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tv   NBC11 News The Bay Area at 6  NBC  October 8, 2010 5:00pm-6:00pm PST

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and the conditions tonight are drastically different. >> as you can see from the hot. >> you can see in the opening shot, the flags are blowing out off the center field scoreboard. no pretense ever objectivity. we are rooting for the giants. >> for has been amazing. every corner of the bay area, they are jumping on board. we wanted to bring in the debbie downer syndrome? >> not again. >> you remember because you both were here. the giants and round one won their first game and lost the subsequent games. >> the marlins, right? >> i'm just saying game two is say lot different. usually the pivotal game. >> no question about it. >> tim lincecum was phenomenal. you don't see it too often. the two big stories, the controversial play. >> you bet. it was controversial. the giants got help from the umpires. bottom of the fourth inning, the
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only game came with the umpires. buster posey sliding into second base here. the television replays clearly show that buster posey was out and the second base umpire saw differently. the giants didn't complain at all. they ended up scoring the game's only run. rookies do this once in a while, good thing there is no instant replay. it's true. >> he was honest. >> very honest. a blown call like this leads to a lot of controversy and bitter feelings. with the braves, they moved on and maybe it was the southern manners. >> it was a tough break, but these guys wanted to win the game. it's not a make or break deal. >> this stuff happens. it's a bang, bang play. unfortunately it didn't go our way. >> very nice.
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the atlanta braves being honest. it didn't go our way, but we move on to game two. as jessica said, big daddy. >> that's right. the game obviously as we just were talking about it, matt is 26 and a right hander. yes indeed he has been strong down the stretch. the team in fact has won seven of his past eight starts. the only downside we remember that was last friday night. a scare with the loss to the padres. he was out quickly. but the giants are hoping kaine will pick off where lincecum left off last night. he's got the talent to do it, that's for sure. >> let's go giants! >> he's a crazy man. there he is. recognize that face? that madness. robin kill yams pumping up the crowd and huging it out with
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lucille. something freaky is going on. joe cool and his wife, jennifer taking in a game a couple of weeks ago and marissa miller throwing out the first pitch. all types of celebrities getting caught up back then and tonight there supposed to be big time people. dianne feinstein and speaker pelosi. barbara boxer also. who knows what other celebs we may find. >> mayor newsom will roll in again. >> maldonado will be here. >> they may be sitting together. >> equal time. >> this is the part of the program where jessica pays attention. we are talking about bling. >> you got my attention. >> as in world series ring. the giants have four members that already own a ring. let's start with pat burrell. pat the bat. among the four members, it is pat burrell who was part of the
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phillies championship team of 2008. he rode in the victory parade with his dog. juan uribe and aaron rowan are part of the team. they beat the astros that season. they played key roles for the white sox. speaking of key roles, edgar and the giants reserve shortstop knocked in the game winning run in the bottom of the 11th in game seven as he led the florida marlins in 1997 as they beat the cleveland indians. the giants are inexperienced for the most part, however they have key players with world series rings. what we saw last night, we mentioned it was incredible. the question now is when are we going to see tim pitching again. will we see him in the series? for that answer, let's bring in laura who joins us from the south beach marina side. you spent time with bruce earlier. what is the deal with tim lincecum? >> lincecum threw 119 pitches in
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his complete game shutout. that could make it a challenge for him to return in game four short rest. if there is a game four monday in atlanta. the giants are not interested in discussing that yet. bruce said today we will cross that bridge when we get to it. he did not rule his eighth out of a clinch or elimination game. as for what tim lincecum did last night, that's a buzz and for good reason. in order to succeed in the postseason, you need to be two things. good and lucky. in last night's game one, tim lincecum took care of the good. >> one of the best efforts i have ever seen and what a great job he did. >> he was incredible. a lot of stuff and everything. he was trying everything. it was fun watching like that. >> the giants ace rang up a postseason record 14 strike outs including three in the second inning when he struck out the side on nine pitches.
