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tv   Today in the Bay  NBC  October 12, 2010 5:00am-6:00am PST

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we will you what undecided voters are saying this merng. >> a red light goes up at an intersection where a hit-and-run driver killed a little girl. >> red flag warnings around the bay area and heat warnings as well. how it will affect your neighborhood today in the bay. good tuesday morning. >> we begin with breaking news anding your morning commute for folks in the south bay. >> we will take you out to a not good morning for folks on highway 87 northbound. after 4:30 this morning, the northbound side was completely closed about 15 minutes ago they
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reopened one lane from our chopper shot. live over the scene at about kurtner avenue they have the freeway closed up to the one lane that. is causing back up and the chopper will pan back and the approach with the capital expressway. starting to build because of the volume of traffic through the area. there is north of the scene and south of the scene. you saw the traffic flow reduced to lane after an early morning deadly accident involving a motorcycle and another car. the series of two or three other accidents along that stretch demanding further investigation have caused the freeway to continue to be closed until 10:00 a.m. that's the latest update we have. we have more activity north of the accident and the bulk of the commute is starting to build. the maps show you an alternate. the alternate for you on the egs press way north of both of the scenes, presumably closer to downtown. look at the build up happening. you will see more slowing and
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101 we see the slowing on 680 as more folks head there. we will continue to follow this and we will give you an update in under 10 minutes. >> thanks a lot. we have developing news out of aspect ok. firefighters have been battling a two-alarm fire at a large complex at 2800 gentry town drive. the road at the top is buchanan. that gives you a point of reference as to where this is happening. firefighters say at this point they have it under control and there no reports of any injuries. however seven apartment units are so badly damaged that nobody can live in them. four were destroyed by the fire and three suffers severe water damage. >> now to decision 2010. tonight's big gubernatorial debate. jerry brown and meg whitman both dodging controversies. we expect to hear more about whitman's former housekeeper and jerry brown's staffer using language to whitman.
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money used to fund attack ads. christie smith is live in san rafael with more questions the candidates may face. good morning. >> good morning to you. we have been speaking to a few students up bright and early at dominican university. they are excite and saying it comes down to what they hear about the economy and about education. specifically they want to hear about education funding. they want to hear from republican meg whitman and democratic challenger jerry browno what specifics that will they will do if elected governor of california. the state has a $19 billion deficit and they told us they want a leader who can take the state in a new direction. student does not want to hear much about whitman's housekeeper or brown's staffer and what that staffer may have said. here's what a grad student told us. he said he will be ark r attending. >> i have left leaning
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tendencies, but i would say brown. i would not rule out meg whitman if she convinces me especially on the education issue. >> for the debate, there 770 seats given out through a lottery system. the university issing me they got 4300 requests. a hot ticket. the spokesperson said they have been getting questions e-mailed to them, hoping they might be passed on and answered in the debate. reporting live here in the bay. >> tom brocaw will moderate and playing hurt this morning. scott continues our coverage with that. >> you talk to folks and his leg is over there on the right up on a table. he is not being casual. he broke his ankle. the former nbc news anchorman said he is fine.
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he will be asking very tough questions of the candidates. he will have questions he said he will not necessarily ask the same question of each candidate. they may be very different. he will try to knock them off script. there is a lot of criticism particularly of meg whitman of sticking to talking points and someone has to knock both jerry brown and meg whitman a curveball to get the real answers that voters want to hear. we have full coverage tonight on nbc news and on as well. >> thanks a lot. it will be important to keep them on track. the debate will air tonight. predebate coverage starts at 6:00 and the debate at 6:30. stay with us for indepth analysis after the debate. you can see it live and participate in live blogging at
6:06 am >> the giants are back in san francisco. we picked up this video this morning as the guys got off the bus and into their cars. no doubt exhaust friday the celebration after beating the braves 3-2 to move on to the national league championship. we turn our focus to game one on saturday. today in the bay's bob redell is live looking for fan who is were up early or maybe still are. good morning. >> you better believe this will be the talk of conversation and the main topic this morning at the pine crest as the sports cable news channels are showing the highlights of last game. the team still on cloud nine as they get to go into the championship series. their bodies did come back down to earth as the plane from atlanta landed at sfo around
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3:30 that the buses dropped the team back off at at&t park. a tired team anxious to hit the hay and gear up for saturday's game against the phillies. here was the team president from all the cheering against the braves. >> exciting. everybody is getting ready for another trip working out and getting ready for a tough team. it's a good thing to have. >> what was the plane ride like? >> everyone was really happy and knowing there more games to win. very, very happy. >> do you know what's next? >> enjoy it right now. >> enjoy it right now? >> that was second baseman freddie sanchez. briskly walking with a pillow and a vision of a pillow in his head to get shut eye after a long flight to the west coast. after the win last night against the atlanta braves. they have to start all overcome
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saturday when they will number philadelphia taking on the phillies for game one of the championship series. reporting live in san francisco, bob redell today in the bay. >> exciting. thanks, bob. >> there is time to celebrate and enjoy the victory over the braves for the national league division. up next is the phillies. game one is saturday and the starting time has not yet been announced. the pitchers will likely be tim lincecum and roy holliday. lincecum giving up just two hits and no runs and struck uh 14 batters. that was a great performance, but halladay threw a no hitter. it could be a great pitcher's dual. stay with us for more giants fever coverage. more live reports coming up, including from enemy territory in philadelphia at 6:45.
