube for a second. take a good look at this. we received the sketch of a man
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in contra costa county say attacked a 43-year-old woman on saturday evening and attempted to rape her. we will leave it up for a little bit. the incident happened at the park regency apartments in walnut creek. it comes two weeks after a man sexually assaulted a 27-year-old woman in the same apartment complex pretending to be a karmt cleaner. the walnut creek complex has seen five assaults since june. investigators are not sure whether it's linked to previous attacks. crews are working to install a fence and security cameras at the front of the complex. >> the search is on for a man who rammed a police officer and today in the east bay's chris sanchez is live in fremont with the latest on the search. >> officers are serious about it. not only did he mow dounch a
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police officer, by all appearances and witness accounts he did so deliberately in broad daylight in the middle of the afternoon. this is what the search looked like when when they stopped the trains on the tip that perhaps there was something to see. officers searched by air. one person is in custody, but the police say the man who they believe was behind the wheel is at large this morning. the suspect description is not specific, but the description of what happens seems to make clear that the suspect knew what he was doing. >> i heard a crash and the motorcycle and in front of the van it was being pushed by the van going towards the poll. >> the police say the suspect stole the van from a fremont neighborhood while the rightful driver was making a delivery. about an hour later, the suspect
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plowed into officer pat bower, a 10-year veteran with the force, married with children. we will up date his condition later this morning. live in fremont, today in the east bay. >> nice to have you back. >> berkeley neighbors may be able to sleep more soundly despite a fr atm osphere. the suit accuses fraternities of drunk and disorderly conduct. they agreed to cut down on the overnight noise. the remaining 33 fraternities will continue to fight the lawsuit. three people in contra costa county are recovering for the west nile virus this morning. they have the first confirmed human cases in the county this year. health officials have not said where they live and we don't know which are affected, but two
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are from east contra costa and from west. the disease has not killed anyone since 2006 when two residents died. round two. the attorney for bart wants a los angeles judge to grant his client a new try. jean says they made the mistake mehserle did and the jury needs to hear that. >> he is waiting for sentencing, but his attorney said the former bart police officer should be back in court for a new trial. he filed a motion claiming he has new evidence. >> got that evidence from tazer international. >> after a jury found him guilty of involuntary manslaughter for shooting and killing oscar grant, tazer international told an expert witness about a mistaken case in kentucky.
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a police lieutenant shot a suspect when he meant to use his tazer. he was suspended for three weeks without pay and still a police officer. he said it's key evidence because the district attorney repeatedly told the jury no other police officer made the same mistake mehserle did so he must be negligent. the kentucky case challenges that theory. that may change a juror's mind. >> the same tazer, yellow in color, same weight as mehserle's and same location on the gun belt. everything is the same and he makes the same mistake mehserle does. we think clearly more than one juror, probably 12 would have changed their vote. >> it's a game changer, oscar grant's family said the motion is just paperwork. >> i expected it. it's traditional to do such. there wasn't anything that was significant or new. >> he admits the new trials are
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not often granted. >> it is infrequent. judges don't like to tamper with jury decisions. >> today in the east bay. >> the alameda county district attorney's office said it is reviewing the motion. it is expected to file a response, but this matter will not be discussed with the judge until november 5th when mehserle is expected to be back in court. we now know when a professional poker player will stand trial for murder. the trial of ernest scherer iii will begin on november 1st. he is accused of killing his parents in their castlewood country club. scherer used a baseball bat to beat his parents to death and stage the scene as a home invasion gone wrong. prosecutors claim the man was in heavy debt and killed his parents for a seven-figure
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inheritance. the second man will spend 15 years to life in prison. gene coombs was convicted of second-degree murder in the murder of matt garcia in september of 2008. coombs and henry williams were looking for a drug dealer when owed him money. they shot and killed him in a case of mistaken identity. williams was sentenced to 50 years to in prison. . 4:39 and this guy had a question. let me take you back to the scene. the webster tube is closed from oakland to alameda. scott was asking about the safety of the tube itself. there is no damage after an overnight accident, but a major injury is reported on the alameda side. that's the reason why they have the investigation continuing at this time. potentially past 5:00 a.m. that sounds like the time when
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they think things will be finished up. we have more deals coming in on the injuries reported. we will let you know as that develops. we will use park street bridge. we will be fine when they finished that investigation. this construction is scheduled to be picked up about now. northbound 880. the closure up to 92, that is still in plate as far as i can tell. you will be rerouted. no major impact because of the traffic. scott, we will send it back to you with the nice shot. >> thank you for the update. let's turn to rob and weather and rain coming in. possibly for areas south of the hills. no drizzle or rain right now and northeast wind into oakland. 58 in san francisco and not much fog. 56 currently in san jose. some of our headlines this morning, 40s and 50s to get your day started.