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prompting the question, has he ever pitched better? >> hard to judge what better would be. if you come out on top, that's good. a shutout as far as shutouts go, it's one of the better ones. >> i have seen good pitch games and a couple of perfect games and a no hitter. for me it's tough to find a more dominating effort than that. >> as for the luck, that was provided by the ump and buster posey. he scored the game's only run and not before a questionable steal. >> a good thing we don't have instant replay right now. >> we're will probably get a break. in a game like this, you take it. >> that was last night. that's up to the giants to take that into tonight's game two and force the braves to the brink and a little offense is key. >> we will go out there tonight and try to get the score. try to go out there and make something happen. i'm going to try to take a walk or take base hits.
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anything to get on. >> they are itching to get the second win and gives us a little bit more to go off of it. >> the giants have plenty of confidence in matt kaine, but they would feel better if they get more than the one run they gave last night. aubrey huff said the key, you have to get out early. they can relax adding that is when we are dangerous. raj, the key of getting on top right away. we will see if they can handle it on top making his first playoff appearance. you never know what to expect. >> laura from the south beach side of the entrance at at&t park. to wrap up, tim lincecum if needed, they don't want to, but he would go game four on monday in atlanta. also possibly game five back here on wednesday if needed once again. once again, the other series in the national league, it's the phillies and reds. we will see what matt kaine does. the most tenured member of the
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giants. all the spectators, we saw what lincecum did. matt kaine will try to come close. as for the braves, thank goodness is what they are saying they don't have to see lincecum for a few more days. >> he was lights out. we had two runners at second base the whole night and that was it. i don't know how many he struck out, but more than fingers on my hand. >> the number of strike outs was impressive. he pitches to hit every bat. that's the thing with him and his delivery and his ability. he may refuse to hit, but you probably not hit it because you might not look for t. you have to tip your hat to him. >> they are a bunch of nice guys. >> i saw bobby cox in the tunnel and he was like howdy. >> very nice guys. how good was lincecum? take a look. this is amazing. bob gibson, the hall of famer
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had 17 strike outs in terms of the playoffs. roger clemens back in 2000 had 15 strike outs. lincecum was 14. gibson and clemens led their respective teams to the world series. >> as you pointed out, raj, the braves did not blame the umpires, but when you strike out and have two base hits, it's hard to blame anyone else. >> in terms of matt kaine, everyone is looking for the signature victory. he has not delivered that. matt can do it. he didn't come through a few days ago against the padres. they are looking for the victory. >> we will look for it. >> fans all over the ballpark and across the street all over are opening for. live at the 21st amendment where the fans want to see matt kaine deliver. >> that's right. that's all they can talk about here. this game will start in about a half hour, but a couple of hours
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ago, this place was already packed. take a look at the crowd. they have not let up. fans trying to snag a seat. others trying to grab a bite to eat. black and orange fever very effo evident. they ordered extra kegs for each game day, not to mention having extra staff and refrigerators fully stocked with food. the giants say these playoffs reignited san francisco creating an energy that has people really coming together to enjoy the success of their hometown team. >> giants all the way. 3-0, all the way. >> it's electric. it really is. the people no matter if they go to the ballpark or not, they're excited about it. you see people on the street and they say go giants and they are not even wearing the colors. they enjoy the feel of it and
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the exuberance of the team. >> fans say this is the next best thing to being at the ballpark. they get around the other giants. . >> thanks, kimberly. >> you know what, all of a sudden it went from october weather last night to july weather. >> what a difference a night makes. >> 15 degrees and 20 miles per hour is the difference. jeff ranieri, what's happening? >> good evening. we are out here on the streets of san francisco where the people are flooding to the park back here on the right. over here towards the left, you can see at&t park back off in the distance. so far it looks like the weather forecast is going to be holding out. more on that game forecast and the weekend coming up. >> while the giants are hungry for another win, they help the
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team with the appetite. meet the man in the kitchen later on. meg whitman's nose is growing again. this time she's lying about jerry brown on taxes. but as governor jerry brown cut $4 billion in taxes and says no new taxes without voter approval. meg whitman -- her nose just keeps on growing and growing.
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of washington partisanship this is barbara boxer's california. trillions in reckless, wasteful spending. destroying small business. killing jobs. crushing hopes. we can change this, but only if we change the people we send to washington. california cannot afford boxer for six more long years. i'm carly fiorina and i approved this message. meg whitman is lying about jerry brown again...on taxes again.