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>> pa new community traffic ligt in hopes it will save lives. we are telling about it because it's in a school zone. an 11-year-old was hit and killed just three months ago. neighbors say a lot of drivers speed in that area. the volume starts to increase about now throughout the south bay. northbound 87, consider it closed. here's the shot from the chopper. traffic is getting by and one of the accident scenes northbound between capital expressway and kurtner avenue, most of the freeway is closed. the shoulder at the initial scene. the back up with capital
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expressway and another closure at kurtner. another at capital. consider that stretch closed. take the almaden expressway and get back on past the scene or take monterey highway or highway 101. 101 starting to show the slow down. we will expect to see more folks there as an alternate to 87. the bay bridge with a back up in the cash lanes and no metering lights yet. approaching the maze, but that south bay is a major problem. we don't have any word when it will clear. we are following it closely this morning. >> thank you very much, mike. >> following the forecast closely as well. it will get hot to the point that there warnings out there. >> excessive heat warning for san francisco later on. 70 this morning. look at the wind northeast at 60. reaching the peninsula and napa at 71. humidity is way down. 18% and north east wind at 7. that's the reason why the hills have the red flag warning.
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68 in livermore and also dry and breezy. oakland is 60 and into san jose not much wind, but 61 under clear skies. red flag warning is up and excessive heat warning for san francisco up towards richmond and areas around the inner bay. we could see highs in the 90s. today around the bay, close to 90 in san jose. 95 in livermore and look at santa cruz reaching the coast. warm up and dry out to the seashore. we will see 90s across the north bay as well. hot inland through thursday and the sea breeze picks up and we cool off through the weekend. >> meantime it's 6:11 and president obama is coming to california next week. we will see who he is going to support. >> what they are saying in the debate will tell half the story. how they really feel, coming up. >> hundreds of nurses are on the picket line in the east bay. find out why, next in a live report. [ male announcer ] taxes.
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so who called prop 13 a "fraud" and a "rip off?" jerry brown. who raised the gas tax as governor, and pushed for higher sales taxes? jerry brown. who tried five times to raise property taxes in oakland? jerry brown. who supported higher statewide income taxes? jerry brown. and who says, if elected, he'll ask voters for even more new taxes? jerry brown. governor jerry brown, again? hide your wallet.
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40 million. yeah, that's more than geico and progressive combined. by a lot. 40 million drivers. more savings. and discounts up to 40%. where else you gonna get discounts like that? call an agent at 1-800-state-farm or go online. taking a live look outside overlooking san francisco. expected highs across the bay area. san francisco 92 and san jose is 90. oakland is 89. voters in the east bay will be weighing in on a big decision that affects women. measure bb is considered a crime-fighting tool to keep the streets safe. it fights rapes, robberies and domestic abuse. opponents are holding town hall meetings to let people know what it's about. it's a revision of measure y, a
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voter-approved bill that brings in $20 million a year. >> when there is a shooting in oakland, we are at the hospitals and the funeral homes because that's a part of the violence in oakland. >> those who are against measure bb said if it haszs, they are not sure if the money will be properly used. a lot of promises were made with measure y money and promises that were not kept. >> attorneys general will announce a huge investigation into bank foreclosures today. california is deciding whether to join in. they want to know if lenders broke laws when taking back homes from delinquent borrowers. it's a process called robo signing. bank affiliates quickly sign off on paperwork without really reading or reviewing the thousands of required do you means. >> the fear is if this practice is taking place at a couple or all of the servicers.