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you want a jacket this morning as we head through the afternoon. not a big warm up. 60s and 70s for highs and the trivalley and areas south, this will be the best bet. the low right now is off to the east. it will drift back and the bay area is on the outer fringe. 50s to get the day started and only low 70s in the lowest places. east bay and south bay showers over the next couple of days, mainly for the hill tops and we warm up and dry out in time for the weekend. scott? >> thank you much. 4:41. secret savings. the insurance companies don't want to you know about it. how to save hundreds or thousands of dollars and totally legit. loomins. ious. california's bills are piling up and you might have to pay. (announcer) you'd never wash your dishes in a dirty sink,
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>> welcome back. it's 4:44. looking at the high temperatures. walnut creek 73. a look at the bay bridge this morning, the state budget impasse lasted so long, california may have to start issuing ious instead of paying bills. lawmakers agreed on a way to close the budget gap, but they may not finalize the deal in time to pay the state's bills with actual money. the state handed out $2.6 billion in ious, just the second
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time since the great depression. today marks the 97th day without a state budget. one thing the candidates for governor agree on. meg whitman and jerry brown canceled the only radio debate of the campaign. the show was scheduled this morning on kgo. a representative for jerry brown's campaign said both sides talked about the debate and decided not to go forward. the gop is hurrying ads in support of carly fiorina. they were planning to save the ads until closer to election day. the campaign attempts to link senator barbara boxer to excessive government spending. the ads play on anti-incumbent sentiment and her 28 years in office. it shows boxer with a 47% to 41% lead over fiorina.
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>> good morning. 4:45 and we will take you out to the scene of an earlier lane closure just past access over to the dumbarton bridge. a car went off the roadway. a minor accident and the car is pulled and the accident scene is cleared. that's good news for one portion. just a little further north approaching the san mateo bridge. northbound is closed. overnight construction work had the entire freeway close and scheduled to pick up at 4:30. it 4 inactivity in the lane and keep that in mind. past the toll messrs.a and hayward streets. we have the slow lane close and that should go on until 8:00 a.m. no major disturbance because of a light volume of traffic heading over there. things are moving nicely so far.
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. the weather this morning is chilly in spots. 57 in oakland and we have winds out of the northeast at 5. not too windy like yesterday where it was gusty, but you want to keep the umbrella on stand by. we have showers to the east as a cutoff low will make for an interesting forecast over the next couple of days and move into the central valley for this afternoon. areas around the east bay and south of san jose has a chance of showers and this wobbles off to the west for tomorrow. san francisco south tomorrow probably a better chance of showers as the low lifts on to the north and heads out of california come thursday. highs will be cool and maybe not quite as cold as yesterday. upper 60s to low 70s. a mild afternoon. mid 60s for san francisco and close to 70 in oakland and low to mid-70s across the north bay and those will be the warmest today. keep the umbrella on stand by
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and we warm up for the weekend. 4:47 right now and let's go to courtney. good morning. >> good morning to you, scott. futures are higher after wall street took a breather from the historic september stock rally yesterday. even a report showing better than expected home sales could inspire investors to buy. asian markets were mix and japan did turn positive after the bank of japan and a surprise move cut interest rates to practically zero. europe is positive as well. one economic report on the state of the u.s. services over nonmanufacturing sector. the dow lost 78 points to start trading today. 10,751. the nasdaq was off to 2344. the justice department and seven states sued the major credit card companies monday. they claimed that mastercard, visa, and american express are violating antitrust laws with rules from encouraging consumers
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to use cheaper payment. the card companies and banks charge a fee to process the transaction, about 1% to 3% and they generate revenue from the fees. visa and mastercard settled, but a.m. explans to fight the lawsuit. >> we don't know when google tv will be available or what it will cost, but we have a better idea of what you will see. they have partners that include hbo, the nba and cnbc. cnbc has the same parent company as this television station. it will let you stream netflix movies. we expect to learn more about google tv in the next coming days. analysts are disappointed that they have not announced deals with traditional networks. >> you don't have to pay sticker price for health care. you could shave hundreds or thens off of hefty health bills.