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newspapers have called many of her ads untrue. fact: jerry brown cut taxes by $4 billion and says no new taxes without voter approval. but meg whitman's nose just keeps growing by the millions. october 4th, the year 2000. remember game one of the national divisional series. dare an baker looking on. burkes hits a three-run home run. that supplies the offense. the pitching staff took over from there. the giants win by a score of 5-1. >> i remember it well. they went on loss. games two, three, and four. >> you point it out. >> just warning everyone. welcome back. >> we have realistic expectations for the evening.
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>> our city covers live from at&t park. about 15 minutes until first pitch between the giants and braves. tommy hanson for the braves against matt cane and it should be a pivotal game. always a lot of fun. we saw the flash back. dusty baker's kid. remember how cute he was. he's now a grown up man about 10 years old. in san bruno and he has a bigger house, they are part of this community. >> trying to win a game tonight. we will get into that later. >> we will. how did you get here? >> i took four different forms of mass transit and think it's cold enough to take a taxi home. >> i drove up to the peninsula past the train. >> the train is a popular way of getting here. easy to come and fans come here and thousands of people take the
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train all the time to get here from the peninsula and drops them off across the street. fantastic location. they love that. >> nbc's damian trujillo and live at the station where he talked with a lot of those fans coming this way with great expectations. >> please. >> about a half hour ago, it only makes three stops and that still means the fans will get to san francisco about seven minutes after the first pitch. today is friday and friday is orange friday. you will see a sea of orange at the trains and the ballpark. the first train leaves at about 2 ti 2:40. picking up passengers from gilroy to san francisco. it's more and more the preferred mode of transportation. 400,000 chose the rail this is year alone. the fact that you can get to the
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game without getting behind the wheel is a big factor. >> the plan is to go out to at&t with my daughter and meet up with 40 other people and watch the giants win. >> 'the train? >> why not? if you are partying you need to go up and back. the train is the way to go. >> the train is no parking hassells. you talk to the person you are next to the whole time. >> celebrate the team. fans all over the place. it's great. some of them are express trains. live in san francisco, nbc bay area. >> damian, thank you very much. once you get to the city, you make your way to at&t park. that's what we will show you. are we going to take a shot of that left field? that's the left bridge next to the stadium. look how packed it is.
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about 20 minutes to make their way in and be in their heats in time for the first pitch for game number two. >> luckily a lot of those people knew to wear their fleece tonight. the weather has changed dramatically. i have blankets and it's freezing out here tonight. jeff rainiery is standing by live outside. what happened? it's so much colder than yesterday. >> it is cooler, but the fog is holding off for a large part across the stadium. if you come out to the street, a lot of people who do not have tickets and you get a lot of that body heat action. we will take you into the action here on the streets of san francisco. how are we doing over here? ready for the giants? >> yes. >> let's come on back here throughout where we are at. real quick, what's your names? >> alex from san jose. >> bay area! >> danny in redwood city. >> we talked about how you are a
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major giants fan. here's the trivia question for you. how many splash hits did aubrey huff score this year? >> are two. >> you are correct. hand me the bag over there. i have a parting gift for you. it's a giants poet bag. let's get to the maps. nothing like at the bar playing a little trivia. if you hit it, we are looking at temperatures from the low to mid 60s and as we look into fleet week, we are also looking at temperatures that will be in the low to mid 70s. we have new friends. these guys are awesome. they have tomorrow in the low to mid 50s and by the noon hour, mid 70s. by 4:00, temperatures into the low 80s across the bay area. it is cooler.
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we have a little fog. you know what, guys? i have my new weather barometer. are we back out live? it's hard to hear. we have tim lincecum bobblehead. i'm holding him as steady as i can. his head is barely bobbling. when you do that, it moves. we will have a sweet pitching game. the wind will not affect the giants too much. pretty scientific. >> very, very scientific. >> you look over your shoulder and i expect to see them all afternoon. there is none out there. >> you said it was holding off. you got goody bags. goody bags, bobbleheads and what's going on? we are missing the party. >> maybe they can give food next. it is dinnertime. we will take you inside the clubhouse and the personal kitchen. >> that's nice. >> we continue live from at&t he k about 12il t firsh.pitc ut u tilayhe
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first pitch. ith [ male announcer ] taxes.