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>> investigators want to know that people are losing their homes are losing them for legitimate reasons. >> nurses will walk the picket lines this morning. they have not had a contract since july and don't like the new proposals, saying that the latest would cut benefits. chris sanchez is live at oakland's children's hospital with more on what is happening this morning. chris? >> reporter: good morning, brent. these are nurses used to providing patient care, but they will be out on the picket line. more than 700 of them. they say it's because it's not about the money. it is about being treated fairly and being able to recruit the best nurses for this hospital. here's a big problem with that contract they have been going back and forth over. the hospital said they cannot afford to give more raises over three years. the nurse his three raises over the past three years in the last contract. the hospital can't afford to do
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that now. they want the nurses to kick in oust pocket expenses for the health care benefits anywhere between $11 and $311 a month. that can be a burden on a family, however there options that don't cost the nurses or the employer and the hospital is paying the full benefit. there is one option that requires them to pay out of the pocket. we will talk more about that later on and we want to make sure if you are a parent who needs specialized care for your child here in oakland, they are ready to provide the maximum care at the levels that they are used to. they are pearing baairing back couple of things. >> we're will be near normal operations. we will have nurses who are managers in a specialist that works at the hospital. a group that comes in to train in pediatric care.
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>> this hospital being able to provide the kind of care it has been, it needs to have the nurses there to do it. now more than 700 nurses say they will be out here and they agreed to do so with the union. that's something that the supervisor said really has a lot of nurses torn. they want to be here on the job and they don't want to be out on the picket line, but that's what they have to do to get what they need for themselves and their family. we will talk more about this late or this morning. live in oakland, today in the bay. >> thanks a lot, chris. >> are to decision 2010 this morning. pollsters predict that republicans win big as the election approaches that. depends on how individual candidate dos in their districts. democrats are behind and doing their best to separate themselves from the white house. republicans are trying to lead the democrats to president obama.
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focusing on topics like big spending and health reform. >> obama health care will be there as long as obama is there. democrats say the spending helped the economy. >> san francisco district attorney harris is getting a big endorsement for the state attorney general. president obama is supporting harris over republican steve cooley. the president and harris are old friends. she cochaired the campaign for president two years ago. president obama said harris understands the needs of all americans and he needs allies like her fighting for change across the country. meantime, coolly is getting support from papers all up and down the state. the bakersfield californian, fresno bee, l.a. times and sacramento bee endorsed him. the president will make a california stop before the november election. he will be in los angeles on october 22nd to support barbara boxer. she is in a tight race with republican and ceo carly
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fiorina. on october 27th, the first lady, michelle obama will be in los angeles campaigning for boxer. >> of course meg whitman and jerry brown will face off tonight. you can see it right here on nbc bay area. something we want to listen for is how the candidates respond. literally. kimberly hill is associate professor of theater and dance at santa clara university. she joins us live. thanks for getting up early. it will be interesting to watch tonight. it's not just what they say, but how they say it. >> indeed. i think one of the things you want to look for and think about is have they said the same thing over and over and over again. when they stray from the script or are caught off guard, you will see real improvisation. whether or not they improvise with clarity and bring their
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answer back to something they have already said is one of the things you will see them try to do. to try to stay on script or on point as much as they can. >> do you think nerves come to play for everyone on some level? obviously some more than others? >> absolutely. it's a scary thing to get up there and try to talk to a bunch of people on something that is very important like the country. it's hard to make sense of a lot of complex issues and when they have to adapt that message to meet all of the audience members somewhere close to their heart they will find themselves stuttering much like i am and breezing and having nonverbal interjections and things like ums and pauses of thought to compose their thoughts quickly. that allows them to be heard by mass of people. >> do you think it's different when you face a crowd like a
6:22 am
crowded room as opposed to knowing that you are facing the potential of millions of viewers on television? they are not in the room, but they are out there. >> definitely because with the crowd it's a controlled environment. you know the audience that you are about to address. it's at a conference or a debate where the audience is primed about what they are about to hear. you know that audience and what to sort of expect and you have been trained by the preparers to handle those questions. when you are talking to a wide group of people across the airwaves, there so many different people out there with different opinions and impressions. it's much harder to tap into something that means something to them. >> it will be interesting to watch. we appreciate you joining us early this morning. >> you can take the deep breath. you are out now. we don't need t. thank you. just a few days aftershocking the world with the
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announcement about robot cars, google is surprising everybody and scott has that for us. >> robot cars. i'm trying to get over that. now the mountain view company is spending billions to lay a cable in the atlantic ocean connecting an offshore wind power farm with the eastern seaboard. you think the world's largest extension cord. google will not fund it alone. but still the scale of the project putting wind farms out in the middle of the ocean and connecting to them is absolutely staggering. as you mentioned, the second major announcement the company in a few days. i just got off the phone with log tech who said their version of google tv may not be available for several weeks. earlier reports said it might hit shelves as soon as today. it will be the sony television that hits stores today. there is a lot of anticipation about the google box which will be made boy a variety of
6:24 am
manufacturers. it will compete with apple and a lot of people want that internet television. if you have xbox or playstation, you can do it already. it is an exciting development in television. >> makes it seamless. why didn't they do that before? >> exactly. >>es lik that new logo from gap. we will you more about it coming up.