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vicki shows you how to do it yourself. >> tammy taylor overwhelmed after a surgical complication landed her in the icu for 11 days. >> the bill was $500,000. >> there was insurance paperwork to find out what was cover and what she owed. >> i had a mound of papers like this. it was a full time job. you call and you have to talk to this person and you are on hold and a supervisor and they are not really a supervisor. >> ongoing care for her son's diabetes. >> these are test strips and infusion sets. it's all for one kid. >> both boys needed new hearing aids. >> you are talking about $5,000 a pair and up. >> she turned to copay solutions and they assigned a case manager to deal directly with the insurer to make sure she was not
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overcharged. it's not easy. there is money to be saved if you do it right and watch the angle. >> for a $50 moengtly fee and a portion of savings, the company creates a digital record of your health care bills and successfully overturn 70% of denied claims including the $10,000 worth of hearing aids for her sons. >> it's where all your expenses are tracked and the financial picture for health care is captured. we saved that patient thousands. >> your case managers know what language to use and they understand what should be covered. >> right. >> you can do it yourself. >> you need to take the time to spend. it can be meaningful. >> angie hicks is the founder of angie's list. they found 75% of people who negotiated their own bills cut the cost. some ended up paying half of what they owed.
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in one case a woman avoided paying her portion of the bill completely just by calling her surgeon's billing office. >> it was going to be $22,000. the insurance covered $18,000. they went and asked will you take $18,000 for the surgery and they did. >> if you go it alone, research beforehand and check out the cost and not just the doctor, but the anesthesiologist and the operating room. use a site like health care blue book to help you compare prices. request a super bill and check to see that the charges are correct. finally, ask for a deal. there might be a discount if you pay cash or pay in full or ask for a payment plan with zero interest. >> whether do it yourself or hire someone, take it from tammy, the effort is worth it. she didn't pay a penny of her $500,000 bill. for the first time in 11 years she didn't have to pay out of pocket for her son's hearing
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aids. >> being able to mail the papers and knowing someone else would be accountable for them took a stress off of me. >> today in the bay. this morning a manhunt is on for a suspected car thief who ran down a police officer on purpose. today in the east way is chris sanchez live in fremont with the update. >> reporter: police officers always take any search for a suspected criminal seriously, but when they are looking for someone who deliberately injured one of their own, it takes on a different spin. this is what the search looked likes officers stopped trains at a south hayward bart station and they also searched by air. one person is under arrest, but the man who police believe was behind the wheel is still at large. the description is not specific, but witness descriptionses of what happened leaves no doubt the suspect knew what he was
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doing. police say that suspect stole the van from a fre moment neighborhood while the driver of the van was making a delivery. about an hour later, the suspect plowed into officer brower. he is married with children. his leg and his foot are injured, but he is in stable condition at valley medical center in san jose. in fremont, in the east bay. >> we want to look at what's coming up later. we go to the newsroom where brent cannon is. >> thanks a lot, scott. clean energy is a growing industry and around the world. we will take a look inside a powerful new way to power your life and save money while you are at it. new rules for car safety seats. what car companies are going to have to do to make sure your family is safe on the road. just 28 days until election day and we have two new poll numbers showing big changes in the race for the governor's mansion. look for those stories and more in a few minutes on today in the bay.
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rob joins us. rob, bring in the forecast. >> for places towards the east bay and south bay, a couple of afternoons, you want the jacket with you. 40s and 50 skbz it stays cool. mainly highs in the 60s and 70s and the best chance of showers will be in the east bay and heading out to areas south of san jose. air quality not a problem. the showers for now are not a concern, but they are not far off. mainly east to stockton and modesto and the pressure across the border will do something strange and rotate to the west. it will put it in the central valley and close enough to maybe toss showers off to the east and south. today looking at highs near 72 in livermore. should get close to 70. 69 degrees around richmond and towards fairfield and north of santa rosa. the highs inland and low to mid
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70s. keep the umbrella on stand by. that will be the best bet is seeing showers and we start to warm up towards the weekend. back to you. >> thank you much. still ahead, fresh food, sour grapes. the card on one east bay city. that seems to be a cell phone in a toilet. if you had a cell phone and a toilet, don't do that. there ways to dry it off. a hair drier is the best way. there you go. we were talking about sour grapes. we will talk about that coming up and the new evidence that could change mehserle's fate. will the bart officer get a new trial? the giants win rallying the community and the staff at at&t park. we will look athe preparations under way for the playoff run.
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a manhunt is under way for a man who tried to out run the law and wound up running over an officer. >> we have a new suspect sketch to show you after a string of assaults at one apartment complex. a young girl snatched from her neighborhood as her mother helplessly tries to chase down the kidnapper. how you can help officers track down the suspect. it's tuesday october 5th today in the bay.


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