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so who called prop 13 a "fraud" and a "rip off?" jerry brown. who raised the gas tax as governor, and pushed for higher sales taxes? jerry brown. who tried five times to raise property taxes in oakland? jerry brown. who supported higher statewide income taxes? jerry brown. and who says, if elected, he'll ask voters for even more new taxes? jerry brown. governor jerry brown, again? hide your wallet.
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1 o minutes left until first pitch. it must be baseball in san francisco. there you go with what may be some of the 42,000 people or so who are going to cram this stadium for game two against the braves. making their way in at the last second to make themselves comfortable to watch the first pitch. >> the braves will get a taste of san francisco weather tonight. >> they are getting ready in style. >> almost 44,000, the largest playoff attendant here.
6:24 pm
the second largest in terms of stadium. all these games are bigger in terms of attendance. it's dinnertime and we have celebrity chefs. thomas keller and how about the giants? they have their own personal chef that shows up every day. he's inside the clubhouse right now. we go behind the scenes. >> things are heating up where one man is responsible for feeding an entire team. the chef cooking since he was 16 and after making his way into culinary school, he started a catering company. >> i worked there from when i was 19 until about a year and a half ago when i started here for about six years. >> he was called up to the bigs before the beginning of last season. if you think he may be a little too young or even look it, so do
6:25 pm
the players. >> some guys come up to me expecting this old 40-year-old guy. sorry. >> for joe, the dream job for the san francisco giants came at a price. he wound up having to give up allegiance to his favorite team on the other side of the bay. >> i don't want to talk about that. i was an ace growing up and get it out there. that lasted about three days. >> that are wound upcoming easy than keeping a full roster fed and happy. >> hard to please everybody, but everybody has their own routine and the ball players are routine oriented. these boys better be nourish and the guy said it with a smile. >> he has to be happy. you have a good vibe in the area. i can't think about it too much. >> with the team chef, giants
6:26 pm
clubhouse. >> what a fun gig. >> this guy is a foodie. the giants are foodies. they love going to the restaurants and they love good stuff when they see it. >> when you sit down to have dinner, they are not eating, they are dining. >> and we are getting very close. we have fireworks behind us and we heard the star spangled banner and we know we are getting close. >> any guess on who is throwing out the first pitch? i know. want to take a guess? >> she is unopposed. >> not senator feinstein. i saw roger craig, the foernler giants manager. they will be honoring the 1987 team as well. >> very well. >> you go in and get warm and we will see you at 11:00. >> get me a panda hat.
6:27 pm
they look warm. >> still ahead, our giants coverage continues with a look at the skyrocketing cost of tickets for tonight's game. how tim lincecum's magic is leading to lighter wallets for giants fans. >> after several months, a mystery connected to a massive sinkhole in richmond is finally solved. >> on the brink of trial, three people charged in the torture af a tracy teenager reach a plea deal. we are in court and we'll you what the sentences are. >> the governor speaks to the bay area about the new budget deal and what it means for state workers. were b ak in two. ta meg whitman's nose is growing again. this time she's lying about jerry brown on taxes. but as governor jerry brown cut $4 billion in taxes and says no new taxes without voter approval. meg whitman -- her nose just keeps on growing and growing.