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as governor, he balanced budgets without raising taxes. and california created 1.9 million jobs. as attorney general, jerry brown took on wall street banks, mortgage scammers and public officials stealing from taxpayers. at this stage in his
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life, jerry brown has the independence to make the tough decisions california needs. as governor i'll cap government salaries and pensions. on the budget, we have to face reality. make do with what we have. and no taxes without voter approval. jerry brown, knowledge and know-how we can trust. good morning to you. it looks hot no matter where you look. mid-90s in livermore and offshore winds are pushing the warm air and making it warm up and dry out out to the coast. near 90 in santa cruz and low 90s and excsive heat warning for today and tomorrow and across the north bay, highs in the 90s. station hot inland through about thursday and things cool off to the 60s and 70s into the weekend. it's 6:26 and fire crews at
6:27 am
the scene of an apartment fire. >> the giants will play for a spot in the world series. we will look at the upcoming series the new with the phillies. >> the final gubernatorial debate happens tonight. what people hopeeatea fm thean candidates in a live repo, next. [ male announcer ] build your better breakfast at subway with the $2.50 breakfast combo.
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oscillococcinum, nip it in the bud. good morning. in oakland, nurses are starting to gather outside children's hospital preparing for a three-day strike. what they want and what it means for patient care coming up. the giants are moving on to philadelphia. find out when you can chant beat phillies, today in the bay. good morning and thanks for joining us. >> i'm larry garcia cannon.
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we start with breaking news and we want to turn to mike right now. >> right out to the chopper whether where they have a live shot of what's going on and what isn't. crews continue to clean up and investigate the scene of a number of beings on the northbound side after 4:00 a.m. for the initial accident with a motorcycle and a car. turns out there is a deadly accident reported along this string three or four accidents. you see folks funneling towards the shoulder as you get by and the back up is all the way from highway 85 where it's slow and the freeway is considered closed. folks getting by on the shoulder up until kurtner avenue where it clears up. we will show you the alternate local to the area. use almaden to stay clear of that. forcing folks over to 101 and the bay bridge, the metering lights are on. the commute is on and this traffic is heading into san
6:31 am
francisco. we will follow both of these and another update in 10 minutes. >> it will be a trouble spot. meantime, i want to check in with rob and the potential trouble in the forecast and warnings of how hot it will get today. >> the warnings we are seeing in napa, look at how warm and dry it is. 71 degrees and humidity 18% offshore winds driving down humidity levels and cranking up the temperatures. no escape from the heat. san francisco near 92. 90 in san jose. even 90 near santa cruz and excessive heat warning around the inner bay. how long the heat will stick around in the full forecast in a few minutes. brent? >> thanks a lot. more developing news out of antioch this morning that we have been following. seven families are out of homes because of an early morning apartment fire. firefighters say a broken gas line valve fed the fire before they capped it off. nobody was injured, but seven apartments were destroyed or badly damaged.
6:32 am
>> new this morning, humans of east bay nurses without a contract since july are heading to the picket lines. they will strike for three days. today in the bay's chris sanchez is live in oakland with what the hospital plans to do in the interim. good morning. >> reporter: good morning to you, laura. a lot of folks depend on children's hospital for the care of their children that. care is not going to be compromised by the strike of more than 700 unionized nurses that will hit the picket lines according to the hospital. some started to gather here this morning and the strike that will continue into thursday, they have been going back and forth about this contract since the middle of may. health benefits and pay seem to be the sticking points. oakland wants to freeze nurse's pay following three years of raises and wants to offer a health care option to require nurses to pay between $11 and $311 for the care of their
6:33 am
family. they are putting managers on the frontlines to deliver care and bringing in nurses from out of state. we are going to be near normal operations and staffed by a group of leadership nurses that are managers in the specialists that work at the hospital and a group that is trained in pediatric care. >> this hospital being able to provide the kind of care it has been, it needs to have the nurse there is to do it. >> in order to have the nurses, the nurse said the hospital has to do the right thing to make sure they can recruit the right talent in the future. the hospital lost $69 million over four years. one nurse said that the hospital could lose more than money if they can't come to an agreement. more than 700 nurses will hit the picket line and be here on thursday. they are planning a rally at the noon time hour today. in oakland, chris sanchez today
6:34 am
in the bay. >> thanks a lot. tonight is the big debate between two political power houses. republican candidate for governor meg whitman and democrat jerry brown meet face-to-face. >> scott, this debate could finally shake out answers from the candidates. >> it could. both candidates came under criticism for giving us platitudes about reforming sacramento or strengthening schools without saying how they are going to do that. the two will face former nbc news anchor tom brocaw who is a veteran of politics and debate. he will try to eek out specifics, asking different questions of each candidate where necessary. >> i have a kind of inventory of the issues that are the most important and i top the get to them, but i want to address the frustration that you have voiced. we can get to a beginning, middle, and end and try to get
6:35 am
to a solution. >> this is presumably the last opportunity to get to them unscripted as this is the last debate. we have a tremendous amount of coverage from the green room to the spin room as they come out of the debate. we will have anchors and reporters everywhere. >> exactly. this is a place to watch. it will air right here on nbc bay area. all of the reporters and anchors as scott mentioned are in san rafael. they will have the candidates covered everywhere. the predebate coverage starts at 6:00 and stay with us for indepth analysis after the debate. we can see it live and participate online by blogging on you probably know about the pink ribbon for breast cancer, but did you know about what are called the boobie bracelets. they say i love boobies and cost
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about $4 and come in a variety of colors. kids love it and think they are doing something for a good cause. how much of that $4 actually goes to breast cancer research? good morning. 6:36 and we have urgent news for folks in the south bay. if you are getting ready to hit the road, do not go to northbound 87. consider that closed. folks are getting through to the area between capital and kerner with the shoulder basically. look at the back up and things are jammed. consider your alternates. monterey highway and highway 101. they haven't seen major slowing. that's good news. you will see a few more cars to that area as well as northbound 17. we will see more cars via highway 85. keep that in mind through the south bay. sunol shows us slowing and a lot of folks through livermore.
6:37 am
heavier than yesterday back to work after the columbus day holiday. 22 minutes heading towards dublin. aside from the slow down, we have a big slowing at north maine street. after an earlier accident, clearing for the lanes and a big jam to the walnut creek interchange and the metering lights are on. >> sounds good. >> 6:37 and the wait is almost over for the chilean miners. when they might see the sun light and breathe fresh air again. >> can you imagine? the giants are home and will be playing in philadelphia soon. from the home of the phillies, a report is coming up. a couple that wanted fake celt on bones for halloween got the real thing. how that happened, coming up. tracking fire danger and health warnings due to the heat. coming up today in the bi. [ male announcer ] carly fiorina.
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as ceo, she laid off 30,000 workers and shipped jobs to china. china. india. russia. poland. i know precisely why those jobs go. [ male announcer ] because fiorina shipped them there. to shanghai instead of san jose. bangalore instead of burbank. proudly stamping her products "made in china." 30,000 workers gone while fiorina took $100 million for herself. carly fiorina. outsourcing jobs. out for herself. [ barbara boxer ] i'm barbara boxer, and i approved this message.