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meg whitman is lying about jerry brown again...on taxes again. newspapers have called many of her ads untrue. fact: jerry brown cut taxes by $4 billion and says no new taxes without voter approval. but meg whitman's nose just keeps growing by the millions. here at at&t park, the fans are pumped up. we can hear them cheering across
6:30 pm
mccovey cove. it's a loud crowd ready for baseball in san francisco. >> they are rearing to go and so close. we saw the fireworks and we heard the crowd going crazy. lots of antics on the field and they're getting ready because it's cold. tonight we will freeze out the atlanta braves. >> maybe. this is where it handle helps to keep you warm. the people crammed in to help watch the game number one. >> they're managed to squeeze in a few more, but how much is that going to cost you? >> a lot. nbc bay area's garvin thomas is back in the studio and taking a look at what seats are going for and how much would we have to shell out? >> i found out that the more ks that went up, the price of
6:31 pm
tickets was going up online. we heard from the ticket seller and the tickets from game two were averaging about $150 all week. after game one that, shot up to $200. here's a map of at&t park showing the seats that were available for tonight's game. the best in the house field club 119. there were tickets available from between $800 to $1,000. the cheapest is to the upper deck for that. 307. 48 ticks available. from $173 being the lowest one. over at ticket resellers, it's the same story. the top ticket on the field was selling for $2,000 before game time tonight. now, of course you are probably too late to get in on game two, but should it go games and return to at&t, there many tickets on line for that game. they are already costing more
6:32 pm
th $1,000. tom and jess, you can expect that number to rise as game time gets closer. let's be honest. we hope it never comes to that and hope the giants take care of business. >> indeed. >> i hope that lottery we have and that lottery is overwith. >> when we come in, there is a primeau parking lot across from the stadium. when you go in, it's $19. last night i looked, $75. >> i saw the sign. >> for baseball is not your thing and what doesn't like baseball, it's hopping. >> it's a big weekend. san francisco will be jumping with jets, ships, parades. nbc bay area shows us what it means for local businesses. >> double cheese and a fries.
6:33 pm
par per a weekend of sizzle from san francisco. >> we have fleet week and the giants are here in the playoffs. >> that are means plenty of actions for the grill. >> the giants are in the playoffs and fleet week. >> lots and lots of hamburgers. more hamburgers than you can imagine. >> the weekend -- >> they are enough business? >> the manager loves to hate. >> exciting for me and a lot of work. he expects big things. >> we will probably sell about 1600 hamburgers over the weekend. 200 or 300 hot dogs and that's a good weekend. >> the navy ships and giants are not the only games in town. the niners play at home on sunday.
6:34 pm
the chinatown 1010 festival and the operate. >> it's a shot in the arm. >> a positive shot in the arm. >> fans roaring to the orange and black and burgers flying off the grill, it may be one of the weekends you don't forget. nbc bay area news. >> so yes, it is going to be busy. we know the san francisco giants will be headed to atlanta after tonight's game. the oakland raiders will be playing the san diego chargers at home on schbltd we have that crowd coming in too. the best idea for all of this is to take public transportation because it will be bad driving around the bay area with so much stuff going on. >> don't try to get across the bay bridge this weekend. >> huge concerns about the budget, but the governor signed a newly approved $87.5 billion
6:35 pm
state budget officially. a 100 day standoff with lawmakers. the governor vetoes $962 million in spending. >> as scott budman shows us, that will mean big changes. the california budget is still something of a mess, but at least there is a budget to sign. governor schwarzenegger came to the bay area to talk about how small businesses will benefit and how long time pensions will be cut. >> this will save mentions as up to $100 billion over the years for decades to come. par are notice new taxes and fees, but a plan to roll back reform to where it stood in 1999. that is having to delay retirement by five years. >> this is about fundamental
6:36 pm
fairness and equity and justice in our society. the american dream was founded on the idea that we work hard and we enjoy the fruits of our neighbor. >> even while praising the deal, they admit it's largely a everal stray dogs,
6:37 pm
each representing a different example of dog behavior. the spca extended the behavior
6:38 pm
after last week's deadly shooting of a family pet in a burglary call. >> i have been in the scenario where i have gone into back yards where dogs see it as their territory and i have been chased out of yards by aggressive dogs who are family pets. i had dogs all my live and i love dogs. we just have to, my responsibility is give my officers more skills and tools to make sure we do the job. >> the spca said this was the first of many lessons to be learned in november. rank and file officers will get their own animal behavior demonstrations. the spca plans to make education programs a permanent project. >> it was a horrific story. a 16-year-old boy held captive and tortured. the prosecuteors have reached a deal with three of the four people involved in that case. our reporter from the nbc