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>> welcome back. it's 6:40. the hot, dry, and breezy conditions around the hilltops. red flag warnings and here's the headline. excessive heat warning for the inner bay over to oakland and
6:41 am
down towards hayward. they get motion air conditioning. we will see highs into the 90s around the inner bay and around the coast near santa cruz. mid 90s towards livermore. through wednesday, cooling at the coast and the weekend such cool with highs in the 60s and 70s. >> for may be hot for halloween, but a lot of people are buying decorationsa a yard sale. it seemed like a good idea until a family found out they ended up with a real skeleton. they found the box of bones while browsing. a yard sale they haggled with the seller and got a fresh deal. just $8. when they got home they started wondering if the bones may be real. >> it had a lot of loose bones and they were wired. i asked him what are you going to do that w that? i said you know what, i think this is the real mccoy. >> hopefully not the mccoys.
6:42 am
they called the sheriff's department who took the bones. they are trying to figure out where they came from. there is a serial number on the bone so it's possible they came from a university or medical school. >> with a serial number, probably so. >> i don't know. the giants and phillies open up the nlcs. a report from the city of brotherly love coming up next.
6:43 am
6:44 am
the sun is coming up and it will be a warm one. the expected high in san francisco is 92. san jose 90 and oakland with the expected high of 89. the giants are certainly hot.
6:45 am
>> they are. another piece of baseball play offs fell into place. the rays and rangers play game five of the series in tampa. a couple of pitching heavy weights will go at it. the meantime the winner of that game gets to take on the yankees and we know the national league series is set between the phillies and the giants. justin from our sister station in philadelphia joins us. >> how is the mood in filly this morning? >> doesn't feel any different than any other morning. how is the mood there? >> giddy. >> you ready? >> good. hold on to that. you will not feel that for very long. >> we are out of time. we have to go. the city of brotherly love. i'm telling you. >> where is the love, buddy? >> we also are die-hard fans
6:46 am
here. die-hard phillies fans. besides facing what's the bestome in baseball. whoa who can dispute that? you are disputing the most die-hard fans. i hope your giants know what they are in for when they come into the park. >> i hope you know what you are in for. it could be a match if they were looking forward to it. it could be tim lincecum. >> a couple of good pitches there. that's what it looks like. are you familiar with roy halladay? >> i heard of him. >> here pitched a no hitter in game one of the last series. had a perfect game before memorial day weekend. he can pitch, but he's no roy holliday. he is one of the three aces. >> you are often in bed before we even play. do you know what we have that the giants have. you have seen what we got coming
6:47 am
your way? >> i have head up on you guys. you have pretty good defense. better than your offense. openfully our offense will be there to beat you guys. it should be a decent series. hopefully you guys maybe win one game so it's not a sweep. we feel so bad about sweeping the last series and poor cincinnati, we really let them down in the dumps. maybe we will give you a game because it's seven games. we have all this time on our hands. >> i think your shirt says it all. you guys are ill. we will leave it at that. >> our team is sick. you guys are going to be feeling this way soon. hold on. as in phillies. it is a sick team. it is a sick team. it will be fun. you guys want to make a bet? >> bring it. what do you think? >> here we go again. >> we obviously have cheese
6:48 am
steaks, tasty cakes and soft pretzels, but i won't have to ship anything. what are you going send me? >> i don't know how well that will hold up. >> we heard the giants and you guys get a soggy bowl. >> it doesn't matter. we will be getting the cheese steak and talking to you later too. >> thank you for having fun with it. >> sounds good. >> good luck and enjoy the feeling this morning. coming into the traffic report, it's 6:48 and you will take a few minutes longer off of the bridge and moving your way over towards the a street where things jam up and a new accident around hillcrest starts the back up off of the bridge. slow again through antioch itself. clearing through pittsburgh with mild 40s and this jam as you come into walnut creek. not causing a problem for 680
6:49 am
off of the highway 4 interchange and causing a clufter and providing a little bit of relief for the folks heading out through lef yet and orinda. we continue to follow the sigalert. the full closer of 87 and folks are getting by at capital expressway. heading over on the shoulder and they are starting to clear the accidents plural. an overnight deadly accident involving a motorcycle after 4:00 a.m. that's what triggered the sigalert and folks the chopper shot out shows you still going on with all the activity. that will be a big issue for the morning commute. how is the weather shaping up? >> rather interesting. 70s due to the gusty wins and the red flag warning up and excessive heat showing up around parts of the inner bay. the reason why is right there. 92 in san francisco with the giants near 90. mid 90s inland towards livermore and out to the coast, santa cruz
6:50 am
near 90. the temperatures for the weekend drop off as the sea breeze comes back. 60s and 70s saturday and sunday. back to you. the final gubernatorial debate between meg whitman and jerry brown. we start with christie smith live at dominican university with the preview. christie? >> good morning. this is hot ticket to greet into the debate. it was decided by lottery and they have requests for 770 slots. a lot of people want to be here. what students are saying what this comes down to is education and the economy.
6:51 am
and they want to hear what to do to turn the state around am they won't focus on the back story between meg whit nun and jerry brown. whitman under fire for treatment of an undo you meaned housekeeper and brown for a staffer's use of a slur towards meg whitman. >> i don't like the negative slur idea. it affects me if one pushes too hard as opposed to telling me their vision for the state. they can be focusing instead of spending the money in a negative way. the moderator for this is former nbc anchor tom brocaw and a spokesperson said this has become so big that journalists are coming from as far away as germany and hong kong. reporting live in san rafael,
6:52 am
christie smith today in the bay. >> it will be a big one. not to mess with the classic san francisco bay's chain said they will keep the old logo. last week they said they were making changes after 20 years. here's the new logo. customers didn't like it at all. the gap decided to go back to the classic blue box logo. >> tonight is the night for 33 miners in chile. crews will start lifting them to the surface later tonight. a cave trapped them in that mine on august 15th. drills finished drilling a rescue shaft on sunday and crews will lift each man up in small capsules set to take about 15 minutes. they tested them out yesterday. now the miners are said to be arguing over who gets to come up last. some say it's the result of being unselfish and boning between the men. others say the last man out will set the guinness book of records for the longest time spend
6:53 am
underground. >> i hear they will lower in medics first to determine everybody's health and whoever needs the most medical attention gets to go out first. >> first they thought they would be in there until at least christmas. >> they didn't even make it to halloween and they will likely get out. that's good news. meantime we want to check in with mike. it has been a rough commute. >> consider that closed. here's the shot showing you the back up. all the way and folks are backed up. up to kurtner and it is clear and north of that, you can get on highway 87. we will get to the maps and aspect ok highway four has debris in the lane with the back
6:54 am
up. >> the heat will be really hot. >> i saw 95 in san francisco. >> livermore and 92 in san francisco. it will be hot no matter where you are. you will find 90 waiting for you around santa cruz or san francisco. around lunchtime, 90s inland around the trivalley and dry and breezy. fortunately too much heat and too much dry weather is the reason we have the red flag warning through tomorrow. excessive heat warning through wednesday and things cool off towards the weekend. >> the giants get a rest to celebrate the big win over the atlanta braves. in philadelphia, they win and go to the world series. live in san francisco, he has been trying to catch up with the giants fans this morning. >> this will be the fifth ever. the manager here at the pine crest diner, you saw the game.
6:55 am
i'm surprised you didn't call in sick. >> this is actually the vibe that takes on philadelphia. that's a tough team. >> but yes, we have a tough team. we will start with lincecum. he is one of the best pitchers. it's coming downright now, but it's really good too. he's my hero from yesterday. >> you might be the biggest fan. we saw the guys coming in a few hours ago. this was the scene outside at&t park around 3:30. he dropped the players off from sfo to get them back to the car for shut eye. it was a long overnight flight. still hoarse from cheering on the braves.
6:56 am
>> it's a good assignment to have. >> everybody was happy, but knowing there were more games to win. very, very happy. >> what's next for you? what are you going to do to get ready? >> enjoy right now. >> second baseman freddie sanchez trying to get home to get sleep. cheering against the braves last night in atlanta. the san francisco giants and the first national league championship since '02. the first game with the phillies in philadelphia. bob redell in the bay. >> kudos out to bobby cox, the manager of the braves. he will retire and he is from the central valley from outside of fresno. he's a california guy.
6:57 am
>> we also want to remind you that california's final debate of the 2010 campaign will air tonight here on nbc bay area. our team of reporters and anchors are in san rafael with the candidates. the predebate coverage is at 6:00 with the debate at 6:30. stay with us for an indepth analysis after the debate. you can see it live and participate in live blogging in >> the "today" show is coming up next and we will have a local news update in about a half hour. mike is going to want to keep track. >> very a good day. keep cool. #
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