6:39 pm
station in sacramento has more. >> hiding her face entering the courtroom to plead guilt to 19 criminal counts. next, carmen ramirez, the one-time guardian and michael schumacher, kelly's husband. they all pled guilt to mayhem and false imprisonment and there is a gag order in this case, but the deputy da explained why a plea bargain is desirable. there three minors. that's a huge consideration. >> those are the children of schumacher. it happened in tracy in 2008. residents are happy about the pleas. >> i think it's good because i understand it was pretty bad on the kids. i think they got what they deserved. >> i'm glad that's done and overwith and the neighborhood can move on and i'm happy that
6:40 pm
the children are going to be left out of the court process. >> in december of' 08, they spotted the shackled eimateiated teen. the boy said he was a run away and taken to the home. for months he was chained, strangled, cut, burned and beaten with a baseball bat. >> at least one mystery is solved crews working on the sinkhole found a second car that was long thought to be buried inside. the car was raised late this afternoon. it was buried in april when a 30-foot deep sinkhole opened up. the hole swallowed a car that was recovered a few days later. a second resident reported her car missing. that was never found until today despite extensive work on the sinkhole. they expect to find out what caused the sinkhole, the $64,000
6:41 pm
question later this month. >> it's remarkable that they didn't find the car until now. the woman maintained until now. >> they haven't found what caused the sinkhole. >> still ahead tonight, under the knife. believe it or not, a sea lion underwent plastic surgery following a very high profile incident. we will have that story coming up. >> a foreclosure bombshell from bank of america as people from all over the state lineup for days to get into a foreclosure fair in sacramento. >> good evening. i'm jeff rainiero the streets of san francisco. there is 41,000 sold out, the streets of san francisco are getting busy. i'm making sure they are not getting too rowdy. u will have etstre tls andheeehe w street f a the weendaskeec mit, fng up. [ whitman ] they say california can't be governed anymore.
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i say baloney. this state belongs to all of us. we just have to decide we want to change. i know government isn't a business and it shouldn't be, but the same values of accountability and focus
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that make california businesses among the best in the world could do a lot to fix sacramento. i'm on a mission to create more jobs, stop wasteful spending, and improve our schools. let's get to work. ♪ the real estate industry is
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in more turmoil. bank of america is freezing foreclosures in all 50 states because of flawed paperwork. it comes after an official admitted to signing thousands of do you means a month without reading them. they stopped foreclosures in some states. >> even if foreclosures are being stalled, thousands are in the midst and looking for answers trying to figure out how to save their homes. thousands are traveling from sacramento for a foreclosure fair. jody hernandez tells us what they can find and if they can hope to save themselves. >> hundreds of struggling and stressed out homeowners from across the bay area are flocking to sacramento this weekend, hoping to save their homes from foreclosure. >> if you have an unaffordable mortgage, you can sit in front of your lender face-to-face and
6:45 pm
explain to them what your personal circumstances are. >> a nonprofit neighborhood assistance corporation of america brought countors, lenders and homeowners under one roof at cal expo. frank and anita moore who got laid off from at&t after 29 years are among them. >> i'm disappointed in theaf everything that happened to us and the economy. i feel like i let my husband down. i can't find employment. >> she over-wellmed how many others are in his shoes. >> the disaster is in my heart. i can't imagine everybody is here. i say i'm not alone. at least there is help. >> we are told to help 40,000 homeowners. nobody will be turned away. the warehouse will be open 24
6:46 pm
hours a day, day and night for the next four days. >> the hope is to save homes, sometimes save marriages and even people come up to me and say saving lives. that's how personal it is. >> people have come with their little ones in toe, prepared to camp out for days. they say it's worth it if it means having a house to go home to. >> all i can do is pray we get it. >> jody hernandez, bay area news. >> it is a heart breaking situation for the families. >> for a lot of people, that's for sure. if this is july weather in san francisco, the sun is going down and things should warm up right now. i don't think that's going to happen. >> i think we are having an anomaly. jeff rainiery is outside. aren't you cold? >> it is a little bit chilly. i have a jacket on. the fall for the most part is holding off. we will have details on the starting pitch and game day
6:47 pm
forecast coming up. a look at the weekend. hi! welcome to come on in, and i'll give you a free quote. quote and compare in about 8 minutes. now, that's progressive. call or click today.
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the bay area's most famous sea lion is recovering for a little plastic surgery. sergeant nevis was made for the deputy who helped rescue him after a fisherman shot him in the face.
6:49 pm
>> he's a lucky animal that missed vital organs. a matter of inches and he would have been a dead sea lion. we are really, really glad for that and now we are hoping we can repair the rest of the damage and dot right thing for him. >> the surgeons have to close two holes above his nose. his injuries had to be hand fed. he will keep living at seal cove at discovery kingdom and he adapted very well. he is a favorite with staff members and likes to move from pen to pen on command and does allow veterinarians to treat him which at the beginning he was skiddish and who can blame him after being shot, but he is adapting. he will be a big star attraction when we can visit him. >> i'm sure he will be. tonight's weather around the ballpark is really a tale of two willie statues. if you are by the willie
6:50 pm
mccovey, it is cold. we are right on the water. if you are at the willie mays statue where jeff is, apparently -- >> it's more toasty. >> it's not so bad. tell us what's happening. >> it's not so bad. the fog is holding off. they are hoping to keep me warm. despite the fact that you don't have giants colors on. you are a giants fan? >> absolutely. i'm jennifer bennett from napa california, live in san francisco. >> what do you think will happen tonight? this is the expert analysis. >> expert. victory. >> any take on the score? >> good. >> what's your name? >> bill. >> and? >> katie. >> barbara. >> i have my flag bag. i can't promise you much, but since you do not have any giants here, how about this cute tote
6:51 pm
bag. i want you to use that instead of your purse. >> i am. >> thanks a lot, appreciate it. thanks for coming out and let's get a look at the weather graphic. i will get you guys a beer or something. let's get a look at the weather graphics. we know the first pitch already happened. the giants on the field now against the braves. we are expecting the temperatures in the upper 50s. 10 to 20 miles per hour. the fog for the most part with the low clouds are holding off. that is the good news. we also have game three in atlanta as we head into sunday. we can hear the fans cheering. something good must have happened. temperatures in the mid 80s and a warmer game for them as we head into sunday. fleet week happening this week and temperatures are going to be in the low to mid 70s. a look at the weather headlines and we will show we have fog in the morning, but overall a warming trend for the east and the south bay. we get in on low to mid 80s for
6:52 pm
saturday and sunday. now there is a big system offshore. it's going to head to the north and miss us here in the bay area. that will leave us in the clearing and warming. as we head into tonight, temperatures in the low to mid 50 no, sir san francisco. you guys are getting quiet. what is going on? all right. got to love the power of having a mike. if you head into the 8:00 hour, temperatures warming into the mid-70s and by 4:00 p.m., low to mid 80s. we are giving you a shot of the sky out here. the fog is holding off and certainly is chillier out here. the seven-day forecast with temperatures are going to be in the low to mid 80s for saturday and sunday. gradual warming and great beach weather mixed in as well. back out here live, no fog in the skies, but it is chillier as you have been noting. take a look at this. come on over. we have my official weather tool.
6:53 pm
the tim lincecum bobblehead. his head is barely moving. that will mean a pretty sweet pitching game for us tonight. if his head was shaking like this, that's no good. when it's steady like this, that's good. that's not good. >> good moenl mojo for matt kai. >> the blue angels don't fly when it's foggy. there is a good chance we will see them on saturday and sunday? >> in that goody bag, do you have a scarf or a muffler in the goody bag? >> i do not. but i have other things. i will bring it down to you guys. it looks good. you should be holding on. thank you. >> we'll be right back. m. and shipped jobs to china. china. india. russia. poland. i know precisely why those jobs go.
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6:57 pm
save two teams. they will meet again in stockholm tomorrow. i think we had a home run. >> something good is going on behind us. that will be the big question. are they going to make it 2-2? we will have the giants coverage continueing for at&t park where they are partying and celebrating. we will have all the highlights we will have all the highlig"!1. we are also going to take to you meet the man who makes the music. what does it take to get 40,000 fans pumped for the playoffs and also a health care nightmare and just what the doctor ordered when your experience company said no to your prescriptions. we will have all that together. we put on the giants. >> they are. they come from see you tonight at 11:00. the giants. [ male announcer ] .
6:58 pm
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